Unwanted Wedding Gift
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The cunning, opportunistic Mace Harmon had parlayed his rugged build and good looks into pretty much a free ride in life.  Rather than busting his ass to make his way in life, he had figured out early on that he could use his cock instead.  His exceptional prowess and stamina in bed was his ticket to attain the kind of status, material gain, care free lifestyle and sexual pleasure most men could never even hope to achieve.

But it was his most recent conquest that had brought him the kind of status, lifestyle, wealth and material gains that he thought were beyond even his lofty hopes and expectations.  The day he met and seduced the lovely and well-to-do Victoria Hollingsworth, Mace's ship finally came in.  As stylish as she was lovely, Mace couldn't believe his good fortune and how easy it had been to seduce the young socialite.  Once he had succeeded in bedding the bitch, she was then his lock, stock and barrel.  She lavished him with expensive clothes and enough money to put him on Easy Street.

It was a perfect set up for Mace.  Wealth and prosperity was at his fingertips. And along with that came a beautiful sexy lover at his beck and call.  Even more, the fact that Victoria Hollingsworth was married, she was forced to carry on their affair in secrecy, unable to spend an abundance of time with Mace, giving him freedom to continue to live the active, robust lifestyle of a bachelor playboy.  Partying to the hilt, Mace added as many notches to his bedpost as he could muster.

Mace was no fool, being careful not to risk blowing his lucrative setup by letting Victoria know he was lustfully burning the candle at both ends.  He was playing both ends against the middle, milking it for all he could, knowing Victoria was shrewd and calculating.  Also, that she was meticulously discreet in their affair, not willing to risk scandal and possible divorce by exposing her adulterous darker side.

In fact, Victoria Hollingsworth and Mace Harmon were very much alike in that she too was a cunning opportunist.  She had parlayed her beauty and womanly wiles to con the naive and sexually inexperienced Conrad Hollingworth into marrying her.  Conrad never had a clue as to her sexual romps and fell for her con, hook, line and sinker.

Conrad was a workaholic by nature, on the road far more often than at home, striving to work his way up the corporate ladder.  He tended to feel somewhat inadequate as a man, rather frail in build and not very well endowed.  As a result, he compensated for his shortcomings by working harder than his colleagues to excel and to prove himself worthy -- especially to his lovely wife.  Conrad was very appreciative in having a wife who was very supportive of his work ethic, spurring him on in his quest to climb the corporate ladder, even though it meant spending a majority of his time on the road.

Victoria Hollingsworth

For Victoria, her naive husband never suspected that his cunning wife actually preferred the arrangement, affording her the best of both worlds.  Financial security, a lavish self-indulgent lifestyle and independence with a minimum expenditure of time and effort on her part in having to play the role of a doting, loving wife.   As for sex with Conrad, it was a regrettable but necessary drudgery that Victoria endured as part and parcel to playing the role of the picture-perfect wife.

Fortunately for Victoria, Conrad was a pathetically unimaginative lover, with very little sexual stamina.  In fact, he usually blew his load after just a few strokes and it was all over with.  Victoria had to keep herself in check, biting her lip so as not to laugh out loud each time he mounted her.  As a result, whenever her husband initiated sex, Victoria's preferred recourse was to simplify and hurry their 'lovemaking' even more, derailing his effort to mount her.

By pretending to be sexually aroused as she artfully began stroking her husband's undersized cock and coaxing him on, she often had him shooting off abruptly and harmlessly in her hand, sabotaging his pitiful attempt to make love to her.  Such action brought about a pitifully but predictable and premature end to Conrad's lackluster effort.  In fact, for the cunning Victoria, she actually took pleasure in depriving her husband sexually, limiting him as much as possible to only the quickie hand jobs she administered.  Conversely, as a result of her illicit affair with Mace, her sex life was positively flourishing.

Mace Harmon was not her first black lover.  Actually, Victoria who preferred to go by 'Vicki' until she met Conrad, then decided to dupe him into believing she was far more cultured and refined than she actually was.  Vicki was far from being prim and proper, having developed a preference for black cock that went back to her high school days, with even a gang-bang with the starting five of the high school basketball team.  Needless to say, the starting five were all black.

She enjoyed the status and affluence of being Mrs. Conrad Hollingsworth and was careful not to compromise her carefully-crafted veneer as that of a the prim and proper wife.  But Vicki desperately missed the occasional 'down and dirty' loving with a well-hung black stud.  The day she met Mace Harmon, her prayers were answered and she now enjoyed the best of both worlds.

