Twin's Twisted Thoughts
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

As they grew up, both Lacy and Stacy Hamilton caught everyone's attention as their heads turned to admire the two sisters.  They were young and gorgeous identical twins with long flowing silky blonde hair.  As children, they were very close, the best of friends and shared everything from their clothes to their most intimate thoughts & secrets with each other.

Being so tightly knit to each other, their parents and school officials all agreed that they should be placed in different classes to help them socialize with others, as well as to lessen each twin's dependence upon the other.  The strategy did work, however, not for the best for at some point during their teenage years they began to grow apart.  With different classes and often different recess periods, that led each twin to have different friends.  Soon there were different interests and goals for each.  Then petty jealousies caused them to grow in different directions.

Lacy took the high road, working hard to get good grades in school and be a part of student government.  She wanted to go to college, have a career, and dreamed to someday marry and start a family.  Lacy was very popular in high school, becoming a cheerleader and even selected as the Homecoming Queen, with many other awards to follow.  She always dressed stylishly, yet tastefully, and upheld the highest standards of behavior.  Lacy became the pride and joy of her parents.

Stacy, however, took the low road with so-so grades in school and ran around with a wild crowd.  Her make-up and dress naturally fit in with the wild bunch that she hung around with.  Her parents ridiculed her standard of behavior as they tried to encourage her to be more like Lacy.  Eventually things came to a head, Stacy got busted for drugs, dropped out of high school and moved in with a black man after her parents turned their backs on her.

Lacy had tried to continue and restore their relationship but Stacy resented her, thinking her a 'Goody-Two-Shoes'.  With Lacy's success in everything she did, Stacy felt all the more a failure for falling short of her sister's high standards and achievements.  The thought of her sister moving in with a black man made Lacy shudder in revulsion but she tried to put that factor out of her mind, telling herself constantly 'After all, she's your twin sister!'

There was little contact between the two twins for the next few years.  Stacy floated from one dead-end relationship to another and worked as a stripper in a raunchy dive club downtown.  Ever since Stacy's first black lover at age 16, she had preferred dating as well as fucking black men, the bigger the better.  Yes, Stacy liked her men big and black, her sex the harder and rougher the better.

As for Lacy, it was totally the opposite, preferring to date the white preppie high school and college type.  She had black friends of both gender but had never even dated a black man.  Though never asked out for a date with a black, it was obvious that she would politely turn such an invite down.  She dated a lot, allowed some kissing and petting, but drew the line there.  She was determined to save her virginity for the man she fell in love with, for the man she would marry.

Eventually Lacy graduated from college, began her career in the field in medical research and everything was falling into place both in life and in love.  She had been doing quite well in her job and became quite respected for her work among the staff, getting several raises and promotions in the process.  Then she had met handsome Dave Richmond, who just got his medical degree and was an intern at the hospital, falling in love with him and readily accepted his proposal of marriage.

One day Stacy was surprised by Lacy's unexpected arrival at her rundown apartment but Stacy invited her in and wanted to know what had prompted the visit.  Lacy was dressed impeccably, having just gotten off work and looking positively radiant as she flashed her large sparkling diamond ring.  Lacy then joyfully announced that she had just gotten engaged and was getting married, advising that she would like very much for Stacy to be one of her bride's maids.

Stacy, as was her negative way, felt hurt rather joy.  Instead of being thrilled that her sister wanted to include her in her wedding party, she was upset that Lacy wanted her to be a bride's maid, not the maid of honor.  In her petty, jealous way, Stacy wondered if Lacy was just inviting her to be in the wedding party for show.  Perhaps even to humiliate her by one-upping her, making her just a bride's maid was Stacy's train of thought.

Lacy was just too innocent, too naive to have ulterior motives of such sorts and was genuinely sincere in wanting her twin sister to be a part of this important day in her life.  She had no idea that Stacy would react inwardly with jealousy and be upset, nor even think that Stacy would view her invitation other than sincere.  As they had gone their separate ways in high school, Lacy's choice for her maid of honor justifiably went to her very best friend since high school, a fellow cheerleader.

Stacy listened but was not moved by Lacy's sincere offer.  In fact, she was about to refuse the offer, in an effort to salvage a shred of pride and dignity, when her live-in boyfriend entered the apartment.  Terrel Jones stopped dead in his tracks when he gazed upon Stacy's beautiful twin sister, his mouth dropping wide open.

