Victim #5 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’
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The next picture was that of victim #5, a beautiful blonde that they had abducted and brutally raped on the Island of Raratan.  The picture was that of the lovely Mrs. Diane Mercer, a mother of two and an interior decorator, taken by her husband just before minutes before the group had accosted the vacationing couple.  This time, they had stumbled upon the couple while they were picnicking in a secluded area, sipping wine and eating salami sandwiches purchased at the resort’s deli.

Having hiked up along the hillside that was located at the backside from where the Raratan Resort was situated, the bunch of modern day pirates had anchored in the nearby bay the night before and had been on the hunt for some prized booty to make off with.  This time it had Leroy’s turn to lead the way, for him to use this opportunity to call the shots for the gang, and for him to pick out the succulent booty that they would abscond with for their pleasure …………….and to plunder!

As they reminisced, Leroy smiled and chuckled “It wasn’t nice of us to interrupt and spoil their picnic lunch like that, especially when the sexy broad went and knocked over her salami sandwich when I’s went and grabbed her!  But I’s guess I’s went and made up fer it by replacing the salami fer her to eat, huh!  Too’s bad the bread was all dirty!  Then again, she had a hard time getting my’s whole salami into her purty mouth!  Guess my’s salami was just to spicy fer her, seeing as how she went and puked her guts out when I’s pulled it outta her mouth after popping my nuts!”

For Diane and Nick Mercer, they had spread out a picnic blanket just below the top of the hill to avoid the gusts of wind coming up from the other side and they had a nice view of the hotel grounds as well as the beautiful bay next to it.  Renting a picnic basket at the hotel, they had gone to the deli in the lobby to purchase some bread and a chuck of salami along with a bottle of red wine to go with it.   It was so nice and cozy together, leaning against one another as they ate their lunch and sipped at the wine, completely unaware of the group of men edging their way to the top of the hill behind of them.

Earlier, from their hiding place behind a bunch of trees, Leroy spotted the lovely blonde beauty wearing a pink sweater over a white blouse, white slacks along and a pair of sandals.  As she was carrying a picnic blanket and hubby carrying a picnic basket, Leroy watched intently as to where they’d settle down to have their lunch.  “Hey guys, a beautiful little blonde bitch and her hubby’s coming this way to deliver us a picnic lunch!” Leroy chuckled.  “Damn, that sure looks like a real tasty lunch that’s gonna be served up fer us!” he added.

The unsuspecting couple soon reached the top of the knoll to view the beautiful scenery, but with the wind blowing quite strongly from the east, they then proceeded to spread out the picnic basket just below the top on the western side where they could eat with the top of the hillside serving as a windbreak as Diane out band out to bundle the back of her silky blonde hair to keep it in place.  With the husband opening the bottle of wine while his lovely wife proceeded to take the food out of the picnic basket, Leroy and his band of pirates began edging their way up the eastern side of the hill.

As the gang neared the top of the hill, they could hear the wife’s giggle as if being tickled as she laughed and giggled “Stop it, Nick!  You’re so naughty!  What if someone at the hotel is looking up here at us?”  Leroy edged up further so he could peer over the top and checkout what the ‘naughty’ husband was doing to his pretty blonde wife.  With the couple engaged in a deep passionate kiss with their eyes closed, Leroy would go unobserved as he viewed hubby’s right hand up under his wife’s pink sweater and blouse, his left hand grasping his wife’s trim wrist and pulling her hand up onto his bulging crotch.

Kissing one another, unaware of the nearby men that were ready to pounce upon them, Nick told his lovely wife “Happy 5th Anniversary, honey!  I love you!”  “Ooooooh, I love you so much, Nick!  You and the girls make me so happy!” Diane replied before kissing her husband once again.  And when that kiss ended, Nick asked “Think we can have our little son growing in your tummy when we leave here at the end of the week?”  Diane giggled and teased “Only if you think you’re man enough to do it!  And just once a week, like when you’re busy working, just won’t cut it!”

“Oh, honey …………………….oooooh, that feels so good!  Hmmm, I’ve got a good idea!  How’d you like to taste another kind of sausage for lunch!  Much more tasty than the pastrami we bought!” Nick boldly told his innocent young wife, knowing full well that she would never stoop to doing such a perverted sexual act, but for him it was pure wishful thinking.  It was a pure innocent teasing game between them when in private as Diane quipped in rebuttal “Ohhh, but I’m really famished today, Nick!  It’d be much more filling with the pastrami versus a little weenie!”

