Victim #2 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
                              This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’and 'Victim #1 of the
Roaming Resort Rapists'
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For Bart and Erin Wagner, it was the chance of a lifetime to vacation at the new luxurious Silver Seas Resort.  The airlines that Erin worked as a flight attendant afforded them with tickets that cost just the taxes due her employee benefits of flying.  And the Silver Seas Resort gave employees of Paradise Air a fifty percent discount for their stay while on the beautiful and rather isolated island.  After several days in the fabulous resort, Bart and Erin decided to make their way down to the nearby country town to see what the native life was like and do some souvenir hunting as a memento of their second anniversary getaway.

Hand in hand as they leisurely made their way to the small country town, they walked past a very heavily brushed area, unaware of the group of vile men lying in wait.  With the island not very populated, the gang of modern day pirates had dropped anchor in a secluded bay nearby and rowed ashore to lay in wait for a succulent prize to walk into their trap.  Minutes earlier, with Erin's long beautiful red hair visible from afar, the men had spoted them from their view from a tree in the direction they were headed.  The lovely young beauty had become the chosen one as their little booty.  In just moments, after the men had gotten into position, the trap had been sprung upon the unsuspecting couple.

With a blackjack striking Bart Wagner on the back of the head, the unconscious husband was being dragged through the brush by two burly black men while the petite wife was being carried off by two other's with a large hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming.  Through the brush from where they had embarked on their journey, nearly a mile from the abduction point, they then reached the campsite that they had set up, just a bit in from the bay where they had dropped anchor.  Erin was frightened for her life and that of her husband, trembling with fear as she pleaded with her captors to let her go and not hurt them.  Brown jacket of her matching outfit pulled off her arms, Erin trembled as the leering men gazed up and down upon her shaking body.  Suddenly, the one appearing to be the leader of the group reached out to grasp her left breast in his hand and squeeze at her tender flesh through her clothing.  Responding instinctively, Erin slapped the man across the face and pulled away from her grasping hand.

Seeing the sneer appear on the man's face, Erin regretted having slapped him and then sobbed as the black bastard grasped her brown top and ripped it from her, causing her to stumble back up against the trunk of a large coconut tree.  And when her thin lacy white bra was grasped and pulled from her, baring her breasts, Erin crossed her arms to cover herself.  Frightened out of her wits, Erin could only cringe as the bastard held one end of her lacy bra and dangled before the hollering men surrounding them.  This vile man appeared to be the leader of the group to her, but Erin did not realize this man was not the leader but the one having first dibs on her bootie.

"C'mon, sweetie .......................let's see'em!  Let's see those beautiful titties of yers!" she was advised.  'Never!  I'll never do such a thing ...................not willingly, anyway!' Erin said to herself, refusing to drop her arms and put her bared breasts on display for these vile men.  Her hands cupping her breasts, the thought of having men other than her husband ogle her body was just out of the question.  Then Erin saw the leader turn to yell out "Bitch don't wanna show me her titties, Jamal!  Time to carve up purty boy over there so maybe that'll change her mind!"

"Ya got it, Tyrone!" came the reply, causing Erin to look towards the direction of the other man's voice.  Through the opening in the brush, Erin saw the man tear down the front of her unconscious husband's shirt as he remained tied up to two nearby trees.  "No, don't hurt him ....................I'll do it!  I'll do what you want!" Erin exclaimed loudly as she quickly uncupped her breasts and dropped her arms down to her sides.  She then closed her eyes upon hearing the man advise "Okay, sweetie .....................cup them titties and hold'em out fer me!"

Forced to obey to save her husband from being killed or mutilated, Erin shivered as a large calloused hand cupped her right breast as a hot mouth engulfed her left teat.  "Ahhhh!" she cried out as the filthy bastard unexpectedly bit down into her tender flesh as he then flicked his tongue over her tender nipple.  Gritting her teeth, Erin tried with all of her might and willpower to refrain from having her body respond in anyway to this unwanted stimulation.  But the budding of her sensitive nipples refused to obey as they became pointed to the constant flicking of a thumb on one and tongue on the other.

Five minutes later, her once flawless pair of ivory breasts was wet with saliva and sporting bruises from the rough handling and suckling upon them.  Opening her eyes to see her vile tormentor licking at his lips and smiling, Erin cringed upon hearing him then order her to "Unbuckle me, sweetie!"  Hesitant and not wanting to comply, her mind was quickly changed when the leader turned to yell out "Jamal!"  Hands extended immediately, Erin then began to fumble with the thick belt buckle and finally got it undone.  She had complied and stopped when she heard the man ask "Well??"

Unbuttoning the top of the man's trousers, Erin trembled as her thumb and forefinger grasped at the zipper's tab.  The "Z-i-pppppppp!" sounded so hideous as she pulled the tab on down, then watched as the opened garment slid down the tree-trunk sized thighs.  With the man wearing gray boxers, there was no mistaking what was jutting at the front of the garment.  Made to pull the boxer shorts down by the elastic waistband, Erin found herself looking down at the mightiest male stem imaginable.  Next came the order to "C'mom, sweetie ........................grab a feel!  See how's it compares to that punk yer married to!  Tell me ......................tell me's how I's compare to yer husband!"

