Unholy Desires II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

     For many years, Father Riley had secretly lusted for Midge Chandler.  Approximately ten years ago, her husband was killed in an auto accident, leaving her to raise her two young children.  He had leant a shoulder for her to cry upon, to counseling and assisting the beautiful woman after the tragic loss of her husband.  Now at the age of 42, with short brown hair and brown eyes, Midge Chandler had maintained her trim figure and lovely features.  And now she had fallen in love again, planning to wed her fiancé, a Robert Granger whom she had met at the church.

     Midge’s children, Billy and Megan, had adjusted well with the passing of their father and had become well-mannered young adults.  Megan in fact had just turned 21 years of age and had become engaged to her high school sweetheart, their wedding was scheduled for June of the following year, when Megan’s fiancé was discharged from the military.  The wedding would take place in the same church and Father Riley would perform the ceremony.

     It had been several months since the good father had ‘sinned’.  Father Riley had tried desperately to lead a holy life but his lusting desires were stirred up on the recent meeting with Ms. Chandler.  Hearing that she planned to marry again led to a discussion of her life since the passing of her first husband.  Midge confessed to the ‘Good Father’ that she had not had any sexual relations with anyone since her husband was killed and had concentrated in raising the children.  But now, she was indeed nervous of marrying again and had her fiancé wait till the wedding before consummating their relationship.

Midge Chandler

     Since that meeting, Father Riley lay in bed picturing what a delight it would be to have the beautiful woman.  He gave in to his need for bodily relief and began to relieve himself by stroking his limp cock to hardness.  Once his lustful thoughts were sated, cock ejaculating his pent-up lust, Father Riley prayed for forgiveness.  But he could not get the lovely woman out of his mind and the devious thought came into his mind, wondering if there was any way to bless the bride before her husband.  And there was only one way in which Father Riley intended to give the bride his blessing.

      That next week, Mrs. Chandler again met with the ‘Good Father’ to discuss her upcoming wedding plans and to chat about her children.  Father Riley assured her that it was time to think of herself, as she had raised her two children to be upstanding young adults.  He also praised her for not giving in to the pleasures of the flesh and that she was to be praised for having her fiancé wait till the wedding vows were exchanged, even at their age in life.

     As Mrs. Chandler left the church, Father Riley’s eyes followed her every movement.  Once she had left his door, he peered out of the window and began his sinful act of stroking his throbbing cock through his long robe.  Unseen by the lovely Mrs. Chandler and the ogling old priest, was the old janitor in the adjacent building, as he stared at the priest leering through the window.

     An hour later, Ike Tarver noticed Father Riley wandering about the church garden, deep in thought.  Ike was no fool, after seeing how the ‘Good Father’ had stared at the beautiful Mrs. Chandler.  Obviously, Father Riley did have feelings of the flesh and could not escape his ‘sinful’ thoughts.  “Hi Father!” he greeted the surprised priest.

     Having known each other for many years, their friendship had grown closer than simply that of priest and church janitor.  Ike thought he’d see if he could get the Father to talk more freely and started by thanking him for having understood his prior indiscretion.  Father Riley smiled and then asked him “Ike, what would you say if I told you that although I have taken the vows that I do have temptations of the flesh?”  “Hell Father, oops excuse me Father, but I’d say you’re still a MAN!” laughed Ike.

     Father Riley paused for a bit “Well Ike, we’ve been friends for a long time.  But what I tell you must remain between us or I’ll deny everything and people will believe you’re only making things up to disgrace me.”  “Father, you can certainly trust me.  After all, you know the crime I committed also” Ike smiled.

     To a stunned Ike, Father Riley relayed all the sordid details of what he did after confiscating the ‘roofies’.  Ike was speechless, unable to believe how the ‘Good Father’ could have done such a sinful deed, but delighted in knowing so.  Father Riley then relayed how guilty he had felt and later destroyed the remaining ‘roofies’, but how he still had temptations of the flesh.

     Ike put two and two together “Father, you and I would make a damned good team together!  You provide the beautiful brides and bridesmaids and I’ll supply the ‘roofies’!  Caught ya eyeing up the beautiful Midge Chandler, bet you’d like to get your hands on her sweet little ass, huh Father!  At my 70 years of age, I lean to the tender young brides and bridesmaids!”

