Victim #3 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’ stories of
‘Victims #1 & 2 of the Roaming Resort Rapists’
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The destination was seventy miles southwest at the island of Maripose, where the luxurious Montongi Bay Resort was located, with the aim of anchoring off at a secluded beach just a few miles west of Montongi Bay.  A fast modern day cabin cruiser equipped with all the fancy electronic gadgets, of which atop the tall antenna few the black flag that consisted of a white skull and set of crossbones.  And like true pirates, they had set off on the high seas for their next voyage in search for more of the succulent prized booty desired by man ………………more innocent and sexy white beauties!

This time it was the grinning Rashad who got his turn, laughing as he recalled that day and relayed “That little blonde schoolteacher sure got taught some lessons she ain’t ever learned before, huh!  Sweet little Mrs. Natalie Kerns!  Sure was nice having someone so naïve perform a striptease fer us with her husband looking on!  Way better that having a pro strip, huh!  First the pink sweater and top, the flowery black skirt, then those matching lacy undies and bra!  Man, that was an awesome fuck with that beautiful bitch crying and whimpering the entire time I’s was doing it to her!  Whadda ya guys think of that fuck, huh!”

Jamal chimed in with “Yeah, it was great, Rashad!  But shit, next time clean off the fuck’n carrot ya got outta the ground better before using it as a dildo and shoving it up her twat!  Jezz, after fucking that broad my fuck’n cock was all covered with dirt!  Heh, heh …………….but it was fun gitting her to cleaned it up fer me ……………….with that sweet mouth of hers!”  Then Labrone added “Man, she sure turned into some little cocksucker by the time we's got done with her!  Her hubby must surely agree, especially seeing how he popped his nuts in less that ten fuck'n seconds after she started blowing him!”

For 28 year old Natalie Kerns, the spring break provided such a fantastic getaway time from the kids at school, giving her time to spend with her hubby Ron.  But she did miss little Tommy, her two year old son, who was staying with Ron’s parents for the week.  Married to her handsome husband for four years, it was a marriage made in heaven for both of them, as they enjoyed every moment together.  Entering the marriage, surrendering her virginity on the night of the wedding, it was definitely true love for each of them.

Teaching young third graders at Ashford Elementary, a school located in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood, life to Natalie seemed like one without any crime or hatred in the world.  And the beautiful setting of this gorgeous resort seemed like such an idyllic place to spend the entire week with her loving husband.  But as she and Ron strolled down the nature walk path that was lined with various native trees, an element of society foreign to her was watching in wait from the thick brush that lined the path.

Hand in hand one moment as they walked down the graveled path, then the next they were separated from one another and being dragged through the thick brush by a gang of burly black men.  Having let out a yelp and screech, Natalie then had a big calloused hand clamped over her mouth to keep her quiet.  She then shuddered in horror upon feeling a bare hand going up under her pink sweater and blouse, touching and caressing her ribcage and moving further upwards.

Struggling with all of her might, Natalie was just no match against the two muscular men, for she was unable to move away from the exploring hand under her blouse as thick fingers sought to get under her bra cup.  She could only shudder in horror as the thick fingers inserted themselves under her bra and the rough thumb found her sensitive pink nipple and was caressing it to hardness.  To have another man other than her husband touching her in such an intimate way was so vile and reprehensible to Natalie.

For her husband Ron, he was just coming to after that blackjack hit him in the head, finding that two muscular blacks were dragging him through the brush and that a tape wrapped around his head and over his mouth prevented him from uttering a sound.  Eyes focusing, Ron observed his wife through the thick brush about ten yards ahead and also in the hands of two burly black men.  Captive, abducted by black men, Ron’s heart pounded in fear for his wife’s safety as well as his own.  Hearing voices behind of him and seeing a man leading the way ahead of the men carrying Natalie, he knew there were over a half-dozen of them.