Everything was working out according to plan until Conrad's younger sister came to stay with them for awhile.  Kimberly 'Kim' Hollingsworth was a lovely young 23 year old woman, 5'3" and 115 lbs comprised her petite and sexy frame.  Kim was in town to plan her wedding, invited by her wealthy brother to stay with them while back in town till the wedding was over and she headed off to her honeymoon resort that her brother and sister-in-law was giving she and her husband-to-be as a wedding gift.

Kim Hollingsworth

Kim had just graduated from college.  Although her parents had insisted she move back in with them until the wedding, Kim was thrilled to accept her brother's generous offer instead since her parents could be rather controlling at times.  Also, the prospect of staying with Conrad and Victoria seemed so much more fun.  Though she had not spent too much time with her sister-in-law, they had always gotten along fabulously whenever they did get together.

For Victoria, she had gone along with Conrad's desire to have his younger sister spend the time at their place but deep down, she wasn't pleased with the arrangement.  In keeping with her sweet, prim and proper facade, Vicki had very little choice but to pretend to be ecstatic about having her husband's kid sister onboard, unwittingly cramping her style.

Once settled in, Kim went about planning her wedding and Conrad had naively suggested that Victoria would be most happy to assist Kim in making the arrangements.  After all, Conrad had reasoned, Victoria did not have to work so she had plenty of free time to help Kim with the wedding arrangements.  Kim was thrilled, having never planned a wedding before and there was just so much to do.  She especially did not want her mother helping to plan the wedding as her mother's ideas and suggestions just seemed so antiquated.  Besides, Victoria seemed so much like her.  From the very first time they'd met, Kim felt comfortable with Victoria, emulated and trusted her.

Unknown to her sister-in-law, Victoria had also successfully duped Kim just as she had duped Conrad and the rest of the family.  Kim was so thoroughly duped by her facade that she even asked her to be her matron of honor.  Rather than thrilled, however, Victoria absolutely hated the thought of being Kim's matron of honor, considering the term 'matron' a more fitting title for an old hag.  The fact that she was married, 'matron of honor' was of course the appropriate title, so Vicki resigned to somehow just grin and bear it.

Worse yet, Victoria knew that having to serve as Kim's matron of honor would add significantly to her list of duties, further putting a crimp in her free time that she'd prefer spending with well-endowed black lover.  With no way out, Victoria resigned herself to accepting Kim's offer, befriending her and helping her plan the wedding, hoping to make the best of it.

However, with Kim constantly under foot, it quickly became intolerable for the sexually frustrated Vicki.  Finding time to sneak off to be with Mace was becoming a real problem.  Then one day, purely by coincidence, Mace saw Victoria and Kim while they were in town running errands.  Kim was several years younger than Vicki, even more lovely and radiant as compared to the slut of a sister-in-law who would readily drop her panties for a quick fuck.  This young bride-to-be was the very embodiment of innocence, style and breeding; the qualities that Victoria Hollingsworth only pretended to possess.

Of course, Mace was very much aware of the fact that Conrad's younger sister was in town, staying at their home while planning her upcoming wedding.  He was also aware that the younger sister had been monopolizing his lover's time and interfering with the status quo.  However, in that Conrad Hollingsworth was a rather pathetic example of manhood, Mace had logically assumed that his sister was an equally pathetic example of womanhood.  On this assumption, Mace realized that he couldn't have been more wrong and the wheels immediately starting turning in his cunning, devious mind.

For Mace, the trick to his cunning plan would be how to pull it off.  He was certain that Victoria would never wittingly go along with any plan to nail the young beauty.  With Vicki being vain and selfish in nature, Mace knew she wasn't the kind to willingly share her black stud with another woman, much less her husband's gorgeous kid sister.  In fact, he was certain that if she knew that he had cheated on her even once, she'd likely castrate him -- if not literally, but figuratively by cutting off his supply of money.  There would go all the expensive clothes and other perks that she lavished upon him.

Mace decided the smart play was not to even tell Vicki he had seen them in town as he set up a scenario that would leave her no choice but to agree to his plan. He figured that if Vicki did not know he'd ever seen Kim, pretending to be unaware she was a raving beauty, it would significantly simplify setting up his scam.  First, Mace set the wheels in motion by pretending he was getting just as sexually frustrated and desperate as she was with their infrequent, catch-as-catch-can affair due to Kim's monopolizing all her time.

To start his plan off, Mace began coaxing Vicki into taking risks to sneak away to see him, supposedly because he loved her and needed to be with her.  With Vicki becoming increasingly sexually frustrated and against her better judgment, he got her to tempt fate by agreeing to his sexual demands.  Once he tricked her into resuming their affair, Mace cunningly planned on telling her that one of his neighbors gave him a description a young woman pulling up across the street right after Vicki had pulled in for a fuck session.

