The Dental Appointment
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Robert Sloan DDS nervously worked on repairing the filling on the patient sitting in the chair before him, wishing that he had not gotten so hooked on gambling.  He was nervous with his assistant relaying the message from the receptionist that Art Thomas had stopped by to see him and was in the waiting room to see him.  With one final patient to see before he closed up for the day, he wondered if his bookie would be willing to wait till he was done after the final patient.

Outside in the waiting room, Art Thomas had first arrived in a fit of rage in not getting payment of Dr. Sloan's gambling debts.  It was the biggest debt that Dr. Sloan had incurred to date and Art was not write this baby off, not without the good doc paying for it one way or the other.  As he sat in his chair, pretending to read a magazine, Art was actually eyeing up the long sexy white legs of the blonde beauty sitting across the room from him.

Never had Art Thomas seen such a lovely beauty, so young and innocent looking.  He suspected this sexy bitch was no more than twenty-five years of age but man she looked so fuck'n innocent.  'Man, what I'd give to get between her sexy legs!' he thought.  Seeing the sparkle of the diamond ring and wedding band on her hand, he realized that this babe was married probably to some young white punk.  His cock twitched in his pants, threatening to break out as he eyed the sexy beauty.

Engrossed in the article she was reading in the gardening magazine, Kelly Benson was unaware of the ogling eyes that were spying at her long trim white legs.  It had been a rather tiring day at work and Kelly felt fortunate to have been able to schedule in a late appointment with Dr. Sloan's office rather than to do it on the weekend or taking time off from work.  She did notice the big burly black man sitting across the way but merely thought that he was another patient waiting to see Dr. Sloan.

Being an accountant in a CPA firm, Kelly took pride in her job and of course had to dress smartly each day as she frequently met a lot of upper class business people.  Today was no exception as she had donned on a yellow dress and 3" white heels.  Now happily married for exactly a full year to Nick Benson, Kelly looked forward to celebrating their first anniversary at an elegant dinner this evening.  Thus, when her filling broke this morning, she had desperately contacted Dr. Sloan's office and was so happy to get the late appointment in order to be able to enjoy the evening with her loving husband.

Art took everything in when the receptionist approached the young beauty, addressing her as 'Mrs. Benson' when she gave her some paper work to update her patient information chart as she had not been in since she had gotten married.   Then he heard the young beauty thank the receptionist for scheduling her in at such a last minute, adding that if would have been such a horrid way to celebrate her first anniversary dinner with her husband that night.

Eyeing the beauty as she filled out the forms, Art's hunger for the beautiful young wife heightened with that information and had him nearly foaming at the mouth.  'Damn, what a beautiful little bitch!  God, celebrating her first wedding anniversary tonight!  I hope that punk she's married to got her a nice present for the special event!' he wondered.  Chuckling to himself, Art added 'Damn, I'd sure like to give her a special present for this big event!'

When the patient that Dr. Sloan had just finished left the office, Art saw the nervous doc step out into the waiting room, telling the beautiful Mrs. Benson that he'd be right with her.  Following the doc into the privacy of his office, seeing how shaky the doc was acting, Art knew that he wouldn't be getting the money due him.  Art had initially planned on seeing that the foolish dentist would be unable to continue his trade if he was unable to pay up, simply by breaking both his arms and all of his fingers.

Smiling, Art now realized that the stupid doc could be of a real benefit to him, especially in satisfying the one weakness that he had.  He had come here to break some bones if he had to.  Now Art was only concerned about that aching bone that was now tenting his pants, brought on at the thought of sating that weakness of his.  Picturing the image of the innocent little beauty out in the waiting room, Art couldn't think of a better prize in exchange of collecting on his debt.  With the help of the good doc, he would be able to get his wish.

Doctor Sloan had never before broken his professional oath but now he was in quite a turmoil.  It was either suffer permanent damage, along with the possibility of losing his livelihood, or comply with the demands of his ruthless bookie.  He realized that he was about to do the unthinkable, that of sacrificing his beautiful patient to the lust of Art Thomas.

