Unholy Desires – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Roz Austin had been so pleased to be the maid of honor for her best friend Jenny Lerner.  They had been close friends from high school and confided with each other.  But things had changed ever since Jenny’s wedding day and her good friend now seemed so withdrawn and would not open up to tell her what was bothering her.  She had bump into Jenny’s husband and learned of Jenny’s pregnancy and thus thought it was the after effects of the morning sickness.

On their last meeting, Roz congratulated Jenny on the pregnancy but that seemed to make Jenny uncomfortable.  Then Jenny took a pill to calm her nerves, a pill very similar to what Roz had seen her friend take just before the wedding.  As they chatted over lunch, Roz decided it best not to press Jenny any further and to let her come out from her side as to what was bothering her.  Jenny had so much wanted to confide with her best friend but how could she tell Roz that she had been impregnated in a vicious rape, made pregnant by the church’s black janitor.

As Jenny needed to use the restroom, Roz awaited for her friend’s return.  Seeing Jenny’s purse on the chair, she reached over to peer into the opening where Jenny had put the bottle of pills.  Reading the prescription label, Roz was surprised to see that it belonged to Jenny’s mother and it had a notation that it not be taken with alcohol.  The bottle was about half full.  Knowing the pills were not good for her friend, Roz wanted to take the entire bottle away from Jenny.  But she knew Jenny would miss it and know she had taken it.  Roz opened the bottle and removed three of the pills and put it into her skirt pocket, sighing with some relief that it would be three less pills for Jenny to consume.  Closing the bottle, she returned it to the purse just before Jenny made her way back to the table.

Roz realized that Jenny had consumed a glass of wine during lunch and what the bottle’s warning had said.  Jenny returned to the table and ordered another glass of wine for each of them.  Roz tried to get Jenny to pass on this second glass of wine, seeing that Jenny was a bit drowsy already.  But Jenny insisted and Roz did not want to upset her good friend, thinking that since she had picked Jenny up for lunch that at least she could see her friend home safely.

On the short drive to Jenny’s home, Roz knew she had to do something to help her friend.  But what could she do as Jenny only got upset when she began to question her on the pregnancy or her state of depression.  Jenny’s slurred speech on the way home knew it must be from the combination of wine and the tranquilizer.

Roz was soon to be married also and began to wonder if being married would lead to a horrible change as what has now happened to her good friend.  She had wanted so badly to get married and to start a family.  Now she was not so sure this was something to look forward to.  With her being unable to talk sense into Jenny, it came to Roz that perhaps Father Riley was the one who Jenny would listen to.  She knew that Jenny respected Father Riley’s opinion, as they both attended the same church and Father Riley knew both of them well.  Only Roz did not know just how well Father Riley had gotten to know her good friend, especially when he had taken advantage of her drugged state.

After dropping Jenny off safely at the home, Roz drove straight to the church, hoping that Father Riley was still there.  As she pulled into the parking lot, Roz observed the church’s secretary opening the door to her car.  She was relieved to learn from the secretary that Father Riley was still there.  Now perhaps she could help Jenny get some need help.

Father Riley looked up from his desk upon hearing the knock.  He smiled as he gazed upon the lovely Ms. Rozlyn Austin, his cock twitching at the alluring sight.  He had often seen the twenty-three year old beauty attend church and knew that she would soon be getting married as reservations for the church had already been made.  His mouth watered as he looked at the 5’4” young woman of about 115 lbs with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Rozlynn Autin

Standing up to invite his guest in, Father Riley leaned forward against the desk to press down on his bulging cock.  He invited his visitor to have a seat and asked how he could be of help.  He took in Rozlyn’s lovely body in her white top, blue and white print skirt with 3” white heels.  As his visitor sat in the chair and crossed her legs, he couldn’t take his eyes off her creamy white thighs, his cock twitching again in excitement.

Roz, as everyone called her, was so engrossed in trying to explain the problem of her best friend, not knowing what to do and hoping that maybe he could be of help.  Father Riley knew exactly what was the cause of Jenny Lerner’s depression and with that knowledge, he just might be able to use it to his advantage.  He looked at the three pills Roz Austin placed on his desk, listening to her explain how she managed to get it from Jenny’s purse.

