Unholy Desires – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The long awaited day had arrived with sunshine and a cool breeze. Jenny Learner, was twenty-two and a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde.  She looked absolutely stunning in her white lace wedding gown.  In less than an hour she'd be marching down the aisle, radiant in the knowledge she'd soon be Mrs. Steve Cornell.

The stress of the wedding had gotten to her just a bit from early in the morning.  Her mother had been assisting her in the morning shortly after breakfast and when she needed to take her medication, Jenny helped get her medication from her purse.  As her mother took the medication, she indicated to Jenny that the tranquilizer would serve to calm her nerves.  Taking the capsules back to her mother’s purse, she reopened the bottle and decided she could calm her nerves also.  She took one tranquilizer then and kept another for later if needed.  But she was just too nervous to eat.  That did not set well for the tranquilizer on an empty stomach caused her to feel woozy.

As the wedding approached, Jenny decided to take the second pill.  Too nervous to eat, the side-effects of the tranquilizers had her feeling quite dizzy.  Roz Austin, her maid of honor, asked the church’s caretaker if there was a room where the bride could lay down and rest as there was just over an hour before the wedding.  The elderly caretaker was kind enough to lead the way to a small room with a bed and locked the side-door for them, telling them that Roz could lock the front door if she wanted to leave the bride alone in the room.

At the age of 70, old Ike Tarver felt his shriveled old cock come to life as he had stared at the lovely bride-to-be, woozy from the medication.  ‘God, this little beauty looks so damned naïve and innocent!  Man, I sure as hell wish I was the lucky young punk tonight!’ he thought.  His cock began to twitch madly, something he had not felt in many a year.  ‘If I can only get my hands on this beautiful bitch, I’d show her just what fucking is all about!  She’d never be satisfied by her young punk husband!’ he added.

As he exited the room, he turned to see the helpful maid of honor assist the bride onto the bed, brushing the wedding gown down so it would not wrinkle.  Ike decided to hang around and keep an eye out.  A few moments later, he observed the maid of honor exit the room and quietly close the door and watched her twist the doorknob to be certain it was locked.  Then the other bridesmaids came by to join the maid of honor and they all chatted nearby.  He overheard the maid of honor telling the others of Jenny’s need to rest and that she was laying down for awhile.

Rushing out and going from the back way, along the side of the room that the lovely bride lay resting, Ike got out the key to the side door that he had locked from the inside.  He could hear the giggling of the bridesmaids and smiled as he inserted the key.  Seconds later, he slipped into to the room, smiling down at the dozing young bride. He stared longingly at the sleeping beauty as he quickly shucked off his clothing.  By the time Jenny awoke and cleared her head enough to realize what was happening to her, Ike had hiked up her wedding gown, stripped off her lace panties and was about to mount her.

Jenny struggled but it was no use as her attacker was surprisingly strong for a man his age.  Ike’s hand was clamped tightly over her mouth, then he taunted her “Got a wedding gift for the beautiful little bride!  Something your husband will never be able to beat!”   With that, Ike lunged forward with all his might, driving his thick black cock into her.  “Argggghhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhh, pleaseeeee ……noooooooooooooooo …….aieeeeeeeeeeeee!!” her screams muffled by his large hand, as she begged, trying to convince him to stop.  But it was obvious that Ike was not about to relinquish his prize.

Ike whispered into her ear, jabbing his cock into her, taunting her “My God, you’re fucking cherry!  Anyway, there went your fucking precious cherry!  What will your punk say if he knew that his precious little bride was being ‘niggered’ by a 70 year old stud, huh bitch?  Bet your husband-to-be wouldn't want to even touch you, if he knew you got ‘niggered’ just moments before the wedding ceremony! He’ll be pissed knowing the lowly old black janitor beat him out of his precious prize!”

Jenny continued her efforts to scream for help and to get this awful rapist off her.  But her screams were totally muffled by the large black hand.  Then she felt her rapist nuzzling at the ear, tonguing her inner ear, sobbing at the shameful taunting of her being ‘niggered’ on her wedding day.  What her rapist was now taunting her with began to sink in “Wanna call for help?  Gonna take my hand from your mouth and let you call for help.  Gonna let them break this door down and let them come to your aid.  But imagine the view they’ll get when they see my black cock fucking your precious little cunt.  Maybe the punk groom will be the first one in!”

