Victim's Violated Vacation
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Returning home that afternoon to an empty house, Richard Knolton sat down with a cold can of pop, wishing that he could have afforded to take more time off from his job as well as serving as pastor for the community church on Sundays.  Rich wished that he could have accompanied his beautiful wife Nell and ten year old son Tom on the boat trip to Antigua with his in-laws.  But, in ten days, he’d be flying on in to join them for a week.  So meanwhile, he’d be fending for himself, tending to the business and church matters.

With his father-in-law recently retired and a rather wealthy fellow at that, the luxury cabin cruiser he owned was just something to behold.  Driving his wife and son to the dock for the trip, spending an hour on the boat with them before departure time, Rich found that this was really going to be a very leisure and luxury cruise for all of them.  He had thought it might be a bit of a rough going with only his father-in-law, a man in his mid-sixties, at the helm and having to do all the work. But to Rich’s surprise, his father-in-law introduced him to the crew that would be assisting throughout the cruise.  “What a deal, Rich my boy!  Found out at the yacht club they were on their way to an atoll twenty miles out of Antigua and worked out a deal with them that’s really only costing me food for two additional people on the trip over!  So, I can relax with the family throughout the cruise!” Rich was advised as his father-in-law proceeded to introduce him to the two crewmembers.

With much of the major items already loaded onboard, he and Nell managed some time alone on the beach together, holding hands like young lovers.  Looking at the picture he had taken of her on the beach, Rich had to admit that he was one lucky fellow to have such a beautiful and loving wife.  ‘Why am I drinking this shitty can of pop?’ Rich asked himself, getting up to walk over to the kitchen sink and empty the contests of the sweet carbonated drink.   Going to the cupboard for where they stored some ‘sprits’ for guests, he poured a good amount of scotch over the cup of ice that he had in his hand, thinking ‘At least I don’t have to pretend being a goody-goody little asshole for the next ten days!’  Rich always tried to be the ‘goody-goody asshole’ that he referred himself to be, at least while in front of his family and community throughout the last nine years of living there.

Well-respected in the community, elevated even higher as the community looked at him as the pastor of the church, Rich certainly had a lot to live up to, each and every fucking day.  Rich felt like he was a powder keg ready to blow at any second, but somehow managed to keep everything bottled up inside and having everyone think that he was the ‘man’ of composure.  Even his lovely wife Nell of ten years had no inkling of his perverse and deviant nature, believing that he went to his office at the church a couple nights each week to work on his Sunday sermon, but he was really tuned onto porn flicks he put into the VCR at his office.

Turning on his digital camera, Rich looked at the first shot he had taken, that of his lovely wife as she sat on the beach with him earlier that day.  Closing his eyes, Rich pictured his lovely 32 year old wife in her light blue blouse and white shorts as she and Tom waved goodbye to him as the boat headed out to sea.  Had he not known her real age, Rich had to admit that his lovely wife didn’t appear to have aged a day beyond her 25th birthday.  ‘So beautiful!  I’m so lucky to have such a lovely and faithful wife like Nell!  Gosh, still so naïve and innocent in this day and age!’ he told himself.  Swallowing deeply, his heart began thumping wildly in his chest, telling himself that he was letting his imagination run away from him.

As to whether it was really his imagination or not, Rich swore that it wasn’t.  ‘Maybe it’s a fantasy that I’m dreaming up!’ he told himself.  Imagination or not, Rich swore his eyes had not been conjuring a fantasy, that he was not the only one looking at Nell’s beautiful body as the boat left the dock.  That deckhand he had been introduced to, the fellow named Jamal had been smiling widely at him from the upper deck, then Rich swore that the bastard’s head and eyes turned to where Nell was standing and began to run his tongue over his lips as if getting ready for a feast.

With that thought going through his mind, Rich began sporting a boner that wanted to break out of its confining jockeys.  ‘Is it going to happen over the next ten days?  Will he be able to seduce Nell on the boat?  Would she want his big sweaty black body sliding up over her, allowing him to slide his black cock into her innocent body?  Or will he want to take her by force, pin her down to the deck of the boat, force her to spread her beautiful trim legs and rape her?’ he wondered.  Then, looking at the digital camera and going to the last shot taken, Rich sucked in his breath.  It was a picture of his wife and son waving at him, but in the backgroud it showed the deckhand looking toward Nell with his hand grabbing his bulging crotch, making it quite clear as to his intentions.

On board the ‘Damsel in Distress’ at that very moment, Jamal’s big brown eyes were focused upon that lovely damsel that had changed out of her blouse, shorts and tennis shoes to don a skimpy pink and orange bikini.  As she lay stretched out upon a towel to catch some sun, Jamal carried a glass of ice tea over to the succulent young beauty.  Jamal thought back to the departure from the dock, knowing that her white boy husband had seen him eyeing up his beautiful wife, he had deliberately licked his lips to signal his vile intentions and the foolish punk had no way to stop him.  ‘The pretty white lady shall soon be the ‘Damsel in Distress’ onboard this boat when Jamal slides his black bone up into her tight little pussy!’ he promised himself.

