Tormented Beauty
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled:  Entertainment for the Jocks
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As the beautiful Mrs. Melanie Haverly stared blankly up at the wooden ceiling, she knew that this was one weekend that she would never forget.  Lured to the cabin by Mark Fuller, her daughter's devious boyfriend, the handsome young teen who had succeeded in seducing her.  As the star high school quarterback, Mark seemed to exude an air of self-confidence that affected all who came into contact with him.

'How could I let such a thing happen?  Faithful to Tom for all these years, never looking at another man, yet I succumb to a teenager!  Worst yet, my daughter's boyfriend!' Melanie thought in remorse as she blinked back the tears.  'What a mess I've gotten myself into!  He seemed so nice ……………..fooling everyone of his conniving and deceitful ways!' she thought, recalling how allowed the school's black janitor to rape her in the motel room in exchange for drugs.

She knew that she should never have come up to this cabin, that the devious sweet talking Mark really had something sinister in mind.  Blinking back more tears, Melanie knew that she should have followed her instincts and not obeyed Mark's demand of her coming to see him at his parent's cabin.  Her thoughts reflected back on the weekend events …………how Mark had spiked her drink with an aphrodisiac and surprised her by having invited the linemen on the football team and the team's waterboy.

Melanie shuddered, thinking of how her body had betrayed her in the wild reaction caused by the potent aphrodisiac that they had her system constantly drugged with.  She had taken all the linemen on, first one at a time, then several at the same time.  With the potent drug now wearing off, Melanie felt so ashamed at how she had behaved, fucking and sucking Mark and his black teammates till all were totally pooped out.

Then Melanie shuddered with revulsion of Adam, the team's skinny waterboy.  She couldn't forgive herself for the pleasure she had derived in hurting him, debasing him in front of the football players.   Melanie could not believe that she could be so awful in doing such a thing but she had actually taken pleasure in sodomizing the teen with the huge dildo strapped to her waist.  She had hurt him badly and then he had sought to gain revenge upon her.  She could not blame him for wanting to degrade her, the awful memory coming back to her ………………the memory of the teen urinating all over her face and body!

Glancing out into the front of the cabin, Melanie surveyed the teens all sprawled out, some in the various chairs and others sleeping on the floor.  Seeing the numerous empty beer bottles strewn about the floor, along with smell of alcohol, it was obvious that they had partied themselves out.  Throughout the night, each one of the drunken teens had their way into the bedroom for a quick roll in the sack with her.  Melanie shivered, recalling how disgusting the drunken teens were, but relieved in the fact that each had cum quickly and had gone back outside to continue drinking beer.

As it was time to head home, Melanie showered once again, slipping on a clean black plaid dress and beige heels before packing up her dirty ones.  Stepping over the sprawled out bodies, she tip-toed to the front door and quietly made her departure.  Quickly, before any of the teens awoke, Melanie made her way up the dirt path and to her car.  Getting her car started, she breathed a deep sigh of relief that the horrid weekend was finally over.

Slowly, going over all the bumps and potholes in the dirt roadway, Melanie smiled as she came upon the paved roadway that would eventually take her back to civilization.  Just as when she had made the journey on this same roadway up to the cabin, there were no other cars in sight.  Thinking to her drive up, there had only been one car that had passed her in the opposite direction.

About four miles down the roadway, Melanie saw a figure walking backwards with his thumb out to hitchhike a ride.  As she neared that figure, Melanie gasped loudly as she recognized just who it was.  That hitchhiker was the team's waterboy, the skinny Adam Miller.  She had not noticed his absence from the cabin and gave no thought of him since that first evening.   Melanie saw the teen's mouth drop wide open once he recognized her driving the car and he dropped his hand in hopes of getting a ride.

