Tracey’s Cuckold Husband
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Young Wife’s Dilemma 3 and Tracey's Torment’
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As they headed home on Sunset Blvd. that night, after doing some shopping with her husband for garden specials on sale at the new nursery that had opened up in the new strip mall, Tracey knew that the Loosey Goosey Tavern was just a mile down the road.  In fact, the ad on the specials that she had seen for the garden items had just been a rouse to have her unsuspecting husband accompany her.  Reaching over, she nervously reached over to put her hand on her husband's lap and edged her fingers closer to where his manhood lay hidden, then suggested “Since your birthday is on Monday, I wanted to give you a surprise beforehand, especially seeing how much you enjoyed our little role playing last weekend!”

That little so-called 'role-playing' had taken place when Jim had called her while away on his business trip.  And in that 'role-playing' skit, Tracey had her loving husband hot and horny from his imagination of picturing her being another man …..............................a well-hung black man!  For Donald James Peters (aka Jim Peters), it had been one exciting turn-on in hearing his beautiful wife carry on with such a passion filled voice as she pretended to having a big black stud touching her up in their bedroom as she carried on a conversation with him.  But if the truth was really known to Jim, that indeed a muscular stud named Terrell was lying upon the king-sized bed and feeling Tracey up …................with his big black dick, Jim might certainly feel differently about the stimulating role-playing session!

With Jim asking as to what that special birthday present was, Tracey merely told him to “Keep on going down the road, honey!  After seeing how turned-on you got last week when you called me, I wanted to treat you to something real special!” The Loosey Goosey Tavern had developed a rather seedy reputation, one well-deserved due to the clientele and some recent fights out in the parking lot.  This was not the normal type of establishment that they frequented as it was in the rather rough side of town, with people going there for beer and dancing to the live band.  Jim had been cuckolded that last weekend and the same would apply this night as Terrell had demanded that she show up at the tavern tonight ….....................“So's ya can give hubby a real treat when he see's ya dancing with me and ya's not objecting to me's feeling ya up in public!”

Pulling into the parking lot as instructed, Jim was rather surprised that Tracey had picked this rather seedy place to give him a birthday treat.  He was surprised as his wife began working off her diamond ring and wedding band before opening up the console and hiding her jewelry in there, thereby indicating that Tracey would be playing the role of a loose single woman as she then advised “You stay till I get in and then you come into the tavern!  Who knows, I might even turn you down and refuse to dance with you, especially if I find myself a big black stud to keep me company in there!”  As he watched his trim sexy wife leave the parked car and make her way to the entrance of the tavern, Jim then got out of the car to make his way to the tavern's entrance.

Entering the tavern, Jim looked around in an attempt to see where Tracey had gone but didn't see her around anywhere and thus made his way to the bar to order himself a beer.  He looked about, wondering if some guy had already hit on her and asked her to dance.  As he looked towards the crowded dance floor, a big black guy came up to the bar and parked himself about three feet away to his left as he ordered himself a beer.  A moment later, Jim observed Tracey appear as she exited from the Ladies Room after combing her hair and putting on more make-up with a darker shade of red lipstick that certainly had her looking more of a loose woman out for a good time and to get herself picked up.

Tracey's new appearance evidently had also caught the attention of the guy who was standing next to him at the bar as the black dude gave a soft whistle as he muttered out “Damn, I sure’d like to git myself into her tight little panties!”  Playing the game and not wanting to give away that the hot looking bitch across the bar from them was actually his wife, Jim turned to the guy and smiled, chuckling “Yeah, she sure looks like a hottie alright!  You oughta make a move on her and see if you can pick her up!  See if you get lucky ….......................if not, I'm gonna give it a shot ............maybe I'm more her type!”  The black dude chuckled at hearing his comments and turned to extend his hand as he introduced himself “Hi, I'm Terrell!  How about a little wager, my friend ….....................I'm gonna ask that hot little bitch to dance with me and if I'm back here without a dance, I'll pick up your tab!  If I don't get back cause I get the dance and invited to stay there with the chick, you pay my tab of just one beer here and whatever I's order the rest of the night fer me and that sweetie there!”

