Victim #7 of the Roaming Resort Rapists
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled ‘Roaming Resort Rapists 1’ stories of
‘Victims #1 thru 6 of the Roaming Resort Rapists’
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The Diamond Isle Resort on the Island of Caruba was just the perfect getaway vacation package that a loving couple could only dream of.  For 25 year old Kimberly Baker, she had crimped and saved for the past year from each paycheck in order to spring the surprise on her husband with for his 26th birthday.  Thoroughly in love with John, her husband of just over a year, things just couldn’t get any better.  Purchasing a beautiful home in their first year of marriage, each of them having a well-paying job that intrigued them respectively, with Kimberly in fashion design and John in architecture.  Now the plan was for them to now start working on a family.

‘What better time to start than now to let John do it to me without the use of a protective condom!  I know he doesn’t enjoy making love with it on!  In fact, I know that many times he losses interest as his ‘thing’ wilts in the condom before he ejaculates in it!’ Kimberly pondered.  Smiling to herself, planning on telling John at the last second that they wouldn’t be driving for their weeklong vacation at the coast but instead flying off to the Island of Caruba, Kimberly planned on telling him not to forget his box of condoms, making him think that he would be forced to use those things on the vacation!  With her eyes closed, Kimberly shivered with pleasure as she imaged being with her handsome husband on the tropical island, getting finally get to really feel him in her for the first time ………………….shooting his hot potent seed up in her clasping cunny!

With the resort very accommodating to its guests in allowing early check-ins due to the flight arrivals on the island, John and Kimberly Baker arrived early on the beautiful tropical island that was covered with plush green vegetation.  So, after checking in and changing out of their travel clothes, they planned on getting a bit to eat for lunch and then taking a stroll along the long pathway that was to eventually take them to the beach.  Having changed their clothes, with everything still in their now open suitcases, they put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the front door as the room was in immaculate condition.  But before departing the room, Kimberly embraced her husband to give him a Happy Birthday kiss, whispering ‘Pack one of your ‘thingies’ from the box so we can really celebrate your birthday when we go our walk in this island paradise!’

After a tasty lunch featuring many fruits native to the island that they had never tasted before, they walked hand in hand along the paved walkway that would lead them down to a rather secluded beach and fish preservation area that was owned by the resort.  Having earlier gone through the brochures on the resort and seeing that the walkway was nicely paved along the entire path, with the pathway to the beach a rather short one, they wanted to check it out first and see the blue ocean since they had the entire week on the island.  In Kimberly’s mind, if it was just too crowded with tourists like them and no where for some intimate privacy, then it would be back to the hotel room for hubby’s surprise birthday treat.

Thirty yards down the pathway that began to narrow from the overhanging vegetation, the unsuspecting couple walked hand in hand and often times kissing as the walked, not realizing that they were being spied upon by unseen eyes from a tree in a distance.  Soon, the hidden eyes were hidden in the brush on both sides of the path.  The gang of modern day pirates had arrived the other day, anchoring off in a nearby bay not accessible to the tourists at the resort, trekked through the brush and vegetation to lay in wait for a lovely young unsuspecting beauty to come their way.  And they knew very well that any lovely beauty at the plush resort would not be there all alone but be in the company of her punk husband or boyfriend, whom they figured would be easy to overpower, especially when outnumbered 8 to 1.  The eight of them, all big black horny studs, had been laying in wait for over an hour and a half.  Over a dozen couples had been on the very same pathway, but all had been given a pass as the woman was not to their liking, all either: too old, too fat, or just plain ugly!

This band of modern day pirates were a total different breed of men, though looting and pillaging were a standard practice for them, they were after one kind of booty in particular ……………………young and pretty female bootie!  And once they laid their eyes on beautiful Mrs. Kimberly Baker, there were no verbal nor hand communications between the men, for they all were getting hardons in viewing the succulent blonde beauty approach them.  Jamal, who was in charge of this island’s expedition, licked his lips in seeing the blonde bitch as she neared him while wearing a white blouse, beige skirt, and open-toed slip on heels.  ‘What beautiful legs, feet and toes this blonde beauty is blessed with!’ thought Jamal as his foot fetish had him sporting a rock hard boner.

A blissful moment while walking hand-in-hand with her husband, embracing for a passionate kiss as she wished him “Happy Birthday, honey!” when suddenly everything erupted right around them.  A moment later, with a large black hand clamped tightly over her mouth and other hands grasping her arms tightly, Kimberly found herself begin dragged backwards into the cover of the thick vegetation.  Eyes wide in disbelief, she observed four other black men carrying her husband’s limp body as they followed the men who had her captive.  ‘My God, we’ve been kidnapped by these vile men!’ she realized.  ‘What do they want of us?’ she asked, but her petite body shuddered in revulsion for deep down she knew what the wanted ……………..her!

