Vile Vengeance
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  This story is written in collboration with Black Demon, who shall be providing the
initial story entitled 'Asian Cherry Popper IV', with this being a spinoff sequel to it!
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On the flight from Los Angeles to Kyoto, upon serving some tea to a Buddhist monk sitting in the back of the plane, Gwen realized that her mind must have been on her recent ordeal when she was asked by the concerned monk “Are you feeling alright, my child?  You look very disturbed!”  “Yes …………..yes ……………I’m so sorry, I’m fine!” she replied, surprised that the elderly monk spoke so fluent English.  Going to the back of the plane to compose herself and get her mind back to the job, Gwen then observed the monk get out of his seat to come back to where she was.

Gwen thanked the monk for his concern when he asked if he could be of some help to her, for he could tell that she was very troubled.  She then learned of the monk belonging to the Zuten Temple, a place that she had heard about from her grandparents, recalling them pointing out the temple on the hillside from an old photograph of the village they had come from.  Gwen advised the monk that she had heard of the Zuten Temple as her grandparents had originated from the nearby countryside.  Gwen recalled a little about it, a temple where one went to have the spirits helped cleanse one’s body and soul, as her grandparents had indicated when they lived there during the war.

It seemed as if the elderly fellow could read all her thoughts, telling Gwen that she must come to the temple so she can be relieved of the agony she was now going through, that he and his fellow monks would pray for her as well as to cure her of the dread that she was now feeling to ‘mankind’.  When that was said to her, Gwen trembled as she wondered ‘Does he know I was violated and raped?  Could he sense it?  How does he know exactly what I’m feeling?’  It was cemented when the monk advised her “Do not be hasty in your decision regarding the man you love just because a bad person caused you harm!”

Now in his eighties, ‘Sensei Moto’ indeed seemed like the kind and fatherly elder who could sense or even know what one was thinking or feeling.  Perhaps it was something that he had gained over the past sixty years while at the Zuten Temple.  Back when he was in his early twenties, taken in by the monks of the Zuten Temple, he had learned their ways and had forever been grateful for them caring for him in his time of need.  Had it not been for them, it would have been committing the act of ‘harakiri’ or be hanged for the sadistic war crimes he had committed during the war of many years ago.

With the passage of time, all the original monks of the temple passing on, now he as ‘Sensei Moto’ was the head of the temple as the hunt for old war criminals had ended over the passage of time.  Never had he forgotten his hatred for the Americans, the enemy who had blown his parents, wife, and child out of existence.  And now, it was time for Colonel Ichiro Motoyama of the Imperial Army to come out of hiding and lay waste to the Americans.  On that plane ride back from the religious conference that he had just attended, he couldn’t think of a better way to start once he had met the beautiful descendent of a turncoat who had left Japan to rear his family in America.

In view of his age and that of the soldiers of yesteryear, knowing that his enemy was now a superpower, weapons of that period in time would be basically useless.  Having many years to formulate some type of devious revenge, it had been upon seeing the beautiful Miss Gwen Nakayama on the flight that had him finalizing his devious plan.  Actually, it was not using any of the skills he had learned from the monks who had taken him in, where he had correctly sensed the troubles of the young American beauty of Japanese ancestry.  Instead, it was from his history as a war criminal, as commander of the unit that had become infamous for its pillaging, savagery, and rape!

It was from his many years of first hand experience as the infamous Col. Motoyama, that ‘Sensei Moto’ still could immediate recognize a raped and violated woman.  Just the look, the sense of helpless, along with the aura of defeat that permeated around such a woman told him of her recently degraded status or violated condition.  Indeed, it was now a sixth sense within him that he could distinguish such a condition, more so because he himself had put many a lovely beauty into such dire straits.

There had been many an occasion, after conquering a village or town, he would select the most beautiful female captive for himself.  With his men holding the woman down in front of the villagers or townspeople, if she was married, the husband would be provided a front row seat to observe him savagely raping her.  Then as Col. Motoyama, the ruthlessness that had made him infamous was that of his thanking the husband for being so hospitable as to allow him to possess his lovely wife, he made sure there would be no reprisals coming from the male spouse for he would kill the man right then.

