White Slavery Shipment - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier stories
entitled: ‘Cruise Ship – Day 1’ & ‘White Slavery Shipment -1’
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Honeymoon cruise with her handsome husband just months ago, teaching her first year of elementary school just concluded for the lovely 24 year old Mrs. Julie Armstrong, it was supposed to be a beautiful and enjoyable summer for the newlyweds.  But now the suburb in which they had just moved into was in an upheaval, along with the entire city and state for that matter, in the search for the disappearance of this beautiful woman who had suddenly gone missing.

It would be another week before her car would be discovered a hundred fifty miles away, near the port city of Ashton, parked in the back of a rather sleazy motel.  The investigation turned up nothing as there was no registration in the motel for her and it seemed as if she had just disappeared into the blue.  In the questioning of her husband, the port city had been visited by them during the spring as that was where the ship had departed for Mexico and also where their honeymoon cruise had ended before returning home from there.

An investigation with the cruise line was done at the thought that perhaps somehow the newlywed was trying to go back and recapture that honeymoon feeling just months ago.  Questioning the newlywed husband, he did indicate that his wife was a bit sullen on the last few days of their cruise back from Mexico but he just assumed that it was because the honeymoon was coming to an end and that she’d have to go back to work.  There was no registration for her on the last cruise that just returned to port the other day, and with most of the crew foreign nationals, questioning many of them proved quite difficult and provided no leads.

The authorities had come close to getting on the right track, close but no cigar for them!  With the car found in Ashton and the Armstrong’s connection to the city was their honeymoon cruise, there had to be a connection but the police just could not get a handle on it, plus the cruise ship had just departed again for Mexico as there was no reason for putting a stop to its operation on the speculation that somehow the ship was involved in the newlywed’s disappearance.

But there was indeed a connection of her disappearance to the cruise ship, going back to the newlywed’s honeymoon cruise.  Midway through the cruise, when the ship was docked at one of the destinations in Mexico, her picture was one that had been selected by a very important man in the country.  That man was known by all as Mr. Juan Sanchez, kingpin in the illegal trade of both drugs and prostitution.  And he had contracted with the top crewman of the cruise ship for the addition of the lovely Mrs. Armstrong into his brothel.

The photo of the first was that of a young beauty in a matching cream color pants and blouse outfit had Omar commenting to Mr. Sanchez “Hmmm, look at those long sexy legs ................................having them wrapped around yer head when ya's eat her tasty pussy!”  Looking at his notes on the back of it, advising “Ah, Mr. Sanchez ……………..an excellent choice!  Mrs. Julie Armstong!  This lovely beauty is 24 years old and on her honeymoon cruise …………………a third grade teacher on her spring break!  And by the middle of her summer vacation, she shall be at your fine establishment!  This teacher should be an excellent pupil fer ya ..............................ya'll enjoy teaching her how to please a man with her beautiful lips, heh!”

Julie Armstrong, for no apparent reason had suddenly disappeared into the midst of the hush-hushed world known as white slavery.  If they only could have suspected or imagined the horrors the newlywed was going through at that very moment.  In their thorough investigation, having to ask the husband of intimate details of their lives to get a better grasp of things, it was learned that lovely bride had in fact been a virgin on her wedding night and thus there was no other man in her life.  No other boyfriends prior to the couple’s engagement, so there was no other person to investigate.  If they only could have imagined that now, ten days after her disappearance, over two hundred men had gotten to sample her charms.

On the honeymoon cruise, a day out of Mexico and on their way back to the port city of Ashton, Julie just couldn’t be happier.  The wedding, reception and honeymoon trip all had been even better than she had hoped for.  With husband Dave going to hit a couple buckets of golf balls from the back deck into the ocean, a ‘neat’ and different kind of driving range as he put it, Julie told him to have fun as she was going to spend an hour or so in the spa.

First to drop her purse off in their stateroom as all that she needed was the keycard to charge everything, Julie got off the elevator and headed down to her stateroom.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large calloused hand was being clamped over her mouth and preventing her from screaming for help.  Dragged backwards, everything suddenly went pitch dark up the clanging shut of the door to an interior cabin of the ship.