Several hundred yards away, far from the paved and traveled path of the plush resort, Kimberly trembled in fear as she sat on the ground with her back pressed up against a large tree trunk while some of the black men were in the process of tying John’s limp hands behind his back.  This appeared to be the men’s camp or hideaway as there was a large canvass top stretched out above them, with the sides and corners secured to nearby trees by thick ropes.  Trembling nervously and swallowing deeply, Kimberly was frozen with fear as one of the men pushed John over roughly.  Then she managed to find her voice and pleaded “Don’t hurt him, please!  Please don’t hurt him!”  Kimberly backed up against the tree trunk as one of the vile men smiled and walked towards her, and leaning down he advised that “Well, my purty one, we’s won’t be hurting yer white boy hubby no more ………………………….if’n ya’s be ‘nice’ to Jamal here and his good buddies!”

Kimberly felt her stomach turn as she wanted to be sick right then and there.  Just the tone of how he had used the word ‘nice’ had her fearing the worst, knowing it wasn’t to be serving drinks to the men like a cocktail waitress would be do in going around to each of them from time to time.  In seeing the lust filled faces on each of the men, Kimberly shuddered at the dreaded possibilities that lay ahead.  Sucking in a gasp, she cringed and drew her leg up when the black bastard ran his large calloused hand over her right leg, hearing him chuckle out “Ooooh, so soft and creamy!  Very sexy legs you have, my purty one!  Jamal jist loves to touch soft purty white legs like yers!  Ya’ll like me more than my friends …………cause they only like to git between a purty lady’s sexy white legs …………………and they only likes to ‘FUCK’ purty ladies like ya!’

Sniffling and blinking back the tears at this point, for having herd that, there was now no hope of these men just robbing them of their valuables and leaving them alone.  “Oh, please, no ……………………pleaseeeeeeeee!” Kimberly whimpered out as the demented Jamal was again running his hand up over her ankle, calf and knee to caress her soft inner thigh.  Then he was running his hand back on down her leg till he got to her ankle.  With her barefoot planted flat on the ground, Kimberly fell back against the tree trunk as the bastard pulled her foot off the ground and towards him.

To Kimberly’s horror, the bastard placed the sole of her foot right atop the bulge in his camouflage khaki’s and forced her foot to slide up and down over now the pulsating lump.  “Hey, hey ………………..our man Jamal is getting his foot fetish taken care of by the little lady!” one of the other men pointed out, causing the another to yell out “Go on, Jamal ……………………give us a show, my man …………………..let’s see ya git yerself a foot-job from the beautiful blonde bitch ……………………….let’s see ya cream all over her purty little footsies!”  Kimberly saw Jamal turn towards the evil gang members cheering him on, then saw the demented look of lust on his face when he turned back towards her.

Kimberly trembled as the demented Jamal circled and wrapped his upper left arm around her ankles, thereby holding her captive with her back against the large tree trunk and her legs up in the air.  Her eyes bulged upon observing the bastard using his fingers to pull down the zipper of his pants, then the fingers of his left hand held the opening to one side while he reached into his pants with his right hand.  ‘Oh, my Goddddddddd!’ Kimberly shuddered as the bastard whipped out his filthy black penis, then he was once again grasping her ankles with both his hands.  “Ohhhhh, Godddddddddddd!” she shuddered loudly in disgust, curling her toes in revulsion as the bastard was rubbing his leaking hardon upon her bare soles.

Frightened out of her wits, Kimberly found that she was literally caught between a rock and a hard place, shuddering in revulsion as the black bastard forced her foot to rub over his bulging hardon.  From the background, the guy going through her purse and wallet yelled out “Driver's license says the purty lady giving ya a footjob is Mrs. Kimberly Baker!  Purty lady’s 25 years old and here visiting from Richmond!”  Then another of their captors was yelling out that “Driver's license in the punk's wallet identifies him as
John Baker!  So, the purty bitch is here with her hubby!”
“Hey, guys, hubby’s coming around!” a male’s voice shouted out.  “Hey, hubby ……………look over there …………….lookit yer purty wife giving Jamal a foot-job!” another guy commented from the background, making Kimberly aware that her husband had regained consciousness and was now witnessing her horrid dilemma.  Kimberly squirmed and struggled against her captor but his grip on each ankle made it impossible for her to escape his hold.  Then she heard Jamal say, in a low voice that was only audible to her, that “I’s gonna take my hands away and ya’s gonna gimme a nice little footjob while hubby’s watches OR if’n ya don’t, hubby’s gonna git to watch something ya probably don’t want him to see …………………that being ya sucking my black dick off instead!”

For John Baker, his head was pounding like mad as he blinked his eyes to figure out where in the hell he was.  Looking up and about him, observing all the big black men surrounding him, John’s heart sank as he realized that he’d been ‘kidnapped’.  ‘Kimberly?  Where’s Kimberly?’ his mind raced.  “Hey, hubby, yer missing on out!  Lookit yer purty wife over there!” one of his captors advised, stepping over to kneel down next to him and then pointing out in which direction he should be looking.  Turning to look at where the guy was pointing at, John gasped at the sight – that of his beautiful wife leaning with her back against a tree trunk with her legs raised up towards a big black buck who stood there with his hands on his hips.