With the dude picking up his mug of beer and heading around the bar to where Tracey was standing, Jim saw his wife glancing over in his direction, then go back to the role playing of her being a single babe out looking for a good time.  And when the fellow named Terrell got to where Tracey was standing, Jim felt his heart thumping in his chest as he just did not know what to expect next nor as to his wife's intention on giving him quite a teasing birthday surprise.  Licking his lips, Jim hoped that his wife would at least take this black dude up for a dance, even if it cost him the one beer on the tab.  He even was hoping that a slow song was up next, wanting to see Tracey’s petite ivory white body held up close to the big muscular black dude's.

Not knowing what to expect, Jim wondered just how much or how far Tracey was willing to go to for his birthday present, but it was already a fantastic gift in getting to see her smiling up at the black dude who was now putting the hit on her.  Then they were placing the coasters atop of their mugs, a sign that they'd be back at that spot for their beers and that spot at the bar being reserved for them while they danced.  Watching in awe, the big fellow was leading the way to the dance floor as a slow dance began to play.  Jim's mouth was wide open as he watched his wife being led to the dance floor, her petite hand in that of the large ebony one.  Seconds later, his lovely wife's blonde head was resting on the dude's broad chest as they danced together.

Knowing that her husband's eyes were glued to them on the dance floor, such was confirmed when they moved to where she could glance in his direction so Tracey could see the excited look on his face.  Her husband was thinking that the man she was dancing with was being played for a fool and that he was being led on to believing he had a chance to score with her.  But in reality, the man to whom Jim had lost his beer tab bet to was the very one instrumental of forcing her to bring her husband to this seedy tavern.  “Hubby's catching flies with his mouth so wide open, Mrs. Peters!  Okay, now let's get him really unglued …......................let him see ya taking my hands and guiding them to yer asscheeks, sweetie!” she was told and proceeded in forcing herself to comply, just imaging her husband's reaction as the large hands began groping at her round butt.

'My, Goddddddd ….................I can't believe what I'm seeing!  Tracey's really letting this guy feel her up good!  Damn, with the way she's got her arms around his neck and how he's grabbing her ass and pulling her to him, the bastard's gotta be grinding his stiff boner up against her belly!  And Tracey's not even trying to pull away from him!' Jim realized.  Seeing the large black hands clearly outlined over the pastel dress that Tracey wore, Jim could see the long ebony fingers squeezing and molding his wife's soft asscheeks while pulling her up close to him.  'Jeez, if Tracey don't stop teasing the guy and letting him feeling her up like that, he's gonna be really pissed when she does try to make him stop and send him off empty handed with a hardon!' he realized.

Glancing up from his beer, he did not want to be caught staring at his lovely wife and her dance partner who had returned to the bar and were finishing up their beer.  Then the fellow Terrell was signaling for the bartender to order another mug for Tracey and himself.  Jim swallowed and blushed in embarrassment when Terrell told the bartender to give the entire tab to the fellow across the bar and was pointing him out from across the way, causing several of the bar patrons to look up and in his direction.  Jim watched as his beautiful wife snuggled up to the big black dude and was then tilting her head up to allow the bastard to give her a deep passionate kiss on the lips.  Watching his wife kiss another man …..................a big black dude to boot …..................gave him a rock hard boner that threatened to bust right through his pants.

As he watched from across the bar, it seemed as if Tracey and the black stud were really hitting it off as she made no effort to pull her arm away when the ebony fingers caressed the back of her hand to travel all the way up her arm.  Then it appeared that the fellow was asking her if she had driven there as Tracey was searching down into her purse and then retrieving her keys to hold them up in display, her set of keys for his car, the one they had come in. Their mugs empty, Jim watched in astonishment as Tracey slipped her arm in his and they were proceeding towards the nearby exit.  As they disappeared out of the door, Jim quickly reached into his pocket to cover the bar tabs.

