Tracey’s Torment
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Young Wife’s Dilemma 3’
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Breathing in deeply, then exhaling slowly, Tracey tried to control the trembling of her hands.  It had been a month now since attending the big aerobics convention in Springfield, a trip that she certainly regrets having taken and certainly wished that she could forget.  Not having reported it to the police and too ashamed to tell her husband, Tracey had kept her rape ordeal to herself.  Blinking back the tears, memories of that night in the hotel room a total blank, Tracey realized that somehow her drink had been drugged and that the room had begun spinning around her.

Playing back that fateful night, Tracey recalled joining some women she had met at the convention, then going out to dinner at the restaurant across the street from the hotel.  But at 9 p.m., the restaurant was transformed from a mild dinner place to much livelier establishment when the dance music began.  With all of them from out of town and staying at the hotel, away from their spouses or significant others, most in the group let their hair down a bit and accepted dance invitations from strangers.  What made it so bad was that Tracey had not participated in such activity like the others, instead she had refused the offers to dance and had remained sitting and watching from the booth.

She had nervously turning down that black fellow’s offer to dance and didn’t want to seem rude when he sat for a bit saying that he’d get up and leave when her friends returned from the dance floor.  When the drinks unexpectedly arrived, ordered by an unseen hand gesture by the fellow who had introduced himself as Terrell, Tracey wouldn’t have drank it if the stranger had brought it over from the bar himself.  Having heard of men drugging women in such a way, this aspect had not been a concern as the drink had been delivered to the table by the waitress.  Again not wanting to be rude nor appear too uppity, she sipped at the new cocktail delivered.

But the women in her party had not returned immediately, remaining up on the dance floor to continuing dancing with their partners.  Several songs later, feeling a bit woozy, Tracey excused herself to the fellow named Terrell as she needed to freshen up in the restroom.  But when she stood up from the booth, the room began to spin out of control.  Unbeknownst to Tracey, the drink had indeed been spiked, only it had been done by the bartender who was in cahoots with his regular customer.  Everything turned so hazy and she was thankful for the assistance or she would have collapsed onto the floor.

Helped back to the hotel and assisted into her room, then it was lights out for Tracey as she hit the bed.  What took place on the bed was now what Tracey was worried about, with her being told that it had all been captured on film, that such film would be distributed to her friends and family, including her husband.  But such distribution could be nipped in the bud and prevented, she was told, but only if she met her blackmailer’s demands.  Tracey had not seen the film contents, really didn’t want to, but did she dare not to meet those vile demands.  Recalling her appearance upon awakening that next morning, Tracey could only imagine what that film contained.

Her appearance that next morning did indeed tell much of the humiliating violation that had been inflicted upon her when unconscious on the bed.  Upon looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, Tracey had not even recognized herself, looking as if her face and body were covered by remnants of a white plaster cast of her.  But what was covering her was not that of a regular plaster cast, for although the dusty and rather flakey white covering on her face and body was man made, though not in the way a plaster cast would normally be made.  What covered her face and body had indeed been hand made, by a man’s hand holding his private parts and ejaculating his filthy semen all over her face and body.

Male semen that covered her had dried and congealed upon her body, turning into as dusty crust of filthy cum upon her body.  But the next discovery had even been worst, for the semen filling her vagina to the brim was still very moist and slimy.  A hot shower was in order to cleanse her body and her starched hair of the filthy white crust, making her appearance presentable so that she could do down to sundries store in the lobby to buy a much needed bottle of douche.  That done, Tracey returned to her room to put that bottle of douche to use, praying that it was not already too late.  ‘It must have been that black bastard named Terrell!  He did this to me!  Raped me!  Sodomized me too!  My God, that sick maniac!’ she shuddered, knowing full well why she was feeling that excruciating pain in her rectum.

Little did Tracey know that the old fellow tending bar had played an instrumental role to setup that horrid evening.  The old bastard had spiked her drink at the bar, given it to the waitress to be delivered to the table, thereby removing the doubt of such drink being doctored should it have been brought to her by a stranger.  He had done it, not for the fifty bucks promised by his regular customer, but because the deviant old bastard had wanted to rape her himself.  And that pain in her ass from being sodomized for the very first time, it had been that elderly bartender who had brutally shoved his old but rigid cock up into her virginal rectum.

For an entire six hour period, till both men were totally drained and exhausted, they had violated Tracey’s body in every way imaginable.  The men would take their turns raping, even jointly participating together with her at the same time, all of which had been captured on film.  During the night, both men had straddled her head, rubbing their filthy cocks and sweaty balls over her upturned face.  Pressure on her chin cause her lips to part, at which time the bastard straddling her shoved his bloated cockhead into her mouth.  The reason her throat was sore that next day was due to the bastards holding the back of her head and shoving their thick flesh boners all the way down her throat.  And that unfamiliar salty taste in mouth was really the aftertaste of male semen.