From where he sat upon the ground, having missed the action up until this point, it appeared to John that his supposedly innocent young wife was willingly using her pretty feet and pedicure toes to play and tease the black bastard’s big stiff boner that was jutting straight out of the opening of his trousers.   ‘My, God, I don’t believe she’s doing such a foul thing to please the black bastard!’ John thought in pure disbelief, especially upon seeing that Kimberly was now weighting the bastard’s black balls with the top of her toes of her right foot while teasing the tip of his bloated cockhead with the bottom of her toes of her left foot.

What John did not know, not having heard Kimberly’s tormentor telling her that “Either ya git me off with yer purty little feet or ya’s gonna use yer purty pink lips to suck me off with!”  For frightened Kimberly, the thought of what Jamal had threatened to do had her scared shitless as such a horrid sex act forced upon her was just to awful to contemplate.  She had heard girls in her sorority talk and giggle about it, but such a foul sexual act seemed just so perverted and disgusting to Kimberly that she swore to herself back then that she would never perform such a degrading just to please a man, any man.  And to save herself of having to suffer such degradation in front of her husband’s watching eyes, the alternative of using her feet to please the black bastard certainly seemed the lesser of the two evils.

Eyes wide to take it all in, cock now twitching with excitement as he looked on, John watched as the big muscular bastard was sawing his monstrous black cock over the soft pink soles of his beautiful wife.  ‘My God, if Kimberly doesn’t stop, the bastard will soon be coming all over her!’ he thought.  Then, seen his wife’s trim left heel touching the bastard’s scrotum, John noted that the lengthy cock was a good 5” longer than his wife’s foot, getting him to calculate that ‘His cock’s gotta be over a ‘foot’ long!  At least a good twelve inches, I mean!’  Then, in sizing up the bastard’s black balls, John swallowed nervously in realizing just how much gooey cum must be stored up in them.

“Oh, yeah, sweetie!  Ah, yeah ……………………ahhhh, God …………………..ohhhh, that feels so fuck’n goooddddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhhh, I swear, yer giving Jamal the best footjob ever!”  Jamal exclaimed with excitement as he was indeed getting a fantastic thrill from the innocent young wife as he sliced over her soft pink soles while her stunned hubby looked on.  Looking down at the cringing beauty, Jamal whispered softly so that only she could hear him, telling her that “Oh, Mrs. Baker …………….I’s jist gonna love creaming all over yer purty little feet!  But, if’n ya don’t want me to and pull yer purty feet away …………………….I’s gladly shoot cum all over yer purty face and hair!”

Arms and elbows on the ground, her back pressed up against the tree trunk, Kimberly realized that there was no escaping her getting soiled in filth when Jamal’s demented lust unleashed itself.  Shuddering in disgust, Kimberly did not want the bastard to do his ‘thing’ on her feet, yet it would certainly be even more devastating to have his filthy scum come showering down upon her.  Thus, Kimberly knew that this was certainly the lesser of two evils in which she had to do, even if it was disgusting and degrading to do it.  She just hoped that she’d manage to cap the bastard’s filth with her foot and preventing it from cascading down onto her, shuddering in revulsion at the thought of the bastard ejaculation hitting her in the face.

As John and the captors nearby looked on at erotic scene being provided by his wife her tormentor, he heard some of the captors chuckling and throwing out wisecracks, the likes of:  “Sure glad Jamal’s gonna cream the bitch’s feet!  Last time I followed him in nailing a bitch, that really was what you call ‘sloppy’ seconds!  Never seen a guy cum as much as he does in one time!”  “Yeah, remember that bitch that had called him names when we’s got her in Montongi Bay, he went and jerked off right in her face!  Damn, that was a fuck’n sight!  He turned that beautiful bitch’s face into one fuck’n sloppy mess!”  “Yeah, and remember that brunette that he had fun with in the jungle, he got himself off in her hair and it looked like the bitch had her entire head covered in shampoo!”

“Ohhhhhh ………………….oohhhhhh …………………..oh, yeah ……………..oh, yeah ……………..that’s it, Mrs. Baker ………………….keep rubbing my dong ………….oh, God, I’m gonna cum soon …………………………real soon, baby!” they heard Jamal moan with pleasure as he sawed faster and faster up against Kimberly’s soft pink soles.  “Oh ………………ohhhhhhh ………………..rub it ……………….rub it ……………oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” they heard Jamal cried out ecstatically.

Then they all got to observe Jamal’s cock lurch once, then again, followed by a geyser spurting out of it to web all of Kimberly toes on her right foot.  And as Kimberly desperately moved her left foot to help block the spurting cock from spewing its slimy semen onto her face and hair, they heard Jamal chuckle as he glued all her pretty toes together with his sticky goo.  Now, with Jamal was holding Kimberly by her ankles, using her cupped soles to capture all the spunk that he kept shooting out of his churning balls.  “Ohhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhh!” the bastard panted as his spewing spunk began to cease in strength.

And when Jamal looked over towards his audience, he singled John out and snickered out that “John Baker, yer purty blonde wifey jist went and gave me the best footjob I’s ever did have!”  It was then that John yelled out instinctively “You’re a pervert!  A fucking faggot!”  Seeing the look of anger come over Jamal’s face, John trembled in nervousness and not regretted having yelled out like that.  Then John knew that he was in dire trouble when an angry Jamal yelled out to his gang members “Ya heard what that punk whiteboy she’s married to call me?  Calls me a fuck’n faggot!  Bring him on over here!  And bring that machete too …………………….cause I’m gonna make him the real faggot ………… chopping off that little pecker of his!  And his fuck’n balls to go along with it to boot!”

