White Slavery Shipment - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier stories
entitled: ‘Cruise Ship – Day 1’, ‘White Slavery Shipment -1 & 2’
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For Omar Shoron, after having been successful in his devious exploits during the last two cruises, he had struck up a very lucrative contract with Juan Sanchez that would line his pockets with the kind of money he had always dreamed of.  So pleased with the merchandise delivered earlier, the #1 man who controlled the Mexican brothels agreed to pay even more by bringing him a half dozen beauties on the next scheduled cruise trip over to the well-known vacation spot as Omar ran an even higher risk of being caught for carrying out such a daring caper.  Juan knew this but was willing to pay the price as he had already seen the kinds of returns on such white beauties and now he wanted to expand the number of brothels and spread his enterprise out into the many small towns that he had gained control of, with the Mexican authorities looking the other way so long as he greased their palms.

A lovely beauty going missing from one city in the United States would be looked upon as a missing person, a possible kidnapping, or even a woman wanting to leave her husband.  But six beautiful women going missing all at one time, even if they were from different towns or cities, surely that might have the authorities suspicious and make the connection that a white slavery operation was now in the making.  Asked how he wanted them delivered, to be broken in by Juan and his men, or beautiful and unmarked on outside but thoroughly 'house-broken'.  Juan Sanchez had just laughed at Omar's proposal, knowing that Oman wanted to be the one to introduce each beauty to the life she would soon be employed in, and that Omar would be pedaling off their wares to the ship's crew.  'I'll let you and yer crew have some fun delivering those American beauties to Juan!  Bring the 'putas' to Juan ready to fuck or suck any man at the drop of a hat!' Juan had told his smiling black procurer of women.

Previously, Omar had taken advantage of a lovely beauty while she was on board the cruise ship vacationing with a loved one, following her when she happened to be alone.  If the opportunity presented itself, then Omar would drag the unsuspecting beauty off into an unoccupied inner cabin, viciously raping her to sate his pent up lust.  As in most rape cases, the assault would go unreported, leaving the sexual predator free to continue on with his crime spree.  And he had later sent blackmailing photos of the beauty's shameful rape that she showed up in hopes of retrieving the evidence but only to fall into Omar's devious trap and end up in the white slavery market far away in another country.

Determined to now treat this venture like a true business, Omar was determined to collect the $500,000 that Juan Sanchez had promised to him for this flock of beauties, double the amount per beauty that he had collected before.  He suspected that the Mexican Baron of Brothels surely had a plan for the six lovely American beauties that would quickly recoup his expenses and put him into a profit situation in no time at all.  But Omar could care less as he'd have all that money, plus would have the pleasure of introducing all the lovely innocent beauties into the world of white slavery.  At the thought of enjoying such pleasure, Omar closed his eyes in picturing the beautiful face cringing in terror when he was atop of them, forcing his bloated black cockhead up between their sexy white legs.  His cock twitched in excitement as he could just hear each of their agonizing screams as he proceeded to defile them one by one with a cock far bigger, both thicker and longer, than each had ever before experienced.

Following that big contract made with the brothel king, Omar curtailed his hunt for cunt to sate his lust on the trip back to its port of origin in the U.S.  Instead, with half of the cruise over, Omar needed to do some scouting in order to make his selection of the succulent beauties to be delivered on the next cruise to fulfill his end of the contract.  He wanted to learn as much as possible about the lovely beauties, not just their names and ages but where they lived along with their occupations.  Marital status was of no concern to Omar, nor whether they had any young children, but occupation was of some concern as he certainly did not want to draw any more attention than necessary when a lovely beauty went missing.

Omar also established a guideline, that being no more than one beauty taken from any one city or nearby town within a year's time, thereby lessening the change that their common tie-in would be discovered.  He correctly figured that even with similar investigations going on in various cities, the stupid cops would not put two and two together as to the connection between all of them.  Thus, with the criteria established, he planned on casing out ten to twelve of the loveliest beauties on board, knowing that some of them would of course be lucky enough to escape a life reduced to continuously spreading her sexy white legs in order to just survive.

Knowing just what turned the brothel baron on, along with all his horny clientele from the south of the border, Omar knew their cravings were for pretty gringas with long sexy white legs.  'Yes, very pretty gringas with long sexy white legs is what I shall be on the hunt for!  Knowing those horny Mexicans, nothing turns those horny bastards more that having an American beauty under them and to feel her long sexy legs wrapped around their fat asses while he shoves his fat cock up into her tight little snatch!' was what Omar knew for a fact.  For the amount of money being offered to him, Omar surmised that 'Juan must have everything ready to go in establishing a brand new high class brothel in some part of the country that he's gained control of, probably some area where money flowing from the drug trade, otherwise why would he offer such money as he has!  Yes, these pretty gringas that I'm to supply to him will surely become pretty 'putas' servicing the warlords of the drug trade and their men!'

What Omar had suspected was certainly true as Juan Sanchez had been broached by the drug king of Punta Gorega to supply him along with his army of men with the finest American pussy from north of the border.  In fact, to entice Juan with establishing a high class brothel in the territory, the Mexican drug czar had assured him that the authorities would be looking the other way and provided the new building to house the lovely beauties.  Title of the new building and the land under it would be signed over to Juan and he was promised that there would be over a hundred thousand American $ being spent at the establishment, of course provided that the ‘talent’ there be of the highest quality.  And in turn, with the money Juan offered to him, Omar thought ‘Ah, yes ……………..for that kind of money, it shall be well worth the risk!  I shall be only too happy to supply my friend Juan with the finest and sweetest American pussy, heh, heh!’

Captive #1
Mrs. Trish Rawlings

Captive #1

Mrs. Trish Rawlings

Just over three weeks of having returned from the wonderful cruise to celebrate their 5th Anniversary, 29 year old Mrs. Trish Rawlings was frightened out of her wits as she struggled against her bonds.  ‘Where am I?  Why am I all tied up?  Oh, God, what’s happening?’ were the questions racing through her mind.  Enveloped in complete darkness, Trish tried to scream for help but then realized that there was a large piece of tape over her mouth that prevented her from doing so.  Then she heard the sound of a ship’s horn blowing, very similar to when she had been on the cruise with her husband.

Trying to play back in her mind what she could last recall, Trish remembered going to the master bedroom to retrieve her baby blue pullover sweater as it was a bit nippy out.  She had grabbed the mail that needed to go out that day, then getting into her car and driving to the post office.  She recalled going in and dropping the mail in the slot, then getting back into her car and was about to start the car when there was a sharp paralyzing pain to the back of her neck.  That was all she could remember till awakening minutes ago to find herself bound to a bed of some sort, arms and legs secured and stretched wide, with the room in complete darkness.  Suddenly there was the noise of what sounded like back on the cruise when the ship started its engines.