Hand released from her mouth, Julie had screamed at the top of her lungs but the airtight cabin was soundproof with the door shut.  Pinned to the small bed in the interior cabin, both her arms were held captive as a large hand pinning both wrists above her head while her attacker’s free hand began tearing at her blouse.  Blouse shredded down the front, her tiny wisp of a bra pulled from her body, Julie could only sob and plead with her attacker to stop as he began mouthing and sucking at her breasts and nipples.

Slip-on heels lost in her struggle, Julie squirmed about but just could not stop the strong hand of her attacker from pulling down her slacks.  Now just with her panties to cover her body, Julie sobbed “No …………………no …………………..no please ………please!  Please ………………….stop …………………….I just got married …………………I’m on my honeymoon!  Please …………………please don’t ………………….pleaseeeeee  …………………………..I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!”

Panties shredded, Julie was totally unprepared for the next vile event as the attacker let go of her wrists and was now pushing her inner thighs apart and rubbing his face up against her sex.  Her hands gripped at his kinky hair, giving evidence that her attacker was a black man, Julie desperately tried to pull him from her sex.  “No ………………..no …………………….noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she screamed out, shuddering as the man suddenly put his tongue in her.

Shivering and shuddering, clutching tightly at the kinky head of hair at this point, this vile and disgusting act suddenly was giving her an unwanted climax.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered.  And then her entire body went limp, fingers releasing their grip an arms falling to her sides, legs splayed widely as the man lapped at her juicing slit.

For Omar, head of the crew, this was one sweet little honey.  This beautiful newlywed would make him a lot of money soon, but first to have his fun with her and sample her lovely charms.  Having observed her on deck and followed her, waiting for the right opportunity when she and her husband were separated, he now had her right where he wanted her.  The innocent young bride certainly was tasty, but now he was going to give her something far bigger that what her whiteboy punk had to offer.

Hearing her terrified scream of fright and pain was pure music to Omar’s ears when he slammed his donkey-sized cock up into her tight little snatch.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………stop …………………………stoppppppppppppppppppppp …………………….it hurts ………………………..it hurts …………………………..no pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came her cries as he proceeded to rape the beautiful bitch.

Raping her a second time, then forcing her to kneel on the floor, Omar learned that he was to be honored as being the first man to ever give her a taste of cock.  And as she choked on his black dong, Omar got off several camera shots as the blinding flash in the dark cabin would provide him with the tools needed to later have her in his grasp again, for surely the lovely bride would not want such photos to be distributed to her husband and family.

Knowing her occupation, obtaining her phone number from the ship registration records, Omar decided that summertime would be when he called her to meet him at a motel in the port city.  The innocent bride would be blackmailed into showing up or having the photos of her having sex with a black man being sent to her hubby and others.  The beauty knew that she’d have to submit to him, have sex with him, but little did she suspect that she’d be drugged and snuck aboard the cruise ship and hidden down in the bows below deck.

From the motel, before being transported to the ship with the aid of his fellow crewmen, the foolish beauty would be raped time and time again.  Down in the dark bows of ship, the many men of foreign nationalities comprising the crew easily parted with some of their hard earned money to same the charms of such a succulent American beauty.  Some spent their entire wages earned on the trip, with his breaks spent raping the beauty who was kept on a steady diet of the potent ‘Spanish Fly’.

Once in Mexico, half dazed from drugs, Julie was wearing the light blue dress and navy blue heels that she had worn to meet her blackmailer at the motel.  Unable to think straight, not knowing where she was at, Julie was led by her blackmailer and she knew better than to object to his demands.  Thoughts and memories of her loving husband were now so far away, and with the pulsating sensations between her legs, her thoughts were of the many men who had come to help her scratch at that nagging itch.

After a bit of a drive, she was assisted out of the car by her blackmailer, then Julie observed a rather paunchy Mexican as her abductor spoke “Ah, Mr. Sanchez, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Mrs. Julie Armstrong!”  “Welcome, my friend!  And it is my pleasure to meet such a lovely American beauty!” the Mexican advised, taking her hand and kissing the top of it.  “Come!  Come inside to my humble little home!” the man advised.

