Waylaid Wife - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Demented Boss - III
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Ellen Ryan was busy in the kitchen heating up the baby's formula for three month old Rory.  Looking out towards the den, she watched as her loving husband rocked the infant in his arms while watching Darrin Jr. play with his toy truck.  She sighed at the sight, seeing how her husband cared for the youngsters, worried that someday he might learn the truth.

So much had happened over the past three years and Ellen felt totally trapped.  She loved Darrin Sr. with all her heart, ever since they had begun dating.  At first she thought that it had been the scheming client of Darrin's that had set her downfall.  But, in the past year she had come to learn that it was Darrin's demented boss that had schemed and planned all the events that led to the destruction of her innocence.

It was a year ago when she had learned of Ralph Calhoon's lust for her body.  Ellen had always shuddered at the thought of Darrin's pudgy old boss and how he made her skin crawl each time he touched her.  After that web of depravation that her husband's client had dragged her through, it had been a shock when she discovered that it was old man Calhoon who had planned everything, actually bartering her to the horrid client in exchange for his account.

Ellen had come to learn that the 'emergency' that Calhoon had sent Darrin flying off to was a really concocted ruse just to leave her alone when they were having Darrin's client over for dinner.  The evening ended in that degrading rape of her innocent body that horrid client on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  Then the horror and blackmailing threats of sending those terrible photos to her husband, parents and her fellow teachers at the elementary school forced her to give in to the deplorable demands of the lusting pervert.

When Darrin had been sent off on a lengthy trip to handle another so-called 'emergency', she was in the process of complying with a horrid demand from the blackmailing client when everything became clear that it was old man Calhoon behind her downfall.  She shivered upon recalling the awful clammy feeling of his pudgy hands upon her hips.  Ellen then felt queasy as her body shuddered in total disgust.

Trapped firmly in place on the bed that she shared with her husband, she was held on all fours as the fat bastard crawled up upon the bed and mounted her like an animal.  Ellen had tried in despair to get away from him, to buck him off of her back, but he took her like a dog after a bitch in heat.  She had been unable to break loose of his grip, felt his hard fat cock probe at her womanhood as he then brutally thrust himself into her, making her scream from the agonizing pain.

"No ……….no ……………no ……………….please!  Oh, please …………..please put something on …………….please!" Ellen pleaded desperately, wanting him to put on a condom or to make sure he pulled out in time, but all she heard was a disgusting laughter.  Then the horrible taunting commenced as she heard "You're nothing but a little slut, aren't you, Mrs. Ryan?  Aren't you ashamed of pulling the wool over your nitwit husband's eyes?  Getting knock up by another man and telling your husband that it's his!"

Ellen didn't know how she survived the ordeal, wishing she would die than be forced to suffer the humiliation and degradation of his fat pig satisfying his lust upon her body.  She could only sob in her disgrace as he had grunted out his filthy lust deep into her body, belching out his sticky slime.  The thought of her husband's fat old boss breeding her, impregnating her with his filth, turned her stomach.  Looking into the den, she observed her loving husband cradling the result of that horrid mating, rocking the little baby in his arms, the baby that his fat old boss had fucked into his loving wife's belly.

After he had satisfied his satisfied himself in her, Ellen then learned just what was in store for her.  The devious client had smiled and departed, leaving her all alone with the man who had planned her demised from the start.  She had collapsed face first onto the bed that she shared with Darrin, but it was his fat old boss who collapsed upon her back, exhausted but still deeply embedded in her as only a husband and wife should be connected.

All Ellen could do was to sob in shame, unable to crawl out from under the fat heavy body lying upon her.  Finally she felt the weight easing itself from her body, shuddered when she felt the fat dwindling cock plop out from her ravaged slit.  But as she tried to crawl away, she again felt the fat clammy hands upon her hips, only this time those hands pulled her over on the bed till she was on her back.  Then she groaned as her husband's fat boss covered her with his body.