Raped repeatedly in her vagina and mouth, sodomized, but not even street whores were treated in the gutter the way the vile men had sated themselves upon and in her body.  Nostrils, earlobes, and even between her toes had to cleaned with a wet washcloth as basically all her body parts were crusted over with male cum.  Slipping off her wedding band and diamond ring, Tracey then got the small eyeliner brush from her purse, finding that it was the perfect size to get out all the filthy crud that had dried from the bastards having taken their pleasure of ejaculating right upon them.  Basically all her body parts had literally been fucked one way or another, and even just her looks were good enough for the bastards as they even got pleasure wanking themselves off while standing over her prone body to rain their filth down all over her face and naked body.

That next day, the last day of the conference, Tracey had forced herself to attend the session as it was better that than staying in the hotel room where evidence of her attack could still be visibly found.  Although she had showered and douched, the evidence left could readily be found just by looking over at the stained bed sheets, pillow cases and bedspread.  Having picked up the nice dress that she had worn for dinner, Tracey’s stomach turned in seeing the white smears upon the garment.  Such smears had been left on the garment when her rapists used her dress to clean the mess off their raping cocks.  In looking at her similarly soiled bra and panties, Tracey cringed in using a thumb and index finger to put them in a plastic bag as planned on dumping them in a trashcan outside of the hotel.

But attending that last session, a special one for her and selected others who could lead aerobic classes, proved to be quite disastrous for her.  The nationally known female instructor had brought in two male assistants to as her with the class, one being the black male who had sat at her table the night before, the man who had been responsible for raping her in her hotel room.  Being in the last row, with everyone facing forward and not observing her, Tracey continued following the instructions as everyone else were while the assistants moved about to correct any wrong or imperfect movement.  The hands upon her, the large black hands of her rapist, were at her waist and then felling her up.

Then his hands were moving about, thumbs flicking at her nipples through her aerobics outfit.  With only her in the last row, no one could observe her dilemma as the bastard was slipping his hand down into the elastic of her workout pants.  Then she was being finger fucked by the bastard as he taunted her, whispering in her ear “Remember me, Missus Peters?  Aw, baby, ya’ve got one tight little pussy!  Gonna be in yer hometown next month, Missus Peters!  Ya gonna let me fuck ya right in yer own home, Missus Peters, right in the bed ya share with yer loving husband!  Or hubby will be getting an exciting video of ya, showing his precious wife being ‘ruined’ by a big black buck!  Hope yer on the pill, honey!  Cause ya sure got pumped full of hot nigger jizz last night!  Just sent a picture by email to ya, go and open it up and ya'll get to see me's eating out that sweet little box of yers!”

Three weeks later, Tracey could hear her heart thumping with fear upon answering the phone and hearing the familiar male’s voice saying “Ready to entertain me at your home next week, Missus Peters?”  Speechless, body trembling with fear, Tracey wanted to hang up immediately but feared the potential disastrous consequences should she do so.  “I’m going to be flying in next Friday and ya remember what I’s told ya I’s wanted to do, don’t ya?  I’s know ya’s remember …………………….that I’s wanna fuck ya right on the same bed that ya share with yer hubby every night!” her caller advised.  Unable to speak at all, Tracey then heard the caller advised “Don’t ya lie to me, Missus Peters …………cause there’ll be consequences for each lie ya tell me!”

Her mind churning but unable to process anything, Tracey just could not utter a response, not knowing what to say or do at this point.  But the thought of admitting a black man into her home, having sex with him on the bed that she shared with her husband, was totally out of the question as her befuddled mind finally processed.  “You ………… can’t come over here!  My ………………… husband will be home that night!” she lied.  Her heart sank when she heard him advise “That’s lie number 1, Missus Peters!  As I’s told ya, there’s consequences to pay for each time ya’s lie to me!  I’s knows that yer hubby’s gonna be outta town at a sales conference that weekend!”

What she had just heard was quite correct, but Tracey shuddered and could only wonder ‘How does he know that?’  When she had been unconscious in her hotel room on that fateful night, the devious bastard had gone through her purse.  He had seen her husband’s business card that she kept in her wallet, and had gone through her year-long calendar book in her purse.  Then a chill course throughout her entire body as she heard him tell her “Consequence #1 for that lie ya’s told me ………………………….yer gonna git right down on yer knee in the foyer ……………………….beg forgiveness fer lying ………………then it’ll be like church when ya’s git communion ………………….only slight in a different way …………………..if’n ya’s can imagine!  And all’s while the front door of your home is fully open, bitch!”

Light headed and feeling faint, Tracey felt her heart thumping madly in her chest as there was no avoiding the picture of what was being demanded of her, not the way the bastard had just graphically described it for her.  It couldn’t get any clearer for her in the manner that her tormentor had just described things for her.  Unbeknownst to Tracey, Terrell had not taken anything for granted, calling her husband’s firm to confirm that the company would be basically closed for that weeklong sales conference and even learned where and when it’d be conducted.  Tracey’s heart sank when she was advised that “If’n ya’s lie to me again, Missus Peters ……………….consequence #2 will be ………………driving to Super B’s where ya’s shop, parking in the closest stall near the front entrance, and we’s gonna fuck in the backseat of yer car …………………….right in the middle of a Saturday afternoon!”