Knowing the consequences of what would happen in she didn't comply, Erin forced herself to reach forward with her right hand.  She sucked in her breath upon making contact with the hot throbbing bone of flesh, felt it jerk as she wrapped her fingers around it, then heard the man moan "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, baby!"  Though having been forced to perform this demeaning task to save her husband, it somehow gave her a wicked thrill to have a big burly black man literally withering about in the palm of her hand.  Without being told, unable to resist, Erin reached forward with her left hand to cradle the man's big black ball sac in the palm of her hand.

"C'mon, sweetie ......................tell me ......................tell me's how I's compare to yer husband!" Erin was told.  Heart pounding in her chest, not wanting to do such a despicable thing, she stammered "It's biggger ............bigger than my husband's!"  Erin shivered as she felt the bony flesh throb and lurch in her hand as the big balls contracted in the ball sac that she was squeezing.  "Oh, gosh's longer .............................far longer!" she admitted as her trim manicured fingers traced its length, then back down the stem as she began to fist it.  As it throbbed and expanded, Erin then added "Thicker ............................much thicker much thicker!"

'My, God must be 12" ..........................a foot long!' Erin surmised as she handled the lengthy instrument, shucking at it faster and faster to see just how big it would get.  And indeed the fleshy tube seemed to expand even more, thickening at its girth, shocking Erin at her comparing it to the girth of the rolling pin that she used for baking.  Although shocked and repulsed in having to fondle a male as she was now doing, never in her young life had Erin seen such a massive male organ that continued to grow and expand by her handling of it.

Fingers forming around the contracting ball sac, Erin felt the man's nuts rolling about as she squeezed him, causing her to think 'It feels as if he's got two walnuts rolling around in there!'  Squeezing his nuts once again while shucking as this lengthy man-meat, she looked down to see the flaring cockhead as it looked like a cobra about ready to strike.  And with a lurch in her shucking hand, it did strike forward, sending forward a stream of its sticky venom onto the left leg of her brown pants.  Instinctively, not wanting to have the sticky goo all over her clothing, Erin released the contracting nuts and used her closed fingers as a shield to block the subsequent streams of gooey venom.

Moments later, with the softening piece of dark meat beginning to droop over her closed right fist, Erin shuddered as a gooey flow of filth oozed in a slow drip off her cum covered fingers of her left hand.  Wiggling the fingers of her left hand, Erin cringed at the feel of sticky goo webbing her fingers together.  As the exhausted man groaned and moved back, she let go of his fleshy tubesteak and shook her left hand about to rid herself of the sticky mess upon her palm and fingers.  With no other option, Erin wiped the goo off her fingers onto the side of her brown slacks.

Leaning back against the coconut tree and panting in despair, she looked at the grinning bastard who was sitting back against a large boulder while recuperating his spent body.  Then the man named Tyrone told her "Looks like my buddies Leroy and Labrone needs a bit of relief, sweetie!"  It was then that Erin realized that the two men had now moved up from behind along both sides of the tree trunk to stand next to her, with each man grabbing her nearby wrist and place and mold her trim fingers around their throbbing cocks.

Erin closed her eyes in shame as the snicker Tyrone approached her once again while she proceeded to shuck the stems of the two horny men standing beside her.  As evidenced by the way Tyrone was manhandling her breasts, suckling as her puffed up nipples, she heard the man on her right chuckle "Lookit Tyrone go at her titties!  That’s Tyrone the Tit Man!"  Stopping his slobbering for a moment, the smirking Tyrone commented "These are prized titties, man!  Only way it'd be better would be sucking milk outta these babies!"  One nipple suckled again, then the other, Erin heard Tryone tell her "Hey, sweetie ............................maybe we's can git together again in nine months so's I's can suck the milk outta yer beautiful titties!  Ahhh, beautiful ruby red nipples, so perfect fer sucking on!"

Eyes closed as her titties were being manhandled and suckled, all while she shucked at the two lengthy male cocks on either side of her, the reference to nine months from now sent chills throughout her petite body.  Nine months from now, with her breasts producing milk, no further explanation was needed for Erin as to what her fate would be with these vile men who had abducted her along with her husband.  'They’re going to rape me!  These filthy black men are planning to rape me!  And with me going off the pill months ago ................................Brad and I coming here to vacation work on starting our family together!  Oh, Godddddd ..............................please help meeeeeeeeee me, please!' Erin prayed as she shuddered with horror.

Spurting cocks milked expertly, her trim white fingers grasping the ebony bones with her brightly sparking diamond atop the cock in her left hand making it so erotic.  Erin leaned back against the tree as Tyrone gave her titties a good sucking.  Then one of the gang members remarked "Hubby's coming around!"  Hearing that, the suckling of her breasts stopped and she was tossed the torn blouse to cover herself.  Front torn down the middle, Erin put her hands through the arms backwards so that the back of the brown garment would shield her nakedness as Tyrone grasped her by the arm to lead her to where Bart was tied.

Bart Wagner slowly came to, shaking his head at the shock of having smelling salts being waved beneath his nose.  Then he heard a gruff male’s voice say “C’mon, Bart, my boy!  Wake on up!  Time to git the show on the road!”  Blinking his eyes, wondering where he was, Bart found himself bound to two trees by his wrists while a muscular black bastard was going through his wallet.  "Greetings, Bart, my boy ......................Amos is the name!" his assailant chuckled while pocketing money taken from his wallet.