One thing Bob Sloan had to admit to was the excellent choice that his bookie had as Kelly Carlson, now Mrs. Kelly Benson, was certainly a beauty.  Heck, he had to admit to himself that he too often had intimate thoughts of the sexy beauty out in his waiting room, ever since she had become a patient of his three years ago.  Yes, he too had wanted to get between her soft trim thighs and possess her sexy innocent body.

Deliberately taking his time in getting prepared while Kelly Benson sat in the patient's chair, Doctor Sloan advised his receptionist that she could head on out at 5 p.m., the usual closing time as no other patients were expected.  He also advised her that Mr. Thomas would be waiting for him in the waiting room.  With his dental assistant initially helping him to administer the nitrous oxide, he then told her that he'd take over and that she could head on home since it was past 5 o'clock.

Always hating the sound of the drill and the pain that was associated with having her teeth worked on, Kelly was happy when Dr. Sloan had introduced her to the benefits of having nitrous oxide administered to her before any dental work began.  Now she had come to request the gas to put her out of it till the dental work was done.  It sure beat feeling all the pain with having dental work done on her sensitive teeth.

Feeling the effects of the gas and trusting Dr. Sloan completely, Kelly didn't give it a second thought as the dental assistant made her departure.  Slowly but surely, Kelly began to drift further and further off and out of the realm of consciousness.  She could hear the doctor's voice as he continued to talk to her but she could feel her eyelids getting heavier and heavier as she felt like drifting off completely.

Adjusting the mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, Dr. Sloan nervously put his beautiful patient farther under than what should be or was normally done in his dental practice.  Seeing her eyes closed, he made sure not to go too far with the mixture, just so that she would be on the verge of consciousness.  A moment ago, he had seen the shadow of his bookie at the edge of the doorway, peering in on the proceedings as he got the lovely young wife totally incapacitated.

Never had Dr. Sloan put a patient so far under.  Seeing the helpless beauty so close to him, he could not resist the temptation of placing his hand upon her bare knee.  Bending over, he kissed her soft lips and let his hand move up to cup her breast.  Her skin was so soft and creamy as he slid his hand up under the hem of her dress to caress her inner thigh.  If it was not for his bookie looking on and knowing that his debt had to be paid off, he would have been tempted on stripping off her panties and taking advantage of her himself.  But time was of the essence as he needed to take care of her broken filling before letting his devious scheme go forward any further.

As he moved up to do the work on her teeth, Dr. Sloan saw his bookie enter the room and going to the foot of the chair where his large black hands began to caress the trim white legs of his sexy patient.  He could hardly concentrate on what he was doing, watching the hem of the dress being raised up to reveal the soft creamy white thighs.  His heart was pounding in his chest, watching as Art's hands disappeared up under the dress and then came back down with a pair of lacy white panties.

As he repaired the broken filling, Bob saw his bookie strip off his shirt and then got down on his knees.  Then the bookie's head disappeared up under the dress as the trim white legs were being draped over his muscular black shoulders.  What a contrasting sight it made with the ivory white legs draped over the ebony body of his bookie.  Prior to administering the gas, Kelly had thanked him for seeing her for this emergency as she had plans on celebrating her first anniversary that evening and Dr. Sloan's cock twitched at the thought of the innocent beauty being eaten out by another man on her first anniversary.

A wicked sensation coursed through Dr. Sloan's body at the thought of having her loving husband seeing his beautiful wife on their first anniversary being eaten by another man.  Purposely hovering over her, Bob adjusted the gas mixture so that more oxygen would flow through and bring her back further towards consciousness.  With her seeing him working on her tooth through her hazy eyes, Bob knew that she would merely think that she was imagining any other sensations that she felt.  His cock twitched in pants as he viewed the fluttering of her eyelids, wondering how this beautiful young wife would react as she was being eaten out.

