Vengeful Old Man's Victim
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a spinoff
from Black Demon's story of:  'Seduced Sales Agent 3'
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It was a rather bizarre friendship that had evolved at the illegal gambling den that Ichiro often frequented at night.  Kareem Thomas always seemed to be there and a nemesis to him on the poker table with each seemingly taking great pride in out bluffing one another.  Then came that night of the surprise police raid on the establishment when a long lasting bond was established, as they helped one another out in escaping capture by the police.

Through the calamity of people running all about, both Ichiro and Kareem moved towards the dark curtain.  Ichiro knew of the secret exit and advised his poker opponent to follow him.  The black man's automobile happened to be right where they exited the premises, Kareem had then told him to get in and they were soon speeding off away from the scene without being noticed.

Then they were off to safety of a nightclub where Kareem was well known and the drinks were on his opponent.  After a stiff drink, they then laughed at the close call they just had, shaking hands to thank each other and to now seal their newfound friendship.  Chatting with one another, getting to know each other better and knowing now they could trust each other explicitly, they found that they had more than poker in common ……………beautiful young women ………………..……the more innocent the better!

Ichiro had listened intently as Kareem relayed how he had conquered two beautiful young and innocent gals.  As Kareen described the young beauties to him, Ichiro felt his cock twitch as he pictured the muscular black body of his newfound friend upon the drugged and resisting beauties, forcing his big black cock up into the innocent white beauties.  He listened with great interest as Kareem advised how he drugged and raped his first conquest, then for his foray had used his 'bimbo' girlfriend in posing as his companion in looking at making a potential but bogus real estate purchase.

Selecting properties being shown by a young and choice innocent female agent, Kareem laughed as he relayed just how he duped the innocent bitches into thinking he wanted to buy the property being shown.  But it was just a set-up, waiting for the opportune time to take a walk through the bedroom of the house being shown.  He went on to tell his Asian friend of his second conquest, using his girlfriend who swung both ways in helping him set up the pretty little bitch.  Kareem laughed as he described how his bimbo girlfriend made the innocent bitch eat out her smelly twat.

Upon hearing of Kareem Thomas' conquests, Ichiro relayed how he used his position at Fuji Construction Co. to get his dick into a pretty young woman.  Laughing, he advised Kareem "I pay them a high salary on purpose!  Once they become accustomed to making that amount of money, buying a home with their husband, they then cannot afford to lose their jobs since comparable ones pay much lower!  With the threat of losing their jobs hanging over them, they will reluctantly drop their panties for me!  Nothing beats conquering a lovely young woman ……………….a lovely white beauty …………………….more so, a lovely young married wife!"

"Heh, heh!  Ichiro knows he is rather old and repulsive to these pretty little beauties, but that only makes it so much better!  Ichiro just loves see to a lovely young wife cringe with disgust when he touches her!  To shame her by making her kneel before me ………………………to unzip me and take Ichiro's cock out ……………..and then make them suck Ichioro's fat old cock!  Heh, heh ………………it pleases Ichiro much to see them gag and throw up when I make them eat my hot cum!  Ahhhhhh, to see and hear them cry in shame when Ichiro shoves his fat old cock up into their pretty bodies!"

Ever since that night, a strong bond and friendship cemented the relationship of these prior poker foes.  Though they still enjoyed playing poker and out bluffing one another, they had become good friends and would go out for some night life once they left the gambling establishment.  With Kareen having taken him to his favorite watering whole, Ichiro had returned the favor and the next week had taken Kareen to his personal den of sin located on the outskirts of old Chinatown.

Having sent his limousine to pick Kareem Thomas, Ichiro greeted his friend and gave him a tour of the fabulous pad, fully equipped with slot machines and games of chance like any lush casino.  Even professional dealers for poker but Ichiro made it a rule to not gamble at his own establishment.  In chatting with his black friend, Ichiro smiled upon hearing that Kareem had never tasted any Asian cuisine before.

After a few drinks, and letting his friend ogle all the lovely lasses that strutted about, he could see that the lovely Sherlyn Kim had caught Kareem's fancy.  "Ah, my friend, I see you desire that hot little Korean dish!  She certainly is like delicious Korean food ………..very hot and spicy!  Sherri loves to fuck and suck ………………….and she'll love having your big black bone up her tight little ass!" he advised.  Calling the Asian beauty over and introducing her to Kareem, Ichiro then instructed to take his friend to the special guest room from some entertainment.