Needless to say, to honor one of his men for bravery in a fight, Col. Motoyama would take the honor of being the one to hold the woman of his soldier’s choice that his comrade in arms could proceed to rape her.  Thus, he had many years of first hand experience of seeing a woman immediately before and after her violation, saw the change in her attitude towards life, and how demoralized she would become after being publicly raped.  When he had come into contact with the lovely Gwen Nakayama, the elderly war criminal had immediately sensed that same aura of defilement about her.  And it was then that his vile mind began to set the wheels into motion.

Upon seeing the lovely American flight attendant of Japanese ancestry, her looks and the perfect English spoken made it quite obvious as he immediately knew that the lovely Miss Gwen Nakayama had been born and raised in America.  It was just a matter of how far back her ancestors went as to making the connection of their leaving Japan to the current day.  And as for ‘Sensei Moto’, it would be an honorable revenge in sadistically ravaging their offspring in having chosen to live in the enemies’ homeland of America.  Once that was accomplished, his mind was churning out so many possibilities, for now it was time to rise as the conquerors!

With this young Asian beauty who had been born and raised in America to traitors of his homeland who had left this country, she would make the ideal instrument for ‘Sensei Moto’ to revive his desire to conquer his sworn enemies.  When the true Zuten monks had gotten too old to continue and eventually died, it had allowed Moto-san and the soldiers who had followed him into hiding to take over.  The supposedly religious sect was then under ‘Sensei Moto’s’ leadership that put on a façade, with his recruits really having sadistic and evil tendencies.  And the young recruits’ allegiance was that of following their sensei, and the elderly monks under him, to seek ultimate revenge for the loss of their ancestors of many years ago.

Through the use of an American slogan coming in a subsequent war that that he and his men learned of while in hiding, Moto-san decided to enjoy a new avenue of retribution upon the hated enemy, with ‘Make love, not war!’ being the new motto adopted.  Doing away with the bullets and bombs of war, he and his followers would instead lure the wives and women of the hated Americans, make ‘love’ to them and send them back to their American enemies with a baby in their bellies!   Through the beguiled Gwen Nakayama, Moto-san would use her to lead their enemies beautiful wives and girlfriends right to the doors of the Zuten Temple, where he and his lusty monks would be anxiously awaiting them.

All of the now elder monks other than the ‘Sensei’, were war criminals of the past in hiding with their leader, with recruits of the younger generation not religious by any means.  Once recruited, that new monk in training would not venture below the entrance to the temple for many a year.  They tilled and cultivated the mountainside of their special herbs each day and had not met a woman from America since his recruitment.  Now, the specials herbs they had grown would be put to use, and they would soon enjoy the results of their hard work.  With the lovely Gwen Nakayama’s ancestors being from the nearby village, the arriving American beauty of Japanese ancestry would indeed be a very special guest for them.

Shuttle bus dropping the crew off at the hotel, Gwen passed on joining the girls for dinner, telling them that she had an invitation to visit a special temple where her grandparents lived and wanted to take that in.  Just dropping off her suitcase and flight bag in her room, not bothering to change out of her uniform, she went outside and there was the taxi ‘Sensei Moto’ had ordered for her.  Then it was soon headed up the mountainside where the Zuten Temple was located.  As she got out of the taxi, the fatherly sensei was there to greet her “Welcome, my dear child!  Come inside!  Some hot tea is ready and will help to soothe you!  Then you must tell me your troubles so we can prepare you the proper cure!”

That hot tea was indeed very soothing, helping Gwen to relieve her inhibitions, making it seem as if she was now floating about on a cloud.  It was indeed a very special brew of tea, one containing potent herbs that were grown and cultivated on the mountainside by the monks, a tea that would ease the mind of all its troubles as well as to make the mind very pliable to that of suggestion no matter how vile with was.  And as she sipped at the soothing tea, Gwen slowly began to open up to the elderly monk who seemed so kind and understanding of the problem that lay deeply rooted within her.