Of course, the description would fit Kim Hollingsworth to a 'T' and Mace would add in that the neighbor observed her casing out the condo.  The plan was to convince Vicki that her younger sister-in-law Kim might be on to their affair, maybe spilling the beans to her brother and that would be the end to her well-kept secret, marriage, as well as her lavish life style.  He planned on convincing her that they needed to somehow come up with a way to silence the young bride-to-be, somehow come up with some way to ensure her complicity.

When Mace broke the news of what his supposed neighbor had seen, Vicki argued that she wasn't sure that Kim in fact was at all suspicious that she was having an affair.  Vicki advised him that Kim hasn't said anything to indicate she is aware of anything amiss but Mace was prepared for this and managed to convince her that Kim might just be biding her time, making sure her suspicions are founded before going to Conrad with her accusations.

Once Vicki was convinced of his speculations, Mace further advised her that it was unlikely that her sister-in-law would confront her with the accusations before ratting her out to Conrad.  Shaking his head, Mace advised Vicki that in waiting for Kim to make the first move, it might be too late to put it to rest.  "God, I'd hate to see your husband boot your ass out, baby!  You've got so much to lose if your sister-in-law isn't stopped from spilling the beans!" he advised.

Presented with the prospect that she could lose everything, Vicki was suddenly desperate, ready to agree to whatever plan Mace could come up with.  Mace pretended that his motives were solely to protect their affair and to protect Vicki from the humiliation and loss of status and affluence that would surely result if Kim blew the whistle on their affair.  After pretending to be deep in thought, Mace then began to reveal his well thought out plan that he had conceived of earlier.

After outlining his plan, Mace convinced Vicki that it was to ensure Kim's lips were forever sealed.  Seeing Vicki nodding her head in agreement, Mace couldn't help but think 'Yeah, yer purty sister-in-law's sweet lips will be forever sealed around my big black cock!'  Seeing the shock on Vicki's face when he told her the finale, Mace had to again reassure her that it was all for her own benefit in not having Kim spill the beans to her brother.

As the plan was briefed, with Kim busily planning her wedding, Mace convinced her that with his plan the innocent young bride-to-be would never breath a word of the uncovered affair.  Such could take place only if the young beauty was more concerned with guarding her own secret -- to keep it from anyone that she had been viciously raped and defiled by a black man.  "Imagine her shame and humiliation if word ever leaked out that she'd been 'raped and ruined' as the saying goes!  It's likely the entire wedding would be called off!  What self-respecting white man would go through with a wedding to a woman who had been so thoroughly and unceremoniously raped and defiled?" he added.

So as not to give away his evil intentions, wanting Vicki's cooperation and help in setting up the innocent young beauty, Mace had no intention of revealing that he'd be the one carrying out the vile plan of defiling pretty Kim Hollingsworth.  Instead, he'd even get Vicki to cough up five hundred bucks for Mace to hire a no-good punk to pull off the rape and then split town so he wouldn't be around to finger anyone.  For Mace, this meant an extra $500 in his pocket along with the tender piece of ass handed to him on a silver platter.

With so much to do, it wasn't physical possible for Kim and Vicki to go together in order to handle each and every aspect of the wedding.  As Kim and Conrad grew up a hundred miles away, Kim was not too familiar with the area as she had only visited a few times, with each visit comprising only a few days at any one time.  Often, Vicki would have to give her sister-in-law directions on how to get around.  Thus, after revealing that to Mace and telling him what other places the bride-to-be had to go to, Vicki would be the one to purpose send her into the opposite direction.

As Vicki was to head across town to visit with the bakery for the five tier cake, she felt guilty in watching her innocent sister-in-law head off to the caterers.  She bit her lip, feeling guilty in giving her faulty directions, where a right turn instead of a left would have her traveling along a desolate area within a short period of time.  It would take her literally across the tracks, where the crime rate was out of control and no one out of the element would dare travel.  Dialing her lover's cellphone, she advised "She's off Mace!  Are you sure that she won't be hurt too badly?  No broken bones or cuts ……….right!"

"Don't worry, sweetie!  I's gone over it a hundred times with the guy I's hired!  Just her dignity and honor will be taken!  Other than that she'll be jist fine!  In fact, he knows that if anything like that happens, he'll have me to deal with!  Yer sister-in-law will be jist fine ………………jist a big black cock shoved up her twat ……………………..think how much ya enjoy having it!  So don't ya worry any!" Mace advised.

Looking at the notes she had taken, Kim turned right at the light as she was supposed to.  Going across the railroad tracks, Kim soon found herself cringing a bit in seeing streetwalkers and their pimps on the sidewalk.  Looking down at her notes, the caterers were located five miles after the intersection she turned at so she proceeded along.  Soon she was traveling in a rather desolate area, what appeared to be a rundown and abandoned light industrial or retail area.  Nervous, Kim pressed the button that would automatically lock all the doors.