Then, with a small clearing giving him a better view up ahead, Ron saw the man’s arm partially cover by the pink sweater and Natalie’s blouse as the bottom of the sweater had ridden up above the bottom of the pink blouse.  Seeing his wife’s petite body jerk and tremble as more of the man’s arm disappeared under her clothing, Ron feared the worst ……………….that the black bastard was feeling his beautiful wife up!  ‘Oh, my God!  What do they want from us?  Are the planning to rape Natalie?’ he worried.

But what was most alarming to Ron at the thought of this vile abductors violating Natalie was the undeniable fact that his damn cock was beginning to sport a raging hardon.  Having taken his wife’s virginity on their wedding night years ago, Ron knew that he was the only man ever to intimate with her.  And just last night, when Natalie had wrapped her trim fingers around his cock, she shucked him a bit and had whispered “Think he’s up to the task of making us a nice little baby again?”

Rashad smiled as he carried the succulent little beauty along while fondling her soft and perfect tittie, loving the feel of her pointed nipple as he rubbed his  calloused palm over the tip of it.  As her body heaved and her muffled sobs could be heard, Rashad bent his head over to her and whispered “Oooooh, ya like me giving yer beautiful tittie a good squeeze, dontcha sugar?  Gonna show ya a good time, sweetie …………………a real good time!”

A bit later, after having reached their campsite and her husband tied securely to a tree, Natalie found herself encircled by the men from where her bound husband stood.  And the man who had been feeling her up along the way, a man going by the name of Rashad, seemed to take charge and was now ordering her “C’mon, sweetie ……………….the guys here ain’t seen a purty thing like ya doing a striptease in a hellava long time!”  Hearing that, Natalie tensed, crossing her arms across the front of her body and clutching at the open ends of her pink sweater.

“Yeah, sweetie ………………that pink sweater is jist fine fer starters!” Rashad quipped, knowing full well that was not her intention when crossing her arms in front of her and grasping the pink garment.  As the terrified beauty held onto her sweater even tighter at that point, Rashad flicked open his glistening switchblade that had the trembling young wife’s eyes widen in terror.  And to calm, yet to get her to cooperate, Rashad advised “Don’t ya worry, sweetie!  I’s ain’t gonna hurt a purty little thing like ya!  But if’n ya don’t start taking off them clothes, I’s gonna carve hubby up like a turkey fer Thanksgiving dinner!”

Looking at the sharp glistening knife, then turning to look at her terrified husband as two men had gone over to Ron and ripped his shirt off and pulled his pants down, Natalie then let go of the sweater.  Uncrossing her hands and grasping the front of her sweater, Natalie began to take off the garment and commence her striptease act.  Dropping her sweater to the ground, the next command coming from the widely grinning Rashad was “Okay, sweetie ……….now the blouse!”  Buttoned down the back, Natalie reached back to undo the buttons to the cheers of the men around her.

Peeling the pink blouse off her shoulders, wolf-whistles and applause told Natalie just how much the lusty men were appreciative of her performance.  A moment later, blouse lying upon her sweater, Natalie sniffed back the tears as she crossed her arms over her well-filled lacy white bra.  Then came the command of “C’mon, sweetie …………..git those babies uncovered!  Let’s see those purty little jugs of yers!”  Tears flowing down her cheeks, Natalie then reached behind her back to unhook the thin strap.

Breasts bared to the loud cheers and applause, Natalie’s face reddened in embarrassment as one of the men yelled out “Man, lookit them fuck’n hooters!”  Clutching her arms down to her sides in wanting to cover her breasts, her actions only served to enhance her charms before the cheering men.  But the striptease had not come to an end as Rashad reminded her with “Time fer the skirt, sweetie!”

Black floral skirt unbuttoned and unzipped, Natalie closed her eyes as she let go of it.  Whistles and cheers went up as her skirt went down, baring her trim legs and puddling around her slip-on black heels.  Now clad only in her lacy white panties and heels, the order then came for her to bare her sex to the vile men while her horrified husband looked on, with the vile Rashad chuckling “Damn, sweetie ………………..ya’s got me all’s hot and bothered!  Show us that golden beaver!  I’s jist can’t wait to have those soft sexy white legs wrapped around my black ass!”