  Jenny knew the old man was right.  She just couldn't risk the humiliation of family and friends knowing she'd been raped by this black old man on her wedding day.  Over and over, her mind flashed the thought of being ‘Ruined’ on her wedding day!  As the hand was removed from her mouth, Jenny continued to plead for him to stop but did not raise her voice nor scream for help.  She was able to rationalize despite her terrifying situation, knowing that any scream would in fact bringing attention to her shame of being ‘ruined’ on her wedding day.

“Please, oh, pleaseeee ………..........……..please stop!  Oh, God, pleaseeee ………..........this is my wedding day ………................please stop!  Please …......................………..please pull it out!” Jenny sobbed.  Ike smiled as he continued to thrust in and out of the sobbing beauty, pleased to know that she was afraid of anyone coming in to witness her shameful rape.  The only thing against him at this moment was the time element but nothing could stop him now, no way he’d be able to pull out until his shot his load into this beautiful bitch.  ‘God!’ Ike thought, ‘What if I lay a little baby in this beautiful bitch?  Ain’t that the shits for this little bitch!’ Ike nipped at her earlobe and licked her inner ear, “Gonna dump my nigger load deep in your cunt, bitch!

“Please ….................…please …......................…….please, stop!  Oh, please ……................…….you’ll go to jail for this …….............stopppppppppp!”  Jenny sobbed, trying desperately to push the elderly rapist from her.  Then her pushing hands stopped pushing and instead grasped her rapist’s shoulders tightly.  Then she gasped as a hand slipped between them and began to rub her sensitive clit, something she had never felt before.  “Oh, ohhhhhhh …....................…..ohhhhhh, Goddddddd ……...........................……..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

Then Jenny suddenly arched up from the thrusting and fingering sensations.  Wisely, Ike clamped a hand tightly over the bride’s mouth, stifling her uncontrolled moans as she reached a mind-shattering orgasm.  If anyone managed to enter the room at this very instant, they would have been in for quite a shock seeing the naïve young bride clutching the old black janitor with her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her with nyloned legs wrapped tightly around the pumping black ass.

As reality set back in, Jenny sobbed in shame, having reached an orgasm with her rapist, something she had never experienced before.  She and Steve had come close to being intimate on a few occasions, having let him have some liberties once he had proposed, but never allowing him to go all the way telling him that she was saving it for the wedding day.  Steve had been the only man to pet and touch her, but now his prize had been ‘ruined’ by the filthy black janitor.

“Oh, please, no …………..get off me……….noooooooooo!” Jenny sobbed as the body upon her began to shiver and quiver madly.  Tears poured down her eyes as the quivering black body shuddered and shook, the long thick cock within her expanded and twitched madly, suddenly exploding deep in her fertile womb.  Jenny sighed and wept as the hot thick jism flooded her womb, overflowing from the joined area and soiling the lining of her wedding gown.

Ike pulled his long black shaft from the bride’s raped slit, exiting with a loud ‘pop’.  He snickered as he watched a glob of his blood streaked cum ooze from her gaping hole, drooling down her white inner thigh and onto the thick lining of her wedding gown.  He began to get into his clothing as the lovely bride curled up into a fetal position, sobbing in her shame and humiliation.  Jenny began gagging, wanting to vomit, laying dazed with her legs spread and the filth oozing out of her cunt.  Ike reminded her again of the shame and humiliation she'd bring to herself, her husband and her family if she cried rape.  Besides, who'd believe her that a harmless old seventy year old janitor overpowered and raped her?  Before exiting the side door, Ike bent over to pick up the bride’s lacy white panties as a souvenir to remember her by.

Dozing, the knock at the door snapped Jenny back to reality.  It was Roz Austin calling to her from behind the locked door.  Even though Roz Austin was her maid of honor and her most trusted friend, she couldn't tell Roz what had just occurred.  She felt her violated slit, feeling the throbbing ache deep within her as globs of the filthy mucous oozed onto her exploring fingers.  Looking at her soiled fingers, Jenny sobbed as she looked at the filth, streaked with blood from her torn hymen.  Desperately, Jenny looked about for her lace panties but they were no where to be found.  She yelled out to Roz that she’d be right out, not wanting to let Roz into the room as the stench of raw sex was obvious to the smell.