With two burly guys grabbing him and dragging him reluctantly over to where Jamal stood over Kimberly, John broke out in a cold sweat at what the bastard had just threatened to do to him.  And then another one of them drew out a large machete from its canvas casing, causing John to fear for his life ………..and manhood!  Including the handle, the length of the sharp glistening weapon must have been 20” long, with the width being 4” at its widest point.  “No, please …………….I didn’t mean it …………………….I didn’t mean it ………………….I’m sorry …………………….I’m sorry!” John stammered out, fearing that his manhood was definitely in jeopardy.

Jamal had no intention of maiming the whiteboy, for he and his buddies had discussed such incidents arising beforehand and the last thing they wanted was for such a maiming to be reported to the authorities.  They just wanted to scare these punk whiteboys shitless.  So, in having told his buddies to bring the punk over after being called a ‘faggot’, it was just to instill fear into the now whimpering whiteboy to see him beg and cry.  Seeing how scared shitless the punk was as he began to shake, Jamal wanted to laugh aloud as he told his buddies to “Pull down his pants and jockeys!  One whack with that machete oughta make purty boy a real ‘faggot’, huh!”

“No, please ……………..please no ……………….no ………………I beg you …………..please, I’m sorry ……………….I’m sorry!” John whimpered out pleadingly with tears in his eyes.  Then one of the guys holding him advised “Ahhhh, Jamal ………………maybe ya oughta give him a break ……………………………….I think Johnny Boy here just went and pissed in his pants!”  Indeed, in feeling the wetness of the pants against his thigh, John looked down and the evidence did confirm that he went and did it in his pants.  Then John heard Jamal respond with “Yeah, I’s guess I’s give hubby a break here …………….if’n he does what I’s tell him!  Otherwise, ‘he’ is soon gonna be a ‘she’!”

“Anything ……………….I’ll do anything you want!  Please ……………please ……..let me prove it to you!  Just tell me what you want!” the guys heard the scared hubby beg to Jamal.  They all held back the urge to chuckle and laugh as Jamal told hubby “Now ya come on over here …………….walk on yer fuck’n knees …………………so ya can git a good view of yer wife’s purty feet ………………….all covered with my cum!”  They watched in anticipation as the whiteboy quickly obeyed, obviously afraid of antagonizing Jamal for fear of him carrying out the threat made.  Then the entire gang busted out laughing when Jamal brought down the wife’s feet that he held and wiped her cum-covered soles onto his face.

“Now suck it, hubby!  Lick it all up!  Lick all my gooey cum off yer wife’s purty feet if’n ya don’t want me to take the machete to ya!”  John heard Jamal instruct of him.  He heard the laughter from the men around him, felt so humiliated at having to lick the black bastard’s cum off Kimberly’s feet, but it was certainly better than the alternative that he faced if he didn’t lick up all the bastard’s gooey cum.  “Put her toes in yer mouth!  Lick’em clean!  Git all that spunk between her purty toes!” John heard Jamal order of him.  Opening his mouth wide, he took in all the toes of her left foot into his mouth and proceeded to use his tongue to lick between the crevices.

Five minutes later, after having performed the same demeaning task of lick the cum off his wife’s right foot while hearing all the comments and snickering from the gallery, John was bent over and  had his head in the middle of the large ferns off to his left.  “Ugghh ………..arrrraaack …………………arrrrrrrrrccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!” John barfed as his stomach rebelled from the slimy goo that he had lapped up off his wife’s soles and toes.  Finally, just about having puked his guts out, he heard Kimberly cry out “No ……….no …………………stop ………………..stoppppppppppppp!”  Quivering as he vomited out into the ferns, John then heard a ripping sound, followed by Kimberly screaming out “No ………………..don’tttttttttttttt!”

Managing to lift his head up and look towards where Kimberly lay, John observed one of the guys holding her torn white blouse in one hand and another of their captors was pulling the beige skirt from her kicking feet.  He watched as his beautiful wife lay squirming about on the ground as another guy reached down to grasp the center of her lacy white bra, then the bastard gave a yank and came away with the flimsy garment.  Kimberly had her knees tight together and turned off to the side as another of the bastards was grabbing at the hem of her panties, but seconds later that bastard had the pair of lacy white panties up to his face and inhaling the sweet fragrance from them.

With two of the men standing guard over him, one wielding the menacing machete and the other with a baseball bat, John could only watch as four men each grabbed one of Kimberly’s arm or leg to spread-eagle her upon the ground.  Then it was Jamal who spoke up saying “Remember the rules here, guys!  Each guy gits ten minutes only!  That’ll keep any of ya pussy eaters pricks from monopolizing this blonde sweetie here!  And the guy who gits the purty bitch to cum the quickest in that ten minute time gits the honor fer the next big event ………………fuck’n the beautiful bitch!  Okay, Leroy, ya got first digs of eating out the bitch!”