Preoccupied with her driving and trying to find the place, Kim was oblivious to the car following her from when she had made the turn at the intersection.  Then the address came up but it appeared to be closed down.  Engine running as Kim peered out through the passenger window, she decided that this could not be the place and that she must have made the wrong turn somewhere.  Looking down at her notes again, Kim sighed and decided she should use her cellphone to get directions from Conrad or Vicki.

 With the air conditioning on and attention preoccupied, Kim had not seen the car pull up slowly behind her, nor hear the approaching footsteps.  Then, all of a sudden, the smashing of the left rear passenger window had her dropping the phone while instinctively ducking for cover.  Before she realized what was taking place, a man was in the backseat of her car and holding a knife at her throat.  Glancing up into the rearview mirror, Kim shuddered in terror upon seeing the face of the black assailant behind her.

"What ya doing on this side of the tracks, sweetie?  Ya's sure don't look like ya's belong around here!  Ya lost, baby?  Don't ya worry none ………………..ya's on my side of the tracks and I's a really good host!  I's entertain ya good ………………..r-e-a-l good!" Mace taunted the shaking beauty.  Bending forward, he inhaled deeply, taking in her sweet fragrance and then exclaiming "Ohhhh, baby …………………..ya's smell so nice and sweet ………………..nothing like them ho's walking the street in town!  Damn, ain't been with no bitch that ain't had no bugs ……………………I's jist gonna love making it with ya!"

Frozen with terror, Kim stammered "Please ………………….please …………….please don't hurt me!  Please …………………..please let me go ………………..please don't hurt me!"  With the knife at her throat and the heavy breathing in her ear, Kim then heard him instruct her "Ya drive around to the back of the building sweetie …………….so's nobody disturb us none!"  Afraid of the consequence of not complying, Kim put the car into gear and slowly rounded the building to the back of it.

Once they were behind the building, Kim turned off the engine as she was instructed to do.  With the man holding the knife at her throat with one hand, the other that was on her shoulder began to slowly drift down the front of her blouse.  Trembling with fear as she tried to blink back the tears, Kim sobbed "Please …………………please …………please don't!"  Then the large black hand was cupping her left breast, wrinkling her neat white blouse as finger pinched at her breast in search of her sensitive nipple.

Finding and teasing the sensitive bud, Mace felt his cock twitch in feeling the nipple rise to the unwanted flicking of his thick thumb.  "Ohhhhh, I's feeling yer nippy get all aroused there, sweetie!" he taunted the sobbing beauty.  Purposely taking his time, fingers undoing the top button of her blouse, Mace then slid his callused hand down into her blouse, fingers and palm grazing over her soft smooth flesh.  Then he slid his fingers under the thin lacy bra to cup her right breast.  Now he was feeling her up, pinching and flicking at now budding nipple.

"Oh, God ………………please!  Please ………………please don't touch me!" Kim sobbed out, feeling so helpless and vulnerable, ashamed that her body was reacting in such a manner though it was just a natural response to the touch.  Clenching her teeth, trying to will her body not to respond, Kim stammered "Please …………….please don't ……………..I'm not that kind of girl!  Oh, please ……………………..I …………….I here in town …………………..planning my wedding!  Please don't spoil it for me!"

"Gitting married, huh, sweetie?  Well, I's sure wouldn't want to spoil the big event fer ya and her hubby!  Ya in luv with him, sweetie?  He man enough fer ya in bed?  Tell me how's ya two like to do it in bed!  Ya two go at it like bunnies?  Or do ya like it doggie style?" Mace asked tauntingly.  It was no surprise when he heard the innocent young beauty stammer in reply "Please ………………we ………………..we've been waiting ……………..till ………………after we're married!"  Chuckling out loud, Mace replied "No shit'n!  Ya a real honest to goodness fuck'n virgin?"

Sobbing, unable to find her voice, Kim merely nodded her head a bit to say 'yes'.  Hand in her blouse now pushing her lacy bra down, she felt it groping at her other breast.  Then with hand widespread, thumb on one sensitive pink nipple and the tip of his middle finger on the other bud, both titties were being stimulated at once.  She began to cry immediately when her assailant bent over to tongue her ear, then whispering to her "Let's go inside, sweetie!  I's got yer first wedding present to open up!"

Guided into the building by her assailant, knife still at her throat, Kim shivered in seeing a dirty old mattress lying on the floor.  It did not occur to her that such an item would be at this location, at this particular time.  She did not realize that her assailant had planned it all out in advance, having a filthy mattress there on purpose so as to not give away that such was planned out in advance for her arrival.