The chuckling from the group of modern day pirates, hidden just on the other side of the ridge, startled both Nick and Diane as they turned towards the noise and tried to get up from their awkward position, a rather embarrassing one for Diane as she tried to pull her hand out from the top of her husband’s pants.  Suddenly they were being swarmed upon by eight muscular black men and being carried up over the top of the knoll and out of view from the resort below.  For Diane, her attempt to scream was thwarted by a hand covering her mouth, while her husband had been quieted by a huge fist to his jaw.

Watching as her husband as gagged and hands bound behind his back, Diane struggled against the men holding her and observed another man spreading out the picnic blanket, who then commented “There, now the pretty lady won’t get all dirty!”  Then the man who had just taken a drink from their wine bottle exclaimed “Shit, Leroy, the babe’s lunch got ruined!  The pastrami sandwiches got all covered with dirt and shit!”  Diane shivered with fear when the man who apparently was Leroy turned towards her and chuckled as he responded with “No worries, little lady, I’s got some meat that’s even tastier than pastrami fer ya to munch on fer yer lunch!”

Dragged over and forced to kneel upon the picnic blanket, a cold chill went over Diane’s body as the man named Leroy stepped towards her with his hands in the process of working down the zipper of his pants, causing tears to begin to welling up in her eyes.  Her eyes widened in horror and her jaw dropped in absolute disbelief, for now this massive black penis was begin handled just inches before her cringing face.  “Lunch time, sweetie!  Told ya I’s got some real juicy meat fer ya to munch on instead of that sliced salami!” Diane was told, shuddering as a whiff of his filthy crotch hit her nostrils.

With the inference that it was lunch time, there was no doubt in either Diane’s nor Nick Mercer’s minds as to what kind of lunch that Diane was going to be served.  In fact, their eyes were focused on the lunch preparation as the man named Leroy was fisting his growing penis up to a rigid bone, with it now ten inches long and still growing as it continued to straighten out.  Then came the agonizing taunting as Leroy addressed Diane with “C’mon, sweetie!  Git a taste of some juicy dark meat!  Might be a little tangy at first, but I’s jist knows ya gonna love it ……….heh, heh!”

Cringing, closing her eyes and turning away from the awful sight of the man before her, Diane told herself that she would rather die than do something as perverted at that.  Then came a loud muffled groan off to her right, the direction where Nick was being held, causing Diane to open her eyes and look for her husband.  With Nick now on his knees with head hung low and gasping for breath around the ballgag in his mouth, it was apparent that he had just taken a mean punch to the solar plexus.  Then the man named Leroy advised “Ya turn yer purty head away from me again and Amos there’s gonna give yer hubby a pounding he ain’t ever gonna fergit!”

Turning forward once again, not daring to turn away for fear of her husband being severely beaten, Diane cringed at the sight of Leroy fisting his thick fleshy stem that was now mere inches from her clenched lips, pleading “Please ………….no …………..I can’t ………………….I’ve never ………..!”  The bloated head looked enormous, like the girth of a tangerine, with it seemingly breathing on its own as the gross pisshole flared wide before closing time and time again.  Then from above came the gruff order of “C’mon, bitch!  Give it a kiss!”  Hesitating a few seconds as her stomach churned at the thought of it, the assailant before her was now getting antsy as he ordered loudly “C’mon, bitch!”

Diane wished that she could die right there on the spot as she just could not do anything so filthy, but another muffled groan again from her right had Diane leaning forward to quickly plant a kiss at the tip of the now leaking black penis.   But then in proceeding to lick it, a large dollop of pre-cum juice oozed out onto the tip of her tongue, making Diane cringe with disgust as the slick salty liquid began coating the roof of her mouth.  Now the sponging head of the filthy oozing penis was pushing up against her clenched lips, and Diane was ordered to “Open those beautiful pink lips, sweetie!”

For Nick Mercer, his breath was finally coming back to him and he was quite thankful that the beating had ended.  Lifting up from his bent over position, Nick then got to observe what had help put an end his beating, for his beautiful wife was allowing her innocent pink lips to be violated by a male’s penis for the very first time.  How often he had dreamt of feeling his wife’s succulent pink lips on him, but that was as close as he’d ever been, even though they’d tease one another about the subject.  But now she was actually doing it, taking a black penis into her virgin mouth to save him!

With her hands extended and pushing against the muscular black thighs in hopes to keep her assailant from thrusting himself all the way down into her throat, Diane was sick to her stomach from the humiliation.  But with thick fingers tightly wound in her long blonde hair, her assailant was using her face as a fuck object and literally face-fucking her at this point and pushing into her contracting throat.  Mouth watering, the mixture of her saliva and the leaking pre-cum juice provided the sounds of ‘Slurp ……………..slurp ………………..slurp ………………….slurp …………………..slurp!’