At this point, all the men had stripped off all their clothing and were stroking their hardons in anticipation.  A beaming Leroy then looked over at John and licked his lips to taunt him, then knelt down between Kimberly’s withering legs.  “No ………… ……………….no!” Kimberly cried out as the black bastard knelt down and began rubbing his ebony face in her golden muff.  Then Leroy lifted his head up to exclaim “Now this is one clean little beaver!  Prime tender white meat!  Pure eating stuff, man!”  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kimberly wailed out as she experienced being eaten out for the very first time in her life.

 “Seven minutes and twenty-eight seconds for Leroy!” Jamal announced at the second that Kimberly’s petite body froze and then began to shudder uncontrollably.  “Tyrone, yer up next!  Gotta beat the seven minutes and twenty-eight seconds to eating the bitch to an orgasm!” came Jamal’s announcement.  And so on and on it went, till Jamal had another of his buddy’s do the timing so that he himself could get his chance of winning the prize of being #1 in line for when it came to raping Kimberly.  And after each of them had gotten a chance to eat out his wife’s snatch, Jamal loudly announced “And the winner is …………Rashad!  Took him only 4 minutes and 50 seconds to eat the bitch to an orgasm!”

With his chest puffed out and beaming a wide smile on his face, it was obviously Rashad who had just stepped forward to acknowledge his accomplishment that won him the big prize.  Then Rashad turned to look at him, giving John a chill down his spine as the bastard told him  “Hey, purty boy, I ain’t got no foot fetish like Jamal!  Me ……………..I’s jist like some tight pussy around my dick!  But, in seeing how purty a whiteboy ya are …………….Rashad here is willing to forego yer purty wife’s tight little pussy …………………if’n ya’s suck me off, faggot!  And I’s sure that I’s can git all my buddies to go along with me, though maybe not willingly, and substitute gitting sucked off by a purty boy like ya instead of us raping yer beautiful wifey there!”

John looked up at him, swallowing nervously as a buck naked Rashad was fisting his swollen black boner, one that was just a little thinner in diameter from Jamal’s but however a bit longer than the twelve incher of his buddy’s.  From the corner of his eye, John made out his wife’s horrified face as Rashad fisted his lengthy boner, able to tell that her gaze had shifted from the fisted boner over onto him.  He realized that Kimberly was looking to see if he would in fact do to the ‘unthinkable’ and save her from being raped by the black bastard and his buddies.  Swallowing deeply again as he shuddered in revulsion, John was faced with doing something absolutely horrid and unthinkable or allowing his beautiful wife to suffer the consequences of being viciously raped if he refused.

Rashad was sure glad that he had sized up hubby correctly for he certainly would not have lived down the snickering and belittling of his manhood by his gang buddies if the punk whiteboy had knelt before him and gammed him.  Turning to the frightened beauty, making a show by slowly fisting his black boner, he taunted her with “Looks like yer prince charming over there would rather see his purty wife ‘raped and ruined’ than saving ya by sucking my’s cock off, sweetie!”  As her pretty blue eyes were focused on his flaring cockhead, the frightened look on her face was just priceless as she then sobbed out “John ……………….John, don’t let him rape me ……………..please, don’t let him rape me!  Do what he wants ……………….do what he wants ……………pleaseeeeeeeeeee ………………………save meeeeeeeeeeeee ………………….Johhhnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Blinking back the tears that welled up in his eyes, John could only bend his head in shame with chin on his chest as he just couldn’t bring himself to suck off Rashad’s big black dick.  Instead, he merely sat there on the ground, refusing to watch as the muscular black body now hovered menacingly over his wife’s spread-eagled body, shaft in hand and rubbing his bloated manhood up against her tight slit.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………….stopppppp …………………stop …………………….it’s too biggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” he heard Kimberly’s painful shriek.  Then came a masculine groan from the bastard atop of her, exclaiming “Oh, sweetie ……..oh, yeah ……………….yer so fuck’n tight!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, bitch!”

From the corner of his eye, John could not help but to take a peek at the arousing sight of the big black male avidly seeking to breed the white sexy body of his beautiful young wife.  It took several minutes for the raping bastard to finally get every long inch of his monstrous cock up into Kimberly’s tight slit as she continued to whimper out in pain.  Then to add insult to injury, the bastard raping his wife yelled out “Hey, Johnny Boy, thanks fer not taking me up on the offer!  Yer sweet little honey here is way more to my liking!  Damn, she’s got a tight little twat!  But I’s stretched her out real good fer ya!  Yeah, plowed her good ……………she’s got all thirteen solid inches of cock stuffed up in her pussy since ya refused to suck my dick, heh, heh, heh!”

Then, from the movement atop of Kimberly’s petite white body, the big black stud began humping up and down upon her with his massive black dong slicing in and out of her raped slit.  Unable to resist the temptation, John had raised his head up to watch the rape scene that had his cock at rock hard status.  Then John observed the toes on both feet begin to curl, for evidently Kimberly was trying not to derive any sort of pleasure from bastard’s cock that was now humping in out of her twat at jackhammer speed.  Soon, even jackhammer speed was to be eclipsed as suddenly the bastard Rashad arched up roaring “Cumming …………………….cumming ……………………..cummingggggg  ………………………..gonna knock ya up good, bitch!  Ahhhh ………………ahhhhh ……………….argggggggghhhhhhhhh!”

