Wife, Prosecutor & Prostitute
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories of:  Con's Revenge 2 and Pretty Pimped Prosecutor
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Awakening in the early morning by the fist pounding on the door, Sharon looked about the ceiling of the unfamiliar room.  Then she realized that this was the cheap motel room where she had checked in the other evening before that eventful rendezvous on the beach.  The motel room to which she had returned in order to shower and cleanse herself.  Then the pounding on the door continued as a male's voice announced "Open up, bitch!"

'Oh, my God ……………..its Hobie!  He knows I'm in here!' Sharon realized.  How things had so drastically changed, ever since she had prosecuted this thug, using her charm and grace to sway the judge and jury into believing that the man was guilty of the crime.  It hadn't mattered to her then that there was really no evidence from the burglary obtained from the search warrant.  She was after a conviction to chalk up on the scoreboard.

The fact that items stolen in prior burglaries made it look bad and she had used the fact rather unethically, letting it slip in the prosecution of the case, in order to seal his fate.  Of course, the defense attorney had jumped up and asked for a mistrial.  Fortunately, Sharon knew that she had the judge wrapped around her little finger and he ruled in her favor, though she knew very well that a different judge would have done otherwise.  She be long on career before anyone sought to appeal the guilty verdict.

Once on a hot day, divorced Judge Hawkins passed in the hallway and congratulated her on the presentation she had made in a case earlier during the week.  Sharon knew that the judge was a horny old bastard wanting to get close to her, in her panties to be exact.  She knew the effect that she had upon men, no matter if just a laborer or the judge in charge of the courtroom.  And Sharon played it to the hilt, joining him for a drink at a private club, meeting him there so as not to attract attention.

She knew that the judge wanted to get into her panties badly, like all the other men she'd met, but Sharon had her own agenda for joining the judge for a drink.  Of course, there was the accidental brushing of her heel up against his calf as she crossed her legs under the table, giving the judge a blushing apology 'Oh, excuse me, your honor!'  After a couple of drinks together, the judge got braver and asked her to join him for dinner, Sharon then put him down kindly with "I'd really like to, your honor!  But it wouldn't look very good for a happily married woman be dining out with a handsome man who's not her husband!  A drink or two can always be classified as business talk, don't you agree?"

With that ruling in her favor, it was off to jail for the innocent Hobie Smith.  But Sharon did not know just how vengeful the convict could be, vowing to get his payback in a pound of flesh.  And it was quite an ingenious setup that Hobie Smith had planned for her, getting her to visit another prisoner on the guise that the fellow inmate would be willing to spill his guts for a lighter sentence.

Unsuspectingly, Sharon had walked into the trap that Hobie had sprung on her, even having bribed a guard and allowing him in on the action.  Cornered in a vacant interview room, Sharon was confronted by convicts she had put into the prison.  They were quite horny, without contact with the opposite sex except on visiting days and always under a watchful eye.  She had paid dearly that day, raped by the devious Hobie Smith in front of the others and then given over to the other inmates and gang raped for hours. 

The rape at the prison had left her with more than memories of that horrible day.  It had left her pregnant with a baby growing in her belly ……………..a baby fucked into her by one of the men who had raped her.  Worst of all, the men had all been black!  Despite her religious and moral stand against the topic of abortion, Sharon saw no other option as she could not give birth to a black man's baby, even if it was as a product resulting from a rape.

With her shameful rape caught don film, Sharon found herself then being blackmailed by the ex-con, forced to allow him into her home where he did it to her right on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  Though ashamed at having to submit to the man on her marital bed, the mind-shattering orgasms she experienced were no comparison to those achieved with her loving husband.  Sharon soon found herself under the control of this devious ex-con and could not get out of his clutches.

From then on, it appeared as if a switch had been turned on inside her body as Sharon just could not get her mind off of sex.  It was not that of the gently lovemaking that she had with her loving husband but the rough and kinky sex that she had experienced that day in the prison along with the recent visit to her home by the arrogant Hobie Smith.  She had finally realized that the devious Hobie had turned her into a slut ………………..raving nymphomaniac.