Looking down at the lovely blonde wife, Leroy’s pulsating cock expanded even further at seeing the tears flowing down the beauty’s cheeks.  Turning to see the shocked look on the petrified husband’s face, Leroy chuckled and taunted the sissy assed whiteboy punk with “Hey, buddy!  Look at yer purty wife gobbling up her lunch!  Think she likes dark meat way better than the pastrami!  And soon she’s gonna find out jist how much more juicy it is!”  With the exquisite pleasure getting to him, Leroy gritted his teeth in order to prolong this fantastic blowjob, knowing full well that he was having the honor of teaching this purty white bitch what it was all about.

Nick saw the black bastard gritting his teeth and shivering as the pleasure of having his long black cock sliding in and out of Diane’s pink lips, an obvious sign that the bastard would soon be coming to a climax.  Nick could only imagine that exquisite feeling the bastard was feeling as he helplessly looked on, but his own cock was not pushing at the confines of his jockeys and tenting the front of his pants.  At this point, Nick could only hope that his wife did not notice his own erection that was giving away the fact that he was arouse by the sight of her being forced to blow the black bastard’s humongous cock.

Yanking at the top of her silky blonde hair, Leroy ordered the shamed and humiliated beauty to “Look up at me, bitch!  I’s wanna see those beautiful blue eyes when I’s cum in yer mouth!”  Looking down at the beauty’s frightened face, it gave him even more pleasure to see the fear in her eyes as he continued to fuck in and out of her pink lips, now no longer trying to prolong things but to give the blonde bitch a good taste of some cum and then yelled out to taunt her hubby with “Bet ya look down at us blacks, huh, punk!  But look who’s getting sucked by yer beautiful wife ……………………and who’s gonna give her a good taste of some hot NIGGER cum!”

That so called no-no ‘N’ word had gotten a couple of whiteboys beaten to an inch of their lives by Leroy when in high school.  Such would also occur now if any whiteboy called him that, but in his using it in this manner it gave Leroy so much pleasure in seeing the bound husband cringe at his last remark.  “Ahhhhhh …………………..uh!” Leroy grunted as he trust faster and faster like a piston and then he popped his load, emitting a loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………eat ittttttt …………………….eat it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!”

Looking at his beautiful wife, Nick could see her face now ashen white in color, like she would be sick.  Her pink lips still formed a large ‘O’ as the now spent cock began to slow reappear from out of her mouth.  And then, with a slight popping sound, the bloated cockhead popped out from between her stretched lips.  “See that, hubby!  That’s my NIGGER cum on yer purty wife’s lips!” came the bragging taunt as Nick observed a string of cum drooling down from Diane’s body lip and down her chin.  Suddenly his wife convulsed, her petite body shuddering, then “Blurrrrrrrrp ………………blurrrppp!”

Diane’s belly was rebelling against the hot slimy lake of goo that she had eaten, sending it back up her throat as it spewed in a flood out over her lips.  Now her chin, pink sweater, and thigh area of her slacks were coated with the filthy slimy of male spunk.  “Glurppppppppp!” sounded the next heaving of the rebelling belly as her tormentor merely laughed at the scene and commented “Ah, sweetie, first ya git yer pastrami sandwich all dirty and now ya upchuck the hot lunch I’s went and fed ya!  What’s da matter, honey ……………too much protein?”  To Diane and Nick’s dismay, Leroy then commented “Don’t ya worry, sweetie!  There seven more hot servings fer ya to sample!”

With Leroy stepping away, another one of the men stepped up to the plate, grabbing the back of Diane’s hair and forcing her to take his thick black cock between her pink lips.  Unable to force himself to turn away from the despicable yet fascinating act taking place before him, Nick Mercer also could not control the growing boner that was beginning to tent the front of his pants as he watched this second assailant fuck his beautiful wife’s lovely face.  With all the men having stripped off their clothing and now surrounding Diane, it was obvious that each man was anxious to see if his hot jizz would be to her liking.

One by one, till each of the eight gang members got to sate himself between Diane’s succulent pink lips, Nick could only stare at the scene in awe while wishing that he had been allowed to obtain such a pleasure.  It was made even more obscene when each of the men following Leroy forced Diane to palm there testicles, rolling their ‘nuts’ till they cracked open with their juice goodies.  But each time, Diane’s sensitive tummy rejected the slimy jizz, sending the gooey goodies pouring back out of her lips and down her chin to soil her pink sweater and white slacks.