Not able to look at her husband throughout her humiliating ordeal, Natalie glanced side-eye in his direction, then her jaw dropped in seeing the hardon that jutting out from his loins and tenting his jockeys.  ‘Oh, my God, he’s just like these vile men!  He got excited in watching me being forced to take my clothes off in front of these ogling black bastards!  He’s no better than any of them!  And to think that I did it all for him, to save him from being hurt!’ she fumed.

“Do I’s hafta tell ya what’s next, sweetie?” she heard Rashad ask with a sneer.  Having observed her husband’s telltale sign of his enjoyment of her ordeal, Natalie fumed ‘I should let them take it out on Ron …………………that’ll make his damned hardon wilt!’  But she just could not bring herself for allowing the vile Rashad and his men from hurting or maybe killing her husband should she refuse to comply.  Reaching up, thumbs inserted into the elastic waistband of her lacy white panties, cheers and an audacious roar resulted as her golden beaver was exposed.

Then she heard Rashad comment “Damn, I’m hungry!”  Natalie then observed him grab the bunch of carrots that he had discovered and pulled from the ground when making their way to the campsite.  She watched at the vile black bastard plucked a small carrot and brushed away the dirt before taking a big bite out of it.  “Damn, needs some dipping sauce!” she heard him comment.

With the biggest carrot of the bunch plucked next, the wide smile on Rashad’s face unnerved her as the carrot was held menacingly with the long pointed shaft held upright in his fist and between his widespread legs.  “C’mon, little lady ………………….come here and put some dipping sauce on it fer me!  Make it tasty fer me!” he chuckled.  ‘Surely he can’t mean what he’s indicating!  No, no, he can’t be that depraved!’ Natalie shuddered in fear and horror.

Backing away from the menacing man and his orange carrot that threatened to perform as a dildo, Natalie nearly tripped and stumbled as her panties got caught around her heels.  Suddenly, she was grabbed by two of the gang members and lifted off the ground.  Panties falling off her heels, the strong hands under her knees were pulling her legs wide apart.  She struggled futilely in their grasp, trying to get away as Rashad chuckled “Set her right down here!  C’mon sweetie, put some sweet honey sauce on it!”

Looking down in horror, Natalie cringed at seeing how dirty the carrot was as it had not been brushed off as the other one and she was being lowered right down upon it.  “No …………………, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Natalie pleaded as the tip of the carrot made contact with her vagina.  “Oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!  Please, no …………………………stoppppppppppppppp!” she cried out as her body was lowered onto the spiking orange dildo.

All ten inches of the carrot enveloped, Natalie found herself being lifted up high and put on display as the men holding her turned for all the gawking men to cheer and applaud at the audacious sight.  Then she was facing her wide-eyed husband and observed the twitch and hardening of his penis beneath his tented jockeys.  Sobbing, head bent down in shame, Natalie could only imagine the view her husband had of her with just the green carrot tops protruding out of her cunny.

Now held before Rashad again, Natalie helplessly looked on as the vile bastard reached between her legs and grabbed at the bunch of greens.  Shivering as the carrot dildo was slowly pulled out of her, Natalie sobbed as the now laughing bastard held the glistening item up for all to see.  She then shuddered as Rashad put the wet carrot into his mouth and bit several inches off from the tip and heard it crunching as he chewed, then commenting “Damn, that’s the best fuck’n sauce I’s ever tasted!”  She watched and shuddered as Rashad took another bite of the obviously tasty carrot.

But the worst of this humiliating act was yet to come as Rashad tossed the remainder of the carrot behind his shoulder and commented “Fuck, jist gimme more of the sweet and delicious honey sauce!”  With her legs held widespread, hands on her ankles putting her now bared feet over the shoulders of the sitting Rashad, Natalie realized in horror what was about to take place next upon feeling his hot breath on her sex.

