Trick or Treat
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled:  'Star Player  VI' and 'A Tormented Wife'
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It had been several months now and Ronnie Collins was getting pissed, even questioning his prowess that he had been so cocksure of in getting into any pair of panties that he set his sights upon.   'Damn, what the fuck is happening?' he pondered after another unsuccessful attempt in contacting the woman of his dreams.  She was a beautiful matured and sophisticated woman, married and the mother of his friend, while he was just a bit older than her son.

Ronnie had known that she initially would never have anything to do with him sexually but he felt that once he managed to get past her resistance, he would give her so much pleasure that she would be unable to refuse him.  He had actually succeeded in this at first, though he had initially drugged and raped her, giving her so much sexual pleasure that she had not refused his advances the next two times.  But now, her calls were being screened at her working place and his calls not accepted.  Whenever he stopped by to visit her son, she was always in her bedroom.

The woman on his mind was the lovely mother of his high school buddy Scott Holt.  Although having just turned 17, Ronnie already had dozens of sexual conquests on his impressive record, but Ronnie considered the lovely Jessica Holt to be at the very top of the list, his most prized conquest.  His thoughts continuously went back to that first time he had taken her on her marital bed, though it was through the aid of the drug he had slipped into her soft drink.  Then the day of the cookout when she could not resist his advances while her family was out in the backyard.  The last time he had touched her sexy body was that one time she gave in to his demands and met him at a motel.

To Ronnie, she was so lovely, so prim and proper, yet so aloof.  Each time, he had taken special pleasure in nailing her, making her cum, hearing her squeal with delight as he vanquished her.  How he wished to hear that beautiful squeal once again, that loud squeal when he slid his big black cock up into her tight little slit.  'Man, I swear, married with two kids but she's still tighter than some virgins that I've ever had!' he muttered.

After that episode in the motel room, Ronnie had told himself that she was the only one for him from then on, seeing as how she went totally crazy with his big cock in her tight slit.  She was a real prize, a gem that Ronnie had planned to keep for himself with only one exception.  Ronnie was only going to allow one other person to sample his prized possession, that honor going to the man who had helped him so much in becoming the much sought after athlete in the state.

Ronnie had told Chuck Evers, his football coach and mentor that he was going to thank him properly with some prime pussy before his senior year was over.  Though Coach Evers had just laughed him off, Ronnie was serious in his promise to thank his mentor for all the help he had been given over the years.  He had not mentioned any names but Ronnie believed in nothing but the best for Coach.

A year ago, far prior to when he had made that initial conquest of the beautiful Mrs. Holt, Ronnie had been walking with his coach and discussing some plays after scrimmaging another local football team.  In the middle of their conversation with Coach Evers talking to him, his coach had stopped in mid-sentence to gaze upon towards his left.  Ronnie turned to see what Coach Evers was looking at and it was none other than the beautiful Mrs. Jessica Holt who was about to leave with her husband and son.

"Damn, that's some fine piece of ass!  Man, what I'd give to crawl up between those sexy white legs!" Coach Evers had muttered to him.  Ronnie had smiled, finding that not only he lusted for the beautiful and sophisticated woman.  Nudging his coach, Ronnie whispered "What a thrill it'd be to hearing her scream her head off when she gets a big black bone shoved up her tight little twat!"

Now, Ronnie was totally frustrated with the turn of events, not even being able to touch the sexy beauty since that tryst in the motel room.  He'd waited anxiously these past few months, hoping for the telltale signs that he'd managed to knock her up, his ultimate victory over the beautiful mother of his friend.  He now realized he had failed in his attempt to knock her up had him quite determined to have her once again.

Ronnie took it as a personal affront that she now had managed to avoid his contact for months, thinking that she would have broken down and come crawling back for more of his big black cock.  More so, he had failed to impregnate her with his hot potent sperm, planting his little black baby in her womb.  The fact that she had been avoiding him, steadfastly refusing to accept his calls and avoiding him at her home, had Ronnie wanting to re-assert his dominance over her.

Finally, after a long tiring practice, he had just got out of the shower when the special teams unit that Scott Holt was on came in.  Toweling himself while Scott started to get out of his uniform, they chatted a bit about the upcoming game.  Ronnie started to get dressed, as Scott made his way to the showers, when Scott turned to ask him a favor "If my cellphone rings, can you get it, Ronnie?  My Mom's supposed to call me when she's ready to be picked up!  Just tell her I'll be there in twenty minutes or so!"  "No problem!" Ronnie responded.

As Scott disappeared into the noisy shower with a bunch of other guys, the cellphone in Scott's locker rang.  Retrieving the cellphone, he disguised his voice a bit with a simple "Hello!"  Listening, his cock twitched upon hearing the sweet voice on the other end respond "Hello!  Ronnie!  It's Mom!  I’m all done at the mall!  Can you pick me up soon?"