By the time he made his way to the exit and stepped outside of the tavern, Jim did not see his wife nor the big fellow in the parking lot.  He stretched his neck to where his car had been parked and made out that it was still parked in the same spot.  'Why did she have the key in her hand?' Jim asked himself.  Obviously, the purpose was to go out to the car, 'But for what?' he wondered as an empty feeling in his gut really told him the reason why.  Jim could not comprehend his wife's actions, for it was certainly not to have gone this far with her going outside of the tavern alone with the black stranger.  Heart now thumping in his chest with fear, Jim slowly made his way through the rows of parked cars and toward his car.

Seeing the slight swaying of his car moving from side to side, it became quite evident to Jim that 'they must be in there!'  Mouth dry, he swallowed deeply as he neared the car, then swore that he heard a female voice moaning “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!”  Jim then noticed that the car windows had been put down, apparently due to the humidity and mugginess of the night.  Blinking his eyes and trying to focus them in the darkness, Jim realized that his eyes were not deceiving him and that there was something draped over the car door …...................Tracey's thin lacy white bra!   Did he dare move closer?  Did he need to confirm things with his own eyes?

Crouching down, to keep from being seen by the occupants in the car, Jim slowly moved forward in the crouched position so as not to create any noise on the loose gravel.  Finally at the rear door, Jim reached up to finger the lacy white garment draped over the car door.  He froze upon hearing his wife's voice pant out that “Oh, God …'s too big … won't fit …'s too big for me!”  Then came the deep familiar voice of the fellow who had introduced himself at the bar respond with “That's what all ya honky bitches say at first!  But once I's git ya all stretched out and going black …......................ya ain't ever gonna go back, heh, heh!”

'My, God …...............................they're about to fuck …............................right on the backseat of our car!  How could Tracey let things go so far?' Jim wondered, realizing that he surely couldn't show himself at this point and play the part of the outraged husband.  Then to his horror, he heard Tracey's frantic voice advising “No … …'re not wearing anything!  You'll get me pregnant if you don't!”  Then came Terrell's gruff voice responding with “Don't give me that shit!  Ya knew I was gonna bang ya without a fucking rubber when ya led me out here!  Besides, I's don't carry any of that shit with me!  Ya's jist gonna have to chance it sweetie, cause I's ain't got a rubber and I's ain't gonna take 'no' from ya at this point, bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ........................................Godddddddddddddd …...........................oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddd ....................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard Tracey cry out from in the car and could just imagine what was taking place inside as the car visibly swayed even more at this point.  “Damn, yer sure got one tight little cunt, bitch!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhh!” the male grunted as he added “Take that, bitch!”  Aieeeeeeeeeeee ….....................ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came Tracey's cries.  Hearing several thuds against the car door, Jim looked up to see the top half of Tracey's right foot over the top of the door with her cute little toes all curled up.  Looking closely, Jim then observed the sole of her left foot pressed flat up against the side window pane of the rear door.

From what he could see and hear, there was not much more needed to tell Jim as to what was taking place on the back seat of their car.  Still, Jim wanted to see more, to look into the car and see his beautiful blonde wife getting the fucking of her life from a big black buck.  Slowly he rose up, his face now just inches away from his wife's pretty toes as they curled and strained against the top of the rear door.  Now he was looking down into the backseat of his car, his cock twitching with excitement, but all he could see was Tracey's trim sexy white legs and her lily white arms crossed over the black stud’s back and ass.  A bit of her forehead could be see as well as the top of her blonde hair.  But all else visible was black and darkness or a combination of both.  What he could see was very limited, but what he heard told it all as Tracey was panting “Oh, Godddddddddd ….....................ohhhh …........................ohhhh … big … bigggggggg ….......................ohhhhhhh, so goodddddddddd ………………….so gooooooooooodddddddddddddd!  Oh, fuck me …..................fuck me …...................fuck me, stud ……………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