With the vibrations felt immediately thereafter, Trish’s mind told her ‘I’m on a ship!  A large one …………..like the cruise ship John and I were on!’ Little did Trish know that it was on the very same cruise ship that they had celebrated her recent anniversary on, only this time is was not in the spacious luxury balcony cabin with a view but much farther down below in the bowels of the large ship.  It had been that day when she and John had decided to take a dip in the Olympic size pool on the top deck when Trish had attracted the attention of Omar Shoron who had been topside and looking to find ‘talent’ for the new brothel to be established south of the border.  Her long sexy white legs had done the trick and she was marked as a ‘definite candidate’ with Omar surmising that ‘Those Mexicans will surely enjoy feeling those long sexy legs wrapped around their fat greasy asses!’

Sizing up the beauty with short blonde hair, Omar figured her to be in her late 20’s, about 5’7” in height and about 120 lbs.  Obviously married to the punk she was with as the sparkle of her large diamond did not go unnoticed.  Once he observed hubby ordering a drink from the waiter at poolside, Omar went down to the bartender to take a look at the tab created and cabin number to which the drinks were charged.  Once he had their cabin number, Omar could go right to the computer in his room where he could access the application the couple had submitted for to reserve a cabin for the cruise as it contained all the information he needed.  Pulling up the application that had been scanned into the computer file, Omar smiled in seeing the beauty’s name, age, and home address.  Also, upon seeing her occupation as a ‘educational  program specialist’, Omar smiled as he thought of how ‘Those horny Mexicans bastards oughta love nailing this tall sexy white bitch!’

Trashing about against her bindings, Trish could feel the cuffs of her long sleeved blouse brushing against her wrists as well as the pair of slacks that she had on when going to the post office.  Suddenly, Trish’s eyes squinted shut from the blinding light as the door was opened and the light coming on above.  With a lot of noise, like that of a lot of feet shuffling into the room, Trish blinked her eyes to get them open and focused.  To her horror, men of all sizes and nationalities were filing in to fill the entire room, even behind of her as the top of the bed was apparently not flush up against the wall.  The man directing traffic at the foot of the bed was obviously the leader, causing Trish to tremble and shudder in fear as she looked up at the big menacing black brute.  Surrounded now by evil looking men of all sizes and nationalities, Trish fear for her life, and worst of all she feared ‘What are these vile men going to do to me?’

Smiling as he stood over the terrified beauty, Omar then looked about the crewmen who would help him pull off his daring white slavery caper.  Being in charge of the entire crew working below the main deck, Omar was the only one the men would pay attention to and obey orders from.  With Omar able to communicate with the crew in their own languages, even the captain of the ship often needed Omar to translate to the men as to what was needed.  In various languages, using short phrases, Omar communicated the amount of $30.00.  And with his partially closed fist showing a pumping action, the first two men coming up with the money were to be given the pleasure of having their cocks jerked off first by the lovely blonde beauty.

Although she had seen money being exchanged, Trish had not understood what had been said nor had she understood the black brute’s fist pumping motion.  And now those two men, whom she had seen passing money to the big black fellow, were moving to the top corners of the bed where her arms were bound at the wrists.  But upon hearing zippers being drawn down from both sides, Trish trashed against her bindings.  Now it dawn upon her as to just what had fist pumping motion had signaled and meant, coming to realize what the two winning bidders would have her doing to their filthy penises.  Trish blinked back the tears as her clenched fists were pried open, her fingers then being forcibly closed around two fat sticky tubes of man-meat, with the bastards holding her fingers closed around them as they each began fucking in and out of a closed fist.

Hearing the leader’s loud gruff voice once again, Trish looked towards him as the black bastard signaled out another $30.00, then saw and felt him reaching down to grab at the tennis shoe of her right foot.  Money exchanged like before, only by two other men giving the black man their money, Trish then saw those men move to the corners near the foot of the bed.  Shuddering, Trish felt her tennis shoes being loosed, then being peeled off her feet.  Then Trish tried to pull her legs up, trying to get away from the hard sticky flesh tubes rubbing up against the soft soles of her feet, hearing the men laugh as they pumped their hardons up against her for the footjob they had paid for.  Mortified, Trish whipped her head from side to side as she wanted to scream out but was prevented so by the duct tape over her mouth, wishing that this horrible nightmare would come to an end.

Hearing the loud gruff voice barking out other phrases in various foreign languages, Trish looked up in his directions as she feared more degrading acts to be performed upon her reluctant body.  What she saw next had Trish shuddering in disgust as the black bastard had his hands cupped over his chest to clearly indicate that bra cups being formed meant that he was now auctioning off her breasts.  Money exchanged first and then two men were moving into position on both sides of the bed.  Her white sweater was first pushed on up, her tucked-in baby blue blouse was pulled out, then her lacy white bra cups were pushed up to bare her breasts.  Trish could only shiver from unwanted pleasure as the two men clamped their hot mouths over her breast and began tonguing her budding nipples.

More gruff phrases in several foreign languages once again caused a devastated Trish to again look up at the headman.  Closing her eyes in despair, she then fought back the tears as her fingers squeezed upon the pulsating dicks in her hand.  Meanwhile, her toes curled up against the leaking cocks rubbing up against her pink soles, her body shuddering as the men nipped and tongued at her sensitive nipples.  Trish could not come to grips as to what she had just witnessed, but the black bastard’s clutching his crotch with one hand while flicking is tongue rapidly up down told it all.  As eighty dollars were handed over by a Filipino crewman, Trish tried to wiggle her hips away from the wiry hands pulling at the waistband of her white slacks.

Smiling as he held a bundle of cash in his hand, Omar first yelled out “Hundred dallars!” to the anxious men.  Then in various foreign languages, he uttered out what was equivalent to “Suckee, suckee!”  The first man who was eager to part with his hundred dollar bill, was then quick to hustle himself around to the top of the bed.  Omar next signaled to the man nearest to the metal door to open it on up.  Then to the man at the top of the bed, he gave the signal to tear off the piece of duct tape from the captive beauty’s mouth.  Just as Omar had hoped, the frightened blonde captive squealed out loudly for all to hear down the hallway “Nooooooooooooo ……………………nooooooooooooooo ………………nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

With the ship underway, the soon to be exhausted men would later go back to their stations, allowing others to be relieved from their duties, with those men soon to be forming a line outside of the cabin for a turn at having sex with the American beauty.  Now, not only did she have cock at both hand and foot, but the innocent young beauty was having a fat greasy cock forced down into her mouth as she withered about due to the long tongue wiggling about in her juicing snatch.  Along with all the other men in the room, Omar watched as the withering blonde was being defiled by the happy men around her, especially in seeing and hearing the bitch gag around the cock in her mouth and the bastard’s testicles bouncing against her nostrils.

