Vile Vengeance – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Vile Vengeance 1’
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Needing to maintain the skills of this modern era, Sensei Moto-san logged into his computer and saw that he had an email from Ms. Gwen Nakayama, the lovely beauty who had just visited the temple.  He smiled widely in seeing that she had performed well at the task he had given to her, that of sending a photo of the crewmembers who would be visiting the temple on their next trip over with her.  Moto-san passed a copy of the photo that he had printed off the computer to his followers, laughing at his men as they all crowded around it, each chuckling out some lewd gesture that had them all laughing and applauding.

Reading off the email sent by Ms. Nakayama, Moto-san advised that “The beautiful American blonde standing next to her is 28 year old Mrs. Amber Benton, a mother of a two year old boy; then the beauty with the light brown hair is 27 year old Mrs. Megan Rogers; and the lovely redhead is 25 year old Ms. Nicole Sherman who is to be married next month.  Then there was much laughter among the men, with each chuckling and adding his comment as to what he planned in defiling the American beauty of his choice.  For Sensei Moto-san, the beauty with the flaming redhair had his nuts churning beneath hi robe, thus he used his senior elder status in declaring that Ms. Nicole Sherman shall have the honor of having his yellow cock first.

With four lovely beauties about to visit the monastery, Sensei Moto smile as this was so much different from those days in the past when surviving the war was the ultimate priority and meeting a beautiful woman meant capturing her.  Back then there had been many an occasion, after conquering a village or town, he would select the most beautiful female captive for himself.  With his men holding the woman down in front of the villagers or townspeople, if she was married, the husband would be provided a front row seat to observe him savagely raping her.  Then known as Col. Motoyama, the ruthlessness that had made him infamous was that of his thanking the husband for being so hospitable as to allow him to possess his lovely wife, he made sure there would be no reprisals coming from the male spouse for he would kill the man right then.

Three weeks later, sitting in the jumpseat and chatting with her friend and fellow flight attendant, Megan Rogers thought it was exciting for them to have this rather unique opportunity of spending two days at the Zuten Temple that was located in the village of Gwen Nakayama’s ancestors.  Megan listened as Gwen relayed details of her invitation to visit the temple that last trip and how it had seemed such a sensation, with every nerve in her body invigorated by her stay.  “That special warm tea that I was given, it was like an elixir with the warmth of a liqueur as went it went down, so soothing and relaxing, making me not have a care in the world at that instant!” her friend relayed.

Mrs. Megan Rogers

Indeed, that hot tea had been very soothing, helping Gwen to relieve her inhibitions, making it seem as if she was now floating about on a cloud.  It was indeed a very special brew of tea, one containing potent herbs that were grown and cultivated on the mountainside by the monks, a tea that would ease the mind of all its troubles as well as to make the mind very pliable to that of suggestion no matter how vile with was.  And as she sipped at the soothing tea, Gwen slowly began to open up to the elderly monk who seemed so kind and understanding of the problem that lay deeply rooted within her.  And then she had been given a cocktail glass of what Sensei Moto had advised her of being a curing elixir.

Ms. Gwen Nakayama

Gwen recalled sipping from the glass, with the soothing warm liquid slid right over her tongue as she swallowed once, then she had tilted the glass to consume even more of the curing liqueur that had a  bit of a salty taste.  A moment later, glass drained of the intoxicating liquid, her belly felt the warmth from it.  What Gwen did not remember, wiped from her mind by a hypnotic suggestion later implanted in her mind, she had licke at her lips to savior the taste as the kind sensei was having more the elixir brought to her.  Unbeknownst to her, that special elixir had earlier been made by each monk praying and chanting with her lovely image in mind ……………….produced by each of them as they proceeded to wank themselves off into the large bowl that had been placed on the floor before them!

Leaning back and closing her eyes for a few seconds, Megan let her body have a moment of much needed relaxation.  With her husband Jim so stressed over the engineering project his firm had recently put him in charge of, he had not even been able to come to bed early and make love to her last night, one that was special as it was the most favorable in which to start their family together as they had talked about.  Her husband’s stress, coupled with the inability to coax her husband to bed, had some of that stress transferred over to Megan as she told Gwen “I’m so glad we’ve got a two day layover!  And I’m so looking forward to some of that warm special tea you mentioned as I really need to relax!”

