Wife’s Modeling Assignment
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Bubba’s Conquests’
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At the age of 25, Kristi Kawano loved her profession in that of being a model, primarily for Asian magazines in the U.S.  She hated to move from San Francisco where her modeling career had started and blossomed.  Married for a year to husband Jeff after a year’s engagement, Kristi wanted to be the dutiful wife even though they both were successful in their respective professions.  But now, with Jeff receiving a promotion to the head office of his company, Kristi was now faced with having to move to Los Angeles.

Fortunately, the modeling agency had a branch in the city and it would just mean building up a new clientele and travel some to keep handle some of her current ones.  Having attended her husband’s company party and retreat at the plush resort on the coast the other week, it was the first time she had met Mr. Grimes, the owner of the company.  Although she was warmly greeted by the owner as he shook her hand at the reception, Kristi had a rather uneasy feeling about this man.

Kristi’s instinct and subconscious feeling about the head man of her husband’s firm were indeed correct, though she initially chided herself for thinking such of the man and suppressed the thoughts.  ‘Are you prejudiced because he’s black?’ Kristi had asked of herself, but she had black friends from college both male and female along with some of her husband’s friends.  ‘Perhaps it was when I caught him looking at me when I took a dip in the pool!’ she surmised, recalling those lusty eyes of evil.  She shivered, feel how it felt as if the black bastard had strip her blue swimsuit right off her body.

From the moment that he had laid his lust filled eyes upon the lovely beauty, Bubba Grimes had his heart set in getting to know the petite Asian wife of one of his employees.  Well, not his ‘heart’ per se ……………more like his horny ‘cock’ would be the proper way to describe his thoughts.  Never before had he ever bedded an Asian beauty, and now he was absolutely determined with his mindset firm ‘I’m gonna git me into them tight little panties of hers!  God, I’s gonna love hearing her squeal when git her beautiful legs spread and give her Bubba’s Big Black Bone!’

Through his expertise with women, Bubba correctly assessed the petite young wife to be a mere 105 lb. beauty standing at 5’2” at most.  He smiled at his futuristic vision of the innocent young beauty pleading with him “Please ………………….no, please, no ……………………please don’t rape me …………………….please, it’s too big …………………….it’s too bigggggggg ………………you …………………….you’ll kill me with ‘that’!”  And ‘that’ referred to his foot-long dong that was a good 2 ½ ” in diameter!

For this cute little sweetie, the use of a ‘roofie’ to drug the unsuspecting beauty was out of the question.  ‘No sirree!  I want ya fully conscious, but maybe a bit hot from some potent Spanish fly, when I’s do ya good!   Yeah, sweetie, Bubba wants to hear ya scream and squeal like a little piggy when I’s ‘ruin’ ya!’ he chuckled.  Standing over a foot taller and weighing two and a half times heavier than the petite beauty, the lovely Mrs. Kristi Kawano would be no match in fending him off.

In using the private investigator that handled his business operations, Bubba sought to obtain as much information and background on this lovely beauty as possible.  He’d find out about everything she cherished, information that would assure him that she would keep silent of her attack.  Oh, he sized her up as the type to be too ashamed to tell her husband or the police that his boss had in fact accosted her, forced her to have sex against her will.  Still, Bubba wanted to be certain to have all the facts possible before making his move.

And when the private eye’s report came in, Bubba went over it and smiled upon seeing that the lovely beauty’s parents were still alive and in their sixties.  The youngest of three children and the only daughter, growing up in a middle class neighborhood and in a very conservative household, the report had indicated.  These were the exact set of facts that Bubba wanted to hear about the succulent little beauty.  Cock hardening in his pants, he smiled upon picturing his massive black body hovering over the frightened beauty as she cried and pleaded with him.

‘Damned she’d never dare report me to the cops, not if I’s shows her photos of my black bruiser bat stuck half way up her tight little cunt and of some shots of her sucking some of my big black dick!  She would certainly do anything to keep her elderly parents from seeing their only daughter disgraced in such a manner!’ Bubba surmised.  He then chuckled in his added thought of ‘And a couple shots of a nigga’s cock squirting cum all over their precious daughter’s beautiful face ought to do the trick fer sure, heh, heh!  Fuck, she sure won’t want them to see those pics, fearing they’ll croak over with heart attacks!’

Although the firm had hired a moving company to handle their move, a lot of time was still require of both Kristi and Jeff in just preparing for the move.  As for Kristi, she also needed to make the rounds to the businesses that used her regularly for modeling stints, telling them that she’d be available to continue and hoped that they’d consider her for future roles even though she would be based out of Los Angeles.  And of course, there was the worry of finding new clientele from where she’d be moving to.

At the modeling agency, called into the director’s office, Kristi sat pleasantly stunned when she was advised of the agency picking up the firm that Jeff worked for.  “Actually, the L.A. office got the contract and this Mr. Grimes insisted that you were to be the model for the ‘Welcome to the Company!’ footage being planned!” Kristi was advised.  “They say it’ll be perfect as you and your husband are actually in the process of moving to the home office, so they want to begin with the process of you and your husband meeting with the moving company here prior to the move!” she was advised.