With his coming to America as the top man for Fuji Construction, Ichiro also brought with him his secret life and established this den of sin where he would be able to service the patrons of the many lusting Asian males.  To furnish his den of sin, Ichiro had everything imported from the Far East.  And that included the many young Asian girls from the various countries where Fuji Construction had taken him.  With the majority of his clientele being of Asian descent, Ichiro knew that he needed to soon have a stable of young white beauties established to satisfy the lusty men.

Though tempted to turn the innocent young beauties that he had plundered at Fuji Construction, Ichiro knew better than to take things too far.  Having the lovely secretaries at the company submit to his personal lusts was one thing, but turning them into working gals at his den of sin was just a bit too risky.  The money and power he wielded at the legitimate construction firm was too much to risk.  Thus, it was wise for him to keep his sinful domain private and out of the limelight, not taking any chances.

Though there were many working girls in this country would willingly work in his stable, Ichiro wanted to give his Asian clientele something what they all craved for …………..a rather reluctant white beauty being forced in one way or another to spread their pretty charms for them!  Following that night of establishing his friendship with Kareem Thomas, hearing of his exploits with unsuspecting young beauties who sold real estate for a living, his thoughts began to reflect back to the time he had purchased his home in America.

Closing his eyes, Ichiro recalled his meeting with the head realtor of Westerly Realty that was located next to his office at the headquarters of Fuji Construction.  Ichiro always made it a point to deal with companies located nearby, knowing that somehow such giving of his business would eventually pay him back in dividends in the future.  And when it came to looking for an American home, it was no exception as Ichiro met with the headman of Westerly Realty.

After indicating that he was in the market for a home in the high end of the local real estate market, the realtor in charge of the real estate company had dropped everything in order to show him around.  One big plus in this business relationship for Ichiro came in a pleasant surprise when the realtor advised that he would be having a young assistant, who he was currently training in the business, assist in the showing him of various properties.

Ichiro had stood up when the realtor got on the intercom and summoned his young associate into his office.  Seeing the pretty beauty in her early 20's enter the office, Ichiro felt his cock twitch immediately upon gazing at the sexy woman with light brown hair, as tall as he was in standing about 5'5".  Holding the soft manicured hand of the beautiful Mrs. Lori Holz in his, Ichiro felt that stirring in his contracting nuts, telling him that he had to possess this succulent little beauty.

That had been months ago, with Ichiro constantly reflecting back to that week when he had contact with the sexy young wife.  But Ichiro could sense her apprehension and nervousness whenever he was near the young beauty, noticing that she would even stammer a bit when he was very close to her.  It had behooved him for all this time, wishing somehow that he could figure a way to get into the tight panties of this lovely little bitch.

Never before had Ichiro encountered such a young sexy bitch that had him drooling constantly for so long, with his nuts ready to pop, without any idea of how he would be able to get into her panties.  Up until now, all he was able to do was to dream and fantasize of bedding the beautiful little bitch.  With her being married, Ichiro knew that there was no way in hell that he'd be able to seduce her, not at his age and knowing that he repulsed her.

But now Ichiro began recalling how Kareem had bragged about in making his conquests.  'Hmmm, perhaps there is a way that Ichiro could get into the lovely young wife's tight little panties!' he thought, with the idea of bringing the succulent little beauty into his fold ……………..permanently!  With the lovely Mrs. Lori Holz cringing upon his touch, Ichiro wondered just how the pretty white beauty would react to the likes of big black Kareem Thomas forcing himself onto her and into her sexy little body.

A week later, after having the private investigator used by Fuji Construction, Ichiro looked at the report that was just faxed over to him.  It was a first class report from the investigator, providing him all the information possible on the lovely Mrs. Lori Holz.  Reading it, Ichiro smiled in seeing the lovely young wife was only 24 years of age, married for just over a year, and new to the real estate business.  It even covered the days she worked besides sitting open houses each Sunday and the amount of commissions earned since she started with the realty company.

Picking up the phone, Ichiro got hold of his friend and put him onto the lovely beauty, telling Kareem that he needed his services in humbling the innocent young wife.  "Yes, my good friend, she is a pretty little thing!  I must ask a favor of you in performing your specialty with beautiful real estate agents!  And I assure you that she is quite innocent indeed!  All I ask is for you to get everything on tape for me and gift wrap it with the bitch's fucking panties!" he chuckled.