     Father Riley was flushed, realizing the Ike had indeed caught him as he had watched the beautiful woman leave the church.  “Ike, both you and I have ‘sinned’ and committed a crime.  We can’t ever do such a thing ever again! We can’t let the temptations of the flesh have its way again” he preached.

     “Aw, Father, we’re only human!  It’s just natural to want sex with a beautiful woman.  I know you’d sure like to get into Ms. Chandler’s sweet little panties.  Me, I’m dying to get a crack at her beautiful daughter, Megan!  I’ve eyed that young beauty every Sunday for years,” Ike chimed. “Absolutely not, Ike!  You and I must abstain from such sinful thoughts and desires!’ replied Father Riley.

     That night, Father Riley lay in bed unable to sleep.  All he could think of was the beautiful Midge Chandler.  He had wished he had not thrown away the remaining ‘roofies’.  But now, Ike’s proposal had his mind in overdrive.  He had not mentioned to Ike of Midge Chandler’s upcoming wedding.  It was to be a small private ceremony at the church and her maid of honor was none other that her lovely daughter that Ike lusted for.  Yes, the lovely young Megan, who’s engaged and to be married in a year!

     Throughout the week, Father Riley tossed and turned unable to get to bed.  Unable to sleep until he tossed himself while picturing the lovely Midge Chandler with her trim white legs spread just from him.  And in her counseling with him, she had advised him that though she was over 40 years of age, she wanted to have a child with her new husband.  Ejaculating at he thought of fathering her child, the ‘Good Father’ was finally able to sleep.

     Unable to stand the temptations of the flesh any longer, Father Riley approached Ike as he was cleaning the church.  Once Ike was asked by the ‘Good Father’ if he indeed could get a new supply of ‘roofies’, the partnership of ‘sin’ was formed.  Ike learned of the upcoming wedding and that the lovely Megan would be the only bridesmaid.  Ike was only too eager to get the ‘roofies’ and help lay out the devious plot to take advantage of the lovely mother and daughter.

     The eventful day had come.  Father Riley had informed Ms. Chandler that he was so proud of her for having brought up her children in such a fine manner and that she was a model church member.  Thus, as it was going to be a small private ceremony at the church, Father Riley was going to have two bottles of champagne for the bridal party to toast their blessed union after the ceremony.

     It was a late Saturday afternoon and Father Riley watched in admiration as the lovely Midge Chandler and her husband to be approached him for the wedding vows.  As this was her second marriage, the bride wore a full length red gown while the groom wore a black suit to the private ceremony.  Megan was dressed in a pink dress as the ‘maid of honor’, while the groom’s brother served as the ‘best man’.  It was a short but nice ceremony and Father Riley congratulated the bride and groom.  As the ceremony concluded and the newlyweds turned to go to the reception hall, Father Riley got  a hardon as he got to see the open back dress that the bride wore.  He licked his lips as he starred at the soft creamy back of the lovely bride

      Attending the ceremony were family members and close friends of the newlyweds.  Following the ceremony, the bridal couple and guests then went to the reception hall for the celebration.  There, Ike had dressed decently for the private celebration and had gotten the food and drinks ready for the incoming group.  Ike would play the perfect bartender, seeing that the glasses were never empty.

     As this was a small private reception, Ike guessed that the party was anticipated to last between an hour to two.  Thus, he would have to time things just right.  He looked at the lovely young Megan, as she mingled about and licked his lips as he imagined her long white legs widespread to admit his aching black cock.  ‘God’, he thought, ‘I’d sure like to knock up the lovely white bitch!’

     Meanwhile, Father Riley chatted with the guests, many of whom he knew as members of the parish.  But he anxiously awaited for the guests to depart, telling the bride and groom that after the guests depart, he would have them sign the official documents to be filed with the state.  And it would be then that he would serve the specially prepared wine.  He glanced over at Ike and saw that he was preoccupied with his ogling lustful stare at the lovely Megan.  He knew Ike was getting horny and wanted to nail the little beauty, and on doing so very soon, thus the Good Father hoped that he might just sneak in a peek to see the lovely young beauty take the 70 year old black cock that was throbbing in Ike's pants.

Megan Chandler

     As the first hour came to pass, a few of the guests began to say their good-byes. Ike carefully watched as Megan drank the champagne from her glass.  Just as she sipped the last of her champagne, she was surprised to have a new glass of champagne served to her by Mr. Tarver, the church janitor who was assisting as bartender for her mom’s wedding.

