The Rape of Carol
(m/f, n/c, i/r)

Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer ! This fictional story is intended for adults only!

Just married and on their two week honeymoon at a plush but rather secluded resort, the new Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hawkins had eyes for only one another, unaware of any other eyes focusing upon their every move out in this island hideaway.  They had dressed up for dinner at this elegant 5* restaurant, got to taste some fabulous food and wine, then then were holding hands as headed on back to the honeymoon suite.  Slim milky white legs under a white skirt, with white heels, had set this lovely beauty apart from all the other women.  So much so that Mustaad Abaas, a big black custodian at the resort, was willing to risk it all to sample this lovely American beauty.  He had seen their arrival at the resort earlier during the day, felt his cock immediately rise to attention, then obtained their room location by following the bellhop up in the elevator as for delivery of their luggage.    

On the honeymoon's king-sized bed, Carol was now at the mercy of the black custodian who had been awaiting for them exit the restaurant after dinner and beaten them back to the the honeymoon suite to where they had been headed.  
Carol was laid out on a low open couch fully clothe, drowsy from the chloroform after a soaked rag and been clamped over her face immediately after her husband hit over the back of his head.  Her mind was slowly beginning to clear but her body was still quite limp and she could not get up nor move much at all.  Carol looked about the room and saw her husband was tied up and gagged, his eyes wide open and staring towards her, then her eyes widened upon seeing the big black man who was obviously an intruder in their room and responsible for all of this. 

The huge black intruder leered at the beautiful young wife, who was now at his disposal, then looked on over to her tied up husband who would get to witness
the degradation of his lovely wife.  As the black bastard began stripping out of his clothing, both Carol and her husband had their eyes captivated by the long 12" cock that had to be at least 4" in diameter.   Carol panted deeply in worry as that ebony schlong had to be twice as long and twice around as her husband's.  The black bastard had grabbed her left hand and placed it around his throbbing black stalk, holding and assisting her limp hand in jerking at his sticky manhood until oozing precum juice appeared at the tip of it.  With her hand held at the base, another 8" stood out menacingly.  Carol shuddered in fear as the black intruder yelled loudly over to her husband, telling him "I's gong to 'ruin' her fer ya, punk!  When I ram this up her cunt, she won't even be able to feel yer tiny little pecker any more!"

For Ron, he remembered getting back to the honeymoon suite, had opened up the door and walked in a bit, then he had woken up tied and gagged with his head pounding.  He was not able to get up and got to his wife's aid, totally helpless and could only watch as the black bastard went about enjoying the task of slowly stripping Carol of all her clothing.  First her white skirt was removed, then her yellow blouse unbuttoned and pulled from and tossed aside.  Lacy white bra, Carol's matching white panties, and then white heels were slowly removed from her beautiful body and tossed to the floor.  He watched helplessly as Carol could only shake her head slowly in trying to plead with the black bastard, tears welling in her eyes and now beginning to trickle down her cheeks.


Unable to utter a protest around his gag, Ron could only watch in horror as the black bastard stood above the milky white body of his beautiful young wife, observed the bastard's massive black cock twitching in anticipation.  He cringed in disgust as the big bastard began walking slowly around his wife's prone and limp body, rubbing his filthy black cock on her flawless white body, smearing his sticky goo on her skin.   Ron did not want to watch this black bastard soiling his beautiful wife's body, but the black and white scene was fuck'n erotic that it was giving an unwanted hardon, making him feel so guilty for getting excited at such an inappropriate time.

Mustaad grinned and chuckled after having watched both the husband and wife cringe with disgust as he had soiled her beautiful body by running his leaking cock over her flawless bod and smearing his sticky fluid onto her.  He then walked up to the husband, standing sideways so her hubby could get a full view of was his wife would soon be getting up her tight little cunt.  Mustaad chuckled loudly when the young husband swallowed in fear for his wife, then told him "Tell ya what sonny boy, since that beauty is yer precious little wife, I's let ya decide where I should fuck her!  It's yer decision to make as to where I stuff this 12" black dong!  Tell me if'n its her cunt, her mouth, or beautiful ass ...............but then again, I's could git satisfied by fucking her purty white feet!" 