Sharon thought back to when Hobie had last visited at her home, after he had sated his lust and gotten dressed.  She recalled how he had laughed as he tossed a business card towards her onto the bed, snickering "You're a real hot little whore all right, bitch!  A real nympho if I've ever seen one!  You cum even harder the kinkier the fuck is, huh bitch?  Yeah, you just love kinky sex!  Call me when you're in need of some ugly bastards fuck'n the shit outta ya!  Call me and I'll get it all set up ……………yeah, think of me selling your sweet little ass to some low-life black bastards on the streets!"

After repeatedly having fought the temptation to call the number on the card, Sharon began to succumb to her need for rough and kinky sex.  But each time, she hung up the phone before Hobie had the chance to answer it.  For days this went on, the need for rough kinky sex building in her body.  Unknown to Sharon, Hobie's phone was equipped with Caller I.D. and he had purposely not answered it, taking amusement in seeing each time she allowed the phone to ring a bit longer before hanging up.

Then, when Sharon found herself on the phone with the devious ex-con as he greeted her with "I see ya been trying to reach me, babe!  Ya must be horny for some kinky shit, huh sweetie?"  She learned that the Caller I.D. had given her away each time she had called.  Then she was taken by surprise as Hobie advised "Tomorrow night at 9 sharp, drive down to the end of Beach Road and park.  Go to the under the overpass and meet 'Toolman' and 'Wacko'!  They'll take real good care of you, sweetie!  I told them you'll just love it if they pissed all over you, bitch!"  Before she could protest, the phone was hung up on the other end and she only heard the dialtone buzzing in her ear.

She had felt so guilty that Friday night, orchestrating that phony phone call where she spoke loudly to indicate that she had to leave immediately to make the long drive and arrive at a decent hour to check into a hotel.  But it was not a long trip for her at all, just across the seedy side of town to the beach area where the planes flew over after takeoff.  There, she was to meet the two derelict winos and give them the thrill of a lifetime.


Though it had been rather degrading and humiliating, deep down, Sharon loved being treated like a two-bit whore and even being pissed upon by the two old coots.  Mind only on sex, loving it as the men treated her like dirt, Sharon knew that her conservative lifestyle with her loving husband was a thing of the past.  She wondered just how long she could pull off this charade, hoodwinking her husband and yet getting the 'fucking' that she so desperately needed from whoring herself out.  Though common sense told her otherwise, Sharon was now thinking only between her legs.

Again the pounding sounded on the door and Sharon dared not keep the man waiting any longer  ………………………the man who had pimped her out her out to the two derelict winos.  Pulling the tucked in sheet from the bed, holding it around her, Sharon scurried over to the motel room door.  Removing the chain and unlocking the door, she opened it to see the growling face of Hobie Smith.

But along with Hobie was a young white teenager, who Hobie then introduced as "This here is Adam!  He's running the desk at dis here motel today!  Adam here is gonna see that the rooms around this one won't be rented so as no one gets suspicious of all the traffic coming out of this room!"  As she gave him a puzzled look, Hobie then filled her in "Cause yer gonna be quite busy today …………………..servicing all the 'johns' I've got lined up for ya!"

"How much time ya got, kid?" Hobie turned to ask the young teen.  "I ………….I put a sign out saying I'd be back in a half-hour!" the teen replied.  "Like I said, twenty bucks and a roll in the sack with this sexy broad!  Whadda ya think, Adam, my boy?  She look good to ya?" Hobie asked.  As Adam nodded a 'yes' in response while licking his lips, apparently still not believing his good fortunate nor expecting to have a beautiful woman the likes of the sophisticated Sharon Hicks at his disposal, the teen then asked "I ………..I'll even give you the room next door!  You know …………….like a waiting room for the 'johns' ………….so they don't have to wait outside ……………….if ………………..if she'll go down on me first!"

Hobie chuckled and patted the teen on the back as he pushed the door open on a jittery Sharon, then slammed it shut once they were inside the motel room.  "Ain't Adam here a brilliant young man?  Damn fine idea he's got in making this a classy operation!  Hell, the 'johns' can chug a beer while their waiting their turn …………….like a real cathouse!  C'mon, Mrs. Hicks, drop that sheet so's Adam here can get a look at the purty prize he's getting for being so thoughtful!" he ordered.