The woman in her fifties catching a ride home was called Mama Josie, short for her real name of Josephine, was serving as the cook on board to take that chore away from Nell’s mom so she too could relax on this trip.  Mama Josie seemed very likable and friendly, always willing to please, and a very good cook.  But deep down, Mama Josie was a deceitful bitch, always looking for a way to exploit a situation where it might bring her some much needed cash or jewelry.

A week later, having arrived and dropped anchor in the calm lagoon of Manugua Atoll twenty miles out from Antigua, Nell was glad to see an outrigger come out to transport Jamal over to the island.  ‘God, at least now I can take a sunbath once again without having his eyes glued to my body!  I swear he stripped me naked each time I tried to take in some sun during the trip!’ Nell shuddered.  Then her thought went to the effect her petite body obviously had on the black deckhand who made no attempt to hide the growing bulge under his shorts.

Mama Josie had volunteered to remain onboard overnight, cook for them dinner as well as breakfast the next morning, before playing tour guide to show them about the atoll.  “It’s also quite a walk to my home on the other side of the island and it’ll be much easier for me tomorrow!” Mama Josie had advised.  And besides, they had a few days to relax before needing to be in Antigua to pick Nell’s husband up when his flight arrived, and it would be a great experience for all of them to explore a more native environment that was not turned touristy.

With the cool tropical breeze that night and water perfectly calm in the lagoon, Nell decided to sleep under the stars for a change once she got her son off to bed.  Taking her pillow and just a light blanket to the front deck, she placed one of the lounge chair cushions onto the deck of the bow to serve as a soft mattress for her.  ‘Oh, this is so wonderful!  If only Richard was here with us!’ she thought, hoping that the next few days would fly on by and they’d be picking her husband up in Antigua.

Everyone below deck had gone to bed and just nightlights were on below deck.  Mesmerized by the full moon and the multitude of sparkling stars, Nell began to doze as the boat gently rocked her to sleep.  Now with only her parents, son, and Mama Josie onboard, Nell did not have to worry about her dress attire.  Figuring that she’d be up at the crack of dawn and back down in the cabin to change, she could sleep in just ex-large tee shirt over a pair of panties.

But a half hour later, small ripples in the water were nearing the boat.  Ripples that were being created by a swimmer in the water, those created by Jamal as he swam back to the boat.  As he approached the bow and anchor line, Jamal had spotted the silky golden hair reflecting the bright moonlight.  He smiled, knowing that the lovely young wife and mother was sleeping on the front deck this evening.  Making his way to the back of the boat, he quietly boarded it, then slowly made his way forward.

Shifting slightly, thinking it was a beetle that had touched her arm, Nell was suddenly startled awake by a large hand being clamped tightly over her mouth.  Absolute fear and terror coursed throughout her entire body, frozen and pinned to the deck by the heavy body upon her.  Having automatically drawn her hands up in self-defense, they were now in the grasp of the man’s much large one and her arms were drawn up over her head.  The dark outline of a man above her was could be seen from the bright moonlight in the background but the facial features could not me made out.

“You have been driving me absolutely crazy this past week, Mrs. Knolton!  I swam all the way back here to tell you how beautiful you are!  If you scream when I take my hand away, I’m going to gut whoever comes up here, just like all the fish we caught this past week!” Nell was told, recognizing the voice of her assailant.  And having seen him gut the many fish caught on the trip, Nell knew how handy Jamal was with a knife and feared he was indeed capable to carry out his horrid threat.

“Please ……………… that you’ve told me ………………..please leave!” she said softly, afraid of her voice being heard below and drawing anyone’s attention.  But feeling the calloused hand caress her bare thigh, Nell feared the absolute worst as Jamal’s fingers were moving up under her ex-large nightshirt.  “Please …………………please don’t do this to me …………………..please!” she sobbed out quietly, fearing his threat to the others below deck.  Shirt pulled up, baring her waist and then her breasts, Nell shivered as thick wet lips clamped down upon her left breast.

Afraid of harm coming to her parents and her son, Nell wept quietly as her nipple instinctively hardened from the unwanted stimulation.  Tears filled her eyes as her assailant moved to capture her other breast and used his thick tongue to tease her right nipple and quickly bringing it stiffly to attention also.  Trying to press her hips down into the mattress, Nell found the battle being lost as her panties were pulled from under her and being pushed down over her thighs.

“Lift your sexy legs so I can get your panties off, Mrs. Knolton!” she was ordered.  Afraid of the consequences, Nell raised and drew back her left leg first, then her right as her panties were peeled off.  Then she felt a portion of the garment’s waistband as her assailant pulled his head back some to put the crotch of her panties up to his face.  “Okay, honey!  Now spread’em for Jamal!  Spread those sexy legs that you’ve been teasing me with all week!” she was advised.

Knowing what would happen next if she didn’t obey as ordered, Nell just could not allow herself to be raped.  Rape in any manner was horror enough, but having a black man put his filthy penis into her vagina was absolutely terrifying, with Nell wondering ‘What will Richard think of me?  Will he even want to touch me again?  Will he be willing to make love to me ……………..knowing a black man had his filthy ‘thing’ in me?’

“C’mon, spread’em!  Spread those sexy white legs for Jamal, Mrs. Knolton?  Or should Jamal take his knife downstairs into the cabin, starting with the first cabin on the port side?” she was asked.  Then Nell recalled her father telling her that first day “First door on the port side is for you and Tom!”  The bedroom that she shared with her son was where her assailant threatened to go first if she didn’t comply.