‘My, God …………………he even knows where I shop for groceries!  He must know exactly where I live, what I do daily ……………………everything!’ Tracey shuddered in fear.  “Are ya driving hubby to the airport on Friday morning?” was the next question posed to her.  Indeed, the plan was for her to drop her husband off at the airport early that morning before she headed off to work from there.  But did she dare lie once again?  The consequences that had already been laid out for her, if caught in a lying once again, made her situation all that more tenuous.  ‘Do I dare lie to any more to his questions?’ she asked of herself.  “Ye …………………..yes, I’m to drop him off at the airport on my way to work!” she replied!

“Ah, very good, Missus Peters!  Only ya’s gonna take the day off from work so’s ya’s can entertain me in yer beautiful home!  And ya’s gonna git all dolled up fer my arrival!  Every woman got an elegant black dress and that’s what I’s wanna see ya in, with black high heels!  And top it off with a string of pearls!  Yeah, but be sure to start off with some lacy stuff ……………lacy black bra and matching panties!  Oh, and nylons too …………………what’s the color called ……………smoky, ya knows what I mean!” Tracey was told.  “Ya’s had better answer the door right away, cause ya don’t want the neighbors to see me out there pounding on yer front door!  And don’t forgit the penance ya gotta pay fer lying to me!” her tormentor advised before adding “………………… the foyer with the front door open!”

With this being the day of reckoning, Tracey trembled as she got out the skirt and blouse that she had donned that morning, the normal type of outfit that she’d wear to work each day.  Keeping on the lacy black bra and matching pair of panties, Tracey sat at the foot of the bed as the pedicured toes of her right foot slipped into rolled up smoky hose, then drew the smooth nylon up her long trim leg.  The matching pair then followed on her left leg before clipping it taunt to her garter belt.  Slipping on the elegant black dress in her closet, then stepping into her 3” black heels, Tracey then went to the dresser for her pearl necklace.

‘My, God …………….can I go through with it?’ she wondered.  Blinking back the tears that welled up in her eyes, Tracey bit her bottom lip as her mind pictured the image of her foyer downstairs.  Eyes closed, there she was down on her knees with the screen door shut but the front door fully open, and her blackmailer leaning against the door as she reached up to undo the front of his pants.  ‘You’ve got to go through with it ……….to keep those horrid photos and video from being sent out!’ Tracey told herself.  Mind picturing her fingers pulling down the bastard’s zipper, she then shuddered at the thought of having to put her hand into the opening of his pants.

But twenty minutes later, when actually kneeling upon the tiled foyer, her hands visibly trembled with fear as pulled down the pants’ zipper.  Right hand and entire arm shaking, Tracey forced her manicured fingers into the opening.  She gasped and shuddered upon realizing ‘My, God ………………..he’s not wearing any underwear!’  Feeling sick to her stomach as she forced herself to wrap her fingers around the thick sticky flesh, Tracey closed her eyes as she pulled the throbbing manhood out into the opening.  ‘God …………….it’s so bigggggggggg!’ Tracey realized as she tried to pull it out.  Blinking her eyes open, she jerked her head back as the fleshy black bone nearly struck her in the face when it made its appearance.

Bathed in the sunlight coming through the screen door, her mouth watered as her body trembled nervously as she forced herself to pump at the long sticky stem that continued to throb and lengthen.  ‘Maybe I can just do it by hand!’ Tracey thought as she proceeded to fist the thick black bone.  ‘God, it must be at least a foot long!’ she shuddered, unable to contemplate the thought of having to put that filthy ‘thing’ into her mouth.  And the smell, the aroma and stench of his genitals made her sick to her stomach.  But to her disappointment, she was advised “Ya know what yer supposed to do fer lying to me, don’t ya, bitch!  Ya ain’t gitting me off with no handjob, Missus Peters!  And if’n ya don’t git those purty pink lips over my cock right now, I’s gonna drag ya out onto the front lawn and have ya blow me out there!”

The thought putting her mouth onto his penis sickened her, but now she was without any viable options.  Never having taken a male penis into her mouth before, not consciously anyway, Tracey thought that she would throw up when she did.  The thought of throwing up did have and advantage though, for Tracey relished that aspect of ‘I’ll throw up all over him!  It’ll serve the bastard right!  How can any man be so despicable as to humiliate a woman in such a sickening manner?’  Swallowing deeply in despair, Tracey’s lips parted slightly as she leaned forward some.  More instructions came was she was ordered to “Switch hands, Missus Peters, so’s I’s can see yer sparkling diamond on my cock!  Put yer right hand back in my pants so’s ya can roll my nuts!”