Five cocks were soon to spurt their pent up loads, two in her clutching fists and two webbing her toes, with the wiry bastard above her getting to feed her his hot slimy jizz.  The exhausted men at the corners of the bed and above her then took their leave to relieve others so they could come to enjoy themselves.  As to the two men sucking at her breasts, one forked over more money for a handjob while the other wanted to her mouth sucking on his dick.  A new man paid for a handjob while two others paid to grease her pretty feet and toes with their hot sauce.  And it would be Omar to have the pleasure of getting to shove his horse-sized cock up into her too tight cunny.  Before her mouth was plugged by the cock now dangling at her forehead, the bottom deck of the cruise ship echoed with a loud shriek “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

And when the second set of five cocks had spent themselves, more excited men were wanting in on the action as the hallway outside of the cabin was lined up by over four dozen horny bastards, with each of them rubbing their hardons.  A spent Omar was proud to display his limp but still lengthy black stick as he collected more money while directing traffic, especially as his cock still glistened with fuck juices of the recent session.  And now he loudly announced the white beauty’s sexy white ass was up for auction, using several of his cohorts to relay in their foreign language that it was ‘In all probability a cherry white ass’!  Stepping forward with $200 was a big black giant from Malta weighing over 280 lbs, with his cock round and long like that of a rolling pin.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the shrilling shrieks of the Maltese sodomizing the pretty American beauty.

Captive #2
Mrs. Rachel McGuire

For 30 year old Rachel McGuire, she still could not get over the cruise that her husband had taken her on to celebrate her recent birthday several weeks ago.  Told just to schedule a week’s vacation, Darrin had surprised her by having arranged for his parent to take care of their four year old daughter so they could go on their very first cruise together.  The cruise had been so relaxing and just a fantastic getaway from her job as a freelance stenographer.  But being away for a week on the cruise and some time to get readjusted back to home and her job, it was rather hectic to play catch up on the backlog of paperwork.

Having just transcribed a recently taken deposition, Rachel was about to file her notes away in a cabinet before donning a sweater to go and pick her daughter up from preschool as she was clad in a white sleeveless top, a pair of green jeans, and wearing a pair of white tennis shoes.  Opening the file cabinet, then …………………..darkness!  Now, awakening with her arms widespread over head and bound, Rachel tried to move her legs but they too were bound.  Trying to call out for help, it then became apparent that her mouth was covered securely by a large piece of duct tape.

For Omar, with a different set of men from the crew with him, he would initiate them as to how the bidding would be done to enjoy the breaking in of a new American beauty.
And as for this lovely beauty with honey brown hair, Mrs. Rachel McGuire would soon be repeatedly gang raped till she became a subservient little whore who would be taught to immediately crawl on her knees to take a guy’s dick into her mouth as soon as that male figure dropped his pants.  For this pretty white captive, Omar planned on not being the first one to ‘ruin’ her tight little cunny but instead put it up for auction to the highest bidder.  Instead, Omar wanted the pleasure of being the first to rape her lovely white ass, keeping his fingers crossed that it was cherry.

Duct tape ripped off her mouth, with a cock in each hand and cocks rubbing against her soles and toes, with a Mongolian’s head between her thighs the beautiful captive pleaded “No ………….no ………….nooooooooo …………….no …………………..don’t let him!  Don’t let himmmmmmmmmm ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Then came the gurgling sounds created by the man above forcing her to accept his fat greasy cock into her reluctant mouth.  When the first session ended, the defiled beauty’s hands and feet were covered with a thick coating of slimy spunk while she turned her head to the side to try and spit out the filthy goo that had been ejaculated into her mouth.  The fat Mongolian between legs rose with a glistening smile on his face as he shucked at his big boner, for he had paid Omar in advance to also be the first to rape the beautiful American bitch.

“Stopppppp …………………….stopppppppppp ………………stoppppppppppppppp!  Nooooooooooooo …………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” was the music going down the hallways of the bottom deck of the cruise ship when  Mongolian shoved his rather short but very fat cock up into her tight little cunny.  Then her screams were silenced by the new guy standing above who had paid for some nice ‘head’.  “Oh, let me die!  Let me die!” the American beauty had muttered after her rape by the fat Mongolian bastard.  Their captive would soon want that very wish to come true as she was put on all fours while in her stupor, unaware of Omar shuffling up behind of her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..noooooooo ………….noooooooooooooooo ………………………….argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” told the waiting men out in the hallway as to what was taking place in the  cabin.

 Captive #3
Miss Caitlin Brewster

Unbeknownst to 21 year old Caitlin Brewster, a photo taken by the ship’s photographer had been bought even before it was to be posted up in the ship’s gallery for purchase by the passengers on the cruise.  The photo was being admired by the devious Omar Shoron in his cabin as he made his vile plan to deliver this succulent young beauty to Juan Sanchez.  Omar had seen the photographer asking the young blonde beauty to pose for him before taking that picture, of her in the striped navy blue and white pullover and navy blue skirt, just before her sorority sisters joined her on deck.
The cruise had been the sorority sisters’ way of celebrating after having graduated from the very prestigious college that they had attended for the past four years or so.  For Caitlin, it was a time to relax and party with her closest friends, all of whom she planned on inviting to her wedding the next summer.  She and fiancÚ-to-be Greg Mathews, having dated for two years, planned on making a formal announcement of their upcoming engagement that next month during the 4th of July gathering.  Both she and Greg had earlier gone shopping for her engagement ring, with her having already chose one and it was being sized, and Greg told her that he would get down on his knees to make a formal proposal once the ring was in hand.

For young Caitlin, other than when having changed her little nephew’s diaper, she had never seen a male’s penis before.  As for she and Greg, there had been a bit of touching and petting between them, with Caitlin dragging her hand over the front of his bulging pants to give him thrill.  Although wanting to but always refraining from touching her boyfriend further, Caitlin often wondered what it feel like in wrapping her fingers around his manhood and would lick her lips at the thought of putting her lips on his pulsating member.  Oh, she had heard her more experienced sorority sisters joke and kid about it, but Caitlin could only wonder what it really would be like to experience holding Greg’s penis and taking his member into her mouth, then to suck on it as described by the gals.  ‘Will he want to do it in my mouth?  Will I be brave enough to let him do it in my mouth?’ she often wondered.

Held captive and bound to a bed in what had to be a large ship, like the cruise ship she had been on, Caitlin was mortified in having all these foreign men shuffling into the confines of the cabin and surrounding her.  ‘What’s happening?  How did I get here?’ she wondered, able only remember last being out with Greg for dinner at a restaurant.  Now she recalled turning toward Greg after hearing a yelp, then it was darkness.  She did not understand what was happening, could not speak as her mouth was taped shut, but did determine that the muscular black man was apparently in the one in charge as he was the one barking out orders and then taking money being handed over to him.