That next weekend, Kristi and Jeff waited for the film crew to arrive to begin the filming of the company video, with Jeff getting a bonus for appearing short segments of the film while Kristi was to earn quite a sum for being the starlet of the film.  For this initial segment of packing up their belonging, Kristi was to dress very casually to fit the part, with the actual attire left up to her.  Kristi felt that a blouse, jeans and pair of white sneakers would be ideal for the part.

First to arrive were Jamal and Ramad, two black fellows that comprised the film crew that Mr. Grimes had hired to do the video.  As Mr. Grimes was black, neither Kristi nor Jeff thought anything being out of the ordinary with these rather tall muscular men as they unloaded the camcorders and lighting for the shoot.  Both Jamal and Ramad had indeed worked with Bubba Grimes before, but never anything so tame and ordinary as filming a video of a couple moving.  They were into things a bit more physical, such as physically beating up someone who crossed the like of Mr. Grimes or taking out a competitor one way or another.

Getting a decent sum for this simple job, both Jamal and Ramad were looking forward to the bonus promised each of them by the head man.  And in setting up the camcorder and lighting, they were both taking in the bonus promised with long lusting glances at the lovely young wife who would be the starlet of the film.  Seeing this sweet and petite Asian beauty, neither Jamal nor Ramad would object or complain about ‘sloppy seconds’ with this innocent little bitch!  Seeing the diamond ring and wedding band, plus sizing up her punk hubby as a wimp, they would thoroughly enjoy fucking this punk’s pretty wife.

It was a simple shoot that first day with some shots of both of them directing the movers as to what was to go, some footage of the movers loading up the trucks, then after a long break the filming continued of the truck being closed up and heading on off.  A tow wagon with a large flatbed had also been contracted to haul the SUV down to their new home.  Then that first day concluded with the filming of Jeff and Kristi getting into their car to head on off to LA.

Checking into a plush hotel that day, it was planned that they’d go to their new home at noon the next day just before the first truck containing the bedroom set and some essentials was to arrive as a part of the video.  Then, the remainder of the video was scheduled for Monday morning with Jeff headed off to work at the home office and Kristi remaining to handle the final delivery of their household goods and the SUV.  Once everything was unpacked and set up by the movers, then the concluding portion of the company video would be shot with Krisit the starlet.

Sunday, the second day of the scheduled shoot, Jeff and Kristi checked out of the beautiful hotel and headed off to their new home.  Having packed a suitcase and an overnight bag, Kristi planned on dressing in similar fashion as she had done for the first day’s shoot.  With the arrival of the film crew and the first two trucks, everything went by quite smoothly and at least they had the bedroom furniture and kitchen table and the filming was done in no time.

Getting up early the next morning, Kristi got dressed casually as she had done on prior days.  Then the film crew arrived as scheduled and set up in the kitchen to depict the beginning of the day as Jeff was to report in to work while Kristi stayed home for the arrival of remaining household goods, which was supposed to go quickly since them big items had arrived the day before.  Once that was done, the final portion of being welcomed to the home office with a delivery of a beautiful housewarming gift was scheduled.

It was in fact Jeff’s first day at the company’s home office and he had been advised in advance that he’d be accompanied by a vice-president on a tour to all the branch offices in the southern California area that Jeff would be servicing.  Thus, having packed an overnight bag far in advance, Jeff and the other fellow would be spending the night in San Diego and returning late Tuesday.  All of this had been designed in advance by the head man himself, making it a very simple task in ridding the young punk for a couple of days.

The filming began with Kristi in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her husband, pouring out two cups of office and placing the breakfast on the table.  She was then to walk down the hallway to the bedroom and call out “Honey, breakfast is ready!”  Next, returning to the kitchen, she was to bring the two glasses of orange juice over to the table as Jeff entered and sat down.  The filming would continue with Jeff reminding his wife that Mr. Grimes had indicated he’d be stopping by mid-morning to drop off a housewarming gift.  To make it all seem realistic, Kristi was to add “Guess I should get into something nicer than jeans, huh?”

Kristi had thought everything was going smoothly on the shoot in the kitchen, but as soon as they had sat down Jamal indicated that the lighting just was not set up right, thus wanted to start off over again from when she took the cups of coffee and set them onto the table.  This time, she was to place the orange juice down before going to call her husband who would just be coming out of the bedroom as she walked on down the hallway to call him.

And so Kristi went about playing the scene over once again with the slight modifications with Jamal in the living room to capture that scene while Ramad would pick it up with them entering the kitchen.  Unknown to the unsuspecting couple, the need to replay the scene had just a ruse.  Once they had taken their seats on the first run through, Ramad then knew which glass of orange juice the lovely beauty would be drinking from.  A gulp of her orange juice to reduce the amount of liquid, which was then replaced by a large dose of highly potent liquid Spanish Fly.

First scene over once she had finished her glass of orange juice, Kristi then gave Jeff a kiss as he headed off for work.  Then the next scene would be that of the moving van and tow wagon showing up.  As the movers unpacked the boxes, unpacking or placing them in the rooms marked on the front of each box, Kristi began to feel funny and a bit awkward.  Never had she ever felt this way before, with her hardened nipples feeling agitated as they rubbed against the soft fabric of her lacy bracups and her cunny was leaking a bit into the crotch of her panties.