From her vantage point while being hammered atop the backseat of the car, Tracey had made out the image of her husband peering in from just a foot beyond the car near the driver’s side.  She had initially been deathly afraid to follow through with this vile and deceitful scheme, that Terrell had devised after last weekend when he gave her a thorough fucking, while she was acting out her ‘role-playing’ skit with Jim on the phone.  Although it had been quite obvious that her husband had gotten turned on with the ‘role-playing’, Tracey was unsure as to how Jim would react in seeing her actually having sex with another man …………………a big black stud at that!

With the car rocking even more violently from side to side, Jim’s eyes had managed to focus themselves a bit more by now and he could make out the dark ebony outline of the big muscular bastard humping up and down between Tracey’s sexy white legs.  Pulling his zipper down slowly and silently, Jim reached in to pull out his boner to relieve the strain and to give himself a couple of strokes with his fist.  “Ohhhh …………….....fuck me ………….…..fuck me ……………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” he heard his wife begging her black lover.  “Oh, ya little bitch …………………………..I’m gonna cum ……………………..gonna cum real soon ……………………..uuugghhhh!”

“Uuughhhh …………………..uuugghhhh ………………uuughhhh …………….ohhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the grunts from the male atop of his wife and Jim could see the broad ebony back arching up with hips thrusting forward, making it quite evident at the mating taking place on the backseat of the car.  Now his wife’s feet left the top of the door and window pane as Tracey’s trim sexy legs were now crossed over the bastard’s big black butt and her ankles were locked together to draw her lover even deeper into her.  Jim froze upon hearing Tracey cry out “Oh, God ………………..I’m there …………………..I’m there ………………………oh, shoot it ……………..fill me up with your hot cum!”  Then, seconds later, Tracey screamed out “Oh, my God, it’s burning ………………………’s so hot …………it’s burning me!”

As everything came to a standstill in the car, Jim crouched back down to keep out of sight as he came to realize that ‘It really did happen!  Tracey actually had sex with another man!  She let the big black guy fuck her ……………….and without a condom!’  Breathing hard, wondering what would take place next, Jim then heard Terrell advise “Git yer clothes on sweetie!  Let’s go on back inside and git ourselves another drink!
Hearing this, Jim figured that he had better get out of there before they got dressed and stepped out of the car and caught him there, thinking that ‘Tracey was only supposed to come on to the guy ……………tease him some …………………but it wasn’t supposed to go this far!’

Back near the same spot that he had vacated at the bar, Jim ordered himself another mug of beer and kept his eyes peered towards the door.  It was several minutes later when he observed the door opening and a widely grinning Terrell was entering but Tracey was not to be seen as the door closed behind him.  The bastard, who had just gotten into Tracey’s panties, was coming over around the bar to where he was standing to obviously gloat and to pad his tab.  Jim cringed and his stomach churned as the bastard came over to slap his back and brag that “Hey, that bitch sure was a hot one!  Saw her ring finger and it was obvious that she just took off her wedding rings before coming in here!  And she even admitted it to me at the end!”

Worried about his wife as he had expected her to return with the gloating bastard, Jim asked “So where’s the whore now, Terrell?”  With the braggart’s beer added to the new tab that he had started, Jim could only hang his head down in shame and disappointment as the bastard announced that “The bitch apparently got what she came in here fer ………………a good fuck’n!  Typical of these married bitches ………………hot to trot for a good fuck’n, then gits to feeling all guilty and shit when she gits it!  She was gonna git dressed and head on home!  But git this, she knew that she’d be wanting more of what she sampled tonight and gave me her cell number and begged me to call her next week so we can set up a time to meet!  Lemme tell ya guys, next time she gits it will be right on the bed that she shares with that cuckold husband she’s married to!”