"Hello, Mrs. Holt!  It's so nice to hear your sexy voice again!  You've been deliberately avoiding me whenever I stop by your home, haven't you?  Screening your calls at work so I can't get through!  I want you, Mrs. Holt!  I want you spreading those long sexy white legs again for me, Mrs. Holt!  You want it again, don't ya?  Ya want my big black cock fuck'n into ya again, don't ya?" Ronnie asked tauntingly.

Jessica Holt's trim body shuddered upon hearing that all too familiar voice that was taunting her.  "No ………………no ……………..never again!  You …………you drugged me that first time ……………….forced yourself upon me!  You ……….you took advantage of ……………of my weakness those other times!  But …………I ………………..never ……………..never again!" she stammered, sniffing as she blinked back the tears.

From the corner of his eye, Ronnie could see Scott toweling himself as he was about to exit the shower.  Turning away, he said loudly into the phone "Okay, I'll tell Scott that you called!  Bye, Mrs. Holt, see you soon!"  Ronnie knew that Scott had overheard him as he approached from behind but he quickly hung up, not wanting his friend to talk to his beautiful mother and hear her sniffing over the phone.

Though she had putting the blame on him, that he had forced himself upon that first time, Ronnie had his own theory as to those two other times.  At the cookout, with her family in the back yard, it had been her own body betraying her.  Once he had touched her, she had melted and allowed him to take her on the spot.  Ronnie knew that she was now ashamed for having given in to her own passions and to his sexual prowess.  Apparently at this time, she felt ashamed of herself, guilty and wanting to restore her dignity and her self-respect as a wife and mother.

Ronnie decided it wasn't worth the aggravation to argue with her, knowing that she was determined and a verbal discussion would be useless.  In fact, it simply made Ronnie more determined than ever to finish the job that he'd started several months earlier, conquering that sexy beauty and make her his personal 'bitch'!  Determined, Ronnie set about to plan a strategy to once again conquer the sophisticated beauty.  Since Mrs. Holt had become more and more adept at avoiding him, he decided that he needed to devise a diversion to get things setup.

He knew just the person to help him pull off his devious plan, none other than the cute sexy girlfriend of Scott Holt.  Cute and sexy, Bev Churchill, the girlfriend of Scott's reminded Ronnie of Mrs. Holt in the similarity of her avoiding him after that trip to the cabin.  He laughed at the recollection of that night when he surprised her out in the woods, taking her against her will, taking her precious virginity.

After that trip, Bev Churchill had avoided him like the plague, for a full six weeks anyway until she found that she had not been impregnated from that night in the woods.  It seemed that she had then gone on the pill and wanted to feel like a 'woman' again, taken to the heights that he had taken her to in the woods.

Ronnie recalled the night that they had all gone together to watch the soccer team play a game.  Bev was sitting between he and Scott on the second to the last row from the top of the bleachers.  As it started off as a warm night, they had all worn shorts to the game.  Then it got a bit chilly, a blanket was shared by Scott and Bev, draped over their legs.  Looking about on the sparsely filled bleachers, Ronnie leaned back, resting his head on the front edge of the top seat.

Unobserved, Ronnie reached forward under the bleachers where Bev sat, touching her trim ankle.  Seeing no movement, he then let his hand slide up, caressing her soft sexy leg.  Then up to and pass her knee, caressing her inner thigh and sliding his fingers up into the leg of her shorts.  It was then that Bev moved in her seat but it was not to get away from the searching fingers.  Instead, Ronnie discovered that Bev had merely adjusted her shorts a bit, by bunching up the leg of her shorts, allowing him access right up to her panties.

He saw her shiver as he slipped a finger under the legband of her panties.  Trying to get better access, Ronnie felt her thighs widen to accommodate him.  A moment later, his middle finger was rubbing up and down her wet slit, then he pushed his finger into her horny twat.  With the game coming to an end, amid the applause and cheering, Ronnie took great pleasure in watching the sexy blonde beauty shudder and cream on his fucking finger.  Sitting up, Ronnie put his finger into his mouth and sucked the honey syrup covering it.

With Scott leading the way down the bleachers, holding Bev's hand, Ronnie leaned over to whisper "I'll pick you up right after I drop Scott off!"  With a game of their own the next day, they headed on home to get adequate rest.  As Ronnie drove, they stopped at Bev's house and she got out and waved as she headed up the walkway.  Then Ronnie sped off towards Scott's home to drop him off.  Once that was accomplished, it was back to Bev's place for Ronnie.