Knowing from her experience over the last few days, Julie knew better than to upset her blackmailer and abductor.  Although she did not want to comply, Julie did as she was told when advised “Mr. Sanchez would like to have a sample of what he is paying for, sweetie!  Kneel down here on this soft carpet and give him a kiss!”  As the paunchy Mexican stepped up to her, Julie reluctantly reached up to unzip the front of his pants, then reached in to fish out his short sticky but quite fat cock.

Sanchez could see the beauty trembling as she was forced to wank at his slowly growing penis. Wrapping a hand around her tiny fist, he stepped forward as the beauty tried to turn away from his jutting cock.  Grasping her by the hair and forcing her to keep her face still, he then proceeded to gloss her pink lips with some of the lip gloss oozing out of the tip of his penis.  “Open your lips sweetie!  Say …………ahhhhhhhhh!” he chuckled.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhh, yes!  And you say she has been married just four months now!  My, my …………………..she is a sweet little ‘puta’!  She shall be an excellent addition!  She shall bring customers back time and time again!” Mr. Sanchez announced.  Holding the back of her head, grasped at her long silky brown hair, he looked down at the lovely American beauty who had his old greasy cock between her lips.  “Ohhh ………….ohhhh ……………oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he wheezed as he forced her to suck him off, keeping her head steady till she swallowed down his slime.

Money exchanged for this white slavery deal, Omar advised “I shall see you tomorrow at the same time, my friend!  While you enjoy your new plaything tonight, I shall finish getting ready the second package that I have promised!”  Pocketing the twenty-five grand, Omar headed on back to the ship to relieve the fellow who he had put in charge below deck and pay him 10% of the earnings generated in his absence.  It would be a hefty amount but a necessary expense for Omar to keep things running smoothly.

Back on board the ship, Omar went down below to take care of Abdul and to check on that package he had been guarding and protecting from harm.  Counting out the money coming in while he had gone to deliver the first package to Mr. Sanchez, $2,500 had come in from the crew.  Abdul was a big 6’9” giant of a man who needed to earn money to send back to his family because of his father’s severe illness.  Thus, it was important for Abdul to earn as much as possible, doing without whatever he could and especially foregoing any costly pleasures.  Knowing this, Omar knew he could count on Abdul.  And to keep him in his back pocket for upcoming ventures, Omar told him “Go on in and help yerself!  The next hour is fer ya!  A little bonus for my good friend!”

Eyes widening in horror as the door opened and in stepped the large giant of a man who was leering with lust, Mrs. Katie Sherman trembled with absolute fear as she raised up the bedsheet to cover her naked and soiled body.  Drugged and with her system under the influence of constant doses of the potent liquid ‘Spanish Fly’, Katie had serviced a countless number of lusting men over the past few days, men of many nationalities and who eagerly parted with their hard earned money to sample the charms of a beautiful American woman.  Those men, each helping her through that constant agony by sliding their ‘things’ up into to ease the nagging itch, ‘things’ of varying thickness and lengths.

On that same cruise with the lovely Mrs. Julie Armstrong several months earlier, it was booked by her husband to celebrate her 25th birthday!  Mrs. Katie Sherman, a lovely redhead was an interior decorator, who looked so innocent dressed in a white outfit and who’s photo had appealed to Mr. Sanchez as an addition to grace the #1 brothel in the country.  And when the beauty’s photo was selected, Omar told the procurer “Oooohh, her skin is so fair  ..........................and thinking of that special room ya have down below ...........................this beauty would surely decorate that dark and dirty dungeon of yers ....................................letting yer customers have her while that purty little thing's chained to the wall by those iron braclets ya showed me!  Her screams will surely provide yer customers with added excitement!”

That last night out at sea before returning to the homeport where they were to depart, Katie was exhausted from the cruise and told her husband to stay and enjoy himself in the ship’s casino since he was doing quite well as she’d see herself back to their stateroom.  Katie was quite careful, looking about the narrow hallway to assure her safety, she was just about to put her keycard into her doorlock when suddenly she had been grabbed from behind and dragged into the inner cabin just across from where her stateroom was located.