Mace just loved the way she dressed.  A simple but neat looking blouse and skirt, along with 3" heels that showed off her trim sexy white legs.  Pushing her into the building, Mace then exclaimed "Ah, perfect fer the purty little bride to be!  Ya deserve nothing but da best!  Don't want ya kneeling on that there dirty floor and getting yer purty knees bruised!  Ya jist kneel on that there mattress!  Then I's can give ya yer very first wedding gift!"

Forced to kneel on the thin mattress on the floor, Kim trembled with fear in seeing the glistening knife waved before her frightened eyes.  'Oh, God ……………….he's going to kill me!  I ………………..I'll never get to be Eric ………………..and so close to us being man and wife!' she thought in fear.  With the menacing knife now held off to the aside as her assailant stepped closed up to the mattress, Kim observed the unmistakable bulge that seemed to have a heartbeat of its own.

"There ya go, sweetie!  Yer very first wedding present fer ya to open on up!  Don't need to untie any bows …………………..just reach up and pull the zipper down!" Mace instructed.  Seeing the trim manicured fingers tremble as the young beauty reached up to the front of his pants, Mace couldn't help but make it even more hideous by taunting her "Yeah, sweetie, that's it!  Pull it down!  Atta, girl!  Now reach on in with yer purty left hand!  That's it ………………that's it …………….jist the touch of yer soft fingers nearly had me creaming all over yer hand there!"

Reaching in, Kim cringed and shuddered when her delicate fingers made contact with the thick fleshy manhood that currently was in hiding.  She certainly did feel it throb and lurch when her fingers had made contact with it.  Kim had been taken by surprise at the contact, finding her assailant as being quite crude as she thought 'My God ………….he's not even wearing any underwear!'  Though horrified at what she was being forced to do, a wicked sensation had her fingers searching out the hidden monster.

"Atta, girl …………….that's the way ……………tug on it …………….pull it on out!" Mace encouraged.  Then, as his meaty monster flopped out the front of his pants, Mace grinned was the innocent beauty gingerly held it with her fingers as she sucked in her breath.  He heard her audible gasp as her lips part while keeping her eyes staring at his now throbbing piece of dark meat.  Mace knew that the shocked beauty was not in the proper frame of mind, for she would sure not be stroking his boner except for her womanly instincts kicking in.

Totally mesmerized by the pulsating head of the monstrosity that she held in her hand, Kim watched intently as it appeared to be breathing on its own.  From what sounded from a far off distance, she heard "Don't ya worry, sweetie ………………he don't bite none!  Jists spits now and then!  Oh, yeah ……………..keep stroking him like that ………….ya making him feel good all over!"  Cock now fully rigid, pointing straight out at the beauty's lovely face, Mace encouraged "Go on, sweetie ……………..give him a little kiss!  He won't bit ya!"

About to obey the distant command, Kim licked at her dry lips and leaned forward.  But suddenly, the rank smell emanating from the sticky crotch acted like smelling salts and brought her out of her mesmerized state.  'Oh, God ………………..what am I doing?  How filthy!' Kim shuddered as pulled her head back away from the smelly male odor.  But her reaction had been fully expected by he assailant, for now his thick fingers had wound themselves into her long silky blonde hair and was pulling her towards his filthy crotch and penis.  Cringing and closing her eyes shut, Kim shuddered in revulsion as the rubbery fleshy rubbed upon against her cheek.

A couple light taps on the cheeks had Kim trying to pull further away but she was being held fast.  Clenching her teeth tightly, lips sealed, her stomach churned as the fleshy prong tried to push its way between her lips.  Suddenly, a hard yank on her hair had Kim about to scream in pain.  "Aieeeemmmmmpphhhhhhffffffffffffffffff!" came her muffled scream as her assailant pushed his fleshy manhood into her mouth.  Kim thought that she would throw up as the thick smelly piece of flesh slid over her tongue.

"Oh, baby ……………….ahhhhhhh …………….so fuck'n good!  Jist what those purty pink lips were meant fer ……………………suck'n cock!" Mace taunted.  Holding her head tight, he began to fuck the innocent beauty's face, sliding his cock in and out with more of his boner disappearing with each thrust till his short kinky hairs had her pert little nose buried in it.  Hearing her choke and gag as his bloated cockhead pushed into the back of her throat, Mace wished that the punk groom was there to see his pretty bride-to-be given a lesson in cock sucking.

As he fucked in and out of the beauty's gagging mouth, Mace taunted "Oh, sweetie ……………….that man of yers is gonna thank me fer making ya an expert little cocksucker!  Yeah, baby …………….oh, yeahhhhhhh ………………flick that talented tongue of yers all over my head ………………………oh, baby …………….yeah ……………………..yeahhhhhhh!"  Pulling his cock till just his cockhead remained enveloped, he then gave her a choice "Tongue me, baby …………………tongue me!  Either that or I'm gonna shove it all the way down yer tight little throat!  Tongue me or ya'll die cause ya ain't gonna be able to fuck'n breathe!"