Stepping on the gas, Melanie whizzed past the teen, leaving him in the dust.  Her thoughts drifted back to the teen whom she had just passed, recalling all the sordid details of the other night.  Yes, she recalled how she had turned the tables on the skinny teen and saved herself from being sodomized by Isaac's monstrosity of a cock.  Adam had been the one making fun of her, until he was forced into the game and ended up losing when she went down on him and made him lose his load within the allotted two minutes.

Melanie shuddered as she recalled the shock of suddenly having that giant dildo strapped around her waist.  Then Melanie learned that it would be she who would sodomize the frightened Adam.  With the muscular football players holding in place, Melanie had brutally shoved the thick dildo up the teen's ass, making him scream out in pain as she showed him no mercy.  But the teen had gotten back at her later, literally pissing on her as she knelt on the cabin floor, drenching her with his smelly urine.

Although the teen had gotten even with her, Melanie still felt rather bad for what she had done to him, the pain that she had inflicted when she had mercilessly rammed the dildo into him.  Two miles later, Melanie slowed her car to a stop, then made a U-turn to head back.

Seeing the back of the teen as he walked while on the look out for cars, Melanie passed him by a few feet then did another U-turn and pulled to a stop next to the stunned teen.  As Adam looked at her through the passenger door, Melanie merely kept her eyes straight ahead on the roadway, not saying a word.  It was a moment of silence between the two of them before Adam opened the passenger door and got in.  Once he had put his seatbelt on, Melanie got back on the roadway.

Twenty minutes further along and not a word was exchanged between them in the car.  Then, from the corner of her eye, Melanie saw the teen's head slump a bit as he began to stammer "I …………I'm sorry for what I did to you, Mrs. Haverly!  No ……… woman ………….or even girl has touched me like that before!  I ………………I ……………I …………… ………….it felt so good when you sucked me in your mouth!"

Sensing the sincerity of the teen in his apology, Melanie also felt sorry for what she had done to him.  Keeping her left hand on the steering wheel, she reached over with her right and placed it atop of Adam's left hand that was resting on his knee.  She felt a shiver go through him upon her touch but left her hand upon his.  A moment later, his hand turned under hers and their fingers entwined.

Driving along a bit further, Melanie inquired "Adam, have you ever wanted to be with a girl ………..a woman?  Have you ever wanted to make love to a woman?"  There was no verbal answer but Melanie glanced towards the teen and saw him nodding 'yes'.  "How old are you, Adam?  Have you ever asked a girl out on a date?" she pursued.

"I just made eighteen!  I ……………I've thought about it a lot, but ……………but I always start stammering and they just laugh at me!" Adam responded.  "When …………..when you touched me …..........…… felt so good to have a woman touch me for the first time!  It was so exciting!  Maybe ……………..maybe I'm not a queer after all!" he advised.

Another twenty minutes of driving, then they finally arrive at the junction where civilization suddenly reappeared.  First there were service stations, a few mom and pop grocery stores, followed by the larger chain outfits.  Passing a motel, Melanie stared at the sign as they passed, then looked down at her right hand that was entwined with the young teen.  She now felt compassion for the teen, realizing that they were really both victims used by the Mark and his jock friends.

Adam turned to look at the beautiful woman, wondering why she was turning left into the stall for visitor checking in.  He then watched in silence as Mrs. Haverly got her purse and got out of the driver's seat and went into the office of the motel.  Moments later, the beautiful Mrs. Haverly smiled widely at him as she approached the front of the car.  Then she was back in the car, starting it up and drove along the side of the motel, parking in front of the doorway to Room 151.

Still in the passenger seat, he watched Mrs. Haverly get out of the car and go to the door of the motel room.  He watched as she inserted the key and opened the door.  Then she looked back at him, crooking her neck a bit as if asking 'Aren't you coming?'  Adam swallowed deeply, not really believing that the lovely Mrs. Haverly would want him to accompany her nor be in the same room with her, especially not after what he had done to her.

