Victim #6 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’
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Wearing a very festive two piece red print dress and yellow heels, Julie stepped off the ramp of the small twin engine jet prop onto the asphalt, then turned to insert her hand in her husband’s as they walked towards the small airport terminal of Guratan Island.  It was quite a surprise at where her husband John had made reservations for her 25th birthday, told only to bring tropical clothing for a few days and a couple evening dresses to celebrate, the resort on this island was just a beautiful sight.  Mrs. Julie Gerber stood at 5’3” 115 lbs. with long silky brown hair, happily married to husband as life was just blossoming for both of them.  Each were happy in their jobs and now they were looking forward to starting a family together.

Arriving a day before her actual 25th birthday, Julie and her husband first checked into the plush resort, then they headed out to tour the nearby town and have lunch there.  Julie shopped a bit, picking up some typical souvenirs to remember this memorable vacation and celebration of her birthday.  Hand in hand, they strolled along the small unpaved roads and alleyways to view the many small shops to browse through the unusual merchandise special to this tropical island.  Once the browsing for souvenirs was over, their plan was to head back to the resort and relax at poolside, then later have a nice dinner at one the nice restaurants there.

Hand in hand, they strolled back to the resort in the privacy of the serene tropical island, then her husband asked “Well, honey, is there anything else that I can do to make your 25th Birthday a memorable one!”  Giggling and giving her husband a hug, Julie playfully responded with “Well, I can think of one thing that would make it quite memorable!”  “And what’s that, honey?” her husband asked.  “Well, with tomorrow being my birthday ………….I’d like for you and me to take a long stroll on the beach ……………and then ……………….find a nice secluded spot ……………....where you’ll make passionate love to me and ……………….get me ‘knocked’ up in the process!”

An elegant dinner that night, followed by some dancing, and then they took a stroll along the path of the resort’s lush tropical garden.  Hugging and kissing throughout the evening, they were like two young lovers who couldn’t get enough of one another.  But when her husband was attempt to get her clothing off when they returned to their suite, Julie then put the brakes on her eager hubby, telling him “Uh-uh …………not tonight, stud!”  Placing her hand down on the bulge of her husband’s crotch, giving his hardon a squeeze, she advised “Cause tomorrow’s the big day and I want you all primed up and ready to go!”

Her husband playfully responded with “Bitch …………just wait till tomorrow!  The first secluded area on the beach and I’m gonna throw you right down on the sand and screw you good!”  Giggling, Julie retorted with “Promises!  Promises!”  Then they embraced for a passionate kiss as their tongues intertwined and dallied with one another.  Professing their love for one another, they hugged and kissed in bed while caressing one another, teasing in getting one another hot and eager for their anticipated stroll on the beach.  As they hugged and cuddled in bed, Julie slipped her hand down into the waistband of her hubby’s jockeys to wrap her trim manicured fingers around his hardon to give him a few strokes.  But once he panted and moaned with pleasure, she quickly released her fingers and withdrew her hand, naughtily giggling “Just priming the pump for tomorrow, honey!”

That next morning, they awoke to the bright rising sun as it crept into their bedroom suite.  Getting dressed in casual clothing to go out for a bite to eat first, Julie had put on a long sleeve blue blouse and white slacks as it was a bit chilly due to the tradewinds.  Going to the poolside restaurant for the tropical setting, Julie and her husband quickly began scoffing down their breakfast while giving each other that knowing look of what was really on each of their minds.  Once breakfast was done, they planned to quickly be off on their stroll along the beach in search for the perfect little hideaway from any prying eyes.

Hand in hand they strolled along the water’s edge.  Having taken off her sandals, Julie loved walking ankle deep in the crystal clear water as it broke along the shoreline.  Twice already, her eager husband had tried to pull her up towards a bushy area ten to twenty yards off the beachfront.  But each time, Julie put the nix on his attempt, telling him that it was either “Too open or still too near the resort!  I’d be so embarrassed if someone came along to catch us naked in the act!”  As they rounded the bend, Julie spotted a large rock formation in the distance jutting out of the beach towards the water’s edge, causing Julie to point towards it and exclaim “That looks interesting!  Let’s go take a look for a nice secluded area!”

