Unholy Desires - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Unholy Desires - VI
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Father Shanley closed his eyes as the church's caretaker was tormenting him with his continuing to remind him of "That sweet young thing sure a great on, huh!  Nice long sexy white legs!  Remember when I's first caught ya red handed, after having drugged that glass of wine to supposedly get her to relax!  Ya sure went and greased up her purty little feet .........................cumming all over her soles and purty toes!"  Ridden with guilt for what he had done, Father Shanley constantly prayed for forgiveness, knowing that what he had done was unforgivable.  But to rationalize things, he told himself that he was only human, that each human being is flawed with some kind of weakness.  To do what he had done was one that lust had overwhelmed his conscious, until he had done the unholy deed.  Masturbation would have been a terrible sin in itself, but he had done something so much more unforgiving, that of rendering a beautiful female member of his congregation helpless by drugging her glass of wine, then using her lovely body to vent his lust upon. 

The weakness that Father Shanley harbored was his lusting fetish for a beautiful woman's trim sexy legs and feet.  And as if the devil himself was watching his every move, peeling off the 3" navy blue heels of the lovely beauty whom he was giving pre-marital counseling to while she was in her drug induced sleep, then running his bared cock all over her soft pink soles and pretty toes.  When he had tossed his sticky white sauce onto the pretty 24 year old  bride-to-be's sexy feet, webbing her tiny toes together, and then the devil had acted in the form of George the church's elderly caretaker.  Although an employee of the church, George was not a member of the congregation, nor belonging to any faith.  That perhaps was what saved him, for George had no interest on blowing the whistle on him to the police nor the congregation.  George had told him that he would not breathe a work about what he had just witnessed, allowing him to clean up the mess that he had made on the blond beauty's pretty feet.  But then, in exchange, Father Shanley then had to keep what he witnessed all to himself .............................that of George raping the lovely blond beauty!  A way to dispel the horrid thing he had allowed in order take place so he would not be turned in, Father Shanley would tell himself that he had not in fact allowed George to rape the drugged beauty, after all 'George did not penetrate her all the way, stopping and did not break her hymen, leaving her still intact and a virgin for her wedding night!'                

Father Shanley might have rationalized things away, but such would not have been the case if anyone else had learned of his deranged sexual act committed against a young beautiful member of his congregation, especially that of Ms. Cheryl Erickson or the young man to whom she would be marrying.  Rape charges would certainly have been brought and Father Shanley would have been disgraced in the congregation and community.  With his background in psychology and having learned a bit of hypnosis earlier, it was easy for Father Shanley to get approval from the bishop to pursue further education in the field of hypnosis, especially as he conveyed that it would be quite helpful at times when a member of the congregation needed to relax in order to convey his or her problems.  A couple of crash courses with highly regarded professionals, Father Shanley had perfected his skills to where he could now use hypnosis on special occasions.

Mrs. Cheryl Mercer (fka Ms. Cheryl Erickson)

So, could Father Shanley find a way in which to justify what took place later in the post-marital session with the new Mrs. Cheryl Mercer shortly after returning from her honeymoon when hubby was away for the night on a business trip.  What took was was his admiring her sexy legs once again, then tonguing her tender pink soles and pretty toes, then raping the newlywed and spewing his holy seed far up in her fertile womb!  Through hypnosis, he had learned that the bride had not gone on the pill, nor was any type of protection used during the honeymoon as the newlyweds intended on letting nature take its course as to starting a family.  Also, under hypnosis, it was learned that she and her husband had intercourse the night before hubby left in the morning for his business trip.  Knowing that George Brown was intent on possessing this blond beauty fully on this occasion, getting his cock fully up into the newlywed this time, that was Father Shanley justification for his raping of the blond beauty.  Justifying it all was the rationalization that went through Father Shanley's unholy mind, that "When George rapes her and cums in her, should she get knocked up in this two day period, the odds are only 50-50 of the baby being white!  If I cum in her too, that'd increase the odds up to 66 2/3% that the baby won't be a little black bastard!"  But he sure felt guilty when the caretaker gave him a pat on the back while he was still embedded in her, especially hearing George chuckle "Ya went and bred the bitch good, Father!"