Reluctantly, Nell forced herself to slowly part her trembling legs, then sniffled as tears poured from her eyes upon the feel of Jamal’s thick manhood being pressed up against her sex slit.  “No, please ………………….please ………………………I …………….I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!” she whimpered.  Clenching her teeth as well as her eyes, Nell tried to block everything out, praying that her rapist wouldn’t hurt her and more so that she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of responding in any manner.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnn!” she groaned through gritted teeth as a penis far thicker than her husband’s began forcing itself up into her.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she whimpered as Jamal grasped her hips tightly and shoved himself further into her, so much deeper than her husband had ever penetrated her.  Instinctively, her cunny squeezed upon the intruding cudgel, causing more tears to flow as Nell shuddered in shame.

With her rapist slicing in and out of her raped slit, Nell couldn’t help herself as her legs betrayed her will as she clutched at his wide black hips with her thighs.  “Nnnnn ……..nnnnn ……………nnnnn!” she moaned in unison with each slicing motion up into her now juicing cunt.  ‘No, no, I’m being taken against my will!  This is being forced upon me!’ she told herself in trying to excuse the way in which her uncooperative body was responding.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” she uttered through clenched teeth as her body shuddered uncontrollably in a mind-shattering orgasm that sent her skyrocketing off into outer space.  But Nell found herself quickly plunging back down to earth upon realizing that her rapidly thrusting rapist was about to spew his filthy black seed deep into her fertile womb.  Trying to wiggle out from under him, trying desperately to dislodge him as he withdrew on the backstroke, Nell wept as she failed as the bastard buried himself fully and began to spurt his out his vile seed.

An hour later, feeling a blanket being wrapped around her body, Nell heard the soothing voice of Mama Josie “Honey!  Babydoll, what happened?  Who did this to you?”  “Jamal!  Jamal came back, swam to the boat and came back onboard …………….to …………… …………….oh, Josie, he raped me!”  “That no good son-of-a-bitch!  I’ll take you to the chief tomorrow and tell him what happen!  That bastard will be castrated!” she was told by Mama Josie.

“No, no, I …………..I don’t want anyone else to know that I was violated ………….a rape victim!  I don’t want my parents, my husband, to find out!  Mama Josie, I need to douche!  Do you have a bottle with you?  I didn’t pack any since my husband has been using condoms when the timing isn’t right!  I need to get myself clean!” Nell advised.  But to her dismay, Mama Josie advised that she had no such cleansing solution available but she would return with something that would be just as good.

A devious bitch at heart, Mama Josie went down into the cabin, chuckled as she got a bottle of hot chili pepper water from her bag.  Back up on deck, she got a bucket and bent over the backside of the boat to fetch a pail of salt water.  Pouring a good dosage of the hot sauce into the pail, she then sloshed it around with her hand before returning forward.  “Here my pretty one, this is what we do on the island since there’s no fancy bottles to buy from the store!”

Mama Josie wanted to laugh at the scene taking place at the bow.  Having the lovely raped beauty swing her legs over the side and handing her an empty plastic bottle, Mama Josie advised her to insert the mouth out the bottle filled with the special salt water solution to douche out the rapist’s scum.  That so called remedy used by the native women given to her was just a concoction Mama Josie had just dreamt up.  ‘In a few minutes, the innocent little bitch will be squirming on the deck with her pussy on fire!’ she chuckled.

Wrapped up in her blanket, Nell shivered in the cool night air with her pussy in flames, reassured by Mama Josie that the burning sensation was exactly what should be taking place as it indicated the native remedy was killing all the millions of little nasty buggars that Jamal had swimming deep in her womb.  Nell prayed that the solution worked for it would be absolutely disastrous for her to have been impregnated by her black rapist.  With her husband having even preached against abortions, with Nell taking part in anti-abortion marches, how could she even consider such an option should the horrible consequence of such a vile mating occur.

For Mama Josie, mean and deviant streak that detested anyone so innocent and naïve as this young wife was temporarily sated in seeing the sweet little bitch grimacing from her burning cunt.  She had to laugh at the effect the beautiful little bitch had on the likes of Jamal throughout the trip.  And Mama Josie looked at the innocent bitch as her source of a windfall to be bestowed upon her very soon.  Already Mama Josie had scored a bit, pocketing the cash received in her role of flashing the light towards the shore to let Jamal know that his prey was asleep and to guide him to the boat by flashing the light periodically from the rear of the boat.

Besides getting payment from Jamal for her role in the rape onboard the boat, Mama Josie had enjoyed the scene on deck of the young blonde beauty being taken forcibly by the horny Jamal.  But her biggest reward would soon be coming to her, that of reaping heaps of gold jewelry and gems that should she be given if she was able to get this innocent young thing into the clutches of the island’s local shaman named Mama Wanda.  She cared not one iota as to what degrading humiliation lay ahead for the blonde beauty, in fact she smiled at the thought of the innocent bitch being turned into a slut for black cock.