For Omar, this being the last night of the cruise, he feared that he would be unsuccessful in making good delivery of the succulent beauty that Juan Sanchez had made before the ship departed from Mexico.  With the husband and wife together all the time, first dinner and then the casino, things indeed had appeared quite bleak for awhile.  But in seeing the lovely beauty depart from the safety of being with her husband, Omar had quickly run down the crew’s stairway to the deck where the beauty’s stateroom was located.  Knowing the inner cabin across from her stateroom being vacant, it provided him with the ideal hiding place.

It had been a quick and brutal rape as Katie could only sob and plead for her assailant to stop, but it was to no avail.  Hem of her dress pushed up, panties pulled down and off, Katie had also lost her sharp heels in which she could spike her attacker with.  Cabin soundproof, her screams of terror and pain when unheard as the vicious bastard thrust himself into her.  Hands pinned above her, cock partially invading her private parts, a bright flash suddenly went off.  After the rape, the bastard had forced her to mouth him, and in the process another bright blinding flash went off.

Having read earlier that crimes aboard a cruise ship in international waters rarely made any headway, Katie had not reported the rape nor made mention of it to her loving husband.  Douching and praying for the best, Katie was glad when the ship docked and she was on her way home with her husband.  But when the mail arrived marked ‘personal and confidential’, the contents filled her with shame and disgust, causing her to decide that she needed to obtain the obscene photos before her blackmailer sent them to her husband, family, and friends.

And then came that phone call demanding that she meet with her vile rapist if she did not want the photos released.  Katie had tried to find out how much he wanted for the photos but ‘you’ was the answer she got in reply.  She feared the worst but what could she do, resigning to the fact that she might have to allow him to have sex with her once again in order to retrieve the obscene photos.  ‘Meet with him for three hours!’ she had been told, thus Katie had to decide how to go about this as the meeting place was at the port city from where the ship had departed on that fateful cruise, a good three hour drive from where she lived and three hours back.

Feeling guilty, Katie told her husband that she was off to work, knowing full well that she was off to take a commuter flight that would take just over a half-hour.  She parked her car at the airport, then went to the check-in counter.  But earlier, when booking her roundtrip flight, Katie felt guilty as if she was going to willingly cheat on her husband instead of being forced to do so due to being blackmailed.  Not quite rational, Katie booked the flight under Katie Mandell since she still had a current ID, as if using her maiden name would alter things for the best.

Her disappearance, the discovery of her car at the airport, yet checks made with all the airlines showed a blank for any Katie Sherman making a flight.  This being a different city and state from the disappearance of Julie Armstrong also meant different police departments involved and thus there were no connections made between the two sets of disappearances.  It was concluded that Mrs. Katie Sherman had been accosted by someone, possibly killed and body disposed of, then the killer had taken her car and parked it before departing on a flight out of the city.

Abdul could see the fear on the beauty’s face, knowing full well that his large muscular black frame terrified her.  Towering over all the other crewmen, over eighty pounds heavier than any of them, Abdul was certainly capable of crushing this petite beauty, even killing her should he collapse upon her as his weight alone would make her incapable of breathing if she were beneath his massive frame.  But Abdul was really a gentle giant and did not want to hurt the pretty American beauty.

For Katie, in seeing this big giant approach, she feared that he would be rough with her like all the others in wanting to show their dominance over her and merely use her to sate their lustful desires.  And thus she was totally unprepared to hear the soft spoken giant advise “Do not be afraid prettee lady, Abdul will not hurt you!  Abdul will not crush you!  See, Abdul will lie on the bed so as not to break the prettee lady!”  Swallowing in nervousness, fearing that this giant of a man would have a change of heart if she did not please him, Katie reached out to stroke the donkey-sized cock that he had jutting out from between his thick muscular legs.

With the black giant appearing to be true to his word, although he was in the room to have sex with her, Katie felt so grateful for his concern that she wanted to thank him in some way.  One thing that she had come to learn over the past few days was that all these foreign men just loved degrading a young American woman by making her take their penises into her mouth and service them in that manner.  Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Brazilians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Greeks, Nigerians, Turks, Mexicans, and many more of unknown nationalities had demanded oral sex from her.  She trembled in recalling one man who spoke very little English say “Prettee lady ………..suckee ……………suckee, Salih!”

