White Wife Blackmaled
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of
the earlier story entitled:  ‘Halloween Horror’
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Children playing with their toys and behaving well, Mrs. Amy Renfro looked out the window nervously as she waited for her sixteen year old babysitter to arrive.  With it being early December and her husband handling the cross-country flight that would involve laying over for the night and not returning till late afternoon the next day, she had asked the sixteen year sitter if she could watch the children this evening as she had a Christmas party to attend.  Thus, dressed for such an occasion, Amy awaited for the girl’s arrival before she departed from home.

Hearing the familiar reeve of the souped up car, signaling the arrival of the car dropping off sixteen year old Terri Martin, Amy had to wonder if her parents objected to her dating an eighteen year old.  But it was not the two year difference in age between Terri and her boyfriend that Amy was really wondering about, it was a clearly visible aspect in question, one that was clearly ‘black and white’!  Such aspect being that Terri was a teenage blond beauty, while her very matured eighteen year old boyfriend was 6’4” tall, muscular …………………………and BLACK!  Peering out of the curtain, Amy observed Terri headed up the walkway as her black boyfriend backed out onto the street before the heading off in his bright red car.

Complimented by young Terri as to how beautiful and elegant she looked in her light green dress and white heels, Amy blushed when the girl commented “You look so beautiful in that dress, Mrs. Renfro!  I’ll bet every man at the room will be making a pass at you tonight!  If he doesn’t, you’ll know he’s gay!  Boy, Mr. Renfro had better not take more of these long flights requiring a layover!”  With Amy blushing at the comment, Terri giggled and apologized “I’m sorry, I was just kidding!  I know how true to are to Mr. Renfro and the children!”

Explaining to Terri that a meatloaf dinner was in warming in the oven, Amy advised that there was enough for her also, and that the children had bathed already.  She also gave Terri instructions as to how long the children could remain up before going off to bed that night.  And as she was about to head out the door, Terri inquired of her “Will you be calling me when you’re about to leave the party?”  “Oh, yes, I will!” Amy replied as it was something she normally did in order for her to contact her boyfriend Dushawn Davis, who would then come by to take Terri home after she arrived back at the house.

Ten minutes later, while driving, she answered her ringing cellphone and heard the caller say “Room 125, Mrs. Renfro!”  Reaching her destination minutes later, Amy turned into the parking lot and saw a space between two cars, a bright red sedan and a silver station wagon.  She looked about, one being for safety and the other to be certain no one she was acquainted with happened to be nearby.  It would certainly not do well for a highly respected mother and president of the Women’s League to be observed going into a room at the Horny Toad Motel.  Seeing the coast clear, Amy reached over for the cold bottle of champagne that had been chilled in her refrigerator.

Close clear, Amy got out of her car and walked to the door of Room 125.  Just one knock upon the door and it was evident that the occupant in the room had been expecting her arrival as the door quickly opened for her to enter.  Champagne bottle taken from her hands and placed upon the sill of the nearby window, Amy trembled as large hands were placed upon her trim hips as she was greeted with “Yer right on time fer the Christmas party, Mrs. Renfro!  How do ya like the Christmas decoration I put up for ya?”

Looking about, Amy saw no such decorations anywhere about the shabby motel room.  “Look above ya, Mrs. Renfro!” she was advised.  Doing so, Amy observed a mistletoe hanging from the ceiling above her head and between them, then she was asked “Do ya know what the customary thing is when a mistletoe is above ya, Mrs. Renfro?”  Swallowing nervously, Amy could not find the strength to answer and merely nodded a ‘yes’.  Pulled forward a bit as the male occupant met her half way, Amy steeled herself and tilted her head up a bit for the expect kiss so not as to offend Dushawn ……………Dushawn Davis, Terri Miller’s eighteen year old black boyfriend!

Amy shuddered as Dushawn’s thick tongue pushed between her lips and was now grossly probing the interior of her mouth.  Hands at her sides, forcing herself to endure this indignity, she would not respond to him but at the same time she did not want to aggravate or anger him in any way.  Kiss ending, the lusty young man was now nuzzling at her neck, then he was moving down causing Amy to gasp as Dushawn mouthed her left breast through her dress and thin lacy bra.  She felt so ashamed as the tip of his tongue pressed and flicked at the budding nipple that began to reveal itself through the unwanted stimulation that it was receiving.

