Victim #1 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
                              This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’
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The past Saturday was the best day of Kelly Turner’s young life, the day that had long been awaited for when she walked down the aisle while holding onto her father’s arm to give her vows to the handsome Brian Mills.  Just 23 years of age, Kelly was doing very well in the fashion modeling business and had a steady demand of calls for her to model for large dress manufacturers.  Having met Brian Mills while traveling on a short flight to a location shoot, Brian had been doing the last minute paperwork when she boarded and had immediately stopped to greet her.

For Brian Mills, a co-pilot for Aviation Blue Air, the sight of the lovely blonde had him tied up in knots.  He knew that this innocent young blonde beauty was the one for him and immediately turned on the charm to entice her for a dinner date.  That year of courting, with the abstinence of sex, had been sheer torture for him but well worth every second of it.  But for Brian, getting to dwell upon the approaching time to introduce his beautiful bride into the joys of sex once the wedding reception was over made it all worth the while.

Unknown to the employees and guests as the Paradise Cove Resort, a group of modern day pirates had just made their way in from the high seas on their fancy yacht and had dropped anchor during the night at a bay around the hillside bend.  Led by the devious self-proclaimed pirate captain, Nigel Ponto, he had taken his successful gang of thieves on a hiatus as the heat had been turn-on in the inner city where their headquarters was located.  Having made they way near the resort, the horny group of men had scouted it out and it was the quite the wrong timing for the unfortunate Mrs. Kelly Mills, who had captured the men’s attention immediately.

Nigel Ponto’s fantasy throughout his childhood and early teenage years was one filled with dreams of pirate ships and the capturing of unsuspecting vessels for their booty.  But during his teenage years, Nigel began to refine his fantasy, wanting to be distinctive from those of the pirates of yesteryear.  Growing up on the other side of the tracks, Nigel could only look across at the upper crust of society and dream of having all the wonderful things of luxury and leisure.  Having stolen a fortune of goods from the luxury homes of the whiteboys was quite satisfying for Nigel, but there still remained one untouched items that he was jealous of them whiteass punks .............................their beautiful trophy wives!

Prior to Kelly and Brian’s abduction, Nigel and his men had discovered a cave at the edge of the nearby mountain where they had set up their temporary hideout.  Their hideout had been fixed up very well, lighting from a portable generator, camcorders and a good sized mattress, all in preparation to enjoy the succulent prize that they planned to abscond with.  Yes, they were a devious bunch or horny black bastards out to rape and ‘ruin’ a lovely young beauty!  Worst was that they intended on defiling the beautiful young wife, making her perform vile and nasty sex acts right in front of her whiteboy husband.
Tape over her mouth, the struggling blonde beauty was no match to break away from the strong black abductors.  The kidnapped young beauty, a wife of less than a week and on her honeymoon, kept looking over her shoulder for help to come.  But with her husband having been hit over the head with a blackjack, his unconscious body was being dragged behind her by two other muscular black men.

For the captors, it was quite obvious from the beauty’s desperate struggles that she feared the worst when they entered the dark cave.  With her husband behind in tow and still unconscious as the men tied his arms outstretched to the poles set up beforehand.  And with the tape over her mouth removed by one of the men, Kelly issued a whimpering plea “Please ………………….please don’t hurt us ………………….we have some money with us!  Please take the money we have and don’t hurt us!”

When Brian began to regain consciousness and make out the strange surroundings, his eyes nearly popped out their sockets as a large black assailant snickered “B’out time ya’s come to sonny boy!”  Pulled along, by the approach assailant, was his trembling wife who was made to stand before him.  “Yer purty wife sure has nice little titties! Front of her dress got all pointed up when I’s went and grabbed a feel waiting fer ya, punk!” Brian was told.

Seeing his wife’s head bend in shame from the announcement, Brian knew that what had just been told to him was indeed true, that his lovely wife had been assaulted by the bastard touching her up.  Looking at the front of her dress, Brian made out the wrinkles the bastard had created along with some dirty fingerprints marking her blue and white dress from the obscene handling of her beautiful breasts.

Now the black bastard was behind Kelly and running a teasing finger along her bare shoulder, coming atop of the front of her dress, then to the bare skin of her neck.  Mouth taped tightly, all Brian could do was to watch in horror as the vile bastard announced “Yer wife’s titties felt nice and soft when I’s touched her up through her dress!  Bet ya’s really enjoy’s playing with them, huh?  Mind if’n I’s git me a feel, sonny boy?”  Struggling against his bonds and shaking his head ‘no’, Brian stared as the bastard proceeded to slide his black hand down into the vee of Kelly’s dress.