Taking in the two women, it was immediately obvious to Terrel that they were identical twins.  Stacy's twin was a natural blonde while Stacy had since dyed her blonde hair a different shade and it was cut in a different style.  However, Stacy's twin sister was obviously the more stunning, stylish and refined of the two.  This was indeed the kind of girl that Terrel had often had dreamed about but could never have, as such a sophisticated gal wouldn't give him the time of day.

Terrel struggled to compose himself, hoping his immediate infatuation with his girlfriend's twin sister hadn't been too obvious.  Lacy broke the awkward pause by smiling and cheerfully introducing herself, graciously offering her hand to Terrel in greeting.  However, as Terrel stepped forward and shook her dainty hand, he felt a momentary shiver of revulsion course through the lovely young blonde but he pretended not to notice.

Lacy quickly composed herself, explaining the purpose of her surprise visit to see her twin sister.  Before Stacy could interrupt by refusing the offer, Terrel graciously accepted Lacy's offer on her sister's behalf.  With that, Lacy told them how thrilled she was and she'd be in touch, advising that she had to rush off at this time to meet her fiancé for dinner.

Terrel only vaguely remembered Stacy having ever even mentioned having a twin sister but moments after Lacy had departed, Stacy laid into Terrel about accepting Lacy's offer.  She then told him the whole story about their early childhood and about having grown so far apart as they got older.  Having seen Lacy's style, refinement and elegance was all Terrel had needed to see how far apart the two sisters had grown.

In Terrel's eyes, Stacy still had remained beautiful and sexy but pretty much just a fucking bimbo.  Her innocent twin sister Lacy, however, was the ultimate prize to Terrel.  To him, Lacy was the ultimate conquest, as far as he was concerned.  The wheels were already turning in Terrel's devious mind as to how he might just get the chance into Stacy's twin sister's tight little panties.

Over the next few days, Terrel slyly coaxed bits and pieces of information out of Stacy about her sister, till a plan began forming in his cunning mind.  Thinking as to how to turn things in his favor, Terrel felt that he would use Stacy's disdain for her sister and her belief that Lacy had merely offered her a part in the wedding party to put her down.  In fact, Terrel played the understanding boyfriend, telling Stacy that he was with her all the way and would in fact help her get even with her 'awful' twin sister.

Terrel convinced Stacy to go along with his plan, to pretend to be 100% supportive of Lacy's impending marriage and to help set her up for the ultimate revenge, even though Lacy hadn't really ever done anything to earn Stacy's wrath.  To Terrel, it was Stacy's own perceptions or misperceptions that had resulted in the rift between the two sisters, but he would now play upon it to get into the innocent beauty's panties.  With Stacy's desire to one-up her sister on her wedding day, Terrel had every intention of playing it to his advantage.

Following Terrel's instructions, Stacy came up with a wig that matched Lacy's hair color style.  Then on the pretense of going to try on the bride's maid's gown for the final fitting and then dropping it off at Lacy's apartment, she asked if Lacy minded if she rested there for the afternoon before heading off to work.  As expected, Lacy was excited Stacy was taking part and readily offered her the use of her apartment.

Stacy told Terrel she had it all set up to 'borrow' Lacy's apartment and then the plan was set into motion.  She advised Terrel that Lacy had told her that Lacy and her fiancé recently rented the apartment and that the bride and groom would reside there for a year till they could purchase a home.  The bed was new, picked out by the bride-to-be and her fiancé.  Meanwhile, after renting the apartment, Lacy had just completed moving things out of her parents' home.

Once Lacy was off to work, Terrel and Stacy drove up to the rather plush apartment complex that had a swimming pool off to the side and even a staffed office where the mailboxes for the tenants were.  Identifying herself, Stacy obtained the envelope left for her at the desk.  Headed to Lacy's apartment, Stacy opened the envelope and smiled as she held up the key for Terrel to see.  From the trunk of the car, Stacy retrieved the box containing the orchid/purplish bride's maid gown that she had picked up the day before in advance.
Entering the apartment unit, Terrel and Stacy carried in the garment box along with two video cameras and tripods, which they set up in the master bedroom.  As Terrel was getting the cameras set up and focused, Stacy began going into the closets.  In the spare bedroom and extra closet, Stacey pulled out a piece that was covered in a plastic wrap, yelling out to Terrel to wait for her while she changed, saying that she had a surprise for him.  As Terrel waited in the master bedroom, he observed the sexy Lacy's photo in her high school cheerleader outfit, noting how beautiful and sexy she looked in her orange and white uniform.  Then he opened up a drawer and became quite busy feeling up the soft lacy undergarments, holding a clean pair of panties up to his nose.