“Noooooooooo ……………………..noooooooooooooo ……………….ahhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Natalie cried out as the hot mouth clamped over her sex and the bastard inserting his thick tongue into her sensitive slit.  “Ooooooooooooooh …………………ooooooooooooooh …………….ah …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the moans from above the slurping sounds emanating from between her legs.  “Ahhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddd ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Natalie shuddered, her petite body now convulsing uncontrollably as she climaxed right in Rashad’s slurping mouth.

Delirious and totally defeated at this point, the slurping stopped and the wiggling tongue up her snatch withdrawn, Natalie felt her legs being lifted off the broad shoulders and being spread wider.  Then Natalie shuddered in fear as she felt a large blunt instrument pushing up against her dripping and slushy slit entrance.  Opening her eyes, Natalie sucked in her breath as she was looking right into the face of the grinning Rashad and realized that she was being lowered upon his monstrous black cock.

Horrified at the sight before him, Ron could not help control his excited and pulsating cock that tented his jockeys as never before.  He hoped that his beautiful wife did not look over towards him and view the pointed end of his jockeys that was now quite wet with his leakage of pre-cum.  ‘My God, the fucker’s gotta be at least twelve inches long!’ he surmised, realizing that it was a good five inches longer that would be penetrating and exploring his wife’s never before reached cunny.  Then he saw Rashad turn to look directly at him, then smile and announce “Gonna ‘ruin’ yer purty little wife!  Gonna ‘ruin’ her …………..real good!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Ron heard his wife scream out painfully as four inches of the thick black cock disappeared up into her raped slit.  He saw his crying wife struggle futilely against the two muscular men holding her steady and preventing her from getting off the thick skewer.  Ron’s jaw dropped wide as he then observed Rashad lift up some from his sitting position, thrusting his proud animal further up into Natalie’s withering body.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………..noooooooooo!” came his wife’s cries.

With Rashad back to his sitting position and Natalie’s thighs now resting upon the rapist’s thick muscular ones, there left no doubt to Ron as to where the foot long dong had disappeared up into.  Having viewed the big ball sac holding what appeared to be two walnuts, Ron shuddered at the thought of all that pent up semen spurting up into his wife’s fertile womb.  There was no comparison between his cock and balls to be made versus that of the man now raping Natalie.  If he had not already impregnated his wife the night before, Ron knew that this vile bastard would soon be spurting his thick seed far deeper into Natalie’s womb than he had ever reached before.  The thought of this black bastard ‘knocking up’ his beautiful wife had his cock lurching as he tried to still himself.

But Ron’s attempt was a second too late as he began filling the crotch of his jockeys with jizz.  With Natalie’s body now limp and her delirious as the rape continued, the men draped her limp arms over her rapist’s shoulders as he continued to hunch up into her body while keeping her in place with his large hands grasping her trim hips.  Defeated and uncaring at this point, Natalie was motionless except for her limp arms and legs floundering about from the fuck thrusts and lunges up into her ravaged body.

Ron looked on helplessly, his spent cock now dwindling in his cum coated jockeys, watching at the black bastard continued to rape his delirious wife.  “Uhh ………uhh ………….uhh …………………uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the grunts as Rashad’s body stiffened and then spasmed.  Seeing the bastard’s muscular body shudder in such a manner, with his cock fully buried in Natalie’s body, Ron knew that the thick black cock was now spurting its vile seed deep in his wife’s fertile womb.

“Ahhhh ……………….ahhhhh …………………ahhhhh!” Rashad panted in pleasure from the exciting rape of the beautiful young wife while hubby watched on.  Looking over, seeing the wet front of the once tented jockeys on her hubby, Rashad chuckled “Enjoyed it, didn’t ya, hubby!  Went and creamed in yer jockey shorts, huh!  But I’s got the better deal ………………….cumming right in yer beautiful wife’s tight little pussy!  Yeah, man ………………….gonna knock this purty little bitch up real good!”