Movers gone, Kristi closed and locked the door to the master bedroom to change while the film crew got prepared for the final scene of the company video.  Last night, as both she and Jeff were exhausted from the move and drive, along with the taping of the video.  With the need to get up quite early to finish up with the video, they had merely passed out early in each other’s arms just moments after going to bed.  ‘God, I wish Jeff was here to make love to me!’ she panted.

Leaning back against the closed door, she then slid a hand down the front of her blouse and into her lacy bra.  Fingers of her other hand undid the button to her jeans to loosen them, then her hand slid down into her panties, her middle finger delving into her slick slit.  Panting in heat, Kristi then realized wickedly that two muscular black men were in her living room while she played with herself in the master bedroom.  Never had she ever thought of another man, but with this outrageous situation at hand, Kristi couldn’t help but to naughtily wonder ‘Would any of you virile black studs like to come in here and put out my fire?’

Moments later, temporarily sated from the use if her middle finger, Kristi panted shamefully as she sought to catch her breath.  Never having masturbated before, Kristi blushed in shame for what she had just done, but more so as to having fantasized that both Jamal and Ramad had come to fetch her for the next scene and finding her in heat.  In the fantasy, they had then carried her over to the bed where she withered about in heat while the two men then fought over who would go first.

With her eyes closed, not caring who won, Kristi then imagined feeling the bed sag under the winner’s weight and her hand reaching out to grasp the big fat cudgel between his legs.  So much bigger than her husband’s, she had imagined, thinking of the old myth about black men that girls had giggled about in her sorority.  Just the thought of handling such a black fleshy tool and imagining the big bulb at her slick opening had caused Kristi to have her orgasm right then.

Finally regaining her composure enough to change for the final scene, Kristi went to the closet to get the dress she had packed in the garment bag and stripped out of her blouse and already unbuttoned jeans.  Thinking that perhaps it was the new detergent used in the last wash that had her bra agitating her nipples so badly, Kristi decided to change into one washed previously with the other detergent.  Untying her sneakers, getting out of her casual clothing, Kristi then put on a crisp white blouse and a yellow skirt.  Not too dressy for the scene as the shoot would be at her home, though not too casual to be greeting the owner of the company.  Also, there was no need for nylons and thus she slipped her petite feet into the 3” white heels she had packed for the occasion.

Dressed for the scene, Kristi then exited her bedroom just as a cellphone rang with Jamal answering it and speaking “Good morning, Mr. Grimes!  Five minutes out!  Perfect!  We’ll begin with a shot of Mrs. Kawano sitting in the living room and we’ll focus on you driving up right after!”  With Kristi taking a seat on the living room sofa, the camera would be able to capture her along with the Lincoln Continental pulling up the driveway.  Once the car drove up, she was to then get up and go to the door to greet Mr. Grimes.

With Mr. Grimes carrying a large beautiful flower arrangement in his hands, they would warmly greet each other with Kristi holding the door open so the owner of her husband’s company could carry in the house warming gift.  Once the arrangement was placed on the dining room table, the scene called for the two of them to verbally greet each other along with a handshake.  The scene was shot and then they watched a playback of the scene on the camcorder.  It looked fine to Kristi but Mr. Grimes wanted to do it over once more with a bit more friendly greeting.

In reality, the first take was perfect for the company video and would be used as such!  This second take to be on a very special second video, including all of the first tape except for the portion of his arrival and entering the home with the arrangement in his hands.  For unsuspecting Kristi, she thought the revised welcome would involve a slight embrace with a peck on the cheek for the warm welcomed and prepared herself for it.  And redoing the scene went well, right up till when the handshake was to be replaced by a friendly embrace.

Her arms moving up for the friendly embrace, Kristi was suddenly taken completely off guard and the big man’s large arms encircled her trim waist and he was bending down to place his lips over hers.  Her hands on his big strong biceps, Kristi desperately tried to push away from the vile man and tried to turn away as the bastard’s thick tongue began forcing its way between her pink lips.  And as the big man straightened up some while holding her tight, Kristi was on tip-toes, desperately trying to keep her feet on the ground.

Now, with a large meaty arm around her trim way, Kristi found herself literally being carried like a sack of groceries.  And like someone going through the sack of groceries and unloading it as he walked, so was Bubba Grimes doing …………………..only items being tossed aside were strips of Kristi’s white blouse that he had shredded off her, tearing and tossing strips as he walked down the hallway.  Then, just before turning to enter the master bedroom, another wisp of white clothing was tossed ……………….it was Kristi’s thin lacy white bra that had been torn from her petite body!

With Ramad having gone down into the bedroom in advance to capture the footage of their entrance, Jamal followed down the hallway to capture the young wife’s struggle to ree.  Stepping over the strips of clothing down the hallway, Jamal aimed the camera at the lacy white bra, them moved into the bedroom to capture the beauty’s yellow skirt lying at the foot of the bed.  Now atop the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, the sobbing young wife was being handcuffed to a horizontal metal railing of the headboard.