This certainly was not what Amy wanted, much less being in this seedy motel of which the name depicted what it was normally used for and as an indication as to what type of clientele it catered to.  She had only come here to prevent the despicable photographs that were in Dushawn’s possession from being sent to her husband as well as people she knew in the community.  The photographs left nothing to chance as to it being her in them, worst was the fact that the photos were XXX rated in content, all of her having sex or perform some lewd sex act …………………….all with Dushawn Davis!
And there were also some taken previous when he had spied upon her, using telephoto lens to captured her in her light blue night gown, making it seem as she had actually posed for them.

Those incriminating photos left absolutely nothing to the imagination, especially the one with Dushawn’s filthy black cock embedded deep in her mouth.  Sex with Dushawn had not been consensual on her part, far from it on that Halloween night, for he had clamped his hand over her mouth and dragged her unwillingly into the master bedroom.  With Terri and her children sickened and passed out from the drug that had been slipped into their cold drinks, Dushawn had then proceeded to carry out his devious plan of attacking her.  Hands tied to the bedrail above her head, clothing stripped of her body, Amy then suffered through the agonizing ordeal of being savagely ………………..RAPED!

Too ashamed to report the despicable rape to the police, hiding her shame from her husband, Amy had kept the violation to herself.  But as hard as she tried to put the ordeal out of her mind, lay in bed next to her husband each night from then on, Amy would shudder at the memory of Dushawn’s large calloused hands caressing every inch of her body.  Breathing shallow, Amy recalled the feel of the heavy muscular body crushing her to the bed, then every agonizing detail of his huge filthy ‘thing’ stretching her as never before.  Her cries and sobs for him to stop had gone unheeded, just as were her pleas for him to use a condom and not to shoot his filthy semen into her, and she then learned that Dushawn was intent on impregnating her …………………..to knock her up with his little black bastard!

Steeling herself and not moving as Dushawn moved over to feast on her other breast, Amy observed the aroused nipple of her breast clearly outlined through the wet discolored area of her light green dress that had just been obscenely mouthed.  Moments later, when Dushawn removed his mouth from her right tit, that area was also wet and discolored with his saliva.  Then the bastard was cupping them in his hands, grasping them hard, definitely creating creases and wrinkles that would certainly show.  Then he was thumbing her stiff nipples through her clothing, gloating at the fact that he “Got ya all excited, huh!”

Standing there as Dushawn reached behind her neck to unhook the top of her dress, Amy then heard the telltale sound of the zipper being drawn down her back.  Seconds later, dress pushed off her shoulders and now lying in a puddle on the grimy carpet, she closed her eyes as the bastard began mouthing her breasts through the thin lacy bra.  Getting his fill of that, calloused hands moved around her back to unclasp her bra, then the flimsy garment was laying on the floor atop of her crumpled dress as Dushawn’s mouth clamped over the sensitive pink nipple of her left breast.  “Owwwwwwwwww!” she let out as the bastard deliberately sank his sharp teeth into her tender nipple to get a response out of her.

As Amy stumbled back some in trying to get away from Dushawn’s biting of her nipple, her back was now up against the door as he shifted over to administer similar punishment to her other breast and tender nipple.  After she yelped in pain from the sharp teeth sinking into her breast through the thin bra, the lusty teen dropped down to kneel in front of her to grasp her panties and strip them down her trim legs.  Next, her right leg was lifted at the underside of her right thigh, panty falling off the front of her heel as her leg was draped over his left shoulder.  “Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” she cried out as Dushawn’s hot mouth moved up to clamp upon her exposed sex.