The Good Father knew exactly what the pills would do, especially if taken with alcohol.  But he feigned total ignorance in the knowledge of what drugs would do, nor if mixed with alcohol.  He listened as Roz tried to explain what symptoms Jenny Lerner had displayed this afternoon after consuming two glasses of wine with a pill.

Father Riley expressed deep concern for Roz’s friend and told her he indeed wanted to help as much as possible.  Then he asked Roz if she was willing to assist him in helping her best friend.  Naturally Roz said she do whatever necessary to help Jenny.  “Well, Roz, we need to know exactly how this pill works when two glasses of wine are consumed.  If I was to go over and see Jenny and she’s in such a state, I do need to know what’s going through her mind when I talk to her.  I don’t want you to get hooked on any such drug or medication but testing it one time only should not place you in any danger.  I’ll be right here with you and want you to tell me exactly how it effect you as the time goes by.”

“I’m a little nervous taking that pill Father, especially after seeing how it affects Jenny.  But if you think it’ll be the best way to help her, I’m willing to do it.  I guess the sooner we do this experiment, the faster you can get to help Jenny.  My fiancé’s on the night shift this week and I’m off work tomorrow, so today is best for me if you have the time now Father!” Roz advised.

Getting up from his chair, Father Riley went over to the water container and poured a cup of water.  Giving it to Roz, he told her to just relax and tell him what changes she felt.  He watched as Roz nervously handled a tranquilizer and then put it into her mouth, swallowing it and then sipping the water to wash it down.  Then he told Roz to relax and sit on the sofa as she’d be more comfortable there.  As Roz stood and walked to the sofa, Father Riley’s eyes stared at the trim white legs, legs that he ached to get between.

“Oh, I completely forgot about the wine!” Father Riley lied.  He got up to first close the door to his office and locked it as a precaution.  Then he went to the door connecting to a nearby room where several bottles of wine were stored.  As he passed his desk, he slipped one of the remaining tranquilizers into his palm.

Opening a bottle of Cabernet, Father Riley poured the wine into two glasses.  The tranquilizer pill was actually in capsule form and thus it was simple to twist it open and pour the contents into one of the glasses.  Returning to his office, he handed the drugged glass of wine to the unsuspecting young beauty.

“I see you’re getting married soon Roz!  Tell me how things are going.  But whenever you feel an effect of the drug, let me know how its making you feel!” advised Father Riley.

Roz explained how she loved her fiancé and longed to be married and start a family.  But now Roz explained her uncertainty in viewing her best friend’s mood change since the day of the wedding.  Having confessed her sins to the Good Father on many occasions, Roz did not feel uncomfortable discussing her private feelings to him.

Seeing that Roz was only sipping the wine, Father Riley reminded her that she needed to consume the wine in a manner as Jenny had done or the experiment would not work.  Roz advised him that she had consumed two glasses of wine over lunch and did not want take more than necessary.  Father Riley advised her that the wine over lunch was hours ago and most of it would be out of her system already and she needed to have at least one glass.

Smiling as he watched young Roz consume the drug laden wine, Father Riley knew that with two tranquilizers and the wine, the young beauty would soon be his.  Roz explained that she was now feeling light-headed, her body relaxed from the drug.  Now the Good Father began to find out a little more of this young bride-to-be, learning that she lived alone in three bedroom home that her parents owned as a rental.  Roz and her fiancé would live there when they were married, renting it cheaply from her parents till they could buy their own home.

Father Riley smiled when he pried further, learning that Roz confessed that she and her fiancee had not awaited the marriage till consuming their relationship.  Roz asked the church for forgiveness in not having the willpower to abstain.  When questioned, Roz told him that she had only been intimate with her fiancé and had lost her virginity to him eight months ago, that they had been intimate many times since.  Although she did want a family, Roz advised that her fiancé always used a condom so that she would not get pregnant till after the wedding.

Then the drugs and wine really took effect as Roz could not help to keep her head steady, eyelids flickering in the attempt to keep them open.  “Ohhhhh …………..Father, I’m starting to feel so woozy …………….my eyes can’t stay open!” she blurted.  Licking his lips, he got up from his chair and slowly walked over to the young beauty “You’re doing fine, Roz!  Keep talking to me, tell me how you’re feeling each step of the way.  Here, let me help you get more comfortable!  Lie down on the sofa, Roz!”  With that, Father Riley used that comment to finally put his pudgy hands on her soft flesh.