Shivering with pleasure as the beauty decided her own fate, Mace closed his eyes and tried to think of something mundane, just so that he wouldn't cum too soon.  Stemming the urge to cum right then and there, getting hold of himself somewhat, Mace then continued taunting "Man, sweetie ………………..ya's got all them there hookas beat by a fuck'n mile!  Ain't no bitch give me head the way ya do ……………………damn, ya were borne to have a cock in yer hot suck'n mouth!"

Sure she had learned about a man's tool and how it operated in middle school, but that was all from a book.  Never had she experienced anything like this.   For that matter, other than seeing or babysitting a little baby boy, this was the first manly cock that she had ever come into contact with in the bare flesh.  For some reason, her hand upon Eric's manhood through his trousers and confining jockeys was very little in comparison to what was now being force-fed into her mouth.  Unconsciously or instinctively, while continuing to tongue the pulsating cockhead, her fingers that held the stem tightened and began to pump it in earnest.

Gritting his teeth, trying to hold back for all he was worth, Mace wanted the fantastic sensations to go on forever.  But looking down at the young bride-to-be, seeing the innocent beauty stroking his ebony cock in her ivory hand while her pointed tongue tried to worm its way into his pisshole, even the experienced and hardcore Mace had enough to blow his mind.  And blow he did as his body tensed and he held onto her hair for dear life, moaning "Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………….here I cummmmmmmmm!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Petite hands pushing against the violator's muscular thighs, cheeks ballooning out as the vile slimy filth continued to fill her mouth, Kim desperately looked up for some mercy.  But the way the hands held her firm and the ecstatic look on the evil black face, Kim was afraid that she would be made to swallow the filth.  But then he began pulling back out of her mouth and Kim thought that she would then be able to spit the slimy goo out.  But before the bulb-like head was out, she heard the warning issued "Ya spit out my cum and ya'll be sorry ................real sorry!"  And when he was out completely, she was ordered "Open yer pruty mouth!  I's wanna see my cum on yer talented tongue!"  Then the horrifying demand was made to her "Swallow it now bitch!  Swallow it all!"

Swallowing a big gulp, Kim shuddered at the gooey slime slowly coating her throat as it slithered down its way to form a hot lake in her belly.  Again she swallowed but it was not any easier to handle as her queasy stomach was threatening to rebel the foreign substance.  Again and again she swallowed, her thickly coated tongue trying to push up against the still oozing pisshole in a futile attempt to keep any more of the vile goo from spilling into her mouth.   Kim immediately covered her mouth with her hand, stomach churning as she turned and crawled toward the nearby corner.  Body shuddering and lurching with dry heaves, Kim truly expected to throw up the vile contents in her belly but suddenly her stomach began to calm itself.

Realizing what she had just done, Kim was now totally defeated, feeling completely soiled and disgraced.  Feeling the large hands closing upon her shoulders, Kim could only close her eyes, shivering as those hands began to move down slowly to cup her ample breasts through her once neat and crisp blouse.  Gritting her teeth, praying her body wouldn't respond to the touch, Kim shuddered as her sensitive breasts were being squeezed and handled like fruit in a grocery store.

Nipples pinched and flicked, sensations shot right down to her crotch as Kim squeezed her thighs together.  Top buttons undone, rough callused hands were now sneaking their way under her lacy white bra to cup her bare breasts.  Never before had any man touched her bared breasts before, having only allowed Eric to touch and pet her through her outer clothing with at least a bra also under it.  'Oh, God ……………..please …………….don't let it feel so gooddddddddd!' she prayed.

Feeling her buds harden under his touch, Mace snickered "Getting to ya, huh, baby!  C'mon over here and lie down on the mattress!  Ain't the cleanest but its nice and comfty!"  With that announcement, hands grasping her titties, Mace dragged the petite beauty back and laid her out on the thin mattress made for a single bed.  As she lay their sobbing, knees drawn up with the spikes of her heels digging into the mattress, Mace flicked the front of her skirt up and let it fall to her waist.  He sucked in his breath as the trim sexy legs were bared and her lacy white panties exposed.

Reaching down, he grasped the waistband of her panties, worked them over her trim hips and up along her raised thighs.  Lifting her firm calves, Mace then stripped the lacy garment off her legs and heels, then toss the flimsy item aside.  Parting her knees, Mace then wedged his face between her soft thighs, then nuzzled his face up against her soft golden bush and inhaled her sweet fragrance.  "Arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………oh ………………..nooooooooooooo ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the swooning mewls from above as he delved the tip of his tongue into her tight but slick groove.

