Victim #4 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’
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Archie Sims beamed, puffing up his muscular chest as he laughed, telling his low-life buddies in crime “Ya know, every fuck'n attorney I’ve had’s been provided ‘free’ at no expense, with the state pick'n up the tab!  But till that fantastic day, they’s all been either dumb ass bastards right outta law school or fuck’n ugly broads!  That beauty was sure top of the line stuff!  What tits, huh!  Ain’t seen no attorney like that put her ass on the line to save someone’s life!  Man, that was some prime time stuff too!”

Having traveled a hundred miles north from their last stop at a resort, this time it was
Archie who had spotted the prey of choice as she strolled the grounds, holding her husband’s hand while looking a picnic area away from the crowd of tourists.  Hair flowing in the wind, Archie’s keen eyes had caught a glimpse of a different kind of green through the brush and greenery that they had been making their way through away from the resort.  It was the green of her blouse that had first caught his attention, just before her flowing blonde hair appeared above the brush.

As the gang all chuckled and laughed at Archie’s remembrance of the lovely blonde attorney, relaying “Nice and round little ass, so soft and smooth, and did ya see the way she squirmed when I’s went and stuck my tongue up her purty little butt!  Heh, heh ......................ya know, all them other fuck'n attorneys I've had acted like I outta git down on my knees to kiss their asses!  But this was one time I's was only too glad to oblige!  I'd git down on my knees any day to kiss her beautiful ass!”

Mrs. Lynn Asher, age 26, a young and beautiful rising attorney, was vacationing with her husband at the luxurious Harmony Inlet Resort.   It was an island paradise where crime was nearly non-existent with the locals welcoming the visitors to their island getaway.  Specializing in the criminal defense field, working for one of the top firms in the state, Lynn had just gotten through assisting in a long murder trial that had resulted in an acquittal for the client.  Unfortunately for Lynn and Mark Asher, this long awaited vacation would turn out to be one of sheer horror, for they just happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

As they walked along a pathway and passed a large shrub, Mark and Lynn were suddenly caught by surprise from behind, and rendered helpless as each were jolted by powerful stun guns.  They were then being carried by the burly men through brush, on a narrow path that led down to the beach where the abductors had set up camp, and out on the calm bay of the cove was anchored the cabin cruiser belonging to these vile men.  ‘Modern day pirates’ were what the called themselves, looking to plunder and make off with some booty, only their beauty was not of gold coins and such ……………..but things of more important value, such as this golden hair beauty.

Sitting up as she slowly came out of her dazed stupor, Lynn shuddered as her body ached, reaching to the back of her neck where the stun gun had hit her.  Looking up to her right, Lynn gasped in fright upon seeing her loving husband standing with his mouth gagged and hands tied up above his head by a rope wound around the tree behind of him.  There was obvious fear in his eyes and Lynn then realized that they were not alone, that a group of muscular black men were standing about in a circle surrounding them.

Seeing the smiling and leering man who was seated on a large boulder in front of her, Lynn observed items that had been contained in her purse scattered about the ground.  Then the man spoke while holding up a business card, telling her “I see’s yer an attorney, huh!  Hubby there said yer a criminal defense attorney, that you two are vacationing after a big win that ya just had in getting a murderer off with a not guilty verdict!  Ya know ………the last fuck’n attorney I’s had did a piss pour job in oral arguments, and I’s ended up in the slammer fer three whole fuck’n years!”

Looking over at the husband, Archie asked “Ya know, after that last trial, I’s been wanting to fuck’n waste a fuck’n attorney!  Yer beautiful wife any good at doing oral arguments in trial, punk?”  A moment of silence with the gagged husband not giving any indication, apparently too afraid of giving the wrong answer, Archie asked “Ever seen her in trail?”  Then the terrified husband was shaking his head to advise ‘no’, that he had never seen her in trail.

Archie advised “Well, we’re gonna have a mock trial and ya had better pray that her oral arguments are good enough to git me off!  Otherwise, yer gonna pay fer yer wife’s lousy job as a defense, cause I’s gonna use this on ya!”  And with that, Archie grabbed the dagger lying on the boulder and expertly threw it to bury itself in the tree trunk just six inches above the husband’s head, with the frightened young wife letting out a shriek of horror at the thought that the knife had been aimed at her husband.