Unable to look, Tracey kept her eyes shut as the filthy sticky flesh pushed between her lips and began sliding over her tongue.  “Gaaakk ………………gaaakkkk …………gkkk ………………gkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” came her gurgles as Terrell’s thick fingers were wound in her silky blonde hair and he forced inch after inch of his thick meaty cock down into her throat till his short kinky hairs rubbed up against her nose.  Laughing as he rubbed her beautiful face into his crotch hairs, then began to literally fuck her face.  Then came the hideous demand for her to “Open yer eyes, bitch!  Cause I’s wanna look into yer beautiful baby blue eyes when I’s cum down yer fuck’n throat!”  Wincing from the hard tug on her hair, Tracey forced her eyes open to see the black bastard gloating widely as he laughed at her plight.

Body numbed from the hideous sex act that she was forced to perform in the foyer of her own home, Tracey wished she was dead as she looked up into the face of her black tormentor.  Shuddering in revulsion as the funnel of her throat was stretched beyond believe by the thick meat forced down into it, Tracey’s eyes glassed over as she was near passing out from the lack of oxygen.  Finally it was pulled out, causing her to gasp for much needed air as the bastard now fucked her mouth with short strokes at jackhammer speed.  With the front door visible from the street, Tracey prayed that none of her neighbors looked in this direction to see this black bastard standing in her foyer, thus she had to bring this degrading act to an immediate conclusion.

Not wanting to please the vile bastard, yet desperately wanting to bring this to an end before a neighbor looked toward her home, Tracey forced herself to do the unthinkable by pushing and flicking the tip of her pointed tongue against the fleshy domed head.  It became even more debasing as her tormentor chuckled in thinking that she was enjoying it all by tonguing his filthy penis, sickening her as he laughed “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………go fer it, Missus Peters …………………go fer it!  Damn, I’s never thought ya’d like my licorice lollipop this much!”  Large hands cradling the back of her head to keep her in place, the bastard was literally fucking her face as the saliva in her mouth thickened from his leaking pre-cum juices.

Tracey’s eyes bulged in absolute horror when the bastard suddenly cut loose with a fountain of hot slimy cum, flooding her entire mouth with the filthy goo.  Just seconds earlier, the fingers of her right hand that was rolling the bastard’s big walnuts felt them contract, but inexperience had her unprepared for the deluge to come in that next second.  As this being her very first time playing with a guy’s balls, the contraction that she had felt with her fingers had no meaning then.  But now, in feeling that same contraction once again, Tracey jerked her head back in response as she did not want any more of the filthy slime shooting into her mouth.

For Terrell, he didn’t care that the bitch had pulled away, actually he had expected from her.  But with his hands clutching her silky blonde hair tightly at this point, he sent his next blast of cum square in her beautiful face.  With the bitch gagging on her mouthful of cum, the added blast of jizz into her face had his semen pouring down over her chin to fall onto the front of her black dress.  Streams of cum flowed down the top of her dress to become temporarily dammed up where her pearl necklace before oozing over and between the pearls.  The once elegant dress was just a soiled mess at this point, and about to get even worse as he had just ejaculate two more sticky strings of jizz into her cringing face.

Thinking that it couldn’t get any more humiliating and debasing as this, Tracey was soon proven wrong when the now oozing fuck stick was pushed against her cum covered chin before moving up to paint her cheeks and nose with the filthy slime.  Tracey cringed, closing her eyes shut as the bastard dabbed the smelly goo over her eyelids before moving on to her forehead.  Shuddering at the acrid smell of the bastard’s vile semen, trying to spit out the slimy gunk, her stomach then heaved.  Heaving once again and clutching at her stomach, she then leaned over into the corner before she barfed.  “Gwaaakkkkkkk ……………….gwaaakkkkkk …………….gwaaakkkkk!” was the sounds of Tracey losing the breakfast that she had earlier that morning.

After the front door was finally closed, Tracey found herself being escorted to the master bedroom by her unwanted guest.  Once there, she was allowed to go to the master bath to rise out her mouth.  In there, Tracey took the opportunity to grab a wet washcloth to wipe her face and neck of the filthy spunk, then wiped the top of her dress to rid herself of some of the slimy scum.  “C’mon, bitch, hurry and git yer fuck’n ass on out here!” she was advised loudly from out in her bedroom.  Doing so in compliance, Tracey gasped as she stepped back out into the master bedroom, for her tormentor had stripped off all of his clothing and was sitting in the armchair fisting his tool.

“Gimme a nice tantalizing striptease now, Missus Peters!  Yer turn to take off all yer clothes!  Don’t be shy, after all, I’s already seen ya buck naked!” she was told.  “Start with that dress!” came the order.  Reaching back to unhook the clasp at the back of her neck, Tracey then proceeded to unzip the back of her dress.  Although she hated the thought of baring her body before this black bastard, it was quite a relief to get out of the smelly wet dress as the front was so saturated that it was sticking to her body.  Not wanting to get the bastard’s filth onto the carpeting, Tracey tossed it into the nearby trashcan as she didn’t plan on ever wearing that dress again.