Then Terrel heard Stacy's voice yelling out from the spare bedroom.  In a cheer, Stacy yelled out "Give me an 'L'!  Give me an 'A'!  Give me a 'C'!  Give me a 'Y'!  And what do you have?  BITCH!  BITCH!  BITCH!"  Then Stacy came bouncing over into the master bedroom and Terrel's jaw dropped wide open.  He looked at Stacy, then at the photo he had seen on the dresser.  With Stacy's blonde wig on, it was as if the photo was of her, completely dressed in the same uniform along with sneakers and socks.

With the cameras rolling, Terrel watched as Stacy slowly went through some provocative scenes such as cupping her breasts on the outside of her uniform and lifting her skirt to slip a hand in to finger herself.  Seeing Stacy pointing to a portion of the uniform sweater, he got the hint and focused in on the bright orange portion with the white monogram of 'Lacy'.  With Stacy going through more enticing scenes, flicking her tongue out in a provocative manner, she hopped up on a chair and turned up her butt to the camera as she reached under her uniform to peel down the orange pair of panties.


Meanwhile, Terrel stripped out of his clothing, then stepped forward into the scene of the cameras.  With excellent audio on the camcorders, Terrel played the part as he moaned "Okay, Lacy, get down on yer fuck'n knees and give me a fuck'n blowjob!"   Stacy then got off the chair she was sitting on and sank down to her knees on the carpeted floor, flicking out her tongue rapidly to show that she was eager to lap him up.  It was quite exciting for Terrel as he made believe that it was his girlfriend's innocent twin sister that was about to blow him.

For Stacy, she was just behaving as her usual self.  But for others seeing this video for the first time, if they knew Lacy, it would appear this little Miss Goody-Goody had pulled the wool over their eyes as they would observe that she was nothing but a slut for black cock.  Sticking her tongue, she flicked it madly over the thick bloated cockhead, then clamped her pink lips right over its crown.

"Yeah, oh, Lacy ………………..ohhhh, Lacy …………oh, yeah ……..tongue me, baby ………tongue me! Ahhhhhhh, yeah ……………….that's it …………..atta baby! Tongue me, baby ……………………….ohhhhh, fuck …………….yeahhhhh!" Terrel moaned, pushing more of his throbbing cock into the hot gobbling mouth.  Grasping her behind her head, Terrel pushed forward, then began to face fuck the blonde beauty.

The swirling of her hot wet tongue around his cockhead, along with making believe it was innocent Lacy sucking him, Terrel shivered  with pleasure as he was ready to 'pop' his load. “Oh, baby……………..oh, Lacy ……………, you’ve got such soft pretty lips …………..ahhhhhhhhhh …………ahhh, that’s it ………….tongue me! Yeah ……oh, yeah ……………yessss …………….cumming …………..I'm cummingggggg! Oh, baby ……………… eat my hot jizz, Lacy ………..suck it all outta me …………ahhhhhhhhh, yeahhh!” Terrel groaned.

Shuddering as his cock spurted out its lust, Terrel slowly pulled his lengthy cock from the soft pink lips, then laughed Stacy opened her mouth wide for the cameras, showing it filled to the brim with gooey white cum.  Then Stacy smiled for the cameras as she expertly swallowed the cummy load and licked her lips to show just how tasty it was.   With the cock still in hand and about to drool its last thread of cum, Stacy leaned forward like a true slut to swipe it off the cockhead.

With the cameras turned off, Stacy and Terrel then took a break for lunch, breaking open the box of pizza they had brought with them.  Wandering about the apartment, Stacy opened the small closet just off the entrance and saw various coats hanging in there.  Then, a white overcoat caught her attention and her mind began to churn out an idea.  She thought back to when she had met her sister when she got off from work to try on the bride's maid dresses.

Going back into the spare bedroom she went to the desk where she recalled seeing a nametag.  Picking it up, Stacy smiled as it was a brand new one, unused as yet since it read 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond'.  She realized that on her arm was Lacy's extra labcoat that she wore at work.  On that day after work, Lacy had met her with the labcoat over her dress and had then taken it off.  Going to the closet in the master bedroom, she found that exact same black dress.