At 27 years of age, Megan and Jim had been married just over a year, the period that they wanted to get established in their jobs before contemplating the start of their family together.  Having met Jim during her sophomore year in college, they had hit it off immediately and after just the first date, they were both in love and off the market to dating others.  Six months later, they were engaged and promised to exchange their wedding vows once they both graduated.  Though it had been hard in not being promiscuous, just allowing her handsome fiancé some minor petting, Megan had been determined to remain chaste till her wedding night and Jim Rogers would be the only man ever in her life to possess her.

Along with the other gals, Megan had been told by Gwen to dress casually on the trip up the mountainside, that wearing just jeans and casual attire would be best as they could then change in their rooms to something more elegant.  On the outside, the Zuten Temple seemed to be a work of art from many centuries ago.  But upon entering, each of the gals had their breath taken away at how gorgeous the inside was with beautiful art and decorations adoring the walls.  And the rooms that the friendly monks had showed them to, private rooms for each of them, would have put many four star hotels to shame.

Megan was certainly impressed, as she suspected all the others were too, with the queen-sized bed beautifully done and there were even chocolates on the pillow atop of the dinner menu for the evening.  ‘I’m sure glad I packed up a nice dress as Gwen had suggested!  Jeans would certainly be inappropriate!’ she thought.  As they were to meet downstairs in an hour’s time, Megan wanted to take a hot shower after that long flight and bumpy ride up the mountain.  After first unpacking her overnight bag to hang up her dress, Megan slipped out of her jeans, then her pullover before heading over into the bathroom.  Undergarments removed, she then got under the shower for a hot soothing shower.

Under the spray of the hot shower, Megan thought of her handsome husband and wished that he had not been so stressed the night before and given her the loving that she craved.  ‘Well, I guess I’ll just have to try again next month when the timing is right!’ she told herself.  Unbeknownst to Megan, at that very instant there were quite a number of men currently drooling at giving her the loving that she needed, and more so to impregnate her with his potent seed.  On a widescreen monitor mounted on the wall two levels below ground level of the temple, forty monks were mesmerized with excitement as they watched her under the hot spray shower while scrubbing herself, with each of them having a hand under his robe to pump at his growing stem wanting to give her a different type of hot shower.

“Ahhhh, such an exquisite American beauty!  Lookee, so beautiful ……………what the Americans call ‘buns’, heh!  Ohhh, I wantee rub my face in those soft white buns!  And then I will use those soft American buns to put my ‘hot dog’ in it, heh, heh!” Tanaka-san boasted to the laughter of this fellow monks.  “Mmmm, for my pleasure, I wanne feel those beautiful soft pink American lips eat my ‘hot dog’!  Yessss, that would certainly be my pleasure!  And I shall provide her all the hot mustard to eat it with, ha-ha!” Hamada-san chimed in.  “She is rather on the skinny side, but I shall fatten her up by injecting her with some powerful protein!  With my child taken from me in the war, bombed out of existence by the damned Americans, it would be my pleasure and fittingly so for this lovely young beauty to carry my child back to America with her!” Matsuo-san added.
For 25 year old Nicole Sherman, she looked for a tranquil and peaceful two day layover of her last trip to be made till a month from now.  The wedding plans had all been completed before this flight and now she needed a bit of time to unwind after all that stress.  Impressed also with how elegant and modern the interior of the temple looked, she also planned on taking a refreshing shower before donning a nice dress for dinner.  Unbuttoning the front of her pink sweater and removing it, Nicole then undid the button of her tight-fitting jeans as she began working them down her trim legs, all to the delight of the many unseen eyes spying upon her through the hidden cameras.