“Hey there, lookie here at hubby, he’s got himself a fuck’n hardon!” Leroy commented upon spotting the tented front of the punk’s pants.  With one of his buddies holding the punk, Leroy undid the guy’s belt buckle and pulled down the front of his pants, letting it fall to the ground around his ankles.  Jockeys’ front tented, Leroy chuckled “Let’s see what hubby’s sporting here!”  And with that, he pulled the jockeys down and let them fall atop of the punk’s pants, with all of his buddies laughing aloud at the scene with Diane looking on.

As Nick was forced to unceremoniously made to shuffle forward towards with his pants and jockeys around his ankles, Diane could not believe that her husband had obviously gotten excited in watching her being forced to do such unspeakable sex acts with the eight black assailants.  Then the man named Leroy announced “Here ya go, little lady!  See if’n a whiteboy’s jizz is more to yer liking!”  Diane then realized that she was now being told to perform the same task as she had done for the others, taking her husband’s penis into her mouth and sucking on it until he ejaculated his semen.

Although upset at her husband for becoming aroused at her defilement, Diane was determined to show the black bastards that her husband’s semen was far superior and tastier than theirs, and thus she was determined to show them up and keeping her husband’s semen down.  This was something that Nick had wanted of her from the time they had become intimate, but she had always refused, unable to bring herself to perform anything so nasty as that.  But now, after what she had just been made to do, Diane felt that she owed her husband the experience of such pleasure that the vile men had obtained in her sucking mouth.

Reaching out with her left hand, she grasped the rigid stem and encircled her fingers fully around of it, something that she had not been capable of doing to any of her black captors.  ‘So much smaller and so much shorter!’ Diane thought as she mentally compared the size of her husband’s penis to the other eight before him.  Then, as the others had shown her what to do with a man’s testicles, she reached forward with her right hand to palm and roll Nick’s nuts.  Bending forward, extending the tip of her tongue, she then gave his bloated cockhead a lick.

For Nick, this was something that he had hoped and prayed for with all his might for the past six years since he and Diane had gotten engaged.  Seeing all eight of the black bastards enjoying the pleasure that he had been dreaming of for so long was just so agonizing, yet he had to admit it being quite thrilling also.  But he had gotten far too much stimulation from watching his beautiful wife’s defilement that the one swipe of her hot wet tongue on his sensitive cockhead sent him right over the edge, causing him to groan “Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

For Diane, this came as a total shock as her husband’s penis jerked in her hand, then began spurting semen wildly up in the air with blobs landing on her forehead and in her hair.  All the men around them let out a roar of laughter at her husband’s premature ejaculation and Diane could see the hurt and shame in his eyes.  Then the man named Leroy could be hard taunting “Well, guess we’s ain’t gonna git to find out if’n a whiteboy’s jizz is more to yer liking, huh, sweetie!  Ya need to git yerself a real ‘man’ and dump this fuck’n weenie!”

Taken to the camp set up by these hooligans of the high seas, Nick was bound standing against a tree while his wife could only sob as her cum drenched sweater was pulled up over head and off her arms.  Slacks unbuttoned and unzipped, Diane was forced to step out of her sandals and the garment, standing in just her undergarments before the eight leering men.  With his wife now facing him, the fellow named Leroy was towering behind of her, causing Diane to shudder as the black bastard began pawing at her petite body with his large calloused hands.

With the loosening of Diane’s bra straps, it was apparent to Nick that the bastard had just unhooked the back of her bra.  Indeed that was correct as the black bastard was now pushing the straps offer her shoulders and pulling the protective item off arms to bare his wife’s beautiful and flawless breasts.  Milky-white and topped with twin soft pink caps, Nick quivered in seeing the big black hands cradle the undersides of her breasts as if weighing them.  Then the bastard was thumbing the pink tips, causing them to automatically begin to stiffen in response the unwanted teasing.

It was quite obvious that Diane was petrified with fear as she could only stand there and sob in defeat at the black bastard taunted “Ya two are here to celebrate yer 5th Anniversary, huh!  And wanting to add a third little one, a son, to the family!  Well, me and the boys here want to help ya celebrate ……………………..and we’s certainly willing and able to see to it that the purty Mrs. here goes home with a loaf of bread in her little breadbasket!”  Then Nick was stunned as Leroy’s arm went around Diane’s trim waist and he was carrying her off like a caveman taking his prize in the confines of his cave.