Stripping out of the cheerleader's outfit, Stacy then went to the dresser drawer to put on her sister's lacy black bra and matching panties.  She then put on the black dress and found the black pair of heels on the closet floor.  Before putting on the labcoat, she first pinned on the brand new nametag.  Going out to kitchen, she filled in her quite willing boyfriend of the idea she had come up with.

To get this new video episode started, Stacy took one of the camcorders from the bedroom and went outside with it, starting the filming as she walked up to the front door of the apartment.  It certainly would not do to have Terrel perform this task, not without drawing attention as they had not seen any blacks in the complex.  Then she went inside while Terrel stepped out onto the porch.  Stacy began filming the front entrance from inside and the audio picked up the sound of Terrel's knocking.

With the other camcorder in his hand, Terrel stepped back and began filming the front door, showing it being opened as the lovely 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond' appearing in her labcoat over her dress and heels.  "Yes, can I help you?" he was asked.  Stopping the video and handing the camera over to Stacy, he replied once the camcorder's light went on "Ma'am, I'm looking for Mrs. Richmond ……………Mrs. Lacy Richmond!"  For this dialogue, they would continue to shoot and stop to hand the camera over to the other for the next set of lines.

"Yes, that's me!" Stacy replied.  Next, it was Terrel's turn as he advised "Mrs. Richmond, I'm from the research lab ……………..from internal security!  May I come in?"  Handing over the camera, Stacy gave a beautiful display of acting as she began sobbing and nodding her head as she stepped back to allow him in.

"Please …………….please …………..I ………….I couldn't ……………my husband needed the drug!  It …………it was only one dose …………..I ………….I'm so sorry!" Stacy sobbed for the camera.  "Please ………….please ……………..I can't afford to lose my job!  And ………………and my husband will lose his also if this comes out!  Please …………………is there any way you can overlook my one indiscretion?" she pleaded.

"Overlook this one indiscretion?  That would cost me my job, Mrs. Richmond!" Terrel replied gruffly.  "But ……………I must admit …………….you are attractive ………….very attractive, Mrs. Richmond!" he added.  "Perhaps …………..there is one thing that would change my mind!  I've always dreamed of having a beautiful blonde kneeling down in front of me!  Can you guess what I'm dreaming that she's doing on her knees, Mrs. Richmond?  Why don't you get down on your knees and see if you can think of what I dream of!" he taunted.

A great acting job as she pretended to shake in nervousness, Stacy sobbed and stammered “You …… can’t ……………..can't mean what I think you’re implying?”   Slowly she sank down to her knees as Terrel kept the camera focused on the horrified expression on her beautiful face.  One hand on the camera, his other reaching out into the scene to grasp the horrified woman's arm, drawing her arm up to lead her to the front of his pants.

Back to focusing the camera with both hands, Terrel zoomed in a bit to get a close up of the sobbing face as well as the nametag that read 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond'.  Pretending to shudder in horror, Stacy stammered “I ……….I ………..can’t do this! I ……I’ve never touched anyone but my husband!”   Now Terrel kept focusing on Stacy while he added in his voice only “Think about it, Mrs. Richmond!  It’s a small price to pay  in exchange for saving both your job as well as your husband’s!  It's your decision, Mrs. Richmond!”

Stacy panted nervously for the camera, then slowly let her fingertips trace the outline of the thick bulge. Sighing as if resigning to her fate, Stacy then unzipped the bulging pants, reaching in to fish out the thick piece of dark meat.  Camera focused down upon the sobbing beauty as she now instinctively handled his manhood with her left hand, where the fake diamond ring that resembled the real one, along with a wedding band, were clearly in view.  With that hand grasping him at the base of his cock, Stacy was pumping the other two thirds with her other fist as if determined to jerk him off.

Pumping into her fist, Terrel then gruffly ordered “Lick it, Mrs. Richmond!  Lick my cock!”  Stacy played out her part as her eyes widened in horror as she looked up in total disbelief at his request.  "Lick it!  Put it in your mouth and suck it, Mrs. Richmond!  Surely you didn't think I dreamt of having a beautiful blonde bitch like you on her knees to just jerk me off, did you?  You fuck'n dumb little bitch!" he cussed for the camera's audio.

 “Oh, please ………………….please ………………..not that …………….expect me to do something that awful! I …………….I haven’t even done that for my husband!” Stacy stammered out in a voice of fear.  She played it perfectly, sobbing and begging "Please ………….please ………….please!"  She gave a shudder of revulsion, then with closed her eyes, she moved forward and shivered visibly as she brushed her pink lips up against the thick rubbery cockhead.