With it being low tide as they approached the rock formation from the shoreline, Julie was the one to discover the opening to what appeared to be a cave that led inland from the water’s edge.   Grabbing her husband by the hand, Julie pulled him along as she ran to the entranceway.  Stopping at the entrance, Julie turned to give her husband a deep passionate kiss, then advised “Now this is the ideal type of secluded getaway spot for what you’ve got in mind, Big Boy!  That is ………..if you’re still up for it!”  Her husband then replied “Listen, you can hear everything echoing right back at you!  Honey, it’s good the resort’s so far away that no one’s gonna hear all the loud echoes bouncing back out of here cause you’ll be screaming like a banshee when I give it to you good!”

“Right!  Promises, promises!” she giggled back at him.   With no one anywhere nearby, for once Julie could be wild and flirtatious, and thus she boldly reached out to grasp and pull at the top of her husband’s shorts with her left hand.  And then she naughtily had her right hand diving down into the opening to search and find her hubby throbbing stem, declaring “Well, stud, I think you’re going to have to do a lot better than that to have me screaming like a banshee!”  Then Julie turned, leading her thrilled husband along into the darkened as she proceeded to wank and pull at his stiffening bone.

About ten yards into the dark cave, with the only light coming in from the entrance, they began kissing and each had their hands in the other’s clothing.   “Ohhh, babe …………….I’m going to have you screaming like a bitch in heat when I get outta my clothes and give it to you good!  This is one birthday present you’ll never forget!” her husband advised.  “Okay, stud, let me get a feel of what you’ve really been packing in there!”  Stepping forward, Julie leaned up for a kiss while reaching down to grasped the bared boner, then pulled her head back from the kiss to quip “It’s so puny!  It feels like a little Vienna sausage to me!  There’s no way that little thing is going to make me scream my head off!”

Suddenly John froze and Julie jumped back, letting go of her husband’s cock, upon hearing a male’s voice advise “Lemme slice that fuck’n useless weenie off fer ya, sweetie!  Then we’s can feed it to the sandcrabs!”  A loud chorus of laughter then came from the unseen men surrounding them in the darkened cave.  A loud moan and lights flashed on and Julie trembled in fear to see her husband down upon his knees and crouched over with the top of his head in the sand as he had obviously been struck by one of the unseen men.  “Johnnnnnnnn!” she screamed.  Then the flashlights beamed toward the back end of the cave as two men dragged her dazed husband with her being dragged in tow by two unseen men on each side of her.

“Pleaseeeeeeee …………………no ………………..stop …………………..where are you taking us ………………………don’t hurt us ……………………pleaseeeeeeeeeee!  Who are you people?  What do you want of us?” Julie stammered out in fear.  “Let us go ……………….let us go ………………….…….please …………………please let us go …………………don’t hurt usssssssssss!” Julie sobbed out in despair.  Struggling and trying to get away but the hands gripping her upper arms and pulling her forward were far too strong for her to break free from.  Led deeper and deeper into the cave, Julie noticed the upward slope up away from the water, and fear now consumed her mind in worry for the lives of both she and her husband.

“Leon, Jamal …………….get the lights on so’s we’s can entertain the birthday girl and her hubby properly!” came the husky male voice in the back of the pack.  “String hubby up over there on the left!  Sit’em on the rock and let’em be comfortable while’s he gits to watch his purty wife blow out her birthday candles!  Get the rope snug around that rock so he don’t cause us no problems!” came the leader’s orders as the two men dragging her husband sat him up and began securing his hands behind his back with a rope pulled tight around a jutting rock.  Then Julie observed one man lean over to tap her husband’s face, telling him “C’mon, hubby, snap out of it!  Like ya promised yer beautiful wife, this is one birthday she ain’t ever gonna fergit!  C’mon, wake up now …………time to watch yer sweetie blowing out the birthday candles!”