Shyly, as Adam neared the open door, Mrs. Haverly entered first as she held the door wide open for him to follow.  With the door closed, he was surprised as the beautiful woman moved up to him and placed both of her hands onto his chest, pushed his shirt up and kissed his chest.  Then, after pulling his shirt off, she was tilting her head up to him, her soft pink lips parting slightly.  Shivering with excitement, cock twitching in his pants, Adam could not resist the temptation of putting his hands on her trim waist and bending a bit to cover her lips with his.


This was an exciting first for young Adam, feeling the sophisticated beauty's tongue lick at his and delve into his mouth.  Flicking his tongue out at hers, they he then engaged in a passionate French kiss with the sexy woman.  Feeling her fingers undoing the buttons to his shirt, he boldly reached up to unzip the back of her dress.  Feeling her soft fingers caressing his chest, Adam caressed the soft skin of her cream back with his hands.

Shirt gone and pants being undone by the lovely woman, Adam pushed the dark dress off her shoulders and watched as she shrugged the garment off, letting it puddle on the floor about her beige heels.  As he undid the clasp of her bra, then peeling the straps from her shoulders, Adam leaned forward to feel her pointed nipples press up against him.  He gasped with pleasure as Mrs. Haverly reached into his jockeys and enclosed her trim fingers around his twitching cock.

Still kissing deeply, his jockeys falling to the floor, Adam eased the lacy white panties over Mrs. Haverly's trim hips and pushed them down to fall at her heels.  Kissing passionately, they now caressed each other tenderly as they soon found themselves lying upon the nearby bed.  Caressing one sexy leg, Adam removed one heel and tossed it aside, then did the same to its matching pair.  Now they were both totally naked together, each rubbing their body up against the other.

It was so natural from this point on, that of a man and woman engaging in the act of making love, thrusting against one another in unison in an attempt to be as close as a union possible.  The scene in the motel room soon became a wild energetic mating of the young teen and sophisticated beauty, each clasping tightly onto one another as they engaged in an act that should be shared only between husband and wife.

Between their passionate kisses, the two lovers whispered their deep feelings for each other.  "Oh, Mrs. Haverly …………………………I love you!" the star struck teenager cooed, still not believing that he was actually making love to such a lovely sophisticated beauty.  "Oh, Adam ………………ohhhh, so good ………………..ohhh, yessssssss …… good …………………'re so good …………………make love to me!" came the loving response.

Embracing the teen, arms and legs wrapped around his rather skinny frame, Melanie arched up to meet his rapid and energetic thrusts.  What this teen lacked in experience, he certainly made up in enthusiasm, humping into her with the speed of a jackhammer.  Locking her ankles at the small of his back, Melanie arched up into her teen lover, feeling the entire length of this throbbing manhood within her.

Ending a passionate kiss, Melanie encouraged "Oh, Adam ……………….ohhhh, lover ………………….yes, fuck me …………..fuck me ……………………ohhh, so goodddddddd!"  As the bed squeaked and rocked from the frantic lovemaking of the two lovers, Melanie arched up high as she shuddered "Adam ……………..……..Adam …………..yes …………….yes …………..oh, God yessssssssssss!  Ohhhhhh ………..cumming ……………..cumming …………….I'm cumminggggggggggggg!"

Adam was beside himself, extremely proud of himself for having succeeded in giving the lovely woman an orgasm in his first fuck experience.  Now he felt as it he was 'king of the mountain', a 'man' at last and no long an inexperienced virgin.  But now, his cock was ultra-sensitive from sawing into the slick cuntlips of the beautiful woman as she grasped him and arched up into him.

"Ahhhh …………ughhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhh, Mrs. Haverly ………………..I ………………I'm going to cum!  Can ……………….can I ………….I …………..I need to …………….!" Adam panted as his body shook in anticipation.  Feeling the trim arms and legs tighten around him, he then felt Mrs. Haverly's tongue teasing his ear, then heard her sweet voice say "Cum in me, Adam!  Cum in me, lover!  Ohhhhhh ……………you're such a good lover …………………such a stud!"  "Ahhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Adam groaned as he unleashed his hot cum in the beautiful woman.