As if it was her womanly instincts taking over, Stacy slowly parted her lips and let the tip of her tongue extend out to touch the throbbing cockhead.  Then she purposely jerked her head back and cringed to give the look of sheer disgust.  She then moved her head forward once again, extending her tongue to lick the bloated cockhead, then opened her mouth wide to begin eating her slab of dark meat.  She stared up into the camera, letting her eyes roll back, a perfect scene to depict her naïve twin sister being fucked out of her mind.

One hand on the camera again, with the other behind her head, Terrel fucked into the hot sucking mouth.  Normally he wouldn't cum this quickly, especially after an earlier suck-off, but his imagination of the innocent little Lacy sucking him was just too much.  Then for the camera, Terrel moaned loudly "Oh, Mrs. Richmond …………………yeah, babyyyyyyy ………………..suck it ………………..suck it up!  Oh, cumming ……………………cumming in your sweet mouth, Mrs. Richmond!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

 Stacy feigned resistance as she put her hands on his thighs as she pretended to desperately push him away, trying to get her mouth off the cock before it exploded out its messy filth.   Normally Stacy would eagerly eat up all the cum from Terrel's balls but she managed to feign a shudder of her body along with gagging upon the hot sticky goo.   Stacy had expertly stored all of her boyfriend's cum in her mouth and cheeks, waiting for the appropriate moment to come.

With Terrel's slow withdrawal of his length cock, Stacy clutched at her stomach, then gave a shudder for the camera.  Cock fully withdrawn at this point, she then cupped her mouth as she began to coughing out the thick plentiful cum in her mouth.  Crawling quickly over to the trash can, she leaned over and gagged, then sobbed "Oh, God …………….I feel sick!" With the scene over and camera turned off, both Stacy and her boyfriend laughed as Terrel bent down to get a wet and cummy kiss.

After a break for beer, Stacy and Terrel began scouting the apartment to come up with another episode before calling it a day.  Ten minutes later, Stacy saw Terrel smiling widely as he opened up another can of beer, knowing that he had something up his sleeve.  Then she saw him point over to a garment bag that he had found in the bedroom.  Going over to open it up, Stacy smiled at what she uncovered …………Lacy's white wedding gown!

Excited to get on with the next episode, Stacy began filming Terrel as he slowly crept about the apartment, following him into the bathroom where he opened up the hamper and withdrew one of Lacy's silky white panties.  Terrel held it up to his face and inhaled deeply, then stuck out his tongue to lap at the tasty crotch area.  Then he opened his mouth wide, putting the entire crotch of the panties into his mouth to suck out its juices.

Then Stacy got Terrel making his way into the closet where he found a hiding place and began getting out of all his clothing.  Completely undressed, stroking his cock, Terrel then reached up to caress the white wedding gown that had been hung up in the closet.  That scene ended with the camera focused on Terrel's rigid black cock being wrapped around the white satin gown, then with Terrel jerking himself on it.

Taking a break to think things out first, still in her sister's black dress and heels, Stacy stopped Terrel from eating the last two pieces of the large pizza.  Terrel was still hungry but she told him the pizza was out and to check the frig, telling him "We need it for part of the next scene!"  Then Stacy went about to get things ready for the upcoming bedroom scene.

Clearing off the white countertop in the kitchen, Stacy got one of her sister's wedding invitations and placed it in the center of the countertop.  Putting the camera on a tripod to keep the filming steady, Stacy zoomed in and focused upon the invitation.  Stacy smiled when she could ready the invitation clearly 'The parents of Lacy R. Hamilton requests the honour of your presence in the vows of marriage to be exchanged with Dave M. Richmond ……………….!'

As the next scene began to roll, Terrel was armed with the camcorder, standing in his hiding spot within the closet.  Footsteps could first be heard approaching, then through the slits in the closet door 'Lacy' could be seen opening the closet door.  In her black dress and heels, 'Lacy' reached in to obtain her wedding gown that was hanging in the closet.

Now through a partial open closet door, the video would be providing an excellent scene as the bride-to-be slowly got out of her black dress and heels.  Then as a tease for the audience, with her back to the closet she removed her lacy black bra and panties, replacing them with frilly white ones.  Then she stepped into her snowy floor length white wedding gown, the signature of purity and innocence.