With the fat sweaty body of her husband's boss sliding upon her, she had shuddered with disgust, then groaned as the slobbering mouth captured a sensitive nipple.  One after the other, her pink nipples were suckled, slobbered and chewed upon as never before.  She tried to push the flabby body from her, wanting so desperately to crawl out from under him.  In response, her husband's boss thrust himself down onto her, grunting with pleasure as his fat cock sank deeper into her agonized slit.

Ellen could only shut her eyes tightly in an attempt to block everything out of her mind while her husband's pig of a boss vented his lust for her body.  She had begun sobbing uncontrollably as he continued thrusting into her, humping away at her limp body as she could find no pleasure at all from the touch of this sweaty and flabby old man.  Finally, it was all over as his body convulsed and he grunted as he spewed out his potent seed into her, his wheezing body collapsing and pinning her body to the bed.

When Darrin's boss had finally pulled himself off her ravaged body, Ellen prayed that he had satisfied his lust for her.  She hoped that he would dress and leave her home but she was soon learn otherwise.  With the wireless remote that the evil man had been set up for the period Darrin was gone, Ellen watched as Mr. Calhoon pressed the intercom button to advise his personal butler to bring in a bottle of champagne to celebrate the special occasion.

Soon, Ellen would discover that she was essentially to be this fat pig's sexual plaything over the next six weeks while her husband was kept away at the other office.  She was not prepared for all the unspeakable indignities that she would suffer at the hands of her husband's demented old boss.  Besides being forced to submit to him in the manner in which he had already taken her, she would soon discover the depths of his depravity.

Early the next morning, after being fucked throughout the night, Ellen got her first taste as to the depravity of this old man.  She literally got a taste of it, on her knees before the horrid man who sat on the edge of the side of the bed where Darrin slept.  With the top of her head up against the overhang of his fat belly, his clammy hands on top of her head, she was forced to seek out his manhood with her mouth.

As she was in this subservient position to her husband evil boss, she mouthed and tongued his pulsing hardon, trying to end the humiliating agony.  Ellen could not believe the gall of this old man as she was on her knees blowing him when he was picked up his cell phone to make a phone call.  Then a chill of horror shot through her body as she heard the fat old man say "Good morning, Darrin!  How was your trip?"  Realizing his intent, Ellen tried to spit out the pulsing member but felt his grip on her hair tighten, holding her tight up against his flabby belly with his cock deeply imbedded in her mouth.

Ellen felt nauseous as she was forced to suck upon this devious old man's filthy cock, all the while suffering the further indignity of knowing that he was talking to her husband on the other end of the line.  As the conversation was coming to an end, she felt him begin to hump faster and faster into her face, obviously intent on spewing his filthy load into her face while keeping Darrin on the line.  Then she heard him wheeze a bit, telling Darrin "Oh, you're such a lucky fellow, Darrin!  A beautiful and faithful wife like yours to so hard to come by these days!" as he began to spew out his sticky load into her sucking mouth.

With fingers entwined tightly in her hair, Ellen could not shake her head loose to dislodge the oozing cock in her now filled mouth.  Her body shuddered in disgust at the depraved act that she was forced to perform for her husband's evil boss, all the while that he spoke to her husband on the phone.  She shivered as her cheeks began to bloat out as she kept from swallowing as the twitching cock continued to ooze more and more of its filth into her mouth.

For the next six weeks, Ellen had been essentially a captive in her own home while her husband was away on the so called 'emergency' needed to resolve the problems in another branch.  Darrin's boss had been quite proficient in having prepared for all the little details in advance.  Baby sitters, housekeepers, an excellent chef - all were there to handle the needs of the Ryans' household.  Ellen Ryan's only role during this period was to please the seemingly endless lusting desires of her husband's old boss, Ralph Calhoon.