Back at Bev's place, Ronnie stopped the car as Scott's girlfriend came running down from her hiding place behind the large oak tree.  Nothing was said as he made a beeline back to the soccer field, which by now was totally deserted.  Spreading out the blanket that Scott and Bev had shared earlier on the bleachers, he was now sharing it with Scott's pretty girlfriend.
Moments later, shorts and panties were lying upon the grass with Bev's knees bent up and widespread.  Seconds later, she was squealing with pleasure as Ronnie clamped his mouth over her gushing slit, his nose buried in her soft golden muff.  Ronnie had the innocent beauty quickly moaning and creaming under the expertise of his slurping tongue.

Stripping off her blouse and bra, Ronnie then covered the petite little blonde with his muscular black one.  He knew that she was in need of his cock, just like how he had given it to her in the woods.  He knew that her slit had tightened back up again but he didn't care if he hurt her, instead he shoved his thick cock into the yelping beauty.  It was pleasure to his ears hearing her pleas "Ohhhhhh ………………be gentle ………….please be gentle!  Owwww ……………….it hurts ………………it hurts!"

Ronnie was proud of himself, proud of his prowess as his friend's beautiful girlfriend began begging him "Ohhhh ……………yes ……………..yes ………………oh, fuck me, Ronnie!  Ohhhh, so good …………………….so good ………………..ahhhhhhh, yes ……………..fuck me ……………fuck me like you did in the woods!"  Then he felt her trim white legs wrap themselves around him as she arched up, screaming "Oh, God ………yes …………yes …………….ohhhhhhhh, I'm cumminggggggggg!"

Grasping her trim white hips, Ronnie slammed his ebony cock in and out of the climaxing beauty, taunting her "You're a fuck'n little bitch, cunt!  Letting me feel you up and finger fuck you with your boyfriend sitting right next to ya!  You're nothing but a cunt that needs a big black cock stuffed up your tight little hole!  Ain't that right, bitch?"  "Yes ………..yes ………..I'm just a fucking cunt!" came the reply as Ronnie spewed his thick seed into the wanton young beauty.

Now that this was a regular expectation for Bev Churchill, Ronnie knew that holding back his cock from her would quickly have her climbing the walls.  He would have Bev help to set up Scott's mother or else her horny little twat would go wanting.  Indeed, when he broached the subject, Bev refused to participate in his devious scheme.

On their next outing together, when he had not stopped by to pick her up after dropping Scott off, his cellphone was ringing off the hook.  He had merely parked blocks away from Bev's home waiting for her frantic call.  She then readily agreed to do his vile bidding if he would pick her up and give her the fucking that she needed so badly.

The first step was for Bev to convince Scott and his mom to throw a costume party to celebrate Halloween.  Scott would be easy enough for Bev to convince, but Ronnie knew it would be a difficult task for her to get Scott's mom to concur.  Rather than letting Scott try to convince his mother alone, Bev was to help Scott bring up the subject and she was to convince his mother.  It was quite obvious that Bev was still reluctant to do such a deed, especially because Scott's mom always welcomed her into their home and treated her well.

When the Halloween party was brought up, Jessica was quite hesitant, in fact against the idea.  Her husband would be out of town on business and she wasn't sure about taking on the task of chaperoning a house full of teens by herself.  She listened as Scott and Bev did all they could to convince her, telling them that she'd give it some thought, even though her son and his girlfriend tried to reassure her that they'd help in every way possible.

Jessica thought of Bev as the picture-perfect teen, beautiful and level-headed, very responsible and a model student.  However, she was totally unaware of the hold that Ronnie Collins had over this pretty girl, her son's girlfriend.  Then she had heard Bev conversing with Scott, telling him "It'd sure be nice if we can pull off the party!  Too bad Ronnie won't be able to make it though!  Didn't he say that Coach Evers was accompanying him to State U. that weekend on his recruiting trip?"  "Oh, yeah, that's right!" Scott had replied.
Hearing that, Jessica immediately became more receptive to the idea of allowing Scott and his girlfriend to have the Halloween party at their home.  Little did she know that Ronnie had led on that he and Coach Evers would be out of town, making sure that Bev mentioned it so that Jessica overheard that comment.  Thus, she then spoke up and gave her concurrence, provided that they handle the entire clean up of the house and yard.

Bev, under Ronnie's instruction, happily offered to come up with costumes for Jessica and herself.  Of course, Ronnie knew that Mrs. Holt would merely assume that Bev would choose a conservative costume in good taste for her.  Bev asked what size she wore and advised she have it brought over in time for the party.

When Bev showed up the night of the party with a very sexy black French maid's uniform for her to wear, Jessica blushed, refusing to wear it.  Jessica advised Bev that she thought such an outfit would be quite inappropriate for a mother and party chaperone to wear to a teen party.  But her son's girlfriend reassured her it was a very nice outfit and an appropriate costume, especially since she would be serving refreshments to the guests anyway.