Getting all dressed up in her sister's wedding gown and after slipping into the white heels purchased for the wedding, Stacy looked at herself in the mirror as she adjusted the bridal veil.  It was then that Terrel gave her the signal to put it on hold as the hand held camera was off while he turned on the other that was set up on a tripod in the closet.  Then Terrel set up the camera in hand on the other tripod and positioned it in the bedroom.

With both cameras on, Stacy resumed adjusting the bridal veil as Terrel slowly remade his way out of the closet.  Holding her left hand up high, she flashed the cheap imitation diamond ring that she had bought at the dollar store, one matching the one her sister had flashed at her.  The video would be spliced to show the black intruder quietly sneaking up upon the dressing bride as she prepared herself for her for big day.  With a large black hand over the bride's mouth, the bride struggling madly, her assailant began dragging her back to the bed.

Stopping to retrieve and reposition the cameras, Terrel had them rolling again as the scene picked back up on the bed as the terrified bride-to-be struggled under her superior opponent.  Then Stacy went into her dramatic performance, sobbing "Please ………….no ………………please …………please don't rape me!  Please ………no ……………I'm getting married today!  Please ……………..please don't ruin it for me!"

Terrel snickered and laughed in response "Hell, I ain't gonna ruin yer precious wedding day!  I'm jest gonna 'ruin' ya, bitch!"  Then there was a mad struggling sequence on the bed, the bed that the bride and groom had purchased for their marriage.  Of course, the struggle ended with the bride's hands pinned high over her head as her assailant pulled up the hem of her wedding gown to have the dress bunched up at her waist.

As the white silky panties were being pulled down the bride's struggling waist and legs, off her heels and tossed off the side of the bed, the bride then whimpered and pleaded "Please ……………….please don't rape me ……………..I …………….I'm a virgin!  Pl …………….please ………….I …………….I saved myself for my wedding day!"

Then the audio would pick up her assailant's laughter, followed by "This is your wedding day, isn't it, sweetie?  Yer a real rare virgin bride, ain't ya?  An honest to goodness virgin bride on her wedding day!"  More sobbing of fear by the bride, coupled with more laughter from her assailant as he added "I's jest wanted to personally give ya yer wedding present!  There …………..there …………..feel it?"

That comment fueled a desperate attempt by the frantic bride to once again struggle with all her might.  With his free hand, the assailant could then be seen forcing the bride's legs wide apart, then fitted himself up into the bride's golden nest.  Then the black rapist slammed himself down upon the virgin bride, who wailed "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Her rapist could then be heard laughing "Bleed, baby ………………….bleed!"

It was a wild and rough rape scene of black rapist not giving the virgin white bride any mercy, slamming himself into the sobbing and whimpering beauty.  This was the kind of fuck that Stacy loved, hard and rough, the rougher the better.  It was all she could do to keep from cooing, moaning and groaning for Terrel to fuck her harder.  She was truly proud of her acting ability, pulling off the rape scene perfectly as she continued to sob and weep in the horror of losing her purity, being 'ruined' by a black rapist.

Stacy continued her performance, pleading “Pl-pl-lease ………… …………stop ……………..stop  ………………please! Please ……….…pleeeasee ………….please put on a condom! Oh, Godddd ……….….stop ……………….you're not wearing a condom!  Oh, God ………….stop …………….stopppppp! Owwwwwwwww …………..oh, God …………….it hurtsssss …………..hurts so bad!"  Whimpering and sobbing, she added "Stop ………..stop ……..please! I don't want to get pregnant ………….not by you!  Ohhhhhh …………..Goddddd ……….stopppp ……….its too biggggggg ………………….oh, it h-h-urtsssssssss! Oh, God ……………take it out …………….you're killing meeeee!"

Stabbing forward into the sobbing bride, Terell groaned "Oh ………….so tight ………….. so fuck'n tight!  Ahhh, baby ………………..ya gonna fool that nitwit yer marrying today?  Gonna fool him into thinking yer still cherry, baby?  Ya got yerself a real man's cock in ya now!"  Fucking the pretty bride, feeling her legs wrap around him and heels lock around his ass, he taunted "The pretty little bride is gonna get herself knocked up on her wedding day for sure!  Gonna plant a little black baby in yer little tummy!  Ahhhhhhhh, baby  ………………oh, Godddddddd, yeahhhh!”