With Kelly crying as the front of her dress bulged with the bastard’s hand down the front of her dress, tears of anguish rolled down her husband’s cheeks.  It became quite clear to Brian that the black bastard had his hand also beneath Kelly’s thin lacy bra that she had put on that morning as he announced “Oh, yeah, sonny boy!  Yer wife’s got some nice titties!  Perfectly shaped and so fuck’n soft!”  Then the bastard chuckled and announced “Ooooh, yer purty wife’s gitting all excited cause I’s can feel her nippy gitting hard again!”

As the fondling of his sobbing wife continued while Brian could only look on, he watched as the bastard was cheered on by his buddies with “C’mon, Jamal!  Quit feeling the sexy little bitch up!  Let’ get on with it!”  Then, the bastard named Jamal reached around her trim body with his other arm, using both of his hands to grasp the vee of the front of Kelly’s dress.  Strong hands pulling at the thin garment caused it to give and tear before Brian’s wide eyes.

The look on Brian’s horrified face told the entire story!  His beautiful wife’s dress torn at the front to expose the lacy white bra that covered her breasts, he stared ahead to see thick black fingers grasping the edge of her bra-cups and pulling at the form fitting garment.  Bra suddenly falling a bit away from his wife’s succulent breasts, it became evident that the metal hooks at the back of the bra had been bent from the excessive strength pulling at the flimsy garment.

Then Brian’s eyes widened even further as the bastard’s thick black thumbs began flicking at Kelly’s tender pink buds.  It was obvious that his beautiful young wife was trying desperately to keep from responding to the unwanted caresses as she had her eyes closed tightly while tossing her head from side to side, causing her silky blonde hair to whip to and fro.  Stiff pinkies displayed as they jutted straight out, Jamal then began shredding the remnants of her dress.

The bastard Jamal then grasped the back of her thin bra strap, breaking or bending the thin metal clasp as the flimsy garment broke apart.  Straps pushed over her shoulders, the lacy white bra fell onto the ground.   “Please ……………, please ………………no
…………………….please don’t!” came Kelly’s pleas as Jamal’s hand and thick fingers were moving down Kelly’s waist.  Fingers were then inserted into the waistband of Kelly’s lacy white panties, and seconds later, they were on the ground covering Kelly’s pretty pedicured toes and open white heels.

With the black bastard’s grinning face poised over Kelly’s shoulder, Brian watched as Jamal ran his calloused hands over his sexy wife’s soft creamy thighs.  Then Brian was being taunted “Ooooh, ya sure got yerself a purty little bride here, all nice and so soft ………………… fuck’n sexy!  She’s sure got a nice soft sugar bush here, hubby!  A real fuck’n blonde too ……………………..ain’t had me no beautiful blonde like this in my’s whole fuck’n life!”

Drawing up his right hand, Jamal then ran his fingers into Kelly’s soft golden fleece as he taunted “Nice little sugar bush yer purty wife’s got, huh, hubby?  Sweet as honey, I’s bet!  Am I’s right, hubby?  Nod yer head!”  With Brian not willing to response to the black bastard, the man named Jamal just smiled and announced “Won’t tell me, huh, punk!  Well, guess I’s jist gotta git a taste fer myself!” With Kelly trying to run away, she was easily caught and dragged back to where her husband was bound.

With Jamal walking around, going in front of the bared beauty, he then gave a knowing nod to the men to grabbed hold of the struggling beauty.  With the young wife holding her trim sexy legs firm and clamped tightly together, the men used their outer arms to hold her arms secure, then others pulled her sexy and flawless legs apart.   And with Jamal kneeling down and shuffling up to her, the frightened Kelly stammered out “No ………… …………….no ……………….no, please ………………no …………………!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”  For five full minutes, Kelly was literally being eaten alive as her husband of less than a week look on.  At this point, the beautiful Mrs. Kelly Mills had her upper body held firmly by the two captors while her thighs were sitting upon the broad shoulders of the vile assailant kneeling before her and eating her snatch out.

With the bride swooning and head lolling about, she was oblivious to one of the assailant moving behind of her husband to undo his belt and pull down his pants and jockeys.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the moans of pleasure as the blonde beauty was tongued for the very first time in her young innocent live.  Moments later, her petite body could be seen trembling at first, then being convulsing uncontrollably to give evidence to the orgasm she was having as her husband watched her being eaten out.

A bit later, as the convulsions subsided and the young wife began to return to reality, the sudden tensing of her body made it obvious that she realized what had just happen.  With the lovely Mrs. Mills giving out a gasp of horror while looking up at into the eyes of her on-looking husband, there was no denying the fact that she had just climaxed in Jamal’s slurping mouth.  And her body trembled once again as Jamal shifted his head to get more of his thick tongue up into her creaming slit, but then the bride’s horrified eyes came upon her husband’s rigid boner that was poking straight out at her.