Touching the soft creamy white skin, Father Riley took a deep breath to control himself.  One hand around her shoulders, he turned the young woman so she could lay along the length of the sofa.  He moved to the other end of the sofa, lifted her rather limp legs onto his lap.  First one heel was removed and then the other.  As Roz was merely going out with Jenny for a nice lunch, she had not bothered to put on any nylons.

As he talked to Roz, Father Riley saw her eyelids drooping, though she was fighting to keep them open.  Meanwhile, her massaged her soft sexy feet, his cock hardening madly in his trousers.  Then with Roz’s voice tapering off into an incoherent stammer, he saw her eyes close and her head slump to the side as she fell into deep drug induced sleep.  Calling to her, there was no response at all.  With the opportunity at hand, Father Riley unzipped himself, letting hard cock finally spring free.

Groaning as his stiff cock touched the soft soles of this unconscious beauty.  It had been an hour since Roz had first knocked at his door and now his quick devious planning was bearing fruit.  His pent up lust need to be satisfied quickly and he wrapped the soft feet around his pumping cock.  “Ohhhhh ………………ohhhhhh, baby, baby ……….ahhhhhhhhh!” he groaned loudly as his cock spurted, soiling the soft soles and toes of the unconscious Roz Austin.

Panting in exhilarating exhaustion, Father Riley ran his hand up the soft smooth calves and thighs of the sleeping beauty, pushing the hem of her skirt till the lacy pink panties were visible.  His wilted cock twitched again, the pulsing increasing as his cockhead began to expand in anticipation was what was to come.  Experienced now with the effects of wine and tranquilizers, there was no need to be in any hurry.  With Roz’s fiancé working at night and she living alone, there was no rush at all.

Pushing the skirt up and over Roz’s hips, Father Riley rubbed his face into the soft white thighs, licking his way up to the prized juncture, nuzzling his face into the soft panties.  He took a deep breath to inhale the intoxicating fragrance then buried his face back down into the soft fabric, feeling the soft fleece behind it.  Opening his mouth, he pushed his face into her sex, tonguing her slit through the silky panties.

Stripping as he got up from the sofa, Father Riley sat near the middle of the sofa and slowly drew down the flimsy pink panties.  Off the trim hips and then down the long trim milky white legs.  Then Roz’s limp left leg was lifted and heel placed on the top of the sofa.  Her right leg was spread wide and her foot placed on the floor as Father Riley knelt between the unconscious beauty, crawling up tongue hanging out to search between the soft brown curls to find the slick love slit.  For many minutes the Good Father feasted on the tasty honey, finally coming up for air with his face shining with the sweet nectar.

Getting back off the sofa, Father Riley began to fumble with the fastenings of the dress and moments later it lay upon the floor.  Atop of it lay the lacy pink bra that Roz had worn while Father Riley gazed at the charms of the naked beauty.  His cock was semi-hard at this point and he reached down to stroke it to rigid hardness.  He thought of what the innocent beauty had told him of being intimate with her fiancé but that each time they had sex with a protective condom.  Looking down at the pulsing cock in his hand, he stroked it till it was bubbling with cum, the first cum that Roz Austin would have fucked deep into her fertile womb.

Continuing to shuck his hard oozing cock, Father Riley crawled up between the widespread legs, aiming his pulsing cock into the soft pubic hair.  Rubbing his cockhead up and down into the soft fleece, he parted the lips of the tender love slit and pushed some to insert the bulb of his cockhead.  With his cockhead embedded in the right position, he let go of his cock and with both hands reached under the sleeping beauty to grasp her asscheeks firmly.  “Ahhhhhh ………….yessssss ………….ohhhhh ………Ms. Austin, you’re so fucking tight!” he groan as his fat cock pushed forward a few inches.

Rearing back, withdrawing his cock a bit, Father Riley slammed forward “Ohhhh …..you sweet little honey!  Yes …….ohhhh, yes …………ohhhh …………ohhhh!” he gasped as he began to fuck in and out, speeding up his thrusts and withdrawals.  He was so excited and determined to be the first ever to spurt his love juice into her womb.  The thought of impregnating this young bride-to-be further stimulated him quicker to the point of spurting his load into her.