Arriving at the airport as scheduled, Rich got in a cab and instructed the driver to take him to the small boat harbor.  Surprised to have his lovely wife with teary eyes fling her arms around him to hug him dearly, Rich sensed that something was terribly amiss.  But with his son waiting his turn to greet him, Rich broke the embrace to hug his son.  With Nell wiping her teary eyes, he wondered what could have caused his wife to become so distressed.  But as the plans called for them to head off to a calm bay on the other side of the island, they’d have to discuss things a bit later.

After dinner that night, once Tom and Nell’s parents went to bed, Rich felt his wife clutching his hand tightly as the rested against the slanted front glass windshield between the cabin and upper deck.  “What’s the matter, honey?” Rich asked, feeling his wife’s fingers clutch him even tighter.  He heard Nell sniffle first as her head bent in shame as she then stammered out “That night we anchored in the bay of Manugua Atoll, the deckhand Jamal departed when an outrigger came and took him to shore!  So, I ………………..I thought it would be nice and safe if I slept on deck as the weather was nice and cool!”

“But …………….after I fell asleep, he came back!  Jamal swam back to the boat and he …………….. attacked me on the deck!  I ………….I couldn’t do anything!  I couldn’t resist!  He ……………he threatened to kill anyone coming up from below if I screamed and they came to my rescue!” his wife sobbed out.  And then she continued “But, I didn’t respond, honey …………………I didn’t respond to him …………….I promise you, honey!” But in the way she sobbingly blurted that aspect out, Rich suspected otherwise.

Arm around his wife’s trim shoulders, Rich pulled his lovely wife to him and embraced her sobbing figure, trying to comfort her with “You did the right thing, honey!  You couldn’t risk him hurting your parents or Tom!  You did the right thing!”  His heart racing, Rich felt his cock growing with excitement in knowing that the black deckhand that had eyed up Nell before him on the departure had actually taken her against her will ………….raped her, just as he had fantasized!

Afraid to ask for details of her rape, but Rich eagerly wanted the excitement of hearing the juicy details, yet he could not let on to Nell that such details would be turning him on rather than merely fact-finding to help console her agony.  Then Rich figured a way that would help in camouflaging his true intentions for asking.  “Honey, you need to get it off your chest  …………………maybe it’ll be good for you to just get it off your mind ……………to say it all once and ease your mind!” Rich advised.

After a long moment of silence, then Nell stammered out “I ……………..I used the lounge chair’s cushion for my mattress!”  Pointing out to the front deck, she continued “I laid it out there!  I had my pillow and a light blanket with me!  With the deckhand gone, I was dressed in the large shirt just like at home!”  “I was in shock when I suddenly awoke with his hand clamped tightly over my mouth!  Then came the threats if I screamed and anyone came to my aid!  He …………….he pushed my shirt up, then pulled my panties down!” she added.

With Nell sniffling once again and clutching tightly at his arm, Rich was eager to hear more as evidenced by his rising cock that tented his shorts.  Finally he got more of the thrilling details as Nell shuddered before continuing on with “He told me that if I didn’t spread my legs for him that he would take his knife and head down into the cabin, specially starting with the cabin I shared with Tommy!  I ……………..I had to do what he wanted, honey!  I couldn’t let him go and hurt Tommy!”

“And then he …………………..he raped me, had sex with me!  But I swear to you ……………I didn’t respond to him!  Not at all!  I gritted my teeth and let it happen, forced myself to just lay there, and let him have his way with me in hopes that he would leave and not hurt anyone else!” Rich was told as his now rockhard cock was aching for relief.  “It’ll be okay, Nell!  You’re alive and you saved everyone!  I love you, Nell!  That will never change!” Rich advised his distraught wife.

That night, having taken over the cabin vacated by the cook, once his wife fell asleep, Rich slipped out of bed and made his way back up upon the deck.  Going to the front of the boat, to where his wife had pointed out the spot where she had slept, Rich leaned against the protective metal bars as he closed his eyes and pictured the black bastard who had ogled Nell right as he looked on from the dock.  And his ebony complexion was dark as midnight on a moonless night out.  In picturing the thick ebony cock being forced up into his wife flawless milk-white body, Rich pulled out his cock and began wanking off over the side.

The next afternoon, with Nell’s parents relaxing in the sun, Rich saw his wife busy updating her diary as she liked to do for as long as he knew her.  He had never read it as Nell always put it in her private drawer at home in her desk and Rich respected her privacy as she did to him.  But now, Rich hoped to read what was contained in it, knowing that there was a good chance for more details than what had been provided to him last night.

Then Tommy had coming running to them saying that he had just seen several turtles and wanted to go snorkeling.  With Rich saying that he wasn’t quite up for snorkeling, he then asked “Nell, you’re better in the water than I am, how about you?”  With his wife telling Tommy that she’d go and get a swimsuit and the snorkeling gear, Rich looked as Nell proceeded down to the cabin with her diary in hand.

Waving as Nell and Tommy headed off to where the turtles were, Rich then made his way down into their cabin, locking the door as a precaution.  Looking about for Nell’s large handbag, he looked in to see the diary placed in there.  Anxiously looking for the past week’s entry, he started with the date of departure, where Nell had entered ‘The deckhand Jamal gives me the shivers!  When I was sunbathing on the deck, it felt as if he was stripping the bikini right off my body!’