Moments later, Caitlin’s wondering what it would feel like to hold a male’s penis in her hand was no more, not with her being forced into holding a big sticky cock in each hand.  It was absolutely terrible, like a pack of wild animals as the men began tearing off the green dress that she had on, then they were at her bra and panties.  With her white heels peeled off her feet, she was lying there totally naked before the room packed full with vile evil looking men of different nationalities.  As the men closed in on her, cocks were everywhere to be seen as many of the men had whipped out their penises and stroking themselves.  Several men bent forward to touch her body with their throbbing manhood, then her toes curled in feeling hard tubes of flesh on her soles.

Omar loved hearing the young beauty beg and plead as the Moroccan pushed her knees further apart as he dove on in to begin feasting on her tasty beaver.  “No, please ………………….no, please ………………..stop, please ……………….no ………………………noooooooooo …………….nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” was the sound of music to Omar and the men’s ears before she was silenced from above by the Greek bull’s cock.  Seeing the long blonde hair whipping about, Omar wished that her boyfriend could see his sweet little honey at the moment.  On the cruise, he had the bartender ask her friends about the beauty and reported back that the blonde beauty had a boyfriend back home and probably would be tying the knot soon.  ‘Oh, yes, the punk would be in for a shock in seeing her dripping wet and gagging on cum!’ Omar mused.

“Stopppppppppp ……………………..stopppppppppp ………………….no, stopppppppp …………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” were the shrieks let out by the blonde beauty as Omar shoved his horse-sized cock up into her virgin slit.  “Blood fuck!  Blood fuck!  Omar got himself a blood fuck!” was being relayed in English as well as several languages by the men lined up in the hallway.  Humping away at the raped beauty as his crew cheered on, Omar knew that the blonde beauty was deriving no pleasure from this fuck at all, but he didn’t care at all except to shoot his pent up cum into her once untouched body.  “Oh, honey, you shall make quite a lovely whore for Juan Sanchez soon!” Omar chuckled as a spasm shook his body, his cock unleashing his hot roe deep up in her fertile womb.

Just minutes later, Omar was parading up and down hallway while purposely twitching his bloody prick for the crew to see his triumphant victory.  And as proceeded on back to the cabin, he heard the beauty shriek “Oh, Godddddddddd, stoppppppppppppppppp …………….stopppppppppppppppp ……………………..stoppppppppppppppppppppp!”  For the crewmen in wonder, Omar announced that it was their Turkish buddy Abdul who was currently in the cabin sodomizing the pretty American bitch!  And then, he raised up an arm to yell out “Abdul!”  Three more times, with the crew members chanting in unison, Abdul was cheered on to ream out her cherry white ass.


Captive #4
Mrs. Diane Wells
At 31 years of age, having just enjoyed a wonderful cruise vacation with her husband, Diane Wells thought that life couldn’t get any better for her.  With two lovely children, boys at ages 4 & 6, the only question she and husband Dave had was that of whether to expand the family even more.  Closing her eyes at her desk, Diane would often playback those fantastic moments they had spent on their recent cruise, especially in the sack with Dave when she begged him to “Fuck me!  Fuck me deeper!  Oh, yes ……………..deeper …………………..fuck it deeper!  Knock me up, stud …………………..do it, go for it ………………………….fuck another beautiful baby in me!”

What Diane did not know was that she had caught the eye of the devilish Omar Shoron and that the devious black bastard had bugged the cabin in which she and her husband shared.  And with the bug very close to the bed, everything utterance had been picked up and recorded, then of course listened to by Omar down in his cabin below deck.  ‘Ah, the pretty American beauty wants to git herself knocked up good!  Well, if that hubby of hers don’t git it done now on this cruise, Oman and his crew will give it a good shot on gitting the purty bitch knocked up on her next cruise!  Heh, heh, and if not then, Juan and his bandidos clients south of the border will have the honor of planting a little baby in her tummy!”

With more crewmen now wanting in on initiating a newly acquired American beauty, Omar figured it was time to devise something new, to make it both exciting and different from that of how the earlier three bitches had been broken in.  With demand going up, that meant that he could raise prices also.  He looked forward to hearing from his men again when the cruise ship neared port, wanting to learn if everything was still a go in bringing aboard this extra piece of ‘cargo’.  Early that prior evening, he had gotten a call from Miguel who was in charge of grabbing the beauty and making off with her.  He had been advised by Miguel that “The cargo is in the bag and ready for shipment!”  But the rest of the message was cryptic, worrying Omar as what had been relayed meant that there was currently news broadcasts of the kidnapping and a search underway for the kidnapped beauty.

Twenty-four hours later, with the ‘cargo’ loaded the night before and now out into international waters, Omar got to breathe a sigh of relief.  Pressing the buzzer, one short and two long ones, was the signal for the men to now meet in the crew’s shower room.  Such signal was meant for a part of the crew, consisting of the first fifty men who had earlier come to hand Omar $400 for what was promised as a 6 hour long initiation of the lovely American beauty.  It was to be a no-holds barred affair with the only rule that the beauty not be disfigured in any way.  Having posted up a picture taken of the beauty on the last cruise, Omar quickly had $20,000 in hand.

Trembling and shaking, Diane was frightened out of her mind as she could not see anything due to the dark hood that was over head.  She shivered from the cold, her arms bare after having lost her brown jacket in her attempt to get away from her assailants.  She had been walking along on the sidewalk on her way home, just a block from her friend’s home after having dropped off a baby gift for the newborn, when she had been grabbed by the three men passing her.  Diane remember noting the men were of foreign descent, appearing to be yardmen there to do some work as they were unloading some equipment from a van.  Gagged and frightened, Diane realized that these evil men had kidnapped her and feared for her life when she heard the van start up, then it was driving on off as she struggled about.

Diane had heard the sound of what sounded like a ship’s horn blowing, very similar to what it sounded like when she had been on her recent cruise.  Hearing the loud engines, much louder than she recalled being in a cabin situated far above the main deck, Diane realized that she was on some type of boat that was moving when she felt the familiar rocking side to side motion.  ‘I’ve been kidnapped and being taken out of the country!’ she realized as Diane began to sob under the hood.  ‘Oh, God, please help me!  Please help me!’ she prayed over and over again, desperately wanting to see her children and husband again.  Then she trembled in hearing the metal door opening and strong hands calloused hands were pulling her up, then she was being forced along with her abductors.

Made to turn by the arms holding her elbows, her hands bound together in front of her, Diane knew they taking her into some other compartment as her shoulder bumped against the metal door opening.  Stepping in, Diane shuddered in nervousness upon hearing a lot of male voices cheering in delight.  To her horror, what sounded like a lot of men proved to be exactly correct when the hood was pulled off her head.  After blinking her eyes to get them adjusted to the light, Diane realized how well-founded her fear actually was.  Dozens of men, all of different sizes and nationalities, were in various stages of dress with many just having their jockeys or underpants on.