Hearing some rustling noises to his left, Bart turned to see his beautiful wife being ushered into the tented area, pulled by the arm by another muscular black with other men following them.  "Ah, here comes Tyrone and yer beautiful wife!" the man named Amos advised.  He could not help but note that his wife was no longer wearing the brown jacket that she had on before they were accosted, that she was clutching the brown blouse to the front of her body, causing Bart concern and wondered if the bastards had taken liberties with her.  Escorting his trembling wife was the smiling Tyrone who apparently had taken some liberties with Erin while he had been unconscious.

Tyrone looked at the distraught husband and bragged “Yer little sweetie’s got some real nice titties!”  Then, upon seeing the husband’s shocked expression, Tyrone pulled out the lacy white bra that he had stuffed in his pants pocket for hubby to see as he held it up high for viewing as it dangled just inches before the young husband's horrified face.  Tyrone licked his lips for hubby sake, gloating “She sure got nice cherry red nipples, Bart, my boy!  Man, it sure felt good feeling them nipples get all swollen in my mouth!  I’s went and tried hard not to leave any bruises on her titties but I’s just couldn’t stop sucking on’em!”

Seeing the husband’s shocked face and look of disbelief at what he had just been told, Tyrone grasped the wife’s hand and held it up to his face, telling the punk “Don’t believe I sucked on yer wife’s purty titties?  Here, smell her fingers, punk!  Yer were out so fuck’n long that I’s needed to git some relief!”  Smiling, rubbing the wife’s trim fingers under her husband’s nose, Tyrone taunted “Ya man, smell that?  That’s my cum, man!  Yer purty wife sure knows how to give a handjob!  Only it got a bit messy at the end, when I's went and creamed all over her purty fingers, as ya can smell fer yerself, heh, heh!”  All the guys chuckled upon seeing the punk's face cringe and turn away upon smelling the aroma of male spunk that verified Tyrone's story.

Pushing the distraught wife before her bound and gagged husband, with the beauty sniffling and putting her head down in shame, Tyrone now stood behind of her.  With hubby looking on, Tyrone’s long arms encircled the petite beauty, grasped the brown top and shredded it apart, baring the wife’s titties to her on looking husband.  Then Tyrone cupped the two twin titties, as if he was holding pears in his hands to present to potential customers, saying “Lookie .......................still beautiful!  Still nice and firm!  Only a couple of bruises on each tittie!”

“Go on, honey, show yer hubby how I’s like to be shucked!” Tyrone told the trembling wife, letting go of her titties to grasp her hands and guide them to the front of her husband’s pants.  With his zipper drawn down and his wife’s hand sliding into his pants, the Tyrone chuckled as the whiteboy sucked in his breath, eyes closing as his head went back in trying not to display the pleasure he was feeling.  With the whiteboy’s cock growing in his wife’s fist, Tyrone advised “Show’em the way I’s like it!”  As the whiteboy’s pretty wife did as told, correcting her grasp so that the sharp end of her nails ran along the underside of his sensitive cock, the whiteboy groaned with pleasure as his cock lurched and expanded even further.

“Yeah, feel’s good, huh!  Told ya!” Tyrone laughed as he then pulled the wife’s pleasure giving hand away. “Ya like it when yer purty wife sucks yer cock, sonny boy?” Tyrone asked.  With no answer forthcoming, the click of the switchblade Tyrone had withdrawn from his pocket had the whiteboy turning pale as the sharp blade was placed at the underside of his rigid cock.  “Yer purty wife does suck yer cock, doesn’t she?” Tyrone asked, getting a quick answer this time with the gagged husband shaking his head ‘no’.

“What!  She doesn’t suck cock!  Now, ya do want me to teach her how, don’t ya, sonny?” Tyrone asked, getting a quick nodding of the head to answer ‘yes’.  With the sharp blade raised up a bit, threatening to cut his penis, the scared shitless husband had immediately given Tyrone the answer he wanted.  Then, grabbing the punk’s bitch and turning her to her left and forcing her down to her knees, Tyrone moved in front of her and snickered “Okay, sweetie, time fer ya to learn how to suck cock!”

On her knees, the lovely beauty closed her eyes as she turned her head away from the filthy black penis that Tyrone had pulled out of his pants and advancing forward with.  “Better open yer eyes, bitch!  Cause it’ll be the last time ya git to see hubby with his pecker still attached!” Tyrone threatened.  As the beauty got a close up view of the sharp knife under her husband’s penis, she quickly turned back to look up and plead “No, please ………………..don’t do that!  Don’t do that ………………I’ll do what you want ……………..whatever you want!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh, yeah, that’s it!  That’s it, sweetie!  See, ain’t so bad is it!” Tyrone chuckled as the reluctant beauty had quickly opened her pink lips to take his cockhead into her mouth to save her husband.  Now with his hands wrapped in her long silky red hair, he leaned forward to slide more of his black boner into her reluctant mouth.  “Oooh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Damn, yer purty wife’s a quick learner, sonny boy!” Tyrone taunted.

“Better swallow bitch, or ya’s gonna choke to death on my cock!” Tyrone advised as his big bloated cockhead began pushing down into the entrance of her throat.  He laughed as the bitch gurgled “Gggggggg …………gggggggggghhh!” before his 12” cock began sliding down into her throat.  “Yeahhhh, ahhhhhh yeah, sweetie ………………….ya’s got the hang of it!  Yeah, fuck'n amazing!  Ya's gone and ate the w-h-o-l-e damned thing!” Tyrone groaned in pleasure.