Ms. Nicole Sherman

“Lookee, lookee!” one of the onlooking monks exclaimed as Nicole worked the skimpy wisp of panties down to reveal her true red fleece to the unseen audience.  “Ahhh, she is truly a gift to us from the Great Buddha!  I am going to love rubbing my face in that flaming red nest of hers!” another panting male exclaimed. As the red-haired beauty on the screen stepped out of her jeans and began to undo the back of her bra, four monks in the audience quickly rushed up to the front where a large wooden bowl sat upon the floor, put there for the men to deposit their pent up lust.  “Ahhh ………….ahhh ………….ahh!  Ohhhhh, when my turn comes, I shall wrap her silky red hair around me and give her a very hot shampoo with my spunk!” another exclaimed as he along with the others proceeded to ejaculate stream after stream of their pent-up lust into the wooden bowl.

For 29 year old Amber Benton, happily married and mother of two, she truly missed her little ones and hated to be away for a two day layover.  But needing to work the flight in order to maintain the needed flight hours each month, and also not wanting to switch to another crew, Amber had decided to make the best of it in joining the other gals to visit the centuries old monastery.  Amber was also quite impressed at what she had found, being so different and modern in the interior from what she had imagined it would be.  Having gone to the bathroom and stripped off her clothing for a hot shower, Amber felt a strange chill as she looked about, feeling as if she was being watched.

Mrs. Amber Benton

Shrugging it off and dismissing such a notion, Amber shook her head in thinking ‘Of all the places for you to have such a creepy feeling!  This is a monastery, silly!  There’s no one here except the gals and the monks in solitude!’  Having had a C-section due to complications of the last childbirth, the visibility of the surgical line made it obvious that she had previously given birth.  With a diamond ring and wedding band adorning her finger, the fact that she was married and having at least one child, the watching monks were quite anxious to bed her as one of them summed it up with “Let’s send her back to the damn American she’s married to with a little slant-eyed bastard in her tummy!”

As many of the monks had held himself off to now, they had their choice of four screens depicting their guests in various stages of undress or showering, they wanked away and eventually moved up front to deposit his lumpy load into the large wooden bowl.  Finally, with over forty loads of pent-up semen harvested for their beautiful guests, each of the lovely beauties would have a cocktail glass filled to the brim with warm male semen to enjoy.  Such would be served to them after dinner when they would be shown to the special room a floor beneath the temple, a room to be described to them of being filled with incense to soothe their bodies but in actuality it was their sordid ‘opium den’.

First came a fabulous dinner with strange but very tasty ingredients, tasteful and ever so potent herbs that would create a very powerful sexual arousal by anyone consuming them, plus the warm soothing tea that Gwen had described.  Moto-san, the sensei of these evil bastards, would lead the unsuspecting beauties down to the den of depravity.  And with Moto-san assisting each woman to don a kimono over her dress, supposedly needing to bless each before entering, such a guise was used by the old bastard while briefly alone with the lovely beauty, with only that brief moment to quickly have each under his spell as her normal guard had already been put down by the potent relaxing herbs.

Each of the women inhaled the sweet aroma of the incense deeply, as had been instructed by Sensei Moto, each had their eyes closed while picturing their significant others as had been suggested hypnotically upon their entrance into this den of inequity.  Once each beauty was well under the influence of the opium fumes, coupled with the herbs consumed and hypnotic suggestions implanted by the elderly monk, a tray with four cocktail glasses was brought into the room.  As the beauties sipped at the warm soothing liqueur, each licked her lips to savor the intoxicating taste, with each one finishing her glass to the last drop before the drained glass back onto the tray.

“Put your head back and breathe deeply, my prettee one!” Moto-san’s hypnotic voice could be heard by each of the beautiful flight attendants, with the hypnotic command seemingly meant specifically for her in particular.  “Picture the handsome man in your life, the one you so dearly love, the one who’s offspring you want to bear!” they were told.  Unseen were three dark robed monks slipping between the folds of the black drapes to silent move up behind one of the beauties, with Moto-san already having chosen to stand behind the redhaired beauty while advising “Now imagine that he his now touching you ……………..stroking you …………….caressing you ……….……..making you feel so good!”