Dragged to the center of what appeared to be the crew’s shower room, Diane trembled as her bound arms were raised up and her bindings placed up onto a metal hook above.  Tape ripped off her mouth, Diane sobbed out “Please ………………please don’t hurt me ……………..please let me go …………………please let me go!”  “No …………..no …………………please noooooo!” she then pleaded upon seeing the foreign man of unknown nationality approaching with a knife in hand.  Diane thought that would be the end of her life, but there was some sense of relief when the knife was used to cut away her brown blouse then slit the center of her white lacy bra to bare her breasts before all the now hooting men.

Diane could only sob and plead for the man to “Stop!  Please stop!  Don’t do this to me!”  But then the bastard was at the waistband of her plaid beige slacks, pulling at it till the button popped off.  Zipper pulled down, then so was the pair of slacks to the delight of the male audience.  Slacks at her ankles, then they were roughly pulled off, taking her brown heels with them.  Naked now except for her panties, Diane then heard the men cheering in various languages, but she knew that they were wanting for their fellow crewman to pull her panties down.  She closed her eyes when it happened, hearing the applause and cheers that came with it.  Then the crowd of men was closing in on her, hands were everywhere, all wanting to touch and caress her soft white flesh.

Then the mob of men moved on back, leaving two of the men who had initially kidnapped her there in the center of the room.  The two evil bastards were then caressing her thighs, bending on down as their hands moved to her calves and ankles, then they were lifting her legs up and spreading her wide.  Diane sobbed and turned her head away as her most private part was put on display to the leering men in the room.  As the movement of the men turning her about stopped, Diane opened her eyes to see a big muscular black man appearing at the doorway ………………..and worst, he was totally naked ………………with his big black ‘thing’ jutting upwards at a seventy degree angle!  Looking at the man again, Diane then gasped upon realizing that she had seen him before, caught him eyeing her up on the recent cruise.

Having seen the beauty’s gasp, Omar knew that she had recognized him but he didn’t give a shit as he had her now and there was no way she would be pointing him out to anyone.  As he neared her, Omar smiled widely as he saw her eyes dart downward in fear of his menacing donkey-sized cock.  Giving a signal to a cohort, a loud playback began of the recording made that blared in the shower room for all to hear her chanting out “Fuck me!  Fuck me deeper!  Oh, yes ……………..deeper …………………..fuck it deeper!  Knock me up, stud ……………..do it, go for it ………………………….fuck another beautiful baby in me!”

“I’s see’s that ya remember from the cruise ya were on, my dear!  I’ve been dreaming of ya ever since!  Especially since ya had wanted to git yerself knocked up with a little one!  I shall be only too glad to accommodate ya!  And so will my friends here!” Omar advised as he stepped forward to put his arms around her trim waist to caress her soft white ass.  Then grabbing her asscheeks, Omar centered himself as the American beauty sobbed out “No …………………….no …………………..please …………………please don’t rape me!”  Omar just laughed as he shoved himself forward into her, loved hearing her shriek out “Stop ……………………stoppppp ……………….it’s too bigggg ……………..it’s too biggggggggg …………………..it won’t fitttttttt ……………………it’s killing meeeeeeeee!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

An anguished Diane could only think ‘It has to be a nightmare ……………a sheer nightmare!  When will I wake up from this horror?’  But it was so real, all so real, especially the painful stretching by this vile black man who possessed what only should be endowed to animals, like that of a donkey.  In and out it went, so deep in her that Diane feared it would certainly rupture something.  She felt her legs being wrapped around her rapist’s waist, found that if she stayed that way the pain was lessened, felt hands on her bound arms lifting her off the hook to place them around her rapist’s thick neck.  Diane felt so humiliated and degraded, as what could be worst than being raped by a big black brute in front of dozens of hooting and cheering men.

Ten minutes later, when the agonizing rape was finally over, Diane found herself again with bound arms above her and hanging from the hook in the middle of the shower room.  The same two men were holding her up at the knee and ankle, legs pulled wide apart to make her slit visible to the onlookers once again, only this time the men got to see all the cum oozing out of her raped slit.  Then, to her relief, the men were taking her down off the hook and letting her down onto one of the mattresses that had been dragged over to the center of the room.  But Diane’s relief was soon over as the men began pushing and shoving at each other to get at her.

Watching from his vantage point, Omar laughed as it would be the biggest and strongest to get to the bitch in this free-for-all.  The others would just have to wait their turn in order to sate their pent up lust for this American beauty.  ‘Ah, yes, when the six hours are up, this beauty will be well on her way to becoming a hot little whore for Juan Sanchez and his bandido clients!  If each man has her three times, which I think some may be even more for some of them, she’ll have 300 loads of cum shot on or in her!’ Omar figured.  But that would not be end of the ordeal, as there were another fifty men waiting to be relieved from duty so they can have a turn at her.  Plus quite a few more days at sea till the reached their destination in Mexico.  ‘Of course, she’ll need to git showered down good and cleaned up!  And the price for admission will later have to be lowered, once she becomes a well-fucked and used bitch!’ he concluded.


Catpive #5
Mrs. Vicki Warren
For 29 year old Mrs. Vicki Warren, it was supposed to be lunch with a good friend, then a bit of shopping at the mall before returning home to her family later that Saturday afternoon.  Lunch had been great, getting to meet up with her old friend to chat about old times, then to shop some alone as her friend an afternoon engagement to make.  After making a few purchases, Vicki decided to make a quick stop at her car to drop off the items rather than to lug them around.  Unbeknownst to her, several men had been following her for the last two days, waiting for such an opportune opening to abduct her.

Recently back from a cruise sponsored by her husband’s company for its top sales employees, Vicki had fun overall but thought it rather a bit confining at times.  But there were no complaints as all expenses were covered by the company.  No complaints other than feeling uneasy, feeling that someone was spying upon her.  She had thought a man, a large black man had been watching her from across the way, getting a glimpse of him but he then disappear behind a beam after she had looked towards his direction.  Having read negative news articles about cruise ships, that the reporting of crimes taking place in international waters would basically not get prosecuted due to the lack of jurisdiction by countries.  Basically, laws on the high seas left things as a free for all, especially the daring.  A cruise ship was like living in another city itself, with a rape being reported by a woman basically going uninvestigated.

And then, on departing down the ramp with her husband with his fellow employees, Vicki looked up to see the large black fellow grinning and leering down at her once again.  She saw him lick his lips with his thick tongue, then make a gesture towards her direction, a lewd gesture that had Vicki shuddering in disgust.  ‘Bastard!’ she cussed under her breath.  Although referred to a being prim and proper by everyone who knew her, the sorority Vicki had joined in college had been one where many gals had been quite flirtatious with the opposite sex.  That gesture had often been made by some of the gals in their story telling times, that of a horny male signaling that ‘I want to ‘eat’ your snatch out!’

A day later, following her kidnapping from the mall’s parking lot, Vicki’s head snapped back by the whiff of smelling salts being waved under her nose.  Blinking her eyes, feeling like her head ache badly, Vicki was unaware of her being put under by chloroform nor as to where she currently was.  As her eyes focused and mind working once again, she was horrified to see so many men of various foreign nationalities, all leering with lust filled eyes.  And then Vicki came to realize that her hands were bound above her head, forcing her to stand there as her were bound and the binding was over a metal hook hanging from the ceiling.