Mustaad saw the beautiful bride's eyes widen in horror while still unable to move, obviously not wanting to end up getting raped by the likes of  him.  After repeating the options, Mustaad watched as the horrified punk shook his head no to the first three options, obviously thinking that the soiling of his wife's beautiful feet would be the least of all evils as the whiteboy nodded a 'yes' feverishly to that option.   "Okay, if'n ya say so!  As I's got yer permission, I'm going to love fucking her purty white feet and cumming all over them!" he advised. 
With that, Mustaad walked on over to where the beauty lay limply on the bed, then taunted her with "Yer husband just gave me permission to fuck your purty feet!  Ohhh, such purty little feet soft and pink!  Oh, yessiree, I's gonna git to cum all over yer beautiful purty pink soles and purty little toes, ya beautiful little bitch!"

Laughing at the plight of the cringing beauty, Mustaad stood directly over her anguished face and began masturbating till his bloated cockhead was covered with slime, then dipped his cockhead downward to gloss her pink lips with the slimy fluid.   He then move on down towards the bride's beautiful feet that her hubby had given him permission to get off on, first lifting them up to his face and inhaled.   Mustaad then stuck out his tongue and licked at her tender pink soles before sucking each toe and tonguing between her tiny toes.  Then Mustaad wrapped her beautiful feet lengthwise on the sides of his black cock, but that left 5" of cock extending out beyond her toes.  He then began to fuck in between the width of her soles, moving her feet so he could fuck between her toes, making them all slick from his oozing cum.

Looking over at the distraught husband, Mustaad taunted "Oh, I's going to coat yer wife's beautiful white feet with some hot nigger cum!"  Fucking between her soft pink soles, Mustaad groaned out "Ohhhhh my God, her feet are so beautiful, so purty and so soft!  Ohhhh ..............ohhhhhhh ..........this is so good fuck'n good!"  While continuing pumping between her soft soles, Mustaad tauntingly asked the punk "Has she ever fucked ya off with her beautiful feet, huh punk?"  Then he moaned "Ahhh feels so good fuck'n gooodddddd!  I'm gonna to cream soon ..............real soon ..................gonna shoot my load on her soft sexy feet!"  And with that, Mustaad brought her trim feet together and he unleashed spurt after spurt onto them, then
guided his spurting cockhead across her soles and tiny toes to web her toes together with his sticky cum.  He then pointed the slime covered feet to the husband, snickering "Look at all the nigger cum on yer beautiful wife's purty feet!  Can ya imagine if all that nigger cum was shot up her tight pussy?  Bet ya'd be the proud papa of a little black bastard if that happened!" 

Ron heard the bastard chuckling over it all, looked over to where his wife was lying, disgusted at the sight of all that cum now dripping from Carol's pointed toes.  He shuddered upon seeing the black bastard sat on the bed, his huge black mitt of a hand now gliding up Carol's milky white legs.  The grinning bastard then asked of him "What's yer choice next, punk?  Her tight little cunt, her sweet succulent mouth, or her beautiful ass that might just still be cherry?"  Unable to speak, afraid to nod a 'yes' to any of those options given to him, Ron cringed upon hearing the bastard growl out "Better give me an answer ......................or I's gonna come over there and cut yer little pecker off!"  The three options were once again repeated to him, to which Ron nodded to the choice of her virgin ass.   "Have ya ever fucked yer wife's beautiful ass?" he was being asked the black bastard, to which he shook his head 'no'.  He felt sick to his stomach when the black bastard laughed "Ya mean I's have the honor of fucking yer wife's tight virgin ass?"

Mustaad grinned widely at the beautiful young wife, loved seeing the tears running down her cheeks, then taunted her with "Have ya ever been fucked up the ass before bitch?"  As the beauty tearfully shook her head 'no', confirming that she was in fact a virgin back there, Mustaad turned her over and lifted her waist so her beautiful white buttocks was up in the air for hubby to see.  Holding onto his still rather limp dick, he then laid the length of his huge tube meat on top of her buttocks, looking over to her hubby and chuckling "Thanks fer making that great choice, punk!  I's gonna enjoy busting yer purty wife's cherry white ass apart!" Mustaad chuckled upon seeing the beauty's hubby closing his eyes in despair after seeing the black meat lying atop of his beautiful wife's upturned ass.   "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the high pitched scream emitted from the top of the bride's lungs as Mustaad ripped her ass something awful, as indicated by her shriek, for 5" thick inches of solid cock had been brutally shoved up into her unused rectum. 