“Ohhhhh …………yesssssss …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Father Riley grunted slammed forward with all his might, burying his cock deeply as his pudgy body quivered and his cock began to spurt out his thick potent juice.  Then he collapsed onto Roz’s body, cock still twitching out its hot goo.  Moments later he fell asleep due to the exhaustion of this rather unholy and prohibited activity.

 Twenty minutes later, Father Riley awoke upon the unconscious beauty, his cock still enveloped in her tight hot confines.  Feeling his cock start to swell again, he began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of the raped beauty.  Having cum twice already, his cock slowly pumped in and out as it began it gain back its strength.

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, Ike Tarver was puzzled at the car parked there as he knew that it did not belong to the secretary.  He walked up to the car and saw that all the doors were locked.  Looking up at the visors, the registration was not visible.  But then he noticed some mail under the armrest between the two seats.  Looking carefully, he made out the top envelope addressed to ‘Ms. Roz Austin’, whom he could picture as a lovely young woman with long brown hair.  He then recalled that she had been the maid of honor for the wedding of Ms. Jenny Little and what a memory that brought about.

Ike was normally made aware of late appointments so he could plan the cleanup of the premises accordingly.  He had been cleaning up in the church itself and did not notice the car till he exited the church.  Ike wanted to get a glimpse of this lovely young woman and he was really curious as to this unexpected visit.

Passing the secretary’s desk, Ike peered in to see the door to Father Riley’s office closed.  Quietly he walked up to the door and tried the handle.  Finding it locked, he smiled to himself, knowing that Father Riley would not lock the door if it was merely to chat with a member of the church.  He knew darn well that something was definitely up.  ‘Yeah, bet the Good Father’s got something standing straight up!’ he chuckled to himself.

Going to the cabinet where the camcorder was kept, Ike opened up a new tape and put it in.  Then he got out his key to the office.  He knew darn well that the Good Father was up to ‘no good’ but if he was wrong, he’d merely excuse himself and say that he didn’t expect anyone to be there.

Father Riley heard the key to the door and the turning of the doorknob, knowing it had to be his trusty friend Ike.  Turning to the door, he saw his old black friend aiming the camcorder.  He smiled in a pose and slammed forward into the young raped beauty.  Then for the purpose of the recording, he thought he’d add some spice “Awwwwwww ……….this sweet fucking bitch is so tight ……………ohhhhh, going to give this little bride-to-be her very first dose of raw cum …………..going to give her my holy juice!  She’ll be walking down the aisle carry my little baby in her tummy!”

Ike smiled as he recorded the rape of beautiful Roz Austin.  He gave Father Riley the ‘right on’ sign as the pudgy priest sped up the fuck and it was obvious to Ike that the end was soon to come.  This was a flick that he and Father would enjoy watching over and over again.  Then he pudgy body began to shudder, cock buried deeply, as Father Riley groaned loudly “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhh!”  Ike watched as it was obvious what was taking place at that moment, the Father had sated his holy lust for this beautiful bride-to-be.  ‘Well, he may have given her the first dose of male cum but I bet my hot seed is far more potent!’ he laughed silently.

As Father Riley was finally lifting his heavy body, Ike zoomed in to capture the withdrawal of his dwindling cock from the ravaged slit.  With a slight plopping sound, the shriveled cock exited followed by a flow of thick cum.  Shutting off the camcorder, Ike handed over to the well-sated Father Riley.  Exchanging positions, Father Riley hit the record button as Ike began to disrobe his 70 year old body with the unconscious Roz Austin in the background.

Ike was quickly out of his clothing and gave a profile of himself to the camera as he shucked at his black tool, bringing it up to rigid hardness.  Going up to the edge of the sofa, above Roz’s head, he leaned forward to drape his drooling black cock over the sleeping beauty’s face.  More and more pre-cum leaked as Ike shucked his cock, rubbing the slippery fluid onto the soft pink cheeks.  Ike gave it a long thought of unleashing his built up load right into the beautiful face but he wanted his seed to beat the Holy Father’s in doing its dastardly deed.

At 70 years of age, Ike was in great shape from all the physical chores he did around the church.  He knew his cock was not as mighty as when he was in his prime but he still was quite potent.  ”Oh, my God, it’s gonna be a real pleasure to knock up this sweet little thing!  This is the hardest I’ve been in months!  Imagine knocking up this little bitch who’s fifty years younger than me!” he said loudly so the recording would pick it up.