Giving ‘Sensei Moto’ information of her private and personal life, her upbringing as well as details of her parents and grandparents, Gwen relayed how and when her ancestors left for America and when she had been born there.  She was then in for a surprise when the sensei inquired “Tell me what concerns you so greatly at this time, my child!  Do not be afraid, tell me all the details …………………….all the details of the rape that you suffered so recently!”  “How ………… did you know?” Gwen asked, shocked that he knew so much already.  As the monk took her hand in one of his, patting the top of her hand with the other, Gwen was told “The spirits from above ……………….your ancestors have talked to me, told me of your pain!”

With the potent tea taking effect and Gwen finishing half of the second cup that had been poured for her, she began to relay all the details of what had happened to her when accosted by the intruder into her home.  And as the elderly sensei prodded her with questions for each and every detail of her ordeal, Gwen described the muscular black man who had broken in, how she had been forced to sate the man’s evil desires while kneeling there on the closet floor.  Then she went on to her violation on her bed, the loss of her virginity, and all that had taken place in the bedroom.  Finally to being forced to cook for the man who had raped her, made to sit on his lap naked while he fondled her as he ate, then what took place on the sofa before he had finally departed.

Mind floating about at this time, completely clouded by the potent herbs she had consumed, Gwen’s hazy eyes saw someone approaching with a tray and holding it for her to take the glass sitting atop of it.  “This is a cure for you, my child!  Prepared especially for you by all the monks here at Zuten Temple, made while they prayed and chanted for you!” she heard the sensei’s voice say to her.  Then he was telling her to “Drink it, my child, drink it all!  This should have a taste that will be much to your liking, a drink that from now you will forever crave, one that you will not be able to do without for long!  And from now, on every trip here, you will honor us with a visit to this Temple and the monks will prepare more of the warm curing liquid for you!”

Gwen did as instructed by the elderly sensei, who’s voice was like that of a wise and knowing one, praying for her as well as helping to ease her troubled mind and make her wholesome once again.  Sipping from the glass, the warm liquid slid over her tongue as she swallowed once, then tilted the glass to consume even more of the curing liqueur that had a  bit of a salty taste.  A moment later, Gwen licked at her lips as the glass had been drained of the intoxicating liquid had been consumed, her belly now feeling the warmth of it.  In a cloudy daze, again licking her lips to savior the taste, Gwen heard the movement of the sensei standing up telling her that he would have more of the liqueur brought to her.

Indeed, that cocktail glass of curing elixir had been made by each monk praying and chanting with her lovely image in mind ……………….produced by each of them as they proceeded to wank themselves off into the large bowl that had been placed on the floor before them!  And from that wooden bowl was spooned out the splattering of the special hot semen mix that was put into the cocktail glass to be served their special guest.  And now would come that first stem on which for her to learn how to obtain the liquid from it that she now craved, with her teacher being none other than the fatherly ‘Sensei’ himself.

Eyes totally glazed over, not know what was taking place before her, that the kindly old monk had taken off his robe and his paunch old body was right before her. Gwen then heard the elderly sensei’s voice once again as he was guiding and telling her “Ah, my child, you have been wise to return to the homeland of your ancestors!  Your troubles that haunt you in America shall be cured here at the Zuten Temple!  Now here is more of that warm liquid that you enjoyed, more of to help cure your ills!  Open your lips, my child!  Yesssss …………….that it!”

But instead of feeling the glass pressed up to her lips, a thick rubbery substance was now between her lips and the sensei was instructing her to “Suck upon it and you shall be given that curing liquid!  That’s it, that’s it, my child!  Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss, that’s it!”  Now, feeling her head being pulled forward some so that she could take more of the thick stem into her mouth, Gwen rested her forehead upon a soft cushion.  As state of the art camcorders were rolling, the lovely Gwen Nakayama proceeded to avidly suck upon the thick stem for more of the tasty elixir, only that thick stem was jutting out from the middle of Sensei Moto’s old loins.