Guys at the bar, many knowing Terrell by name, began clamoring for details of his latest score.  That certainly got the proud bastard going as he loudly bragged of his screwing the pretty blonde bitch that had been standing next to him at the bar, pulling out the blue panties that Tracey had been wearing and twirling them around on his index finger.  He instructed “Now no touching, ya guys!”  Then Terrell turned to him and advised “Ya git the first whiff, Jim my boy!”  Inhaling deeply as Tracey’s panties were dangled in front of his face, Jim could smell the sweet perfumed scent of his beautiful wife.

As Terrell began moving down the bar, giving each guy a whiff of Tracey’s panties, he began telling them “Damn, jist like all the other honky bitches at first, scared shitless when I’s put my cock up against her tight cunt, crying and screaming that my big black boner is way to big fer her tight little cunt!  Heh, heh, but I’s went and stretched her out real good .………..showed her what a ‘real’ cock was and gave something fer her to compare with the faggot punk she’s married to!  Ya know why she’s gitting dressed to hurry on home, huh?  Cause I fucked her without a rubber and the bitch is now fuck’n scared shitless that he’s gonna git knocked up with a little black bastard!”

Having slipped out of the bar after leaving enough to cover the tab, Jim made his way back to where the car was parked, wondering about Tracey and hoping that she was okay.  Reaching the car, he found his wife dressed and seated in the front passenger seat, of course minus the pair of baby blue panties that had been on display in the tavern.  With Tracey’s head turned away from him towards the passenger’s side window and hearing her sniffle, it appeared that his wife was too ashamed and feeling so guilty that she couldn’t face him at that point.  Not knowing what to say to console her, he started up the car and proceeded out of the parking lot to head on home.

Seated in the front passenger seat, Tracey was indeed feeling quite guilty, only not for having had sex with Terrell in the backseat of the car but for rather enjoying the duping of her clueless husband into thinking that things had merely gotten carried away and out of hand.  Her unsuspecting husband was absolutely clueless that this had all been planned out by the devious Terrell and that they knew very well of his coming out of the tavern to watch his wife’s seduction in the car.  She in fact had seen him peering into the backseat and had whispered to Terrell that “He’s by the door ……….watching!  Fuck it to me now!”  And with Terrell rearing back and slamming into her, she had screamed out “Oh, God …………….it’s so biggggggggggggg!”  She had then curled her toes on her right foot and pointed them, right at her husband’s stunned face.

Tracey told herself that she should have been more reluctant in complying with Terrell’s devious planned, but that she had done so due to being blackmailed.  However, it had backfired on her and turned out to be rather exciting to actually have sex with him while her husband looked on.  In fact, it was the most mind-blowing orgasm that she had ever had, all while looking at her husband’s stunned face as Terrell’s foot-long dong sliced in and out of her gripping cunt sleeve.  Now she continued on the charade by sniffling and keeping her head turned, uttering softly that “I feel so ashamed!  I don’t know what happened ………… it got so out of control ………………….how I could let another man touch me ………………….have sex with me!”

Her charade worked like a charm as Jim reached over to caress her arm, telling her “That’s okay, honey, things just got carried away!  That’s all!  It’s understandable!”  “You ………………you don’t hate me?” she asked to seal the deal.  She smiled to herself when Jim responded with “Of course not!  You were doing it for me ……..not realizing it’d get out of hand!  And I did enjoy watching ……………a lot!”  Feigning a couple more sniffles, she leaned over to rest her head on her husband’s arm as she told him “Oh, honey, I love you so much!”  As her husband’s arm moved to encircle her and draw her closer, she put her hand down onto his lap to feel the fabric of his trousers tighten a bit as his cock twitched in excitement.