Grasping the thick stem, fingertips no where near encircling the girth of it, Katie heard the big man groan was she stroked him.  Then, bending forward as she continued looking up at him, she extended the tip of her pink tongue and ran it around the flange of the sensitive knob.  “Oh, prettee lady ……………….ohhhhhhhhhh …………………Abdul has never had such a prette lady please him before!” the giant panted out as she flick her now quite talented tongue over his cockhead before teasing the man’s pisshole with the tip of her tongue.  Opening her mouth wide, Katie was unable to get the big bloated knob fully in as her teeth began scraping the edge of its helmet.  Shucking at him once again as she shuffled up over his waist, Katie rubbed the giant’s cockhead up against her slit.

Katie was now thankful for the fact that her vagina was filled the brim from the spunk of the numerous men preceding Abdul, using their slick cum to lubricate this giant tool in order to be able to facilitate it, hoping that it would be of some help.  As she straddled the huge man and tried to accommodate him by working her slit open and wide enough for him, it was then that the man touched her for the first time.  And still he was quite gentle, merely putting both hands on her thighs and caressing her soft creamy skin.

“Ohhhhhhhh …………………………ohhh …………………………ah …………….ah!” Katie panted out as she desperately tried to spear herself onto the jutting prong.  Scared of be torn to shreds, yet wanting to please this gentle giant of a man, Katie was perspiring from her efforts to sit upon the thick spike.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered as her weight dropped down upon it, causing the thick cockhead to push through into her tight opening, stretching her as never before.  Panting, keeping absolutely still to get accustomed to the man’s size, Katie prayed that Abdul would not thrust up further into her at his instant.

Finally, a good two minutes later, Katie lifted up some and then slid down further onto the thick cock.  Up some, down further, up and down, up and down till now a good nine thick inches were embedded up in her cunny.  Reaching down between them, Katie grasped the stem, then realized that a fist full length still remained and thus she lifted up again to absorb even more up into her on the downstroke.  ‘My God ………………he has to be over a foot long!’ Katie thought, wondering if she could get it all in.

For Abdul, this lovely American beauty was just a dream come true and he himself wondered if she could handle all of him, but he certainly had to credit her for trying.  Caressing her soft creamy white thighs, Abdul could not believe his good fortune to have such a lovely woman please him as she was doing, for most would be afraid of his sheer size and refuse to take his donkey-sized cock.  And now the lovely beauty was grasping his wrists, pulling his hands up and guiding them to her breasts, her fingers guiding his thumbs and forefingers to pinch at her soft pink nipples.

With the potent ‘Spanish Fly’ coursing through her system, Katie was in dire need to stem that awful itch between her thighs as well as her sensitive nipples.  The thickness and length of this giant man was taking care of her needs as no other man before him had even come close to doing so.  As Abdul pinched her nipples hard as she had wanted him to do, Katie bit her bottom lip as she rode his cock and attempt to get it fully embedded up into her snatch.  Panting as she worked to accomplish this task, Katie panted out “Oh, yes ………………….oh, Abdul …………………..oh, yes …………..yes ………..pinch them ………………..pinch them harder.

Now lifting up a foot above the man beneath her, till his bloated cockhead threatened to pop out of her chute, Katie slid herself back down upon this thick pole.  Lifting up, then sliding down once more, again and again as this was serving to scratch that that nagging itch far up in her cunny.  Right hand reaching back, she cradled the giant’s balls in the palm of her hand, rolling them and squeezing at them before they popped.  “Fuck me ……………fuck me, Abdul ………………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Katie panted, then she got exactly what she hoped for as the big giant thrust his hips up, sending his black spear up in her to the hilt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhh ………………..yessssssssssss …………………………..yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Katie screamed out as the most fantastic orgasm ever racked her petite body.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………….yes ………………………….prettee Missy ………………………..oooh, make Abdul spurt like an oil well!” came the gentle giant’s groan of pleasure as he began spurting and spurting out his oily seed, more than ever before as the trim fingers were milking his nuts so expertly.