On the very day that Darrin was scheduled to return from the 'emergency', Ellen became quite ill, a severe case of 'morning' sickness.  She didn't need to go to the doctor to tell her that her husband's evil boss had indeed 'knocked' her up good as the evil man had intended from the start.  With her religious upbringing, an abortion was definitely out of the question but Ellen wondered if she could pull off a continuous lie and have Darrin believe the baby was his.  Not wanting to lose Darrin, she was left with no other options but to convince Darrin that he had done the deed just before leaving on his trip.

Up until she was six full months along with her pregnancy, belly obviously bulging with a baby in her tummy, Ellen dreaded whenever the phone rang.  With the hold that Darrin's boss held over her, she knew what it meant when the phone rang shortly after her husband left for the office.  She desperately wanted not to answer but knew better than to risk the wrath of the demented Ralph Calhoon.

Ralph Calhoon was delighted in having succeeded in achieving his goal of knocking up the sexy little beauty.  With the beauty now pregnant with his child, he put his devious plans to work.  Besides enjoying the pleasures of defiling a pretty little beauty himself, he found it quite exciting to set up a young beauty in degrading herself with the likes of a man that she would not normally give a second glance to.

The worst such event unfolded when Ellen was just over four months pregnant, holding her husband's hand as he led her up the steps to the luxurious home of his depraved boss.  Ellen was nervous and reluctant in seeing Darrin's evil boss again, not having seen him since her husband had returned home from his 'emergency' assignment.  In fact, she had hoped to find an excuse in not attending the function but that threatening phone call from Darrin's boss last week quickly changed her mind.

Entering the luxury home, it was quite obvious that nothing was spared in regards to the cost of the interior furnishings.  Ellen swallowed deeply as Darrin's evil boss greeted them with open arms and she had to endure his rather familiar embrace.  She winced as he embraced her with "So nice to see you again, Mrs. Ryan!  You look so radiant tonight!"  She shuddered as she felt his slide down her back to fondle her ass through her dress, then heard his whisper in her ear "Got a little surprise in store for you tonight, sweetie!"

As a cocktail hostess brought them glasses of champagne, Ellen gulped at her drink nervously, knowing that the 'little surprise' that her husband's boss had in store for her would be something she would certainly come to dread.  Then Mr. Calhoon waved to a tall muscular black man, appearing to be in his mid-forties and who had just arrived.   She and Darrin were then introduced to Mr. Max Lewis, who was in charge of investments for a regional department store.  It became quite apparent that Darrin's boss was wining and dining this man who's say could swing their account over to the firm.

Darrin had heard of this important man from his boss earlier and knew that Calhoon was trying to get the investment account from this man's company.  Thus, if the man selected him to manage the account, it would certainly be a big plus in his cap.  When Mr. Lewis complimented him on having such a beautiful wife and asked when was the little one expected, Darrin advised "Why, thank you, Mr. Lewis!  Ellen and I are looking forward to this little addition to the family!  The target date is five months from now, about the end of December!"

With Darrin conversing with Mr. Lewis, that allowed Ralph Calhoon to step up closer to his employee's lovely young wife.  It gave him great joy to be feeling up a lovely beauty right under the nose of her unsuspecting and loving husband.  Even more enjoyable to see the lovely young wife shuddered from his caressing of her tight little ass, blinking back tears of shame.  Leaning over to whisper to the apprehensive beauty, he told her "You take Mr. Lewis for a walk out in the garden tonight, sweetie!  He's got a thing for fucking a sexy white beauty!  He even told me that's the best thrill he's ever had was when he nailed a little married slut when she was already carrying a baby in her belly!  Think you can give him another thrill like that, Mrs. Ryan?"

Ellen nearly broke out crying right then after learning just what her husband's demented old boss was demanding of her.  Bringing the glass of champagne up to her lips, she downed the remainder in the glass, wanting to get intoxicated and numb herself from what was to take place.  She couldn't believe that the devious old man was going to separate her from Darrin at this party, pairing her up with this stranger.  Plus, her husband's boss was expecting her to land this new account by putting out for this man.