Upon being asked by Kareem, Ichiro advised "You know my establishment needs to be stocked with lovely white gals to service the needs of my lusty clientele!  This little bitch snubbed me once and I want to put her in her place!  She will be a perfect addition to my little stable!"  Laughing out loud, Ichiro added "It will give me great pleasure to first sample her lovely charms, then have her please the men at the club!  Instead of selling real estate, she will soon be selling something more personal!"

Several weeks later, Ichiro welcomed Kareem upon his arrival at the club.  "Ah, my good friend ……………….welcome to Ichiro humble house of pleasure!" he greeted.  Signaling the waitress to bring them drinks, Ichiro let the way to a booth where they could talk privately.  As his friend smiled and reached into his coat to withdraw a bulky envelope, Ichiro was excited at the prospect of what it contained.

Heart thumping in anticipation as he opened the envelope, Ichiro smiled widely as he gazed down into it.  Just as he had hoped and asked for, a videotape that was wrapped up in a pair of lacy white panties ……………….those belonging to the beautiful Mrs. Lori Holz!  "Ahhhh, my friend ………………..did you enjoy yourself with this pretty little flower?" he quizzed.  He laughed as Kareem responded "Sure did Ichi ………….it was sure fun plucking her petals!  I must say ………………ya are the pro at picking young innocent beauties!  She'll certainly make a fine addition to yer club here!"

"Ahhhh, yes ……………yes my friend ……………….she will be a fine little hooka here at Ichiro's club!  Business at the club is naturally very slow during the daytime with most the men working at their jobs!  Ichiro needs to find a special attraction that will have them taking off from their work for a few hours of pleasure here!  And the pretty little Mrs. Lori Holz will certainly take care of that problem for Ichiro!" he told his friend.

With his friend Kareem listening intently as to how he'd pull it off, Ichiro advised "My investigator shows that the little beauty shows open houses on Sundays, then works in and out of the real estate office from Monday to Thursday, taking Friday and Saturdays off!  With this tape you have furnished me with, I am sure Mrs. Holz will do anything to keep her husband from seeing it!"

Continuing on, Ichiro advised "Yes, yes ………………..she shall keep her real estate license with that firm, but on a part-time basis, just in case her husband looks for her one day!  And be certain to have her husband call her on her cellphone instead of at the real estate office from now!  Yes, she will certainly bring in the customers ………………..I can see all the lusty old men …………..lining up at the door …………………waiting their turn to sample her charms!"

With a new round of drinks brought over to the booth, Ichiro listened intently as to how his friend had gone about humbling the beautiful young wife, making her suck him off in her bedroom then raping her right on the bed that she shared with her husband.  Ichiro chuckled upon listening to Kareem relay how his bimbo girlfriend had then gotten up onto the bed to straddle the beauty's face, making her eat out her smelly twat.

Seeing his friend's head turn due the passing of the attractive Sue Lin, Ichiro chuckled and told Kareem "Ahhh, I see my good friend is hungry for some Chinese cuisine this time!  As usual, Kareem has excellent taste!  Sue Lin is just 18 years old and new here in America, the daughter of my former competitor in China!  Ichiro's former competitor who Ichiro destroyed by burning his home and kidnapping his precious Sue Lin!"   Calling the obedient Sue Lin over to the booth, Ichiro instructed her "Sue Lin has caught the eye of Ichiro's good friend!  My friend shall introduce Sue Lin to the pleasures of having a big black ding-dong up her tight little pussy ………….heh, heh!"

With Kareem and Sue Lin headed off to the entertainment room, Ichiro quickly made his way to the privacy of his office.  Sitting at his desk, Ichiro reached in to withdraw the tiny wisp of fabric from the envelope.  Holding up the pair of lacy white panties that had been stripped from the beautiful Mrs. Lori Holz, Ichiro then placed the inner crotchband to his nose and inhaled deeply.  Cock throbbing in his pants, he then slipped the videotape into the VCR and turned on the television set.  Pulling his pecker out, Ichiro leaned back to watch the rape and ravishment of the beautiful real estate agent.

Despondent as she sat at the open house showing, waiting for prospective buyers to stop and view the house, Lori was glad that it was raining and the number of prospective buyers being rather limited on this overcast day.  It was now about two weeks since that awful day, the day that her world of innocence came crashing down upon her.  Though she normally did not keep any secrets from her loving husband, Lori could not find the courage to confide this horror with him.  'God ……….how can I tell Scot ………hat I was brutally raped right in our home …………………by a black man!' she sniffled.