As a mattress was brought over by the others and laid out sideways before her bound husband, Kelly was being dragged and forced to lie upon it.  “Jezz, look at that boner yer hubby’s sporting!  But don’t go gitting pissed off of yer hubby ………………after all, ya’s went and got yer jollies off when I’s went and ate out yer sweet little snatch!  Only fair that hubby gets his jollies too, heh, heh!” the man named Jamal chuckled loudly.

Eyes now closed in her shame and in disgust of her husband, Kelly felt herself being held outstretched upon the soft mattress as her body was being fondled and caressed by her assailants.  Then the vile Jamal was standing at the edge of the mattress wanking at his rigid hardon and announcing “Yessiree, sweetie, ya jist calls me the ‘Ace of Spades’!  That’s my lucky card …………………… that won me first dibs with yer sweet little bootie!”

With the guys all chuckling at that last remark, Jamal looked over at the bound groom, smiling widely as he announced to the punk “I’s gonna ‘ruin’ yer beautiful little bride now, punkass!  Git a good look at what a ‘real man’ looks like, whiteboy!  Once I’s git done with yer little bitch here, she’s only gonna want dark meat from here on in!”  As Jamal dropped down between the widespread legs of the lovely bride, the groom could be seen fighting against his bindings.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the high pitched scream that the young beauty emitted as Jamal ruthlessly began skewering in his ever too big cock into her too tight cunt.  And with the brutal rape taking place in the small cave, the high pitched scream seemed ever more so shrilling like someone running fingers down a chalkboard.  “Oh, damn ………………………tighter than a fuck’n virgin!” Jamal exclaimed as he reared back before lunging forward with all of his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came another shriek of agonizing pain from the raped young wife.

With the beauty held firmly down upon the mattress, Jamal could be seen going at the raped young wife in earnest, not concerned one iota of giving her any pleasure from this vile defilement of her inexperienced and innocent body.  What a thrill it was for Jamal in being the first, other than her husband, to sample the charms of this beautiful bride of less than a week.  Getting to introduce her to black cock was quite a thrill, but with her husband looking on, that made Jamal’s cock swell up larger than ever before.

It was a brutally raw rape as Jamal hammered away at the petite beauty, obviously intent on ‘ruining’ her with his black salami-sized cock.  With Jamal grasping her trim hips and lunging in and out, faster and faster, it was quite apparent that he was soon be spurting his hot potent black baby jizz up into the raped bride’s fertile womb.  And then Jamal arched back, turned to look at the distraught husband as he announced “Gonna cum, buddy!  Gotta a lotta black baby batter stored up in my nuts fer yer purty little wifey!  Gonna put a nice nigga bastard in her tummy fer ya!”

Seconds later, the jackhammering of Jamal’s black cock fucking in and out of the raped bride ceased as he had his boner buried deep in the beauty’s fertile womb.  And as Jamal lay upon the raped beauty, ripples in his muscular black body could be observed, making it quite evident that he was ejaculating his vile sperm into the young blonde wife as her bound husband looked on.  “Oh, shit …………….lookie at that, hubby’s cumming too!” one of the other men exclaimed, pointing out for all to see that the husband’s cock lurch and spurt out his own seed at having witnessed his beautiful wife’s savage rape.

Once Jamal was out of the saddle, it was a fellow named Amos who got second dibs on the beauty’s cunny and he shoved his hardon into the snug fitting that took him rather easily since it was already well-greased.  Then Jamal could be seen straddling the beauty and getting his knees placed under her outstretched arms, putting his thumb on her chin to open her lips so he could slide his slimy spent cock into her mouth.  That ace of spades had given him rights to be first in any way he desired of this captured beauty and Jamal aimed to claim all the rights available to him.

Brian could only watch as an assailant referred to as Leroy was holding a leg widespread and another named Tyrone was doing the same to an arm of his ravaged wife.  Then Jamal was laughing at both men, making mention of them being ‘relegated to the end of the line due to each of them having drawn deuces’.  With them having to wait in line, their respective hardons were in desperate need of some attention.  The next two in line were referred to as Archie and Rashad, the guys who had dragged hubby into the cave and bound him up, then were in charge of the camcorders and mattress.

Then of course there still was Nigel, and as Brian watched, the fellow named Leroy whipped out his cock and slid it between Kelly’s sexy foot and slip-on heel, fucking his rod against her soft pink sole and heel.  And at the top of the mattress, the one named Tyrone had unzipped the opening of his pants and then his wife’s right hand and wrist could no longer be observed by Brian, leaving not much to his imagination as to where Kelly’s hand had disappeared into.  And Jamal had achieved a very speedy second ejaculation, his moaning and groaning accompanied by Kelly’s choking on his goodies.