On day two, it was noted ‘It felt as if Jamal was starring at me the entire day, especially when I was sunbathing!’  ‘It was quite obvious that he was aroused for the bulge in his shorts was nearly bursting at the seams!’ was the note for day three.  On day four, it was noted ‘Same like the first three days!  And he’s not making any attempt to hide his arousal!’  Day five noted ‘Is that myth about black men really true?’  Day six noted ‘From that bulge today, I think that myth really is true!’  Day seven stated ‘Thank goodness he’s gone!  What a relief it was to see the outrigger taking him off to the island!’

Then beneath that was a heavy line going up and down to separate that last entry.  It had the word ‘AWFUL!’ printed boldly beneath the line.  Then Rich read the account of the rape as his wife had relayed to him the night before.  All was as she had indicated as to how she willed herself not to respond.  But then, facts that weren’t told to him advised ‘I tried so desperately not to respond but my body would not obey!  Instead, my legs instinctively raised up when he was having sex with me and my inner thighs began clutching at this thrusting hips!’

‘I tried!  I tried so desperately not to respond!  But his penis was so long and thick, slicing in and out of me without end!  My body responded against my will, squeezing and milking at his big ‘thing’!  Never before!  Never before have I experienced such a sensation, as if I was soaring into outer space and then all the stars were bursting about me!’ it read.  Then another paragraph started off ‘Awful!  So awful!  He did his thing in me, finished in me!  What was I to do?  I didn’t bring any douche and there aren’t any stores out here!’

Turning the page, there was more, much more!  Rich’s eyes widened and cock hardened at what he now read ‘I prayed Jamal would leave the boat once he had satisfied himself upon my body!  But he wouldn’t go ……….until he had more!  It was so awful, so disgraceful to do such a vile thing that he was demanding of me!  But what could I do?  He would hurt my son, my parents, if I didn’t do what he wanted to please him!  I feel sick right now just thinking about it all, how awful it was to take his filthy penis into my mouth!’

‘My, God!  He made her suck him!’ Rich realized excitedly.  Anxiously reading more, Rich excitedly found ‘He made me kneel there on the cushion, pushing himself into my mouth, entwining his thick fingers into my hair!  How humiliating!  He was actually having sex with my mouth!  God, how horrid!  How can any man want to degrade a woman in forcing her to perform such a sickening and degrading act?’

It continued on with ‘And when he was about to do his thing, he pulled my head back by the hair and began to pull his ‘thing’ out of my mouth!  I thought and prayed that he would take it out of my mouth entirely!  But he stopped, keeping the fat tip in ……………….then began spewing his slimy filth into my mouth!  The tip was so fat that none of the filth could escape from around it!  There wasn’t anywhere for the filth to go!  I choked upon the slimy goo, then had to swallow it all or choke to death on it!  So much, just so much of it!  So horrible!  It was just so horrible and so despicable!’

Turning the page, Rich read on as his wife describe the aftermath ‘Thank goodness for Mama Josie’s help in comforting me!  But the native remedy to prevent pregnancy was far too strong for my unaccustomed body as it certainly burned, especially when urinating, even hours after taking it!  I pray that it served to quell any chance of my getting pregnant, especially after having to endure that terrible burning throughout the next day!’

And the diary continued on with ‘With our religious beliefs and with Richard being a pastor, I could not see going with Mama Josie to see the native spiritual healer in the village!  Though I strongly hesitated in going to the native spiritual healer or doctor that Mama Josie recommended, I was desperate and glad that she insisted I go with her the next day!  With Mama Josie taking me to Mama Wanda’s hut in the village, inhaling the strong incense that filled the hut seemed to ease my mind as well as the burning sensations in my vagina!’

Rich read on with the diary ‘Given a sweet liqueur type of drink, I immediately felt a comforting warmth spreading throughout my entire body as Mama Josie explained my problem to this native healer!  It kind of reminded me of those movies of ancient worship and even a bit of some voodoo type practices in the way Mama Wanda began chanting and shaping these rag dolls!  But what harm could it be as the incense and drink did serve to put me greatly at ease!’

‘And it then seemed as if Mama Wanda’s loud chanting began to slowly fade and my mind and body was just floating there!  I do recall her saying that the native remedy was obviously too potent for my first time using it if it caused the continued burning sensation that I had been feeling for so many hours!  Then she was saying that a body massage was needed to ease my tension and a liquid balm need be applied to quell the burning sensation!’ the diary went on.

It further read ‘I can’t believe how amazing that ninety minute session turned out to be!  I don’t remember much of it, just the chanting followed by a fantastic body massage and then it was like I was a totally new woman when it was over!  Hearing the faint chants of Mama Wanda, the wonderful massage of my shoulders, down to my back, then my hips was so soothing!  I wonder what was used to all the soothing balm?  Once the session was over, there was no more of the burning sensation and the creamy balm had me feeling good once again!’

Hearing some loud voices from the aft deck, Rich realized that his wife and son were heading back towards the boat and would be onboard soon.  He quickly closed the diary and returned it back to where he obtained it.  Unlocking the door, he then went topside to help Tommy and Nell back on board.  With Tommy climbing back on board first, Rich reached over to give his lovely wife a hand.  Goggles up on her head and snorkel out of her mouth, Rich gazed at her beautiful pink lips, his cock hardening at the thought of them being parted to admit the deckhand’s big black cock.