As Jessica held it out at arms length to look at it, then brought it up against her body and looked into the mirror, Bev knew that Scott's conservative mom was not leaning towards the skimpy outfit.  "Don't worry, Mrs. Holt!  Its really not that skimpy ……………but it sure is nice and sexy!  Let me get my costume on and you'll see that yours is really conservative compared to mine!" Bev advised.  "Let me show it to you!  Be right back, I have it in the bathroom!" Bev added.

Upon Bev's return in her costume, dressed as a hooker, Jessica had to admit that Bev's costume was even skimpier that hers.  "All of our costumes will fit together perfectly!  Scott dressing in black with a hat and gold chairs as he's portraying my pimp!" Bev laughed.  Still, Jessica told Bev that it was a party for teens and she didn't want anyone to think that she was inappropriately dressed as the chaperone.  But with Bev continuing to tell her that it’s a costume for Halloween and all the teens would think she's really cool.

Bev used all of her charm, convincing Scott's mother that "All of the kids would really be impressed and think of you as being a very 'cool' mom for getting into the spirit of the occasion!"  Finally, Mrs. Holt reluctantly slipped on the uniform, lace hat & apron.  Meanwhile, Bev got permission to look into her closet for a pair of shoes to go with the outfit.  There in the closet, Bev found a pair of black patent leather heels, telling her that they'd be the perfect accessory to complete the costume.

With that, Bev took a deep sigh and bit her bottom lip in guilt as she turned to leave Mrs. Holt to finish getting dressed.  She had now fulfilled Ronnie's demand.  Stopping at the doorway, Bev turned and watched her boyfriend's lovely mother step into her high heels.  She wondered just what Ronnie had planned for the unsuspecting beauty, but deep down she suspected the worst, suspecting that it would be a repeat of what Ronnie did to her in the woods.  She shivered in revulsion at the very thought of it, pushed it from her mind and went to the kitchen to begin preparing the refreshments.

Bev had seen the black costume that Ronnie had planned to wear, a black outfit with the outline of a white skeleton on it.  As it was a full-length costume, there was a good chance of no one knowing who it was unless he spoke to them.  So, Bev was on the lookout for Ronnie.  Still half way through the night, she still had not observed the costume.  There were many teens showing up with elaborate costumes, many you would never guess their identity unless you spoke to them.

Ronnie waited until the party was in full swing before wandering into the party, wearing a costume he was sure wouldn't give away his true identity to anyone other than Bev, unless he gave himself away by talking to people.  Next to him was his buddy, who also crashed the party, wearing a full-length costume that was bright red in color with horns and a tail to depict the devil himself.

Ronnie and his buddy hung back, enjoying watching the sexy and sophisticated Mrs. Jessica Holt make the rounds, serving refreshments while dressed in that tantalizing costume.  Her long white legs looking especially sexy in that sexy short, flared uniform skirt and black heels. He laughed upon seeing his friend licking his lips in hunger.

In anticipation, at the thought that those legs would soon be wrapped around his back, Ronnie's cock twitched to push out at this tight costume.  He pictured her pulling him into her, hearing her squeal in delight as he finished the job he'd started several months earlier, that of getting a little black baby making seed in her fertile womb.

It was all they could do to contain themselves as Mrs. Holt came by to serve them refreshments.  Each nodded a 'thank you' due to the loud music playing, not giving her any suspicion as to who they were.  It was Bev who came out the side door to give him a nod, indicating that she'd leave that door open so entry to the home could be gained without notice.

As the party was going on outside, Ronnie and his devilish friend slipped in through the side door and up the stairs to the master bedroom.  There, they would remain in hiding till the timing was right.  Peering out, they could tell that the party was finally winding down, then slipped back into hiding till all had departed.

Bev sighed reluctantly as the last of the guests bid their goodbye, feeling guilty in her awful role of what was to take place upstairs.  Taking the cups and plates out of Mrs. Holt's hands, she advised her that she and Scott had promised to do all the clean-up after the party.  "You look so sexy in that outfit, Mrs. Holt!  Bet all the young guys were turned on by you!" she added, seeing Mrs. Holt blush in embarrassment.

Exhausted, Jessica thanked her son's pretty girlfriend, then turned to head inside.  She naughtily wondered if she really had turned on some of those young teens, then felt guilty upon realizing they were the same age as Scott.  In her sexy outfit, she made her way up to her bedroom, finally able get out of her costume and heels.

Once Jessica was out of sight, however, Bev took Scott's hand and led him to the bedroom in the basement.  She had promised him, that since she'd talked him into throwing the fun party, it would be his 'lucky night' and their first time making love.  It was the final part for her in Ronnie's devious scheme.  With Scott safely out of the way, stars in his eyes at the prospect of having sex with Bev, her instructions were to keep Scott occupied and happy till morning.  As Scott began kissing her, Bev could not help but wonder who was in the devil's outfit, and Ronnie had never mentioned about that person.