“Oh, man, yer one lucky SOB!  Ya’ve got yerself one fantastic little cocksucker here, that's fer sure!  Ya oughta be proud of yer beautiful wife ……………….ain't many hoes out there can handle my big dong like she's doing!” Tyrone taunted.  “Oh, sweetie …………………ya’s doing it perfectly …………………jist about there ……………. …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Tyrone Marcus groaned as he pulled back to keep just a few inches of cock in her mouth.

As his bursting nuts keep churning out its goodies, the young wife’s mouth began to fill as her cheeks were bloated.  Seeing this, Tyrone knew that the inevitable was near as the inexperienced beauty would have to swallow his jizz or choke to death as there was no way she’d be able to let the fluid escape from around his thick boner.  Whites of the beauty’s rolling eyes, “Better swallow, bitch, or ya’s gonna choke to death!” Tyrone warned, as his cock sent another gusher into her already filled mouth.  Finally, her need to breathe and stay alive won out as the redhead beauty began to swallow down all his gooey jizz as Tyrone taunted the distraught husband “That's my cum she's eating, punk!  Hot spunk right outta by black balls!  Can't git it any fresher than that, huh!”

Grabbing a seat on a nearby boulder, Tyrone grinned with pride as the beautiful bitch remained kneeling before her bound husband as she choked and retched on his slimy spend.  As his buddies were also hot and horny, three of them were in desperate need of some relief.  He watched as Labrone had her take him in her mouth while Nigel and Archie had her using her newly learned technique in tossing a guy with her hand.

Fifteen minutes later, the remaining four men also need to get off as Tyrone got some much needed R&R in preparation for Round 2.  This time Leroy was getting himself a blowjob while Jamal and Rashad had her pretty hands tossing them off.  As for Amos, Tyrone knew that he had a ‘thing’ for redheads and now watched as his buddy proceeded to fulfill a fantasy that he had told Tyrone of while aboard the yacht.

Tyrone watched and chuckled as Amos approached the beauty from behind as she serviced the others, sticking his long black boner into her long silky red hair.  With Amos wrapping the bitch’s beautiful hair around his cock and begin to shuck himself, Tyrone chuckled again and cheered his buddy on with “Look how nice and silky her hair is, Amos!  So nice and deep red in color!  Bet she needs a lot of conditioner with natural proteins to keep it so nice and shiny!”

Revived again, mattress laid out on the ground once the last four guys got off, Tyrone had stripped off his clothing and was ready to give the beautiful bitch her introduction in going ‘black’ all the way.  Peeling off one brown heel at a time and tossing them aside, Tyrone was then pulling at her matching brown slacks, enjoying having the honor of stripping the beautiful bitch.  And then he was after her lacy white panties, baring the beauty totally as the guys whooped and hollered as she indeed was a true redhead.

“Please …………………please ………………, pleasssssssssssssseeeeee!  Please ………………………please don’t rape me ………….………………….please, I ……………………………..I’ve only been with my husband!” came the desperate plea from the redhead bitch as Tyrone pushed her knees apart and prepared to rape her.  “No ……………… ………………….no …………………….stop ………………stop …………………..stoopppppppppp!” she whimpered as Tyrone forced his monstrous cockhead up into her way too tight slit.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………nnnnnnnnn …………………….stop ……………..stop ………………………stoppppppp!  Too big …………………….too big ..........................too biggggggggg ……………………it won’t fittttttttttttttt
……………………please, it won’t fittttttttttt!” the raped beauty cried out with Tyrone just managing to get a mere three inches of his monstrous cock up into her.  But that just made Tyrone even prouder as the beautiful white bitch was telling his cohorts just how big a cock he was equipped with.

Grasping her trim white hips, Tyrone lunged forward brutally, plowing into her and stretching her as never before.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………noooooooooooooooooooo …………………..nooooooooooooooooooo .............................nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” came the cries of pain that sounded like music to his ears.  Rearing back some, he lunged forward again, burying his foot long dong into the young wife.  Looking up to his side at the on looking husband, Tyrone gloated “Damn, she’s fuck’n tight!  But I’s jist went and taken care of that fer ya!  She ain’t gonna be tight fer yer little pecker any more, punk, cause I’s went and ‘ruined’ her real good!”

Once Tyrone had finished raping the beauty, cumming in her fertile womb and filling her to the brim with his hot seed, he then spread her legs wide for hubby to see the flow of thick jizz oozing out of his wife’s ravished slit.  “Ooooh, will ya look at that!  Got yer purty wife’s twat filled up to the brim!  Damn, if’n she ain’t on the pill she jist might end up with a set of little twin bastards!  Kind of runs in my’s family genes, y’know, evidenced by the two dumb bitches I’s went and knocked up in high school both had a set of twins little girls!” Tyrone bragged.

Tyrone watched as all seven of his seven horny buddies descend upon the young wife like a hungry pack of wolves that had caught their prey.  This time it was Amos who would get some head as he knelt above her head and tilted her head up towards him.  Completing the gangbang was: Archie straddling her waist to get himself a tittie fuck; Labrone between her widespread legs as he shoved his boner up her twat; Leroy and Jamal opting for footjobs this time; leaving Nigel and Rashad to be tossed by hand.  Going up to stand next to the horrified husband, Tyrone chuckled and taunted "Now, the special on the menu tonight is a tasty and tender 'blackened bitch'!