Pressing down on the tip of her left heel, right hand grasping the doorknob and pushing down upon it, Amy tried to escape from the thick tongue licking at the outline of her sensitive slit.  Trembling with nervousness and humiliation, her petite body began shuddering with unwanted pleasure as Dushawn’s thick and talented tongue began to wiggle up inside of her clasping pussylips.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………God, nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she cried out, desperately trying to find the willpower to merely withstand the assault and not derive any pleasure from it.  It seemed so unreal, so hideous and bizarre a sex act to Amy, yet she began creaming in his hot mouth.

Correctly suspecting that the lovely woman was desperately trying not to show any emotion, yet from the way she was moaning and mewling as he licked at her pussy, Dushawn knew that he was certainly getting to the sweet innocent wife and mother of two.  Her inexperience with other men, much less having her cunny sucked out, Dushawn knew that he’d break her and she’d be cumming right in his mouth soon enough.  As she began juicing, Dushawn slurped up her sweetness and merely toyed with her a bit before going for that buzzer ……………………her ultra-sensitive clit!  And when he did tongue the sensitive bud, he had the lovely Mrs. Renfro cumming and screaming out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, God ……………….Godddddddddddddddddd ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Moments later, Dushawn let the sexy right leg slide off his shoulder and then slung the weak-kneed beauty over his shoulder, carrying her over to the bed and dumping her unceremoniously upon it.  Pulling off his t-shirt, then dropping his jeans and jocks, Dushawn then climbed up onto the bed and hovered over the limp beauty as he shucked at his rigid boner.  “Ya want it again, don’t ya, Mrs. Renfro?  Ya want my’s big black cock stretching out that hot little pussy of yer, don’t ya?  Bet ya’ve been think of me all the time since we partied at yer place on Halloween, huh?” he taunted.

“No ……………………..no …………………..you’re wrong!  I don’t ……………….I don’t want to have sex with you ……………..again!  Please ……………….don’t ……………….no, don’t ……………don’ttttttttttttttttttttttt!” Amy whimpered as Dushawn rubbed his bloated cockhead up her quivering slit.  Indeed she had thought of his monstrous black cock since that Halloween night, more than once in fact, something like each and every night as she lay in bed reliving that brutal rape.  “Aieeeeeeeeee …………………….it hurts ………….I can’t take it again ……………………..it’s too biggggggggggggg!  Don’t ………………………please, pull it out!” she cried out in pain as the thick prong pushed forward and forced its way in between her pink folds.

“Oh, Mrs. Renfro ……………………yer hot little pussy’s got itself all tight again!” Dushawn gleamed, enjoying the snug fit of her cuntlips clasping tightly around him, and loving her whimpers of pain as she pleaded with him to stop.  Holding onto her trim hips tight to keep her in place, Dushawn then forced several more inches up into her agonized body, causing her to sob and whimper from the pain of having his thick cock stretching her out.  Another lunge and he was fully buried up in her snatch as his balls slapped against the bottom of her ass.  “There ya go …………………..see, it fits up yer tight little pussy!  Bet Mr. Renfro’s eyes would bug out seeing how’s easily ya’s took all of Dushawn’s twelve incher!” he gloated.

With the expertise he had gained in fucking innumerable bitches since fifteen years of age, Dushawn liked the challenge of turning on this rather inexperienced woman, having her crave this undesirable fuck session.  Slowly and deliberately, withdrawal first then slicing slowly back in, over and over Dushawn stroked his long thick cock up through her hot snapping pussy.  Now the hands that were pushing against the top of his shoulders were embracing him and her knees clamped as his hips before her trim sexy legs were wound around his ass with heels locked together.

Soon the sobs and whimpering changed to “Ooooooooooooo …………………….oooh, ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………….ahhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And as she started to actively participate in the fuck by undulating her hips up and down upon his thick boner, the devilish Dushawn froze in mid-stroke as she tried to arch up in order to get him to continue.  Dushawn loved it when the beauty, who had been steeling herself from responding just minutes earlier, was now frantically trying to get him to fuck her at this point.  He beamed as she stammered out “What …………………what’s wrong?  Why are you stopping?”  “Beg me ………………beg me, Mrs. Renfro!  Beg me to fuck ya!” he advised.