Blinking back the tears as she recalled the brutal rape, Lori wondered what made the awful black man pick her out in particular.  In analyzing the events that had taken place, the elaborate set-up the awful man and his girlfriend had gone through to pull off the entire caper.  'God ……………….I hope I'm not pregnant from it!' she prayed.  'What will I do if I am? She wondered.  'Raped and ruined!' she recalled her rapist chuckling, realizing just how true those words really were.

The next day, sitting at her desk at Waverly Realty, Lori was surprised to look up and see the lecherous face of Mr. Sato smiling down upon her.  She detested the awful man from the moment she had first laid her eyes upon him.  She had suffered through each moment in having to assist her boss in helping find the home he wanted to purchase.  Lori had seen through the evil man, even caught him trying to peer down the opening of her dress or blouse several times.

Then Mr. Sato was speaking to her, saying "I have set up a luncheon with Mr. Waverly to consider purchasing additional property around this area!  I would very much like for you to come to the luncheon with us!"  Just as she was about to decline having lunch with the despicable man, Lori was being handed an envelope as Mr. Sato added with a rather deep threatening tone "It would be wise for you to come!"

As she watched Mr. Sato disappear down the aisle towards Mr. Haverly's office, Lori disgustingly tossed the envelope into the trashcan.  'How arrogant!  Who does he think he is?' she thought with disgust as she shook her head in disbelief.  Wondering just how the man could be so arrogant and talk to her in such a manner, Lori then became curious as to what the envelope contained and reached into the trash for it.  Using a letter opener to cut the top, Lori then reached in to withdraw the large 8" x 10" color photographs.  Upon seeing the filthy scene of the top picture, Lori dropped the entire set upon her desk and gasped 'Oh, my God ……………….its filthy!'

Depicted in the top photo was that of a black man having sex with a white woman.  Then Lori bent down for a closer look at the photo, realizing that the photo depicted a scene of her vicious rape.  'Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  How ………………….how did he get hold of these awful pictures?' Lori frantically wondered.  'Oh, God ……………….oh, Godddd …………….so filthyyyyy!' she shuddered upon flipping quickly through the remaining photos.

Then, upon hearing the approaching voices of Mr. Waverly and that of the evil man who had just given her the awful photos, Lori quickly opened her drawer and dumped the photographs into it.   Panting for breath as she trembled with fear, Lori looked up when her boss advised "Lori, Mr. Sato was very impressed with your work earlier and wants you to join us at lunch and discuss some potential properties that his firm may be interested in!"

Looking up and seeing the devious Asian smirking as he stood just behind her boss, Lori could still hear his threatening voice say "It would be wise for you to come!"  Unable to say a word, Lori could only get up from her chair and reach for her purse.  With her boss leading the way and Mr. Sato indicating for her to go ahead, Lori stepped out of her cubicle, shuddering with disgust upon feeling the Asian man's hand groping her ass through the bottom of her dress.

It was a short walk to the nearby restaurant that Mr. Sato had made the luncheon reservations.  As they entered, the owner himself greeted them, advising "Welcome, Mr. Sato!  The table you requested is all set up for you and your guests!  Adele will show you to your table!"  As the hostess led the way to their table, a small booth that was more appropriate for two than three people, Lori found herself being ushered into the center of it.

As the men got into the booth on both sides of her, she felt Mr. Sato's knee immediately press up against hers.  Though she desperately wanted to move away from the lecherous old man, Lori was so afraid of the potential consequences in offending the sadistic man.  Being a hot day and with no plans to meet people, Lori had eliminated the need for pantyhose.  Now she was feeling the clammy hand caressing her thigh, moving slowly up under the hem of her dress, dangerously close to her panties.

Holding the menu up to her face so her boss could not see her agonized expression, Lori could only sit there as the evil man felt her up.  She was horrified as the man's fingers made contact with her panties, then were slipping under them as this thick middle finger poked into her moist slit.  Squeezing her legs together, capturing the pudgy hand between them, Lori shuddered from the unwanted orgasm that sent her juices flowing over the man's invading finger to saturate the crotch of her panties.

As the waitress approached to take their orders, Lori swallowed and stammered a bit in giving the woman her order.  From the corner of her eye, as she was giving the waitress her order, she observed the sinister old man lift his hand up from the table and put his soiled middle finger into his mouth, then the man turned to smile at her while licking his lips.