     For ten minutes, Ike watched eagerly as Megan consumed the contents of the ‘special’ champagne that he had prepared for the maid of honor.  His aged old dick began to rise in anticipation, waiting to break down the barrier to her well-protected treasure. Oh, how he wanted to plant his hot black seed in her fertile garden.  His black cock gave a twitch at the thought of the young white beauty having his bastard black baby.

     Having consumed a number of drinks, along with the most recent ‘special’ drink, Megan was feeling woozy.  She walked out of the reception hall in search of the restroom.  Father Riley watched as Ike also made a quick exit, close behind his beautiful young prey.  Peering out, Father Riley watched Ike open the door to a dressing room, more of a guest room with a bed and restroom.  A room that the young woman could lock from the inside, otherwise requiring a key from the outside, a key that both Ike and the ‘Good Father’ had in their possession.

     In her woozy state, young Megan needed to freshen up and rest a bit, realizing she should not have consumed so many glasses of champagne.  How she wished her fiancé could have attended the wedding and be with her. Everything had been all set but Uncle Sam had postponed his furlough till the following week and all the wedding plans had been arranged.  But, at least she would be seeing him next week when he got back on his weekend pass.  She had locked the door, wanting some privacy as she freshened up.  Having freshened up in the restroom, Megan found she needed to rest, as her mind was getting fuzzier with each passing moment.  The blue sofa looked inviting and she needed to lay down, if only for a moment.

     From nearby, Ike watched the doorway for just over five minutes and knew the lovely maid of honor must have passed out.  Now, he was intent of having the honor of introducing the beauty to some thick black cock. Knocking on the door brought no answer.  Quickly, Ike inserted his key and entered, as hoped he found the lovely Megan passed out on the sofa. He licked his lips as he gazed down at trim white legs, widespread just for him, then reached out to caress a flawless and sexy thigh.  Hand touching her left leg, moving down to her white heel, his cock twitched with excitement as he peeled off the heel to reveal her beautifully pedicured toes.  Then he moved to her right leg to caress her soft skin and do the same.

     Father Riley glanced about the reception hall and a small line had formed, as those about to leave gave their congratulations to the bride and groom.  As it would be awhile before the party ended, Father Riley wondered just how his friend was progressing with the lovely Megan.  Slipping out of the reception hall, he made his way to the room occupied by Ike and the maid of honor.

     Hearing the key being inserted into the lock did not faze Ike, for he knew it must be the ‘Good Father’.  As the door opened and closed, Ike looked up from the sofa at his audience and smiled while licking his glistening lips.  Father Riley was breathing hard as he took in the exotic sight of the lovely Megan, dress pulled up above her hips, and lacy pink panties on the floor.  “Aw, Father, this is prime eating stuff!  Never had I tasted white meat so fresh and juicy!” Ike smiled, continuing to lick the tasty juice on his lips.

     Father Riley watched as Ike stood up and shucked off his shoes and pants, then watched Ike stroke his thick but wrinkled black cock.  Ike smiled at the Father and then upon the lovely white bitch “Aw, Father, gonna enjoy ‘ruining’ this pretty young thing!  Gonna love fucking this white bitch!  Gonna knock her up good ............................................gonna lay a little black bastard up in her little belly!”

     Ike was going to put on a good show for Father Riley.  And Father Riley sure did enjoy watching Ike shuffle up onto the drugged beauty, lifting her trim white legs, then placing his drooping black cock between the beauty’s private treasure.  Then watched as Ike slammed forward, burying his thick black cock deep into the drugged beauty.  He continued to watch, until finally, Ike groaned “Ah, God, you sweet little bitch …….............................ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .............................yeah, baby ...............................................gonna cummmm …..........................…awww .........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  .......................……here it issssss!”.  Father Riley exited the room as the quivering black body emptied its potent seed into the lovely Megan.
     Finally, all the guests had left.  The new couple looked about for Megan, relieved with Father Riley’s assurance that young Megan was fine, that she had retired to freshen up and to rest a bit after so many champagne toasts.  Leading them into the adjoining room to sign the official documents, Ike was awaiting them and immediately served them with a glass of red wine.  Father Riley toasted the couple, saying this was a special wine for a special occasion.