“Ah, sweetie, now you don’t think I promoted that wimp of a husband of yers because of his brains, do ya?  Oh, he’s real smart and was one on a list of people in line for the promotion, no argument there!  But the one thing none of his competitors had was a lovely model for a wife!  That, plus I’s ain’t ever had me some sweet Asian cuisine before!  Yeah, sweetie ……………………….ya’s the real reason I’s went and promoted that punk of yers!  Once I’s saw you at the branch office party, then in the pool at the retreat the next day, I’s jist had to have ya!” Bubba snickered.

Having been forwarded a photo of the bedroom set, Bubba had observed the metal railing portion of the headboard, thus settled upon a pair of handcuffs to secure the lovely beauty.  As she tried to spike him with her sharp heels while reaching up for her panties, Bubba caught one ankle at a time to peel off the 3” spiked heel before tossing them aside.  Then he loved her dainty feet kicking at him while he began to draw her lacy white panties down over her trim hips and thighs.

Panties in his hand, Bubba drew the lacy garment up to his face and inhaled deeply, then chuckled “Oh, baby, smells so nice!  Nice and wet too!  Guess that Spanish Fly in yer orange juice really got ya turned on, huh!”  Balling them out, he tossed it out of camera range, right to Jamal who then had his turn with the pair of panties before balling them up to toss to Ramad.  Shuffling up onto the bed after stripping off his shirt, Bubba pushed the beauty’s knees apart to spread wide-open her womanly charms, Bubba then dropped forward to begin feasting upon his tasty Asian cuisine.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………nooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………………noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Kristi panted out as the shameful degradation commenced.  Her cunny was pulsating as never before in her young life, obviously due to the potent aphrodisiac that had been slipped into the orange juice.  Having taking chemistry in high school and college, she had heard of the term ‘Spanish Fly’ and knew what a potent aphrodisiac it was supposed to be, but now Kristi was having first hand experience of its potent effect as her cunt muscles contracted to squeeze some love juices out onto the lapping tongue.

Capturing it all on film, the young Asian beauty continued to moan as her silky black hair whipped from side to side on the pillow while her husband’s boss had his head buried in her snatch.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she was heard whimpering over the wet suckling sounds taking place between her trim creamy legs.  And then her thighs closed upon the head giving her so much please, her petite feet upon the big broad back of her assailant, toes pushing down to allow her to arch up into the slurping mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kristi screamed out as her young body was racked with a climax of a magnitude never felt before.  Pressing down upon the muscular back with her toes and balls of her feet, Kristi arched her hips up into the slurping mouth of her husband’s hungry black boss.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she trembled as her body shook uncontrollably as her slick juices were lapped up by the black bastard.

Dazed from the stunning orgasm, Kristi lay handcuffed upon her marital bed in her full glory.  With legs spread wide and her pink gash exposed to the cameras, her dark silky curls were visibly matted down and glistening from the wet saliva and love juices excreted.  Then her subconscious kicked in upon hearing a familiar sound ………..that of a zipper being pulled down!  Eyes popping wide open in response, Kristi trembled with fear upon seeing her husband’s vile black boss dropping his pants and about to reveal himself to her.

For Bubba, the sight of the petrified beauty’s face was absolutely precious, making his confined cock expand and throb in anticipation.  Jockeys eased down slowly, cock suddenly springing right out and aimed directly at the frightened young wife, Bubba figured correctly that the lovely Mrs. Kristi Kawano was now mentally comparing his black monstrosity to the tiny one that her wimp husband possessed.

‘Oh, my God ………………….oh, my God!  He ……………he’s planning to rape me with that hideous ‘thing’!  Then, suddenly realizing how exposed she was before this awful man, Kristi closed her widespread legs, clenching her knees together before curling up in the fetal position.  Scared to death, but unable to take her eyes of the monstrous piece flesh, she observed Mr. Grimes now holding it in his hand and wanking at it.  And the bulblike cockhead responded by expanding and the pisshole seemed to now be winking at her.

“Please!  Oh, pleaseeeeeee!  Please don’t rape me with that!  Pleaseeeeee ………….you …………….you’ll kill me with that ‘thing’!  Please, pleaseeeeee ………….it’s too big ……….it’s too big ……………it’ll never fit!” Kristi stammered out in fear.  But instead of mercy, she heard Mr. Grimes laugh out loud and snicker “Don’t ya worry sweetie, that hot little cunt of yers will stretch wide enough!  But yer right though, if’n it don’t, yer gonna die trying!”

Reaching forward to grab the beautiful bitch by her trim ankles, Bubba pulled her legs apart once again and climbed up onto the bed between her widespread legs.  “No, no, pleaseeeeeeeeee!” came the frightened please, providing Bubba with more excitement as his cock reared up in anticipation.  Cockhead bulb up against the juicy slit, Bubba ran it up and down the length of her too small slit to lubricate his big tool.

“No …………………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Kristi sobbed in absolute fear upon feeling the big man attempt to push his ‘thing’ into her too small fitting.  Far bigger than her husband’s manhood, a mere toy in comparison to what his evil boss possessed, Kristi couldn’t help but think ‘My, God, its like the fat end of a baseball bat!’  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed out suddenly in sheer pain wracked her entire body as the bastard had grasped her trim hips and brutally lunged into her.