Jenny was in shock, not knowing what to do.  At twenty-one years old, Jenny was a naive young bride and not on any birth control.  It never dawned on her that a seventy year old man could possibly get a woman pregnant.  She wanted desperately to wash his filth out of her cunt but never considered the fact his potent black sperm could very well be claiming her fertile egg at that very moment.

  She reached into her small pocket to retrieve the silk kerchief that her mother had given her that morning, stuffing it into her gaping cunt to stop the goo from flowing down her thighs.  Her rapist was right as Jenny pondered what she could do or who she could confide in.  Who'd ever believe that the harmless old black janitor would've or could've broken in and raped her in a church and on her wedding day?  She didn't want to believe it herself, but there was no denying her cunt was badly stretched, sore and oozing his filth.  Jenny had put off her husband-to-be till after the wedding, and now an ugly old man had beaten him to his prize.  Getting up, Jenny thought she would die from taking her first step, her thighs hurting so badly.

Opening the door, Jenny left the small room that bore her shame.  Roz immediately went to her, trying to comfort her when she observed that she had been crying.  When questioned, Jenny lied saying that it was merely the stress of the wedding itself.  Roz immediately assisted her to the restroom where Jenny quickly touched up her make-up, spritzed herself with some perfume and then Roz helped her with the veil.

Then it was time for the long walk down the aisle for the beautiful young bride.  No one would notice anything amiss and only the defiled young bride and the wiley old janitor knew the truth as Jenny and Steve were joined in marriage.  After she and Steve were pronounced ‘Man and Wife’, they led the procession back down the aisle and out of the church.  Just as she and Steve exited the church, Jenny shivered as the grinning old janitor reached out to shake Steve’s hand with “Congratulations young man!  You’ve married a lovely young bride!”

At the reception, Jenny excused herself to the restroom.  There she withdrew the soiled kerchief from her raped slit and wiped off the telltale crusted cum around her slit.  She was relieved that the bleeding had stopped and aching pain easing.  Jenny's nightmare, however, was far from over.  She made it through the wedding & reception, finally tossing the bouquet and heading for the honeymoon suite hand-in-hand with her new husband.  Her plan was to make a beeline to the bathroom to wash the slimy filth out of her cunt before consummating their marriage.

Unfortunately, Jenny had gotten drunker than she should have at the reception, trying to drown her sorrow and humiliation.  Her horny husband had other ideas as he carried her over the threshold and straight to large king-sized bed.  Jenny tried to beg off to use the bathroom, but Steve wanted her then and there.  They kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, but drunk, exhausted and still a bit dazed from the tranquilizers she had stolen from her mother, Jenny soon drifted off to sleep.

Steve was far too horny to sleep and soon shifted down into position, hiking up Jenny's wedding dress.  He was startled to find that his naïve and innocent young Jenny had not worn any panties but rationalized that she must he as horny as he was.  He began lapping up the thick nectar that was oozing between her legs.  Jenny's eyes fluttered open and she tried in vain to fend him off, but it was already too late.  Steve was a pretty inexperienced lover and this was his very first time to gain access to Jenny's most private place.  Though the smell and taste was quite a bit gamier than he'd anticipated he was too drunk and horny to care.

Finally, Steve stood and removed his pants.  Jenny was surprised and disappointed at what she saw.  She was shocked to discover that the 70 year old cock that she had sampled earlier was so much more impressive than Steve's slim six-incher.  As Steve mounted his blushing bride and buried his cock in his wife for the very first time, Jenny felt only disgust and disappointment.  Though drunk, she quickly remembered that she was at her fertile time of the month and reminded Steve to put on a condom.  After a few more short, quick strokes he grudgingly donned the condom and then quickly and clumsily consummated their marriage.

Jenny was totally stunned at how quickly Steve had grunted out his climax and his rubber coated cock slipped out so easily.  In another moment, her drunken husband lay snoring loudly next to her.  This was so different from what she had expected and had hoped for.  So different from her introduction to what fucking was all about.  Closing her eyes in despair, Jenny reached down between her legs to touch the spot her rapist had rubbed and gave her such an orgasm.  Rubbing her clit while reliving the vicious rape of that day, Jenny gasped and shuddered in a mild climax.