Back at home and in the master bedroom, Tracey found herself in the antsy arms of her husband as he gave her a passionate kiss.  She then felt Jim guiding her backwards towards the king-sized bed, as he normally did when wanting a fuck session, Tracey put her hands on his chest to stop him.  “Honey, wait ………………I need to wash first!” she told him as her cunny was filled to the brim with another man’s slimy spunk.  But with Jim avidly kissing her neck and edging her back further, Tracey came to realize that her husband was actually want to have sex with her, knowing full well that her cunny was filled with spunk …………………….fucked there by a big black bastard!  ‘My God, he wants to fuck me ………….put his penis in me while I’m filled with another man’s sperm!’ she shivered.

The fuck session that occurred on their marital bed turned out to be the best performance ever by her hot and horny hubby.  Once Jim slipped his too small manhood into her widened and slushy slit, it seemed as if her husband got really turned on to be fucking her in such state as he got quite excited and began humping away like never before.  And boy did her husband come quickly, faster than ever before, making it quite obvious how excited he had been in fucking her with her cunt filled with another man’s spunk.  In the shower, after having douched out her spunk filled cunny, Tracey had to contemplate all the changes in her life since she had made that fateful trip to attend that aerobics seminar.

Closing her eyes as the hot shower bead down upon her body, Tracey reflected back to when her life had come to change so dramatically:  So innocent and faithful wife she was when she flew off to that aerobics conference, then drugged by the bartender who prepared and served the drinks at the behest of the devious Terrell; nearly out of it, she had been escorted across the way to her hotel room by the devious black bastard; only to wake up the next morning after having been brutally raped and sodomized.  That next morning was one that she would never forget:  that ache between her legs; the burning of her ass; and especially seeing the reflection of herself in the bathroom mirror ………..for dried male semen was splattered all over her face and neck!

Tracey later came to learn that it actually had been the fat old bartender who had sodomized her, then she had been raped by big black bastard who had escorted her back to her hotel.  Later she had been blackmailed by the devious bastard, forced into having sex with him again, then came that ‘role-playing’ session on the phone with her husband while not really acting it out.  And now tonight’s episode of duping her husband into thinking that things had just gotten carried away while drinking at the tavern, but it all had been deviously planned out in advance by her blackmailer.  ‘So what’s in store for the future?  Can I continue pulling off this charade with Jim?  Is it too late to confess it all to him?  Should I just tell him of my being raped, then blackmailed to keep the bastard’s silence and to prevent those horrid videos from being made public?’ Tracey pondered

That weekend, Tracey wondered what her husband was up to as he was quite busy working on some type of project down in the basement.  With Jim more of a bookworm and television watcher, his doing a hands-on manual labor project was a bit out of the ordinary.  And when her husband advised that he would be out at the store to pick up some items, Tracey went snooping down into the basement to Jim’s workbench.  Curious at seeing the flat screen sitting atop of the workbench, as it had recently been stored as a backup when they bought the new and bigger set, she again wondered just what her husband was up to.  Opening up the top right drawer, Tracey saw what Jim was so busy working on at seeing the new ‘Spycam’ manual.  Going to the black trash bag sitting next the workbench, she found three empty camera boxes with the Spycam logo on them!

Knowing that Terrell had announced at the tavern that she had given him her number and asked him to call that next week, Tracey knew exactly why Jim had to go out of town on business that coming Friday afternoon.  Home early that prior afternoon, she had meticulously gone over every inch of the master bedroom and had to smile at how ingenious her husband was in placing a mini camcorder atop his side of the dresser, hidden in small box that was supposed to contain his accessories.  Looking up into the vent near the window, she saw another mini-camcorder hidden up there, aimed right at the king-sized bed.  The third was then discovered in the bathroom vent.  Going back down to the basement, she observed the flat screen on the workbench, all wired up and plugged in.  On a suspicious whim, she went to the basement door to turn the lock and open it wide, a feat that previously had to be pulled very hard with one’s foot braced on the wall.