The teen didn't look like he was out of high school yet but Sharon realized regardless of his age, he was like any other male who lusted after her sexy body.  It felt so wicked, here she was a married woman and successful prosecutor for the state, yet she was about to prostitute herself to this young teen.  Sharon realized that she had prosecuted quite a few women for prostitution and here she was doing the exact same thing, letting a pimp sell her body to men willing to pay for her services.

With the juices flowing, slit now slick as she clenched her thighs together, the wickedness of the situation made it all the more intriguing and exciting for Sharon.  Indeed, it was the kind of kinky situation that she had been craving for as she stood before the young teen and the ex-con who had just pimped her out.  Then she heard Hobie again order "Heard what I said, bitch?  Show Adam yer sexy bod under that sheet ………..the sexy bod that yer stupid husband thinks only belongs to him!  That sexy ass of yers belongs to me bitch ……………..now show Adam what he's getting fer being a good boy!"

Biting down on her bottom lip, Sharon released the sheet that covered her, first baring her breasts to the ogling teen and then letting the sheet drop to the floor.  Seeing the teen's wide grin of approval, Sharon's eyes then moved down to the movement in the teen's pants, caused by the arousal and rising of his penis.  Without being ordered, Sharon dropped to her knees and reached out to the front of the teen's pants, pulling the tab of his zipper down.  Then she reached into the opening!

For Adam Hunt, he couldn't believe the good fortune that had fallen his way when Hobie Smith had walked into the office.  Though he did not know Hobie personally, Adam knew him by name and on sight as everyone this side of the tracks knew of Hobie Smith.  Seeing the frightened blonde beauty upon the opening of the motel room door, it was quite obvious that this was no ordinary hooker, not this sophisticated woman who obviously did not come from this side of the tracks.

"Ohhhhhh, babyyyyyy!" Adam moaned.  The blonde beauty had just grasped him with her soft sexy manicured fingers, clenching and unclenching her hand around him.  He had seen the sparkle of her diamond ring before she had reached in with her left hand, making it evident that what Hobie had said about her being married was indeed true.  As she pulled him out, his cocked twitched with excitement as he gazed down upon the sparkling diamond as she began to shuck his cock up and down.


"Oh, God!  Ahhhhh, babyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as the blonde beauty bent down to envelope his cockhead in her mouth.  He reached out with his hands, holding the back of her head as his fingers grasped her silky blonde hair tightly.  Then he began to face fuck the beautiful woman as she tongued and sucked him like a real pro.  Adam couldn't believe his luck as this beautiful sophisticated woman was going to town on him like a cheap little whore.  "Eat it, bitch …………..eat it …………………eat it all, whoreeeeeeeeeee!" he groaned as he began spurting his seed into her gulping mouth.

For Sharon, continuing to bob her head up and down upon the young teen, she flicked her tongue up against the spurting cockhead.  Tongue coated with the teen's hot slimy goo, she swallowed the rich protein that continued to fill her mouth.  Sharon felt like a cheap little whore at sucking this teen off in front of the man who just pimped her out, yet she felt a thrill of excitement course throughout her body at being degraded in such a manner.  She wondered what her husband would say if he could see her at this very moment.

With the teen falling back onto the bed exhausted, Sharon then found herself staring at the open crotch of the ex-con who had stepped up in front of her with his black cock jutting out of the opening of his pants.  As she leaned forward to take him into her mouth, she heard him say "Watched ya last night!  Ya enjoyed yerself with Wacko and Toolman, didn't ya!  Ya luv'd suck'n and fuck'n those old bums, didn't ya!  Ya even luv'd it when they pissed all over ya, didn't ya, bitch!"

Sharon then realized that Hobie must have been hiding in the shadows, watching the events unfold as she gave herself to the two winos.  Then she leaned forward to take him into her mouth, sucking the cockhead into her mouth, taking in his thick black meat deep down her throat.  "Ya fuck'n little whore!  If only yer hubby could see his purty little wife in this cheap motel room, on her fuck'n knees with a big black dick in her mouth!" came the taunting from above.  But the taunting only served to give her a wicked thrill, causing her head to bob faster and faster, wanting him to spew his seed into her mouth.