“Oh, God ………………oh, God, you’re killinggggggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stop!  Stop, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!  It hurts!  It hurtsssssss so badddddddddddd!  Oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd, stopppppppppppppppppppp!” Kristi cried as more of the thick black meat was forced up into her now widely stretched twat.  “Uh!  Uh!  Uh!” came the grunts from above her as the black bastard lunged forward time and time again, forcing his monstrosity all the way up into her.

Fortunately for Kristi, the aphrodisiac had her in dire sexual need and the big fat cock in her cunny was causing her to juice like crazy, thus helping to accommodate the invading monster.  Cock sliding in and out of her agitated cunt, Kristi unconsciously drew her trim creamy legs up over her rapist’s black ass.  Toes curled, heels pressed against the black asscheeks, the film would be a sight for the viewing audience as the once innocent young wife was now humping back stroke for stroking while physically urging him to get it deeper and deeper into her petite body.

For Jamal and Ramad, it was quite a sight to view and capture on film.  Even they were quite impressed by the size of Bubba Grimes’ massive dong, with Ramad thinking ‘Damn, it’s like he stuck a fuck’n rolling pin up the bitch’s twat!’  In and out, in and out it went, like a well primed piston pumping timely!  Had it not been for the bitch being handcuffed to the bed, it would surely seem as if she was now welcoming this fuck.  With the way her toes were curled and her meeting him thrust for thrust, she definitely was wanting this wild fuck.

And there was definitely a change in tone from the young wife as she now panted “Oh ………….oh ……………..oh!  Oooooh, yes ……………yes …………………yes!”  With the potent aphrodisiac coursing throughout her petite body, the once innocent and naïve young wife had been transformed into wanton little slut for cock, and the bigger the better.  “Oh ………..oh ……………faster ………….faster!  Oooooooooooooooooh!  Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” came the climaxing scream as the hot little bitch’s sexy body went into uncontrolled spasms.

“Ahhhh, yeah!  Yeah, ya hot little bitch, cream on the real housewarming gift I’s brung fer ya!” Bubba chuckled in triumph as he continued slicing his boner in and out of the beautiful bitch.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, God!  Gonna cum!  Gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bubba shuddered as his contracting balls burst, spew out hot creamy jizz deep down into the beauty’s fertile womb.  “Ahhhhh, yeah, ya little bitch!  Take it, take it all!  Gonna fill that twat up to the brim with my cum!” Bubba groaned as his cock twitched and spurted out even more goo.

Popping open the bottle of champagne that he had also brought with him, not as a housewarming gift Bubba had brought but for a toast to celebrate his successful rape of the beauty he had been lusting for.  Bubba then took a seat with his drink as Jamal began getting out of his clothing.  With the raped beauty totally defeated as she lay sprawled out upon the bed, sniffing in shame from the rape, Bubba watched as she merely allowed Jamal to position her legs as he grasped her ankles to spread her wide before shuffling up into the saddle.

The man upon her didn’t possess a cock quite as thick as Mr. Grimes, but the curving bend in his rigid bone rubbed right up against her ultra-sensitive clit, sending wild sensations throughout her entire body.  “Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Godddddddddddddddddddd!” she moaned as her horny little twat squeezed at the pleasure giving shaft.  Toes curled once again, Kristi pulled her new lover in with her heels as Jamal speed up the fuck.

With Jamal overly excited from watching Bubba Grimes’ rape of the beautiful young wife, feeling the hot little bitch spurring him in with her heels sent him quickly over the edge, seeding her before being able to bring her off.  “No ………………no ………….not yet ………………..not yettttttttttttttttt!” came the beauty’s cries as she desperately tried to spur him back into action with her drumming heels.  The need to be brought off from the potent drug had the beauty in dire straights as the now spent cock was useless to her.

“Please!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, no, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the young wife’s pleas as an exhausted Jamal eased back out of the saddle.  It was quite apparent that the Spanish Fly had the beautiful wife in dire need of a good satisfying fuck, one that would get her off.  Then a chuckling Ramad advised “Don’t ya worry sweetie!  Ramad is here to save the day fer ya!  Ain’t gonna pop quickly like my friend here!  Gonna keep on pumping till ya’s cream, sweetie!  I’s promise!”

Kneeling up upon the bed, his promising cock standing upright, Ramad put his hands on his hips and waited.  Finally, the desperate beauty lifted her head from the pillow to look down the bed at him, wondering why he was not mounting her right away like her first two rapists had done.  “Please!  Please!  Put it in, pleaseeeeeeeee!” came the urgent plea as the young wife spread her trim sexy legs wide for him.  Unashamedly showing Ramad her personal ‘pinkie’ in hopes of enticing him to put his cock into her, Kristi then wiggled her butt on the mattress.

But that had only drawn Ramad a foot closer to her, where he remained kneeling still between her wide open legs.  “Please!  Pleaseeeeeeee!” Kristi desperately begged.  But her poised assailant had a fetish for sexy feet as she was soon to learn as he advised her to “C’mon, bitch, use those pretty feet of yers to git me ready!”  Legs brought closer together, Kristi brought her sexy feet together to cup the hot sticky flesh, allowing the bastard to fuck himself in between her soft pink soles.