‘My, God, I’ve always dreamt of getting Nell to take me in her mouth!  Jeez, Jamal must have been in 7th Heaven with pleasure getting Nell to suck him!  God, how I wish I was here that night!’ Rich thought, not to spare his lovely wife of the indignity of having to perform such a vile sex act, but instead so he could be hiding in the dark and watching the horny deckhand forcing her to take his black dick into her reluctant mouth.  ‘God, and the big bastard made her eat it all!  His nuts must have pumped more than a cupful of jizz into Nell’s mouth!’ he swallowed.

As his wife stepped up onto the ladder and up onto the boat, Rich smiled as he took in her trim and sexy body attired in a conservative one piece yellow swimsuit.  ‘Hmmm, normally Nell wears a bikini when we go snorkeling!  Maybe she’s feeling guilty having sunbathed in the two piece swimsuits on the trip over, thinking that perhaps she had revealed too much skin, thus causing the lusty deckhand to swim back to the boat and rape her on the deck!’ Rich surmised as pictured her trim body struggling beneath Jamal on the bow of the deck as he forced his black cock into her.

Having to wait till Nell showered the salt residue off later, Rich then closed the cabin door to finish reading the last two entries that he had not been able to finish earlier.  That second to last entry read ‘I was quite surprised that a native healer such as Mama Wanda would refer or even know about a Christian organization!  ‘CDFB’ or Christian Devotees For Brotherhood is what Mama Wanda strongly suggests that I join upon my return home as it’s devoted for women in my situation!’

And finally there was the entry made earlier that day up on deck before Nell had gone snorkeling with Tommy, which read ‘I feel so relieved that I managed to tell Richard of my horrible ordeal last night and that he still loves me!  But I feel so guilty in not being able to fully telling him the entire truth!  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!  I don’t know if it was to spare Richard in me being degraded even more than just the rape or whether it was to spare myself further humiliation!’

Rich swallowed as he read the remainder ‘In fact, I did lie in telling Richard that I didn’t respond at all during the vile rape!  But how could I tell him that my body betrayed me and that I did respond ……………..that I climaxed like never before during the rape, just before he filled me with his vile seed!  I also omitted a part of the ordeal that night, telling him that Jamal had sex with me and leaving it at that, leaving out the oral sex portion!  So disgraceful!  There’s no way I could bring myself to tell Richard of having to please him with my mouth also!’

‘Christian Devotees For Brotherhood (CDFB)?  I’ve never heard of that organization!  In all my years as a pastor, I’ve never heard of such a group!’ Rich told himself, but there were so quite a few Christian organizations, many of which he was still unaware of.  ‘How would a native faith healer like this Mama Wanda know of such an organization, especially being located on such an isolated atoll?’ Rich wondered.

That afternoon, Rich joined his family and in-laws in taking the raft over to the island, taking in some of the tourist traps.  With Tommy interested in all the native spears and helmets, his grandparents agreed to take him on a tour of the museum containing all the native folklore while Nell went off to do some shopping at the nearby bazaar.  Having passed a Christian church along the way, Rich decided pay it a visit, to say a prayer that Nell would fully recover from her ordeal and to ask for forgiveness in having derived such pleasure from his sordid thoughts.

Arriving at the church, Rich walked on in and observed a fellow up at the front rearranging some seats.  With the fellow greeting him with a ‘Welcome’ as he passed on by in the aisle, Rich asked “Are you the pastor here?”  With an affirmative answer received in response, Rich extended his hand and introduced himself.  Offered a tour of the church by his colleague, as they walked about the grounds and exchanging ideas, Rich decided to see if “Have you heard of a Mama Wanda on an atoll about twenty miles from here?”

Seeing the cringe and frown upon Pastor Mollway’s face, it was quite apparent to Rich that the man knew something about this woman.  “Yes, yes, I have heard that name before!  A native spiritual healer, more of the local shaman, but I believe she dabbles more into the ancient art of witchcraft or voodoo!  Spells!  Omens!  Curses!  Not a person to become involved with!  Purely evil!” Rich was advised.  As to ‘CDFB’ or Christian Devotees For Brotherhood, Pastor Mollway shook his head to indicate no knowledge of such an organization.

The abbreviation of ‘CDFB’ had been firmly planted in Nell’s mind by Mama Wanda and in her conscious mind it stood for ‘Christian Devotees For Brotherhood’.  It was written in large letters several times in her diary.  But when ‘CDFB’ was mentioned to her along with its true meaning, it would then put Nell completely under the spell that had been cast upon her by the evil woman.  And such spell had been tested out upon Nell immediately after it had been cast upon her.

Not written in his wife's diary were events erased from her conscious mind as part of the spell cast upon her by Mama Wanda.  While under the spell cast upon her, from behind the dark blanket separating the other half of the hut, the dark menacing figure of Mambo the witch doctor spoke “You are a Cum Dump for Blacks, Mrs. Knolton!  ‘CDFB’ means that you are a ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’!”  “I am a Cum Dump for Blacks!  I am a Cum Dump for Blacks!” Nell mumbled in response, going into a trance and unaware of her surroundings nor as what was taking place at all.  Tall witch doctor entering the hut while Mama Josie and Mama Wanda looked on, Nell was pulled up at the elbow from the woven stool that she sat upon.