Entering her bedroom, Jessica smiled, happy that she had consented to allowing the teens to have their party.  Flicking on the light to the bedroom lamps, she then closed the door behind her.  The party had gone over well and all of Scott's friends had been well mannered and well behaved.  The only regret that filled her mind was the skimpy costume that she had allowed Bev to pick out for her and actually convincing her to wear such an outfit.  Sitting on the bed, she slipped off one black heel, followed by the other.  Then she reached up to roll down a black nylon down her long trim leg.  Next, she did the same to the remove the other nylon hose.  She had no idea of the stimulating show that she was putting on for her admirers hiding in the closet.

Jessica then reached up to her head, unpinning the white bonnet serving as the cap to her maid's uniform.  Standing up, she then peeled the skimpy maid's uniform from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.  Now clad only in only a pair of lacy black panties and matching bra, Jessica looked at her sexy body in the mirror.  Closing her eyes, she let her hands touch her trim waist, lightly caressing her body.  Then her hands crept up to cup her breasts.

She sighed, using her thumbs to caress her hardening nipples through her thin lace bra, causing Jessica to shiver from the sensation.  Closing her eyes, Jessica breathed a sigh of relief, knowing it was now three months that had gone by since she had weakened and made that trip to the motel.  She was proud of herself for having resisted that awful temptation, escaping the hold that Ronnie Collins was asserting upon her body.

Still, Jessica could not forget how his touch had her melting in his hands, nor the mind-shattering orgasms that he had her soaring to.  She had managed to have her company set up a screening process of her calls, saying she had gotten a few crank calls and that prevented her son's friend from getting to her.  At home, she stayed in the bedroom if her son's devious friend was over or made sure to be out if he was coming over.

Though proud of herself for managing to avoid the dominant teen, Jessica still had to admit that the memories of her encounters with her son's friend constantly filled her mind, especially at night when in bed.  She would recall that very first night that he had drugged her, then taken advantage of her in her bedroom.  But guilt set in whenever she thought of that next occasion in the kitchen, with her family in the backyard, nor her meeting the young man at the motel following his call.

Jessica could not get the image of the grinning and smug face of the confident Ronnie Collins from her mind.  Even now as she caressed her nipples through her thin bra, she imagined that it was the arrogant teen's hands upon her.  So absorbed in the pleasurable sensations caused by her fingers on her breasts, Jessica did not hear the opening of the closet door nor the careful movement of footsteps on the carpet behind her.

Panting heavily, taking a deep breath to calm herself, Jessica opened her eyes once again to look into the mirror.  She shook her head, blinking her eyes rapidly, trying to get that smirking image of Ronnie Collins from her mind.  Then a shuddering chill coursed throughout her body upon hearing his voice immediately behind her "You've been avoiding me for a long time, Mrs. Holt!"  It was not her imagination, it was Ronnie Collins standing behind her.

She gasped loudly, instinctively crossing her arms across her breasts for protection, staring at the mirror ahead that reflected the teen's smirking face over her shoulder.  "You ……….you …………..what are you doing here?" she stammered in fear.  Tears in her eyes, Jessica nervously sobbed "Please ……………….please …………….I ……………I can't do it again!  I can't cheat on my husband again!  Please ……………please ……..I beg you!"

Confident, Ronnie reached forward, placing his hands on her soft trim waist and felt her body shiver from his touch.  He heard her gasp loudly as his hands moved up, slipping up under her crossed arms that now relaxed from being clutched tightly against her body, allowing his hands to move up under her crossed arms.  "Ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhh!" came the beauty's soft moan as his thumbs flicked at the stiffly pointed nipples through the thin bra.

"You've been quite naughty, Mrs. Holt!  Avoiding me by having your calls screened at work!  Staying in your bedroom when I'm over!  Isn't that right, Mrs. Holt?" he demandingly asked as he flicked at her sensitive nipples.  Hearing her sob in despair, Ronnie enjoyed the taunting torment he was inflicting upon her, adding "I'm going to have to punish you for being so naughty, Mrs. Holt!"

"Please ……………no ………….please!" Jessica sobbed upon hearing that last comment, afraid to contemplate the punishment that the devious teen was hinting at.  She shivered at the movement of his hands, quivering as her bra was being pushed up, baring her pink nipples that were being stimulated directly.  "Ohhhhhhh ………………oh, Ronnie ………….stop ………………..please stop!" she shuddered.

With the beautiful woman shivering and melting against him from his touch, her arms dropped down to her sides in defeat as he fingered her nipples, Ronnie knew she was now his for the taking.  To prove his assessment being correct, he bent down to nuzzle at her neck, moving up to run his tongue in her inner ear.  Then he whispered "Drop your panties for me, Mrs. Holt!"  There was no argument as her fingers moved to the waistband of her lacy black panties, pushing the garment over her hips to let it fall to the floor upon her feet.