“Now the heels, Missus Peters!” Terrell ordered, watching as the beauty put one foot in back of the other to remove the first one, then used her toes behind the other to remove the heel.  “Now come on over here and sit on foot of the bed so I’s can git a nice close-up view of ya taking off those smoky nylons!” he advised.  A moment later, Terrell smiled as the trembling beauty unclipped the right side from the garter belt, then the sexy blonde began to reveal her long and flawless milky-white leg.  Once her pedicured toes were revealed and the stocking was dropped to the floor, the beauty crossed her other leg over to bare that one for his viewing.

Standing once again, just a yard away from her onlooking guest in her bedroom, Tracey did as instructed in removing her garter belt and letting that fall to the carpet.  Now she was clad only in the lacy black bra, matching panties, and the semen-soiled string of pearls around her neck.  As the order came to remove her bra, Tracey’s eyes were focusing at the lengthening cock that was now reviving from the fisting it was getting as well as from the excitement it was getting from her undressing.  Bra clasp undone, straps slipping from her shoulders, Tracey held the cups in place a bit before baring them for the black bastard.

Panties and pearls were all that remained on her exposed body.  And that was now about to change as the demand for her panties had just been issued.  Thumbs in the elastic waistband of her lacy black panties, Tracey then began to work them down over her trim hips, baring her golden treasure for the bastard’s pleasure.  Then the garment fluttered down her trim legs to puddle on the carpet around her ankles.  “Damm, ya sure got some long sexy legs on ya!” she was complimented.  “Okay, Missus Peters, seeing as how ya love aerobics, ya outta be able to git yer sexy bod stretched out over this chair I’s in!  C’mon over here and git in the saddle, baby!” she was told.

Blinking back the tears, having hoped that he would just force himself upon her and be done with it, Tracey was in utter torment in realizing that she would have to actively participate in the sex act.  Trembling, she forced herself to step forward towards the gloating bastard as he held his weapon in his fist.  Lifting her left leg to get it over the arm of the chair, then her right leg, she reached out with both arms to place her hands on the top of the armchair.  Only able to touch the floor with the tip of her toes, Tracey shuddered as large calloused hands were cupping her asscheeks and shifting her into place.

Tracey gasped as the bastard was now mouthing her left breast, suckling upon her stiff pinkie, then he was moving to do the same to its twin peak.  “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted out as her cuntlips flared open from the weight of her body settling downward upon the upright prong.  “Oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she gasped as the thick piece of dark meat stretched her wide.  “Ahhh …………………ahhh …………….ahhh ……………oh ………………ohhhh!” she panted as inch after inch of the fuck prong skewered up into her.

Difficult to push up on the tips of her toes, even with her hands pushing at the top of the armchair, Tracey got a little help by the hands cupping her ass.  Up, down, up, down, up, down ………………..faster, faster!  Eyes closed, trying mentally to block out what she was doing, Tracey prayed ‘Just let him finish!  Please don’t let me feel anything ……….but pain and disgust!’  “Nnnnnn ……………………nnnnnn!” she uttered through clenched teeth as she fought against the pleasure sensations now being created by the thick shaft sliding in and out of her clasping pussy.  But now she was bouncing up and down upon the skewering cock, causing the pleasure to build and build.

And then it happened, with her skyrocketing off into outer space from a mind-shattering orgasm, just as the missile within her exploded.  “Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned in ecstasy.  Collapsing forward, resting her titties in the bastard’s face, Tracey shivered as her sensitive nipples were once again being suckled upon.  Then the realization of what she had just done hit her when hearing “Damm, Missus Peters, ya’s one good fuck!  Sure as hell better than when ya’s was jist lying on the bed like a dead piece of meat!”  As the bastard deliberately throbbed his buried cock in her cunny, Tracey’s mind was then overwhelmed with guilt.

A bit later, legs widespread and straddling the armchair while still being pronged, Tracey’s body trembled as she wept quietly in her defeat.  She then shuddered upon feeling the bastard throb his thick boner in her once again, but was so ashamed when her cunny instinctively response by clasping upon the fuckstick.  “Noooooooo!” she groaned as it throbbed in her once again and she responded to it in the same manner.  Another throb, another clasping response, then more and more exchanges of the non-verbal communication continued between them.  Suddenly she was rising up in the air as the black bastard was standing up.

Losing her grip on the back of the armchair as it was no longer within reach, Tracey then placed her hands on his broad shoulders to keep her balance as she remained pronged by him.  Then she found herself being pile driven down into the middle of the king-sized mattress as the bastard now wanted to nail her right on her marital bed.  Closing her eyes, hands still clutching at his broad shoulders, the pleasure sensations quickly built once again.  Cunny still clasping and unclasping upon the slicing cock, Tracey unconsciously wrapped her long legs around his black ass and locked her ankles together as she began soaring to another mind-shattering orgasm.