"Aieeeeeeeeeee ...........................eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............................eiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Carol continued to scream out in sheer agony as the black bastard kept on rearring back and then slamming it forward again until all 12" was fully imbedded up into ass.   Her ass was apparently so tight that her rapist got so skinned and couldn't maintain control, for he was panting like a dog and shouting "Damn tight fuck'n tight!  Geezzz .....................oh, lordy ........................gonna cum .....................gonna cum!  Ahhhhhhh ....................ahhhhhhhh ........................ahhhhhhhhhh's it comes .....................shitttttttttttttttttttttttt!"   Carol's ruptured bleeding ass was then flooded by the black bastard's hot gooey cum, so much so that it overflowed and began running down her milky white thighs.  Once the sodomizing cock began to soften and was pulled out of her ass,
Carol collapsed on the bed. 

Ron could only gawk, watching awe as the black bastard sat next to his lovely wife and pawing her beautiful breasts, thick fingers tweaking and pinching at her pink nipples.  He prayed that the black bastard had gotten his fill, knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to be able to handle seeing his beautiful young wife sucking on that filthy black cock or having that monster shooting its slimy filth in her fertile womb.  As Ron watched the big bastard resting up before giving it a go once
again, apparently giving time for his huge dong to recuperate enough, he then watched in awe as the bastard placed his head down at Carol's crotch and began to lap at her moist cunt.  "Ohhhhhhh ........................ohhhhhhhhh ...................ohhhhhhhh!" he hard his wife moaning out, her head shaking from side to side as she whipped her long silky hair from side to side.

Adjusting the beautiful bitch's sexy legs some, Mustaad stuck his long tongue out and inserted the tip up into her slick groove, glancing over to the distraught hubby as he got to witness his wife being eaten on out.  Now with his mouth wide open and covering her sex, Mustaad's tongue snaked up to explore her moist cavern, causing the young newlywed to writhe to and fro. Suddenly her manicured fingers dragged the black's head even tighter to her cunt. Carol's body stiffen as a hugh orgasm over came her, and then she arched up and screamed "Oh, my Godddddddd Godddddddddddddddd ......................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  And when the young bride came on back down to earth, her petite body went totally limp, at which time Mustaad lifted his drenched face.  Looking over at the stunned husband, Mustaad snickered "Ohhh, yer purty little wife's got some sweet honeypot!  Damn, her honey's so fuck'n sweet!"

Ron had never had the pleasure of tasting his wife's honeypot, something he suspected would never happen as they were quite conservative and reserved in their relationship.   But now after having witnessed Carol going crazy and creaming with a black bastard's thick tongue in her snatch, he wondered if she might just allow him to put his face between her legs.  Upon seeing the bastard's thick cock rising to the occasion once again, Ron found himself in quite a dilemma upon hearing the black bastard asking
"Well hubby, shall I's stuff my nigger cock up her pussy now and shoot my baby batter up in her belly?  Or shall I's give her some juicy black meat to chew on?"  Ron just
couldn't contemplate that 12" of filthy black cock possessing his beautiful wife's treasured jewel, nor the thought of watching Carol open her lips to admit that filthy cock, much less sucking on it.

Seeing his wife's attacker get up off the bed, knife in hand as he menacingly approached, Ron was now scared shitless as the bastard then repeated the two options to him, and now he was told to choose or have himself castrated.  Thus, he nodded quickly when the bastard once again asked if he preferred having Carol suck him off rather than being raped that might just leave her impregnated, thinking 'Better that than the bastard planting his filthy nigger seed up in her fertile womb.  But then the black bastard demanded "Tell me exactly what you want me to do, punk?  Shall I stuff my big black cock up your wife's cunt and make her a black baby or do you want me to feed her some black sausage to chew on?"  The black approached him with knife in hand, he fearfully answered "I .............I want you to feed her your big black sausage .....................I want to watch her chew on your black sausage!"