Collapsing forward, Katie rested atop the black giant while still milking at the pleasure giving cock that had just spent all its pent-up energy in her cunny.  “Ohhhhhhhhh!” she groaned in disappointment when the thick stem slipped out of her well-stretched slit with a loud “Ploopppp!”.  “Plurppp ………………….plurppp!” were the sounds that followed seconds later as thick blobs of male jizz exited her widely stretched hole.  But one thing for sure, Abdul’s thickness and the lengthy meat had definitely scratched that nagging itch between her legs.

A bit later, feeling the big man knocking at the door again with his rising cock thumping at her upturned butt, Katie reached back to once again grasp at his manhood.  Kneeling up and turning around, hand still on the pulsating shaft, she tugged at him while calling “Abdul …………………..Abdul!”  As the gentle giant sat up in response, Katie crawled forward some towards the foot of the bed to make room while pulling at the big man to get him up.  Now on all fours, she guided this throbbing cock right up to her slick slit, rubbing him up and down against it!  “Oh, yes ……………..yes, Abdul …………….yes, yesssssssssssssssssssss ………………………fuck meeeeeeee!” she panted out as the doggie fuck commenced.

Having enjoyed the doggie fuck that the gentle giant gave her, Katie used her cunny to milk at his dwindling cock as he lay partially atop of her but the caring man had made sure that his weight did not crush her.  But then came a pounding on the metal door before it was opened and the familiar voice of Omar was announcing “Hour’s up my friend!”  Gentle giant of a man departed, then moments later Katie was watching a skinny old Asian man getting out of his clothing.  She observed the man’s nametag that had the name of ‘Nguyen’ and beneath that the country ‘Vietnam’ from where he was from.  “Prettee missy ………………….suckee, suckee, Nguyen’! was what the man wanted of her.

The next day, drugged out of her mind, Katie was made to dress in the white dress that she had been told to bring with her.  It was the same one that she had been captured wearing in the photograph that Juan Sanchez had selected.  Temporarily in a zombie like state, the drug dosage would wear off in just over an hour’s time, shortly after the arrival at Juan Sanchez’s hacienda.  One thing that was no longer coursing through her system was the potent liquid aphrodisiac known as ‘Spanish Fly’ that had caused her to become so sexually aroused and in desperate need of sex.

When reality set back in, Katie was shaking in absolute fear, wondering what hellhole she had ended up in.  ‘Where am I?  What is this place?’ she asked herself, looking up at the padded iron cuffs locked upon her wrists with heavy metal chains from the dark ceiling holding her arms above her head.  A sound from her right side, the opening of a door and the appearance of a paunchy lusting Mexican had her trembling with fear, then the man spoke “Welcome to Juan’s humble abode!  You are indeed a beautiful one!  And I have been told that you have learned well ……………………pleasing a man with your beautiful lips and between those sexy white legs, my dear Mrs. Sherman!”

Allowed to watch through peepholes from another room, Omar watched at the greasy Mexican approached the lovely Mrs. Sherman.  Omar suspected what was the procurer’s intent with this lovely American beauty, for one caveat he had given to all the men seeking her comfort onboard the cruise ship was that her sexy white ass was a no-no, something that Mr. Sanchez did not want touched till delivery!  As Sanchez caressed the beauty’s trim hips, Omar observed the trembling wife tiptoe on the front of her heels in an attempt to move away from the caressing touch.

Watching intently, enjoying the sobs coming from the dungeon as the lovely beauty was void of the aphrodisiac in the system and no longer was in dire need of sex from a man to sate the needs that previously consumed her body and mind.  White skirt pulled down from her petite body and lying upon the dirty ground puddled around her white heels, Omar watched as the sobbing woman was again on the tips of her heels as Juan was sliding his pudgy hands up under her blouse to get at her titties.  “Please ………..no ……………………stop, pleaseeeeee!” came the plea.

Now, with the lacy white panties being drawn down and around her ankles, Omar watched as the paunchy Mexican got up behind of her.  Then came that shrilling shriek “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..stop ………………..stop ………………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  The sodomized beauty sobbed in pain as Juan slammed his fat cock up further into her cherry white ass, causing her to shriek “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

When Juan was done, leaving the sodomized and unconscious beauty hanging there from the chains with cum oozing out of her raped ass and down her thighs, Omar met with the procurer to strike another business deal.  Collecting his twenty-five thousand for the delivery of this American beauty, Omar laid out eight photographs that he felt Juan Sanchez might like to add to his lair in indeed making his brothel far superior to any competitor’s.  He watched as the old fellow gazed from one to another before selecting two of them.