Trembling with fear as her husband began to come out of his dazed stupor, Julie realized that these vile men must have heard everything that had transpired between she and her husband before entering the came.  The men knew it was her birthday, but having been brought up in a conservative and religious upbringing, Julie had no clue whatsoever as to what was the meaning of ‘blowing out the birthday candles!’  Being clueless at that moment was certainly to her benefit, especially with her never having ever performed such a deviant sex act in her life, nor had she even fathomed that a man would expect a woman to do anything so filthy and demeaning.

Julie was relieved to see that John was blinking his eyes rapidly to get rid of the cobwebs and knowing that he had not been severely hurt.  Her gasp was audible upon seeing the black bastard next to John grab him roughly by the hair to jerk his back, forcing her husband to look upwards as the bastard sneered “C’mon, punk, yer holding up the start of the birthday party!  Snap on out of it, cause yer purty wife’s gonna start blowing out the birthday candles we’s got fer her!”  Again, Julie heard the ‘birthday candles’ comment but still it went right over her head.

Then the man who’s voice she had heard from behind of her while being led deeper into the cave stepped forward into the center of the group, standing between her and John as he leered at her before advising “Happy Birthday, sweetie!  Time now fer ya to blow out yer first candle that Nigel’s got fer ya!”  “Let go of her, guys!” the man advised as the hands that held her secure released her arms.  Panting in fear, not knowing what was expected of her as the leader of the group ordered her “C’mon, bitch!  I’s ain’t got all day!”  Frozen in fear, not knowing what was expected of her, Julie trembled and refused to comply with the bastard’s demand.

“Eiiiiiiiiiyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the painful yelp of pain from John as the bastard holding his hair used his free hand to clamp down over John’s shorts and gave him a crushing squeeze.  “Stop!  Don’t hurt him!  I’ll do whatever you want!” Julie cried out in desperation to save her husband more anguish.  “Okay, now git yer ass over here to blow out the candle I’s got fer ya!” the leader of the group advised.  Afraid to disobey, fearing more harm would come to her husband if she did, Julie was shaking with fear as she moved forward asking “Where ………….where is it?”  A roar of laughter from the men surrounding her echoed throughout the cave.

Nigel looked to hubby as he chuckled “I’s heard of dumb blondes before but yer sweet little wife ain’t even blonde!  Did she dye her hair, huh?  Or is she that fuck’n innocent or jist plain stupid?”  Then he added “Tell yer purty wife what she gonna do, punk!”  For Nigel, the sight look of horror on the punk’s face as it drained in color was absolutely hilarious.  Then hubby swallowed deeply and made the mistake of defying him by replying “No ………… ………………I won’t!  I can’t!”  With a nod of his head towards Jamal, his cohort slammed a fist down onto hubby’s crotch that caused him to scream out “Owwwwwwww ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!”

For Nigel and his cohorts, what played out next made this caper quite exciting.  First the frightened wife reacted to her husband’s dire situation as she yelled out “JOHN!”  Then she told her husband “Tell me, John!  Tell me what to do!  I’ll do it!  Don’t let him hit you again!”  In agony, the hurting hubby looked towards his beautiful wife to tell her “He …………………he wants you to …………………….to …………………..suck him ……………………take his penis into your mouth and suck him off!”  Now it was the pretty wife’s face that reflected the horror as color drained from her face as she learned of the deviant sex act being demanded of her.

Smiling at the trembling beauty, Nigel then advised “That’s right, sweetie!  Now git down on yer knees and blow out my candle!”  With no response nor movement from the frightened wife, Nigel gave a hand signal to Jamal and a second later, hubby was again yelling “Eihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  A split second later, the pretty wife was kneeling down in front of him, pleading “Please …………………..please don’t hurt him anymore!  I ………………..I’ll do …………”  Seeing the petite beauty’s body shudder in horror as she said the word ‘it’ had Nigel’s cock throbbing in excitement.