Seeing the bastard’s glistening black cock finally withdrawing itself from Kimberly’s raped body, John’s head dropped back down in despair.  He shivered at the recollection of having seen the glob of slimy goo oozing out of his wife’s widened hole once the still bloated cockhead plopped out of her.  Then he heard Jamal’s voice again, now advising “Okay, Amos gits second dibs at this sweet little honey!”  As a big tall overweight brute of a man stepped forward while wanking at his growing black cock, John surmised that he was Amos as the guy knelt down between Kimberly’s sexy white legs.  ‘Jeez, he’s going to crush her if he puts his full weight on her!  He must be 350 lbs. at the least!’ John thought as he watched the big bastard thrust into his sobbing wife.

Ten minutes later, when the big brute stood up wheezing after having emptied his vile lust in Kimberly’s ravaged body, John then heard Jamal’s voice once again as he advised “Tyrone ……………yer up!”  Once Tyrone got up in the saddle and riding Kimberly good, John observed the men holding her down in the spread eagle position all release their hold and backed away from the area.  Minutes later, as Tyrone continued his raping of  Kimberly, John’s jaw dropped as he observed his wife’s trim white arms rise and her hands moving up upon the bulging biceps of the black bastard.  Then he observed Kimberly’s sexy white legs cross over the black ass of her rapist.

Next it was Leroy’s turn and John watched as his wife embraced her new rapist once he got his big long schlong up into her widely stretched cunny.  Then it dawned upon him that his wife was no longer sobbing, that Kimberly was now mewling …………from apparent pleasure from the fucking she was receiving.  “Ohh ……………ohhhh …………..ohhh  …………………mmmmmmh!” he heard her mewl out.  Once the bastard groaned and emptied his lust in Kimberly body, John wondered who would be the next in line.  Then he heard Jamal’s voice announce that “It’s half time, guys!  Time fer a short break and some refreshments …………..especially for Johnny Boy there!”  ‘Refreshments?  What’s going on?  What are they planning on doing next?’ John wondered in nervousness.

As the gang had discussed among themselves beforehand, two of them quickly moved to secure hubby’s arms to keep him pinned there.  At the same time, two others were lifting Kimberly up under her arms and legs, holding her in a cradle position but tilted a bit backwards.  Then they were carrying the petite beauty over to where hubby was being held.  “Refreshment time, hubby!  All yers!  Ya gonna git to eat all that nigger cum out of yer wife’s hot little pussy!” Jamal announced.  With one guy yanking hubby’s head back by the hair, his wife was then tilted forward and cum began pouring out of her raped slit right into hubby’s open mouth.  As hubby was forced to eat out his wife’s messy snatch, to the laughter and delight of his captors, Kimberly was clenching her thigh muscles together to squeeze out as much of the goo as possible and make him eat it all.

With the serving of refreshment over at half-time, the second half commenced as the others wanted equal game time.  As John watched the playing of the second half, it appeared that Kimberly was now getting into the game as she panted out to the guy fucking her to “Fuck me …………………fuck me ……………fuck me, you bastard ………………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  And in seeing the way she was clutching onto the bastard, the way in way she arched up to meet his thrusts, John could only watch in awe.   Seeing his wife look in his direction, John observed the despising look that had on her face, then she closed her eyes as spurred her fucker and panted “Do it ……… it …………….shoot it in me ……………………..I hope you knock me up with your little black bastard!”

Game finally over, after the other four guys got to fuck Kimberly’s brains out, it was then time for the post-game celebration as the guys popped open several bottles of champagne that they had kept stored in a cooler.  And now Kimberly was partaking in the celebration as she held a bottle up to her lips and guzzled down a big swallow.  But for John, his drink in the post game celebration was the special brew concocted ……………in his wife’s hot pussy!  More bottles of champagne were popped open, with Kimberly having her own to guzzle and party with the bastards.  Head down in despair, John sensed that his wife was totally pissed with him not having saved her earlier and was doing all she could to get back at him.

Kimberly was indeed pissed off, so pissed that she was livid at her fucking wimp ass of a husband.  ‘I’m going to pay the bastard back!  If we get out of here alive, I’m going to make him miserable for the rest of his fucking life!’ Kimberly swore to herself as she took another large gulp from the large champagne bottle.  Although she was normally not much of a drinker, guzzling down the champagne seemed a cure all at the moment.  But now, after drinking far more alcohol than she would normally consume, Kimberly was in dire need of going to the bathroom.  As she was sitting on the lap of the guy named Nigel, Kimberly wrapped the fingers of her left hand around his pecker, then put her right arm around his neck to whisper her need to go to the bathroom.