With Tyrone shivering and looking lightheaded, it looked as if he’d soon be cumming as one of the men chuckled “Looks like Tyrone’s gonna applying some special hand lotion on the beautiful bride!”  Moments later, with the grunts and groans coming from the two convulsing men, it was evident that hot creamy lotion was being applied to the young wife’s hand as they could see ser sexy foot getting the same treatment at that instant.

The fellow named Archie was next and had gone for a header, announcing that he had always wanted to have a beautiful blonde blowing him and this sexy beauty was even more than what he had fantasized for throughout the cruise on the yacht.  And getting to look up and smile at her onlooking husband made this blowjob just fantastic.  Meanwhile, his buddy Rashad was shoving his long upturned cock into the raped beauty and quickly got himself up to jackhammer speed.

Once Archie and Rashad had sated their lust in their beautiful captive, Jamal had once again gotten himself revived.  Now hubby looked on as his young wife was kneeling on all fours, on the mattress, before him as Jamal was going to claim first dibs on her cherry white ass.  Nigel correctly suspected that the innocent young bride had never been buggered before, thus had her silky blonde hair clutched tightly as he gently slapped her beautiful face with his big black schlong.

“Oh, God …………….oh, God ……………………stopppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” the distraught bride screamed out as her cherry ass was buggered.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the groan from the tightly clenched teeth as the raped beauty gritted down hard, making Nigel glad he had waited or  his cock would be ground beef at this point.  Once the pain subsided, Nigel would then get his blowjob, thus raising one arm up to drape over hubby’s shoulder and commenting “Damn glad I’s waited!  See that ………….figured her purty ass was cherry!  Jezz, she’d have bitten my cock right off!”

Once Leroy and Tyrone got their turn, it was then a free-for-all as Jamal had already sated his lust in her mouth, ass and cunt.  And they planned on keeping their captives for a twenty-four hour period or so, at least until their lust was sated anyway.  Two, three, four, or even fives guys would gangbang the blonde bitch from here on.  Then at times, all eight of them wanted in on sexy blonde wife at the same time.  Even hubby got to enjoy himself on occasion, such as the next session as his wife straddled Nigel while taking Amos up the ass and blowing Rashad, her arm was grasped and stretched out so her hand could clasp her hubby’s boner.
For Brian Mills, being several years her senior and having been in several intimate relationships before, his lovely and innocent young bride had wanted him to teach her all the joys of sex and had expressed to him that she was ‘his for the taking’ once they became ‘husband and wife’!  Brian had abstained from sex since they had gotten engaged, resorting to the use of his fist over the past year during their engagement.  At this point, there was not very much that he could think of in introducing his once naïve wife in regards to sex.

Having taken her virginity three short days ago, Brian figured that taking things slow and easy would pay off in big dividends in the long run.  Early that morning, prior to their getting out of bed to have breakfast, they had naturally made passionate love together.  And in their foreplay, Brian had begun to introduce his lovely bride into the beginnings of the ABC's of oral sex, managing to have his lovely bride press her succulent pink lips up against his cockhead for a kiss.

Brian also had her shivering with pleasure briefly as he nuzzled his face up into her soft golden fleece, inhaling her sweet scent at the same time.  All this had been for the benefit of his lovely bride, not wanting to shock her but to gradually introduce her into the joys of sex and the variety of ways to please one another, figuring that he had all the time in the world to do it right.  Then had come their abduction by this group of modern day pirates, as liked to refer to themselves, and all the time in the world had come and gone.

Now, as he blinked back the tears, Brian wished that he had not elected to be so patient in waiting to introduce his beautiful and innocent young wife into please a man with her succulent lips and tongue.  The honor of being able to teach and experience the learning techniques of Kelly's succulent mouth on his throbbing cock no longer existed, not after having witnessed eight different men force his beautiful wife to take each of them into her mouth.  At this point, there was really nothing left for Kelly to learn from him about sucking cock and pleasing a man with her beautiful mouth and lips!

Each of the eight black bastards had possessed a long thick fat juice cock that jutted out from their ebony loins.  And each bastard had forced Kelly to take them fully down into her mouth and throat, all the way down till they had Kelly rubbing her pert little nose into their thick patch of black kinky hair.  Throwing up each time after the first two men had ejaculated down her throat and in her mouth, Brian had watched the change take place in his lovely wife as she was somehow managed to learn how to keep down all the rich protein force-fed to her from then on.