Carol was beginning to regain a big more strength, but still not enough to get up off the couch and escape her attacker, and she had just heard what her husband to chosen to do perform for the black bastard.  From where she lay on the bed, Carol observed the donkey-sized cock rising up to nearly full mast once again, the bloated cockhead glistening with slimy goo as he approached the bed.  Carol put her arms up to try and push him away, but what little strength she had was just no match against the muscular black bastard.  Suddenly the bastard was upon her, straddling her breasts with his filthy cock looming out in front of her face.  "Yer hubby now wants me to feed ya this juicy black sausage!" she was told, causing Carol to cry and shake her head.  She began begging "No, please .................please .......................I've never done this before .....................not even for my husband!" 

Her attacker just laughed at her and looked over to her husband, telling Ron "Boy, you sure are a fool!  Now I's gotta teach yer purty little wife how to suck a cock with her virgin mouth!  Do ya think she'll choke on this whopping nigger cock, huh, sonny boy?"  With her assailant h
olding her hair tightly, Carol couldn't move her head, unable to move as the black bastard began painting her lips again with his slimy goo and ran his leaking cock up to her cheeks, eyes and nose.  Then his bloated cockhead was at the entrance to of her mouth and her nose was being held, forcing Carol to open her mouth if she wanted to breathe.  That's all the bastard needed as in went 5" of his thick black cock, then in and out it went until all 12" was down her milky white throat.

Carol's husband couldn't believe that his beautiful young wife was capable of swallowing
the monster black cock, but now all 12" of the monster had disappeared and his wife's pert little nose was rubbing up against the short kinky hairs.  What a contrast the couple made on the bed, the bastard pitch black like coal with his ebony cock having disappeared down into his wife's now bulging throat, it made quite an erotic scene.  Ron swallowed in disbelief upon viewing his wife's throat bulging by the presence of the black sausage and her wide bug-eyes also registering disbelief of what was happening. 

Mustaad thought that he'd be able to hang on for quite some time, especially after having popped his load twice already, but he was so turned on by this bitch's tight little mouth along the sight of this young wife sucking and choking on cock for the first time.  "Oh, yeah .................oh, yeah!  Oh, God ................oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  Here it cums it cums, bitch!" Mustaad yelled out.  The first spurt went directly down the shocked young wife's gagging throat, then she gagged once again while trying to retch out the slimy contents that he had filled her tummy with.  Mustaad pulled back so only the cockhead remained in her soft warm mouth, then he blasted four streaming spurts to fill her mouth to overflowing.  Mustaad leaned back and pulled his cock out completely and then shot his last three spurts all over newlywed's beautiful face.  He then turned the young wife's beautiful face towards her husband and chuckled "That's the way a beautiful bitch should look, covered with and coughing up hot nigger cum!  Damn, guess my sauce is to rich fer her, huh!"   The husband's look of disgust, after seeing his beautiful wife's face saturated with his sticky cum while gagging and coughing up even more, Mustaad gave a hearty laugh.

Sitting on the bed again, Mustaad's calloused hands began roaming all over the beautiful body as he commented "Oooh, so nice fuck'n soft white and soft!"  Look over at the punk, Mustaad asked him "Do I's have to tell ya where I's gonna fuck next?"  Then he boasted "I's gonna show ya how to knock up a beautiful bitch like this!  I's gonna cum a gallon up her little belly and I's going to make it swell up with a black nigga baby!"  Kneeling up on the bed between the
trim and flawless milky white legs, Mustaad lay his 12" cobra on the bride's soft white tummy, with the base of his cock down at her crotch.  "Ain't it look like a huge black snake squirming about on some pure virgin white snow, sonny boy?" 

"Hey, punk ...............shall we's see jist how far I's gonna to be when I's worn his big black snake all the way up in yer beautiful wife's tummy!  Bet I'll be all the way's up to the middle of her purty tummy!" Mustaad told the beautiful bride's stupefied hubby.   "Ready or not? I's gonna make ya a proud daddy now!" Mustaad advised while rearing on back, then lunging forward with all his might, spearing 4" into his beautiful prey.  "Nooooooooooo ............................noooooooooo ..........................stop ...............stoppp hurts hurtssssssssssss!  STOP .......................please stop .......................pleaseeeeeeeee!" came the pleading cries.  Mustaad smiled upon hearing her screams, they were sweet music to his ears and he began pumping away till all of his black bone disappeared.