Teeth clenched, Amy shook her head ‘No!’ in defiance to his demand as she arched up in an attempt to envelope more of his pleasure-giving fuckstick up into her cunny.  She squeezed her cunny around him in an attempt to get him to start up once again, but he just wouldn’t give her any more of his dick.  “Please ………………..please …………….do it ……………….please, do itttttttt ………………do it to me!” she pleaded.  But that was not enough for Dushawn as he demanded “What, Mrs. Renfro?  What do ya want me to do to ya ………….tell me what ya want me to do to ya!  C’mon, use the ‘F’ word ………………ya’s know the ‘F’ word ………………………I’s wanna hear ya use the ‘F’ word!”

Panting out in heat and desperation, Amy was at a loss as her squeezing her cuntlips to get him going just was not working.  “Damm you ………………….Godddd …………do it …………………..do it, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she panted out.  Realizing that she had not complied to his demands and knowing what he really wanted, Amy’s willpower gave in and she screamed out “Do it, damm you …………………..……………FUCK me ………………………..FUCK me with your big black cock!  FUCK me, you bastard!”  And with her giving to his demand, the pleasure giving shaft got back into gear and slid all the way in, causing Amy to moan “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

“Yessssssss …………………..oh, God, yesssssssss …………………………….oh, yes, yessssssssssssssssssss!” Amy chanted over and over again as the muscular black stud gave her cunny the kind of fucking that it craved since that dark Halloween night.  Nearly twelve long inches sliced in and out of her juicing cunt as the bloated cockhead always remained within her, causing Amy to swoon from the unreal sensations.  But then her tormentor stopped in mid-stroke once again, causing Amy to yell out “FUCK me, FUCK me, FUCK meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  But then came his hideous demand of “Tell me ya want my black baby, Mrs. Renfro!  Beg me to knock ya up!”  After a mere ten seconds passing in unmoving silence, Amy pleaded “FUCK me, Dushawn ……………give me your baby …………………………..knock me up with your little black bastard!”

One thing that Dushawn was certain of was that this beautiful white bitch did not want his little black bastard in that tummy of hers and just saying that to get the fucking that she now craved.  But Dushawn didn’t care as he just wanted to hear this beautiful prim and proper white bitch begging for him to fuck her with his donkey-sized cock.  He knew that without a doubt, that no matter her religious or moral convictions, beautiful Mrs. Amy Renfro would definitely undergo an abortion than to give birth to a little black bastard as that would bring an end to her marriage.  Another thing that he was certain of at this point was that the lovely beauty was now hooked on the kind of loving that only he could provide, that kind of fucking that his big black cock was capable of.

Giving it to her good, his slow steady strokes having picked up steam and now at jackhammer speed, Dushawn now had the beauty clutching tightly at him with her sharp manicured nail digging into his shoulders.  “Yes …………………yes ………………yes ……………………….oh, yesssssssssssssssssss ……………………………fuck me …………………….fuck me …………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” he heard her cry out.  “Want it?  Want my hot cum, Mrs. Renfro?” he taunted as he deliberately slowed down again.  And this had her immediately panting out “Cum ………………….cum in me ……………………shoot it …………………………knock me up with your big black cock!”

Back up to jackhammer speed once again, he then had her screaming out “Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………………….I’m cummingggggggggggggggggg!”  Burying his cock into the hilt, cockhead flaring wide deep in her fertile womb, Dushawn felt his nuts tighten and then unleash his hot pent-up load into her hot little pussy.  “Ahhhhh, cumming Mrs. Renfro, cumminggggggggggggggggggg!  God, I’s gonna knock ya up good!” he chanted as spurt after spurt gushed out into her belly.  He knew that she would be overwhelmed with guilt once she came back down to earth and would not want him even touching her at that point but he was intent on breaking her spirit by keeping his now wilting cock buried deep in her twat and letting her feel it throbbing in her cunny.

Just as her tormentor had planned, once Amy drifted back to earth from the wild mind-shattering orgasm that Dushawn’s big black cock had taken her to, she tried desperately to push him from and out of her body.  What had given her so much illicit pleasure just moments ago now felt to horrid and despicable, especially the manner in which it throbbed and twitched within her body.  And worst now, Amy swore that the limp donkey-sized cock was beginning to harden once again and regain its prominence.  Cock slicing in and out slowly as Amy crossed her legs over him, a second fuck session had just commenced.