“White woman take off clothes for Mamba!” she was ordered.  Completely under the spell, Nell stepped on the heel of her right tennis shoes to get it off, then used her toes to get her left shoe off in the same manner.  Shorts unbuttoned and dropped, they now lay at her bare feet.  Panties soon following, Nell then undid the buttons to her blouse and dropped it too the ground.  Seconds later, her lacy white bra lay upon her crumpled blouse.

Stomach pushing up against a horizontal bamboo bar, arms outstretched as she grasped a parallel bar three feet beyond that, Nell shivered as large hands moved up her back to massage her tense shoulder muscles.  Arms massaged, then the large hands were at her trim hips, massaging her outer thighs, her buttocks, then to her inner thighs.  Belly massaged, then the large hands were cupping her bared breasts, massaging them and pinching and rolling her hardened nipples.

Then came the best massage of all, with every inch of her cunny being touched and rubbed!  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm …………………mmmmmmmmmmmm!” she had moaned with pleasure, not wanting it to end.  ‘Such a wonderful massage, so soothing!’ her mind told her, just as Mama Wanda told her she’d be feeling at this instant.  But the large hands massaging and caressing her breasts were those of Mamba the witchdoctor, and what was massaging her cunny was his male fuckstick that would soon be excreting the soothing balm that would end the burning sensation.

With followers of Mama Wanda spread all about the islands, along with many who had relocated to other foreign countries including America, her cult was funded by donations from her followers.  And very big donations came her way when she took care to look after her flock, that of satisfying their wicked cravings by delivering innocent victims into their evil clutches to enjoy.  And by carrier pigeon to the island of Antigua, another of her flock would learn of the white beauty’s arrival.

Rich was now worried about his wife, wondering if in fact some spell or curse had been put onto Nell by the evil woman.  ‘Ah, you know better than that!  No such things!  After all, you’re a pastor of a Christian church!  And here you’re worried about spells, curses, and voodoo!’ he shook his head.  At the bazaar where Nell had gone to shop, Rich looked about and slowly made his way on down through the many stalls.

With Nell’s blonde hair, there wouldn’t be much trouble finding his wife, especially with only a few Caucasians in the area with most of the people in the area with darker hair.  A head of blonde hair in the distance caught his attention and Rich moved on closer, getting a view of the summer dress and short black heels that Nell had dressed in since this was an area catering to tourists.  But then Rich made out that she was talking to someone standing at the end of the stall, but the view was blocked by the make shift siding in the way.

Then, a black hand could be seen extended just beyond the siding and Rich observed Nell’s trim white hand moving out from her side to the larger black one.  The black hand then disappeared, with Nell being pulled along with it and she also disappeared behind the siding, as Rich trotted over and slowed as he neared the edge of the siding.  Slowly peering around the corner, he saw his wife’s blonde hair disappearing into the tall brush up ahead, causing Rich to hustle to that spot.

Looking about frantically, unable to see his wife’s blonde hair any longer, Rich moved forward through the small walking path that had been created through the brush.  Ten yards, twenty yards, then thirty yards and still nothing as Rich began to get frantic.  Moving forward further, he then heard a male laughing heartily, chuckling “Mama Wanda has made prettee white woman a Cum Dump for Black men, heh!”  Then Rich heard his wife’s voice panting out “Yes, yes, I’m a cum dump!  Please, please, dump your black cum in me!”

Moving forward slowly, getting down onto his hands and knees as he neared the opening, Rich observed the couple sprawled out on the grassy bank below a few feet away from the nearby stream.  Rich’s eyes popped wide open at the sight before him.  There was his lovely wife lying naked on the grass, feet on the ground with legs splayed wide open, her arms outstretched to her soon-to-be lover begging “Please, please, come and dump your black cum in me!”

It was then that Rich realized ‘That woman must have put a spell or curse on Nell!  It’s obvious she no longer in control of her wits!’  Cock rigid along the leg of his shorts, Rich was indeed excited at seeing his lovely wife naked before his strange black man who was fisting the very, very big shaft jutting out from between his loins.  And her lover-to-be was keeping her in dire straights as he stood looking down at her while fisting himself, then told Nell “White lady has such beautiful legs and pretty feet!  White lady play footies with Badai’s donker, yes?”

Rich now knew the native man’s name as Badai, but he had to wonder about that big ‘donker’ the fellow was referring to.  ‘Was ‘donker’ the same a ‘cock’ in his native language?’ he wondered.  ‘Or maybe he got it as a nickname for his cock giving that it is the size of a donkey’s!’ Rich mused.  ‘Yeah, fuck her with that donkey-sized cock of yours!’ he encouraged.  Then to Rich’s amazement, he watched intently as his wife brought her widespread knees together to raise her legs up to Badai.  Soft white soles now wrapped around the donkey-sized cock, Rich saw his wife lower her arms and hands went to cup her swollen titties, thumbs flicking at her hardened pinkies.