Ten minutes later, Bart looked on in horror as one by one the black rapists slowly got up or fell back away from the still frenzied pile of flesh, each having sated his lust for the time being.  When all of the men's lust had been temporarily sate, Bart looked down at his wife's sexy body that had all but disappeared under the dark sea of flesh.  With his wife's widespread legs facing him, Bart observed the pink soles of her trim feet glistening from the loads of semen spurted upon them, her toes webbed together by the thick spunk.  Hers hands lying next to her waist were also saturated with the filth, fingers webbed together like her toes.

Bart shuddered in seeing how red and raw his wife's once pink gash had become, obviously irritated by the brutal fucking she had been given by the horselike cocks of the men who had raped her thus far.  He observed the large puddle of fuck juice beneath her, watched as thick jizz oozed out of her raped slit to add to that on the ground.  One thick dollop of skunk followed by another, so different from his rather thin semen, Bart had to wonder 'Is that what a man's spunk supposed to look like?  That thick??'  If such was the case, Bart had to conclude that there was no chance of his semen having impregnated his beautiful wife over the past few days.

Up further, Erin's once flawless ivory white breasts showed red welts of the thick fingers that had squeezed them mercilessly while she was tittie fucked and numerous bruises could now be observed.  The valley between her twin mounds glistened from a sheen of lubricant that led up to a large puddle of white foam that had formed all about her neck.  Looking at his wife's beautiful face, Bart saw how dazed she was, causing him to pray that she had not mentally snapped from the brutal gang rape.  As her head turned a bit to the right, Bart observed some white fluid drool out of the corner of her mouth, and he knew just what the liquid was .....................male semen!

Later, with his buddies on their R&R break, Tyrone had the cum-soaked fucked out little bitch on all fours on the thin mattress.  Birds in the nearby forest area suddenly all bolted out of the trees branches in total fear.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ..........................nooooooooooo .......................................nooooooooooo …………………noooooooooooooooooo
……………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shrill screeching never heard before in this area that contained quite a variety of wildlife, but to the frightened birds it appeared that some poor prey had just been captured and was literally being torn to shreds.

Even the hairs on Bart's arms stood up straight from the shrill of his wife's agonizing cry of pain as she was sodomized by the devious black bastard.  Looking down, his beautiful wife was on her hands and knees crying in pain as the black bastard behind of her continued grasping at Erin's trim white hips while slamming himself up into her torn anus time and time again.  But at the erotic sight before him, it wasn't just the hairs on his arms standing up straight!  The black and white contrast of the black bastard sodomizing his beautiful wife had Bart's cock rigid and at full attention to the sight before him.

"Oooooooooooooooh ........................................oooooooooooohhhhhh!" Erin moaned as Tyrone continued to sodomize her with brutal thrusts of his hips banging up against her upturned ass, long thick cock raping her torn rectum.  "Ugghhhhh .....................ugghhhh .......................ugghhhhh .........................ugghhhhhh!" came the male grunting from behind of her with each savage thrust up into her bowels.  Then she heard the bastard gloating to her distraught husband with "Tore yer beautiful wife a new asshole, punk!  Ah, yeah fuck'n tight!"   And then came a loud "Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as the cock remained buried deep up her ass, followed by a hot enema as the cock burst out its hot balm.

Hot goo oozing out of her torn ass and flowing down the insides of her thighs, Erin looked at the drops of white liquid that had fallen on the back of her right hand that was stretched out forward to keep her balance on all fours.  Then more of the liquid fell upon her hand and ground nearby, some falling onto the top of her head, making it seem like it was raining inside the tented area.  Looking up, Erin gasped upon seeing her husband's hardon recoil and lurch to belch out a stream of cum that hit her square in the nose.  "Good shot, hubby!  Cream that little bitch of yers!  Give her that creamy facial!" came a comment from the gallery.

"Ah, shit ...................he fuck'n petered out and only got the perk little nose of hers!" the fellow Amos advised.  "Guess sonny boy here needs us to help finish the job, heh! C'mon, guys, let's give his beautiful wife the facial cream she needs to keep her skin nice and soft!" Amos added stepped up just to Erin's shoulder as he added "On second thought, looks like she needs some conditioner added to her beautiful red hair.  With Tyrone backing his cock out of Erin's rectum, he invited "Jamal!  Wanna butt fuck this little bitch?  Already gave her an enema fer ya, heh, heh!"

"Damned right I's do!  That's one sweet little ass!" Jamal chimed in as he quickly knelt down behind Erin and caressed her asscheeks.  All Bart could do was to look on helplessly as the bastard's large black hands grasped Erin by her trim white hips to position himself.  Then, with a thrust of his hips, a load moan escaped his wife's lips to indicate that the bastard had just taken her up in the ass.  With his wife in agony at being sodomized once again, two men were on each side of him wanking their peters away, intent on soiling Erin's beautiful face with their filthy semen. And then one on each side of her began spurting their seed on her cringing face.