Still in her yellow and white print dress, Vicki found herself in the center of what appeared to be a large shower room.  Then she saw him, recognized that smirking black bastard for the cruise, the one who had made that lewd gesture to her when departing the cruise ………………………..and he was making that lewd suggestive tongue action again!  As the big black bastard slowly neared her, Vicki began to sob in fear “Please …………….please ……………….please don’t hurt me ……………….please don’t touch me!”  “Ahhh, shucks now, Mrs. Warren!  I’s ain’t gonna hurt ya none!  I’s gonna make ya feel real good!” she was told.  A second later, her dress was shredded, then her thin lacy white bra was also pulled off.

Panties pulled down, shamefully exposing her private part to all the hollering men, then it was pull off her feet to take her white heels with them.  She was now stark naked and forced to stand on tip toes, since her heels were now gone, to keep from hanging by her bonds.  But this was not for long, not with the big black bastard coming out from under and back of her, so now her outstretched arms hung from above while her thighs rested on the broad shoulders of the black crew chief.  “Ohhh, nooo ………………..no …………..ahhh ……………….ahhh ………..ahhh ………………stop …………….stop …………..please!” she pleaded as the black bastard proceeded to carry out his lewd gesture.  He was literally eating her out, wiggling his thick tongue up her juicing snatch!

Vicki sobbed in shame, knowing that all those men had watched her getting eating out, and worst of all had seen her orgasm right in the black bastard’s slurping mouth.  And now, the bastard had his hands grasping her asscheeks and she was forced to wrap her legs around his waist as her still bound arms had been draped over his thick neck, placed there by the two men who had lifted her off the hook.  The big bastard was strong and  had a good grip on her asscheeks, able to move her about some, enough so he could get his cockhead centered up against her gash.  And once that was done, the bastard walked her back ten feet to the cold metal wall of the shower room, pushing her back up against the wall.

That meant there was only one place for the bastard’s big black cock to go as he continued to go forward.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….arghhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as the bastard proceeded to rape her, nailing her right to the metal shower wall.  And the bastard hammered her hard, mercilessly, ramming himself up further and further up into her petite body.  “Stop …………….stop ……………………….it hurts ……………..………it hurts ………………….oh, it hurts so bad!” she whimpered out in pain.  But her cries only seemed to excite her rapist even more as he hammered to her even harder each time.

Dumped unceremoniously on some mattresses that were pulled into the center of the room, the bindings were then undone as she was manhandled by a swarm of men.  Then Vicki found herself being lifted, only to be settled down upon the fat cock of a grinning bearded brute.  Bent forward, she then felt a cock looking for the entrance to her virgin ass, and then she screamed “Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Hands lifted, she was now forced to handle two sticky stems of flesh, made to jerk the filthy bastards.  And then hands were in her long brown hair, pulling her down, made to suck on a big bloated black cock.

Hours later, the spent men were filing out of the room, leaving her there on the shower floor all covered in cum.  But only minutes later, men that had just been relieved by those who had their time with her were entering the shower room.  Pushed under the spray of a hot shower, her cum covered body was washed off and soapy rags were cleaning her up.  Dried with towels next, but it was only so these new men could get a fresh clean fuck session with her.  ‘How many men had me one way or another tonight?  How many dozens of men?  Did I suck off more than those who got off in my ass?’ were questions that raced through her mind as she knelt there on the floor of the shower.

Forced to kneel there on the cold shower floor, head pull backed by the bastard had entwined his thick fingers in her long brown hair, telling his five fellow crew members jacking themselves off in broken English to “Shoot it in the puta’s pretty face!  These pretty American bitches actually pay much money on a cruise to have a hot facial to make their skin soft and smooth!  On this cruise, this purty puta shall have dozens of hot creamy facials ……….….all fer free, heh, heh!”  Then Vicki cringed, not from cum being ejaculated on her face, but from the hot creamy shampoo that the bastard gripping her by the hair had squirted into her hair.  She had not realized the bastard had wrapped her long brown hair around his throbbing cock to jerk himself off in that manner.  Then she squinted her eyes as one of the bastards in front popped his load right up across her face diagonally as he laughingly bragged of how “Nothing can be better than getting to cum right in the pretty face of a prim and proper American gringa!”  And the fellows about him concurred as they grunted out their vile lust, spurting their filthy cream all over her face and hair.


Captive #6
Ms. Dawn Ellis

Going an a cruise to celebrate their engagement might seem like a no-no, but it was no big deal for 25 year old Dawn Ellis and her fiancÚ as they’d been living together for the past two years.  Yes, they did have sex and both enjoyed it very much, but they did practice safe sex as pregnancy out of wedlock was a no-no for them.  They had talked about starting a family one day, in fact they hoped to start one as soon as they exchanged their marital vows that coming year.  Very much in love, such was evident to all who saw them as a couple on the recent cruise.

So to was it evident for Omar when he had seen the loving couple holding hands and embracing on deck.  He had spotted the diamond ring and noted the absence of a wedding band.  In this day and age, it meant nothing for a male and female to register together in one room for the cruise.  After learning of their cabin number, pulling up their profile showed that Ms. Dawn Ellis and Mr. Mel Fisher had put the same address on the registration.  It also had Ms. Ellis’ occupation as physical therapist for Mercy Hospital located out in Springville.  ‘Damn, that beautiful redhead will certainly be a prize for Juan’s brothel!  Those Mexicans will pay a pretty penny to sample her lovely charms!  Yes, and so would the crew for such pretty morsel with long red hair!’ Omar had concluded, deciding that he had to add her to the planned shipment down south.

One thing that Omar knew for certain, for the crew being comprised of men from a number of foreign countries, a redhead was quite a rarity.  And his posting of the ravishing redhead’s photo, taken during the cruise with her in a red swimsuit, had the crew beating a path down to Omar’s door for a chance to witness the beauty’s rape and defilement. With the response being so overwhelming, he figured ‘I had better figure a way to git it so’s more of the guys git to witness the pretty bitch gitting introduced into her future livelihood as a fuck’n little whore!  And I’s wonder jist how much the redhead bitch will bring if’n I’s auction her off!  Oooh, after the winning bid is in as to who gits to rape the bitch first, I bet the guys would bid on gitting the honor of holding the bitch down while she gits it ………….and of course each will git himself a hand or footjob in the process!’

Dedicated to helping others, Dawn Ellis even volunteered her time on her day off to assist in delivering meals to the elderly.  And it was on one such a day when several elderly folks went without a meal as their daily lunch had not been delivered by the pretty and caring volunteer that would come every Thursday on her day off from work.  Her car was found later when her boyfriend failed to reach her by phone and then had called the community center to see if she was there, then had reported her missing to the police.  But by then, with six hours having lapsed from when she had been abducted, Dawn had been transported some three hundred miles to a wharf where cruise ships made port on a stopover to pick up more passengers.  But in Dawn’s case, she would enter the cruise ship via the cargo lift.