Ron just couldn't believe his eyes, the black and white contrast was just so horrifying but yet very fascinating, causing a lurch of excitement giving rise to his own penis.  Unable to take his eyes away, he stared ahead as the big buck black speared into the soft milky white body of his lovely wife.  To his surprise, Carol's trim legs suddenly raised up to encircle the black's back and she began to hump back at him, her arms crossing over the black bastard's head.   He then heard Carol moan "Ohhhhhhhhhh ..............................ohhhhhhhhhhhh ...................nooooooo .....................I'm coming ......................I'm coming!  Ohhhhh, yes ..................... rape me ..............rape me harder!  Yes ..............rape me ....................rape me ....................rape meeeeeee ............rape me with your big black cock!" 

The beautiful young wife obviously never had such a big long cock like his ever before, evidenced by her screaming out at every lunge that he made up into her tight little pussy.  Then the petite body of the beautiful newlywed convulsed, leg muscles going taunt as she arched up to lift his heavy upon laying upon her, making it obvious that the bride was in the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm.  Mustaad then looked on over at her husband and yelled out "Here I's cum, punk!  I's cummmming ...................I's a cumminggggggggg!  I's shoot my jizz .................... 'ruining' your precious little wife ...................and I's sure as hell's gonna knock her up with a kiddie ......................a little black bastard!" His muscular black body tensed, then convulsed as he shot load after load into the bride's tight pussy, filling it up till cum overflowed out in streams.

Walking on over to punk husband, his black cock now semi-hard but still throbbing and basking in its glory, Mustaad chuckled loudly "Thanks for the use of yer precious little wife, punk!  Hope I didn't 'ruin' her too much fer you!  She probably won't even feel yer tiny pecker now that she's had a real man!"  He turned the punk's head towards his raped wife as she now lay on her side, cum drooling out of her swollen cuntlips as she continued to cough up his lumpy cum.  "Imagine how much cum is still up yer wife's little belly!  Shit, I's musta shot a whole gallon of cum up in her pussy, enough to make a set of triplets!  And ya's won't have to feed her fer a week with the load I shot down into her mouth and throat!" Mustaad taunted the whiteboy.

"Yer beautiful wife's long beautiful hair got a bit dirty so I's go and help out by giving her a shampoo fer ya!" Ron heard the black bastard tell him.  He could only watch in awe as the bastard walked on up to where Carol's head lay, then proceeded to wrap his filthy black cock around with her long silky hair.  Stomach turning as the bastard proceeded to jerk off in her long beautiful hair, then heard him. "Ohhhhh, yeah soft .............soft like silk" he heard the bastard groan while ejaculating spurt after spurt into Carol's silky hair, saturating it with his gooey slime, then watched as the bastard used his wife's silky hair to clean the goo off his cock.  Seeing all that gunk in his wife's hair, Ron wondered 'How does he do it?  How does his big black balls keep on generating so much of the gooey stuff?'    

It was months before the relationship between Carol and her husband got back to being as normal as possible after getting back from their honeymoon.  Love-making was all but satisfying for Carol, with her husband now getting himself far too excited and too quickly,
always leaving Carol in a horny rut.  To get some satisfaction while her husband quickly got his jollies off, Carol would picture the image of her black rapist being atop of her instead, giving her the kind of fucking that she now craved.  How she longed for the thick sturdy length of the black cock that had 'ruined' her on her honeymoon instead of the puny excuse of a cock that her husband possessed.  She often would dream of the orgasms she had reached with the big black bastard atop of her, longing for another such orgasm.  The black rapist would be a reminder forever, especially now that Carol discovered that she had by impregnated from the brutal rape.