Still embraced, cock draining between the squeezing cunt muscles, the two perspiring lovers engaged in another passionate kiss.  Remaining in each other's arms, the young teen and beautiful woman fell asleep together on the motel bed.  When a kiss ended, snuggling up against the sexy body, Adam expressed his desires "I wish you didn't have go home today!"  Then he leaned over to kiss her lightly on the lips again.

Adam wondered why Mrs. Haverly moved under suddenly as she reached for her purse on the nightstand.  Still lying upon the sexy beauty, he watched as she got out her cellphone and pressed a button to speed dial a number.  Seconds later, Adam listened in on her conversation "Hi, honey!  I'm having such a wonderful time here!  Would you mind if I stayed over another couple of days?  Oh, thanks, honey ………………okay, you go back and enjoy your game!  I love you!"

Hanging up her cellphone and putting it back in her purse, Melanie then tossed her purse aside to land on the carpeted floor.  Then she kissed her teenage lover on the lips and softly whispered "I'm all yours for the next two days, lover!  Anything that you desire ………………..I'm yours!"  Feeling his cock throb in her, Melanie tightened her legs around her young lover and once again encircled his neck with her arms for another passionate kiss.

After another fantastic lovemaking session, the two lovers were famished.  Dressing, they got into the car to find a bite to eat.  In public, the couple acted as if they were mother and son rather than lovers, sitting across from one another rather than next to each other.  But every chance they got, when no once could see them, they made some type of contact with one another, rubbing a leg against the other's or a mere touch of their fingertips.

Melanie was in awe by this young teen, totally amazed at his gentleman's behavior, even pulling out her chair for her at the restaurant.  She just could not believe this to be the same teenager whom she had first met up at the cabin just days ago.  Staring at the skinny but rather handsome teen, Melanie could not believe their first encounter with each other and how they despised one another along with the terrible things they had inflicted upon one another.

Re-entering the motel room, a passionate kiss ensued as the two lovers began to undress one another.  Totally naked once again, rubbing themselves up against one another, caressing and touching each other intimately.  The beautiful wife cooed with pleasure as the young teen bent down to take a pink nipple into his mouth and suckle upon it, then she emitted a gasp as the fast learning teen paid homage to its perfect twin.

Adam felt the lovely woman grasping his hand to lead him back to the bed, he stopped and advised "Wait, Mrs. Haverly!  I gotta relieve myself first!  Shouldn't have drank so much pop at lunch!"  He was then surprised as the beautiful woman changed direction and was pulling him into the bathroom.  He followed her lead and wondered why she pushed open the shower door and pulled him into the small stall.

Adam's jaw dropped upon seeing the sexy beauty get down onto her knees in the shower stall and smile up at him.  Thinking that she obviously had not understood him, he advised "Mrs. Haverly, you don't understand, I gotta use the john!  I gotta take a pee!" Adam was stunned when he heard her say "Pee on me, Adam, just like you did in the cabin!  Piss all over me!"  Stunned, blinking at his teary eyes, he stammered "Mrs. Haverly ……………..I ……………..I did that to get back at you then!"

Melanie what Adam had done to her in the cabin was to humiliate her in front of the other teens, paying her back for what she had done to him.  Looking up to smile at the stunned teen, she told him “This will be something special, just between you and me, lover!  I’ll never allow anyone else to piss on me!” Seeing Adam return her smile, she then squinted in an automatic reaction as the teen’s hot golden shower rained down onto her face and breasts.

Totally drenched, Melanie was thankful that Adam turned on the water and adjusted the temperature before the shower began to cleanse her.  Turning her face into the warm water, Melanie then put her already wet hair under the water to cleanse it also.  Standing up in the stall, she closed her hands as Adam used a soapy washcloth to cleanse her entire body.  Then, with Adam immediately behind her, she shivered as he cupped her breasts and thumbed her stiffening nipples.  Feeling him rising up, she wiggled her ass to tease his hardening young cock.