Struggling in the burlap bag that covered her, Dawn winced up hitting the back of her head against the wooden crate that she was in.  Frightened out of her wits while in total darkness, Dawn could only feel the rough material of the burlap and she just could not maneuver her body very much due to the cramped space in which she was held captive.  She froze as the crate suddenly swayed from side to side, then a tug, followed by the sensation of being lifted upwards.  Then Dawn shuddered in hearing a loud ship’s horn sounding, so very similar to that of the cruise she and Mel had been on when the ship would sound it’s horn to notify passengers who had gotten off that they had a half hour to get back on board as the ship would soon be departing.

What followed had Dawn terrified, that of the lift on which she had been transported was lowered and then placed back onto a solid surface.  Feeling the box or crate in which she was confined being lifted and moved, hearing the sound of heavy footsteps moving along, Dawn pounded through the layer of burlap again the wood and yelled “H-E-L-P!  Help, I’m in here!  Someone please ……………..help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Then to her horror, she men laughing and conversing in a foreign language that she could not understand.  After some minutes of being carried and moved along, Dawn shuddered upon hearing in broken English “Omar ……………fine pussy ………………the sweet red hair pussy that ya send us fer!”
Crate placed down, footsteps heard walking away, then came the clanging sound of a metal door been shut closed.  ‘I’ve been kidnapped ………………..taken onboard a large ship!  Oh, God …………………what’s going to happen to me?  What are they going to do to me?’ Dawn sobbed in utter desperation.  But the words that she had heard spoken in broken English came back to haunt her, especially in which they had made reference to, that of ‘pussy ……………..sweet red hair pussy’!  Those words basically told it all to Dawn, as she came to realize that ‘I’ve had been kidnapped by evil men ………….being put on a ship ………………….by men who plan to …..…………to violate me for …………….to ravage and rape me for their vile pleasure ……………….and maybe sell me to in some foreign country to be prostituted out to paying men!’  And how so right her dreaded fears were!

For Omar, he had a different problem with this rare redheaded beauty as there were just not enough men to adequately man the ship as all wanted in on seeing this lovely captive being raped and defiled.  Thus, Omar ended up having to make it worth their while for the minimum twenty men to see that the ship cruised along without a hitch.  It would be costly, but Omar figured he’d make it up on the auctioning off of this lovely redhead.  And so, those twenty men would earn an addition triple time in cash as well as a free one hour gangbang session with the pretty captive when they were relieved, with the whore showered down so they could enjoy some clean pussy.

With those twenty men having dinner first, as Omar had arranged, the other eighty crammed the crew’s dining for their dinner and of course expected the their crew chief to give them the scoop as to when the pretty captive would be making her well-anticipated debut.  As all had neared completing his dinner, their beloved crew chief took center stage to announce that “As ya have all paid a hefty price on this occasion, ya should be treated to some entertainment with yer meal!  And then enjoy some sweet little ‘dessert’ that I have brought on board fer yer pleasure!”  All the crew hooted and hollered, knowing just what was on the dessert menu for them!  Omar laughed, telling them “Ah, I see ya’ve all guessed what that sweet ‘dessert’ is, huh!  That sweet little redhead bitch will be yer dessert fer tonight!”

To the crew’s astonishment, in came four of the crew carrying a long crate through the doorway and placing it in the middle of the dinning room area.  Crowbar used on the crate by one of the muscular men and the crew watched intently as the four men proceeded to get the squirming burlap sack out.  Crate pushed aside, two of the men held the contents of the squirming sack as the other two men proceeded to get the top of the sack undone.  A moment later, the terrified redhaired beauty stood before them in the brown top, beige slacks and white tennis shoes in which she had been wearing when abducted.  These four men from Malta worked in the engine room, each short of money as having sent most of it home earlier, knew they would not be able to cast a winning bid and thus had bargained with Omar to let them have the pleasure in assisting to hold down the lovely redhead while she was introduced to bowels of depravity held in store for her.  Each had paid Omar $150 for the pleasure and each would have the added pleasure being fist them or getting a footjob in the process of holding her down for the winner bidder.  Then the four men got an even added pleasure added on when Omar yelled out for them to “Strip her!”

It was absolutely fantastic entertainment for the crew as they hooted and hollered out for the men at center stage to “Strip her ………….strip her …………..tear her clothes off!”  “No …………….no ……………….please, no ……………….noooooooooooooo ……………….nooooooooooooo!” the beautiful captive cried out to the men’s delight as two guys held milky-white her arms outstretched while their grinning friend reached out to give a hard yank and came away with the front of her brown pullover top.  The two men holding her arms reached up to pull down the remaining pieces down off her arms, leaving the sobbing beauty with just the wisp of a white lacy bra to cover her pert little  titties.  But that was soon gone as the man in front of her had reached forward once again to easily pluck it from her, giving the entire crew quite a view as her red capped titties flew about as she struggled to get away.

“Please …………………….please ……………………..stop ………………..stop …………………..please don’t do this to me!” the beauty sobbed out, but it was just the sound of music to Omar and the crew.  She sobbed out even louder as the assailant who had torn off the front of her blouse and bra had moved up to cup her soft white titties in his hands while the man behind of her was working her beige slacks down over her hips.  Then her bared trim milky white legs had the crew cheering as the man behind of her was now getting her tennis shoes off so he could strip off her slacks that were now bunched around her ankles.  “Nooooooooo …………………….noooooooooooo!” the lovely captive cried out as the assailant behind of her was working her lacy white panties down over her trim hips, down her slender white legs, and pulled off her feet to leave her stark naked in this large room filled with men of many foreign nationalities.

A cheering roar went up, with only the captive beauty not knowing what brought that about, for she did not get to see the man who had stripped away her panties now having the silky garment balled up and held to his face.  But on a similar cheer, the sobbing beauty did learn what it was for as her panties had been passed along to the man holding her right hand and he was inhaling the her fragrance with the crotch of her panties glued to his face.  Then her panties were passed along to the man in front of her, to her left, then tossed out into the now frenzy crowd.  The big black man, who had given the order to the four who had stripped her, was now naked as he began to approach as her and growled “Down on yer knees, bitch!”

The horror on the beauty’s face was quite evident, giving Omar great delight as he stroked at his donkey-sized cock.  Seeing the whites of her eyes as she stared down as his jutting black bone, observing how she fought to get free from his crewmen, it was obvious that the bitch knew what he was going to make her do in front of the entire crew.  And best of all, he suspected that such a prim and proper American beauty had never in her life performed oral sex before.  “Down bitch!” Omar ordered once again.  “No …………….no ………………never!  Please …………..please ………no …………I’ve never …………..I’ve never done such thing!” the bitch rebelled as she struggled fiercely to avoid the degrading sex act expected of her.  “Nabul!” Omar called out, a signal for the man behind of her to move into action.  And Nabul moved quickly, pushing in her knees from behind, then grabbing her by the ankles and lifted.