“Welcome back to your ancestral home, my lovely American beauty!  Yes, get more of the tasty elixir that is being made especially for you, my dear!  Yes, oh yes, from now you will always be craving the taste of this special liquid!  Ohhhhh, yessssss, that’s it my child!” ‘Sensei Moto’ wheezed as he pulled her forehead up against his overhanging belly.  “Ahhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhh!” he moaned, savoring the exquisite feel of a beautiful woman mouthing his throbbing cockstem once again, for it had been over sixty years since the last time of him having enjoyed such pleasure.

Having learned that the American she was betrothed to was a white male, it was most just and fitting retribution that the vile ‘Sensei Moto’ could ever hope for to bestow upon his enemy.  Although the young beauty was not at fault for her place of birth, the grandparents were deemed traitors for leaving their homeland to live in America, thus making all of their descendants to be deemed as traitors also in his eyes.  In his unforgiving viewpoint, this lovely American beauty of Japanese ancestry should be treated no differently and be made to suffer the consequences of the other women of the enemy whom he had conquered.

“Ahhh, yes, my child, suck it ……………suck it till it explodes in your prettee mouth!” Moto-san panted while pumping in and out of her avidly sucking lips.  Stroking her long silky brown hair, all while grossly undulating his paunch belly up against her beautiful face, Moto-san wished that that enemy American she would marry could be in this same room at that very instant to witness his lovely bride-to-be performing such a salacious act.  Fucking into her tight succulent mouth, he mused ‘Hmmm, perhaps I shall send to a special wedding gift, that of a tape of how well she enjoys sucking a an old man’s cock!’

“Ohhhhhh ……………………ohhhh, yes ………………….suck it ……………..suck it, my little one!  This will help to atone for what your disgraceful grandparents have done, taking your parents to America, and then having you borne there!” Moto-san panted out.  “Yes ………………….yes ………………….you have been brought back to your ancestral home to make atones for your ancestors traitorous actions!  And ‘Sensei Moto’ shall help to absolve your family for their behavior!” he panted, now fucking her face faster and faster.  “Ahhhhhh ………………ahhhhhh ………………yessssssssssssssss ……………………….take it all …………………absolve your family’s sinsssssssss!” he groaned while spurting out his thick seed into her sucking mouth.

Later, coming out of her stupor for just a very brief few seconds, everything was so hazy as if she was in the middle of some type of weird dream.  More of the soothing hot tea was at her lips to sip once again, then all seemed so soothing once again.  Her dream had seemed more of a nightmare, for she had been on a mattress in her flight attendant’s uniform with all the monks standing about and looking at her, only they did not have their robes on.  Then came the familiar voice of the elderly sensei telling her to lie back and get herself comfortable, hearing him tell his fellow monks to help to prepare her, and Gwen felt many hands helping to assist her in get comfortable by assisting in the removal first of her heels and her clothing soon to follow.

In her subconscious, the fatherly voice of the sensei guided and counseled her, telling her that she was a woman and that a woman was placed on this earth to please man.  “Yes, yes, that is how you please a man, my child!” she heard him say, with grunts being heard in the background as more of the curing liqueur filled her mouth once again, this time coming through a slightly thinner stem.  And even more was to come and Gwen then heard “Yes, yes, my child ….that’s it, flick your tongue over it like that and you shall be fed more of the tasty elixir once again!” Flicking the tip of her tongue rapidly over the stem that now began to throb and swell, it was the signal to Gwen that soon that salty elixir she craved would soon be coating her tongue again.