Moments later, Melanie found herself in an intimate embrace with young Adam as they kissed passionately.  Then she found the eager teen edging her back a bit till she met the shower stall.  Feeling the teen’s hands cupping her assheeks, Melanie was surprised at the teen’s strength for his size, feeling herself being lifted up against the wall of the shower stall.

“Ohhhhh ……………………Adam ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Melanie moaned as the teen bent himself back a bit to get his throbbing young cock up against her cuntlips with using his hand to guide it.  “Ohhhh, God ………………..oh, Adam …………………….ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..yesssssssssssss!” she shivered as the teen’s cock expertly sliced into her.  “Ohhhhh ……………..Goddddd!  Oh, Adam …………………’re the first to ever ‘nail’ me to a shower stall!  Oh, stud …………fuck me ………………fuck me ……………………..nail my ass to the wall!” she encouraged.

Arms tightly wrapped around the Adam’s neck, Melanie shifted a bit then wrapped her legs around the teen’s waist.  “Ohhhh ………..ohhhh ……….ohhhh ………ohhhh!” she moaned as the eager teen hammered her to the shower stall.  “Oh, Adam ………… stud ………….fuck me ……………..fuck me!  Oh, God …………………..Adam …………………Adammmmm ………………………I’m cumminggggggggggg!  Yessssssssssssssssss!” she screamed as her teenage lover blasted her out of this world, filling her void with the sudden gush of his hot potent cum.

The remainder of the afternoon was an exciting one with the beautiful Mrs. Melanie Haverly teaching the young stud how to please a woman.  It was also one of experimentation, where each sought new ways to please their partner with no holds barred.  The teen even got to learn a bit of math on this eventful day, the true significance of what the number ‘69’ really meant.

Taking time out for nice dinner, the two lovers once again put on a pretense that fooled everyone as they enjoyed each other’s company at an elegant restaurant.  Once they returned to the motel room, they embraced once again, this time helping each other out o their clothing before falling onto the comfort of the mattress.  Of course, sleep would not occur for quite awhile, at least not until their lust was sated.


The next morning, awaking in one another’s arms, they immediately began kissing and caressing one another.  Once again an energetic bout of lovemaking ensued.  The day would be a repeat performance of the previous, one that was just as enjoyable.  That night, upon returning from dinner and undressing each other, the now self-assured young Adam pulled the beautiful woman into the bathroom with him and pushed her down to her knees in the shower stall.  This time the teen was not hesitant, showering the sexy woman in the manner in which only he was permitted.

Then next day at mid-afternoon, given the keys to the luxury car, Adam enjoyed the feel of driving such a fine automobile.  He felt so different, so confident in himself since leaving the cabin a couple of the days ago, especially having such a beautiful woman holding his hand as she leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder.  When there was a break with no traffic, Adam would lean to his right to exchange a tender kiss with the sexy woman.

After a two-hour drive from the motel, Adam made the turnoff from the Interstate to enter the city.  He squeezed the soft manicured hand that he was still holding, leaning over quickly to kiss her sweet lips, then told her "Should I get out a few blocks from your home and let you drive the rest of the way?  I wish I didn't have to leave you!"

As Adam drove along, a moment of silence went by as Mrs. Haverly took in what he had just said.  Adam then felt her lean up and began nibbling at his ear, whispering "Would you like to stop off at my home, for a cold drink ………..or something else?  It'll be about and hour before Mr. Haverly gets home and Cathy's at cheerleading camp this week!"

Swallowing with excitement, Adam stepped on the gas, determined to get to their destination as quickly as possible, knowing the real meaning behind her suggestion.  He certainly wanted to go to the beautiful woman's home but not for a cold drink.  It was the lure of that 'something else' that got him excited.  Just the thought of lying in the bed that she shared with her husband had Adam's cock throbbing in anticipation.   The added spice of danger, with Mr. Haverly expected home within an hour, had him rock hard.

End of Story.