Seeing his beautiful wife carried off in such a fashion, hearing her pleading “No ……….no …………..please …………………no!” and observing her arms and legs flailing about in the air, Nick could only watch helplessly as Leroy took her into the small nearby tent.  A struggle was taking place in the tent but all Nick could see was the broad black back of Leroy as he knelt down upon the ground.  Then suddenly a tiny wisp of white fabric was being tossed over his shoulder, and Nick realized that tiny white object had been the lacy white panties that his wife had been wearing when she was just carried off.

Nick observed Leroy shuffling forward some, then saw his wife’s trim white legs appear as they were being draped over the broad back with the back of her knees resting upon the bastard’s shoulders.  Now Leroy was bend his head down a bit, followed by the shrill of Diane’s voice yelling out “No ………………………..stoppppppppppppppppppp!”  Seeing his wife’s trim legs flailing about, heels pounding upon the bastard’s back, Nick realized then that the bastard had his face in Diane’s crotch while she was hanging upside down from his shoulders and with only the top of her head resting on the ground.  To his dismay, one of the men behind of him taunted “Looks like Leroy’s having some golden beaver burger fer lunch today!”

Moments later, Nick shivered in hearing Diane’s voice “Noooooooooooooooooooo ……………….nooooooooooooooooooooooo ………………………oh, God ………………………oooooooooh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd …………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Seeing the muscles in Diane’s calves go taunt, her pedicured toes curling and feet pointed, Nick realized that she had just climaxed in the bastard’s mouth.

Now Nick observed his wife’s legs suddenly go limp and begin sliding off the sides of the broad black shoulders and muscular arms.  Then he observed Diane’s pretty pink soles being lifted back off the ground as the bastard Leroy was shuffling up, apparently getting himself into position.  Nick suddenly shivered in hearing his wife’s panicked voice screaming “No ……………… …………………no ……………….….stop ……………………………… hurts ……………………… hurtsssssssssssssssssssss!  Stop ……………………..please …………………….it’s too bigggggggggggggggggg!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Nick strained his neck to see what was taking place through the opening of the small tent, seeing his wife’s lovely legs flailing about as the black bastard was lunging to and fro, thrusting the lengthy black rod up into his innocent young wife.  Tears flowed from his eyes in hearing his wife’s moans and sobs as she was being savagely raped by the black bastard.  Nick prayed that the man raping his beautiful wife would pull out before ejaculating but knew that certainly was not about to happen, especially with their vile intentions already declared, that one of them would be responsible for impregnating Diane with a little black bastard.

Finally, after many agonizing minutes, Nick observed Leroy shuffling back some, pulling out of Diane’s raped body before standing up.  And then the gloating black bastard turned to announce “Okay, Jamal, you’re up next!”  Nick then watched as Leroy turned and headed back to the group, walking proudly with his long ebony penis flopping about, drooping but still quite lengthy, displaying the glistening manhood that he had just raped Diane with.  Then the black bastard commented “Damn, that was a sweet fuck!  Ya sure got yerself a sex wife there, my man!”

With another of their assailant’s having jumped up when Leroy had made the announcement of being done, the guy began guzzling down his can of beer as Nick realized that this must be the bastard named Jamal who was next in line to rape his beautiful wife.  Can of beer drained and tossed aside, Nick watched as the man named Jamal pick up Diane’s sweater by grasping a part that was not saturated with semen, then heard the bastard say “Shit, Leroy, I’s hate having to be the one following ya!  Talk about gitting some fuck’n ‘sloppy seconds’!”

Eyes following Jamal as he headed over to the tent with Diane’s pink sweater in hand, Nick observed his wife lying there facing him with one knee now raised up and splayed out.  There in the middle of her milky white body, Nick could make out her reddened gash, along with the thick flow of jizz oozing out of her raped slit.  Seconds later, Jamal was knelling between her legs, his large frame blocking out the view but apparently he was using Diane’s sweater to wipe up the mess Leroy had made for the cussed loudly “Jezzzzzzzzzz, Leroy, how’s about ya cleaning up fer the next guy!  Its like ya taking a bath and leaving it fer the next guy to clean up before he can use it!  Fuckkkkkkkkk!”

Pink sweater being tossed back out of the small tent, Nick observed Jamal pushing the undersides of his wife’s knees to splay her trim white legs apart, then he was shuffling up into position.  “Nooooooo ……………………..pleaseeeeeeeeee …………………no more!” he heard his wife plead.  “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” came her cry as Jamal thrust his proud animal up into her, then began to fuck her without any consideration for Diane but just to rut at her and get his nuts off.