Ike crawled between the widespread thighs, rubbing his cockhead into the greasy slit.  Looking up toward Father Riley and the camcorder, Ike commented “Lucky you greased her up for me, otherwise she’d tear my cock to shreds.”  Then Ike gave a hard thrust as his black cock speared deeply into the raped slit.  “Ohhhh, bitch ………..gonna ‘nigger’ you good baby ………….better hope the Good Father’s holy seed's taken root or you’re little one gonna have a head full of kinky hair! Ohhhh, yeah ……….gonna ‘ruin’ this white bitch good!” Ike moaned as he began to pump away in earnest.

Father Riley was amazed at his friend’s performance, hoping that he too would be as virile at age 70.  Watching Ike’s black cock defile pretty Ms. Roz Austin gave him as much pleasure as his own rape of her.  A quick zoom in to the black cock sliding through the tight slit followed, then back to the full scene of Ike now jackhammering his cock into the young woman.  He got it all on tape, Ike’s grasping of the trim white hips, the slamming of his cock as her arched back, the loud groans and the shuddering of his black body.  It was quite evident that this old black janitor was in the throes of emptying his potent seed into this unsuspecting young woman.

Turning off the camcorder after Ike collapsed on the well fucked body of Roz Austin, Father Riley put down the camcorder and went to get the tripod.  Father Riley knew old Ike would soon be ready for more so he had better set things up in advance.

Sure enough, just as the camcorder was set onto the tripod, old Ike was ready for seconds.  Turning the camcorder back on, Father Riley smiled as Ike got up from the sofa and grasped Roz by the ankles and pulled her down on over the arm of the sofa.  Then Ike flipped the young beauty, getting her in position so he could fuck her doggie style.  Father Riley watched old Ike go at it, making note that he’d soon have to try that position.

Hours later, Ike and the Good Father stirred from their brief sleep.  With the wine and tranquilizers Roz had taken, it’d be lucky if she awoke by noon the next day.  Thus they had all night with this young beauty, with the only problem being whether they were capable of still getting it up.  Finally they were both up and ready with Father Riley excited in taking young Roz like a bitch, fucking her doggie style, while Ike lay on the sofa with his black cock rubbing against Roz’s beautiful face.  The camcorder got it all with Father Riley wheezing as he dumped a final load into Roz’s swamped cunt and Ike spewing his seed onto Roz’s beautiful face.

In the early morning hours, the two men got several damp washcloths to clean off all the evidence of Roz’s rape.  Then they carefully dressed the still unconscious woman.  Then they carried her to a small bed in an adjoining room, put a small blanket over her, then closed the door.

Near noon the next day, Roz groaned as her head ached.  She looked about the room, wondering exactly where she was but the room was not familiar to her.  Looking about and trying to think back, she observed several crucifixes and she last recalled helping Father Riley in the experiment.  Then she realized that the pill mush have made her drowsy and caused her to black out.  Sitting up, she hoped the experiment helped Father Riley with what he wanted as her head ached so badly.

Roz slowly staggered and made her way to the door.  Opening it, she was greeted by the church’s secretary, who had been appraised that Ms. Austin was recovering in the room from aftereffects of a tranquilizer.  At the instructions of Father Riley, the secretary paged him right away.  In the meanwhile, the secretary had been instructed to get some coffee and a light breakfast for Ms. Austin.

Father Riley greeted the shaken beauty and asked how she was feeling.  It was obvious that she was too shaky to drive so he advised her that he would drive her home in her car.  He also advised her that Mr. Traver, the church janitor would follow and pick him up in his car.  Roz was so thankful for all the help that he had provided and his willingness to help her best friend.

On the drive to her home, Roz was disappointed to hear from Father Riley that the experiment had not been fully completed as she had gotten drowsy too quickly and fallen asleep, not being able to relate much to him.  Roz was disappointed, not understanding what Father Riley was after but told him that they should complete the experiment so he could counsel Jenny properly.  Father Riley advised her it appeared rather dangerous to continue viewing the effects of what the one pill did, saying it was too bad as he needed just a bit more time to see the effects of extended use of the drug.

As they drove up into the garage, Roz pleaded with Father Riley to please let her finish the experiment.  She asked him if he brought the other pills she had left with him.  She was so relieved in watching him fumble in his coat pocket and indicating that he did in fact bring one with him.  Father Riley appeared rather reluctant but indicated he’d tell Mr. Traver to come back for him in an hour or so.  Roz was so happy that Father Riley changed his mind and opened the front door while he went to talk to Mr. Traver.