On Friday night, in the darkness of the basement with only the light of the flat screen on, Jim watched intently as his beautiful wife and her guest entered the master bedroom.  With his out of town business trip a sham, Jim had come home early to park on an adjacent street and enter the house through the basement door that he had plumbed and shaved that past weekend.  His heart thumping, cock throbbing with excitement, Jim watched as his beautiful wife embraced the fellow from the bar in a deep passionate kiss.  His ploy had worked in hearing Terrell tell Tracey that “Hubby sure leaving ya high and dry a lot these days, huh, Mrs. Peters?  Last Friday and now again tonight!  Well, hubby’s loss is my gain, huh!  C’mon, let’s hop in the sack, sweetie!”

Having added a small refrigerator down in the basement, along with a small microwave, Jim had all the comforts of home right down there.  He just had to be certain not to turn on any water or flush to toilet so as not to alert anyone upstairs of his presence down in the basement.  Seeing the large ebony hands on his wife’s petite and flawless white body, his nuts were in an uproar as Jim licked his lips in anticipation of what was soon to come.  Think black fingers on the tab of Tracey’s zipper, those fingers sliding up to caress her lily white body, Jim was worried of popping his load prematurely as those fingers began working the lacy white panties down over his wife’s trim hips.

Jim’s mouth went totally dry and his jaw dropped in awe as he watched his beautiful wife being pushed down onto till Tracey was kneeling upon the bedroom carpet.  Trim manicured fingers were now upon the large bulge and then the tab of the bastard’s zipper was being pulled on down.  ‘Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  Tracey’s never done that to me, no matter how much I tried her to do it!’ went flashing through his brain as Jim watched his wife stroking the big black fuckstick that she had pulled out of his pants.  ‘Oh, God ……………she’s really going to do it ………………………….oh, jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!’ he muttered as Tracey pink lips parted and then the fat bloated cockhead suddenly disappeared from sight.  Seeing his wife’s blonde head now bobbing up and down, along with the ecstatic expression on Terrell’s face, there was no doubt as to what was happening in the master bedroom.

With bulging eyes fixed upon the monitor, Jim observed the thick ebony fingers being entwined in Tracey’s long blonde hair as the black bastard began humping his hips bank and forth, as he essentially was now face-fucking his gurgling wife.  With his wife’s hands having moved from fisting the bastard to now pushing up against his broad hips, Jim could see the kinky black hairs rubbing up against Tracey’s soft white cheeks.  That had to mean that the foot-long dong that had disappeared from sight must now be all the way down her throat, causing Jim to ponder as to ‘How did she manage to do that?  Jeez, she did it like a fucking pro!  Certainly not the first time she sucked cock!  And she’s always refused to go down on me …………..shit!’

Cock whipped out of his pants, pushing back his chair to give himself some room to handle his throbbing boner, Jim was panting hard as he continued watching the erotic scene taking place upstairs.  The look on the ecstatic look on black bastard’s face clearly displayed the pleasure he was deriving at that moment, thanks to Tracey’s hot sucking mouth as she went down on him like a fucking pro.  ‘My, God …………………what a fucking little whore!’ Jim concluded, all while stroking at his own boner, wishing that Tracey would go down on him like that.  Then he began to beat on his meat faster and faster, stimulated by seeing his beautiful wife suck that big black dick and then hearing Terrell groan out “Ohhhh, suck it, Mrs. Peters!  Suck it ………………….suck it ………………………….arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddd ………………….eat it ……………………eat it all, bitchhhhhhhhhh!”


‘Far better than any porn flick I’ve ever seen!  Hell, no porn flick has gone on this long and provided continuous action like this!’ Jim told himself as he continued gazing at the television monitor while Terrell fuck his big black dong in and out of Tracey’s sloppy cunt as she knelt on all fours.  With the bedroom well lit, purposely done so by the two occupants, so  could have a good viewing would be provided by the camcorders.  Jim could not believe his good fortune as he watched on the monitor.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ohhhhhhhhh ……………….oooh, yes …………………deeper ………………….deeper ………………….oh, fuck me deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” he heard Tracey pant out while grasping the headboard as her black lover fucked her doggie style.