For old George Brown, he didn't care if the Holy Father got his rocks off first, for he had a lot of sloppy seconds in his younger days and besides he knew full well that his length cock would get far deeper than hubby or the unholy father had gotten to.  And besides, he had heard that 'Last one in has the best shot of all in knocking up a bitch!'  He'd been anxiously waiting for this day to come, the chance for him to finally bury his black bone all the way up in the blond bitch's tight little cunt.  That first time had been so damned hard to hold back and resist the urge to bust her cherry, but he had somehow managed to do so, cumming right up against the barrier that kept her a 'virgin' with her hymen intact.  Seeing her later in church, just before her wedding, had been a real turn-on for George and his boner tented his pants in knowing that he had carnal knowledge of the sexy blond beauty far before hubby got there.  On the post-martial session, George finally got his wish and nailed the newlywed bitch good, getting all 12" of his dong up in the bitch before cumming a full pint of his hot sticky and still very potent cum up in her cunny.               

Just over six weeks later, Cheryl Mercer was smiling happily as she rushed on down to the drugstore.  She couldn't wait to get back home with her purchase, then to test it out, to see the results ...............................that of whether or not she was pregnant!  A couple of days earlier, Cheryl had good reason to be happy, for her normally regular period had not come.  Not to get too anxious in case she was wrong, she decided to wait a bit, thus refrained from rushing down to the drugstore for the purchase of a home pregnancy test.  She smiled widely in looking as the strip of paper turned color, telling herself 'I can't wait till Bruce gets home so I can tell him .....................You're going to be a father  ..................a daddy!'  Having calculated things, Cheryl had determined that she must have been impregnated that night when Bruce had left before going on his trip as she and her husband didn't have sex for about week after his return due him being exhausted from his heavy workload.  If Cheryl had known the truth of it all, that her husband being the one to having impregnated was only a 1 in 3 chance, she would not have been so ecstatic in making that announcement to her husband.  Sperm from three men filled her womb in the two day period, with 1 of the 3 giving her that very same percentage chance of her having a little black baby.  

With the congregation small, comprised of a lot of retirees along with their children and grandchildren, there weren't too many at the marrying stage of their lives.  But there were some, with most bride-to-be's wanting and planning for a summer wedding when the weather was nicer and overall a better time to honeymoon abroad.  Still, there were weddings throughout the year, though more on a sporadic basis.  Such gaps would allow Father Shanley to attend more seminars and lectures, more time to learn and practice his technique, that of using his hypnotic skills to put a subject in a very deep state of hypnosis.  Through the classes and lectures on hypnotism, he got to learn how far he could go before the subject's morals would kick in and having that subject rebel from the suggestive commands, and basically what he could get away without getting caught.  Now, with his technique and ability to put one under a hypnotic spell being enhanced greatly, the Unholy Father got much braver as he could now only think of sating his depraved lust from the lovely young women in his congregation.

And now, in not needing the use of drugs that would render his subject into a drug induced sleep, purely using hypnotism proved to be much more enjoyable.  For one, Father Shanley came to realize that he could bring things to a conclusion whenever he wanted, snapping the unsuspecting beauty out of her hypnotic stupor and sending her on her way without drawing suspicions from others as to why she was late or where could she be for that matter.  Of course, he knew that the caretaker would clearly be observing any young lady entering his office, thus he planned on including George Brown into his plans as it certainly would be to his benefit to keep the man happy.  Such would assure that the caretaker would keep his mouth shut and maintain his silence.  Now, with this being a period when weddings were sporadic and thus the same for pre-marital sessions, Father Shanley decided on experimenting on his hypnotic control with beautiful members when one would seek counsel from him.  Inviting such a beauty into his private office, he would tell them that they should relax, and that if they didn't mind be put under hypnosis as that would have them disclosing their true feelings without any embarrassment.  Also, such now greatly expanded the number of lovely beauties that could unwittingly be taken advantage of when seeking advice from the man of the clothe, whom each woman went to because she trusted him.   