Once in the house, they went into the kitchen and Roz got a small cup of water.  Once Father Riley gave her the pill she readily downed it.  Then she realized that some wine would also be needed and fortunately there was one bottle in her small wine rack.  She poured one glass for the Good Father and one for herself, which she began to sip rapidly.

Father Riley advised her not to be in too much haste to drink the wine as it should be done moderately rather than forcing the end results.  He told her to relax and to act normally while explaining any change in her mental thinking or perception.  He then told her that perhaps she should give him a tour of her home so she could talk normally and let the effects come naturally.

But before the tour commenced, Roz advised that she should make a quick call first.  Getting her fiancé on the line, Roz advised him that she was not feeling quite well and it’d best they cancel the dinner date till tomorrow evening.  It appeared her fiancé was quite understanding as Roz smiled as she hung up the phone.  Then she took Father Riley by the hand to take him on the tour of her house.

Through inquiry, Father Riley learned that her fiancé was staying in an apartment several miles away until they tied the knot.  However they both took part in the set up of the house, already picking up some furniture together such as the dining room table, sofa, and bedroom set.  With some traces of the prior tranquilizers still in her system, it did not take long for this new dose with wine to take effect.  He chatted with her about each room, wanting to take all the time possible to have the effects he desired.

Finally the tour was coming to an end as they neared the master bedroom.  This was the room the Father Riley was looking forward to viewing.  He commented on how nice and big the bed was, along with the very nice spread upon it.  Roz smiled and was now a bit giddy, telling him that they had picked it out last weekend and that it had just been delivered yesterday morning.

 Hearing the last comment and glancing at the new bed, that Roz and her fiancé would be sharing after the wedding, his well worn cock again twitched back to life.  As he continued to chat with Roz, he observed her blinking her eyes heavily.  Then he asked to tell him exactly how she was feeling.  Roz was thankful for Father Riley grasping her arm to steady her and to lead her to the bed where she could sit and explain how she was feeling.  Finally she needed to lie back onto the bed and thanked him for helping lift her legs onto the bed and for removing her heels as she didn’t want to dirty the new spread.

Moments later, Father Riley opened the garage door so Ike could drive the car into the empty slot.  Then they carried in the tripod and camcorder, along with two new video tapes.  Ike could only smile, his cock twitching, as Father Riley told him of the new bed that young beauty and her fiancé had recently purchased.  And now the lovely young bride-to-be would help testing it out, of course, Ike and the Good Father were only too willing to see how much stress the bed could handle.

Late that evening, Ike and Father Riley prepared to leave the sleeping beauty alone in her king-sized bed.  They made sure to clean up the evidence of their stay, evidence that was visible anyway.  With the amount of cum they had both deposited into Roz’s fertile womb over the past two days, it would be a miracle for her to be walking down the aisle without a swelling tummy.  They put Roz’s dress into the hamper and got a clean pair of panties on her, since her pink panties were now in Ike’s pocket.

At the end, Father Riley was physically exhausted, never having cum so much in a two-day period.  As the tape rolled on, he thought he’d just have to watch his trusty friend have his fun.  He watched Ike continue to fuck the lovely beauty while he handled his manhood, trying desperately to bring it back to life.  At half-mast, Father Riley groaned as he watched the rabid fucking take place but his cock could not rise to the occasion.  Yet he felt the need to cum even in this state of semi-erection.  He had to cum, he walked to the side of the bed and turned the lovely face to him.  He pried the pink lips open and his cock barely penetrated the opening teeth when he shuddered and squirted three small spurts of his love juice.

Two months later, after a pre-marital class, Father Riley asked the obviously nervous and troubled couple if there was anything the matter.  Roz and her fiancé hesitantly told him of their fear that everything regarding the wedding would be ruined, how upset their parents would be if they found out that Roz was pregnant.  They went on to explain that they had used condoms but apparently one was faulty.  Father Riley smiled and reassured them that with the wedding only a few weeks away, they should not be concerned.  As they departed, he told them he would pray for them and the baby.  In fact he was already saying a silent prayer, praying that it was his baby the lovely bride-to-be would give birth to.

End of Story