And Gwen was given counsel by the sensei that she should not tell Dwight of the ordeal she had suffered that past week, that she should marry the man she loved, that she should love him …………………and all other men!  ‘Do not worry about the baby being from the bad black man who raped you, we shall take care of that for you!  Allow the man you are about to marry make love to you when you return home, believe that it is he who has fathered your child if you learn that you are pregnant!  We shall all help you while you are here, help you to wash away all the poison that black man has put into you, replace it with some holy oil to make you better!’ she was told in her drugged and hypnotic state.

Under the influence of the potent herbs, vile and wicked suggestions were being implanted into her innocent mind by the evil sensei, telling her how wonderful and right certain thing would be and that she had to act upon them when the right time came.  Unbelievable and outright out of the question if such were relayed to Gwen while not in such a hypnotic state of mind, but with the hypnotic suggestions deeply implanted in her brain, such would unfold itself upon her return to America.  “Yes, yes, my child ……………… will make Mr. Connors very happy indeed!” she was advised.  Then after providing sensei answers to some other questions, Gwen was asked in her hypnotic state “Do you not want him to be happy?  Do you not want to make him happy, my child?  I am sure that he dreams of taking the clothes off your beautiful body and make love to you!  You would make his dreams come true by getting into bed with him!  Do you not want to please him as a man by allowing him to make love to you!” 

“Yes ……………yes, I do want to make him happy!” Gwen responded to the sensei’s question.  “Good, very good, my child!  A man often enjoys having a young beauty telling him how much she wants him to 'fuck' her, so that is what you should do upon your return to America!  Now tell me, how old is he?  How old is Mr. Connors, my child?” she was then asked.  “Sixty-five, Dwight’s father is sixty-five years old!”  “And how about Dwight’s younger brother?  He should not be left out!  A teenager you said!  And how old is he?” she was asked.  “Tim is sixteen!” she replied. "Ah, yes, I always hear about these young red-blooded American boys!  I am quite sure that young Tim would love nothing better than the opportunity to fuck a woman so beautiful as you!  And even more so if he learns that he'll be sample your charms before you marry his older brother, heh, heh, heh!"

As all the monks at the Zuten Temple were there to help her get over her ordeal, that they would make her feel like a wholesome young woman once again Gwen felt so relaxed and happy that she had come to visit the sensei an the temple for guidance.  “Here, my child, we are here to cleanse you of your violation!  In order to do so, we shall need to touch every spot that has been hurt and soiled by that bad man!  Once each spot has been touched, it shall be cleansed of his filth!” she was advised, making Gwen anxious to be cleansed completely, believing that if that would happened then the consequences of that vile mating would be neutralized.

Lying on her back, hearing the elderly sensei above her, Gwen then did what she could to get the cleansing that she desperately needed.  And she did as best she could when told to “Spread your pretty legs more, my child!  Let me get to the spots he touched and soiled!”  “Was it there?  Did he touch you there?” she was asked.  “Yes ………yes!” she panted in reply.  “Was it deeper?  Deeper than this?” came the inquiry.  “Yes ……………yes ………deeper ………deeper!” she panted out, arching up so that he could then hopefully get to touch that spot.

Hot embalming fluid helped to sooth her, even if the elderly sensei had not been able to get deep enough to fully cure her.  But she was relieved when he told her that the other Zuten monks were there and would attempt to reach every spot to cure her completely.  “Oh, yes, yes ………………deeper …………………you need to go much deeper …………………..much deeperrrrrrrrrrrr!” she panted out as another helpful monk sought desperately to cure her.  A moment later, he too apologized for not curing her fully, but then another helpful monk was already giving it his best.
“Come, my child, you need to sit up and perhaps that way you can show us how deep that bad man touched you!  Yes, okay, now put your other leg over!  Okay, slide on down!” the elder monk advised her.  Up and down Gwen moved in hopes of accomplishing what was need but the results again came up several inches short.  Then she heard a monk advise “Don’t you worry, my child, all is not lost!  Master Tomohara has just what is needed!”  Moments later, Gwen was screaming out “Yes, yes ……………….oh, yes ……………..yes, that’s it …………………….right there ……………….right there ……………….oh, my Goddddddd, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