With George now carrying around a special beeper that Father Shanley had picked up, it going off meant for him to come to outside of the deviant priest's private office.  From behind the shrubbery, he'd get to see when the time was right for him to go around to the side door to enter the private office, as a premature entrance might just ruin it all.  The first test of the devious exploitation came one day when beautiful 37 year old Mrs. Jacqueline Burton had sought the good Father's advice as to the possible need for marriage counseling as her husband just seemed so distant in the pass few months and thing were just not the same between them any more.  Mrs. Burton relayed that her husband seemed rather irritable, wondered if he was upset with her for some reason, that they did seem to be able to communicate much any more.  And so, in agreeing to go under a hypnotic spell so Father Shanley could get her to express her true feelings, the lovely blond beauty did not know that she'd have an even more difficult time getting the words when she went under hypnosis.                   

Mrs. Jacqueline Burton

When under the hypnotic spell, a test was to be done to see just how far under the spell she had gone, beginning with Jacqueline being asked to slip off her 3" black heels.  Doing so under the hypnotic suggestion, she slipped off one heel and then the other while laying back on the couch, leaving her heels on the floor.  Then the true test was about to come as Jacqueline was told to stretch her legs out and be comfortable.  Doing so, her right foot made contact the Holy Father, but then she was reassured "That's fine, my dear!  Just relax .....................relax your body!"  Pudgy hands were then on her nylon sheathed legs, caressing her legs, then it felt relaxing as her feet were being massaged.  But in her hypnotic state, Jacqueline did not realize that the Good Father was arching up from his seat to rub his tented boner up against her.  Oblivious as to what was really taking place there in the private office, the man she trusted so dearly and had come to see for help was unzipping himself, using her nylon covered feet to masturbate himself upon. 


Then the hypnotic suggestion was made "As it's so hot and uncomfortable, my dear ...........................take your pantyhose off!"  A couple minutes later, she lay back on the couch once again and her feet were being touch like before, only without her nylons and the priest's holy cock was pushing against her pink soles -------------and he was to soon coat them with his hot sticky goo! Then Father Shanley asked the beauty "Have you made love to your husband lately?"  The beauty replied "No, not lately, not in months!"  "Perhaps you should try to arouse him in other ways, sexually of course, perhaps in using your mouth on him?  Tell me Mrs. Burton, have you ever please you husband with your pretty mouth ..............................sucked his cock off in your mouth?" he pried.  "No .............no, I haven't!" came the response.  "Perhaps you should, my dear!  Like they say, 'practice make perfect', Mrs. Burton!  Now, turn your head to the left, imagine your husband is standing right next to you!  You love him very much, want to save your marriage at all cost, so open your pretty lips and let him put his cock in your mouth!" she was told.  "That's it ........................that's it, my dear .....................stick your pointed tongue out and lick all around your husband's bloated cockhead!" she was advised. 

For George Brown, this was absolutely fantastic.  Father Shanley had given the beeper to him just the other day, just was instructed by the holy man to rush over and check things out at his private office, from the outside and behind the shrubbery.  When he had peeked on in, seeing Father Shanley in the process of hypnotizing the beautiful Mrs. Burton, George immediately felt his cock rising to the occasion.  It was just unbelievable to George, for he had always secretly lusted after this very prim and proper beauty, but never did he imagine that such an opportunity would arise as she was a married woman and just did not seem the type that would ever need any type of counseling.  Now he had to suck in his breath, grit his teeth tightly, afraid that he'd pop off prematurely in the hot pleasurable mouth of the beautiful woman.  Reaching down, cradling the back of the beauty's soft blond head in his hands, George pumped in and out of her hot sucking mouth as he fucked her beautiful face.

George could not believe just how talented Father Shanley had gotten to be in the field of hypnotism, how deeply under he could get his subject, in this case the very prim and proper Mrs. Jacqueline Burton.  He had been under the impression that a subject just would not do anything he or she thought to be apprehensible, but here was the succulent blond beauty sucking at his big black cock as if she couldn't get enough of it.  'Damn, the way she's sucking at me, I'd never suspect her of not sucking cock before!  Jeez, she's going at it like a fuck'n pro!' he thought while panting as she suck him good.  Then he looked over to Father Shanley, mouthing silently to him 'Tell her to keep on sucking ........................to swallow all my jizz when I's cum!'  And Father Shanley did just that, suggesting that "Your husband is really enjoying what you're doing ............................and he'll soon be cumming ...........................in your mouth!  He'll be very pleased if you let him cum in you mouth ..........................................and even more so in seeing you swallow all of it!"