Lori didn't know how she got through lunch, especially with the devious old man constantly pressing his leg against hers while his sweaty hand moved back and forth under her dress.  With Mr. Waverly indicating that he had a 2 o'clock appointment across town, Lori cringed as she heard Mr. Sato say "Would you mind if your beautiful associate take a drive with me so I can show her the properties I'm interested in!"  Fearing the consequences, when Mr. Waverly asked if she had any scheduled appointments, Lori could only advise that she did not.

Saying goodbye to her boss as the reached the entrance to the real estate office, Lori trembled with fear as the devious man escorted her along by the elbow.  Once her boss had disappeared into the office, Lori cringed as Mr. Sato's hand snaked around her waist, fingers groping and grasping at her asscheek.  She then blinked back the tears and stifled a sniffle as the man taunted "Does your husband know that you fucked a big black stud in the bed he shares with you?"

Sitting in the car with the devious old man, Lori was in total disbelief in hearing him tell her "I enjoyed watching the videotape of you!  It was delivered just as I had requested …………………gift wrapped up in your lacy white panties!"  "Why?  Why?  Oh, God ………….why did you have him ………………rape meeeeee?" she sobbed.  "Because, you now belong to me, Mrs. Holz …………………..unless you want to have your husband and parents see you getting raped by the big black cock!  Think of what they'll say when they see you eat out that woman's smelly twat!" came the reply.

Sobbing, unable to hold back the tears, the next thing Lori was aware of was the car pulling up along the curb to a building near Chinatown.  Before she could say anything, a doorman appeared to open her car door.  She stepped out and looked about the rather odd setting of this building that had doormen and valets for anyone pulling up to the curb.  She had her husband had been to Chinatown for dinner several times but she had never seen anything like this.

With Mr. Sato now at her side, his hand around her waist as he escorted her toward the door where a mean looking Asian man stood guard.  She saw the man then smile widely and bow as he spoke "Good to see you again, Mr. Sato!"  With everyone bowing down to the man who had set her up to be raped, Lori then realized that he must be a rather important man in this part of the city.

Entering the club, Lori saw many young and attractive Asian girls serving as hostesses, serving the patrons as well as snuggling up to some of them.  It was quite a plush setting, something one would never expect to exist in this part of the city.  Then a hostess approached with two glasses of champagne the tray for them.  Not wanting to drink while she was technically working, she did not want to offend her host in any way.

Then Lori found herself being ushered into a large bedroom with a king-sized bed in the center of it.  The room looked even larger as much of the walls and the entire ceiling was mirrored.  Panting, looking about, Lori feared the worst as she was along with this evil man with only a king-sized bed as furniture.  Blinking back the tears, she realized 'Oh, God ………………he's going to make me submit to him!'

Though it appeared that she was alone with the evil Mr. Sato in the room, little did Lori realize that immediately outside was the largest number of patrons the club had seen during on a weekday.  And that all the patrons were now peering into the very bedroom, watching her every move through the two-way mirrors.  These patrons had received a special invitation from the club's owner, Mr. Sato himself, to witness her degradation at the hands of this fat pig of a man.  That afterwards, there would be a special drawing for a lucky winner ………………who could expend his lust upon her body in any way that he desired.

Alone in the sound proof room, Lori could not hear the hoots and hollering from the patrons cheering just beyond the bedroom walls.  As she crossed her arms up over her breasts for protection, the patrons were cheering "Ichi …………Ichi ………….Ichi ………………Ichi!"  They had all come to see the special event …………………the introduction of a white flower into the den of sin!  And so they cheered on the man they admired …………………the man who was about to bring the pretty white bitch down to her knees.

Ichiro knew what his patrons wanted, something they each dreamt of in bed at night, that of seeing a lovely woman …………….a lovely white woman ………………a married woman kneeling down on her knees to take an Asian cock in her mouth.  Then in a loud voice, wanting to be sure it was being picked up by the microphones so the patrons could hear, he commanded "Down on your knees, my pretty Mrs. Lori Holz!  Down where all you beautiful American bitches belong!"

Sobbing in humiliation, arms still crossed in front of her, Lori forced herself to obey as she slowly dropped to he knees upon the plush carpeting.  Unknown to Lori, the sight of her kneeling subserviently in her yellow dress and white heels had all the Asian men a few feet away wanking at their hardened tools.  It was so humiliating for her, especially having to listen to the taunting of the devious old man.

This was the moment that Ichiro had been waiting for, to have the pretty American beauty on her knees before him.  As the beauty hung her head down in shame, Ichiro looked over to the mirrored wall nearby and smiled proudly, knowing that the men had gathered around there to get a close up view of the American beauty being degraded.  Stepping towards the sobbing young wife, Ichiro then pulled the zipper of his pants down.  Reaching in, he then pulled out his hard throbbing cock that was already beginning to leak with excitement.