Eyeing the size of each man, Brian had assessed that each of the vile men balls far bigger than what he possessed, similar in proportion to the size of their cocks versus his own.  ‘My, God, I swear ....................their black balls are each the size of walnuts!  With nearly all of them getting a second mouthing from her over the past eighteen hours, minus the first two loads she had coughed up, Kelly must have swallowed three full cups of nigger cum!’ he figured.

Brian's eyes widened at this point as the man standing before his kneeling wife, the fellow named Amos, had just taken his hands away from the back of her head and had his hands on his hips.  With Kelly's petite hands widespread upon the upper black thighs, Brian was horrified that his beautiful wife had not taken the opportunity to pull her head off the man's filthy cock.  Instead, his once innocent and faithful wife was continuing enthusiastically to administer quite an awesome blowjob, one that would put a street hoe to shame.

And worst, with Amos bellowing out a loud groan to indicate that he would soon be cumming, Kelly's head was now bobbing up and down, faster and faster as if she wanted him to cum in her mouth.  ‘My, God ............................was she merely pretending those first two times?  Was she trying to fool me in having it seem as if she was so disgusted in made to go down on them?’ Brian had to wonder as he witnessed the latest blowjob his beautiful wife had performed, one that was of absolute perfection as evidence by the way Amos’ body was convulsing as he ejaculated into Kelly’s vacuuming mouth.

Now, with the wheezing Amos wobbling a bit as it was quite apparent that everything had been literally sucked right out of his black balls, Brian watched as his beautiful wrapped the manicured fingers of her left hand upon the twitching cock that had just reemerged from between her pink lips. Dwindling cock held firmly before her, Brian watched as Kelly swirled her pointed tongue around the sensitive cockhead, causing Amos to groan “Oh, baby .................ahhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And the sparkle from the diamond that he had placed upon her fingers just days ago added to the erotic sight.

To his dismay, Brian watch flabbergasted as the groaning bastard had yet another spoonful of his creamy jizz to offer, depositing it right onto the tip of Kelly's pointed and extended tongue.  His eyes were certainly not deceiving him as his innocent young wife's withdrew her tongue into her mouth and was obvious savoring the taste of the man's rich spunk as she then licked at her pink lips after having swallowed the last of the creamy baby batter as if she had just eaten a tasty and creamy long john.

‘My, God ……………….she’s enjoying it ……………………..actually enjoyed sucking the black bastard off ………………….swallowing it all down and savoring the taste of him!’ Brian fumed.  The young innocent and naïve bride certainly did not appear as such after what he had just witnessed.  He had eventually hoped to have Kelly eventually deep throat his 7 incher but had feared it would just be too much for her to handle.  Now, having seen her nose ground into the short kinky hairs of eight different men, Brian knew that his lovely young wife would have no problem deep-throating him at this point.  Not with each of the eight men having cocks between ten to twelve inches each and way thicker than what he possessed.

When the guy named Leroy got his turn, the muscular bastard easily lifted Kelly’s petite frame up from a standing position.  He had grasped Kelly by her asscheeks and proceeded to place her atop of his upright prong.  Thick cockhead rubbing up and down her raw agitated gash, he had Kelly swooning and panting softly “Put it in ………..put it in ………………fuck me ……………fuck me!”  Desperate to have another cock up in her horny twat, unknown that the drink she had been forced to take earlier was laced with a potent aphrodisiac, Kelly wanted it but certainly did not want Brian to hear her begging for it.

“Jist a second, sweetie!  Lemme back ya up some so’s Rashad can git his cock up that tight little butt of yers!” Kelly heard Leroy whisper into her ear.  “Hurry, hurry, please hurry!” she begged softly against his ear.  Thick cockhead pushing into her, Kelly felt some fumbling taking place beneath her, she then winced as Rashad’s cock entered in her tender and torn rectum.  “Ya like being double-fucked, honey?” Kelly was asked as she was lifted some and then let go to have her own weight skewering herself onto the two cocks.

But in her swooning, looking over Leroy’s shoulder and having been walked about backwards in the cave and passing several of the men, Kelly was totally oblivious to having been backed up and pressed against her own husband’s body.  It was not Rashad butt-fucking her but her tender ass had been set upon her own husband’s cock.  “Oh, yes, fuck me deeper ……………………fuck me deeperrrrrrrrrrrr …………………both of you!” she whispered to the two men, not realizing that her gagged husband was one of them.

Feeling the wetness on his cock as his beautiful wife was joggled up and down upon it by Leroy as he lifted her petite body up and down, with his long sturdy cock up her twat, Brian knew that the wetness was blood from her torn rectum as had been evidence by the others who had butt-fucked her before him.  Feeling so good to have his throbbing cock up in his wife’s ravaged asschute, Brian tossed his head back in hopes of prolonging the pleasure.