Grabbing the bunch of carrots once again, tearing off the largest of those remaining, Rashad set it aside next to him.  Then, with his hands under the raped beauty’s soft creamy asscheeks, he slowly lifted her off his still erect prong.  Raped cunny closing some but leaking jizz out of her widely stretched lips, the leak was then plugged by Rashad as he shoved the dirty carrot up into her.  Looking over at hubby, Rashad chuckled “That oughta do the trick!  Gonna knock her up fer sure with all my jizz plugged up in her twat!”

With his wife now lying dazed upon a canvas, Ron’s cock twitched once again as he looked at the sight of the carrot top greens flowering out from between her raped pussy.  And then another of the gang members was kneeling down between Natalie’s widespread legs.  Hand gripping at the green top and pulling out the makeshift plug, the now gooey carrot was held up for the laughing men before being tossed away, with the onlooking men cheering “Go, Jamal, go …………………give it to the fuck’n bitch!”

Ron watched as the man named Jamal roughly lunged into his beautiful wife, causing her to whimper and sob as this second rapist sought to sate his vile lust in her petite body without any consideration for her.  Then the bastard was grasping her trim hips tightly and fucking away at Natalie’s pain racked body.  Suddenly Jamal stopped and lifted up some and looked down towards their union, cussing “Jesus Christttttttt!  Fuckkkkkkkkk!  Damn it, Rashad, her fuck’n cunt’s full of dirt and shit!  Ya gotta clean off the fuck’n carrots before shoving’em up the broad’s cunt!”  That comment brought about a roar of laughter from cheering crowd as Jamal resumed his rape of Natalie.

And when Jamal was done emptying his vile lust into Natalie’s petite and beautiful body, he rolled off onto the canvas as another man took his place.  One after the other, all eight men had her way with Natalie, fucking her over and over again and spewed their filthy seed into her raped body.  Now with no carrot plug to stop the flow, Ron watched the flow of thick gooey gunk continue to ooze out of his wife’s raped slit.  With so men virile men emptying their seed in Natalie, Ron could only shudder at the thought of one of them impregnating her with his little black bastard.

Having passed out for awhile while the last rapist was taking her, Natalie was then greeted by the man named Rashad who commented “Ah, sleeping beauty has awoken at last!”  As she looked up at the grinning bastard who was shucking at his manhood, Natalie was told “Hear yer’s a school teacher, huh, sweetie!  Teaching all them young third graders, huh!”  Then Rashad was grinning widely and telling her “Today’s yer lucky day teach, cause this time ya’s the one to get taught something new!”

Trembling with fear, Natalie heard him say to her “Hubby there tells me ya ain’t ever sucked cock before, that ya refused to put yer purty pink lips on his cock cause it was too filthy a thing to do!”  Looking at the monstrosity that had earlier been used to rape her with, she saw the pearl drop at the tip as Rashad chuckled “C’mon, sweetie, jist put it in yer purty mouth and make believe yer sucking on a chocolate popsicle!  Or better yet, a chocolate creamsicle, cause ya’ll really end up with a lotta cream in yer mouth, heh, heh!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ to indicate that she would not do such a filthy thing, Natalie was shaken upon hearing a sickening ‘whump’ sound and followed by her husband’s groan of pain as one of the muscular black men had punched him in the gut.  Another ‘whump’ and her husband groaning in pain, Natalie moved forward on her knees to between Rashad’s widespread legs as she was told “C’mon, sweetie, reach up and grab hold of my cock!”

Forced to obey or have Ron continue to get beaten upon, Natalie reached up to replace the man’s hand that was shucking at his hardon.  She shivered upon feeling the thickness of it as her fingers grasped the throbbing flesh, her eyes watching in awe as the bloated head expanded even more before her, while she proceeded to close her fist and pump at it.  Unable to pull away as the hands now grasping her hair tightly pulled her forward, Natalie felt her stomach churn as her lips made contact with the vile sticky flesh.