Getting up off the boulder and taking a step forward toward the kneeling beauty, Archie stared down at the frightened young wife.  Seeing her trembling with fear and not sure of what to do, Archie growled “We’ll bitch, git started with yer oral arguments to git me off!”  He wanted to laugh as the terrified beauty clasped her hands together as if in prayer, looking up to plead “Please ……………..please …………………I’m certain that you didn’t do whatever was alleged!  I’m sure that an appeal is in order to overturn the verdict!”

Archie sneered “Ya dumb fuck’n bitch!  Ya’s think that kind of oral argument’s gonna git me off?  FUCKKKKKK!”  With that, he reached forward to grab her clasped hands at the wrists and then pulled her hands forward, ordering “Unzip me, bitch!”  Loud chuckling from his buddies in the audience could then be heard, followed with Archie advising “C’mon, sweetie, use yer purty hands and fingers to go over the ‘hard’ evidence, then ya can really start with yer oral arguments to git me off!”

It was then that Lynn realized that the comments by this burly man was evidently full of double meanings, that what he had been saying had nothing to do with courtroom procedures.  Forced to unzip the front of his trousers, Lynn was then forced to insert her right hand into the opening, flinching and shuddering as her hand came directly into contact with the thick sticky manhood that was in hiding.  Then she was proceeding to comply with the order to “Take it out, Mrs. Asher!  Then you can start yer real ‘oral’ arguments to git me off!”

Mark’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets in seeing his wife’s beautifully manicured fingers emerge from the opening, pulling out an ebony dong that had to be a good foot long in length.  From the bastard’s comments, it became quite evident to Mark as to what his beautiful wife would had to do ‘orally’ in order to get him off.  With him being Lynn’s first lover, unable to ever have her go down on him, Mark watched intently in seeing the man now winding his thick black fingers in her silky blonde hair to pull her head forward.

About to scream when her hair yanked hard by her cruel assailant, Lynn could no longer clench her jaw shut as the bastard had pushed his sticky penis into mouth.  She desperately tried to expel it by pushing the tip of her tongue against it, but Lynn could only shudder in humiliation upon horrible feel of the opening of his pisshole and the feel of some slimy liquid that had oozed out of it.  Feeling so ashamed of having her husband bearing witness to this awful act, the black bastard was starting to saw his thick manhood in and out of her mouth while taunting “Ah, yeah!  That’s it, honey!  That’s the kind of oral arguments that git me off!”

Mark watched as the man defiling his beautiful wife continued to hold her had firm with one hand, then using his freed hand from her hair to unwrap the fingers of her left hand and guide them to his balls.  Now, with both hands holding the back of her head once again, the bastard was face fucking her while Lynn was grasping his stalk with her right hand and cradling his nuts in the left.  “C’mon, sweetie ……………….ya’s gotta look up and make eye contact when ya’s present yer oral arguments!” he heard the bastard say, seeing him pull at the back of her hair and forcing Lynn to look up at him.

“Ah, yeah, baby!  Oh, damn, yer fuck’n good alright!  Oh, yeah, baby …………….keep it up ……………………..keep going …………………….yer gonna git me off!” Archie panted out as he looked down into the baby blue eyes that were tearing and showing her fear.  Fucking deep into her mouth, forcing his cock down into her throat, he heard her gurgle and try to pull back from him.  “Ahhhhhh, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh …………..ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he bellowed out as his cock began belching out its goo.

Fingers wrapped around the sac that contained two walnut-sized black balls, Lynn felt it contract before the hot semen began erupting in her throat and mouth, causing her to shudder from being forced to swallow the awful filth.  Mouth filled with sticky goo, lips unable to open wider to create an opening for the vile fluid to escape, Lynn was forced to swallow time and time again.  Finally it ended, no more semen was coming out of the cock that was now starting to dwindle in her mouth.

But to Lynn’s horror, her ordeal had not ended as yet when another male voice was heard, saying “Okay, Archie, lemme have a turn at that sweetie!”  “Ya got it, Labrone!  Lemme tell ya, she’s really gonna blow ya away!  Heh, heh!” the man standing above her laughed in his reply.  Hair released, cock sliding from her parted lips, Lynn wanted to be sick but just had no opportunity to even move when the man named Labrone stepped up before her, grabbed her hair roughly and made her admit his filthy cockstem into mouth.