Unable to hold back much longer, Brian wanted to utter out a loud moan to express his pleasure but the gag prevented such an expression.  Then he heard Leroy ask of Kelly “My buddy wants to cum already, sweetie!  Ya ready for some hot jizz up that hot little ass of yers?”  To Brian’s dismay, he heard his wife pant out “Yes ……………yes ……….I don’t care!  Just so long as you keep fuck’n me with that big black cock of yours!”

For Brian, hearing the way in which his once innocent and naïve wife had responded, saying the word ‘fuck’n’ in the same manner as their abductors told him all he had to know of his now bitch of a wife he had married.  And with his wife’s ravaged but still tight little ass squeezing as if she was taking a shit, Brian cut loose and spurted his hot pent-up cum into her ‘fuck’n’ little hot ass.

Cock slipping out of ass, Kelly pushed herself up on Leroy’s muscular shoulders, then let herself slide back down onto his thick cock muscle.  Then she heard Leroy whisper into her ear “Lemme turn ya around so’s ya can thank my good buddy for the ass fucking he jist gave ya!”  Swooning from the cock sliding up her gripping twat, Kelly opened her eyes and was about to thank the man who had just butt fucked her, only to gasp in horry as she found herself staring into her husband’s gagged face.

Brian stared into his wife’s beautiful blue eyes as she gasped in seeing that it was he who had just fucked her hot little ass.  But his wife’s shock had not stopped her from continuing to hump herself up and down on the black cock that was making he feel so good.  And with Kelly being joggled upon the thick muscle, her right foot made contact with his limp cock, causing it to twitch with excitement.  Then Brian felt her foot touch him once again, actually seeking him out as she used her pedicured toes to seemingly weigh his balls with.

With all the men still chuckling and laughing from when Leroy had turned the once faithful wife around to see that it had been hubby’s cock up her ass, Brian tried to keep from showing any emotion as his beautiful wife got herself fucked just a ‘foot’ away from him.  But it was his wife’s ‘foot’ and pedicured toes that continued to give him a footjob while she got fucked that had his cock up and rigid as a bone once again.

“Oooooooooh …………………..oooooooooooooh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came Kelly’s moan as her petite body convulsed and climaxed.  “Oh, sweetie …………………..cummingggg ……………………..cummingggg in that hot little twat of yers, Mrs. Mills!  Arrrrrrrr ………………….ugggggggggggggggh ……………………..ugggggggggggggh!” came the groan from the black bastard as he undoubtedly was spurting his seed in Kelly’s fertile womb, just as her husband began creaming on both of her feet that had captured and toyed with his cock.

Hour after hour went by and Brian had to endure watching the eight men gangbang his beautiful bride in every which way possible.  Cunt, ass, mouth, feet, hands, and her long silky blonde hair were all used by the horny bastards to sate their vile lust in and upon Kelly’s beautiful body.  Watching his lovely wife being brutalized over and over again, fucked and sodomized, Brian could not help but wonder what lay ahead for them from hear on in, whether they’d even be alive after this ordeal.

Then Brian heard the leader of the group announce “Okay, guys, about time fer us to ship off outta here, so let’s bid the purty lady goodbye one last time!”  He watched as the eight black bastards surrounded Kelly as she was sat crouched and cowering upon the soiled mattress, wondering just what was in store for her.  And they began ‘beating upon her …………… beating their meat that is, shucking themselves with the winner getting to carry back the lightest load.  And the winner was the one being the first to shoot his cum all over his cowering wife!

As his cum covered wife sobbed and lay curled up upon the mattress, Brian was being cut loose from his binding and gag removed, then led over to the mattress at knife point.  “Go on, sonny boy, yer turn to give yer beautiful wife some loving!” he was told while being pushed forward and made to get down upon the mattress as all the men laughed.  Touching his wife’s sexy legs, so soft and ‘creamy’ with cum sprayed all over them, he slid up upon her well-oiled body.  And upon sliding his boner up into her also well-greased slit, no longer was it anywhere as tight as the morning before when they had made love in the morning.

Mixed emotions filled Brian’s devastated mind in feeling his lovely wife drape her slick cum-coated arms and legs around him as he slid into her well-fucked cunny that was already filled to the brim from all the fucking she had received earlier.  Kicked in the butt and told to ‘git yer fuck’n white ass going’, Brian attempted to get a grip on his wife’s hips to commence the fuck session.  Hands slipping from the slick cum on his wife’s body, he then managed to cup her tight asscheeks for a better grip.