Closing her eyes while refusing to open her mouth to admit the foul smelling flesh, Natalie then heard the familiar ‘whump’ followed by her husband’s groan of pain.  Immediately opening her mouth, she wanted to be sick as the filthy penis pushed forward to hit the roof of her mouth.  Stomach churning, Natalie heard Rashad groan “Oh, yeah, baby!  That’s it, that’s it, teach!  Oh, yeah, yer a real fast learner!  Suck it, teach, suck it!  Suck it goodddddddd!”

Panting, aching from the punches to his body, Ron’s cock still responded to the erotic sight of his beautiful blonde wife being forced down upon the black twelve-incher jutting out from Rahad’s black loins.  ‘My God, she’s deep-throating him!  She’s swallowed a whole fuck’n ten inches!’ he thought in amazement, soon followed by ‘She’s got it all!  The whole fuck’n thing!  She’s got it all in her mouth!’  Ron shuddered, wondering just how his wife would be feeling when the hot jizz exploded in her gullet and began coursing its way down into her belly.

Seeing Rashad throw his head back in pleasure while holding Natalie’s head down between his loins, Ron could only imagine the pleasure that the black bastard was now feeling.  Cock throbbing, Ron could only wish that it was his cock in his wife’s sucking mouth.  “Oh, baby!  Oh, babyyyyyyyy!  Oh, the fuck’n best blowjob ever!  Ah, yeah, gonna cum ………………….gonna cum …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the groan of pleasure as Rashad arched up into Natalie’s reluctant and reddening face.

With Rashad now sighing with pleasure, his body slumping back to rest on the boulder behind him, Ron knew that the bastard had finished himself off in Natalie’s mouth as the cock had yet to reappear out of her pink lips.  Hands falling from his wife’s blonde head, Ron watched intently as Natalie slowly lifted her head up some, her succulent pink lips visible on the black cock that she had just blown.  Finally all of it had come out from her mouth and lips as Ron watched Natalie’s hands clutching at her churning stomach.

Suddenly, Natalie began shuffling forward on her knees to the nearby shrubbery, bending over to belch “Arrrrrrrrkkkkk ………………..arrrrrrkkkkk …………….arrrrrakkkk ……………….arrrrrrrkkkkkkk!”  As his wife was puking out her guts in the bush, Ron turned to look as he heard Rashad say to the man next to him “Go on Labrone, give it to her on all fours!  But not up her purty little ass causing I’s saving that cherry white ass fer myself once I git it up again!”

With Natalie kneeling and clutching her stomach, Ron watched as the man named Labrone grasp her trim hips and pull her back some away from the shrub where she had puked.  Now Natalie was on all fours and Labrone was getting in position, brutally shoving his rigid boner up into her twat, raping her doggie style this time.  Then Rashad was telling another man “Go on Nigel, git her to blow ya!  See if’n ya can git the bitch to keep it down this time!”

Twice more, one took her doggie style while the other had her blowing him.  Then with only one man remaining, Rashad announced that he was ready once again, telling the last guy “C’mon, Leroy, ya git a header cause I’s gonna git myself some nice little cherry ass fer myself!”  Then Leroy chuckled and replied “Lemme know when ya’s gonna do it to her cause I sure as hell don’t want the bitch to bite my fuck’n cock off when ya’s bugger her!”

Ron watched as Natalie was pulled by the hair onto Leroy’s jutting prong and saw that at this point his wife was not making any attempt to refuse.  In fact, he saw her going down on the bastard like a pro, as if she had been doing it for many a year rather than having learned the technique less than an hour earlier.  With Rashad caressing her soft cream ass with one hand while shucking his meat with the other, the nodding signal soon came for Natalie’s ‘buggering’ time.  Pulled suddenly off the cock she was sucking, Natalie then emitted an ear piecing scream as Rashad brutally shoved his cock up into her virgin ass.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the screams that had the hairs on the men standing straight on end.  But once she settled down began to whimper again, Leroy grabbed her head and had her resume sucking at his thick boner.  Buffeted back and forth, one cock sawing into her mouth as the other pulled out of her raped ass, then cock withdrew partially from her sucking lips as the cock sliced into her ravaged rectum.  In and out, again and again, till both cocks were in her respective orifices all the way in to belch out their respective loads of cum.