The next morning, Steve awoke with a mean hangover, his head pounding badly.  He looked over at his lovely wife wondering just how he had performed.  He recalled bits and pieces, remembering that he went down on Jenny with her wedding gown still on and mounted her before she could remove her gown.  He looked over as the wedding gown strewn about on the sofa.  Then the dark red spot on the inner lining of the gown caught his attention.  Staggering out of bed, he went to look at the dark red stains.  It was definitely blood, Jenny’s blood from her ruptured hymen.  Steve beamed a wide smile at the fact that he had been the first to claim Jenny’s precious gem, the gem that she had been promising for their wedding night.  He saw the dried white splotches nearby and hoped that he had not let the rubber slip off in their lovemaking, having no recollection when he had taken it off.  But he thought ‘Boy, I must have cum a hell of a lot as there’s globs and globs of my cum on her gown.’

Steve was beaming with pride as Jenny finally awoke, proud to be the ‘man’ that took Jenny’s precious cherry.  When Steve prodded Jenny with questions on his performance, Jenny forced herself to lie and called him her ‘stud’, hoping that the first night’s poor performance was due to his drunken condition.  But, the week-long honeymoon on the coast left much to be desired by the lovely young bride.  Though she was madly in love with her handsome young husband, with the great looks of a stud, he was nothing but a mere dud in bed.  Every attempt at lovemaking proved futile for Jenny, with Steve quickly flooding his protective condom and dozing a moment later.

On the last day of their honeymoon, as they lunched at poolside, Jenny’s thoughts were not on her husband sitting next to her.  Instead, she swallowed hard as she gazed at the two elderly black caretakers as they pruned the nearby bushes.  She chastised herself for the wicked thoughts going through her mind, wondering if either of the old men could put out the fire between her thighs.  She was ashamed at her thoughts and the fact that her love juices began flowing, dampening the crotch of her panties.

Three weeks later, the church’s secretary called the holy father to the phone, telling him a member of the congregation sounded to be in need of his help.  Picking up the phone, Father Riley was surprised to hear the lovely Mrs. Jenny Cornell on the line.  He could still picture the lovely young woman, whom he had recently married just a few weeks ago, wondering just would could be distressing this lovely newlywed.  How he had wished that he had been the lucky groom on the wedding day, marrying such a naïve and innocent young beauty.  He was surprised to hear her sounding so distressed saying she was so ashamed and just had to confess something to him.

Getting into his car, Father Riley again wondered just what could be so distressful for the young beauty.  He had seen the young couple the past weekend in church and all seemed well when they chatted for a bit after the services were over.  He had asked the young wife to meet him at the church but upon learning she had taken some tranquilizers to calm her nerves, he did not want her driving at all.  Getting her address from her, he advised that he would call upon her at her home.

Arriving at the Cornell’s home, he was greeted by the lovely young wife, the teary eyes obviously betraying her condition.  Father Riley could tell that she was drowsy from the tranquilizers that she had taken and was glad he had instructed her not to drive to the church.  As he closed the door and followed the lovely young wife, he could not help but stare at her long bare white legs.  He took in how this beauty was simply dressed in a white blouse and shorts.  He could not help but feel the reaction of the flesh, feeling his cock twitch under his dark trousers.

As they sat on the sofa, Jenny began to sob and tears flowed down her lovely face.  Father Riley moved next to the young beauty, comforting her by drawing her close to let her cry on his shoulder.  Then Jenny began to spew out the horrible rape that had taken place on the premises of the church.  Jenny was so relieved to finally be able to tell someone who could understand the horrors that she had recently gone through.  It felt so good to have someone hold her as she revealed the horrible events but Jenny was oblivious that the pudgy hands stroking her were giving wicked thoughts to the very priest beside her.

Hearing of the lovely young wife’s vicious rape on her wedding day, the Good Father was nearly panting at the end with his cock twitching madly in his pants.  He couldn’t stop stroking the soft skin of the young beauty, wanting desperately to slip his stroking hands under her blouse to feel her lovely breasts.  Wanting desperately to slip his hands down to caress her soft white thighs, Father Riley had to use all his willpower to restrain himself.  The Good Father expressed his dismay to the bride that such a brutal assault was committed by the trusted church janitor and on the church premises at that.  But Father Riley was only dismayed that Ike had not shared with him the prize he had defiled on the church grounds.

Afraid that he could not keep his hands from wandering further, Father Riley got up to get the distressed young bride some water.  Going to the kitchen, he observed a small wine rack filled with bottles of wine.  Then the Good Father’s mind raced into overdrive, knowing that the distressed beauty had already taken some tranquilizers, he decided to open a bottle of red wine.  Taking it back to the sniffling beauty, he told her the wine would be better and would serve to calm her further.