    Already a bit woozy from the many glasses of champagne, the couple loved the taste of the wine.  Knowing that they would be drinking that day, the couple had not driven and had intended to take a cab to dinner, with Megan accompanying them.  Thus, there was no concern as to the amount of alcohol consumed.  After the first glass of wine, the couple signed the official documents to their marriage.  Their glasses were quickly refilled by the helpful Ike Tarver.

     Twenty minutes after the first glass of wine, Father Riley smiled at the grinning Ike, delighted at the success of the plan.  Husband and wife were snuggling next to each other, in various stages of losing consciousness.  Their speech was slurred and it would not be long before they passed out from the ‘roofie’ spiked wine.  Soon, both husband and wife were leaning against each other, unconscious from the drugged wine.

     It was Ike’s turn to watch, as the ‘Good Father’ was about to give the beautiful bride his blessing.  A kind of blessing that only her loving husband should give her.  He watched as Father Riley went to the couch and eased the beautiful bride down so her veiled head lay on her husband’s lap.  Then he grasped her trim ankles off the floor and turned the lovely woman so she lay flat on the sofa.

     Having watched Ike earlier, Father Riley was intent on getting a taste of the lovely bride.  First he slipped off her transparent heels, the pushed her long red dress up to bunch around her trim waist.  He then sucked in a deep breath as he grasped the lacy white panties and slowly drew them down.  He began to pant as he viewed the soft honey fleece that was revealed.  He drew the thin silky garment down over the trim white legs and heels, letting it fall to the floor.  Then, with the trim white legs spread wide enough to allow him between them, the ‘Holy Father’ began to make his journey up to the bride’s tight and sweet honey slit.

     As Father Riley buried his face into the clean honey fleece, his tongue delved into the slick groove of he unconscious bride.  Suddenly, the ‘Holy Father’ was startled at the loud beeping of his pager.  He had given the office secretary instructions that he was not to be disturbed with any phone calls, but in dire emergency the beeper was to be used to notify him.  Coming up from between the soft sweet thighs, Father Riley had to catch his breath.  Getting his beeper from his robe, he read the message saying ‘suicide attempt’.  Getting up, he looked over at Ike and shook his head, telling Ike he’d have to go to the office up front and would be back as soon as he could.

     Twenty minutes later, a flustered Father Riley frantically opened the door to resume his conquest of the lovely bride.  Just as he had left the bridal couple, with Ike smiling at him.  Only now, Father Riley was desperately in need of satisfying his lust, hidden beneath his robe.  Removing his sacred robe, the portly old body descended upon the lovely bride.

     Ike watched his old friend stumble about in his eagerness and inexperience.  He thought the poor old priest would cum all over the bride before even getting his drooling cock into her.  It was a sight for Ike, as the ‘Holy Father’ huffed and puffed as he shagged the lovely bride.  He smiled as the portly body began to quiver and shake, obvious that he was now giving the bride his personal blessings.

     Later, having drawn the panties up the legs of the lovely bride, Father Riley poured a glass of wine for he and his accomplice.  Celebrating their achievement, they toasted each other.  “Well, Father, it looks like you gave the lovely bride an outpouring of your ‘blessing’!  Wonder if the lovely bride will be giving birth to a ‘holy’ baby in nine months?” Ike joked.  Father Riley smiled at the very thought of possibly having impregnated the lovely bride.

     Father Riley would not have been smiling so proudly had he known just what had occurred during his handling of the emergency situation.  Old Ike knew any emergency situation would take awhile, thus he just couldn’t let a good thing go to waste.  Seeing the lovely bride with her inviting pussy staring at him, his droopy black cock again rose to the occasion.  Megan’s lovely mother had also received a hot potent dose of Ike’s black baby jism.  With Father Riley’s inexperience with women, he merely thought the bride was still juicy from the tongue licking he had performed earlier, not from the fucking she received from the black janitor.

     Two months later, while Megan was visiting her mother, Midge announced that Megan was going to be a sister again.  Megan smiled, happy for her mother, then advised with hesitation “Um, Mom, I know how you felt about Richard and me waiting till we were married to, you know . . . but, well, we just couldn’t.  I mean, he was home on furlough, and we were real careful and all, but, well, I guess the condom must’ve leaked or something.  Anyway, I’m . . . I’m pregnant, too.  Mother, we love each other and, well, we are moving up our wedding a few months because of the baby.  Oh, Mother, maybe it’s a special blessing that you and I will be having our babies at the same time.”  Megan giggled, putting one hand on her belly and the other on her mother’s.

End of Story.