As it neared 11:30 p.m., Amy picked up the telephone as instructed by Dushawn and dialed her home number.  “Hi, Terri, it’s me!  I’ll be leaving the party in about fifteen minutes and should be home a little after midnight!  See you then!” she told the sitter.  A minute later, Dushawn’s cellphone rang and he answered “Yo, babe, ready fer me to pick ya up?  Oh, okay, she’s leaving the party in about fifteen minutes!  That Mrs. Renfro sure is some lady!  Ya think maybe she really didn’t have a party to go to and stepping out when Mr. Renfro’s outta town?”  Then he added “Yeah, think yer right!  That elegant lady is just too prim and proper to do something like that!  Okay, see ya soon, babe!”

Elegant, prim and proper were the words being used to describe her, all while she knelt completely naked upon the dirty carpet while shucking and mouthing Dushawn’s rigid black bone.  “C’mon, Mrs. Renfro, ya gotta be leaving our little party in fifteen minutes!   Suck it, baby, all the way down yer throat!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dushawn moaned with pleasure.  Fingers entwined in her long silky hair, he was pulling and pushing upon it, face fucking and humiliating her as he taunted “Don’t think in a million years Terri would ever think an elegant lady like ya would be on her knees sucking off anyone, much less sucking off her black boyfriend, huh!  And how’s about yer hubby, Mrs. Renfro, bet he ain’t had the pleasure of you cocksucking him yet, huh?”

As she had been taught by the devious Dushawn, knowing that this would please him, Amy had her left hand grasping at the base of his cock with her sparkling diamond for him to see as mouthed and tongued his boner.  Her right hand was also busy at work as she grasped and rolled his testicles in the palm of her hand.  Upon each backstroke, Amy flicked the tip of her tongue over the bloated cockhead and teased at his flaring pisshole.  It was so despicable and humiliating as his strong hands pulled her to and fro upon his lengthy 12” cock.  Then, as she teased his pisshole once again, her tongue was suddenly inundated with hot male sauce as she felt the balls contract in her right hand before shooting out its goodies into her mouth.

Fifteen minutes after midnight, Amy pulled into her spot in the garage and entered through the door leading to the kitchen area.  She trembled with nervousness, feeling rather bad and apologizing for being late, but more so for what she had done with Terri’s boyfriend even though it was due to being blackmailed by him.  As she got some money out of her purse to pay the teen, Amy felt so conspicuous as there was no escaping Terri’s notice and staring at her very wrinkled dress front.  Walking the teen out to the front door, waving goodbye to her, Amy shivered in seeing Dushawn’s car in the background as the black bastard was waving at her.

Dushawn noticed Terri’s silence from when she had enter his car, then after a moment as they proceeded towards her home he asked “What’s the matter, babe?”  Dushawn couldn’t help getting a twitch in his groin when Terri relayed “I ……………….Mrs. Renfro …………………I’d never have believed it had I not seen it for myself!  But I think she’s having an affair with someone!”  “What make ya think so?” Dushawn pried.  “The front of her dress, it was so wrinkled, and I’d swear that there was some dried stains causing it discolor a bit ……………like someone had put his mouth over her dress to get at her breasts!  And when she had her back to me while getting money from her purse to pay me, I noticed that there were some white stains on her dress, which I swear were cum stains!”

Going straight to her home and dropping Terri off as she had school the next day, Dushawn chuckled in seeing how perceptive his girlfriend really had been.  With the front of her dress so wrinkled and along with his saliva having discolored the areas where her titties would be, Dushawn knew that there was no way that the prim and proper wife would be able to hide her obvious indiscretion, especially with her still hardened nipples budding through the fabric without the bra that he had confiscated as a souvenir.  And in the poorly lit motel room, the unsuspecting beauty had been concerned only with the front of her dress when slipping it on, not noticing the cum stains on the back, put there earlier during the night when Dushawn had used the garment to wipe off the thick layer of fuck juices covering his cock after withdrawing it from her well-fucked slit.