Asleep for an hour after they consummated their cummy fuck session, both Brian and Kelly stirred in one another’s arms.  Looking about their surroundings, they found the cave now abandoned and everything taken except for the mattress the lay upon and two large candles lighting up the cave.  Bodies sticking to one another from the cummy glue, the stench of sex overpowering, yet they looked at one another and a passionate kiss ensued leading to a private lovemaking session between husband and wife.

Hours later, Brian and Kelly made their way down to a secluded beach where they could wash and cleanse themselves of all the grim and cummy evidence of the ordeal they had endured.  Of course, what couldn’t be washed away were all the memories and the plentiful baby batter that had been deposited deep in Kelly’s fertile womb.  Holding hands, sitting in a shady area off the beach, they proceeded to talk of what lay ahead for them.  With darkness of night coming soon, they decided to stay there on the secluded beach and ponder there future together.  Embracing one another, they then proceeded to make love once again.

With what had happened to them, though they loved one another, they both had to admit that the ordeal might lead to them parting ways in the very near future.  But they agreed to make the best of it and if one wanted out that there would be no argument from the other.  They also agreed to be very candid when it came to the topic of sex, especially after what they had been through.  Though they both were wondering how candid they really could be with one another on this subject matter.

Brian figured that there was just no way that his once innocent and naïve wife would be able to talk candidly about sex after what he had witnessed in the cave.  Then he was taken aback, quite surprised when the once innocent Kelly placed her hand on his manhood while asking him “Did you like seeing them force their big black cocks up into me?”  With her trim fingers squeezing upon his rapidly expanding cock, there was no way that Brian could lie to this question.

Stammering and attempt to apologize for having gotten excited and ejaculating while she was being raped, Brian was silenced as Kelly put her finger to his lips, telling him “Don’t apologize!  You witnessed what happened to me with them!  I climaxed too, time and time again, even when I tried to hold back from feeling anything!”  Then Brian was told “Tell me what you enjoyed seeing them do to me and I’ll do it for you!”  “I liked watching you take their cocks in you mouth!” he advised, then groaned with pleasure as Kelly engulfed his sensitive cockhead into her hot mouth and began sucking.

Two days later, back at the resort, Brian went for a stroll as Kelly wanted to get herself a facial.  Forgetting his wallet and not wanting to put everything on the hotel bill, he entered the room and to his surprise found that his wife had not left yet.  He had thought that she already left to go to the resort’s Spa & Massage Center that they had passed the night before.  Instead, his beautiful wife was on her knees naked while blowing the elderly black bartender they had met the day before when sitting at the bar for a drink.

He watched as his beautiful wife went down on the black bartender like a damned pro, bobbing her blonde head down on his very long and impressive manhood.  Next, Brian observed Kelly pulling back off the thick stem, cock completely out of her mouth as she flicked her pointed pink tongue out to tease the guy’s sensitive cockhead and pisshole.  Then his wife was looking up at the bartender, telling him “I told my husband that I was going to get a facial!  So, give it to me ………………..shoot your hot creamy load all over my face!

An hour later, having slipped out of the room when the two lovers dozed from a frenzied fuck session on the honeymoon bed, Brian went about on the walk that he had intended on taking earlier.  He and Kelly had planned on meeting up at the room at noon, then go out for lunch, but he had to wonder if she’d be ready in time.  Then he heard a male voice calling out “Hey, Mr. Mills!”  Brian turned to see the smiling face of friendly Otis Henry once again, that of the elderly bartender who had been up in his room a bit earlier.  “Scotch on the rocks!  First drink is on me, buddy!” Brian was advised, thinking “Shit, my whole tab should be on you, fucker!”

Back at the room at noon, Brian was greeted by his lovely wife threw herself into his arms as she gave him quite a sweet passionate kiss, one laced with the bartender’s creamy cum.  “Hmmm, early morning drink, lover?” his wife asked in detecting the smell of alcohol on his breath.  Brian smiled and replied “Yeah, happened to see Otis the bartender who called me over and gave me a drink on the house!”

Brian was in for quite a surprise when his wife advised “Did you enjoy seeing him give me a facial?”  Mouth dropping in shock that Kelly knew, he was then told “I saw you watching!”  And with her hand now caressing his swelling cock, he couldn’t deny “You did enjoy watching, didn’t you?”  Pulled to the bed, he watched as Kelly dropped her short and panties.  With Kelly’s sexy legs spread wide, Brian was told “Otis stopped on by and also prepared a hot box lunch for you, sweetie!”