With the young beauty sitting there, mouth partially open as she stared out blankly, Master Tomohara was unstrapping the 12” black rubber dildo that the beauty had fucked herself to a climax with.  But his 8 incher that had been within the hollow mold still was very stiff, thus he stepped up to place it at her pink lips, and Master Tomohara smiled with pleasure as he was being tongued for that hot liqueur that she now craved so much.  “Ahhh, yes, yes, swallow it all, my beautiful one!” he wheezed, holding her head tight to him as fed her what she so desperately carved and needed.

The next day, back at the hotel, Gwen tried to remember the details of her visit to the temple but everything seemed so blurry, but she recalled the kind and elderly monk that everyone bowed to and referred to as ‘Sensei Moto’ who had served her some soothing hot tea and then talked to her at length to find the appropriate elixir to cure her ails.  Knowing that ‘Sensei’ meant teacher and that all the other monks bowed to him, she had concluded that the kindly old man was their teacher, a man who had acted so fatherly in his counseling to her.

She remember being introduced to many of the monks by the ‘Sensei’, all of whom bowed continuously as the elderly monk advised them of ‘Our American child has returned to her ancestral homeland to visit the spirits of her ancestors!’  And to each of the monks, the ‘Sensei’ had told them to “As our American child is in need for our prayers to cure all that ails her, we must gather all to prepare the special mix to have her cured from what has befallen upon her just so recently!”

Licking her lips, Gwen wondered ‘What was that strange elixir made of?  It was so warm and soothing as it slid down my throat, and then I could actually feel it bubbling up in my belly!’  Closing her eyes, Gwen vaguely recalled reaching for the glass of the elixir when it had been brought to her on a tray.  She then recalled having learnt to get more of it from very thick stems, having to work at it with her lips and tongue, till finally it would give up its hot creamy balm.

With all her crew members commenting on how she looked so vibrant and radiant when she met them for dinner the next night, Gwen had to tell them of her fantastic visit to the Zuten Temple.  She told them of the special warm tea that she had been given and how soothing it had been, making her feel so relaxed and not have a care in the world.  Also, she advised them of being invited to a stay at the temple on their next layover as honorable guests of the kindly ‘Sensei Moto’.

As the bubbly Gwen told them of her fabulous experience, how it had been so relaxing as if all her troubles had been lifted from her, each of her fellow crewmembers anxiously told her to count them in on the next trip over.  With one of the gals just obtaining the flight schedule for the next month, Gwen would relay the date to Sensei Moto as to when to expect her and the other gals.  Surprised that the Zuten Temple would have a computer connection to the outside world, but she had been provided an email address by the kindly sensei.  With a hostess taking a photo of her and the gals, she would send a photo of them as the sensei had requested so the monks could pray and prepare for them in advance.

Days later, needing to maintain the skills of this modern era, Moto-san logged into his computer and saw that he had an email form the lovely beauty who had just visited the temple.  He smiled widely in seeing that she had performed well at the task given to her, that of a photo of her and the crewmembers who would be visiting the temple on their next trip over.  Moto-san passed a copy of the photo that he had printed off the computer to his followers, laughing at his men as they all crowded around it, each chuckling out some lewd gesture that had them all laughing and applauding.

Reading off the email sent by Ms. Nakayama, Moto-san advised that “The beautiful American blonde standing next to her is 28 year old Mrs. Amber Benton, a mother of a two year old boy; then the beauty with the light brown hair is 27 year old Mrs. Megan Rogers; and the lovely redhead is 25 year old Ms. Nicole Sherman who is to be married next month.  Then there was much laughter among the men, with each chuckling and adding his comment as to what he planned in defiling the American beauty of his choice.  And once under the spell from the potent herbs, Sensei Moto would have them returning to America with deeply embedded hypnotic suggestions that would surely unravel the American homestead, such as those embedded in their friend Gwen.

End of Story.