Ronnie then moved the limp beauty forward a bit, pushing her bra straps over her shoulders, then easily snapped the thin metal clasp apart with a yank of his hands.  "Get up on the bed and put your hands above your head, bitch!  You're going to get your punishment now!" he ordered gruffly.  He chuckled upon hearing her sniffle but she crawled up onto the king-sized bed and lay down onto the middle of it, closing her eyes as she placed her hands just over her head.  Ronnie then began to get out of his skeleton costume.

Jessica lay upon the bed in fear, yet she could not find the strength to disobey this arrogant teen who had an obvious hold over her body.  She wondered just how he intended on punishing her for avoiding him for the past few months, but she knew that he surely intended on humiliating her.  Eyes closed tightly, she then felt his weight upon the bed, hearing and feeling him shuffle up to kneel just above her head.

Shivering as her wrists were encircled by the teen's strong hands, Jessica swallowed in nervousness as her hands were pulled up towards his crotch.  She shuddered as her fingers came into contact with the teen's large ball sack, then she enclosed her fists around the teen's large genitals.  "Ahhh, yeah …………..yeah ……….play with my 'nuts', baby!" she was told as she fondled him.  She shivered upon feeling her face being touched, her heart pounding as she knew just what part of the devious teen he was touching her face with.

Ronnie then moved his legs, pinning her arms with his knees, chuckling as he let his throbbing cock bob up and down against her beautiful face.  Grasping his cock with his right hand, he then slapped his hard cock against her cheek, ordering "Open yer eyes, bitch!"  Looking down, he smirked as he observed the tears in her eyes as she stared up at his large looming cock.  "Come on bitch, suck me!" he ordered.

Sniffling, Jessica leaned her head up, then extended her tongue out to swipe at the teen's bloated cockhead.  Squeezing his genitals in her hands, she leaned up further, then managed to get her mouth around the thick cockhead.  Flicking her tongue around the cockhead, she then burrowed the tip of her tongue into his pisshole.  Then, she could feel some slick pre-cum begin to coat her tongue.  Humiliated at what she was doing, yet she could not resist this teen's demands, knowing that she was totally at his mercy.

"You're nothing but a fucking whore, aren't ya, Mrs. Holt?  Shame on you, teasing all those horny young teens with that sexy outfit you had on!  You need to be punished for that, isn't that right, Mrs. Holt?  What would your husband say if he saw you chaperoning a teenage party in that sexy outfit?  Does your husband know about the time you dropped your panties for me in the kitchen when he was right outside in the backyard?  That you met me at the motel and dropped your panties for me?" Ronnie taunted.

"Please ………..please …………..I didn't want to wear that outfit!" Jessica muttered as she took her mouth off his cock, then immediately leaned back up to capture it again into her mouth, sucking avidly on the bloated meat.  "Mmmmphhh ………..ohhhhh ………….yes ……………..yes ……………I need to be punished ……………..punished for being so weak ………..for cheating on my husband!  Punish me ……………..punish me!" she stammered.

"You know you're going to be punished, don't you, Mrs. Holt?  You want to be punished with a big black cock up your horny twat, bitch?  Tell me how you should be punished!  Tell me, bitch!"  Ronnie hissed, slapping his hard cock up against her cringing face, then rubbed the length of his cock all over her face, leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum in its wake.

"Yes …………….yes …………….punish me …………………..punish me!  Make me a whore ……………… stick a big black cock up this slutty white whore ………….punish me by knocking me up with a little black bastard!" Jessica replied.  "Punish me ………..make my belly swell up with a little black baby ………………………make me show people I got knocked up by a big black cock!" she begged.

Reggie laughed, taunting "You're nothing but a fuck'n whore, bitch!  What would Mr. Holt say if he heard you begging for a big black cock?  To get knocked up with a little black bastard?  This is Halloween, Mrs. Holt …………………what's the magic words you have to say?  Tell me those magic words, bitch!"

Looking beyond the looming black cock above her, Jessica looked into the teen's leering eyes with puzzlement.  She did not know what he wanted of her, totally puzzled upon his demand.  'Halloween ………………Halloween!' she thought over and over again in her puzzled mind.  Then it dawned upon her, questionably responding "Trick ……………trick or treat?"

"Very good, Mrs. Holt!  Have I got the trick for you!  And you'll also get the treat that you want so badly!" Ronnie laughed loudly.  He smiled, then looked up in the direction of the closet, giving that planned nod that served to signal his accomplice.  "Happy Halloween, Mrs. Holt!  Here's that trick I have for you!  Trick or treat, sweetie!" he laughed.