Holding her head steady, enjoying the sight of the young beauty squirming about on the chair, Dr. Sloan worked as quickly as he could to finish repairing the broken filling.  He knew it was the pleasure she was feeling from the flicking tongue between her legs that caused her head to move about as it was.  He wondered if her young husband ever had the pleasure of tasting his wife's sweet honey, suspecting that he had not, especially seeing how innocent this beauty was.  He wished that it were his head between her legs at this very moment, slurping up her sweet juices.

With the dental job done, Dr. Sloan couldn't resist the temptation of sliding his hand down into the vee at the opening of her dress but first he adjusted the gas mixture to put her back under.  Feeling the top of her lacy bra, he let his fingers slip under it, moving till he made contact with the soft budding nipple.  His cock twitched as he felt the tender nipple begin to harden under his intimate touch.  At that moment, his bookie came up for air with a big smile on his face as he licked his wet juicy lips.

As his bookie stood up and undid his pants, Bob could not help but to admire and be a bit jealous of the size of his big black dong.  He wished that he could be so well endowed.  Although the gas he had administered to this young beauty was to prevent her from feeling any pain, he was worried that she would know something had happened to her as Art's cock would surely stretch her as never before.  He wondered if she was on the pill, hoping that she was or his bookie might just leave her with a big unwanted surprise, an anniversary present that would destroy her marriage.

Seeing Art stroking his long thick cock, Bob quickly reached over to the drawer where a digital camera was kept to photograph patients.  It was used to photograph and record work done on a patient's teeth, not for such an event as this.  He sucked in his breath as he observed the thick cockhead push forward and slowly disappear between her widespread legs, snapping away with his camera.  Now he was anxious to see the long black cock disappear between the sexy white legs, wanting to see his bookie spurt his potent seed into the innocent young beauty.

"Ahhhhh, fuck, doc!  This little angel is so fuck'n tight!  God, if I didn't know she was married, I'd swear she was a fuck'n virgin!  Ahhhhh, man, her husband must have a pencil for a pecker!  Ahhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh ……………………this is greatttttttttttttttt!  Oh, so tight ……………………so tight …………….so fuck'n tightttttttttttttttttttt!" Art moaned with pleasure.

This was a fantastic thrill for Art, knowing for sure that he was stretching her out far wider than her husband ever had.  He wondered if she'd realize that she had been raped when she awoke.  But he didn't care as he'd leave it to Dr. Sloan to clean up the mess he'd leave in and on her raped pussy.  Slicing in and out, feeling the grip of her pussy lips squeezing tightly upon his prong, he moaned "Oh, baby …………………….wanna wish you a Happy First Anniversary!  Ahhhhhhh, yeah ……………………..gonna give ya and yer hubby a nice little anniversary present!"

Art smiled in seeing the good doc's hand down the beauty's dress, squeezing and caressing her well-formed breast.  He knew the doc wanted this beauty too, especially seeing the doc's other hand rubbing at his now bulging crotch.  "Ahhhhhhh …………yeah ……………….God, she's so fuck'n tight!  Godddddd ……………I gotta cream soon ……………………..ahhhhhh, gonna knock up this beautiful little bitch!  Ahhhhhhh ………………..yeahhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……..fuckkkkkk!" Art groaned loudly as spurt after spurt erupted from his now spewing cock.

Dr. Sloan watched in awe as his bookie humped in and out of the innocent beauty, all the while he played with the gas mixture, bringing the young wife in and out of the brink of consciousness.  He watched the eyelids flutter in an attempt to focus in her hazy state of mind, smiling in knowing that the hazy image of Art Thomas would come back to her.

The good doctor heard his bookie groan and shudder loudly, obviously in the throes of unleashing his copious load of hot semen into the young beauty.  Then he watched as the lengthy but now dwindling cock began to reappear, covered with slick cum juice, grabbing his camera to get a shot of this scene.  Dr. Sloan knew that so much of that potent juice remained hidden from view, saturating her fertile womb.  Then he watched as Art proceeded to pull up his pants and buckle up.