Utterly defeated at this point, Lynn remained on her knees, her arms merely hanging down lifelessly as Labrone’s clutching hands wound tightly in her hair began pushing and pulling as he fucked in and out of her mouth.  ‘Slurp …………..slurp ……………..slurp ……………..slurp……………..slurp ……………..slurp!’ came the loud slurping sounds caused Labrone’s eager fucking of the young wife’s beautiful face.  “Gaggggggggg …………grraaak …………grraaak …………grraaak …………grraaak!” came the sounds of gurgling when Labrone threw back his head and exclaimed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Glassy-eyed at this point, a dazed Lynn felt the penis in her worrying mouth begin to soften after having emptied itself down her gullet, making out hearing the words of the man above say to one of his friends “Okay, Nigel, I’m done! Damn, she’s good!”  Then she heard the man named Labrone address her husband “I’s envy ya, Asher my man!  Ya’s sure got yerself one beautiful cocksucker fer a wife!  Jezz, she just went and sucked my’s fuck’n nuts dry!”

Dwindled cock slipping from her lips to be replaced by a stiff one, Lynn’s mind was a blank as she automatically began running the tip of her tongue up against the bloated cockhead, flicking up against the flaring pisshole as hands were once again clutching at the back of her hair.  On and on it went until this new man named Nigel buried his lengthy cock down her throat and began rubbing her nose and cheeks up into the short kinky hair of his crotch.  Cock expanding in her throat, she then began to feel the heated ejaculation suddenly coursing down into her belly and forming a lake there.

Then, just as the spent cock was pulled from her lips, Lynn’s belly rebelled against from the three slimy loads of male spunk that had made its way there.  Clutching her belly with both hands, Lynn’s stomach contracted and up came the gooey foreign substance, pouring over her bottom and over her chin to fall onto the front of the olive green turtle next top that she was wearing.  The taste in her mouth was absolutely horrific and Lynn could not believe that she would ever taste anything more foul than this.

The familiar voice of the first man named Archie could then be heard saying “Damn, what a waste of fuck’n good rich protein, bitch!  Tyrone, yer the youngest of the bunch!  See if the fuck’n bitch can hold down some fresher spunk!  Maybe us old guys’ jizz jist don’t suit her taste buds!”  Hands gripping her hair once again, head pulled back, Lynn’s eyes stared blankly ahead as the spongy cockhead of the man named Tyrone sought to gain entrance between her lips.

Five minutes later, with Tyrone’s ejaculation now welling up in her belly, a man named Amos stepped up to replace Tyrone and once again she was forced to commit the foul act of fellatio upon the man.  With this new fellow having a bit of a hanging midsection, it felt so gross to have the top of her forehead bumping up against his paunch belly each time he leaned forward to thrust his penis between her lips.  The only good thing with this man’s turn was that he came rather quickly compared to the others as he began wheezing, then held her with his belly resting atop her forehead as he spewed his thick and gooey load.

Stomach rebelling once again, more cum pour over her bottom lip and down her chin to soil the front of her green top.  Then the voice of the man named Archie could be heard, telling “Rashad, why don’t ya sit yer ass down on the boulder so we’s can git on with a bit more action fer all of us!”  While on all fours, Lynn was pulled along and forced to crawl forward a few feet to the man sitting on the boulder, her pink lips then made to part as the fleshy prong pushed up against them in order to gain entrance into her reluctant mouth.

Mark felt sick in having to witness his lovely defiled in such a demeaning manner.  Now a sixth man was making her take him into her mouth and it was rather apparent that remaining two men were merely waiting for their turn to have the dicks blown.  Then Mark observed the first man, the one named Archie with a hardon once again and the bastard then could be seen gripping his manhood to begin fisting it some.  Mark shuddered in seeing Archie move up behind Lynn, unzipping her brown slacks, then yanking it down along with the pair of olive green panties that she wore to bare her lovely white ass.

With Archie kneeling upon the slacks and panties that were now dirtied on the ground and bunched at Lynn’s knees, Mark watched the black bastard shuffling forward with cock in hand, getting it up and under his wife to fit himself to her cunny.  Mark observed Archie look up at the man named Rashad who was being sucked by Lynn and then give his buddy a nod.  A second later, Lynn’s head had been pulled back and the pulled from her lips.  A well-timed lunge by Archie as he grasped her trim hips had Lynn screaming “Oh, God ……………….stop …………………stop ………………….it’s too big!”