Fifteen minutes later, given a towel, Jacqueline was told to wipe the cum off her lips and chin, then told to wipe her clean all the sticky stuff  from her feet and told to also clean the webbing between her toes.  That accomplished, she was then instructed to put her pantyhose back on, and once that was done she needed to get her compact out from her purse to put a new coat of lipstick on.  A bit later, with her memory wiped clean except for the fact that Father Shanley and helped counsel her, she was to proceed on home normally and then to take a nice hot shower when she got there.  Such would assure that all evidence remaining from when she left the office would be washed away from what had taken place that day.  It was also implanted in Jacqueline mind that perhaps it would be helpful to her to back come in month's time for some follow-up counseling.  Also, more importantly, one suggestive implant was "You will call and let me know if and when your husband will be away for a night or longer!  You will tell me what time he will be leaving and when he will return!  You will then put a house key under the mat!  You will then turn off all the lights and got to bed at 9 o'clock!  And once you put your head on the pillow, you will go into a very deep sleep ..............................but when you hear my voice ..................................you will obey all that I say!"                      

Finally a call from one of the members of the congregation came in, giving Father Shanley a shot of adrenalin when he heard the church's secretary advising "Hold on, let me pull the calendar for that month!"  Then, the conversation continued "Okay, Kimberly, now what was the date you're wanting to get married on?"  His cock twitched with excitement for there was only two Kimberlys in the entire congregation, one that could be eliminated as she was only a child of the age of four.  'It has to be Kimberly Park!' Father Shanley concluded as he pictured the lovely beauty in his mind.  'Hot damn, she is sure a looker!  Nice smooth skin ...................so soft and creamy looking!' he thought while picturing the trim 117 lb beauty that stood at 5'3" tall.  'Always so nicely dressed, shows a lot of her sexy legs ....................so nice and creamy .........................I's can't wait to run my hands up her sexy legs!' he panted.  Thinking about the lovely beauty whose grandparents immigrated over from South Korea many years ago, he knew that she was about 23 years of age as she had just returned from college the other year.  He had had heard she and John Wilcox had been dating, then realized that they must have just gotten engaged for her to be calling and setting up a wedding date at the church.  'Damn, bet George is gonna want to stick his cock up in her tight little cunny!  Wonder if she'll still a virgin?' he mused.       

Ms. Kimberly Park

Months later, wanting to dress nicely for her pre-marital session with Father Shanley, Kimberly Park wore a nice purple dress with a pair of open-toed beige heels for the special occasion.  After arriving at the scheduled time, little did Kimberly realize that after the first twenty minutes the pre-marital session would be moved to the room adjacent to the priest's private office.  The remainder of the bride-to-be's pre-marital session was on a soft king-sized bed rather than on the rather rigid couch that was in the private office.  And instead of it being a private session, the church's black caretaker had been invited to join in the private session.  Eyes closed in her hypnotic state, she enjoyed the hands touching and caressing her legs, then felt her heels being removed and her feet being caressed.  Implanted in her mind was the thought that all this intimate touching and caressing was from John's hands, that he wanted to touch her up and that they were all alone together.  Thinking such was the case, Kimberly smiled and pushed down with her right foot, knowing that it was 'John' wanting to rub his aroused cock up against her.      

Looking down at the beauty's trim sexy legs, Father Shanley knew that he had to stop at that instant or he'd be spurting his load all over her pretty toes.  He would  have loved to do it but on this occasion he had to think of the lovely beauty on the bed.  Turning to George, he advised "Under hypnosis, this little beauty confessed that she had sinned ............................that she got weak and gave her virginity to her fiance just last weak ..............................all because her foolish fiance put on a condom!  Can you believe that, George?"  "What a foolish decision on her part!  Guess ya don't have to go and hold back with this pretty little thing, ain't no more cherry for you to worry about, my man!" Father Shanley advised, know full well that the horny caretaker would have discovered it anyway, then watched as the muscular caretaker's ebony body slid up onto  the bed to first strip the young Asian beauty of her purple dress and lacy undergarments, all while the lovely beauty thought that it was her handsome young fiance who was getting up between her trim creamy legs.  The video captured by the running camcorders would show the sweet beauty's arms and legs being wrapped around her lover's big black body, and the audio would capture "Oh, my God ...............................you're to thick and long ..............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me ................................fuck me, honey ............................fuck me gooddddddddddddddddddddd!"