‘Thump ………..thump ………….thump ……….!’ the headboard banged against the wall with each hump Terrell’s muscular black body threw into the clutching white wife.  Never had there been such a pounding racket on the bedroom walls of the Peters’ home, for the fucking that Tracey was now getting was quite different in comparison to the gentle lovemaking with her husband.  Mind riddled with guilt from the unwanted pleasure generated between her legs, it was only made worse as Tracey had to listen to the boasting of “Did I’s git ya knocked up last month?  Don’t know yit?  Maybe today’s breeding session will do the trick, huh?  Don’t ya think its better on yer on bed, the one ya share with yer hubby?  Yeah, gonna git ya knocked up good, bitch!  Gonna breed ya good ……………real good!”

Awakening from the fucked out stupor thirty minutes after that breeding session ended, with arms and legs widespread, Tracey looked up at her bedroom ceiling while feeling a messy wetness between her thighs.  Hearing the toilet flush and water running, Tracey trembled as her blackmailer returned into the bedroom still naked and once again fisting his drooping but still lengthy cock.  ‘Oh, God, he can’t be wanting it again so soon!  He’s already done it twice!’ Tracey thought, not believing that any man could be so virile.  Pushed over onto her stomach, then pulled up onto all fours, Tracey yelped when slapped on her ass.

When the beauty realized that he was about to sodomize her, she turned back to him pleading “Please, not there, I’m still hurting back there from when you did it to me the last time!”  Terrell laughed at her plight and replied “Shit, yer ass still hurting from back then?  Damn, sweetie, if’n ya’s still hurting from Old Joe’s puny cock, yer ass is gonna be hurt’n fer the next year when I’s shove my boner up yer tight little white ass!”  Seeing her puzzled face, Terrell chuckled as he informed her “That was Old Joe who copped yer cherry ass, sweetie!  That’s how yer drink got spiked!  Yessiree, spiked right there at the bar!  Old Joe knew I’s was after ya and he wanted in if’n he could nail that sweet little ass of yers!”

‘The bartender!  He’s the one who drugged me!  He raped me too!  Sodomized me!’ Tracey realized.  Trying to think and gather her thoughts, but Tracey was given no time to contemplate as Terrell gave her something else to ponder about.  “Nooooooooooooo …………………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………owwwwww …………………….owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” she screamed out in sheer pain as there was no mercy in the manner she was sodomized.  The large hands clamped firmly upon her trim waist held her still and helped pull her back on the thick cock being thrust up into her ass.

The next twenty minutes seemed like hours to Tracey, who now wished that she was dead rather than to have this agonizing ordeal continue.  Head buried in the pillow, she bit down into it and clenched her teeth tightly to keep from screaming her head off from the unbelievable pain.  And to hear the taunting just made things that much more humiliating, Tracey’s tears flowed onto the pillow case as she heard “If’n ya think that Joe reamed ya out good, ya ain’t gonna be walking a straight line fer months from now!”  And now he was caressing her asscheeks, telling her “What a sweet white ass ya got, Missus Peters!  How does it feel, huh?  Like ya a big turd up yer sweet little ass?  Heh, heh, heh!”

Weeping into the pillow, still upright on her knees with the long thick cock pulled out of her ass, Tracey now felt numb all over.  Keeping absolutely still, afraid to move for fear of feeling more pain from her torn rectum, she could only tremble and sob in shame.  “Time fer a shower, Missus Peters!” Tracey heard, welcoming the idea that she could now cleanse her body and hoped that her blackmailer had finally sated his lust.  But Tracey would soon learn otherwise when she was pushed up against the tiled shower stall and nailed right there to it.  And she’d soon learn that her unwelcome guest planned on staying the entire weekend.

With the spray of the hot shower drenching her silky blonde hair and soaking her body, her pulsating cunny and unprotected womb was also getting a hot shower, just that the spray was hotter and thicker than the water from above.  Allowed to put on a white terrycloth robe, while the black bastard donned her husband’s matching one, they then proceeded to the kitchen was she was to prepare their lunch.  While preparing sandwiches with coldcuts for their lunch, she used the kitchen knife to cut the sandwiches in halves, then came the vengeful thought of using the knife in her hand upon the bastard’s pride and joy – his manhood!  But Tracey chastised herself for even thinking of such a dastardly deed and placed the knife down into the sink.

At the table in the kitchen, she forced herself to bite into the sandwich while sitting next to her blackmailer as if they were husband and wife having lunch in their home together, Tracey pondered for a second when asked if there was “Anything on the agenda for this weekend that I’s should know about?  Anybody scheduled to come on by or anything?”  But lying was certainly out the question when she was reminded that “Remember, next lie I’s catch ya tell’n me, yer gonna be spreading those long beautiful legs of yers out in the backseat of yer car in the middle of the afternoon near the entrance to Super B’s!  Wonder how fast the gossip will git around in yer neighborhood, that the lovely Missus Peters was lett’n a big black buck fuck her right out in public!”