"Oh, this sweet little bitch has one tight little ass!" Jamal told his buddies as he gripped Erin's trim hips and sliced in an out of her upturned buttocks.  "Ah, yeah ..........................gonna cream this beautiful ass soon!" Jamal panted out as the other two guys continued to beat their meat above agonized beauty.  Faster and faster he thrust, then exclaimed "Cumming ............................cumming up this bitch's beautiful white ass!"  And with that, Amos grabbed the back of her long red hair, pulling her face up just in time for his four buddies to ejaculate their filth right upon Erin's neck and breasts.  As for Amos, spurt after spurt of his special hair conditioner was allowed to soak into her scalp for a second time.

With darkness having set in and lanterns used to give some light in the tented area, Bart watched as the men continued to sate their pent up lust upon his beautiful wife.  He shuddered, feeling sick to his stomach in having seen all that cum covering his lovely wife as the men had masturbated upon her.  Now it seemed that each wanted to sample her charms privately, though still in full view of everyone.  Now about twenty feet away from where he was bound, Bart watched as one after another copulated with his lovely wife in one way or another.  He watched as the man named Nigel began to kiss her lips passionately, obviously French kissing her, and Bart was taken back to see his wife trim white arms encircle the broad neck of the black man as she returned the kiss and tonguing she was receiving.

Then Bart observed the muscular black body lift up as the bastard was shucking at his lengthy prong in preparation of what was to come.  And then the muscular body was beginning to descend, with the thick black fuckstick disappearing down into his wife's petite body.  What a constrast of black and white this copulation created for Bart's eyes, especially with his beautiful wife's trim white legs lifting and her heels locking upon one another as she tied herself to her black lover.  Then he heard one of the fellows chuckle "That Spanish Fly works all the time!  Sure as hell turns these prim and proper wives into hot-to-trot little bitches!"  Bart then realized that the beer Erin had been forced to drink earlier must have been laced with the potent aphrodisiac that was causing her to respond in such a manner.

Hours into the night, it seemed as if his once prim and proper wife had transformed into a well-oiled fuck machine, welcoming each well-hung stud with open arms ............................and legs!  And it appeared that Erin was oblivious to it all as it seemed as if she could care less who was about to fuck her.  Bart saw his wife's eyes closed as if about to dose when her last lover pulled out of her and yet her arms and legs automatically encircled the next fellow who settled down into the saddle.  But it certainly did not appear that Erin was getting any sleep, not in the manner in which she kept arching up to meet each thrust and slamming of her lover's pelvis into her.

Later, with a tight ball gag taped and secured upon his mouth, Bart found himself being taken down from his outstretched position.  Wrists bound by a strong bungie-like cord that went completely around his waist, Bart found that he could move his arms about six inches in each direction.  Led to where his wife and current lover were copulating, the man named Amos whispered in his ear "We ain't mean bastards!  We's want ya to enjoy yerself too!  Once Labrone gits through, ya'll git yer turn in the saddle!"  Pushed down to his knees and into place once Labrone had gotten out of the way, Bart found that the bindings allowed him just enough leeway to get his hands under Erin's trim hips.

With his wife welcoming him as she did the others, her eyes still closed and not realizing that it was him in her arms, Bart was unable to utter a sound he was to be her next lover.  His fully erect cock easily slipped right up into her cunny, so different from the tightness he had experienced each time before, now his cock was being bathed in a pool of hot cum deposited there by the gang of rapists.  But his cock twitched and expanded in excitement as he gripped Erin's hips and proceeded to fuck her like the previous men had over the past few hours.

But over the hours of watching the rather erotic scenes of seeing his beautiful wife taken time and time again, it was just a mere two minutes and a couple dozens thrusts before Bart's body tensed and he got to add his semen into the hot furnace of his wife's fertile womb.  Bart realized that he had been far too quick his wife off as each of the other men had done previously.  Then, to his dismay, Bart felt his wife's hand grasping his upper arm and pushing him away.  Then she had placed her right foot on his hip and was literally kicking him out of the saddle.

Looking over at his delirious wife, Bart was astounded to see her arms and legs outstretched to welcome her next lover as she had not realized that she had just discarded him from her body.  "Please ..........................please ..........................somebody, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the plea from his wife next to him as Bart tried futilely to call to her from his gag.  But the worst was yet to come when Erin frantically cried out and begged "Please ........................please ...........................have a 'Man' fuck me this time!"

For Erin, the disappointing fuck session had given her some ammunition to get back at her abductors, at least now she had the opportunity to chastise one of her rapists and cut him down to size in front of his cohorts.  Though she needed and craved for another good fucking, she felt proud of herself for making giving some form a payback in getting to demean the man who had just raped her.  Little did Erin realize that the man she had just berated of his manhood and literally kicked off her body was her own husband who was now lying in the darkness just a couple feet away from her as Amos got between her legs chuckling "I's jist the man ya's need fer a good fuck'n!"

"Ahhhh, how's that fer filling that hot little cunt of yers, sugar!" Bart heard Amos gloatingly asked as he leaned into his delirious wife.  To his disappointment, he then heard Erin respond enthusiastically with "Ohhh, yesssssssssssssss good much better!  Fuck me .............................fuck me with your big black cockkkkkkkkkkkk!"  Being so nearby, the 'slurkkkkk .........................slurkkkkk ........................slurkkkkk' could distinctively be heard by Bart as the long fat cock fucked in and out of his wife's slushy hole.