With jackhammer speed, the black rapist thrust his thick black cock into the raped young bride, chanting "Ohhhhh, baby …………………stretching ya out real good for tonight!  Ya gonna tell Davey boy a big black buck 'ruined' his precious little bride?  Baby, ya ain't even gonna feel Davey boy's little pecker! Gonna knock ya up good, sweetie! Gonna plant a little black bastard in her tummy! Ahhhhhh, yeahhhhh ……………….gonna cum ………….gonna cum in bride on he wedding day ………….yeahhhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhh, Godddddddd!" Then the rapist groaned as his body convulsed in spasms, emptying his balls into the sobbing little bride.

Pulling out of the sobbing bride, Terrel then swung over to the side of the bed where he had thrown the bride's panties, the side of the bed hidden from the cameras.  Only it was another set of panties that he picked up, the one he had earlier gotten out of the hamper to eat its tasty crotch.  Now that pair of panties had been placed there as a prop, covered with the tomato and cheese topping from the leftover pizza.  Using a clean part to wife himself, he then held the messy side up to the camera.

From that distance, it would look like a mixture of blood and cum now soiling the pair of white panties.  Terrel then tossed it over to the dressed up bride, who was now curled up in the fetal position, smirking "Here's my wedding present for hubby!  That's all of his bride's precious cherry that he'll get!"  Stacy reacted perfectly, sobbing even louder in shame after that remark.  Then the cameras would get her snatching up the soiled panties, putting it between her legs as she moaned loudly "Oh, God ………..I'm bleeding …… badly!"
With Terrel now out of the scene and supposedly departed, the cameras got the raped bride weeping as she got out of bed to make her way to the bathroom.  Once out of the scene, Stacy carefully lifted the gown so as not to soil it as much as possible, she then got the last piece of pizza and rubbed the tomato and cheese topping between her thighs and golden snatch.  With the cameras repositioned, she then dropped the gown back down and continued on with her acting.

It would be a beautiful scene showing the raped bride getting out of her wedding gown and bra.  Having lost her heels during the rape scene, she then turned to give the cameras a tantalizing view of the 'ruined' bride.  From the distance of the cameras, it would be a real 'cheezy' scene for the audience as the tomato and cheese toppings would look to be that of the bride's blood and her rapist's thick cum coating the bride's inner thighs and golden fur.  Then the audio would pick up her sobs as she moaned loudly "Everything was planned so well ………………..planned for the wedding to take place during the most fertile time of the month!"

After Stacy had told him how strait-laced her twin sister was, Terrel was certain that the refined beauty had never had such wanton, degraded sex with anyone as depicted in the videos.  In fact, Terrel hoped that the prim and proper Lacy was indeed like the bride had been depicted on the bed ……….a true virgin!  He wanted to be sure to shock her and embarrass her into being willing to do 'anything' to prevent anyone from seeing those graphic photos and thinking that it was her in the videos, especially her fiancé!

Terrel knew that Lacy's punk fiancé would surely drop the blonde beauty in a New York minute if he saw the snapshots and thought that his prim and proper wife-to-be was not all that prim and proper.  The wanton slut in the cheerleader's uniform, the forced suck-off in her labcoat, or the rape of the virgin bride would be quite a sight for the young punk.  But should Terrel's wish come true, that lovely Lacy was in fact a virgin, she would not surrender her virginity no matter what the threat.  In that case, Terrel was certainly up to the task of forcibly raping the blonde beauty.

If the videos could not be of use initially, Terrel knew they'd come in handy later.  The threat of her husband, her parents, friends, co-workers seeing the video would certainly put her in the palm of his hands.  Terrel was sure that Lacy would then give in to any and every blackmail demand in order to keep those videos or photos from going public.  Of course, he was careful not to reveal to Stacy his ulterior motives in helping her get this all set up, wanting her thinking it was all being done for her.  To Terrel, sluts like Stacy were a dime a dozen, nothing compared to an innocent beauty like her lovely twin sister.

Terrel assured Stacy that he dream up some other 'goodie' for her hated twin, promising to have it ready by Lacy's wedding day.  He then tested her reaction in saying "Don't worry, leave it to me!  If I have to, I'll rape and 'ruin' her fer ya myself!"  He wanted to bust out laughing as his gesture had bimbo Stacy ecstatic that her own boyfriend would go to such extremes to help her get even with her twin.  Terrel planned to spring the final phase of his devious plan into action right on the wedding day that was coming soon.

End of Story