Swallowing deeply, imagining what such a scene would look like to passersby, Tracey advised that there was nothing on the agenda and that “I cancelled on the Women’s League luncheon for tomorrow!  That’s all that had been on my calendar!”  She swallowed nervously when asked “What time’s hubby gonna call ya tonight?  He is gonna call ya tonight, isn’t he?”  Swallowing once again, shuddering in nervousness, Tracey stammered out “Nine ……………nine o’clock or so ……………..depends on when he gets done with the dinner meeting …………………and when he gets free!”  Then her jaw dropped wide open when told “Now, I want ya to tell him I’m here with ya …………………………that I’m eating ya ………………..right in the bed that ya’s two share together!”

After much protest that such was unthinkable, Tracey was left with the option of “Ya’ll figure out a way, Missus Peters!  Yer smart!  Bet he’ll be all excited at the thought of ya entertaining a black man in bed when he’s on the other line, huh!  But what hubby won’t know is that yer really being bedded and not making believe!”  Deep in thought as she finished washing up the lunch dishes, Tracey was asked what was on the menu for dessert, for which she advised that ‘none’ had been planned.  That was certainly a mistake in not quickly figuring out something to put together right then as she found herself being led out to the dining room.

After being made to point out where her husband sat each night for dinner, the terrycloth robe was stripped from her, Tracey then found herself being pushed up atop of the dining room table.  Forced to bend her knees back spread her legs wide, Tracey found herself obscenely vulnerable as her blackmailer showed her the length of his flicking wet tongue.  “Ooooooooooooooooh ……………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she whined as the bastard clamped his wide open mouth down onto her exposed crotch and proceeded to eat out his tasty dessert.  The salacious sounds of the bastard licking and lapping at her sex were so unbelievable, like that of a thirsty dog that had been in search of life-giving water for days.

Forced to sit upon Terrell’s naked lap, feeling his thick and throbbing cock as it jutted up from between her inner thighs, Tracey feared getting that phone call a 9 p.m. from her husband.  Forced to tell him of the expected call, too afraid to lie due the consequences already announced, Tracey trembled as her blackmailer’s large coarse hands were feeling her titties up as if in search for ripe fruit at the supermarket.  Panting heavily as the bastard’s thick thumbs flicked at her aroused pinkies, she was advised “Yer panting like this with me jist playing with yer titties?  How’s ya gonna fool hubby when he calls ya tonight, huh, sweetie?”

Now the large hands were cupping her bottom and lifting her up, allowing the prong to stand straight upright before Tracey was lowered down upon it.  “Ooooooooooooohhh …………………ohhh ………………………..ohhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddd!” Tracey shuddered as she was being split right the core of her being.  “Ahhhhh ………………….ahhhhh ………………ahhhhh …………ahhhh …………..ahhhh ……………..ahhhhh ………………….ahhhhh ………………ahhhhh!” came her panting each time she cupped butt was lifted before being released to free fall back down upon the thick fleshy prong.

On and on it went, causing Tracey to realize that in no way could she feign the fact that a man was present in their home and touching her up as the talked on the phone.  Then it dawned on her that her husband always asked ‘Missing me already?’ whenever calling from out of town.  With that realization, the thought entered her mind that maybe playing a tease and performing a role playing situation might just work if her husband got excited and wanted to participate in such sexual role playing.  Tracey prayed that such a role playing situation would work as she could not come up with any other possible solutions to her dilemma.
Tracey then recalled how her husband would always call and teasingly ask “Hi, babe!  Miss me already?”  And Tracey would always teasingly respond with something like “Oh, I didn’t even realize that you left already!”  ‘Yes, that’s how I’ll play it!  Hopefully, that will get Jim a bit excited and will want to continue the charade!  Only it won’t be play acting on my part!’ she concluded.  ‘My God, how can I even think of deceiving my loving husband in such a crass and vile manner!  But I’ve really go no choice if the bastard is touching and feeling me up that moment!  God, what’ll happen if tries to put it in when I’m talking to Jim?’ she wondered.

Hours later, sucking in her breath as her blackmailer’s large calloused hands caressed her inner thighs, she steeled herself as nine o’clock neared.  Trembling as the thick fingers neared her juicing slit but quickly moving away from her pleasure zone, Tracey panted in heat as she prayed that Jim would be too busy at the moment to make the call home, thereby depriving the blackmailing bastard of the pleasure he would derive from this insane fetish of his.  But then, exactly when the clock struck the hour, ‘Ringggggggggg!’ came the dreaded sound of the phone ringing.