His bookie patted him on the back, telling him that "This beautiful babe just bought you a week's time, without interest, to come up with the rest of the money!  If you're going to need another week, better have this sexy little bitch here again for me!  I'd love to get my rocks off in this innocent little bitch again!"  Bob looked down at the sleeping beauty before him, dress bunched at her waist and panties tangled around a white heel, her golden triangle matted down with a layer of thick cum.

Getting a wet towel, Dr. Sloan knelt between the beauty's sexy legs as he dabbed at her cum covered slit, trying desperately to clean up the telltale evidence on her golden mound.  Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief in seeing that the gooey mess was cleaned up.  Then he licked his lips as his hands parted the soft thighs a bit more.  His thumbs then moved to part the young wife's pink lips as he leaned forward to get his very first taste of a woman, not caring even if it she was flavored with another man's cum.

Flicking his tongue a bit, he froze upon hearing a soft moan come from the young wife.  He adjusted the gas mixture a bit, making sure that she did not awaken too soon, then went back down for another taste of her sweet lips.  His tongue flicked at the sensitive flanges of her tender lips, slurping up the juices oozing from her raped slit, still not believing that he was actually eating out the beautiful Mrs. Kelly Benson.  Bob was now rockhard from his tasty treat and he needed to get himself off desperately.

Unzipping his pants quickly, Dr. Sloan stepped forward and pushed his hardon into the beauty.  Just a half dozen thrusts were all that was needed as he began spurting into the raped young wife.  As his softening cock slipped out of the raped beauty, he swallowed with the guilt at what he had just done.  Then a weird sense of rational crossed his mind, telling himself that he was actually doing her a favor a this point 'If she gets pregnant from today, at least then there'll be a 50-50 chance of the baby being white!'

Using the wet towel, the good doctor cleaned up his patient carefully.  Then he reached down to get her panties over her heels, pulling them up her sexy legs and back into place.  Looking at the lovely beauty as he began pulling up his pants, Bob felt his cock twitch again as he gazed upon her beautiful pink lips.  He knew there was one more thing that he just had to do, something he had dreamt of all of his life.

Leaning over his beautiful patient, Dr. Sloan grasped his still wet cock and placed it upon the soft pink lips.  Letting go of his pulsating cock, he used his thumb to put pressure on the bottom of her jaw, causing her to part her pink lips.  "Ohhhhhh ……….Goddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned loudly as his sensitive cock slipped between her parted lips.  It was too soon for him to get fully erect once again but it was certainly pleasurable in feeling her warm mouth upon him.  Pumping into her mouth, though still not hard, he squirted out two small dribbles of whatever cum remained in his balls.

Making sure everything was in order, Bob wanted to let the young beauty rest as long as possible, wanting to have the pain from her stretched pussy to dissipate before she awoke.  Finally, after waiting as long as he could, he then adjusted the flow of oxygen to slowly bring her out of the effects of nitrous oxide.  He knew she would still be a bit woozy and just prayed that she would not discover anything out of the ordinary.

Slowly coming out of her gas induced sleep, Kelly was so happy that she had not felt any pain from the normal drilling and scraping associated with repairing a broken filling.  Though she always was a bit woozy in the aftermath, it was certainly well worth the absence of going through all that agony.

On this occasion, she did notice a slick film in her mouth and upon inquiring she learned from Dr. Sloan that it was an antiseptic he had used when he had replaced her broken filling.  Running her tongue about her the front and back of her teeth, she got a bit more of the rather salty tasting antiseptic.  It was lucky for Dr. Sloan that this was the young wife's first taste of male cum as she had no idea just what that slick film was coating her mouth.

Resting a bit, Kelly shuddered as she recalled bits and pieces of the dream she had during the time she had received the nitrous oxide.  It was a bit similar to the dreams or nightmares that she had from her early teenage years but hadn't had any such reoccurrence in quite a while, not since she had been married anyway.  Kelly felt a bit guilty at having such a naughty dream again, thinking that she had shaken that thought about the myth surrounding black men forever and dreaming of being possessed by such a man.