Staring ahead of her, Julie’s eyes widened at the sight of the bulging crotch actually pulsating through the material of the pants worn by the leader of this demented group of men.  Then she shuddered upon hearing the gruff voice from above demand of her to “Unzip me, sweetie!  Now reach in with yer left hand and git a feel of a ‘real’ man fer a change!”  Complying with the demand, Julie reached up to unzip the bastard’s pants, then inserted the manicured fingers of her shaking left hand into opening.  Shocked, sucking in her breath upon making contact, for Julie found that the demented bastard wasn’t even wearing any underpants.

She then obeyed the next command “Now wrap yer purty fingers around it, sweetie!”  Julie cringed as her fingers encircled the sticky flesh, causing her to wonder ‘Just how long has this filthy bastard gone without a bath?’  Then came the command to “Pull my cock out so’s I’s can see the purty diamond that yer rich hubby got ya ………….right atop of my big black dick!”  Next, Julie heard leader advise John “Ya give yer sweet little wife step by step instructions from here if’n ya don’t want yer nuts cracked again by Jamal!  Better start at the count of three or else ……………one ……….two …….!”  Then Julie heard her husband frantically stammer “Lick it, honey!  Lick it with your tongue!  Keep shucking him with your hand!”

John had always dreamed and fantasized of his beautiful wife going down on him but she was just too naïve and had always pulled her head away when he tried to push her head down to his loins.  Never in his wildest dream did he fantasize seeing Julie on her knees about to suck another man’s cock, a big black one at that!  But such a sight had his cock rising up in its excitement, throbbing as he told Julie to “Lick it, honey!  Stick your tongue out and lick his fat cockhead!”  Cock throbbing in his shorts as he watched the erotic scene of Julie licking her first cock, although unwillingly to save his butt, John excitedly added for her to “Tease his pisshole with the tip of your tongue!”

 “Open your lips wide, honey!  Get your lips over his cockhead!  Continue using your tongue on him!” John instructed.  “Now start bobbing your head up and down!  Get as much of him down as you can!  Let the fat cock slide down your throat!” he added as his cock throbbed with excitement.  Seeing the leader undo the top of his pants to allow it to slide down his muscular black legs, John then advised his wife to “Reach up with your right hand now, honey!  Wrap your fingers around his swollen nuts!  Now roll’em in the palm of your hand!  Play with’em!   Keep playing with them till they pop!  Suck him till he pops in your mouth!”

Seeing the black bastard wrap his fingers in Julie’s long silky black hair as he fucked her beautiful face, John could only stare at the sight in awe as there was no further instruction needed.  Then he heard the taunting from the bastard who was degrading his innocent wife, declaring that “Yeah man, from now, everything time ya kiss yer purty wife’s pink lips, ya’ll be remembering how she gave me head!  Damn, ya’ve got a talented little cocksucker fer a wife, punk!  And when ya’s French her, ya’s think about her tongue covered with my thick spunk ………………cause I’s gonna be cumming real soon!”

With his fingers tightly entwined in the bitch’s long hair, Nigel prevented the frantic young wife from pulling away and getting her mouth off his dick.  Her left hand that had initially been shucking at his cock now was firmly griping at the base, the sparkle of her diamond ring and wedding band adding to the excitement, but this was to prevent him from shoving it all the way down her throat.  As such, with her fist grasping the base of his cock, he could slide only nine inches of his foot long dong between her pink lips.  Giving a yank on her hair, he then turned to give hubby a snarling look, Nigel wanted to laugh as the punk obviously could read his mind by telling his wife to “Look up, honey ……………………….he wants to look into your pretty eyes ………………….when he cums ………………in your mouth!”