“He …………………..hello!” she stammered upon answering the phone.  “Hi, babe!  Miss me already” came the expected response from her loving husband who was calling in exactly when he told her that he would.  It was now or never as to pull the charade and hope that it’d work, forcing Tracey to respond with “Oh, no, cause I brought a stud of a man to take care of me while you’re gone ……………………..a big black stud!”  A sense of relief coursed through her petite body when Jim responded with “A stud to replace me, huh?  Bigger than me?”  “Ooooh, absolutely!  Way ……………way bigger, honey!” she cooed.

“What’s he doing while you’re talking to me on the phone, babe?” her husband asked.  Panting right into the phone, Tracey breathed out “Touching me …………….feeling me up ……………..rubbing my thighs!  Oooooh, now he’s cupping my titties!  Thumbing my nipples …………..oooooh!” she panted out.  After moment of silence other than her panting in heat, Jim then asked “What’s he doing now?”   Tracey panted “He pushed me onto all fours on the bed and now he’s sliding his head up under my legs!  Ooooooooooh …………………………oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  He’s putting his mouth on me nowwww ………………ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Is his mouth on your cunny?  Is he licking you?  Is he sticking his thick tongue up into you?” her husband excitedly asked.  “Yes ………………………..yessssssssss …………………….yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Tracey squealed out in pleasure.  “Is he eating you out, honey?  Does it feel good?” she heard her husband ask over the phone.  “Yessss …………………….oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!  Oh, God!  Oh, God!”  “What’s he doing to you now?” she was asked.  “Oh, God ……………………..he’s found my G-spot ……………………oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ……………………….I’m cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” she moaned loudly as her body convulsed in spasms.

On the other end of the line, Jim Peters was ecstatic as he had always hoped that his beautiful wife would respond in this way to his initial inquiry of ‘Miss me already, honey?’  He had always done it in a hinting way, yet not coming right out with telling her of his fantasy of wanking off at the thought of her being with another man in their home.  Delighted that Tracey had finally caught on to his fantasy, getting him rock hard as he fisted himself, Jim closed his eyes and pictured his lovely wife’s ivory white body straddling the face of her big black stud as she creamed in his lapping mouth.

This had been absolutely fabulous and Jim wondered if he could get his lovely wife to continue the charade, listening to her pant from her role playing, as he needed desperately to wank off the jutting hardon that he had in his fist.  “Honey, are you there?  What about your big black stud, aren’t you going to take care of him?  Or are you going to leave him with his hardon?” he asked.  Jim’s cock twitched with excitement upon hearing his wife’s voice respond with “No ……………he …………..he’s now behind me ………….going to take me from behind ………… a bitch in heat!”  “Are you making him wear a rubber?” Jim asked.  “No ………, he won’t …………..he refuses to wear one!” his wife advised to Jim’s delight.

“Oh, Jim ………………….he’s putting it in me!  Oh, God, he’s so bigggggggggggggg!  Oh, my, he’s stretching meeeeeeeeeee!  It’s like the fat end of a baseball bat being shoved up into me!” he heard Tracey pant out.  That last comment in referring to the ‘fat end of a baseball bat’ made it even more exciting for Jim as he had watched all of Tracey’s college softball games when they had begun dating in college.  “Ohhhh …………..ohhhh …………….it’s so long ……………over a foot long!  Oh, my Godddddddddddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard his wife moan.

For Tracey, with her husband obviously loving her so-called role playing, she felt absolutely wicked at the thought of having pulled off such an outrageous sexual performance.  Having dropped the cordless phone onto the bed before her, Tracey looked down at it, then leaned over to it and whispered “Oh, Jim ……………….he’s going at me like he’s using a jackhammer on me ……………………….he won’t pull out …………….………….he won’t pull that big black donkey-sized cock out of me …………………….oh, God ……………..he’s going to do it ………………in me …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cummminggggggggggggg!  Oh, Jimmmm ………………..his cum is so hottttttttttttttttttttt …………………it’s burning meeeeeeeee!”

Dropping his cellphone onto the bed as his cock exploded, sending a geyser of cum all over the hotel bed, Jim pictured his beautiful wife on their bed with a big black stud burying his boner as he proceeded to breed her.  Shivering with pleasure, Jim’s mind pictured the thick cock still embedded up in his wife’s widened cunt with thick streams of cum dripping down onto the bed sheets.  Panting for breath as he broke out in a wide grin, this fantasizing had brought about the most fabulous sensation he’d ever felt.  ‘Damm, that was so fantastic!  I never thought Tracey would get into something like this but she sure was getting into it!’ he thought.

Picking up the cellphone, he just smiled in seeing the connection being dead, and thought it a fitting end to the nightly call home.  Jim was now looking forward to making his call home tomorrow night.  ‘I hope she’ll be in the mood to role-play once again!  Maybe I can get her to pretend that her big black stud wants her to suck him off while we talk on the phone!  Yeah, she jacks and licks his fucking cock and then the bastard will cut loose and cum right in her beautiful face!  Jeez, what a fucking turnon that would be!  If she does, will she really get into it, pretend that she’s choking on his cum?’ he wondered.
End of Story