Squeezing her thighs together, Kelly felt embarrassed as she felt her slippery folds, realizing that she must have creamed in her panties from that dream.  Seeing that Dr. Sloan was busy with some paperwork, Kelly naughtily slipped a hand under her dress.  She shivered in embarrassment, realizing that she indeed had creamed in her panties, especially upon feeling how slick her cuntlips felt.

A bit later, when Dr. Sloan checked back with her, Kelly felt that the effects of the nitrous oxide were totally gone and that she was now well enough to make the drive home.  He smiled in relief when she responded "Oh, yes!  Thank you, Dr. Sloan!  I'm so glad you introduced me to nitrous oxide!  I don't feel any pain at all from the drilling!"  He certainly hoped that it was not just her tooth that she was referring to, especially seeing how deeply Art Thomas had drilled her tight pussy.

Knowing he would indeed need more time to come up with adequate funds to cover his debts, Dr. Sloan advised his beautiful patient "Oh, Kelly, I did an examination of your other fillings and found another one that will probably give you the same problem shortly.  I know you've got quite a busy schedule but if you wish, I can arrange to have an appointment next week for you at the same time!"

Cock twitching as his beautiful patient took the appointment, though there was really no other filling that required fixing, Dr. Sloan licked his lips in savoring the taste of his lovely patient.  Not only would the beautiful Mrs. Benson gain him another week's time, Dr. Sloan looked forward to eating you her tasty cunt once again.  By this time next Friday, he would have a video camera on hand to capture her trim white legs being spread wide by the likes of Art Thomas.  Besides, it would also serve to capture on film his devouring her taste pussy.

Driving home, Kelly could not help but to recall that dream of being possessed by a big muscular black man.  Rubbing her thighs together, she felt herself juicing heavily, leaking slick juices into the already sopping wet crotch of her panties.  Kelly then chastised herself for such indecent thoughts, feeling so guilty as she realized that she had been fantasizing of that black fellow who had been in the waiting room with her.  He had apparently been waiting to see Dr. Sloan on a personal matter, yet she had unconsciously conjectured up the image of that man taking her as she lay helpless under the effects of the gas.

Following a delicious dinner at an elegant restaurant, Kelly leaned upon her husband as they danced closely together on the dance floor, then they shared an intimate kiss to celebrate their first anniversary.  As they kissed, Kelly shivered in guilt as an image of the man from Dr. Sloan's waiting room appeared in her mind.  When the kiss ended and they made their way across the dimly lit dance floor, Kelly tried to shake the dream she had of that man pushing his thick cock into her.  Swallowing nervously, she wondered what it'd feel like to be possessed by such a big burly black man.

Later, upon returning home, Kelly was embraced by her husband for a passionate kiss.  But once again, the hazy image of that big burly man in Dr. Sloan's office kept fading in and out, thrusting his big black cock in and out of her.  Guiltily, Kelly wondered just how she could be fantasizing about having sex with another man on the very night of her first anniversary, more so having sex with a black man.

In bed, Nick got into his regular position for lovemaking, Kelly reached down to grasp his penis and guide him into her.  Normally, the initial insertion was a bit difficult but tonight was quite an exception to the rule.  For the very first time, her husband's penis slipped right into her without any trouble at all, causing Kelly to guiltily surmise that it was due to her wicked thoughts of that black man, making her slick with love juices.  Squeezing her thighs together, wrapping her legs around her husband's waist, she realized that she had indeed secreted more love juices than ever before.

The first anniversary night would turn out to be quite a memorable one for both Mr. & Mrs. Nick Benson.  Kelly orgasmed as never before, but in her mind, it was with the image of the rugged black man she had seen in Dr. Sloan's office that afternoon.  For her loving husband, it was the wildest fuck of his life, believing that he was the cause for his lovely wife's wild sexual behavior.  It would not have been so enjoyable had he known that his innocent young wife had been thinking of another when he came in her, that she had not be so slick and wet due to his lovemaking but being filled with spunk earlier at her dental appointment.