Max Lewis had been looking forward to this event.  He knew that old man Calhoon was buttering him up to land the company's investment account by this invitation.  In fact, Ralph Calhoon had been treated him to lunch several times, along with the recent round of golf at the plush country club the other week.  After a lot of drinks at the 19th hole, the conversation got looser and turned to women and sex.

That topic of conversation was Max's favorite and now he began to take a liking to this old hoot.  With Calhoon bringing up the topic, obviously in search of his interests, Max let it be known that he was indeed interested by throwing out a bone to the old man.  "Well, Calhoon, we might just be in need of some investment banking assistance!  Of course, I'd have to convince the board as to the reasons why your particular firm would best be able to serve the company!" he advised.

Hours of drinking at the clubhouse that night, the two men began swap sex stories, telling each other of their exciting conquests.  Old man Calhoon had bragged of his exciting conquest nailing a beautiful young wife of one of his employees.  "Best of all, I knocked her up and her stupid husband has no fucking idea that the kid she's carrying ain't his!  Fuck, she's a fucking beauty and now about four months along!" Calhoon bragged.

Max laughed upon hearing the story and then told Calhoon "Yeah, knocking up a beautiful bitch who's married to some other sucker is a hell of a thrill!  Done that a few times myself!  But the one fuck that blew my fucking mind was when I nailed this beautiful white bitch who was fucking married and pregnant!  It's was a thrill fucking her doggie style while feeling up the bulge in her belly!  That was ten fucking years ago!  Wish I good get another fuck like that - fucking mind blowing!"

Calhoon laughed and applauded the story that Max had just relayed, telling him "You're coming to a party at my home next week!  Your wish is gonna come true!  If you don't think this little bitch is beautiful, I'm setting up an eye appointment for you!  And best of all, she's four months pregnant ………………with my fucking baby!  Yeah, Max ……..she's the sweet little thing that I knocked up and her shithead of a husband has no fucking clue that I did the job for him!"

Ellen shivered when Mr. Calhoon advised "Oh, Mrs. Ryan, would you be so kind as to entertain Mr. Lewis for a bit?  I need to greet some of the incoming guest and want to introduce your husband to them!"  A chill went through her body as she watched her husband being led away, leaving her all alone with this tall muscular man who was stripping her clothing off with his leering eyes.

With darkness having set in outside, Ellen bit her lip as the firm hand of Max Lewis grasped her at her elbow, leading her to the side door.  Heart pounding in her chest, totally speechless as this strange man led her outside, Ellen knew that looking at the flowers and shrubbery were the farthest from his mind.  There was only one reason that this man was leading her outside and she closed her eyes, wishing that she could rush back inside to her husband and safety.

Blinking back tears, Ellen sniffled once the door closed behind them as the hand released her elbow and was now caressing her asscheeks through her black evening dress.  Then he turned to and pulled her toward him, planting his lips upon hers and holding her tightly to him.  She desperately wanted to struggle and get away from this stranger but remembered Mr. Calhoon's order to 'entertain' this man.

Later, having been led down the path but not very far from the luxurious home, Ellen was led around a small rock wall.  Pushed forward, she reached out to brace herself against the waist high wall.  She could see a few couples outside near the house engaged in conversation and saw her husband through the large picture window inside the home standing next to his devious boss.

With her puffed up belly, Ellen had eliminated wearing the pair of smoky hose that she normally wore with the black dress as it would be too restricted on her bulging belly.  With her flawless legs always having men's heads turning as she passed, she had felt that it would not hurt to do away with the uncomfortable garment this one night.  Now she wished she had worn that pair of pantyhose, shivering in disgust as the man behind her was taking the liberty of caressing her bare outer thighs.