A moment later, Mark watched in awe as his lovely wife was being buffeted from both front and back.  It was then that Mark realized the potential hazard that now loomed before him in seeing the black bastard actually raping his wife, big black dick in his wife’s cunt, making it even more horrifying as this vacation was timed perfectly so that he and Lynn could relax with no pressure and in fact hopefully get her impregnated for the start of their family.  Having arrived earlier today, with the picnic lunch to be the start of their vacation together, they had not had sex in over two weeks due to the pressure of the trial she was in.

What they had termed as being the ‘right’ time of the month, now that ‘right’ timing could not be so wrong!  With her current rapist so well-hung, as well as the other seven big black bucks, there was no doubt in Mark’s mind that his beautiful wife would indeed be left impregnated from this vacation trip.  With his wife having a strong conviction against women having abortions due to her religion, saying that taking a life was just so tragic even if such resulted from a rape, Mark could only hope that Lynn would have a change of heart if such an event happened here.

With Archie having spent his first load in her mouth earlier, his cock was now desensitized and he could fuck her doggie style for quite awhile before popping his nuts once again.  And indeed Archie did as Rashad grunted out his load as his buddy fed her his load of jizz, then was being replaced on the boulder by Leroy.  A good ten minutes later, with synchronized timing between him and Leroy, both cocks were embedded in the beautiful wife’s mouth and cunny as they both ejaculated at the same instant.

Next came Labrone getting in the saddle where Archie had been and then Jamal was the last one needed to feel the pleasure of the lovely Mrs. Archer’s lips on him.  Being last in line and watching all the excitement, Jamal didn’t last very long, popping his nuts in her mouth and making her swallow all of his jizz.  With Labrone still going at her, Tyrone stepped up to her face and wrapped his cock in Lynn’s silky blonde hair as his sagging nut sac was like a bouncing eyepatch.  Then Amos and Nigel were each grasping a hand and wrapping her manicured fingers around their boners.

Once Labrone had finished fucking Lynn doggie style, the guys pulled off her green top along with the green bra that matched her panties.  Slacks, panties and the sandals worn were also stripped from her, leaving Lynn totally nude.  A thin mattress was dropped on the ground and Lynn was pushed over onto it.  From hereafter throughout the night and darkness of early morning, it turned into a free-for-all gangbang, with each horny black bastards jumping in for a piece of the action whenever he was up for some action.  And with each of the guys popping those blue pills being passed around, their boners were rarely drooping from depletion.

One subsequent scene particularly stood out in Mark’s mind as the big heavy fellow named Amos was in the process of raping Lynn in the missionary style, another man straddling her shoulders and fucking her face, making visible only portions of his wife’s arms and legs. Her manicured fingers were then made to grasp male stems and bring them off with the use of her hands.  Trim ivory legs, visible from just above the knees waving helplessly about as Amos humped at her, made the black and white contrast so unbelievable.

Then the guy named Jamal had moved up above that of the humping body of Amos to grasp Lynn’s feet at the ankles.  To Mark, his lovely wife had a nice trim body overall and beautiful flawless legs.  Now he got to watch another man touch and caress her sexy legs, a man who was about to display his foot fetish as he was bending over to rub his face in Lynn’s soft pink soles before proceeding to suck and tongue her tiny pedicured toes.  Then the bastard curled her legs around Amo’s body, bringing her feet up around his throbbing cock so he could get himself off in that manner.

On and on the vile gangbang continued with varying number of participants at any one time, some joining in midway, and even joining in just at the end to jack himself off to soil Lynn’s face or another part of her body.  Then the fellow named Archie, who apparently was the leader of their abduction and Lynn’s gang rape, came over to brag and taunt him.  With Lynn literally in a fucked out daze as she lay upon the mattress with at least a couple of the gang members in the process of sating their lust upon her petite body, it seemed to Mark that his wife was rather oblivious as what was taking place at the moment nor which of the men were fucking or abusing her.