This was certainly not the way Julie had expected to celebrate her 25th birthday, not in a dark cave while on her knees with a big sticky black cock in her mouth.  It certainly was an educational birthday for her in getting to learn just what it meant to ‘blow out a guy’s candle’ along with the meaning of ‘giving head’!  With frightened eyes, she looked up at the gloating bastard as he gave her a wide grin for he obviously was taking great pleasure at degrading her in such a vile manner.  Fingers entwined tightly in her hair and holding her firmly in place, Julie shuddered at the horrible thought that the black bastard was intent on ‘doing his thing’ right in her mouth.

Then, one of the men who was rifling through John’s wallet loudly advised that “Punk here is John Gerber!  And there’s a picture here of hubby and his beautiful bride on their wedding day!”  The vile leader glanced off to the side to get a glimpse of the photo, then towards John to advise “Nice picture of ya and yer beautiful bride there!  Hey, how’s I’s git Jamal there to use yer camera to take a picture of yer beautiful wife sucking my dick so’s ya’s can add that to yer wallet!”  Then Julie saw the bastard looking down at her again, telling her to “Smile fer the camera, Mrs. Gerber!”  A bright flash lit up the cave as it captured her with her mouth full!

Julie prayed that this terrible ordeal would end soon, but the awful thought of the only way it would end gave her second thoughts.  And with her husband witnessing her defilement, she changed her prayer to “Let me die!  Let me die right at this instant!  Don’t suffer the indignity of this having this bastard ejaculate his semen into my mouth!  Not with John watching all this taking place!”  But to her dismay and horror, the two walnut-sized that she was palming and unconsciously playing with in her right hand all this time suddenly contracted to signal that the end was near.  This Julie knew, for prior to their marriage to John, she had discovered when sating her fiancé’s male lust to keep her virginity intact till the night of their wedding.  Only then, and as of her latest feel, the man’s balls that were now in her hand made John’s seem so tiny in comparison.

“Ohhhhhh, yessssssssss, Mrs. Gerber ……………………ya are certainly one talented little cocksucker!  Oh, yeah ………….keep rolling my nuts like that!” Nigel panted out in pleasure.  Stroke after stroke, pulling out his glistening stem and then sliding it back in till it bumped against her clutching fist that acted as a buffer, he fucked the pretty wife’s face as his cohorts and her husband looked on in anticipation of what was soon to come.  Then his clutching fingers held her tightly as his cock expanded in her mouth and then his nuts popped.  As his cum belched out directly into her throat, the bitch gagged and he allowed her to pull back some as he wanted her to get a good taste of his salty jizz.  As she struggled to get free, squirming about like a speared fish, Nigel laughed “Eat it, bitch!  Git a good taste of some hot nigger cum!”

Even as he looked on in horror, John could not suppress the rising of his throbbing cock as he viewed the flow of cum spewing out from between his wife’s open lips.  Then the snickering bastard who had forced Julie down on him was slandering over towards him, smiling widely as Julie coughed and gagged behind him as the bastard taunted “Guess my’s cum’s too rich fer that purty wife if yers, huh?  Jist too much protein fer her!  But don’t ya worry, punk …………………….she’ll soon git the hang of it!”  Then in the background, John could see that another black bastard was standing over Julie and reaching out to grasp her by the hair, pulling her towards the fleshy prong jutting out from between his loins.

Over the next forty minutes of so, John watched the bastards had Julie service them one by one, till each muscular black body tensed and quivered before spewing its sticky load into her sucking mouth.  After the sixth man ejaculated into her mouth and Julie swallowed his entire load without gagging on his cum or trying to spit out the filth, the bastard standing next to him gave him a nudge as he chuckled “See, I’s told ya so!  Yer purty wife’s gonna be a real talented cocksucker from here on out!”  John stared at the next scene in disbelief as his wife did not even try to get away as the next man stepped up in front of her, instead she parted her lips as her pink tongue slipped out to flick over the new bloated cockhead.