Gripping the sides of the filthy mattress as she sunk her heels into the padding, Kim could not help but to arch her hips up into slobbering mouth.  "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kim shuddered as a mind-shattering orgasm rocked her petite body.  Trembling as spasm after spasm had her body twitching crazily, Kim began creaming and creaming uncontrollably onto the rapidly lapping tongue.

Standing up as he lapped at the sweet honey around his lips, Mace began to get out of his clothing.  He smiled as he looked down upon the innocent beauty, who's body continued to spasm from the tonguing of her sweet little twat.  Tossing his shirt aside, he quickly kicked off his boots and dropped his pants.  Shucking his revived cock, he knelt down on the dirty mattress and pushed her knees wide apart as he got into position to give her a fuck she'd never be able to forget.

Now in position, cock raring for action with its bloated head nudged up against her juicy twat, Mace then reached down to grasp her trim hips.  Rearing back just a fraction of an inch, then in one swift motion Mace pulled the trembling beauty up to him while lunging forward.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...............................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the sound of music to Mace's ear as the piercing scream sound just as he broke through the resisting barrier that the bride-to-be had been saving for her wedding night.

With less than half of his foot long dong stuck in the sobbing beauty, Mace had to still his body to prevent from cumming right then and there.  Cock gripped so tightly in her snug sleeve, Mace wondered if she'd be able to stretch any further, thinking that she just might skin him right to the bone.  "Ah, damn, baby ………………….ya's so fuck'n tight!  Shit, ya gonna rip the skin right off my cock …………………..ohhhh, damnnnnnnn!" he shuddered, never having felt anything gripping him so tightly before.

Minutes passed, though it seemed like hours, before the weeping beauty's body adjusted some and her gripping snatch loosened up a bit.  With the bleeding from her ruptured cherry serving as a lubricant, Mace jogged back and forth a bit to get his cock covered with cherry juice, he then thrust forward again to skewer another four inches into her.  Another thrust, then another, Mace was finally buried in to the hilt.  As she tried to hit and scratch at him, Mace pinned her wrists above her head, then began to fuck her in earnest.

Sobbing, Kim clenched her teeth tightly together, trying desperately to keep her ravaged womanhood from responding.  But with the raping cock rubbing against her sensitive clit, her body responded automatically as her cunt muscles began squeezing upon the thick bone.  "Nnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she shuddered as the dam within her burst, sending Kim into the twilight zone with another unbelievable orgasm.

It was too much for Mace at this point, feeling her snapping pussy squeezing the life out of him.  And it did just that as his walnut-sized balls contracted and burst, belching out stream after stream of hot potent jizz right into the fertile womb of the raped bride-to-be.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …………….ohhhhh, so fuck'n gooddddddd!  Oh, baby ……………………ya busted my balls ……………..ain't never creamed so fuck'n much in my life!'

Chuckling as his cock finally began to dwindle within her ravaged slit, Mace leaned over to lick her ear, then whispered "Saved the wimp yer marrying the trouble of having to bust yer precious little cherry!  But since I's stole the precious cherry meant fer him, I's sure he'll appreciate what I'm leaving in its place …………………….a little black bastard to take care of!"  Mace smiled with pride as the once innocent beauty began sobbing uncontrollably as the potentially horrid consequences sank in.

An hour later, Kim blinked her eyes as she surveyed the spider-webbed ceiling above from where she lay.  Body aching, Kim pushed herself up some and observed her bruised and ravaged body.  First she observed the dark bruises on the milky white flesh of her breasts, then reached up to touch her tender nipples that her rapist had bit and suckled during her brutal ordeal.  Pain racked her body as she tried to move her legs.  Lifting up further, she gasped "Oh, my Goddddd!" upon seeing her blood stained thighs.

Touching herself, seeing if she was still bleeding, Kim brought her fingers up to see the slimy mixture of blood and semen.  Getting up to a sitting position, she then saw the puddle of blood that had nearly dried with most of it having soaked into the grimy mattress.  Finally able to get up to a standing position, Kim adjusted her bra and skirt, then buttoned up her blouse.  Finding her panties, she then stepped into them.

Driving out of the wrong side of the tracks and back to a more civilized area, Kim checked herself into a motel so she could clean up and recuperate without her brother or sister-in-law seeing her in the condition she was in.  Calling the house, thankful that the maid answered the phone, Kim left word that she bumped into a sorority sister who lived in the area and would be spending the night with her.  This would allow Kim to find an auto glass shop to get the broken window replaced so that no one would find anything amiss.  Undressing to shower off the smell of sex, Kim's stomach churned upon seeing her soiled panties and the evidence of her lost virginity.