Seeing that the humiliated beauty had now shut her eyes tightly, trying to block everything out of her mind, Ichiro stepped forward and slapped her across the face.  He knew that slap would give the viewers a big thrill, doing something to an American beauty that they had all dreamt of at one time or another, that of slapping a sexy young beauty across the face with one's cock.

Grabbing the back of the stunned beauty's light brown hair, Ichiro jerked her head back and shuffled forward to rest his cockhead on her chin, with its tip just at the edge of her pink lips.  With her eyes staring up at him in fear, Ichiro chuckled with glee as he taunted "Ahhh, Mrs. Holz, you were not very nice to Ichiro when we first met!  But Ichiro a nice man …………………Ichiro will forgive the pretty American beauty ………………once she sucks Ichiro's cock!"

Hearing the Asian man's demand, Lori felt her stomach churn as it threatened to throw up all over the man.  In the back of her mind, Lori thought it was only fitting to throw up all over the evil man who had made the demented request of her sucking upon his cock.  But she feared the potential consequences, both physically as he held her firmly as well as the incriminating pictures and videotape of her rape.

Then another jerk upon her hair, hearing the man above advise "Lick it, Mrs. Holz!  Lick Ichiro's cock ……………..just like a slutty little whore!"  Feeling the tears flow out of the corner of her eyes and down towards her neck, Lori then resigned herself to her fate.  Forcing herself, body shuddering and lips trembling with fear, Lori then parted her pink lips slowly and hesitantly extended her pointed tongue out toward the fleshy manhood.

Behind the mirrored wall, it was just too much for several of the old men from Chinatown.  Never having experienced the touch of a lovely American beauty, the close-up sight just a few feet away had them wanking furiously at their old hardened cocks.  As the old men groaned in despair, unable to hold back any longer, they began spewing their loads on other end of the mirrors.

For the others who had not lost control, they laughed and teased the spurting old men for losing their loads so soon.  Continuing to wank at their own hardon, they knew that soon each would not be able to hold on forever and would be spurting their seed harmlessly onto the mirrored wall.  Then, the sight of Ichiro's cockhead disappearing between the beauty's pink lips had all the men moaning and groaning loudly.

Knowing the fabulous entertainment he was providing to his patrons, Ichiro glanced toward the mirrored wall and smiled.  Looking down at the shuddering and now choking beauty, he then ordered "Reach up with your left hand, Mrs. Holz!  Wrap your pretty hand around Ichiro's cock!"  As she obeyed, he moaned with pleasure upon feeling her soft warm hand upon him.  He smiled upon seeing her hand instinctively begin to pump at his cock, knowing how excited the men behind the mirror must be in seeing the sparkle of this young wife's diamond ring.  "Ahhhh, yessssss ……………………ohhhh, Mr. Holz is such a lucky man to have such a pretty little wife like you!  Ohhhhh, does your husband know what a good little cocksucker you are, my little beauty?" he taunted.

With one hand at the back of her head, Ichiro began to face fuck the stunned beauty, pumping in fat cock between her pink lips.  He purposely held his other arm down to his side, wanting to give his nearby patrons an unobstructed view of this exciting blowjob.  Panting, Ichiro felt his nuts contract from the pleasure and knew that he would not be able to hold back much longer.

"Yesssssss!  Ohhhhhh …………………you are a fine little cocksucker, Mrs. Holz!  You please Ichiro very much with your pretty mouth!  Ohhhhh, yesssss …………………you did not have any dessert with your lunch today ……………………….but Ichiro will soon fix that!  Ahhhhh, yes …………… pretty American beauty …………….Ichiro has some hot dessert for you ………………… out of his balls!   Ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock burst into the mouth of the gagging young wife.

Looking down at the flushed face of the young wife, seeing her eyes roll as she gagged upon his cum, Ichiro pulled his cock out and sent the final spurts of cum streaming over her beautiful face.  As the beauty clutched her stomach and gagged, Ichiro grasped his throbbing member and used it to spread his thick jizz all over her beautiful face.  Finally done, he then released her hair and watched as she leaned over with mouth wide open to let his cum drool down onto the carpet.