After Julie had serviced the last of them, John looked at his lovely wife still kneeling at the same spot, the front of her blue blouse now darkened from being wet and matted by cum that she had not been able to handle from the first five men.  John then learned from the leader of the gang standing next to him that it was “Time to git down to business and git that wife the birthday present she really wants!  Whadda think about this to knock up that beautiful bitch of yers?”  John swallowed in fear as the bastard began stroking his ebony cock, getting it up to a size that any man would be proud of, a size double of what he could get himself up to.

With the bastard having stripped off all his clothing and approaching Julie, his frightened wife was then grabbed by the gang members and her clothing was torn and ripped from her ivory white body.  Held outstretched on the ground as the muscular black knelt down between her widespread legs, John felt a cold chill course throughout his body as the bastard was getting his bloated cockhead into position.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shrilling screech that echoed loudly throughout the cave as the bastard lunged forward without any consideration, burying a good six inches of his raping cock into Julie’s way too tight slit.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Noooooooooooooooooo …………………….nooooooooooooooooooo …………………….stoppppppppppp …………………….stopppppppppppppppp …………………………oh, Godddddddd …………………..stop ………………………………..stoppppppppppp!” Julie cried out in agony as the black bastard proceeded to rape her without mercy, lunging time and time again into her pain racked body.  And the agony was made even worst upon hearing her rapist taunt “Gonna give ya the birthday present ya been wanting, Mrs. Gerber!  It’s gonna git nice and big and ripe in that purty little belly of yers …………………..and come popping out between yer beautiful legs in nine months, heh, heh!”

John could only watch on helplessly as his beautiful wife was savagely raped by the humping black bastard as he hammered away at her petite body.  Then the bastard was going at her at jackhammer speed before stilling himself suddenly, ebony body quivering uncontrollably, an obvious sign for John as to what was unseen but taking place at that instant.  Then the big bastard’s body collapsed upon Julie’s petite one for a moment before the bastard eased himself back and pulled out his raping spear from his wife’s now gaping wide cunny that immediately began leaking out with the bastard’s thick baby-making jizz.

His raped and ravaged wife was evidently no longer putting up a fight, or even capable of putting up one, as the men holding her released their hold on her while the next guy got into the saddle.  Such was verbally confirmed by the leader who had come again to stand and keep him company, the bastard who had just raped Julie, as he too looked on and chuckled “I sure as hell went and broke that little filly of yers!  God, I’s sure hope I’s went and knocked her up good fer ya!”  As they watched Julie’s second rapist hump away at her prone body, the bastard next to him cheered “Go fer it, Labrone!  Give it to her good!  Shag her ……………….shag her good!”

One by one, the bastards got into line for his turn in raping Julie.  When the fifth guy was in the saddle, taking his time and slowly stroking his cock in and out of her slit, John sucked in his breath in seeing movement from his wife for the first time as the gang members cheered "C'mon, Amos us how to do it!"  One gang member then yelled out "Yer always bragging about making any woman want yer big black dick!  Show us how ya do it!  Make the bitch want it!"  Moments later, in seeing her hands move up to caress the muscular biceps of her rapist, John’s cock twitched in his shorts, then he observed his wife’s trim legs cross over the black ass to lock her ankles as she moved timely in coordination with the fuck rhythm with the bastard sawing in and out of her gripping pussy.

Then the fuck sped up and to John’s astonishment, his wife cried out “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………yessss ……………..yes ………………………….oh, Goddddddddd …………………….……ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  It was quite evident that his wife had just soared to a mind-blowing climax and orgasmed just when the bastard began ejaculating his seed in her fertile womb.  What astonished John even more was that this was the first time that his wife had been so verbal in expressing herself while in the throes of climaxing.