Bent over, panting in fear of  being discovered, Ellen looked ahead at the people milling about and prayed that none would take a stroll in her direction.  "Please …………oh, God, pleasee …………………..please, Mr. Lewis!  Someone …………someone could come by!  Please ………..please …………not here!  It …………its too dangerous!" she panted, feeling the callused hands now fumbling at the waistband of her lacy black panties.

Shuddering as the skimpy wisp of clothing began slithering down her thighs to fall at her heels, Ellen was in a panic as she heard a zipper being undone behind her.  "Spread'em, bitch!" she heard the lewd command from the man that she had only recently met.  Feeling the man's knees up against her thighs, she moved her legs but felt her them being constricted by the panties around her ankles.  Panting nervously, Ellen stepped out of her panties and kicked them aside.

Legs wide spread, top of her dress pulled down and the bottom pushed up to bunch up around her pregnant belly, Ellen shivered and moaned as she felt the thick blunt prodding between the back of her thighs.  "Please ……………..oh, please, Mr. Lewis ………………ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhh, Godddddd!  Oh, God …………you ……………you're too bigggggg!  Please ……………..please be gentle!" she panted.

"Ohhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss ………………….ohhhhhhh!" Ellen moaned as the thick cockhead parted her slick cuntlips.  Then she heard the gruff voice from behind say "You want it, don't you, Mrs. Ryan?  You're nothing but a two-bit whore, aren't you?  Tell me what kind of slut you are, Mrs. Ryan!"  "Please …….please ………..oh, please ……………don't make me beg ……………don't humiliate me!" she pleaded.

Feeling the thick cockhead being withdrawn till only the tip remained capture in her stretched slit, Ellen pushed back to impale herself on the pleasure giving instrument, only to find the strong hands on her hips preventing her from achieving her goal.  "Please …………oh, please …………..please fuck me!  Fuck me …………fuck me like the slut I really am!  I ……………I'm nothing but a cheap little whore ………….knocked up by my husband's boss …………..wanting you to fuck me with your big black cock!  Give it to me ......................ram it up my horny cunt!"

"Oh, yessssssssssss ………yessssssss …….stroke it …………stroke it ……………slide your cock up this 'knocked up' honky bitch!  Yessssssssssssss ………………..ohhhhhh, yesssssssss …………fuck me like a bitch in heat ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God ……………soooo good ……………….so gooddddddddd!" Ellen chanted as she looked ahead in a complete daze.

Had Ellen been concentrating on the people milling about outside, she would have noticed Mike Phelps lighting up a cigarette and approaching their location.  Mike was a junior partner, working under Darrin Ryan, wandering about outside as he felt a bit uncomfortable with all the big wigs inside.  Coming out for a smoke and to get away for awhile, his ears perked up upon hearing a woman's moans.  Edging his way behind a line of trees, he peered into the darkness as his eyes got accustomed to the dim lighting of the area.  He couldn't believe what he was witnessing of the always prim and proper Mrs. Ellen Ryan, watching her being fucked royally just a mere fifteen feet from where he stood.

Putting his arms around the sexy beauty, Max Lewis placed his hands on the bulging belly as he thrust up into her tightly gripping cunt.  "Oh, you sexy little whore!  A beautiful little bitch like you letting a pig like old man Calhoon knock ya up!  Oh, baby ………..take that …………ahhh, Goddd ………………look ……..look up and you can see your asshole of a husband standing next to the man who knocked ya up!"

Eyes wide open in disbelief, Mike Phelps witnessed the wild fucking taking place and the mutual climax reached by the two lovers.  He couldn't believe he was seeing his boss's wife being fucked out of her mind.  "Oh, God …………ohhhhhhh …………….I ……………I'm cummmingggggggg!" he heard the sexy beauty groan through her clenched teeth.  With the muscular stranger burying his cock into the shuddering beauty, Mike heard him groan "Ahhhhhh, bitch ………………gonna flood your pregnant belly with my hot nigger cum …………….uhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, baby ..............you're good .............best fuck'n whore I've had in a hell of a time! "

Mike had met Darrin's wife several times and always considered her to be real classy, a prim and proper beauty.  But how wrong he was as she was no lady, not the way in which she was moaning and humping her sexy white butt back as this black stranger.  'Oh, God ………..I'd sure like to get me a piece of that sexy little bitch!  Did I hear right …………….that old man Calhoon's the cause of that bulge in her belly?' he wondered.