The intoxicating aroma in the room had the lovely beauties tingling as each was feeling sexually aroused from the powerful opium fumes.  And each of them shivered with excitement upon the strong hands being placed upon their shoulders and begin to massage away the tension in their petite bodies.  As each beauty began to relax, the kimono being slipped off her shoulders, she now enjoyed the feel of the strong fingers massaging the flesh of her bare shoulders as the straps of her dress had been pushed to the edge of her shoulders. And then the caressing male hands were moving down her shoulders and tracing their way down to her fingertips and back up her bare arms, making her feel so good.

Each of the beauties were now panting in heat at this point, in dire need of sexual relief as the fondling hands covering the mounds of her dress began kneading at her swollen nipples.  And as each beauty swooned while leaning back, she would visibly shiver at the feel of the hard bone-like object pressed against the back of her head or neck.  “Reach up, my dear!  Grasp and caress the man you love!  You know where he wants you to hold him!” came the hypnotic suggestion, causing each of the beauties to reach on up through the open fold of the robe behind of her, grasping the throbbing bone of flesh as it pulsated and expanded in her closed fist.

“And now my sweet one, the man you love has brought you more of that delicious elixir that you had moments ago!  Only now, he had gone out of his way to give you a fresh batch of the delicious nectar!  Yes, now turn and sample how much more delicious it is when freshly brewed for you, my lovely one!” came the hypnotic announcement.  With the beauties licking their lips for more of the tasty liquid, each turned to their man for the delicious brew.  With only Gwen Nakayama having been introduced to the art of cocksucking, something she had been taught on her prior visit to the monastery, each of the other beauties instinctively mouthed the fleshy tube to tease it into giving her more of the tasty elixir.

These other three monks were the elders of the group, the last of those remaining who had served with him during the war and under his command, all of whom had gone into hiding with him in the depths of the monastery from the ending days of the conflict. Being the leader of the group naturally afforded Moto-san with having the choice of which beauty he desired.  Moto-san eliminated lovely Gwen for now as he had sampled her charms the month before.  Nicole Sherman and Megan Rogers were also passed over, not because they weren’t beautiful enough, but because of Nicole’s red hair and Megan being a brunette.  It was because Moto-san had never before seen a lovely blonde beauty such as the beautiful Amber Benton, and thus she would his to sample first on this night.

Moto-san’s selection had been based upon his personal history, for he had sampled the pleasure of a young red haired beauty and also that of an American brunette.  It had been many, many years ago but still fresh in his memory when Moto-san had gotten sample both an American redhaired beauty as well as a lovely American brunette with light brown hair during the war on different occasions.  Both had been young, like the beauties now in this opium den, and Moto-san had claimed each as part of the spoils of war.  Each had been a nurse, working in the American backlines, and surprised by the rear assault that he had led to disrupt the enemy’s progress.

Reflecting back, the redhaired nurse had been the first captured when he and his men had overrun the rear camp and made off with their beautiful captive.  Moto-san often thought about that pretty nurse, wondering if she had survived the war and made it back to America, and whether she had gotten married to the poor fellow who had given her that engagement ring worn on her finger.  Even with his men pinning her arms to the ground, she had put up a worthy fight in trying to kick at him and maintain her honor.  But he just loved the fight put up by the American beauty, loved feeling her tender ivory white flesh, and especially loved the shrill shrieks emitted when he robbed her of her virginity.  He remembered last seeing her still alive two days later squatting in a foxhole, pronged by the soldier beneath her while giving head to another while a third was about to shove his cock up her ass.

On another island and another attack to the enemy’s rear, then Capt. Moto and his men had easily mowed down the resistance and made off with a lovely nurse who was married as the rings on her finger proclaimed.  This lovely brunette had served he and his men well, working on the enemy’s psyche, setting up an ambush for those who foolish enough to attempt to save her from a fate worst than death.  With the setup of a loudspeaker to be blasted out into the jungle, Capt. Moto taunted the enemy with “Hey, G.I., you need to protect your rear!  And …………..your lovely nurses who care for your wounded!  Because we have a very prettee one keeping us company right now!  Hear for yourselves!”  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shriek that made one’s skin crawl as Moto-san rammed his cock into her pretty white ass.