From here on, each of the guys getting into the saddle would feel Julie’s arms and legs being wrapped around his body as he shagged her.  And it was as if Julie was now fuck drunk and oblivious to reality as she merely participated in fuck after fuck with each of the black bastards taking their turn with her.  And then, as the last of the gang members was in the saddle and about to cum, John heard the leader next to him advise “Ya wanna guess what hole I’m interested in next, punk?”  Cold sweat formed on John’s forehead in seeing the leader stroking himself once again, thinking ‘Oh, God ………………….he can’t mean that!’

But once the last guy had ejaculated in Julie and pulled his spent dick out of her, the leader stepped forward to instruct his men to “Git the bitch on all fours and hold on to her cause she’s gonna buck like crazy!”  Once the leader got behind of Julie and was fitting his cockhead up to her tight anus, John saw her try to break free from the hands that were holding tightly onto her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the ear splitting shrieks that filled the echoing cave as the bastard sodomized her, shoving half of his footlong dong up into in butt.

Once the bastard sodomizing Julie spewed out his hot enema in her aching ass, the leader eased his filthy cock out of her and then came back to stand next to him once again, bragging to him that “I’s sure gave it to her good!  She sure went and squealed like a stuck pig, heh, heh!”  They watched as Julie was lifted up while one guy got on the ground beneath her, then she was lowered onto his upright shaft.  Then one guy pulled her head back by the hair and he rubbed his cock over her lips till she admitted him into her mouth.  A third guy then got behind to buggar her as the gangbang commenced.  It was a good ten minutes later before the first gangbang session ended, leaving Julie on all fours with cum oozing from her lips, cunny, and asshole.  But that sight of her alone on all fours was just a matter of seconds before three more men stepped forward for the next gangbang session.

For the next two days, both Julie and John were kept on a liquid diet by their captors.  Julie got fed her meals by each of the bastards making her take one cock at time into her mouth to drink all the hot jizz she could handle.  John would get his eat his meal shortly after that, after each guy raped his beautiful wife once again, with two guys then holding Julie above his head with legs spread apart so he could suck the hot jizz from her raped pussy.  With John looking depressed and humiliated at what he was forced to do, he was told “Cheer up, fella!  Yer lucky yer gitting to eat out that beautiful wife of yers for all that jizz!  But if’n ya want, we’ll be happy to feed ya the way we’re feeding yer wife!”  From that point on, John eagerly lapped at his wife’s cunny for his hot meal.

Finally, as the men had packed up their gear and about to make their departure from the island paradise, Julie was told to “Spread those beautiful legs of yers fer yer hubby!  He’s all hot and bothered from watching us bang ya so he’s gonna git a turn while we’s watch!”  Stripped of his clothing and cock rock hard, John had his hands tied behind his back while being led over to his prone wife.  John saw how red and widened his wife’s slit had become as he was pushed down to his knees.  With two of the men grabbing Julie’s legs and spreading them wide for him, John tried to aim himself and about to push forward when he was held back.  Then Julie’s legs were pulled back some as the leader put his arm forward with his closed hand poised just above the reddened slit.

In horror, John watched as dry sand poured from the clenched hand, right into his wife’s open pussy.  Seconds later, with the men holding Julie in position for him, the leader had put his boot onto John’s ass to push him forward.  “Argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” John cried out in sheer pain as the sand granules rubbed against his sensitive cock acted like sandpaper.  And he heard Julie sobbing out in pain as she too felt the sandpaper like fuck rubbing her insides raw also.  It was a fuck consisting of both pain and pleasure, but still John came as never before.

It was six weeks later and John had hoped that the nightmarish ordeal could be wiped away like a bad dream for both of them.  It had taken a lot of tender comforting to calm his beautiful wife just so she would feel comfort in his arms once again.  Knowing that it would take a lot of time for his lovely wife to engage in lovemaking with him again, John was resigned to being patient.  Trying to put a smile on his wife’s lovely face once again also was a challenge but the look on her face when she came out of the bathroom told John that something was seriously wrong.  Asking what was the matter as he went to her side, it took a moment to realize that in Julie’s hand was a home pregnancy test, with the area lit up on the test being ‘It’s Positive!  You’re Pregnant!’