Moments later, as the heavy panting ceased, Mike could see the lovely beauty bending down and searching about the grass covered ground.  Then he observed the man next to her reach down to pick up something and tossing it aside, right in his direction.  His cock gave a twitch when he heard Mrs. Ryan gasp "Nooo ………what …….what did you do?  What did you do with my panties?  Where did it go?  I ………..I must find it!"

Then he heard the gruff male voice say "A slut like you don't need any panties!  C'mon, bitch, let's go back inside and be sociable with the other guests!"  Then Mike watched the man pull the reluctant and struggling beauty along the path towards the house.  Finally able to breathe again, he knelt down on the grass and felt about the ground with his hands.  A wide grin broke out on his face as his fingers made contact with a soft silky item.  His cock gave a twitch in his pants as he fingered the lacy wisp of clothing.  Holding it up to his face, he took a deep breath to inhale the sweet fragrance.

Back in the house, Ellen swallowed deeply as Max Lewis held her elbow and guided her to where her husband and his boss were standing.  She felt so depraved, so ashamed to be standing next to her loving husband, pregnant by his evil boss and now another man's cum drooling down her thighs at that very instant.  She shivered and blushed with shame when Mr. Calhoon asked "Oh, did you take Mr. Lewis for a nice stroll in the garden?"

A few moments later, Ellen smiled as she greeted the young protégé of her husband, shaking the hand of young Mike Phelps.  Shortly, her husband waved at one of his customers nearby and excused himself while Mr. Calhoon and Max Lewis drifted off to meet some other guests, leaving Ellen alone with Darrin's handsome protégé.  She breathed a sigh of relief and was just glad to relax, getting to chat with this young man who had always been quite friendly and treated her with the utmost respect.

With drinks flowing freely, Ellen and Mike Phelps wandered about the crowd towards the far end of the large room where it was not as busy as the entrance area.  Trying to get over what took place earlier in the garden, Ellen downed another glass of champagne.  Nearing the restroom, she excused herself for a moment as she was in need desperate need of wiping up the cum that was oozing out of her well stretched cuntlips and beginning to run down her thighs.  Cleaning up as best as possible, Ellen then slipped on the black sweater that she had brought with her.

Feeling the effects of the champagne, drinking far more than she normally did, Ellen enjoyed the company of this respectful and handsome young man.  Then she heard the young man say "You've got to see this neat study room that I found earlier!  Come with me so I can show you something that I found!"  Walking down the long hallway, Ellen followed the young man and wondered just what he had to show her.

As she entered the study and looked at the nice furnishings, Ellen was unaware that the young man behind her had locked the door for privacy.  "What did you find and want to show me, Mike?" she asked as she turned to face her husband's young protégé.  Her mouth dropped wide open with a gasp and her heart nearly stopped as she saw the grinning young man twirling a lacy black pair of panties on his index finger.  It was her panties twirling about on this young man's finger.

Totally speechless and frozen to the spot, Ellen watched as the young man stopped twirling her panties.  Watched as her panties were held in his hand, which then drew the silky black garment up to his face.  She watched as the young man inhaled deeply with his nose buried in the crotch of her panties, watched as her silky panties were being rubbed all over the young man's face.