With the fellow Rashad now situated between Lynn’s legs and Nigel feeding his cock between her lips, Mark observed his wife’s arms splayed out limply upon the mattress.  “Yer purty little wife’s jist a hot little fuck machine now, punk!  Now watch this!” came the taunting by the vile Archie.  And with a signal of his arm, two of his buddies knelt down by Lynn’s hands, gently placing their semi-rigid cocks into the palms of each hand.  Mark then saw the instinctive reaction of his wife taking place as her manicured fingers curled around the black stems to squeezed them in her palms before fisting them.

With the arrival of daylight, the group of rapists finally indicated that they were leaving.  An agonized and defeated Mark remained secured to the tree but had been reposition to that of a kneeling position with another rope binding each ankle and going around the tree trunk, another from the rope binding his wrists to the new one, thus forcing him to remain in that position.  Then the mattress on which his fucked out wife was placed before him, with Lynn positioned on her side and right arm outstretched so her hand was just inches from his penis.

Gag removed from his mouth, forced to take six pills or be castrated, Mark prayed that the overdose of pills would not be his end.  He had seen the men take those same pills throughout the night, but not in such a quantity.  With the blue pills serving to give the male a hardon, he had learned that the other would make the male organ grow and become more ‘extended’ than normal.  Slowly at first, then feeling more of the effects as each minute passed, Mark felt his cock grow as never before.  His cock was still aching from the trick the black bastards had done, making Lynn take him into her mouth, then deliberately spoiling his enjoyment while having his first blowjob.

Looking up, he watched the raft speed off to the cabin cruised anchored out in the cove as the black bastard had sated their lust and was now about to disappear off into the high seas.  Mark’s stomach knotted in his belly in seeing the black flag being raised to display the infamous skull and cross bones, the same that were used by olden day pirates.  Then beneath the black flag, like a fishing charter would fly certain signal flags to signal their catch of the day, there flew Lynn’s matching green bra and panties!

Looking down at his wife’s sexy body, now covered in splotches of semen in various states of liquid to that of crusty dried flakes, Mark’s extending cock twitched once again to make contact with Lynn’s open fingers.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned with pleasure as his wife instinctively reacted by encircling her fingers around him and begin their fisting motions.  Seeing Lynn’s eyes still closed, he realized that his wife had no clue as to who she was jacking off, that it could be one of the other men for all she knw.

Now reminiscing of their first venture on the high seas and the taking of the lovely female attorney, Archie asked “Did ya guys see the way she got down fer me to kiss her ass and how wiggled her butt when I’s started tonguing her!”  Jamal laughed, then added “Well, guess she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, not when ya’s threatened to carve up her hubby if’n she didn’t git down on all fours!”

Archie chuckled, asking the guys if they remembered what happened to the poor bastard she was married to just as daylight was coming.  Labrone cussed “No, shit, man!  Fuck, that was something else, getting her to start blowing her old man before raping her virgin ass!  Damn, the way the fuck’n punk started screaming his head off, I’s thought she went and bit off the poor guy’s pecker!  Jezz, poor bastard's cock looked like raw hamburger after that!”

For Lynn Asher, upon her return to the practice of law, she made the decision to switch and from a private law firm into being a corporate attorney for a private company.  It was one of necessity, for whenever each time ‘oral’ arguments were to begin in court, Lynn would be totally tongue-tied and only able to stammer out bits and pieces of what had been prepared in advance.  Once, when the judge had called for oral arguments to begin, Lynn’s mind went blank as she dropped down to her knees right before the jury.

A year after the violated vacation, and just three months after giving birth and placing the kinky haired baby up for adoption, Lynn had been working late and walking to her car across the street when a car pulled up along the curb.  A black man behind the wheel had mistaken her for a prostitute as the area was not in the best part town, especially at night, as he yelled out “Hey, baby!  Ya got the time?  How’s much fer a blowjob!”  Lynn turned to give the man a stern glare of contempt and saw an interested this black fellow smiling at her.

For some reason, seeing the smiling black face of a middle aged black man wearing a sports coat and flashing some heavy gold chains around his neck, Lynn smiled in return and ran the tip of her tongue over her upper lip before replying “Fifty bucks!”  Having the man pull over into the dark alley, she opened the front passenger down and immediately commenced with ‘oral’ arguments to get him off.  Fifteen minutes later, she was opening her car door with the fifty bucks plus a ten dollar time for her fine performance.  She wondered if this was the field that she might want to take on full time from now, especially with her new ‘oral’ arguments skill proved that she could still get a guy off!

End of Story.