"Please ............................please ...............................faster ...............................faster ............................make me cum, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Erin panted out as Amos had deliberately slowed down the tempo.  "Tell me ......................tell me what a black bastard wants to hear when he gits a chance to fuck a whiteboy's purty white bitch!" she heard Amos advise as he slowly eased the thick length up her gripping snatch.  Drawing her hips back and forth, Erin tried to fuck herself on the pleasure giving rod.  Biting her lips, desperately in need of having a good fuck thrown to her at this point, Erin panted out "Fuck me!  Fuck me with your big black cock!  Fuck me ....................................rape me ....................................knock me up with your little black bastard!"

Bart watched in awe as his wife began using the back of her heels to spur Amos back into action while she continued arching up and back to skewer herself onto his prong, her fingernails digging into the thick muscular shoulders as she pleaded with him to "Fuck me .........................fuck me with your big black cock!  Fuck your little white whore!"  As as the fuck temp picked up speed once again, Bart observed his wife's enjoyment as well as heard it as she panted "That's it ....................that's it!  Fuck me, fuck me ..........................fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Watching his beautiful wife and her black lover go at it, Bart shuddered upon hearing the 'slurkkkkkkkkkkkkk ...................slurkkkkkkkkk ...............slurkkkkkkkkk ................slurkkkkkkkkkk
............slurkkkkk ...........slurkkkkk' sounds getting quicker and quicker till Erin screamed out "Ahhhhhhh, yesssssssssss ..................yesssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Black male rapist grunting while spurting his potent seed, beautiful white female victim moaning with pleasure while accepting it deep in her fertile womb, all taking place as her dismayed husband watched his lovely wife clutch at her at the black man seeding her with his vile seed.  Moments later, with the coupled pair asleep in one another's arms while still intimately joined together as only a husband and wife should be, the actual husband was being pulled to his feet and being led back to be secured once again.  It was Tyrone leading the husband back, telling him "I'll tie ya's up with yer hands around the trees so's that ya can sit yer useless ass down!  Damn, that sexy wife of yers ain't gonna be satisfied with yer useless whiteboy pecker from here on in!  Time fer me to bang that beautiful rack of hers again!"

A moment later, watching from his sitting position, Bart observed Tyrone nudging at Amos' prone body while advising "C'mon, man!  Git yer ass off so's I's can bang the bitch!"  With Amos rolling his exhausted body off Erin, Tyrone then commented
"Jesus Christ!  Lookit the fuck'n slop!"  Then Bart observed Tyrone reaching down and picking up Erin's lacy white panties and was using the tiny garment to wipe his wife's crotch, even inserting a panty covered finger to scoop out some of the gunk.  And
then Tyrone flinging the garment aside to where his buddy Amos sat, spreading Erin's trim white legs apart and fitting himself to her, with Bart hearing his lovely wife emit an "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!" as the heavy black body descended down upon and into her.

Getting up to his feet in order to get a better view of his beautiful wife spreading her charms for Tyrone, Bart saw Amos looking his way and grinning widely as the bastard who had just fucked his wife picked up Erin's cummy panties from the ground and used the dry portion to clean his slimy cock with.  Then, his view of his wife and Tyrone was partially blocked as Amos had gotten up and was walking towards him with the now weighty piece of garment dangling from his fingers.  Seconds later, Amos was standing next to him while dangling the cum laden panties before his nose, taunting "Yer purty wife is some fuck'n cunt, Bart, my boy!"

Finally Bart was left alone and he could again stretch his neck out for a better view of Tyrone's black butt rising up time and time again before pounding back hard into Erin's awaiting body.  Bart shuddered and shook his head, his stomach feeling a bit queasy at the moment, trying to get the gag down a bit and away from irritating his nose.  Prior to Amos' departure, the black bastard had not only dangled Erin's panties before his face tauntingly, but had removed his gag to stuff the cum laden panties into his mouth before redoing the gag tape.  Bart shuddered once again as more of the thick semen oozed out of balled up panties and onto his tongue.  So much spunk had been scooped out of his wife's raped cunt, but Bart knew that her cunny would be filled to the brim once Tyrone got through with her.

Grunting and groaning from the rapist venting his lust upon his lovely wife, his black body suddenly tensing and then convulsing, Bart knew that Erin's cunny was once again being filled to the brim with hot male spunk.  Moments later, as the bastard lifted his ebony body off his raped wife, Bart saw the glistening liquid oozing out of her raped slit and down her buttocks to soak into the ground.  And then another man took Tyrone's place, one who obviously didn't care about sloppy seconds as he quickly thrust his love-muscle deep into his wife, who reacted by wrapping her trim white arms around the muscular shoulders and bringing her ivory legs over the humping black ass.

Many hours later, after having watched his beautiful wife raped by one man after another then gangbanged time and time again, Bart sat on the ground still gagged with arms bound behind the tree.  Unable to call and wake Erin from her deep sleep to tell her that the assailants had departed, Bart realized that he would have to merely wait till his fucked out wife awoke to have her untie him.  With all the entertainment concluded and Bart not getting a wink of sleep, he was soon fast asleep while leaning back against the tree stump still bound with arms behind him.

Over an hour later, Bart woke up at being shaken by the hand on his shoulder.  Opening his eyes, he viewed his disheveled wife clad in the torn brown top as she had been when first escorted into the tented area.  He saw the tears in her eyes as she reached down to take the taped gag off his mouth.  Then Bart panicked and tried to turn his head away from her.  But the taped gag had already been grasped in her fingers and was being pulled from his face.  He then heard his wife gasp loudly as he turned a beet red in the face, feeling so embarrassed as his wife was slowly pulling her lacy white panties out of his mouth.