One by one the black bastards had his own private turn in the small tent, getting his own vile pleasure and jollies in raping Diane as she lay there sobbing and weeping in shame.  Then, last in line was this big fellow named Amos.  But when Amos entered the tent and got into position, Nick realized that the sobbing had stopped and that his wife’s legs appeared totally limp when draped over Amos’ muscular forearms.  And when the fucking commenced, her limp legs merely flopped about limply in timing with her rapist’s thrusts and withdrawals, making it apparent that his innocent wife had fortunately blacked out and did not having to consciously endure this vile rape.

When Amos returned to where the guys were gathered to get himself a beer, the guys all cracked up laughing when Amos exclaimed “Fuck’n broad was like a dead piece of ass!  She went and passed out on me!  Shit, with all the fuck’n cum in her cunt, that was like trying to fuck a cup full of grease!”  They all laughed and one guy commented “Now ya know what it’s like to be the low man on the total pole and gotta follow the rest of us guys!  But at least yer in the mix ………………….and I’s even read somewhere that last guy on the train ride gots the best chance of knocking up the fuck’n broad!”

Nick would soon discovered that the ordeal was far from over, for soon Diane was being pulled out of the tent for even more sex escapades with the vile men.  In seeing his wife’s haggard condition, with cum running down the insides of both thighs and blobs of semen ‘plopping’ right out of her raped slit to fall to the ground, Nick began sobbing against his gag.  The men were laughing as Diane was thrown her cum covered sweater and told to “Wipe up that sloppy cunt of yers, whore!”  And when she complied in cleaning herself, the gangbang session was to commence.

Picnic blanket spread out a few feet in front of him, Nick was about to get an up front view to his beautiful wife being gang raped by these modern day pirates, a factor that he learned after having been told by one of the bastards that they had just landed that morning and was in search of some prized bootie to make off with.  Then he was told “Thanks fer bringing that sweet little blonde bootie right to us!  Man, she’s a fuck’n sweet one!  After this, yer beautiful wife either will never want another fuck’n cock or she’ll be craving fer cock all the time ………….a big black cock will be the only kind she’ll ever want if’n that’s the case!”

Three, four, sometimes five guys were constantly on Diane or having her bringing them off in some manner.  Fisting, footjobs, Diane even was made to wrap her long silky blonde hair around a big black cock to bring the bastard off right in her hair.  And the bastard Jamal had her jerking him off by hand, right into face.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the unnerving shrill screech when the bastard Leroy had her on all fours as he raped her virgin ass before another guy named Tyrone plugged her mouth with his cock.

On and on the ordeal went throughout the entire night.  Nick could only be happy about one thing, that several times he got to participate when Diane’s hand was placed on his rigid boner and they had her wank him off.  Once, when Diane was on all fours straddling this guy named Nigel and one named Rashad fucking her mouth, Nick had been cut loose from the tree but was still gagged.  Knife at the ready, Nick knew better than to fight, besides he was being giving the golden opportunity to butt-fuck his beautiful wife for the very first time.  And with Diane’s back to him, she had been unaware of the fact that he had buggared her as he had been tied back up before the fellow named Rashad let her spit out his cock.

It was two full days of caring for his fucked out wife in the hotel room before she seemed to come out of her zombie like state of mind.  Holding Diane in his arms, telling her how much he loved her, his wife posed the ultimate question of “Will you ever be able to make love to me again after seeing what they did to me?”  Undressing and sliding into bed with his beautiful wife, Nick went about proving it to her.  But when he entered her, Nick could not help but to think of what the fellow named Amos had said ‘God, it’s like fuck’n into a cup of grease!’ as Diane was no where near as tight as before, far from it in fact.  ‘Will her body return to normal?  How long will it take?  Or were the bastard named Leroy right when had come up to him after taking Diane to the tent, boasting ‘I’s jist ‘raped and ruined’ that purty little bitch of yers, punk!’

But Nick was certainly excited, his mind full of the images of the muscular black bastards raping Diane that he came so damned quickly.  He certainly hoped that he’d be able to perform better before the vacation was over, knowing full well that he had left Diane high and dry in this first lovemaking attempt after her rape.  But ‘hope’ would be just that, pure wishful thinking on Nick’s part, for each lovemaking attempt had him coming in no time, especially when Diane wrapped her trim sexy legs around him.  He would apologize for his short comings each time, with Diane reassuring him that it’d soon get better for both of them.  And Nick would pick up on that excuse for his poor performance, telling his wife that ‘time’ was all that was needed to heal things.