Now it seemed like a free for all and gangbang time had commenced.  Two, three, four guys at a time or whatever the gang of rapists desired, they did.  Every which way possible, it was a no-holds bar affair.  Hand jobs, foot jobs, tittie fucking, even jacking off in her face and hair.  But it just seemed that each of the guys just craved for another blowjob from Natalie, just aching to have her going down on him once again.  And to Ron’s amazement, he watched the men now with hands on their hips, not holding Natalie’s head down to him as his wife bobbed up and down on the thick meaty prong.

Anytime her lips were available, one of the bastards settled himself down before her face, arching up his hips and loins to have her service him.  And from after the second performance of sucking a guy off, Ron saw that his wife no longer threw up her hot toddy anymore but instead drank it all down, even licking her pink lips when it was over as if to savor the delicious liquid.  Overly excited from watching all the events taking place, Ron was thrilled when Rashad pushed Natalie to the ground where he stood bound to the tree and ordering her to “Show hubby what ya learned today!”

Looking down, watching as his wife pulled down his cum drenched jockeys, Ron saw and felt his cock lurch in its freedom from the restricting garment.  At last, finally, Ron was about to experience the sensation of having his beautiful wife’s lips on his cock.  “Ohhhhhhh!  Oh, Natalie!  Oh, honey!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddd ………………Godddddddddddddddd!” he groaned, losing all too soon.  He was embarrassed when Jamal chuckled “Lookit!  Only ten fuck’n seconds and he pops off in her mouth!  Damn, the bitch is one hellava cocksucker!”
Thirty hours after their abduction, with Natalie repeated gang raped and made to do unspeakable things, husband and wife were finally free of their captors.  Finding a small trickle of water making its way down to the ocean, they scooped up the water to wash away the grime and filth evidencing their harrowing experience.  Of course, it was Natalie that needed cleaning up the most, as Ron sought to help with scoopfuls of water to wash and scrub the dried cum from her defiled body.  Putting water on her asscheeks and inner thighs, he proceeded to get the dried cum off.

Home from their nightmarish vacation finally, Ron and Natalie found it very difficult to talk to one another, each feeling so ashamed as to what had happened to them.  Natalie was feeling so soiled and degraded, soiled and unclean, thinking that her husband would certainly not want to soil himself in her ‘ruined’ body.  At the same time, Ron felt so guilty in having been unable to help save his wife, having stood there helplessly as she was gang raped time and time again.

But there appeared hope for them three weeks later, when Natalie sobbed and rested her head on his thigh, only to feel the rising throb on growing at the back of her head.  Turning, cupping her husband’s manhood and unzipping his pants, the feel of Ron’s hands at the back of her head told her what he was wanting of her.  And she performed as Rashad and the men had taught her, and this time her husband lasted a full thirty seconds before filling her mouth with his cum as he groaned with pleasure.

So much had Natalie loved what she had been taught on their vacation that it seemed that every virile male now caught her eye and had her wondering ‘How long will he last if I got down on my knees and blew him?  I wonder what his cum tastes like?’  At the same time, Natalie would juice like crazy, slit leaking to make the crotchband of her panties all slick and wet.  And she just couldn’t help herself, as the thought of literally blowing a man down with just her lips and tongue felt so very powerful.  From prim and proper young wife, innocent elementary school teacher, Natalie had been transformed into a hot little cocksucking whore.

Unable to quell her cravings any longer at the sight of the handsome teen collecting for the newspaper, even knowing that Ron would be getting home soon, Natalie couldn’t resist the temptation of inviting him into her home.  And what healthy male teen could resist the temptation of getting to sample the charms of a beautiful married woman.  With the newsboy’s bike parked out near the front door, Natalie listened carefully for the front door being opened very quietly by her arriving husband, not caring and deep down wanting to get caught in the act.