Hearing her husband snoring after she had fucked his brains out, Kelly was beside herself in having let her go so unashamedly, wondering why that image of her being taken by the black man kept coming back to haunt her.  Never had she been so juicy and wet between her legs before, but ever since she had left Dr. Sloan's office that afternoon, Kelly continuous leaked slick juices into the crotch of her panties.  Touching her breast and fingering her clit, Kelly shuddered to a climax while picturing that black man in Dr. Sloan's office pumping his cock into her.

The next Monday, Art Thomas kept thinking of that sweet little innocent bitch that he had fucked just before she went out to celebrate her first anniversary.  'That was some fantastic fuck!  So fuck'n innocent!  God, I hope I knocked her up!' he told himself, wondering if his anniversary present to the beautiful young wife would begin to blossom.  'God, I'd sure like to get me more of that tight little pussy!' he said aloud as he looked over the patient information sheet that he had copied before leaving the dental office.

Having contacts all about town, Art placed a few calls to various associates to do a bit of a background check of that little angel of his.  It had been one thing to take advantage of her while passed out on the dental chair but now he wanted to conquer her, to feel her respond to him while fully aware of what was taking place.

Within an hour, Art got the feedback on the pretty Mrs. Kelly Benson.  In addition to what was on her patient form, he learned that she was an up and coming junior partner in the firm of Hopkins, Anderson & Murphy CPA's.  Also, he learned that she was about to take her CPA exams but to become a full partner of the firm she would have to bring in new accounts.  Then, after his last phone call, Art smiled and rubbed his crotch in having heard Dr. Sloan request more time and in exchange he would have another session with the beautiful Mrs. Kelly Benson.

Now Art began to formulate a plan of seducing the young beauty and to make her his personal possession.  His bookie operation was his main undertaking but Art did maintain a video store chain to front his operation and to launder the money from the gambling operation.  He already had the bookkeeping and accounting procedures handled accountants knowing all the loopholes but it would be a nice ploy to use in permanently  landing the sweet prize he was after, the beautiful Mrs. Kelly Benson.

On that Friday afternoon, Kelly sat alone in the waiting room reading a magazine till her Dr. Sloan finished up with the patient ahead of her.  Hearing the front door opening, Kelly glanced up from her magazine and a chill immediately coursed throughout her body.  Entering the waiting room was the very man who had filled her thoughts each night for the past week.  Kelly felt herself getting flushed, shivering as she clenched her thighs tightly together as her juices began to wet the crotch of her panties.

Kelly felt quite nervous as the man smiled at her and said "Hi, how are you?  You were here last week too!"  Being polite, Kelly responded with "Fine, thank you!  How are you?"  This time, the big burly man took a seat to the right of her and began to make small talk with her.  When asked what she did for a living, Kelly responded that she was with an accounting firm and hoping to make her way up the corporate ladder once she passed the CPA exam and got some clientele.

It was then that Art Thomas formally introduced himself to her, giving her his business card, then extending his hand out to her.  Kelly extended her hand out in courtesy to shake his hand and immediately quivered as her petite hand was enveloped in his much larger and callused one.  Heart pounding, Kelly realized how big and powerful this man was and felt so helpless in his grip.  She couldn't help but to wonder what it'd be like to be forcibly taken by this man.

Art felt his cock twitched as he had her soft petite hand in his.  He imagined that same hand in his holding his throbbing cock, pumping at it till he erupted, wanting her to see him spurt right into her beautiful face.  Though he wanted her responding to him, Art still looked forward to the next half-hour when he would possess this young beauty without her knowledge.  He licked his lips at the thought that he would soon be lifting up her pink dress and touching her sexy white legs.  He wondered what color panties she was wearing under her dress.

Seeing the patient before her leave and the appearance of the dental assistant, Kelly was surprised that Mr. Thomas did not get to see Dr. Sloan before her as what occurred the prior week.  Instead she had been called and followed the woman into the dental office.  As it was now at 5 o'clock, she heard the receptionist advise Dr. Sloan of her departure and reminding him of Mr. Thomas awaiting him in the reception room.