Still there was some tension between them, lovemaking was far from satisfactory, and now made worst by Carol advising her husband that her black rapist had impregnated her during the honeymoon.  With Ron always having used a condom from when she had given her virginity to the night of their wedding, then not having intercourse till weeks after their disastrous honeymoon, the odds were overwhelming that she had been impregnated on the night of the rape.  It had always been Carol's belief that one should not get an abortion for that meant taking a life, so for her that option was out, making the question being whether or not her husband would stand by her and be there for her if she saw the baby full term through birth.  Sitting her husband down one night, Carol then lay all the cards on the table, telling Ron that if he wanted out of their marriage that this would be the ideal time to pull the plug on the marriage.

In that heart to heart meeting, Ron' head slumped down, feeling so bad that he had let her down in not being able to protect them from her rapist.  Her being impregnated by the bastard only added to his guilty, along with the fact that he had been performing quite poorly in bed since then, but there was one other aspect that he felt was now important to confess to his beautiful wife and hope that she didn't become furious with what he had to say.  And so the confession went "Honey, I ..................I need to confess something to you ............I just hope that you can somehow understand .................and forgive me!"  Ron then went on to tell his wife of how the rape had changed him, not of his love for her, but how it excited him in replaying seeing her take that bastard's big black cock ..................sucking on it, the thrill it gave him in hearing her scream when the bastard shoved it up her ass, and also how it turn him on in replaying her begging him to 'Rape me ...............rape me harder ........................fuck it to me with that big black cock!'          

With Ron telling her that he loved her and would stand by her through it all, that was the best night of lovemaking they ever had together.  As they both agreed that they didn't want any friends or family to learn of their disastrous honeymoon and the results from it, Ron came up with the idea of them going across country for a year as his company was looking for volunteers to help set up an office in Florida and there was a bonus to go along with all relocation costs.  In that way, Carol could look for temporary work in her field as well, until the baby came.  They'd tell no friends or family back home, they'd have time to decide whether or not to put the baby up for adoption following its birth.  If they decided not to put the baby, they could then send pictures to family and friends to show them the baby that they had recently 'adopted'.   

Four months along and having gotten a condo lease for their year-long stay, Carol was still not showing much of a baby bump as yet, in fact looking quite sexy and attractive.  On a night out to relax and take in the sights of Tampa, they went to a nice restaurant on the bay located just a block from where they lived.  After a couple cocktails before dinner, Ron excused himself to go to the restroom, only to be puzzled on his return as his wife was not seated  at their table, leaving him puzzled as he took his seat.  Minutes when by but Carol had not returned to the table, causing Ron to become quite concerned, then he noticed a small folded piece of paper under his fork.  Opening it up, he saw that it was his wife's handwriting, with the note reading 'I'm in the bar!'

Making his way to the bar, Ron spotted his beautiful wife sitting at the bar, right next to nice dressed black guy!  He swallowed deeply as he watched Carol lean her head on the guy's shoulder as the guy had his hand grabbing her ass.  Getting himself a seat in the lounge that provided him with a good view of the bar, he watched intently at the couple seated at the bar.  An hour later, with his wife being escorted out of the bar area by her new friend, Ron knew that it had to be no coincidence that upon nearing his table that Carol told her friend 'Let's take a stroll along the bay!  I have a place just a block or so away from here ................and we won't be disturbed there!'  With Carol having her wedding rings on, it was obvious that she was a married woman and that she was telling the guy that her husband wouldn't be at home!  But with his wife know how turned on he got watching, Ron knew she was throwing him the hint to hustle on home and get a good seating for the show to come.

From his vantage point while sitting in the walk-in closet, the wooden slats provided Ron with an excellent view of the bed that he and Carol shared together.  It was long after having gotten back to their condo and making himself comfortable, he heard a key being inserted into the door lock.  Moments later his beautiful wife was in the bedroom with her new friend from the bar.  He watched as they kissed intimately, then began undoing the clothing of the other, then Carol was on the bed on all fours with only her black heels.  With the black stud shuffling up behind of her, it was obvious that they were about to do it doggie style, and then Carol was panting out "Oh, so good biggg!  If only my husband was as good as you!  Fuck meeeeee!"

Deciding to make Tampa their home, away from all their relatives and friends, both Ron and Carol could freely live the lives that they wanted.  The Christmas card that was sent out years later contained an enclosed photograph showing the happy couple with their three 'adopted' children, two boy and a girl, all having a full head of dark kinky hair.   
End of Story.