Staring at the leering young man, she couldn't believe what she was hearing "Saw you out in the garden, Mrs. Ryan!  Saw how you entertained Mr. Lewis!  Did I hear correctly?  Is that little bundle of joy, in your precious little tummy, old man Cahloon's?"  Tears welled  in her eyes and began to roll down her cheeks as she pleaded "Please ……………please, Mike ……………..don't tell Darrin!  He ……………..he doesn't know the baby isn't his!  I …………I'll do anything ……………….but please don't tell Darrin!"

Mike smiled widely, telling the distraught beauty "You're so beautiful, Mrs. Ryan!  I certainly wouldn't want to upset Darrin with such news!  I guess I could be convinced not to say anything!  Maybe a kiss for starters might just convince me, Mrs. Ryan!"  As the lovely chestnut haired beauty nervously licked her lips and took a step towards him, he added "I often dreamt of getting a kiss from you, Mrs. Ryan!  Getting a kiss from you while you're on your knees and looking up at me!"

Tears flowing down her face, a shudder of horror coursing throughout her body, Ellen took another step forward then slowly dropped to her knees on the plush carpet.  Knowing what was expected of her, Ellen reached up to undo the young man's belt and unbuttoned his pants.  Slowly pulling down the zipper, her eyes were focused on the throbbing bulge lying beneath the white pair of jockey shorts.

"Ohhhhhh, Mrs. Ryan!  Ohhhhh, just like in my dreams!  Dressed so elegantly in your black dress and heels, kneeling before me with my cock in your hot sucking mouth!  Oh, baby ……………yessssssss!  Ahhhhh, you suck like a pro ………………..oh, baby ……..eat me ………………….ahhhhhhhhhh!" Mike Phelps moaned.  Wrapping his fingers in her long light brown hair, he began face fucking the woman of his dreams.  "Oh, baby ……………look up at me!  Ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhh …………..I want to see the look in your eyes when I cum in your hot sucking mouth!   Oh, God ………..yes ……………yeesssss …………eat it ………………..eat it all bitch!"

ears flowing from her eyes, Ellen swallowed time and time again as the young man's cock in her mouth continued to twitch and spurt its gooey spend.  But it was such a plentiful load that some escaped out of the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. When the cock of her husband's young protégé was pulled from her mouth, the hands entwined in her hair pulled her up from the carpet of the study.  Then she was suddenly spun around and pushed forward toward a counter.  Ellen felt the young man caressing her bulging belly, then pushing her up on the counter.  She felt so ashamed as she heard from behind "I don't care if I'm getting sloppy seconds with your tight little cunt, Mrs. Ryan!  Ohhhhh, I wish I been the one to get your tummy to bulge like this!  Godddd, I'm sliding right up into you sloppy cunt, bitch!"

As the handsome young man's cock slid into her, Ellen's body shivered as pleasure coursed throughout her body.  Closing her eyes, she unconsciously began to fuck back onto the sturdy young cock, moaning "Oh, Mike …………..ohhhhhhh …………….oh, God ……………..fuck me …………………fuck me!  Treat me like the whore I really am!"

The following Thursday, at about 11:45 a.m., Darrin passed his young protégé's office and peered in.  He called out "Hey, Mike!  My wife should be here any minute now.  I've got to drop this report off at the marketing department.  If you see my wife come in, can you tell her I'll be back in about ten minutes, then we'll head out for lunch!"  "Sure, no problem, Darrin!  I'll be happy to entertain your lovely wife till you get back!" came the reply.

With his boss gone, Mike Phelps looked down under his desk and between his legs, moaning "Hear that, Mrs. Ryan?  Ten more minutes before your hot liquid lunch is served!  Ohhhhh, yes ………..use that hot wet mouth on me …………..ahhhhhhhh!  Hope you'll still be hungry when Darrin takes you out to lunch!"  Rocking back and forth on his swivel chair, Mike fed his throbbing cock between those sweet succulent lips.  Then he added "Oh, baby ……………after you present Darrin with old man Calhoon's little kiddie, I intend to be the next one to puff up that precious little belly of yours!"

End of Story.