Startled by the rustling coming out of the closet, seeing the closet door open, Jessica squirmed upon the bed but she remained firmly pinned by the gloating teen.  "No …………no ………………who's that?  Wh …………….what's he doing here?  Please ……….no ………………..Ronnie …………..don't let him ………….please!" she panted frantically.  "Ronnie …………no ………….only you ……….please ………….no!  Don't let him rape me!" she shuddered.

Wide-eyed, Jessica was terrified as she saw the bulky figure in the bright red devil's outfit appear out of the closet.  She had no idea who it could be, the costume covering him entirely from head to toe.  It was an elaborate costume, complete with horns and a tail, along with long black whiskers.  She reached down to see the red-gloved hands reach to his crotch, then heard a zipper being undone.

"You asked for a big black cock and you shall have it, Mrs. Holt!  Look at what this 'old devil' has for you!" she heard Ronnie tell her from above.  As the center of the costume parted, Jessica swallowed deeply as she gazed upon the monstrous prong that was being withdrawn.  The one physical part visible of this intruder, who had accompanied Ronnie Collins into her bedroom, left no doubt that this intruder was black.
As the accomplice in the devil costume approached the bed, Jessica threatened "No ………..let me up ……………..I'll scream!  Scott and Bev are downstairs ………..they come up!  You ……………you'll get in trouble!"  She tried to kick out at the approaching evil, but her ankles were soon in the grasp of strong red-gloved hands.  She shuddered as her legs were being forced apart as her assailant knelt up upon the bed, shuffling up between her legs.
Ronnie just laughed at her idle threat, countering with "They're way down in the basement 'hard at it'!  Besides, you don't want to cause a scene or commotion!  What will your husband and the parents of the teens at tonight's party say when they learn what a sexy and suggestive costume you wore as chaperone?  Everyone will believe you're just an oversexed little sult!  We'll tell them how you seduced us up to your bedroom!  Besides, what will they conclude when they learn that we've fucked before?"

Jessica realized that what Ronnie had said was so true.  Calling for help would only serve to put her into a more precarious problem, that of trying to explain her prior sexual involvement with this devious teen.  'Oh, God ……………there's nothing I can do?  I can't disclose having had sex with Ronnie before!  Oh, God ………….I'm going to have let his awful friend rape me!' she shuddered in horror.  "Please ………………please, Ronnie …………….make him put on a condom!" she begged.
Laughing, Ronnie commented "But you were just begging to get punished ………what better punishment than to get knocked up with a little black baby!  Think of how you'll have to try and explain it away to your husband and all your friends!  My friend here has a pint of hot cum built up in his balls fer ya!  This 'old devil' just itching to knock ya up good!"

Behind the devil's mask, Coach Evers swallowed hard as he knelt up between the beautiful woman, the mother of one of his players.  Heart pounding, never even daring to dream that he was or would accompany Ronnie Collins in what seemed to be such a preposterous scheme.  Quickly, he pulled off the short red gloves, wanting to feel the beauty's soft creamy bare legs directly.  A feeling of pleasure coursed through his body as he ran his hands up along the length of her long sexy legs.

Coach Evers had seen this beautiful sophisticated woman many times, even talked to her along with other parents after practices and games.  How he had dreamt of her often, wishing he had the chance to touch her soft sexy body.  At first, he had been against Ronnie's suggestion that he were the costume as a disguise, fearing that he'd definitely get into trouble.  But influenced by his star player's words of "Trust me!" he had gone along.  Now, feeling the beautiful woman actually squirming under his touch, Coach Evers was glad he had gone along with the devious scheme.

Unable to wait any longer, giving his throbbing cock a couple of pumps with his fist, Coach Evers shuffled up further and got himself into place.  Grasping her trim hips firmly, thrust his thick cock into the shuddering beauty, enjoying her whimpering plea "No ………… ……………please …………..don't rape me!  Oh, God ……….stop ………….its to thick ……………it hurtsssssssss!  Please ……………please ……..put a condom on!"

"Ohhhh ………….ohhhhh, baby ………………….ohhhhhhh …………… fuck'n tight!" Coach Evers moaned through gritted teeth, not wanting the sexy beauty from recognizing his voice.  He had intended on keeping totally quiet but the exquisite feel of her gripping cunt around his cock had him throwing caution to the wind a bit.  "Ohhhhh ……………..Mrs. Holt ………… fuck'n tight ………………..always dreamed of getting my black dick in yer hot little pussy!" he hissed.

With Ronnie kneeling over her head to feed her his cock, Coach Evers shagged her from a kneeling position.  Grasping her by the ankles, he the drew each of her sexy legs up, holding her legs straight up in front of him as he sawed into her.  Burying his face into her soft sexy soles, he began tonguing her tiny toes as he continued fucking in and out of her raped pussy.