In the dark smoky opium den, avid suckling sounds could be heard comingled with several “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” sighs of the elderly bastards giving their beautiful guests the elixir that they had now come to crave.  And once each old fellow was spent, he helped her to her feet in telling her ‘Come, there is more for you to enjoy!’  Through the folds of the dark curtains, each was led to a corner of the room where a large mattress lay in the corner, but first she would be made to kneel upon the soft zabuton cushion in front of it.  In each corner of the room, after having witnessed their initial suck-off of the elders, ten monks awaited their turn to enjoy such a similar pleasure.

Each of the horny monks got his turn in spewing his unholy seed into the avidly sucking mouth of the American beauty in his corner, and it was obvious that this beauty belonging to the enemy could not get enough of the rather slick and a bit salty elixir that would suddenly fill her mouth.  Now, each beauty had come to learn that she could get it to spurt faster if she was to rapidly flick the tip of her tongue over the fleshy knob, that the faster it pulsated then the faster it would give her the elixir.  With each monk finally sated by the lips of the beautiful woman in his corner of the room, the elders were once again first up in line, for now it was ‘breeding’ time.  And once the elders bred their bitch, it would be a free for all time, with the beauty’s ass saved till the spent elder could once again get it up to shag her with.

Being one of the few elders automatically granted 78 year old elder Fukuda-san honors of having first dibs after Sensei Moto, and with her available after the sensei had selected the lovely blonde, he was intent on possessing this lovely red haired beauty.  Knowing the significance of the solitary diamond ring on her finger had him quite horny, ecstatic with the thought that he would have the honor of raping this unsuspecting beauty shortly before her marriage an American bastard.  With the dinning room table bugged, he had overheard the conversation taking place as to her upcoming wedding which her fellow flight attendants would be flying in to attend the ceremony.

It had been many years since the war ended for him, ending a period of time that he had most enjoyed, a time that he had been a sadistic young officer and had extracted a heavy toll upon those villages he had overrun.  Leading a company of soldiers, his authority ruled, he would put on display his cruel streak to the delight of his men but to the expense and horror of the conquered villagers.  And he always remembered that one very exciting conquest, that of having quietly surrounded a village with his men about to attack upon receiving his signal.

Having landed the night before and crept up upon the unsuspecting villagers, then Lt. Fukuda had peered out to see the villagers gathered for some type of ceremony.  In seeing the beautiful young woman in a ceremonial gown approaching, proceed by several other young gals, making it apparent that a wedding ceremony was about to take place.  Eyes focused upon the lovely beauty, Fukuda smiled widely in his evil thoughts, wondering if he should let the ceremony take place before making the signal to attack.  But the head between his legs told him to signal his men at once and moments later his men had the surprised villagers surrounded without a struggle.

With razor sharp bayonets just inches away from the prospective groom’s belly, he could only look on in horror along with the other villagers as Fukuda had his men hold down the terrified bride-to-be.  Tearing the front of the ceremonial wedding gown, then shredding her undergarments, Fukuda gleamed with delight upon hearing her shrieking like a banshee as savagely penetrated her.  Lunging into the crying beauty, feeling a lot of lubricant to ease the tight fuck, he then heard one his men announce “Ahhhh, a blood fuck …………………blood fuck!”  Hammering excitedly into the wailing beauty, Fukuda emptied his lust filled balls into the lovely virginal bride.

Fukuda-san took great pleasure in recalling that very memorable event, that of raping the lovely beauty just before her wedding ceremony.  After having zipped himself up, leaving his cock bloodied to remember the lovely beauty when he departed from the village, Fukuda had then ordered for the wedding ceremony to continue.  Wedding ceremony completed with both weeping bride and groom pronounced man and wife, Fukuda had ordered the teary-eyed groom to kiss is beautiful bride.  “Fuck’n stupido ……………….idiot!” he had yelled at the groom when he kissed the crying bride on the lips and was advised “Not that kind of kiss, you fool!”

Before the on-looking villagers, the bride was once again held down upon the ground, this time with her now husband being forced to put his face into her sex to intimately kiss her ravaged slit.  Fukuda had then taken great pleasure in holding the groom’s head down into the messy pit, grounding his face into the bloody mess, telling him “Kiss it!  Kiss your beautiful wife’s bloody cunt!  Eat up the goodies I put in there for you!  Eat my wedding present I put there for you!”  When the distraught husband was finally released and allowed to get up, the horrified groom saw that all villagers had witnessed his shame, driving him insane as he then threw himself onto two readied bayonets.