With the wedding ceremony and reception going off without a hitch, Kim was so glad that Eric was having a good time and that his many fraternity brothers each wanted to have a separate toast with him.  Needless to say, her handsome young husband was rather out of it when then finally headed off to the honeymoon suite.  Though quite eager to finally sample the goodies that she had made him wait so long for, once Eric pushed his inexperienced cock into her, he was shooting off immediately.  Moments later, Kim was struggling to push her snoring husband off of her.

At the plush resort the next day, Kim looked forward to being made loved to by her handsome hubby, wanting him to give her the thrill of a lifetime.  But being inexperienced in lovemaking, Eric did not know how to please a woman, always fucking like a jackrabbit as soon as he entered and was done in less than a minute's time.  Needless to say, Kim was rather disappointed but had hopes that in time Eric would be able to last longer and give her some pleasure.  After his quickie, Kim found that her young husband would rather take a nap than try to get it once again.  Even giving him head to revive his cock did not get the desired results as he spurtted into her mouth while at half-staff.

On the third day of the honeymoon, Eric entered the one-day golf tournament that the resort had put on for its guests.  Kim had encouraged her husband to enter the tournament, knowing how much he like to golf, telling him that she wanted to get a tan by the poolside.  Actually, Kim needed a break and out of the bedroom with her all too randy, yet jackrabbit ……………or better yet, jackass of a husband who only sought to get his rocks off without a thought of pleasing her.

Sipping on a mai tai at poolside, while wearing a pink bikini that caught all the men's eyes, Kim then heard a male's voice calling out "Mrs. Cruthers?  Mrs. Cruthers?"  It took a moment for Kim to realize that she was now Mrs. Kim Cruthers, then she waved down the bellhop who was calling out for her.  "Here ……….over here ……….I'm Mrs. Cruthers!" she called to him.  She was quite puzzled when the bellhop advised "Delivery for you Mrs. Cruthers!  Delivery guy said you waiting here at poolside for the package!"

As Kim had not been expecting any package, she looked at the large padded envelope and saw that it indeed was addressed to Mrs. Kimberly Cruthers.  She wondered how would anyone know that she was at poolside, then figured that Eric must be up to it.  Tipping the bellhop, she then pulled open the stapled flap and peered down into it.  She gasped, a shudder of horror going through her body as she reached in to examine the contents.

Unable to withdraw the item from the envelope, not without catching the numerous sunbathers' attention to it, she touch it and found that it was indeed the pair of panties that had been stripped from her on that eventful day in the abandoned building.  Dirty from being tossed onto the grimy floor, Kim peered down closer to see that it was also stained with dried blood, making it rather evident that her vile rapist had used it to wipe off his filthy cock when he was done with her.

Looking closer, Kim saw the back of what appeared to be a large photograph on the inner side of the envelope.  Withdrawing the photo, she swallowed in horror as it was her looking up at her assailant with a pleading look for mercy in her eyes.  Also quite clearly depicted in the photo was that she was on her knees and a big black penis was in her mouth.  Unknown to Kim, her vile rapist had the place hooked up with hidden camcorders beforehand and turned on by a remote once they had entered.  And from one of the videos, this pic had been selected to accompany her soiled panties from that day.

At the bottom of the photo, Kim read the stick-on note "Want more of my tasty licorice stick?  I'm in the cabanas - Room C213!"  Putting the photo back into the envelope and finishing her drink, Kim got up and went over to the poolside bar, this time ordering a martini on the rocks.  Stronger drink in hand, Kim took a gulp of it as she headed off to the cabanas.

The cabanas outlined the golf course, allowing the guest a ringside view of the golfers from the deck or even from the inside.  Windows tinted on the inside, with a reflective glare from those looking from the outside, it was like a two way mirror out to the golf course.  Room C213 overlooked the 10th hole, where golfers would tee off after finishing the first half of the course.

On all fours while kneeling across the width of the bed, Kim saw that it was Eric about to tee off on the par three 10th hole.  Panting in anticipation, Kim watched her husband strike the ball and then strain his neck as the ball landed on the green and was headed towards the flag.  On the tee, Eric Cruthers had both hands clutched on his club, holding it up and out.  In the cabana behind of him, Kim Cruthers had her arms up and out, only she was clutching tightly onto the thick bedspread.

Then, in unison, both newlyweds were screaming out in joy "Yes………………..yes …………………..oh, my God …………………..yessssssssssssssssssss!"  Eric Cruthers was full of joy, cheering on his hole in one.  Just over twenty yards behind of him, Kim Cruthers was full of joy as the man behind her had also hammered in a hole-in-one, using a sturdy black shaft to pull off the feat.
End of Story