Stomach in knots, Lori shuddered as she felt some of the thick slime that she had swallowed making its way back up.  'Oh, God ……………… awful ……… awful!  How can anyone be so depraved ……………… sick …………….to do something like that!' she wondered as she stared down at the long rope of the man's cum that was connected from her bottom lip to the carpet below.  Finally, after several moments, the urge to throw up dissipated.
Then Lori felt herself being pulled up by the arm, forced to stand facing the mirrored wall.  Defeated, arms now limp at her sides, Lori could only close her eyes and sob as she felt the man's clammy hands at the back of her neck as he fumbled with the catch of her dress.  Tears flowing down her cheeks, she felt the zipper being pulled down the back of her dress.  Then her unzipped dress was being pushed over her shoulders and allowed to fall from her, puddling around her white heels.

Back of her lacy white bra unhooked, Lori then felt the straps being pushed off her shoulders.  Then the wisp of clothing fell from her, ending up upon her crumpled dress.  Then the evil man was wrapping his arms around her, his clammy hands cupping the bottom of her breasts, hefting them in his palms like one would in selecting fruit in a grocery store.  Blinking back the tears, Lori quivered upon seeing herself in the reflection of the mirror, feeling so ashamed and humiliated as the evil man handled her breasts.

Unknown to Lori, the devious Ichiro Sato was putting her on display for his patrons, showing them what would soon be available for purchase.  Flicking the shuddering beauty's pink nipples with his thumbs, he could feel them stiffening and begin to point themselves out to the envious men behind the mirrored wall.  Indeed, Ichiro had his patrons licking their chops and making their plans to save up enough money for a private fuck session with this American beauty.

"Ahhh, Mrs. Holz …………………….you have such beautiful nippies!  So pink and pretty!  The old chinks from Chinatown will enjoy taking them into their mouths …………….sucking them ……………….chewing on them!" Ichiro taunted the weeping beauty.  "Ahhh, yes, my sweet American beauty!  You shall make Ichiro much money!  And you shall take home to your husband, more money from selling your sweet little ass than that from real estate!" he chuckled.

A moment later, the pudgy hands were at her trim hips, the fat fingers grasping the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Then the last protective garment was being pulled down over her hips.  Lori clenched her thigh muscles, wishing that by doing so it would stop her panties from sliding down her legs.  She shuddered as the thick fingers were then wandering through her soft curls, with the middle one tracing the entrance to the moist slit.

Suddenly, hands were pushing at her inner thighs, signaling to Lori that she was to now spread her legs wide.  She heard some shuffling behind her, then felt hands pushing firmly at her inner thighs.  Confined by her fallen dress, Lori was forced to lift one heel to step out of her clothing in order to comply and spread her legs wide apart.  Seeing a movement from below, Lori looked down and gasped upon seeing the leering face from below.

"Ohhhh, Goddddddddd ………………………arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lori screamed out as the horrible man suddenly clamped his hot mouth over her sex.  Falling forward, Lori had to reach out to brace herself to keep from falling onto the mirrored wall.  Legs widespread on the carpet, arms wide and outstretched to hold herself up, Lori felt as if the tongue flicking in her slit would drive her crazy.

"Oh, God ………………………oh, please …………………stop ………………please ………………….Mr. Sato ………………..stop, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Lori pleaded as the evil Asian literally ate her.  "No ………………..nooooooo …………………stop …………………..stop ……………………oh, Goddddd ……………………please stopppppppppppp!" she sobbed.

From behind the soundproof wall, the men were chanting "Eat Ichi eat ……………eat Ichi eat …………….eat Ichi eat!"  They were but a foot away from the lovely beauty as she gasped and shuddered while their hero ate out her pussy.  It was so enjoyable for them, watching tears flow down the lovely face of the American beauty, seeing her humiliated and degraded by one of their own.  Then they observed the innocent young wife shudder and body quiver uncontrollably, signaling the unwanted orgasm that Ichiro had sucked her to.

Now lying prone upon the king-sized bed, clad only in her white heels, Lori could not stop weeping as the leering Asian slowly began to disrobe at the edge of the bed.  His short and squat old body differed so much from that of her handsome well-built husband.  Then the pudgy man was kneeling up on the edge of the bed, shuffling up between her legs, pushing her legs wider apart as he prepared to mount her.

Tightly grasping the bedsheets with both hands, closing her eyes tightly and turning away from the lecherous old man, Lori felt him grab a breast roughly in each hand.  Then he was squeezing each breast tightly, like one would squeeze a balloon to see if it would pop, the pain causing Lori to yelp "Owwwww …………………….ohhhhhhhhh!"  Gritting her teeth, Lori sobbed as the dirty old man mouthed one nipple and then the other.