John knew that Julie did not believe in abortions but surely thought that a pregnancy through rape would qualify as an exception for her.  Not wanting to be adamant and force his wife to go against her beliefs, John reluctantly agreed to going along with her plan to have the baby, of which it would be immediately put up for adoption.  With them living away from their immediate families, they then planned on holding off on visiting any of them once Julie began to show, merely giving the excuse of busy work schedules for both of them.  From that point on, the thought was that they could then resume their lives from what had been so promising prior to entering that dark cave.

But at the eighth month of Julie’s pregnancy, John had the uneasy feeling that his wife was bonding with the baby growing in her now very swollen belly.  Seeing Julie gently rubbing her big belly as she looked at herself in the full length mirror, John cringed upon seeing that there was a smile on her face.  It scared him that Julie seemed happy to feel the baby kicking in her tummy, something that John was not happy at all about, especially when his wife grabbed his hand to place it atop of her bloated belly.  ‘Surely she can’t be changing her mind about putting the baby up for adoption once it’s borne?’ he worried.

John’s worries soon came to reality when Julie announced her thoughts that “Let’s tell our parents that we fell in love with Garutan and decided to adopt a baby from there!”  John just could not come to grips with it, wondered how his beautiful wife could even think of wanting to raise this baby, one conceived in the dark cave with a black rapist.  For John, he knew for himself that seeing the baby each would only serve as a reminder of that terrible ordeal.  But after all that Julie had gone through in the dark and dirty cave, being gang-raped time and time again, John decided not to argue about things.

Four months later, John looked over and couldn’t believe the love between mother and daughter, but John just could not have the same feeling for the child that he had not conceived.  But now Julie seemed to be her happy self once again which was some consolation for him, especially with his wife snuggling up into his arms at night.  And when she reached down to feel his throbbing cock for the first time since her 25th birthday, things were really getting better and back to normal between them.

With the baby sleeping in the other room, a passionate kiss ensued between them as his wife began shucking at his growing cock.  Her soft smooth hand felt so good on his cock as she stroked him.  Afraid a bit, not wanting to be to rough to remind her of that ordeal with the men in the cave, John wanted to go slow and give Julie pleasure in this lovemaking session.  Entering her gently, stroking in and out slowly, John heard his wife sucking in her breath as her trim arms and legs wrapped themselves around him.

Speeding up some, getting up to jackhammer speed, John hoped that this fuck session would wipe out her memory of all those black bastards and her rape ordeal.  Humping away between her sexy legs, John heard his wife squeal with pleasure “Oh, yes ……………………oh, yessss ……………….yesssssssssss …………………..give it to meeeeee!”  About to cum as Julie was about to orgasm with him, John heard his beautiful wife the pant out “Fuck me ………………………fuck me ………………………oh, ‘Amos’ ……………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  His cum was spurting but this was one fuck that John would not ever forget, now with her calling out the name of the black bastard who had given her the first mind-shattering orgasm in the dark cave on her 25th birthday!

All this time of comforting and consoling his beautiful wife, getting her to finally allow him to make love to her once again, but only to find out that ‘She was fantasizing that it was that rapist named ‘Amos’ giving it to her!  My God, has she been fantasizing about him and those other black bastards all this time?  Will she always be thinking of that black bastard whenever she’s with me?’  Picturing his beautiful wife once again in the arms of a black bastard, John felt his cock pulsate and grow in excitement at the thought of it.  He then recalled seeing a yardman’s truck at a neighbor’s place down the block and recalled seeing the guy, an elderly black man, a rather muscular guy.  ‘The next time I see his truck, I’ll have him give me a quote at doing our yard!’ he excitedly thought.

End of Story.