Primed and ready to go now, Ramad advised “Okay, baby, now spread’em fer me!  Spread those sexy legs fer me!”  As the desperate young wife spread herself open, exposing her pink flower, Ramad shuffled up to stick his pulsating black prong into it.  “Oooooooooo ………………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” came the moan of pleasure.  Bending over, mouthing and tonguing her pink-brown nipples, he bit down upon the hardened buds.

And Ramad gave her exactly what she was in dire need of, a good long fuck session where she could get herself off to sate that nagging itch between her legs.  Already on the edge, unaware of Mr. Grimes approaching the bed and reaching over to unlock the handcuffs, Kristi drew down her freed hands to embrace the broad black shoulders of the man who promised to give her the fuck satisfaction she needed so desperately.  Arms and legs were now wrapped around the black stud as began jackhammering away at her.

“Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Yes, yes ……………….oh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Kristi panted out.  Out of control, needing that desperate orgasm to sate that terrible need between her thighs, Kristi cried out something never before uttered by her lips, not even for her husband.  “Fuck me!  Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, God ……………………………I’m cummminggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” she shuddered, body going into uncontrolled spasms as another gush of hot creamy seed flooded her horny twat.

A half-hour later, kneeling upon the carpet at the foot of the bed, Kristi’s mouth watered as the bulblike cockhead of Mr. Grimes neared her trembling lips.   “C’mon, sweetie, give it a lick!  Ya’ll love the taste of dark chocolate!  Lick it like a chocolate popsicle!” she was told.  Mind clouded, body still in need of more sex, what would normally sicken her to despair, the potent drug in her system numbed her mind at the prospect of doing such a vile and shameful thing.

Afraid of the consequences for not obeying, Kristi extended her pointed tongue out reluctantly, shuddering as she made contact with the rubbery flesh that was coated with remnants of their earlier fuck session.  Tongue flicking up and around the fleshy bulb, she then pushed the tip of her tongue up against the flaring pisshole and felt the oozing out of slippery pre-cum.  Withdrawing her tongue, Kristi shivered as she spread the oily substance atop the roof of her mouth, quivering at the bland salty taste of it.

“C’mon, sweetie, grab onto it and take it in yer purty mouth!” she was told.  Reaching up, wrapping her manicured fingers around the sticky black flesh, Kristi found that she could not fully encircle the thick shaft.  Cockhead pressing against her lips and seeking entrance, she then opened her lips as widely as possible.  “Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” she heard her husband’s boss moan appreciatively at her superb performance.

Always wanting to touch Jeff’s privates but too ashamed and embarrassed to do so, the potent aphrodisiac had loosened her inhibitions.  Reaching up with her free hand, Kristi’s womanly instincts took over as she sought to feel a man’s private parts for the first time, only this was not her husband’s but that of his big black boss.  ‘My, God, they’re huge!’ she thought, referring to the big black balls that filled the palm of her petite hand.  Cradling them, rolling them about with her fingers, comparing them to the size of walnuts as they contracted.

“Oh, babyyyyyyyyy!” Bubba groaned with pleasure, reaching out to grasp the back of her head and to keep his knees from buckling from the exquisite sensations.  He knew full well that it was the effects of the potent drug that had loosen her inhibitions and allowed her to perform so shamelessly, and that had it not been for the drug, this innocent beauty would rather died than to take his black dick in her assumedly virgin mouth.  “Ah, yeah, suck it!  Suck itttttttttttttttt, bitchhhhhhh!” Bubba panted out as he fucked her beautiful face.

Whether it was her innocence or plain naivety, Kristi thought that she had to please the man with her mouth before she would be getting the fucking that she desperately needed between her legs, something like her having to please Ramad with her feet before he fucked her.  But now, with Mr. Grimes holding her head tightly and fucking in and out of her mouth, Kristi came to realize that the man intended on finishing himself off in this hideous fashion.  ‘My, God, what’s he planning on doing?  He can’t want to do his ‘thing’ in my mouth!’ she shuddered in fear.

Feeling the stroking hand change to that of pushing away at the base of his cock, Bubba just laughed as he felt her try to lift her head up.  He knew that the hot little bitch wanted to take her head off at this point, before he uncorked his jizz into her mouth.  But there would be no denying Bubba at this point in time, wanting to see the innocent young wife choke and gag on his hot gooey roe.  The feel of her trying to get away sent Bubba right over the edge as he groaned “Ohhhhhhh!   Ohhhhhh ……………..here it is, bitchhhhh ……………….eat ittttttttttttt ……………..eat it alllllllllllllllllllllllllll!”

In a daze, Kristi remained kneeling on the carpet, mouth partially open with a trail of jizz oozing down over her chin to drip onto the carpeting.  Stomach queasy, she shuddered and trembled, her belly about to rebel at the slimy lake forming at the bottom of it.  With her lips stretched as widely as possible and unable to get away, mouth filled to the brim with black meat, the bastard had shoved his filthy cock right down into her throat and then spewed his gooey cum in her gullet.