Nicole Sherman panted in nervousness as she allowed her ‘fiancé’ to unzip the back of her dress and ease the straps off her shoulders.  “Oh, Bart ………………….ohhh ……………oh, yes, touch meeeeeeeeee!” she whispered while shivering under his caressing touch.  Back of her bra unclasped as she was laid out upon the mattress, the suckling upon her tender breasts had her panting out “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhh …………………………….oh, Bart, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Fingers in the waistband of her panties had her lifting her hips up to help in having with the removal of her panties.

One by one, each of the monks inhaled deeply when it silky garment was passed along to him, taking in the sweet scent of the lovely young beauty.  Each had his cock twitching in revival, anxious for his turn to come around once again while watching Fukuda-san breed the redhaired beauty first.  The entire audience around their sensei was stunned to hear “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………it hurts ……………….it hurts, Bart ……………………… hurtsssssssssssssss!”  Seeing their sensei lunging brutally up into the shrieking beauty, seeing the large blood spot spreading upon the sheet, they were each eager to dip his wick into the bloody inkwell.

Cries of agony finally ceasing as the pain apparently had eased for the devirginized redhaired beauty, the onlooking monks were all wondering what her American fiancé would say if he got to view his lovely bride-to-be now warping her ivory white legs around old Fukuda-san and arching herself up into his old but still very solid cock.  Each wondered if the American fool would now want back his damaged goods, especially in seeing what was to be a trophy wife tarnished and squirming about on the mattress, with her furry nest now a different shade of red …………blood red!  And each of them anxiously awaited his turn in line, hoping to send the beauty back with his little yellow bastard in her tummy.

In the far corner off to the right, to where this group would later go after finishing their multiple gangbanging of the once virginal redhaired beauty, the monks led by Sensei Moto had gotten right into gangbanging their beautiful blonde guest after have her suck them off one by one.  For Amber Benton, the avid suckling of both breasts made it seem as if she had given birth to twins and they were in dire need of being fed.  Images of the past filled her mind, that of her little ones suckling upon her, and that of her loving husband who’s cock had somehow thicken as it stretched her wider than ever before.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh ……………………owww ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Amber panted out from the pain caused by the insertion of her loving ‘husband’s’ penis as he wanted her to experience a new sexual experience.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted as the Sensei Moto’s thick cock pumped in and out of her once cherry ass, then gagged “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………………..mmmmm!” as a monk wanted another go round with her succulent pink lips sucking him off.  Then her hands were being pulled to each side as her fingers curled around throbbing fleshy shafts.

Clockwise to the next corner, lovely Megan Rogers swooned “Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes …………………yes, Jim ……………………make love to me ……………………make love to me ……………………..give me your baby!” as she wrapped her trim arms and legs around her energetic lover.  Megan was picturing her loving husband in the smoky haze of the opium den, but it was really Hideki-san, the elder and robust monk whose thick penis was slicing in and out of her fertile womb.  “Oh, yes …………………yes ………………yes ………………fill me ………………….that’s it …………….fill meeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………….ohhhh, yesssssssssss!” she happily exclaimed as her ‘husband’ seeded her with his hot roe.

Megan would soon learn the many ways in which she could please her husband, but here too it was all quite blurry with several of the hurried lessons being conducted at the same time.  Besides her lips and cunny, Megan would learn just how her fists alone could make a man weak in the knees, and even how the soft pink soles of her feet and toes could bring a man off, that a man enjoyed loved webbing her toes together with his sticky semen.  She’d also learn that rubbing parts of her sexy body up against a man would also do the trick, titties of course, but also her soft hair and face were prime targets for a man to vent his lust upon.  And once elder Hideki-san had managed to revive his wrinkled old cock, Megan would then get to learn how to use her pretty ass to sate a man’s lust.