The thick cock sawing in and out of her agitated pussy had Jessica moaning, leaning up to lick at the thick cockhead above her, trying to clamp her teeth around the bloated head.  The tongue flicking against her toes gave her a weird sensation, causing her to shiver as she now pointed her toes to the ceiling.  Finally, she managed to capture the thick cockhead between her lips, then felt the lengthy piece of meat sliding into her mouth.  Now she withered about frantically, realizing that the devious teen above her was intent of shoving the monstrosity down her throat.

Coach Evers never took his star seriously when promised that he'd be set up with some prime piece of ass before he graduated.  Never in his right mind would he have expected this beautiful sexy piece of ass!  He had merely thought, that at best, it'd be some teenybopper who would be willing to put out for anyone.  Never had he been so excited before, his cock harder than ever before.  When he had first entered the party with Ronnie, he was about to back out and head on home.  But after seeing the sexy beauty in that skimpy French maid outfit, his cock made his mind up for him.

It was quite a sight to see upon the Holt's marital bed as the sexy wife withered out frantically, struggling to breathe around the thick cock still pushing its way deeper and deeper down her throat.  As she struggled, the thick black cock sawing deeper and deeper into her wide stretched pussy had her humping herself onto the thick muscle.  Then it was all chaos, like lightening had struck the bed as Jessica quivered in a mind-shattering orgasm.  At that very instant, the cock deep in her throat exploded while the one buried in her fertile womb began spewing out its hot cream.

After that first fuck session, the lights were turned off, allowing Coach Evers to get out of the hot sweaty costume allowing him to feel the sexy body up against him without fear of being recognized.  Throughout the night, Jessica was at the mercy at the hands of the devious teen and his devilish accomplice.  'It's bad enough having sex with one of Scott's friends, but now another person knows of this terrible secret!  I wonder who he is?  Do I know him?  Is he one of Scott's friends?' she asked herself while sucking on the 'devil's thick cock while Ronnie reamed out her ass.

Late the next morning, Jessica finally awoke after constantly being fucked senseless throughout the night.  She tried to swallow but shuddered as her throat was raw and her mouth felt rather dry, coated with a slick sticky film.  Trying to get up, her body quivered from the pain between her thighs but mainly from that in her rectum.  Reaching down, Jessica felt her matted curls, then felt the copious amount of cum that oozed from her slit when her finger parted it.

Making her way to the bathroom, Jessica stumbled into the shower and tried to cleanse her body under the spray of the hot shower.  Parting her pussy lips, inserting two fingers, she scooped out spoonful after spoonful of thick gooey cum.  She sobbed, watching the thick mucous flowing with the water into the drain, wondering just how much more remained in her womb.  'Oh, God ……………….I ran out of douche the other day!  Oh, God ……………I'm going to be punished for sure …………………..knocked up with a little black bastard!' she sobbed.

Having stripped the bed of all the incriminating evidence, Jessica made her way downstairs to get some coffee.  Going into the kitchen, she was surprised that Bev had prepared a nice breakfast for all of them.  She had given her okay for Bev to sleep over but wondered if Bev and Scott had gone beyond the expected bounds.  'How can I chastise the two lovebirds, especially after what I did last night!' she chided herself.

Sitting at the table over breakfast, Jessica sipped at her coffee and surveyed the area and was quite impressed with the clean-up that Bev and Scott had done.  She was in deep thought as Bev and Scott chatted about the fun party they had with their friends.  Jessica swallowed and shivered when she heard Bev say "I was surprised that Ronnie made it back from his recruiting trip in time to stop by!  I wonder who his friend was, the one in the devil's outfit?"

With Bev and Scott headed off to a friend's birthday party that day, Jessica volunteered to drop off the rented costumes at the 'Party House' since she would be going to the mall anyway.  Needing to get out of the house, away from where she had been defiled all night, Jessica thought that walking the mall would do her some good.

Parking her car at the mall, taking in the bag containing the rented costumes, Jessica was amazed at the selection that the 'Party House' carried.  Chatting with the young clerk who had come up to her, she advised that she had come to return some rented costumes.  She watched as the clerk quickly checked the costumes, making sure they weren't torn, Jessica then observed the clerk toss the items into the large square box behind him.

Jessica gulped, hands perspiring as she got a glimpse of the costumes just covered by the ones she returned.  "I ………….those …………..those costumes below the ones I returned ……………I'm sure I saw those at the party I was at last night!  We ……….we had a guessing game, trying to figure out who was who ………………..I …………I had guessed that the skeleton was worn by Ronnie Collins, the football player!"

"Oh, yeah ……………you're right!  He was just in to return it!  I'm a freshman at the same school that he goes to!" came the clerk's response.  "Do …………would you know who was in the devil's suit?  I …………..I had guessed twice but they told me I was wrong and lost the game!  I'd sure like to know!" Jessica inquired.  A cold chill came over her when the clerk replied "Oh, that was Coach!  Coach Evers …………..the football coach!"

End of Story.