A moment later, an aroused Jamal had laid himself down onto the carpet before her, lying back and appearing to be resting with hands placed behind his head.  But Kristi’s eyes were focused on one thing, that rigid cock standing straight up in the air from between his loins.  “See anything ya like, sweetie?  Come and git it!” she was told.  That itch in her cunny desperately needed scratching once again and Kristi unashamedly crawl over to the prone man to straddle him and fit his jutting prong to her slit.  She then slid her well-lubed cunny right down upon him.

Eyes closed as she slid up and down the pleasure giving fuckstick, Kristi then felt a fleshy bone prodding at her lips.  Preoccupied with the cock she was straddling, Kristi had not been aware of Ramad stepping up over his prone friend and was now expecting her to mouth him.  Getting what she needed up between her legs and having learned how to suck a man’s cock, Kristi reached up with both hands, wrapping her manicured fingers of one hand around the rigid stem and the other to grasp the thick nut sack.

With camcorders having already been repositioned by Jamal and Ramad before the action started, the once innocent Kristi Kawano would certainly appear anything but innocent in the way she crawled over to get to Jamal’s cock nor the way she was expertly going down on Ramad while fondling his nuts.  Sitting off to the side and watching all the action, Bubba Grimes smiled at having pulled off this sensational rape of the beautiful young wife, knowing that with this latest action there would be no chance of her reporting the gang rape.

Beautiful young wife shuddering with the lengthy black cock stuck all the way up her twat, the black buck could be seeing arching up his hips to stick every millimeter into the hot little bitch.  And at the same time, her hair was being pull back, head coming off the other black cock as she held tightly onto at the base while clutching at the sack of nuts.  It was quite apparent that each of the participants in this fuck session were about to literally explode at any second.

 “Oh, God ……………yesssssssssss ……………………ohhhhh, yesssssssssssssss!” came the beauty’s scream as she climaxed while her fertile womb was being given a hot shower of black baby juice.  With her head thrown back in her climax, a hot semen shower from Ramad poured down to splash upon her neck and onto her breasts.  And from below, Jamal announced “Cumming ……………………….cumming!  Gonna fill that hot little twat with black baby juice!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Moments later, after a hand signal from Mr. Grimes, the two sated men carried the cum-covered slut back over onto the king-sized bed and placed on all fours.  With the two men manning the cameras once again, Bubba Grimes prepared to join the lovely beauty once again, right on her marital bed.  Shucking at his revived boner, he was now about to apply the coup de grace to the naïve little bitch, the lovely young wife who had him enthralled from the moment he met her.

Pushed forward a bit with the bed sagging behind her, Kristi shifted some to move her knees further apart upon feeling the bloated cockhead tracing up and down the length of her stretched slit.  ‘Oh, my!  He’s going to do it to me, just like how the doggies do it!’ she shuddered but eagerly anticipated the forthcoming preparation.  But unknown to Kristi, her husband’s evil boss was merely lubricating his ebony piston in preparation for a journey never traveled before.

Prepared to feel the pleasure giving shaft once again upon feeling Mr. Grimes’ large hands grasping her trim hips, Kristi licked her lips and wiggled her butt back a bit in an attempt to envelope the thick bulb with her slick cuntlips.  But then Mr. Grimes was pulling back, placing it upon another part of her body, causing her to tremble with fear.  Kristi was now frantic, trying to scramble forward and get out of the big man’s grasp as she felt it press against her rectum.

“No, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Not there!  Not there!  Please, the regular way, please!  Please, no …………………….please, I’m scaredddddddddddddddd!  It’ll never fit!  I’ve never done such a filthy thing!”  Kristi cried out desperately for mercy.  Unable to get away from the vile man, panic set in as her fingers clutched tightly at the bedspread to steel herself for the horrid onslaught while clenching her ass to prevent it from entering.

With the announcement confirming that her beautiful creamy ass was indeed cherry, Bubba smiled widely as his cock expanded even larger at the exciting prospect that lay ahead.  With the cameras rolling to capture his rape of the beauty’s virgin ass, Bubba wanted this one to be quite a memorable scene.  Hips reared back, Bubba held the trembling beauty tight to prevent her from getting away, then lunged forward with is full weight behind him.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………..…nooooooooooooooooooooo!” came the piercing scream of excruciating pain beneath him as the raped young wife tensed up with his brutal penetration her cherry ass.  And then the young wife went limp, head collapsing face forward onto the bed with his big black cock stuck up her beautiful tight ass.  Bubba chuckled, knowing that the lovely young wife would never forget who got to claim her beautiful ass.  Conscious or not, Bubba loved the feel of her tight little shitter as he proceeded to sodomize her.

With the raped beauty lying unconscious on the bed with his cum oozing out of her raped ass, Bubba dispatched his two helpers after having them put new recording discs into the camcorders.  From here, the lovely young wife was his to enjoy on his own and Bubba would be spending the night with her while hubby was out of town.  At the thought of her punk husband, Bubba chuckled ‘Rather inconsiderate of me in sending ya outta town, especially being yer first day on the job and having her lovely wife all alone to handle the move!’

Turning the cum-covered beauty over onto her back, Bubba raised her arms up once again to handcuff her wrists to the railing like before.  Reaching over to his coat, he got out a ball gag and secured it around the beauty’s head, assuring that she would unable to make a sound.  With the aid from a vile of smelling salts along with his cockhead tracing up and down her agitated slit, Bubba smiled as the unconscious beauty began to come back to consciousness.