From his sitting position, it had not gone past John’s attention that his wife was squeezing the bastard’s cock while encircling her arm around the neck of the guy named Nigel.  Then he heard the fellow Nigel tell his buddy on the other side of Kimberly “Little lady’s gotta take a pee!  Help me get her up!”  John watched as the two men maneuvered his wife about, apparently not willing to let her go into the bushes alone to relieve herself.  Instead, the men had Kimberly up in the cradle position once again ………….and again headed directly towards him!  Then to John’s surprise, Nigel asked of Kimberly “This where ya wanted to pee, sweetie!”  Looking up at his wife, John saw a snicker of a smile on her face as she responded with ‘Yes!’, then he flinched back upon getting hit right in the face with her hot golden shower.

The agony continued on for the next few days, making John wonder as to what other degrading horrors lay in store for both he and his beautiful wife.  Closing his eyes, John’s mind went back what occurred after his wife pissed all over him, the sight of Kimberly kneeling naked a few feet in front of him as she proceeded to blow one guy after another.  For an amateur, a female never having had a cock in her mouth before, Kimberly had showed him what he was missing all this time.  ‘It had to be because she’s pissed with me!” he figured, for otherwise his once innocent wife would certainly have refused to perform such a degrading act.  His wife being pissed at him was certainly not hard for anyone else to figure, especially after letting each guy blow his first wad into her mouth, then uncorking the black cock in her mouth and turning it in away from her and aiming it   …………………right at him!

Shuddering at the thought of what had occurred afterwards, John felt his cock shriveled at the recollection.  After the bastards had Kimberly blow each of them, John had his pants pulled on down and was promised getting his first blowjob from his now professional cocksucker of a wife.  ‘Promises …………promises!’ as they say, but for John the promise of a fantastic blowjob by Kimberly’s pink lips around his cock had not lasted for very long.  The feel of his wife’s lips around his cock had been ecstatic for John, that is until the bastard named Leroy got down behind Kimberly and rammed his stiff cock up into her cherry white ass without any warning.  A cold shiver coursed throughout his body as the pain from Kimberly grounding her teeth down into his penis still hurt like hell.

But for John, the worst it all had occurred on the last night, before their captors disappeared into the brush to wherever they had their boat anchored to make their getaway.  Held down on all fours by the bastards, John had not seen what was taking place right behind of him, but whatever it was it caused Kimberly to giggle.  ‘My God, the damn bitch!’ he cussed, shuddering at the recollection of the agonizing pain that had shot throughout his entire body.  But then, could he blame her for being pissed at him and wanting to get even.  Still, he thought that ‘She didn’t have to go and ram that dildo, that they strapped on her, up my ass the way she did!”

John and Kimberly did spend some time at the plush resort, that last night of their planned stay anyway, but just to shower and sleep after managing to make it back where they had been held captive.  With his wife not having spoken a word to him, John had to wonder just where their marriage would go from this point on.  ‘Will she file for divorce once we get back?’ he wondered.  ‘Should I?’ he asked of himself, wondering if they could ever be happy living with each other from here on out.  John knew that he still loved Kimberly but had to wonder if she still loved him.  Deep down, he knew that she’d be pissed with him for some time if not forever, especially in view of the fact that he could possibly have prevented her being brutally raped by the black bastards.

After arriving back home, John did everything that he could to please Kimberly in hopes that she would soon forgive him.  Making or buying dinner for them each night, washing the dishes and even the laundry, he basically waited on her hand and foot.  But the love and affection that he previously enjoyed from his lovely wife had turned cold and nonexistent, though he couldn’t blame Kimberly, knowing that he had failed to save her.  It was six weeks after getting back that John observed a rectangular white plastic item on the counter, right next to the toothpaste.  Puzzled as he looked at it, John then observed the box it had come out of in the trashcan.  Pulling out the box from the trash, John discovered that it was a home pregnancy test and the gadget in his hand read ‘positive’.

The last time for love making between them had taken place before they left on the trip, with him using a condom for protection.  Although the father of the baby couldn’t be identified, it was quite apparent that one of their captors was responsible for knocking her up, and that Kimberly was carrying a little black bastard in her tummy.  Knowing of his wife’s religious upbringing and strong disbelief in abortions, other than in pregnancies through rape or incest, John felt that his wife would do the right thing and abort the fetus due to the manner in which it was conceived.

But as another two months went by and Kimberly’s belly began to swell noticeably, John began fearing the worst in that she would carry the baby to full term.  On that next Saturday, upon getting back late in the afternoon from his round of golf, John was puzzled to see a painting van parked off to the side on the driveway.  Entering the house, he found two painters doing the finishing touches to the guest room.  “Oh, you must be Mr. Baker!” greeted one of the men.  Nodding in the affirmative, the man then asked “Your beautiful wife wanted ‘baby blue’ for the little boy you two are expecting!  Look good to you, Mr. Baker?”  Stunned at the news, John could only nod ‘yes’ in response.

Painters gone, John then discovered that his wife had not only hired the painters without consulting him but had also cut them a check to cover the bill plus added in a hundred dollar tip.  It now became obvious that Kimberly was expecting a baby boy, planning not only to give birth to him, but the newly painted room meant that they would also be raising the baby and not putting him out for adoption.  ‘Is divorce an option?’ he wondered.  ‘But then she’ll go after all our assets!  And it’ll all come out that I could have prevented her being raped but didn’t do what was asked of me to spare her from the eight bastards …………………….that she wouldn’t have ended up pregnant by one of the bastards!’ he surmised.