Then, as 6’4” Badai shuddered and nearly popped his load while fucking her soft pink soles, the fellow pulled her legs apart by the ankles to preserve his rigid hardon.  Legs spread wide as the anxious man gazed down at her exposed slit, both husband and wife now were anticipating the horny bastard to spear forward with his rigid lance.  But instead, he was easing himself backwards, to finally fall forward to bury his face into her golden fleece.  Rich sucked in his breath at the sight, while his beautiful wife did the very same as the open mouth clamped over her sex with the man’s tongue snaking into her juicing slit.

‘Oh, my God, he’s eating her!’ Rich realized, wishing that he himself had the nerve to do the very same thing to his lovely wife.  With the fellow releasing his grip on Nell’s ankles, Rich watch as his wife closed her thighs around Badai’s head, her feet coming to rest flat on his back.  Then, with Nell’s hands leaving her breasts to wrap her fingers in the man’s curly black hair, her heels lifted some as his wife pressed down with her toes to arch up into the slurping mouth.  “Yes, oh yessssssssssss ……………………eat me Balai ………………….eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!” came the desperate pleas.

Moments later, seeing his lovely wife’s body convulsing uncontrollably as she let out a wailing “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”, Rich then saw her body go totally limp in signaling her mind-shattering orgasm.  Now with limp legs being lifted up once again and ankles placed on Balai's thick shoulders, Rich watched with envy as the black stud shucked his lengthy black meat and place it right at Nell’s sex.  Rich was amazed at how easily the thick bulb slipped into his wife’s twat, then realized that the prior rape by he deckhand had obviously stretched her out.

With the thick cock becoming a part of her, Rich watched as the previously limp body of his wife’s limp body responded immediately, with her trim arms and hands clutching at her lover, her toes curling from the fuck pleasure.  “Ahhh, white lady so soft and beautiful!  Balai must thank Mama Wanda much for sending him is first white lady!” Rich heard the fellow joyously pant out as his black ass humped in and out of the slushy slit.  “Shlurk ………………shlurk ……………..shlurk ……………..shlurk!” sounds could be heard emanating from the lovers’ union.

Like rutting animals, the pair went at it with wild abandon as Rich looked on in astonishment, hearing his innocent wife exclaim “Fuck me!  Fuck me with your big black donker!  Fuck me, Balai!”  For over ten minutes, the fucking continued, till finally the two mating lovers were convulsing as they embraced each other tightly to one another.  With his wife’s limp body splayed out wife once again, Rich watched as the still lengthy fuckstick eased out of her well-fucked hole.

Then he watched as Balai went to his clothing to obtain a conched shell from a pouch, held it up and blew into it several times to sound out his triumphant conquest.  Seconds later, similar responding sounds could be heard from every direction as Rich looked about and wondered what was happening.  Rich was glad that he had gotten off the trail and was hidden off in the brush as footsteps could be heard running down the path.  Then native men were coming out of the brush from every direction, all gathering around Balai and his conquest.  Rich heard Balai boast to his friends “A gift to me sent by Mama Wanda!  She has made prettee white lady a ‘Cum Dump for Black’ men and Balai wishes to share his gift with you!”

Mentally counting the number of native men invited by Balai, Rich counted fourteen of the fellows, all of whom were now getting out of their clothing.  Other than the shriek of pain emitted by his wife upon being sodomized for the first time, it sure appeared to Rich that Nell was thoroughly enjoying being a ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’ as she took on five men at a time.  Sitting upon one native with his cock up her cunny, another man buggering her ass, Nell was mouthing the man before her while using each hand to fist two others.

An hour and a half later, with the native men disappearing up various paths into the brush, Rich remained watching as his well-fucked and cummed upon wife waded into the knee deep stream.  As she squatted in the cool water, Rich watched as she scooped up handfuls of water to wash away the dried white flakes as well as the still slimy goo that covered her body.  Then with her knees spread wide, he watched as Nell used her fingers to scoop out the nasty semen that clogged her cunny.

Ten minutes after his wife had dressed and departed, Rich made his way back to the bazaar area.  Seeing his lovely wife looking so fresh and radiant, he called out to her and waved.  Approaching her, Rich advised “I had a great visit and tour of the local church, honey!  Met the pastor there and we exchanged various ideas as to growing our respective congregations!  Have you been enjoying yourself, Nell?”  With his wife expressing how enjoyable a time she was having, showing him some souvenirs she had picked up, Rich wondered just how his once innocent and naïve wife could act so normal after all that he had witnessed for himself.

Two weeks later, after having returned home for a few days, the phone rang at the Knolton’s home.  By coincidence, Richard picked up the phone in the study at the same time his wife got it in the kitchen.  Hearing Nell say ‘Hello’ first, Rich was about to hang up when a deep intriguing male voice spoke and asked “Mrs. Knolton?”  After a ‘yes’ response, the male advised “Mama Wanda gave me your name and number!  I understand you are a member of ‘CDFB’!  A Cum Dump for Blacks!  Is that correct?”

With another ‘yes’ response, Rich heard the man then ask “When and where would you like me to dump my black cum in you?”  “Friday night, at my home, when my husband goes bowling with the church league and my son is sleeping over at a friend’s!” he heard his wife tell the stranger.  Rich knew that he would have to call for a substitute to replace him on the bowling team on Friday night, plus to clean up his side of the closet in order to give him a place to hide.

End of Story.