It was an all night fuckfest that took place upstairs in the master bedroom, with very few short rest stops between fucks.  ‘Damn, how in the hell does he manage to get it up all the time?  Shit, if I had half of what he got, I’d be a fucking stud!’ he thought.  Then Jim wondered ‘How many times has he had a go at Tracey?’ Trying to think back and count, adding in the time he made her suck him off and the time he butt fucked her, Jim concluded that ‘This must be fuck session number eight!’  It was quite a sight to behold as the camera was focused right upon the king-sized bed, with the black and white contrast of entwined figures upon the white sheets creating a fabulous sight.

Jim stared intently at the screen.  The big black hulk of a man was a regular fuck machine, with Tracey’s trim sexy white legs and arms wrapped around her lover, then the bastard proceeded to dump yet another hot load of potent jizz up into his wife’s unprotected cunny.  This fuck session finally over, Jim watched as the muscular stud leaned back and slowly began to ease his big black whopper of a cock out of Tracey’s enlarged hole.  Inch after thick inch was eased on out till finally the bloated head flopped on out.  Seconds later, a flush of thick gooey mush could be seen oozing out of Tracey’s well-fucked cunt, making Jim wonder as to just how much more remained stored up in her fertile womb.  That third camcorder had not come into use till the end, when his wife and her lover went to shower and remove the smell of raw sex from their bodies, when Tracey was pushed down against the tile for another good fucking.

During that next week, every spare moment at work had Jim reflecting back to that exciting Friday night that had carried over to mid-Saturday morning.  He had made his departure from the basement when Tracey had given her black lover a ride back to the tavern where his car was parked.  He had gone to the country club to grab some lunch and hang out till mid-afternoon before returning home, allowing his wife adequate time to clean up the house of any telltale evidence and change the sheets on the bed.  And it had indeed worked like a charm as Tracey acted so normal upon his return home, greeting him with a kiss and making him a drink, but it got him to wonder as to how his once faithful wife could act as if nothing had happened.

Jim’s thoughts kept focusing back to that Saturday morning, just before leaving when the big black stud had confronted Tracey with “Yer hot to sample some strange dick, aren’t ya, Mrs. Peters?  Ya should’ve seen those guys at the bar when I’s dangled yer panties before their faces!   How’d ya like fer me to set ya up with guys aching to get in yer pants, huh?”  Seeing the stunned look on his beautiful wife’s face in response, Jim just couldn’t believe that he was seeing Tracey nodding her head in a ‘yes’ response.  Then the bastard was telling her “Ya jist call fer me at the Loosey Goosey when ya learn hubby’s gonna be outta town again and I’s see to it that yer lined up with at least ten guys that night!  I’ll rent a room at the motel right next to the tavern and I’m gonna pimp yer ass off bitch!  Ya want me to pimp yer ass off, don’t ya, Mrs. Peters?”  And then there was another ‘yes’ nod from his once faithful wife!

‘My, God, Tracey’s wanting to sample a variety of men ………………..have sex with other men!  How can that be??  How can she want to have sex with other men?  Knowing this, do I confront her?  What do I do?  Does she want to divorce me?  Should I file for divorce?’ were some of the questions racing through his mind as he tried to contemplate as to what to do.  Then, other thoughts began to enter Jim’s mind, with one being ‘If I can manage to rent the room right next to the one Terrell gets for pimping Tracey out, there should be some equipment at the Spy Shop that’ll let me eavesdrop in!’  Soon came a more beneficial thought, that of ‘That new supervisor’s position!  If Tracey was to be ‘nice’ to Mr. Howard ..............................yeah, if Tracey puts out for him, that should be a real plus in getting me considered!’

End of Story.