Months later, on another Saturday, John wondered to himself ‘How do I explain Kimberly having given birth to a black baby?  Say that she had been raped and that we both decided against an abortion and raise the baby ourselves?  Will people we know ask more questions about it?  What else do I need to get prepared for?’  At home caring for little Tyson, the name that Kimberly had chosen for the baby, John looked at the time and hoped that his wife would come home soon to give him a break in caring for the little one.  Looking at the baby’s features, John wondered as to who the baby’s father was.  ‘Which of the eight bastard’s is Tyson’s father?’ he wondered.

An hour later, John got an answer to the last question he had been pondering when Kimberly arrived home from the Women’s Club luncheon.  Hearing the garage door open and close, John then heard the door that connected the garage to the kitchen being opened.  “Hi, honey, I’m home!’ he heard Kimberly call out to him in a sweet voice, such that he had not heard ever since making that trip to Caruba.  He saw her appear through the opening to the kitchen wearing the nice yellow dress and white heels that she had worn to the luncheon while in the bedroom, then he turned to pick up little Tyson as he began to fuss.

John was taken by surprise to see Kimberly coming into the den smiling widely but with her hair a bit disheveled and using the back of her hand to wipe some red smudges from her upper lip.  Then, upon hearing more footsteps, John turned towards the doorway to see two men in the house ………………two big black men!  In that very same sweet voice, Kimberly advised him “Honey, my car had a flat and these two men came to my rescue and fixed it for me!  I just wanted to show them my gratitude by inviting them over for dinner tonight!  John, I want you to meet Leon and Terrell!”  After his wife picked up little Tyson to give him a hug, Kimberly leaned over to give him a kiss on the lips, the very first kiss since the day they had arrived on the island.  Then his wife advised “Honey, can you get them a drink while I change Tyson’s diaper!”

“Man, this is sure some nice digs!” the fellow named Terrell advised after being handed a drink.  That’s when Kimberly handed the baby over to her husband and advised “He’s all changed!  He’ll be alright in the carrier while you get the dinner ready, hon!  Use the steaks in the frig that we had on the agenda for tomorrow!  We can pick up more in the morning!  And there’s a bag of mixed vegetables in bottom bin!  While you’re getting dinner started, I’ll give these kind gentlemen a tour of the house!”  Then, as John headed off to the kitchen, Kimberly led her two guests upstairs for a tour of the house.

As he began seasoning the steaks, a shiver coursed through John’s body upon hearing ‘Thump!’ ‘Thump!’ ‘Thump!’ sounds coming from above.  The layout of the two story house had the master bedroom located immediately above the kitchen area.  Listening carefully, John surmised that it had to be the headboard that was thumping up against the bedroom wall.  He looked up at the ceiling, trying to imagine and picture as to what was now taking place upstairs in the master bedroom.  Then John did not have to use his imagination any longer, for the intercom connecting the master bedroom to the kitchen was turned on and left so.  “Lemme in on the action!  Turn her on over, Terrell!  Git her to sit and ride on yer dick!  Then I'll bend her over and give it to her up her purty white ass!” he heard over the intercom.

An hour later, with little Tyson fast asleep, John wondered as to when he should put the steaks on the grill.  Then he heard Kimberly’s voice over the intercom advise “Honey, can you bring Leon and Terrell another drink!  Bring me a glass of white wine too, please!  Just the three drinks …………..because I have a special ‘half-time’ refreshment for you!”  John swallowed as his body quivered with nervousness, wondering just what his wife meant by that remark.  Going upstairs with the drinks on a tray, he was like a waiter going from one naked black bastard to the other in serving them their drinks.  As Kimberly took her glass of wine from him with one hand, she used her other to pat the bed and advise “Take your clothes off and lie down here so you can have your refreshment, honey!”

After stripping naked like the rest them, John on his back in the middle of the bed where his wife had indicated, waiting in anticipation o the treat he had been promised.  He then observed his wife, with glass of wine in her left hand and using the fingers of her right hand to cover her slit, moving from her sitting position to get up and straddle him just above his chest.  “Now open your mouth wide, honey!  Taste the appetizers that Terrell and Leon were so kind as to brew up especially for you!” he wife advised.  Obeying, he then felt his wife’s trim fingers move away, allowing the flow of cum to ooze out of her well fucked cunny directly into his open mouth.

This was the most that his beautiful wife had spoken to him since returning from that trip to Caruba, and only now referring to him as ‘honey’ since that ill fated vacation.  It appeared that she enjoyed humiliating him in front of her guests as she rubbed her matted pubic hair about his face.  This certainly brought memories Caruba when he was made to eat out Kimberly’s golden snatch when filled with hot cum deposited there by some big black studs.  So to did the chuckling and snickering made by the men in the room, with one commenting “Lookit!  Hubby’s sporting a mean hardon while he eats out some hot nigga cum!”  With Kimberly apparently hearing that comment, John felt her trim fingers encircle his hardon, then felt her jacking him off even more cum oozed out of her twat and onto his lapping tongue.

End of Story.