And at the last remaining corner of the smoke filled den, Gwen Nakayama had gotten to sharpen her skills taught to her from her last visit, that of pleasing and sating a man’s lustful desires no matter how sordid it might be.  For Master Motohara, his evilness had no end against what he considered as the traitorous ancestors of his lovely beauty, even with their moving to America far after the war had come to an end before this beauty ahd been borne.  Trim arms warped around his waist with petite hands beneath his overhanging belly while fisting his flacid penis, the fat bastard panted “Yes, my sweet one, you must repent for the sins of your ancestors!  Yes, that’s it ……………… are learning well ……………………now wiggle your tongue in it ……………….that’s it, clean Motohara’s shitty asshole!”

Each of the four beauties wound up pleasing two groups of monks, ten in each group, till three in the morning before the activities came to an end.  They were then led by an elder holding a candle that lit the way up the stairway, walking cum drenched and naked up to their respective rooms, with another monk carrying their clothing and kimonos.  Bent over in the bathroom with legs spread, the elder monk then dipped the extinguished candle into an ointment jar consisting of special herbs.  The once white candle now coated in a dark brown substance, was then shoved up her ass, and skewered into her as that coating would serve to numb the torn tissues and the next day she would be oblivious to what had taken place during the night.

Only Nicole Sherman would be given an extra bit of the special brown ointment, one that for the devilish Master Motohara was enjoy applying as he had been the last elder to move to her corner and who had seen her up to her room.  With her thighs still showing remnants of her lost virginity, the torn tissues in her vagina needed that special ointment to keep her from realizing her brutal raped at the hands of his fellow monks, Motohara-san smile widely as he would soon enjoy the devious pleasure in applying the numbing balm.  From his robe was pulled a 12” dildo which he strapped on, dipping it ten inches into the tall jar, he then fucked it up into the bent over beauty.  Ointment applied and before she was to shower, Nicole was pleasing Motohara-san with ther lips and tongue once again.

Church bells sounded at 9 a.m., the hypnotic implant as to the time for them to awaken, each of the beauties yawned and stretched in the refreshing rays of the sunshine just coming over the mountain.  All oblivious as to the sordid night of pleasure they had provided the evil monks in the opium den, they joined one another downstairs for an enjoyable breakfast.  Later, enjoying a dip in the pool that afforded all the spying eyes to view of their luscious and sexy bodies, all the male thoughts were being focused upon that night’s festivities of getting to sample the other two lovely guests that they had not yet enjoyed.

For this final night of the four lovely beauties stay in the monastery, after the festivities ended in mid-morning and they returned for a hot shower to wash away the trace evidence of their defilement, they could then get to get some much needed rest in the comfortable soft bed.  But how much rest she got depended of the energy remaining in the elder monk who would be sharing her bed till the early church bells gonged at 8 a.m., giving the old fellow that last shot of having his seed fertilize her fertile womb.  Then, she would shower once again as her companion gathered this strength to make his way from her room, and only when the bells chimed at nine would she awaken from her hypnotic state.

With breakfast to be enjoyed before being taken back to the hotel to gather their belongings for the return flight, each of the beautiful guests at the monastery would be asked by Sensei Moto to meet privately with him for a brief private interview.  On the guise as to gather information on how to improve the hospitality of the monastery’s services to future guests, but it would be a brief hypnotic session with rather explicit suggestions implanted after Sensei Moto had gathered additional information, mainly that of the family of her husband or fiancé.

With additional hypnotic suggestions made by the sadistic old bastard, there would soon be quite interesting events taking place in four American households, particularly those in which four elderly gents would be fighting with his emotions due to the teasing temptations from his daughter-in-law or future one.  Who could blame any of them, for what red-blooded American male in his 60’s or 70’s, could resist having a lovely young beauty down on her knees and eager wanting to handle his wrinkled old pecker and give him head.  As evidenced by the scene above, one that took place the day before Nicole Sherman's wedding, her father-in-law-to-be was only to happy to welcome her into the family.  And once he’d succumbed to such pleasures between her pink lips, the old boy would only be too eager to comply with his beautiful daughter-in-law’s whispering of “Ohhhhhhhh, Pop ………………….make love to me ………………………please ………………….give me your baby ………………make me a beautiful little baby!”

End of Story.