"Owwwwwww ……………………….owwwwwwwwwwwww!" Lori cried out as sharp teeth bit down into her sensitive nipple.  "Please ………….…………..please ……………..owwwwwwwwwwww!" she shriek as the other nipple first sucked upon and bitten into.  Then the fat pudgy body slid up upon hers and the chuckling Asian man stuck himself into her.  'Oh, God ……………………oh, Goddddddddddd!' she sobbed silently as the fat cock began to fuck in and out of her slit.

It was quite an exciting conquest for the devious Ichiro, finally able to break the young beauty who once had snubbed him.  And to break her in front of all the patrons, there for this special occasion by invitation only, made it all that much sweeter.  Hearing her weep, seeing the tears roll from her eyes, he fucked into the lovely beauty with all the vigor available in his now sweaty body.  Ichiro knew that she detested him, thought of him as she would a pig, but that only energized him further as he humped her.

Behind the mirrored wall, each of the men imagined that it was he who was in Ichiro's place, fucking into the lovely American beauty.  Each hoped that he had the lucky number in his pocket and that he soon would be up on the bed, spreading the beauty's sexy white legs so he could fuck her.  Then they heard Ichi begin to grunt, saw him grasp her by the asscheeks and held her to him as his pudgy body quivered uncontrollably.  The men all smiled and began applauding as the club owner emptied himself into the beautiful young wife.

Minutes later, after Ichiro pressed the buzzer on the bedframe, three of the hostesses appeared in the bedroom.  Two of the gals helped the still weeping beauty up from the bed and assisted her into the adjoining bathroom, where they would bathe and cleanse the beauty to make her look as beautiful as when she had first appeared..  The third gal gathered up the beauty's clothing on the floor, taking it into the bathroom, then returned to change the soiled sheets. They would have her properly dressed, like when she first came, so she could then greet the lucky man with the winning ticket.

Meanwhile, as Ichiro gathered up his own clothing, he proudly smiled and bowed before the mirrored wall.  Behind that wall, all the men began applauding their host for the exciting show that he had put on for them.  "Ichi ………………Ichi ……………..Ichi ………….Ichi!" they began chanting to honor him.  They truly loved their generous host, who spared nothing in seeing that all his guests were entertained properly.  They knew that at Ichiro's club, each beauty is thoroughly bathed after a fuck and the sheets changed, assuring that the next patron would not get any sloppy seconds.

Dressed and going to meet with his admirers, Ichiro walked into the room where they greeted him with "Ichi ………………Ichi ……………..Ichi ………….Ichi!"  Then a hostess came into the room, holding the basket that contained all the lucky number stubs.  With the basket held high, Ichiro reached up and into the basket, pulling out a ticket stub.  Looking at it, he called out the winning numbers "21542 ……….8!"

Up came a hand held high in the back as the man let out a loud "Me winna!  Me winna!"  All the other men let out a groan of disappointment as the wirey old Chinese man pushed his way forward.  Handing his ticket over to Ichiro for verification, old man Whang could not stop grinning from ear to ear.  "Me winna!  Me winna!" he kept chanting as his winning ticket was being confirmed.

Confirming the winning ticket, Ichiro smiled and shook the man's hand, then raised the man's hand up in the air to signify his win.  Ichiro was happy that old man Whang had won as he was one of the club's first customers and a regular.  In fact, Whang had been the one who kept pestering him that the club needed some true American beauties, telling him "Bring white beauties …………….for Whang to wang!"  He knew the old man was his mid-seventies, wiry but spry, the owner of the nearby noodle factory who spoke just enough English to get by.

As the hostess led the winning old man from the crowd, Whang turned and smiled widely at his friends, displaying what few teeth that still remained.  Growing up in the China countryside, it was obvious dental care had not been a priority.  Raising his hands up in the air, he announced "You watchee ……… watchee Whang ……………………Whang wang American bitch!  First put pretty American bitch on her knees …………….…..make her suckee, suckee Whang!"

Comforted by the soothing bath, Lori was grateful for the help of the hostesses.  As they helped her with her undergarments, then slipping the dress over her head and zipping her up, Lori thought her ordeal was over and that she would be allowed to leave.  After putting on some lipstick as one of the women helped brush her hair, she then slipped on her heels.  Looking in the mirror, seeing everything in place, Lori picked up her purse and made her way to the door.  Little did she realize what was now awaiting her on the other side of the door.

End of Story.