Natalie heard the soft opening of the door, though the ecstatic teen was only concentrating on her tongue flicking over his sensitive cockhead, she knew that Ron was peering around the corner.  And with the teen’s hands at the back of her head in fear of her stopping and pulling away from him, it was a real turn on for Natalie to hear him moan “Oh, Mrs. Kerns ………………..oh, Mrs. Kerns …………………..I’m cumming …………………..I’m cummingggggggggg …………………..ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as the teen popped his load into her hot sucking mouth.

With Ron quietly slipping out of the house, only to return after the teen had departed, and Natalie suspected that her husband had thoroughly enjoyed catching her in the act of unfaithfulness with the paperboy.  Such enjoyment was displayed by the way in which Ron took her into his arms and gave her quite a passionate kiss upon entering the house, his tongue delving into her mouth in thinking that he was secretly getting to taste the teen’s cum that still coated her mouth.  Natalie knew that her husband would be leaving work earlier from now on, waiting and watching for the paperboy to park his bike at the front door and make his way into the house at her invitation.

Nine months after returning from the Maripose Bay Resort, Natalie handed the little newborn over to the couple adopting the baby.  Natalie knew that it was the best for everyone, baby included as he was definitely wanted by the adopting couple, while she and Ron would not be reminded daily of their harrowing experience at the sight of the dark kinky haired little bastard.

For Natalie, cocksucking was now a craving and she could deep-throat them all, as could be attested to by old man Hank – the black janitor of Ashford Elementary!  Having serviced the black janitor when he came to empty the trash in her classroom, Natalie certainly could not overlook giving pleasure to Principal Bailey, especially with him being a widower at age 60.  Billy Newton, the handsome teenage jock who lived next door to her, would also raise his hand to vote her the best cocksucker he’d ever experienced.  So would Frank Newton, Billy’s father!

Any cock that would or could rise to the occasion had Natalie drooling in anticipation, as even Pop Newton got to experience the pleasure of her soft succulent pink lips.  That first time with Pop was when he had come over for dinner one night, right next to the refrigerator while Ron out in the garage helping Mom Newton fix her purse that had its latch come loose on the strap.  From then on, Pop Newton was making every excuse to come over, mainly showing up when Ron was going out somewhere and she being home alone.

A year later, the Kerns family was expanded with the birth of little Kera, a cute little 6 lb. baby girl.  Even Ron was excited, giving her passionate kiss on the lips and telling her how much he loved her as the baby they produced together would only serve to bond them forevermore.  Natalie smiled and hugged him, returning the kiss as she cradled little Kera in her arms.  She couldn’t help but to wonder if her husband would really feel the same if he knew that in fact it was his own father who had done the deed and had impregnated her on their marital bed one Sunday after Ron had left for his golf game.

And Pop Kerns proved to be quite an adept and energetic lover for a man his age, especially when it came to having her get down on all fours, or pushing over the edge of the white leather sofa, so he could take her like a bitch in heat.  But the intimate sexual activities for young wife and father-in-law was best when there was an element of danger added in, that of fucking at a time and place when Ron or Mom Kerns could come walking in at any second.  And to help things along, Natalie would eliminate the need for any panties when Pop would be visiting.

On one particular and memorable visit from her in-laws, Natalie had been preparing dinner and getting the salad out from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator when Pop snuck into the kitchen.  Skirt flipped up over her ass as she clutched the refrigerator shelf for support, not a word was said as Pop Kerns took her like a bitch in heat right there.  Just seconds after Pop had zipped up and exited the kitchen, with Natalie going over to the sink to dab her face with cold water to compose herself, Mom Kern’s entered and pointed out “Oh, Natalie, you’ve spilt some milk on the floor!”  It was quite an erotic sight for Natalie at that point.  Mother-in-law bent to wipe up the drips of her own husband’s cum from the kitchen floor, jizz that that had just leaked out of her daughter-in-law’s well-fucked cunny, spurted up in there by her own cheating husband.

End of Story.