For Erin, a shiver coursed throughout her petite body, feeling embarrassment in having her husband witness her defilement at the hands of the vile gang of black rapists throughout the night.  Then she sucked in her breath as she recalled the last time she had seen this garment, when Tyrone had used it to wipe her cum covered thighs and then had put it into her cunny to scoop out as much of the slimy filth as he could before putting his 'thing' into her.  'Oh, my God .........................they forced Bart to put it into his mouth taste and swallow all the filthy mucous that had been ejaculated up into my cunny!' she realized.

Many hours later, after consoling one another and washing up in the nearby stream, they made it back to the resort.  Having found her brown jacket, Erin was relieved in not having to cover herself up with just her brown top that had been shredded down the front.  They professed their love for one another, each telling the other that this violation would not change their feelings for each other, that aspect still lingered in their minds as they pondered their future together.  And the next day, in each other's arms to console one another, a kiss ensued and each felt a spousal duty to make love to one another.

For Erin, there was no longer the need to try and refrain herself from being overly overt in her response, not with Bart having witnessed how she had responded wildly to the vile men who had raped her repeatedly.  Arms thrown over her husband's shoulders, legs wrapped and locked upon him, Erin arched up into his thrusts to get the much needed fuck satisfaction from him.  As for Bart, having seen the way the black rapists had gone at it with his beautiful wife and taking her to orgasm after orgasm, he tried his best to emulate the manner in which they had fucked her with such feverish passion.  Grabbing as her asscheeks, he humped into her without any consideration as the black bastards had done in taking her to the heights of ecstasy.

But enjoyable as it was for Bart, the more rapid fucking of his beautiful wife all while picturing the big black cocks that savagely raped her that fateful night just served to having him ejaculating prematurely. Freezing in absolute shock for a moment as her husband's pulsating cock spurted in her, Erin then feigned pleasurable moans while grasping her husband and arching up in pretending that she was having an orgasm.  Heart pounding in her chest, Erin's cunny continued to squeeze at the now rapidly shrinking penis that didn't hold much promise for a near term revival.

Weeks later while on a layover for the night, after enduring time after time of premature ejaculation by her over enthusiastic husband, Erin's eyes noticed the group of black men entering a rather seedy bar that was located a block away from the hotel that the airlines contracted with to board the crew.  After dinner with the rest of the crew across the street from the hotel, Erin passed on going out for a few drinks, telling them that she was exhausted and wanted to get a good night's sleep.  Back in the lobby, waiting for her fellow crewmembers to disappear out of sight, she then exited the hotel once again and made her way towards the bar she had seen.

On the return flight back home the next day, Erin was just beaming with joy, fully sated by being gangbanged by the six all too-willing black studs she had seeing going into the bar.  Memories of what took place at the resort were brought back when all six men sought sexual satisfaction from her at the same time, in very similar fashion to when she had been gang raped by the modern day pirate crew.  What had really brought back fresh memories to Erin was the big black bastard who had grabbed her by the hair and forced her down to her knees, making her suck off his buddy while wrapping her silky red hair around his boner.  While swallowing the cum that his buddy ejaculated into her mouth, Erin shuddered at the feel of hot slimy goo began spreading about on her scalp.

Another three weeks went by and Erin began waking each morning feeling nauseated, causing her to fear the worst.  And with her religious upbringing, the feeling of despair set in.  Six weeks pregnant!  By who?  Her husband?  One of the rapists?
With her husband unsuccessful for the months after she got off the pill, there was little hope that he was the one impregnating her during their vacation, not with so many virile black men raping her time and time again.  Erin was surprised at her husband's response in learning that she was pregnant, knowing full well that he was not likely the father, but that night was the best fucking Bart had given her since the abduction.

Now six months pregnant, Erin was anxious for the next few months to fly on by as her belly was really beginning to swell.  Also, she was feeling quite frustrated at this point in time, wanting and needing sexual satisfaction so badly as she had curtailed her extra-curricular activities on layovers after hitting the fifth month of her pregnancy.  As she headed on home from the gynecologist's office, Erin wondered how Bart would take the news ........................that the sonogram showed her carrying twins!  And memories of Tyrone immediately came to mind, especially with how he had bragged of having knocked up two women with twins.

Two years later, Bart sat and pondered about things, looking at the time and figuring that he had better get home to relieve the sitter since he promised to be back by 8 p.m. to take over watching the twin girls.  Driving home from the hospital, Bart's thoughts were just a mass of confusion, not knowing just what to think at this point in time.  Yes, both little Darla and Paula were little black twins, evidently a product of Tyrone who had a penchant for knocking women up with twins.  As they were a product of the abduction and rape, Bart fully understood why that Erin could not abort the fetuses even if created in such a vile manner.

But what was he supposed to think now, especially feeling all eyes turn to focus upon him when little Jimmy was born this afternoon, for it was obvious that he certainly had not fathered the little ebony baby with dark kinky hair that his wife had given birth to.  Needless to say, Bart was quite upset with his wife as the thought ‘She cheated on me behind my back!  At least she could have let me watch!’

End of Story.