A half hour later, Amy used the last bottle of douche in her bathroom cabinet that she had checked upon that afternoon, knowing that such would be needed upon her return home.  Amy now relaxed some as she let the spray of the hot shower bead down upon her body.  Looking down at her breasts, Amy blinked back the tears in seeing the bruises upon them, for they formed the outline of teeth marks being clamped upon them.  Thinking of her loving husband, she sniffled back the tears, for the first time it had been sheer rape but this time her submission had been through blackmail.  It had been her resolve to merely go through with through the ordeal without emotion, but that had miserably failed her and such was the cause of her being in a state of despair.  ‘Why did I give in?  I begged him!  Begged him to ‘FUCK’ me!  Begged him to cum in me!  I even told him that I wanted him to ‘knock me up’ with his little black bastard just so he’d continue fucking my brains out!  You’re nothing but a whore!  A slut!’ she chided herself.

Scrubbing her skin raw, trying to wash all the evidence of her infidelity from her body, Amy shuddered upon thinking of being thrown out of her home and banned from ever seeing her children again should her infidelity be discovered, even if it had been initiated through rape and blackmail.  How she had succumbed tonight to her blackmailer, then willingly and wantonly participating in the sex acts, Amy would never be able to forgive herself for such a disgraceful behavior.  Dropping the bar of soap, she bent down to pick it up from the shower stall, then winced from the pain in her backside as it still hurt badly from when Dushawn had proceeded to bugger her after recovering from their second fuck session.

Turning the shower off, Amy opened the shower door and was about to step out when she gasped “How …………………how did you get in?”  Stepping back fearfully, Amy trembled as the naked Dushawn stepping into the stall with her and turning the shower back on.  “Took it off yer key ring when ya was passed out on the bed!  Figured ya’d be going into the house through the garage and wouldn’t notice yer housekey missing!  C’mon, Mrs. Renfro, gimme a good back scrub, then give my cock a good washing before we’s put it to use again!” she was advised.  As she soaped the washcloth for him, Amy’s one thought at this time was ‘That was my last bottle of douche!’  A moment later, Amy's right hand was gripping the top of the soap dish for balance as her toes could not touch the tiled flooring as her back was sliding up the tile siding as Dushawn began nailing her right to the shower stall.

That next morning, before the children awoke to go to school, Amy was being educated in the art of ‘69’ing!   Later, having kept her bedroom door closed, Amy quickly had the kids finish their breakfast and ushered them out of the house as they would walk to the school bus stop located a few houses down.  Having called in sick at her place of employment, Amy then went back upstairs to the master bedroom.  Staring at what looked like a long dormant snake, she shuffled up onto the bed and reached forward to wrap her manicured fingers around it, feeling it immediately respond to her touch by expanding in both width and girth.  Shuffling up further while holding the stiffening shaft in place, Amy sucked in her breath as she began to settle down upon it, then trembled as Dushawn’s large hands came up to cup her breasts.

With her husband scheduled to be off on a similar flight that next week, Amy was told to call Terri to save that night for sitting the children as she’d have another Christmas party to attend.  Having sent out the family Christmas cards that was comprised of a nice picture of the family, the excess cards and envelopes had been left in the basket on the kitchen counter in case another one was needed.  Amy did not notice that they had all disappeared, envelopes included, all taken by Dushawn when he had departed from her home.

Unbeknownst to Amy, the devious bastard planned on using those cards to wish a Merry Christmas to his basketball buddies who were still in high school and invite them to a Christmas party the next week at the Horny Toad Motel.  With the basketball team ranked #1 in the state, they’d certainly be giving a lot of points for each gave of the tournament being held in the school gym.  So, with the lovely wife and mother pictured in the photo promised to them as their Christmas present, Dushawn knew that they’d be willing to shave some points from each game provided they still be allowed to win it.  It’d be a real Christmas party next week, with the five starters and main sub invited to attend so they could enjoy their present from Dushawn.  And of course, all six of them just happened to be lusty black teens, with each towering at 6’ or more!

End of Story.