Once Hobie had spurted his load into her mouth, Sharon found herself being lifted up by the elbow by the ex-con.  Led to the bed, she was pushed onto it next to the anxious teen, who wrapped an arm around her and leaned up to take a pink nipple into his mouth.  Then the teen was upon her, spreading her legs wide open as he fitted his now revived cock up against her horny slit.

Spearing his teenage cock into the beautiful woman, Adam moaned with pleasure as his cock was enveloped in the hot slit.  Never before had he ever had anyone so beautiful, a woman for that matter, more so a beautiful sophisticated married woman.  Reaching down, he grabbed her soft asscheeks and fucked into the blonde beauty, enjoying the feel of her sexy arms and legs being wrapped around him.  He still couldn't believe that a beautiful married woman like this would be in such a cruddy motel, letting Hobie pimp her out like a cheap little whore.  But he wasn't about to argue or question it as he thrust into her, feeling her snapping pussy squeeze upon his throbbing cock.

Adam couldn't believe how much this sexy woman wanted it from him, clutching his shoulders with her arms and hands, then arching up into him as she tightened her sexy legs around him.  "Oh, yesssss ……………….fuck me ………………….fuck me like the whore I really am!  Cum ………………….cum in me …………………….give me your hot teenage spunk!  Shoot it ……………..shoot it in another man's wife!" she encouraged him.  And spurt he did, filling her womb with his hot potent roe, egged on by the possibility of maybe being the one to knock up another man's beautiful wife.

Standing behind the front desk of the motel, Adam peered out at the number of cars coming in to park and leaving a bit over an hour later.  After parking, the male occupant would get out of the car and knock on the motel room door where Hobie Smith waited.  When one 'john' came out of the motel room next door, Adam saw the blonde beauty come out a half-hour later, in a nice dress and heels after she had washed up after the fuck-session, then knock on Hobie's door to meet her next client.  After he had fucked her, Adam recalled Hobie telling to "Shower and clean out yer cunt as the 'johns' don't want no sloppy seconds!"

Checking the records, the clerk who had checked the blonde in had indeed made a copy of the woman's driver's license, a procedure the motel used just in case of damages.  Making another copy of the sheet, Adam wondered if the address for the lovely Mrs. Sharon Hicks was indeed correct.  She was so good in the sack that Adam wanted more, wondering what she'd do if he showed up at her home.  His cock twitched in his pants at the thought of fucking the beauty in the same bed that she shared with her unsuspecting husband.

Throughout the day, Adam watched as men of all ages pulled up to park in the parking lot.  Black, white, asian, latinos, men of many races were seen shaking hands with Hobie Smith.  Then that lucky fellow would meet the lovely woman who would lead him next door to be serviced to his content.  Adam was amazed at the sight of the lovely woman escorting the men to the motel room, some of them looking old enough to be her grandfather.  And when each guy emerged an hour later, he would appear quite exhausted but each sported a wide grin on his face.

For Sharon, one of the elderly men indeed reminder her of her grandfather in the way he was built and rather bald with silver grey hair.  And the old fellow apparently had a granddaughter her age, one that he had the hots for, as he kept calling her 'Julie' while he fucked her.  Sharon looked up at the man as he labored above her, thrusting his wrinkled old cock in and out of her, obviously pretending that she was his 'Julie'.

Feeling wicked as she wrapped her legs around the old fellow, Sharon hunched up to him, prying "Oh, Grandpa ………………fuck me Grandpa ……………….fuck me ……………….fuck your granddaughter!"  As the old man fuck into her with earnest, encouraged by her comments, Sharon pried further "How long have you wanted to fuck me, Grandpa ……………..tell me, Grandpa ……………..how long have you ached to get your cock in me?"

A prosecutor by profession, Sharon was shocked when the old man stammered out "Oh, Julie ……………..oh, Julie ……………..ever …………..ever since you stayed with us since you were sixteen!  Oh, Julie, baby ………………I ………………I had to jerk off in your panties everyday when you went to school!"  Wrapping her arms around his neck, Sharon pulled his head down to give him a passionate kiss, then goaded him on with "Fuck me, Grandpa ……………….fuck me …………………..shoot your cum in me ………………knock your granddaughter up with your baby!"  And cum the old fellow obliged, flooding her pussy with his thin watery but still potent cum.