Meanwhile, back on the high seas as they neared their next destination, the band of modern day pirates chuckled over the prized beauty that they had recently left on the Island of Raratan.  Nigel laughed, commenting “Damn, that little bitch jist couldn’t hold down any rich protein jizz!  Even the day we left, when I’s had her go down on me before we’s headed on out, she went and puked her guts out again!”  Tyrone laughed “Man, the way that bitch cringed each time, she just didn’t like the slimy stuff!  Saw the face she was making when I’s told her I’s about to cum in her mouth ………………that’s why I got pissed and pulled out!  That fuck’n bitch got a creamy facial she ain’t ever gonna ferget!”

“What I liked best about that fuck'n caper was not having a mattress there since it was too far to carry it with us!” Leroy advised, then added “Gotta hand it to ya, Tyrone ..........................ya sure knew how that find that little lady a comfortable spot fer her to git fucked!”  Amos chuckled “Fuck, ya heard the fuck'n punk of hers sniffling and crying like a baby while's we cocked his purty little blonde bitch!  Yeah, Tyrone, that was something else ....................tying the bastard down and staking him the ground, fucking his beautiful wife while she lay on the bastard's back!”

Indeed, that was one aspect that Nick Mercer wished that he could get out of his mind but just couldn’t.  It had been horrible enough for him to have witnessed Diane’s rape throughout the day and night, the gangbanging, but after the picnic blanket had been saturated with male spunk, the bastard named Tyrone had come up with the humiliating idea of staking him down on the ground.  It was quite agonizing to have his rigid boner smashed up against the hard ground while feeling his wife’s soft smooth skin of her back and butt lying on him while the bastards took their turn raping her.

He certainly felt the buffeting as the black bastards hammered away on top and Nick could only imagine what his beautiful wife was feeling being sandwiched between them with the bastard’s cock raping her without mercy.  It was so despicable for Nick in that position, especially hearing the each bastard grunting from above when he came, even more so when the bastard was done and pulled out, uncorking the hot pent up goo that dripped out of Diane’s enlarged slit to ooze on down onto his butt and then over his balls and cock.  And that was how they had left them upon their departure, with him gagged and staked out on the ground with Diane atop of him while passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Six weeks later, the worst fear came true as the home pregnancy test was positive.  And with both previously expressing their strong stand against aborting a fetus, the decision was made that the baby not be aborted.  And when the fetus was well along the way with Diane's belly swollen like a watermelon, a DNA test would be done to determine if in fact Nick had fathered the baby, though it seemed that chances would be ‘slim and none’.  And such was in fact the case, for the father of the baby boy growing in Diane’s tummy was one of the black bastards who had raped her.  Thus, they placed the baby for adoption before the birth of the little black bastard.

Other than having very little improvement to their lovemaking together, all seemed well between Nick and Diane with their two little girls helping to mend things as a family unit.  Months after giving the baby up for adoption, Nick and Diane were working out in the front lawn as the girls played nearby waiting to be taken to the neighborhood park to ride the swings.  It was then that an elderly black fellow got out of a pickup truck that had a sign on the door indicating that it was a yard and lawn service firm.

With the fellow walking up the driveway to introduce himself and drop off a flyer containing his services, Nick was about to brush him off in a polite way, even though he had tried to convince his wife that they needed a yard service as he couldn’t keep up with it, especially with Diane wanting to start a garden in the backyard.  Just the other week, in fact, a Caucasian fellow of about the same age as this black had stopped on by but Diane was the one to nix his suggestion to hire the guy.

Being polite, Nick let the man named Moses Williams introduce himself and talk a little about his business.  Just as he was about to politely tell the fellow that he’d call if they ever needed his services, Diane spoke up with a wide smile on her face saying “I think we could use Mr. Williams’ services, especially with you so busy and I want to get my garden going!”  Then his wife added “Honey, since the girls have been so patient about going to the park, why don’t you take them while I explain what I want Mr. Williams to do and get an estimate for his services!”

Nick swallowed, wondering why Diane wanted to hire this fellow right there on the spot.  Deep down, he had to wonder “Is it because he’s black?”  Looking at the elderly fellow, Nick could see that the guy was in quite a good shape for his age, tall, broad shouldered and strong.  Swallowing once again, had this fellow been twenty-five to thirty years younger, he’d certainly be reminiscent of the eight black men they had encountered on the island resort over a year ago.

A couple of hours later, after taking the girls to the park, Nick tried to get them to forego the normal routine of getting some cookies and a cool drink at the little shop across the park.  Nick had been anxious to get on home, wanting to see if indeed Diane had taken on the services of the black yardman.  And so, another forty-five minutes went by before they arrived back at home and Nick observed that the pick-up truck was no longer parked out at the curb.  All Nick could do was to wonder and wickedly fantasize what could or might have happened while they were gone.