Putting his arm around her, the Good Father lightly caressed the young wife, soothing her nerves but exciting his.  He encouraged her to drink the wine, knowing full well what the mixture with the drugs would do to this innocent young beauty.  He listened intently as the young bride told him of her honeymoon and confessed her wicked thoughts when she had gazed upon the black caretakers while dining with her husband.  Stroking her arm and shoulder, he reassured her that it was only natural after what had happened to her and since her honeymoon had been a disappointment to her.

Father Riley was speechless and his cock rock-hard thinking Ike defiling this pretty little thing.  He sat there flabbergasted as the young wife advised that she was so ashamed but must confess her sins of the day before.  He caressed her gently and encouraged her to confess her sins as it would do her good and that he would certainly absolve her of her sins, no matter what they were.  But he was totally unprepared for what the lovely Mrs. Cornell would blurt out next.

“Father …….I ………I ………..I sinned yesterday and am so ashamed of myself!” Jenny sobbed.  “Shortly ……shortly after Steve left for work, I answered the doorbell.  When I opened the door, it was the old man who raped me at the church!  Father ………Father …….I let him in ……I ……I let him make love to me on the bed I share with Steve!”  “Oh, Father, I’m so ashamed of myself!  I did nothing to discourage him but instead begged him to make love to me throughout the day.  I didn’t tell him to leave till it was about time for Steve to come home!  Oh, Father, I did some despicable things …….things I haven’t even done with Steve!” she sobbed, burying her face into the chest of the Good Father.

At the urging of the Good Father to confess all her sins, she blurted out all the details “Father ……I refused Steve when he wanted to put his penis in my mouth …….but ………..but I sucked ……..I sucked this man when he asked me to ………and ………..and I let him shoot his filth into my mouth …….I ……I could have pulled my mouth away ……..but …..I didn’t ………then ……….I swallowed all his filth, Father!  I feel so ashamed at what I did.

Comforting the young wife, Father Riley poured her another glass of wine.  As the second glass of wine was consumed, he gave her absolution as he saw her eyelids fluttering to stay open.  “You should now get some sleep and rest, my child!” he instructed.  “Come, my child, let me help you to your bedroom!  Once you’re okay, I’ll let myself out and lock up!” he advised.  He then had an arm around the young wife’s trim waist, the hand slipping up under her open blouse to touch her soft smooth skin but going unnoticed to the drugged young wife.  He helped her to bed and covered her with a thin sheet. Then the Good Father went out to the living room and poured himself the final glass of wine, which he sipped while allowing the young beauty to fall into a deep drug induced sleep.

Finishing his glass of wine, Father Riley made his way back to the master bedroom.  He looked in to see the lovely beauty sleeping soundly, knowing that she would not awaken with the tranquilizers and wine consumed.  With a devious smile, the Good Father began to disrobe, shedding all his clothing off his pudgy frame.

Moving up to the bed, Father Riley took a deep breath as gazed upon a true angel as he drew the sheet away from her.  Reaching down, he slowly unbuttoned the front of her blouse.  Panting in anticipation, he slipped a pudgy hand into the blouse and caressed the beauty’s soft breasts through her lacy bra.  Then he spread the blouse open wide and pushed the lacy bra up to reveal two perfectly shaped breasts, capped with lovely pink nipples.  Bending over, he tongued each nipple to arousal, sucking each nipple into his slurping mouth, nipping at each bud with his sharp teeth.

Reaching down, he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled the zipper down.  Then he pulled down the shorts along with the protective lacy white panties.  He gazed upon the soft golden fleece and the long trim white legs of this lovely young wife.  He knew he did not have to rush as the young bride was totally at his disposal and her young husband was at work.  He moved to the foot of the bed and rubbed her dainty soles over his puffy and oily face.  He began to lick her tender soles, darting his tongue between her lovely toes.  Then he began his journey up the long trim legs and bent over to taste the sweet nectar of this lovely young beauty.

His cock was pulsing madly as he continued to lap at the sweet honey.  He then recalled what this innocent beauty did for Ike and also he wanted to feel the thrill of having her lips around him.  His cock would not be the first between her innocent lips but he took pride that his cock would have that pleasure before her wedded husband.  He had heard of the sexual ‘69’ position and felt this would be the opportune time for him to experience it.