One fellow named Frank, who was not as old as 'Grandpa', looked so familiar to Sharon.  She swore that she had seen him before in her past.  With the man in her and seeing his eyes closed as he fucked in and out of her slit, Sharon squeezed her legs around him, then correctly guessed the man's fantasy with "Oh, Dad …………..oh, Daddy ……….Daddy ………………owwwwwwwww!  Daddy ………….you're so big ……………..so bigggggggggggggggg!  Oh, Daddy ……………so biggggggggg!"

Then came the shocker for Sharon as the man responded with "Oh, Jenny ……….Jenny ……………..oh, Jenny, I love you!  I've dreamt of you every night!  It's so good to feel you like this again!  I ……………….I didn't mean to hurt you the last time!"  Then the man sobbed a bit and stammered out "Oh, Jenny ……………..Jenny ………………..I got carried away the last time ………………….I didn't mean to rape you!  But ………..but ………………Timmy ……………………Timmy's turned out to be such a nice little boy!"

As the man grunted and began to empty his balls in her, Sharon then realized that it was Frank Wilson who was fucking her.  It was his daughter Jennifer Wilson that he was fantasizing about, a girl she had played freshman soccer with in high school.  She had gotten to know Jennifer a bit from school and the soccer team, hanging around together a bit after school before her father picked her up.  Sharon recalled that pretty Jennifer had introduced her father to her once, when he came to pick her up, but it was just that one time in meeting him.

With the passage of time, his aging quite a bit while she had matured into a woman, neither had recognized each other.  After that first semester of her freshman year, Jennifer suddenly left school and the other kids told Sharon that Jenny had gone off to live with some relatives in the country.  When the next soccer season started, one of the players had mentioned of learning that Jennifer Wilson had given birth to a baby boy.

Now Sharon knew what really happened to her young friend in their freshman year of high school.  Young Jennifer Wilson's life had been ruined!  She had been raped and ruined by the bastard above her, impregnated by her own father.  'Bastard!  You sick fucker!  I ought to get a knife and cut your balls off right now!' she cussed under her breath as Frank Wilson's cock belched out another stream of hot jizz into her.

The next day, upon arriving home, her husband greeted her with a passionate kiss.  "Did you get enough rest, honey?  You sure sounded exhausted when you called last night!" her husband inquired.  Indeed she had been tired, having fucked and sucked countless of men through out the day and night.  In fact, when she had called him on her cellphone, it was nearing 9 p.m. and she didn't want him worried about her.  It had been rather difficult to talk on the phone, especially since she was on all fours on the motel room bed with phone to her ear and Hobie's cock slicing in and out of her squishy cunt.

That night in bed, as she made love to her husband in their traditional missionary style, Sharon kept her cunt muscles taunt as she squeezed her husband's cock.  She had to in order to keep him from finding out how widely stretched she was from normal.  Sharon thought 'Ohhhh, honey ……………….I serviced about 18 men over the past two days and you get the award …………………………for being the smallest!'

Later, lying on her side with her husband snuggled up from behind and arm draped over her, Sharon thought back to some of the men that she had serviced the day before.  Several had been middle aged white men who seemed to be successful business but she could not be certain.  One thing that she was certain about was that they fantasized about making with their pretty daughter-in-laws, with many calling her by the name of the gal they dreamt of.  One had even commented while fucking her "Oh, Lynn ……………I've been dreaming of this ever since you got engaged to Tom!"

Clenching her thighs together, feeling some of her husband's cum leaking out into the crotch of her panties, Sharon wondered if 'Pop Hicks' was like those men who fantasized about their own daughter-in laws.  With 'Pop' soon coming over to visit for a week at their place, Sharon wondered just how excited 'Pop' would get if she accidentally let her robe slip while serving him breakfast.

She giggled softly to herself, thinking naughtily of feigning being cold one morning and asking 'Pop' to get her sweater that was on her bed.  Of course, she planned on leaving a rather tempting item for her father-in-law right next to the sweater ……………….a pair of lacy panties that she had just stepped out of.  She wondered if her husband's father could resist the temptation to touch the lacy garment.  Suspecting that he would indeed succumb to the temptation, she wondered how far would he go ………….."Will he put my panties up to his face?" she giggled.

End of Story.