Feeling the effects of the nitrous oxide that Dr. Sloan and his assistant were administering to her, Kelly was quickly drifting off to that happy land and heard Dr. Sloan advise his assistant that she could now head on out.  Then she felt herself drifting farther away as Dr. Sloan readjusted the gas mixture, feeling him now start to work on her tooth.

Moments later, Kelly began coming out of her stupor with Dr. Sloan purposely giving her a bit more oxygen into the mixture.  Everything was so hazy in her lightheadedness and now she was encountering another one of her sexually stimulating dreams.  It seemed so real as if she could see Art Thomas was standing before her as he began taking off his clothes.  Then it seemed as if she could feel the touch of his hands on her thighs, sliding up under her skirt to grasp the waistband of her panties.

In her dream, Kelly felt as if she was being lifted a bit.  Indeed she was as her dress was being bunched up at her waist, pink panties being pulled down to bare her soft golden fleece to two pairs of leering male eyes.  She then dreamt that the muscular black body of Art Thomas was moving up towards her, feeling his thick cockhead prodding at the entrance to her juicing slit.  Next she felt the thick cudgel of hard flesh pushing its way into her.  Kelly swore the dental chair she was in began swaying to and fro as the man was fucking in and out of her.

It was such a hot and wonderful dream for Kelly, so much better that the dreams she had been having in bed at night during the past week.  It seemed so real as she squeezed her cunt muscles around the 'dream-maker' between her legs.  It felt so good as she raised her legs up to spur her imaginary lover to her, wanting him to give her the thorough fucking that she craved, to make her cream on his cock.  And cream she did, just as she felt the scalding hot balm flooding her, hearing the man of her dreams grunt out his lust into her.

Drifting back into a deep sleep as the nitrous oxide was increased, Kelly was oblivious as to what was now taking place in the dental office.  Art Thomas had seen Dr. Sloan licking at his lips as they both observed the thick drool of cum flowing out of her raped pussy.  "Come on, Doc, eat my cum out of her pussy!  That'll get you an extra week to come up with the bucks!" Art advised.  Seeing how quickly Dr. Sloan went down on the beauty, he wondered if it was the need for that extra week that the doc reacted so fast.  Instead, Art suspected that he was enjoying putting his tongue into her raped pussy and eating out the sleeping beauty.  As the doc ate her out, Art stepped up to the beauty's head, turning her to face him, then pushed his cum soaked cock between her beautiful pink lips.

Driving home, Kelly quivered at the image of Art Thomas flashing through her mind as she recalled the stimulating dream she had of him in the dental chair.  When she awoke in the dental chair, Kelly learned from Dr. Sloan that Mr. Thomas had been treated in the other room and had hoped to speak to her before leaving.  But as she was still under the influence of the nitrous oxide, Dr. Sloan relayed that Mr. Thomas advised him of having given her his business care and requested that she call him next week to possibly take over the accounting for the video chain.

The thought of getting the video chain as a client excited Kelly.  But picturing its owner had her squeezing her thighs tightly together.  Picturing Art Thomas in her mind, Kelly felt the ooze of slick juices escape her tightly clenched thighs into the crotch of her pink panties.  She thought it was the ooze of her love juices, not realizing that it was the spunk of the man she was thinking of that was now soiling her panties.  Spunk that had been too far up her twat for Dr. Sloan to eat out.  Licking her lips in anticipation, Kelly tasted the remnants at what she believed to be the antiseptic the doctor had given her, feeling the slick film that again coated her mouth.

That night, lying in bed in the embrace of her loving husband, Kelly spread her legs wide to invite him between them.  However, with her eyes closed, Kelly pretended that it was the muscular black body of Art Thomas crawling up between her trim legs as he prepared to split her wide with his big black cock.  It seemed that it was all she could think about these days, creaming constantly at the thought of being fucked by a big black stud.

End of Story.