Greeting his wife with a kiss before the girls grabbed her to play a game with them, Nick thought that Diane looked so radiant, her smile so beautiful and gleaming.  ‘It’s just your imagination, you asshole!  You’ve to be off your fuck’n rocker thinking that Diane would ever want the likes of someone like that, especially after what happened last year!’ he told himself.  Still, he couldn’t help but to walk on by the living room sofa, looking and hoping to find some indication that it had been used, and not just for sitting.

Walking in the master bedroom, the king-sized bed was perfect and neatly in order, no rumples nor anything to give away anything.  Nick didn’t know whether to feel elated or disappointed at his findings.  ‘Maybe outside?  On the lounge chair?’ he wondered, or hoped, for Nick just did not know what his true feelings were.  Out on the patio, nothing was out of the ordinary, no telltale signs on the chair nor anywhere else and that included his going into the shed out back.  ‘You’re a fuck’n sicko!’ he chided himself for having such thoughts.

Hot and tired from a long day and having to watch the girls himself for the last couple of hours, he needed a cool shower.  Taking off his shirt and tossing it into the hamper, Nick went back to retrieve it, and to look down at the balled up garment off to the side of the jockeys that had deposited in the hamper the night before.  He swallowed as the light yellow fabric appeared to be wet and discolored a bit.  Picking it up, he peeled open his wife’s pair of lacy yellow panties, shuddering as he got a strong whiff of the odor emanating from it.  No doubt about that smell ……………………that of male semen!

For Diane, knowing how long the normal park routine with the girls would take and with that time approaching, she had quickly showered to get the smell of sex from her body, then had frantically ran about in getting the bed fixed without showing any telltale signs.  But unfortunately, in her haste, she had failed to bury her soiled panties deeper into the clothing filling the hamper.  With Nick and the girls due back any moment, Diane had to hurried and douche, though she did ask herself if it was really necessary in view of the old fellow’s age.

Her panties had indeed been saturated with the old guy’s spunk, for he had come copiously in her that first time, and the elderly gent’s semen was not very thick in content.  Though very thin and just a bit sticky, the old guy had squirted out quite a bit considering his age and its acidity really burned her innards.  So much of the stuff was up in her that it began leaking out of her when she was turned onto all fours so he could hump her doggie style.  To keep the bedspread from getting soiled and leaving telltale signs, Diane and reached over for her discarded panties and held it at their union joint to absorb all the leakage.  One thing for sure, the old guy sure knew how to use the tools he owned.

Across town, Moses Williams smiled with pride in having correctly accessed the situation at the Mercer’s home.  What young beauty would send her two adorable girls off with daddy to play at the park while she showed an old black bastard the backyard.  Once the beauty waved to her children as the car departed, Moses could her trembling with nervousness in being alone with him, even stammering slightly in saying “This …………..this is the way to the backyard!”  Grasping her soft petite hand in his larger calloused one, Moses boldly advised “Can’t that wait till the next time I’m here, Mrs. Mercer?  I’d much rather see your bedroom right now!”

As she led the way, Moses could feel her hand trembling in his, knew that she was in need of a ‘man’ who would take control of the situation.  And he certainly was ‘man’ enough to do that once they entered the master bedroom, pushing her down to her knees and ordering her to “Gimme a kiss, Mrs. Mercer!”  Not five minutes after her husband and children had departed, the blonde beauty was on her knees on the carpet of the master bedroom flicking her wet tongue over his pulsating cockhead.  ‘Damn, that was one hot little bitch!’ he chuckled, anxious to make the next visit to the Mercer’s home.  Knowing time was a bit of a factor, Moses did not want to blow his load off right away even though coming in her succulent mouth would have been quite an opportunity and obviously very pleasurable.  But boning this hot little bitch right in the bed she shared with her whiteboy hubby would be the ultimate conquest and the lovely Mrs. Mercer was one hot little number in bed.


That night over dinner, with Diane telling him that she had hired Mr. Williams once every other week and the first item on the agenda was for him to get the garden set up and seeded, Nick knew very well that the old geezer would be seeding not only his wife’s garden in the backyard but would be plowing and seeding Diane’s other garden right there in the master bedroom.  Seeing that this was the happiest his lovely wife appeared in over a year, ever since that horrendous vacation, Nick figured that he’d turn over the entire yard to the old fellow and have him come over once a week or whenever Diane needed her garden to be seeded.  ‘Better that than having his lovely wife sneak off to some sleazy bar or motel to have her needs taken care of!  Anything to keep her happy!’ he figured.

End of Story.