Yes, Father Shanley was indeed thinking of the sweet Asian beauty when not tossing his load on her pretty feet and toes to quench his foot fetish.  He had to help the young bride-to-be even the odds, had to rape her and cum deep in her womb, just in case today was the day she got knocked up.  With two men's spunk up in her twat, there'd at least be a 50-50 shot of her ending up thinking that it was her husband who had done the trick.  Watching intently as caretaker shoved the entire 12" length of his black cock up into the beauty, he knew that he wouldn't be able to get that deep, but thought 'Perhaps I'll be able to shoot it deep up in her .......................give her at least a 50-50 shot should she get knocked up today!"  With George finally sating his lust in the swoon young beauty, Father Shanley stared at the outpouring of goodies from the bride-to-be's now gaping hole.  Crawling up between her widespread legs and being welcomed into her outstretched arms, he would learn in a few seconds what it'd be like to get some sloppy seconds. 

An hour later, swooning after the two men each had used her body once again to sate their vile lust, Kimberly heard Father Shanley's voice once again as he implanted into her mind for her to "Get up from the bed and take a hot shower in the bathroom!  Then you'll put on your clothing, not remember anything other than our chatting in the office, drive on home without a memory of what took place here in the bedroom!  You will do everything as you normally would do, just that you will have no recollection of being in this bedroom or even that you entered it!"  And such was done on Kimberly's part, going home and calling John to advise him of getting home, then waiting for him to come by so they could go out for dinner as planned.  With John having had his session the other day, though his merely him being hypnotized and left sitting in the chair for the entire session, his beautiful fiancee told him that it was just like his in that it was 'merely put under a hypnotic spell to be able to freely express myself!'  "Father Shanley advised that apparently I have no hang-ups as he didn't get much out of me during the session, that I'm apparently very happy with everything!"

Seven weeks later, up in the honeymoon suite following the wedding reception, they had sex for the first time as man and wife for.  Snuggling up next to her husband, Kimberly asked "John, did you check to see if the condom was faulty and leaking that time we made love?"  As it was the only time before their marriage that they had sex together, John replied "No, I just took it off as it was covered with blood and tossed it into the toilet?  Why do you ask?"  The Kimberly nervously advised that "Although my cycle is irregular, it normally will come sometime during the 5th or at least 6th week from my prior period!  It's now going on seven weeks ..........................the first time it's taken this long to come!"  "Well, don't worry, honey!  If the condom was faulty and you did get pregnant, we can handle it all ...........................even though we had hoped to hold off for awhile!  We'll make it work!  We put our minds to it and it'll all work out!  Just imagine .........................you and I as parents ........................you getting pregnant the very time we make love ....................................me being a daddy and you being a mommy!  And we might just have a baby of our own when the year comes to an end!" John told her.

Eight months later, in Father Shanley's private office, the deviant priest was chastising himself for being so foolish.  'It's my fault, stupid!  Why was I so stupid that day?  See what you've done!' he scolded himself over and over again.  Young Mrs. Kimberly Wilcox (fka Ms. Kimberly Park) had come in sobbing to his office.  Putting the distraught beauty under hypnosis, he then learned of her problems when she advised "John thinks I went and had an affair before we got married!  I told him that I didn't, that he's the one I love and the only one!  But he doesn't believe me, wanting me to admit that he isn't the only one?"  "Why does he think that?" Father Shanley asked.  "Because .................because, the baby I gave birth to last month has different characteristics ..........................different features ................................making one think that he was fathered by a black!  Father, there's no such blood lineage in my family and none in John's, so how could this happen to me?  And now John's going to leave me!" the Asian beauty stammered out.  Sighing, Father Shanley blamed it all upon himself, that "I should have stuck with the initial plan, rape her that second time after George fucked again!  Should have made it all even, given her a 50-50 shot of having a white baby, but with George raping her twice to my one time, guess that shot the edge up to 2 of 3 chances in George knocking her up with his little black bastard as he apparent did just that!  But no, I had to sate my foot fetish and get myself off on her pretty feet instead, couldn't hold back and fuck her cunny again but had to cum all over her soft pretty feet and cute little toes!"

End of Story.