Looking at the first photo, Omar commented “Ah, a lovely blonde beauty for you, huh!  An excellent choice, Mr. Sanchez!  She shall be in constant demand from yer customers and ya can charge much fer her services!  This little blonde beauty is Mrs. Alexis Norvill, age 26, and if I recall correctly is on this cruise to celebrate her 2nd Anniversary!” Looking at the back of the photo, Omar read the following details “A librarian with one child!  Very innocent looking!  Imagine spreading those trim sexy white legs and getting a taste of that little golden beaver between them!”

The next photo had Omar chuckling “Another golden blonde beauty, huh!  Indeed an excellent choice here, my friend!  This little beauty is the lovely Mrs. Robin Lansing, 25 years old and on her honeymoon cruise!  Apparently a very intelligent one too for this little beauty is employed as a biologist for ChemAir Corp.  She too will command quite a hefty price from your customers and be in great demand for her services!”  Like one selling his product line, Omar knew just what to say to help encourage the sale.

Deal on, Omar was pleasantly surprised by Juan Sanchez who signaled to his housekeeper and advised the elderly woman to “Have her dress nicely as I have a guest for her to meet!”  Five minutes later, enjoying a drink with his host, Omar stood upon recognizing the lovely blonde beauty that he had delivered here several months ago to this procurer, his first white slavery delivery.  He indeed remembered the lovely Mrs. Lori Walker as she was still very beautiful but one change he did notice, that of her being rather emotionless in her facial expression as she approached them.  And she seemed not to recognize or notice who he was.  Omar even remember that photo he had taken of her, that of her wear a black dress a pink waistband.

To Omar’s shock and delight, the blonde beauty who was still being searched for complied with Juan Sanchez’s suggestion for her to “Please greet my good friend Omar here!  Here’s a cushion for you to kneel on to greet my friend properly!”  With a cushion tossed to the ground before him, the lovely blonde immediately knelt upon it and reached up to unzip the front of his pants.  Cock fished out, the blonde beauty took him into her hot sucking mouth and proceeded to suck the energy right out of him.

Sent to her room after the professional blowjob she had given him, Omar heard Juan Sanchez tell her “Go to your room and undress as my friend here will be joining you very shortly as he only has an hour before he needs to get back to his ship!”  Omar then learned from the procurer that Mrs. Walker had indeed increased the income by threefold with men lining up to sample her charms.  Then the procurer was inquiring on the status of the investigation into her disappearance, which Omar gladly filled him in on as the case was no longer in the headlines as authorities were completely baffled.

“See how expertly she sucked you off, my friend!  Imagine my many amigos who have never before had an American blonde beauty mouthing their Latin cocks, huh!  Fifty bucks a pop and the next one steps up in less than ten minutes time!” his host chuckled.  In fact, just last week for the Cinco de Mayo holiday, the line went from her doorway all the way down the stairway and around the courtyard Omar was told.

His host laughed aloud, advising Omar that “It was a holiday special for my good customers!  Blowjobs only that day at thirty U.S. dollars from the lovely Mrs. Walker, which is more than two full days of wages for the average man in this country!  Do you know it was a record setting day, with the lovely Mrs. Walker sucking off a hundred Mexican cocks in a seven hour period, some of which were seconds!  Three thousand dollars for that one day alone from poor laborers!  Not bad, huh!”

Upon leaving, Omar thanked his host for allowing him to sample the charms of the lovely Mrs. Lori Walker once again.  Now, after three months in Sanchez’s brothel, fucking and sucking was second nature to the American beauty.  And she made no objection when he put her on all fours and got his cock up to the crack of her beautiful white ass.  ‘No way will that whiteboy husband of hers want to take her back into his bed at this point!  That once innocent wife of his is no more!’ he chuckled to himself at the thought how the blonde bitch got into the rhythm once he got his cock up into her.  And he suspected the same would soon apply to Julie Armstrong and Katie Sherman, if that was not the case already viewing the number of men sampling their charms on the trip to Mexico.

End of Story.