With his wife planting her feet on the bed, knees high and wide, Brian proceeded to eat the box lunch that Otis had delivered up to the honeymoon suite.  Tongue in his wife’s snatch, Brian was amazed at the amount of hot mustard the old bastard could generate out of his pair of balls.  Yes, he had even watched the old bastard prepare this special lunch for him, watched the old black bastard get between his wife’s sex white legs and give her the fucking that she begged him for.  ‘Damn, that old geezer sure is a talented stud for a guy his age!’ Brian had to admit as he swallowed a mouthful of creamy jizz.

A year later, the suburban home that they had bought before the wedding was sold.  But Brian and Kelly were still married and together, just needing to find a better place to suit their current lifestyle. A place closer to the city was what they were looking for, one where she could drop the twins off at a sitter, especially getting Kelly closer to where she worked.  Taking on a new profession and making good money at it, driving a long distance just took too much time, and being near the city was perfect for her new profession being a high-class hooker.

And with Brian getting his wish in moving up from co-pilot to captain, far earlier than anyone anticipated, things were doing well for husband and wife.  It certainly hadn’t hurt when Kelly turned on the charm to the CEO of Aviation Blue Air’s last company party.  Though rather unusual to have an employee’s wife whispering an invite to the headman over to dinner at their home, the old guy just couldn’t say no to the opportunity of somehow managing to get into Kelly’s panties.

A simple prearranged phone call for Brian during dinner was all it took, as old man Jenkins and she listened on as her husband told them he’d be right down to fill in on the flight.  That left Kelly all alone with the old geezer, to dine with and entertain during the evening.  Once Brian had departed, old man Jenkins didn’t want any more fresh greens as ‘fresh pussy’ was more of his diet.  And Kelly couldn’t help but wiggle about on the bed as the old guy’s moustache and whiskers was driving her crazy, not to say the least of his tongue in her snatch.

Brian had not missed out on the action either, having parked his car and slipping in through the basement door.  There in his basement study, Brian watched through the wide screen monitor as the hidden cameras in the master bedroom picked up all the action taking place of the old geezer getting his fat pudgy body up onto and in Kelly’s younger sexy one.  Knowing that old man Jenkins’ wife was an old bitty and quite a bitch, there was no doubting that the promotion was his for the taking as the old guy would certainly not like this getting out.

A year later, Brian bought his own Learjet and a job piloting several professional sports teams about to and from their games.  When chatting with some of the black players of a basketball team, hearing one of them comment “Shit, this sure beats flying on dem regular planes!  This is pure class!  All we’s need is some cute little blonde sexpot to make my’s day!”  And so he had some redesigning to do to his jet.

Big bucks were willingly paid out by the highly paid jocks, all wanting to have a go between Kelly’s sexy white legs and also joining the Mile High Club at the same time.  Now both husband and wife could spend a lot of time together, getting highly paid while working and doing what each enjoyed most of all.  For Kelly, it was getting highly paid to spread for legs for a big black jock.  For Brian, flying was his passion and doing it while watching the monitor in the cockpit of his plane made it sweeter, especially seeing his beautiful wife spreading her sexy legs for one muscular jock after another.

Having moved back to the suburbs, this time a fancy luxury home, the busy couple had to employ some help to maintain the household.  A gardener, maid, and two nannies were employed to help take care of the small brood of little ones in the Mills’ household.  The small brood of Mills’ children all appeared to be brothers and sisters of the same parents, especially with all having a brown complexion and kinky black hair.

The two oldest boys were now six years of age, a set of twin, born nine months to the day that Brian and Kelly had spent in the dark cave.  A girl of four years, father unknown, but probably from one of the johns she had picked up when she had started her call girl career.  Then, last but not least was another little girl, one that Kelly was certain was fathered by the 7’2” basketball center who had liked her Mile High services so much that he later chartered the plane several times, the last one having Brian fly him back east to attend his old high school reunion.

Not only had the big stud chartered the plane each time, but chartered Kelly’s services throughout the trip and back, telling her to dress in an elegant black dress and undergarments.  Even before the plane took off, her dress was off and she was straddling the horny stud.  It was quite a takeoff, as the plane was going up into the air, Kelly's lacy black panties had been pulled aside and the stud's long black cock was going right up into her pink slit.

But other than getting to watch the big stud ball his wife through the cockpit’s monitor on the latest trip, Brian was deprived of getting to see what took place when Kelly was the big man’s date to his all black high school reunion and the two of them spending the night together in a hotel room down the hall from him.  Brian did get Kelly to later relay all the details of her night out with the big stud, and in particular the night in his hotel room with his old teammates.  “My God, Brian was like that time in the cave with all eight of them wanting me at the same time!  That's why we were late that next morning as I had to wash my hair to get all the cum out of it as one guy had me suck him three times and he pulled out each time to shampoo my hair!”

End of Story.