Spinning about, he looked down at the face of the sleeping beauty.  Father Riley guided his pulsing cock and rubbed it over the soft pink lips, his cock threatening to explode right then as he looked to see the bride’s sweet lips upon him.  He held still for fear that he would lose it prematurely at that very moment.  Looking down he saw a large glob of precum about to drip from his pulsating tube.  Leaning down, he glossed over the lipstick on the soft pink lips of the sleeping bride.  Pushing forward a bit, he parted the beautiful pink lips.  He groaned as his cockhead was admitted into the warm snug mouth.  Burying his face into the soft golden fleece, he tongued the stiff clit that seemed to cause the lovely bride to begin nursing on his pulsating cock.  “Ohhhhh, Godddddddd, yesssss ……………ahhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned into her muff, his cock twitching from the excitement and spurting out the thick holy fluid.

The excitement was too much for the Good Father, causing him to doze for twenty minutes or so.  Opening his eyes, he smiled as he gazed at the lovely beauty, her pink lips glistening with his holy cum.  Spreading the trim white legs apart, he gently lay his portly body onto the soft young beauty.  Slowly, Father Riley pushed his fat cockhead into the unconscious beauty.  The mere thought of possessing this lovely young bride was enough to set him off.  It was but a dozen strokes when the Good Father began wheezing, his body shuddering as he lost control, his fat old cock twitched and spurted out the holy seed deep into the young woman whom he had recently given the vows of holy matrimony.

Father Riley lay exhausted on the lovely young bride, his cock still encased in her precious slit.  Then he felt his cock give a twitch of life, something he thought he would not be capable of especially after unleashing his entire load twice within the past hour. He then began to rock back and forth, thrusting his old cock into the sleeping beauty.  Having cum twice already, his cock was not nearly as sensitive as before, allowing him to pump madly into the young wife.  This was the fuck of a lifetime for the Good Father, fucking a lovely beauty in her marital bed.  This fuck lasted a good fifteen minutes before the holy seed was again injected deep into the young beauty’s womb.

Getting up from the bed, Father Riley was totally drained and exhausted.  After dressing, he picked up the lacy white panties and stuffed them into his pocket.  Going to the dresser, he found a similar pair of panties and drew them up the long trim legs, followed by her shorts.  Once the beauty was dressed properly, he pulled the sheet back over her and made his way out of the room.  He cleaned up the glasses so her husband would not see them and then took the empty wine bottle to dispose of later.  Then he left, being sure to lock the front door behind him.  He certainly did not want some thug coming in through an open front door and attacking such an innocent young beauty.

That afternoon, Steve arrived home to find his lovely bride sound asleep in their bed.  He was glad she was getting some rest for she had tossed and turned throughout the night, seemingly upset for some reason which she had refused to discuss with him.  As it had gotten warm during the day, Jenny had kicked the sheet off, thus revealing her trim white legs for her admiring young husband.  Steve licked his lips, wanting desperately to nuzzle his face between his lovely wife’s thighs, something she had only allowed him to do when they were both drunk on their wedding night.  Since then, he repeatedly tried to put his face between her thighs but was rebuffed each time.

Moaning, Jenny arched up toward the licking tongue between her thighs.  “Ohhhh ……ohhhhhhh ……ahhhhhhh!” she groaned as her cunt muscles contracted, forcing out the love juices between her thighs.  Lapping up all the thick nectar, Steve remembered the similar smell and gamey taste of his lovely bride from the wedding night.

Several weeks later, after several days of nausea, Steve took Jenny in to the doctor for fear of a bad case of the flu or some virus.  After many tests were taken and they sat in the doctor’s office awaiting the results, a smiling Dr. Martin entered.  “Just got the results and had it reconfirmed.  It’s not the case of the flu or a virus as you had thought.  I see you two got married about six weeks ago.  Well, congratulations are in order! In about seven and a half months you two will the proud parents of a beautiful little baby!  The tests are positive and looks like Mrs. Cornell conceived near the wedding date!” the doctor advised.  The young husband beamed in delight at the thought of being a father, thinking that the condom failed that first night or in their drunken state had let it slip off in their lovemaking.  Meanwhile, the young bride felt and looked sicker than ever, realizing that the spunk of a 70 year old did not lose its potency as she had thought.

End of Story.