With the lovely redhead lowered to her knees by the three men holding her, many a crewman then unzipped his trousers in order to give relief to his throbbing hardon.  It was quite an exciting sight to see the towering muscular black crew chief approaching the terrified American beauty, hear her sob and cry as she shook her head ‘no’.  Outstretched arms held her firm, with hands of the bastard behind of her now entwined in her silky red hair to hold her face firm, it was quite thrill to see Omar rub his big black cock all about her cringing face.  The black and white contrast made the erotic seen even that much more thrilling for the horny crewmen.  And with the beautiful bitch looking like she wanted to puke made it all that much sweeter.

A collective “Ahhhhhhh!” sounded through out the room when Nabul gave her hair a hard yank, giving Omar the perfect opportunity to feed the reluctant bitch several inches of his dark meet.  Hands of some crewmen began waving up and down, signaling the crowd to quiet down ……………indicating that the wanted to hear the bitch gurgle as Omar forced his monstrous fuck stick down into her throat!  Many had to wonder if the beautiful redhead would die choking on that humungous piece of black meat being forced down into her throat.  More and more of Omar’s black cock began disappearing down into the white bitch’s wide stretched mouth, creating some ‘oooohs and ahhhhhs’ from the crowd, many of whom were now stroking their boners.

Seeing the whites of her eyes, Omar then pulled his length dick out of her throat so the bitch could breathe, then began to jackhammer the first six inches in and out of her mouth till she regained her breath.  And when she finally did get to take a deep breathe, Omar had something special waiting her ……………..her very first taste of male cum!  Actually, it way more that just of taste of cum as Omar shoved his boner in just six inches as he wanted to see her choke and all the goodies he had stored up on his big black balls.  “Oh, yeah ……………………..ah, yeahhhhhhh …………………..oh, yeahhhhhhhhhh …………………….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Omar shuddered as his cock unleashed his hot jizz in one powerful spurt after another.

Minutes later, the fight was over for the cum drunk beauty as her head drooped in shame, her lips partially open as cum continued to ooze out and form a white string of liquid dripping to the floor.  Meanwhile, Omar was conducting the auction to see who wanted first dibs on raping the beautiful redhead, with a minimum bid to start at $300.  $300, $400, then $500 …………………………and minutes later Omar pointed and announced “Sold at $1,200!”  All the men went silent and turned to see who had the winning bid, with the silence broken when one of the crew muttered out “It’s the black bull!  It’s Mustaff!”  Some of the crewmen felt a bit sorry for the young beauty, especially those who had seen Mustaff’s middle leg, with one of them muttering to the men around him that “If that pretty American bitch has played the game of softball before, she’d probably want the fat end of a bat shoved up into her rather than taking Mustaff’s fat fuck’n monster!”

The four men paying for the pleasure of holding her down, pulled their captive up and dragged her to the large dining table that had been cleared off, then had her spread eagled atop of it.  As the beauty had been in such a fucked out stupor from the forced blowjob, Nabul grabbed her by the hair to pull her head on up so she could see the black 6’9” 340 lb. giant who had won the right to be the first to rape her petite body.  Her shudder of fear was felt by Nabul as well as observed by men in the audience.  The size of the big man was one thing, but the monstrous 15” cock being pumped in his fist was another.  The terrified beauty could be heard “No ……………..no ……………………..nooooooo ……………..please ………………..he’ll kill me with that ………..that ‘thing’!”

“No …………no ………………….please , noooooooooooo ……………..no yieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the blood curdling shriek as Mustaff forced her slit to stretch far wider than it was made for, forced to take in the fat bloated cockhead of the big giant.  But there was still more that remained jutting out between them, so much more!  And now, the men hold her arms pinned to the table were their cocks gripped by the beautiful captive.  And those holding her legs down were happy to be rubbing their leaking cocks up against her soft pink soles.  It was quite exhilarating entertainment for the crew as several had prematurely popped his load high up into the air, meaning that he’d better get his cock revived quickly or he’d be in for some real sloppy seconds.

Omar chuckled as the big giant somehow managed to ram most of his fucking boner up into the bitch before no more could be forced up into her without rupturing something.  ‘Ah, yes, Juan Sanchez’s men and clients will have a lot of fun when this pretty redhead whore gets delivered to them!  Right now in this session alone, she’ll be servicing eighty men during the next few hours!  And when the twenty on duty gits relieved and have a free hour with the bitch, she’ll have had a hundred different men before the night is over!  Multiply that by three on average per guy, that ought to equal to ‘a horny little fuck’n whore’!’ Omar thought.

Next stop:  Mexico

Still, there were several more days before the cruise ship would dock where the ‘special cargo’ would be unloaded and delivered to Juan’s new brothel.  Having first hand knowledge of what Juan expected from his stable of putas, Omar put several trusted crewmen to help him break the prim and proper American beauties of their habits, to get them ready to suck or fuck any man desiring to be with them.  Those trusted men would be in charge of unloading the ‘special cargo’ as well as getting it safely transported and delivered to Juan Sanchez.  Already those trusted men were at work: getting the whores to quickly shower and pretty themselves up as well as getting ready for her next customer; collecting from the next crewman in line to be serviced by his choice of one of the six bitches on board, etc.  And for their payment of the onboard services, each of his trusted whore-maker was to sample three of the six bitches each day and/or night free of charge.

It was important to train the naturally reluctant beauties to obey each and every order given to them in preparation for their new found profession, the oldest one in the world, yet it was also a must to keep them looking like the prim and proper beauties as when each had first come aboard ship.  Such was to see that each bitch got to eat properly, to keep have enough protein and to keep from looking haggard and like that of a well-fucked out whore.  Naturally, each one of the captive beauties would initially refuse the healthy meal delivered to her room on a tray, often flipping the tray and tossing its contents over onto the floor.  But in initiating a quick lesson, such would never occur again, unless the bitch wanted to go through the ordeal of sucking off a dozen men in a row and have that kind of protein filling her belly instead of regular food from the ship’s galley.

As for clothing, a large supply of new women’s clothing was available in several sizes and stored in a hideaway area.  Omar was smart, having some of the unsuspecting women crew that worked above make some large purchases for him.  He’d pick women that appeared to be the same size as a captive, telling her to buy nice dresses, heels, and undergarments in their size.  As he paid them well for their sideline services, telling them to keep a couple items for themselves, he had clothing of various sizes that would fit his ‘special cargo’.  And of course, some of the clothing would be worn by the American beauties when delivered to Juan’s brothel, as first impressions played a key role in all lines of work.

End of Story.