‘Why?  Why’s he handcuffed me again?  Why the gag?  Where’s the other two men?  What’s he going to do to me that he hasn’t done already?’ Kristi worried.  Cunt still highly agitated from the potent aphrodisiac and aided by the cockhead sliding up and down her juicing slit, Kristi arched up to take it in her cunny.  Unable to utter a sound, she looked up and wondered what Mr. Grimes was doing upon seeing the bastard apparently taking a timeout to make a phone call.

“Hey, Bill, Grimes here!  How’d things go today?” Bubba spoke on his cellphone.  “Good!  Good!  Put Jeff on the phone!”  Looking down at the beauty and seeing her eyes widen, Bubba smiled in knowing that the lovely wife now realized the he would soon be talking to her husband.  Pushing forward to knock at the door of her cunny, Bubba smiled down at her upon feeling her legs widen to accept him despite her knowing that he’d soon be talking to her husband on the phone.  And as he entered her, a gloating Bubba spoke “Jeff, my boy, how’d things go today?”

“Hey, Jeff, I must apologize for sending you out of town on yer first day in the home office!  I just realized how inconsiderate it was of me, having yer beautiful wife left all alone at home to coordinate the move!” Bubba advised as he leaned into the punk’s beautiful young wife.  “I must say, yer beautiful wife did a fantastic job for the company video!  Even the film crew guys said they’d never enjoyed working with anyone so much as yer lovely wife!  She was so accommodating for every pose they wanted of her!” Bubba gloated.

Totally horrified at the situation she found herself in, yet the cock sliding in her felt so very, very good!  Had it not been for the ball gag securely in her mouth, Kristi would have desperately been crying out ‘Fuck me ……………….………….fuck me ……………………….fuck me with your big black cock!  Faster …………….faster!  Deeper ……………fuck me deeper!  Please, please ……………..make me cum ……………………….make me cum!”  With Mr. Grimes talking to her husband on the phone while boning her, Kristi arched up in desperation to keep him deep within her.

Drawing her legs up, planting her feet flat upon the bed, Kristi joggled herself upon the lengthy fuckstick while the grinning bastard continued on with his conversation with her husband.  Trembling, shuddering as the slicing fuckstick blasted her into outer space as light flashes burst all about her, just as Mr. Grimes was telling her husband “Be sure to call yer wife tonight, put it on the company expense, and tell yer beautiful wife that I really enjoyed cumminggggggggggg ………….over to visit with her today!”

That ‘cummingggggggg’ announcement by Bubba certainly had a double meaning, one so enjoyable for him as he came in the unsuspecting bastard’s beautiful wife.  Upon telling the young punk that while blowing his nuts, Bubba heard the punk reply “Oh, yes, I was planning to call her right at eight tonight!  I’ll be sure to tell her what you said!”  And now Bubba could make some very special plans for when eight o’clock rolled around.

Forcing the lovely bitch to down a drink laced with even more of the potent Spanish Fly, Bubba had the hot little filly ready to climb the walls when the clock struck eight.  Though she had tried desperately to mount him as he lay back upon the bed, his large hands grasping her trim waist prevented the beauty from sliding down over his fleshy bulb.  “Please, please!  Please, I need it so badddddddd!” she had pleaded.  A minute before eight, Bubba then released his hold as the mewling beauty’s slick slit parted to allow her to slide right on down onto his throbbing cock.

Startled by the ringing of the phone as she fucked herself upon Mr. Grimes, Kristi saw that it was now eight o’clock and that it was Jeff calling as he told her he would.  She gasped in horror as Mr. Grimes reached over to pick up the nearby telephone that had been installed the week prior to their actual move, all previously arranged and seen to by the company’s relocation department.  With the receiver being picked up and now being handed to her, Kristi realized that ‘The despicable bastard wants to fuck me while I’m on the phone with Jeff!’

Closing her eyes but not missing a beat as she jogged up and down upon the big black fuckstick, Kristi held the phone to her ear and spoke “Hi, honey, I’ve been waiting for you to call!”  Hearing Jeff’s greeting, she then managed to ask “How …………….how was your day?  Did ……….did you do a lot of traveling?”  Fortunately for Kristi, Jeff had not picked up on her stammering as he excitedly began to tell her of his day and of Mr. Grimes calling him to say that he enjoyed the visit with her and to put the call home on the expense account.

With Mr. Grimes reaching up to cup her titties and flick at her hardened nips as she fucked herself upon him, Kristi wished that her husband would end the conversation and hang up so that she could concentrate on the fuck.  “We shouldn’t take advantage and talk too long, honey!  It won’t look good to submit a big telephone bill on your expense account!” she tried to reason with him.  But to no avail, her husband replied that “Mr. Grimes told me not to worry about the bill, sweetie!”

‘Damn it, Jeff!  He wants you to keep on talking because he’s getting his jollies having his big black cock stuck up your wife’s cunt while you’re talking to me!’ she wanted to yell out to him.  Needing to scratch that nagging itch, Kristi began jogging faster and faster, enjoying the feel of the thick stem rubbing the walls of her clenching cunny.  As the conversation was finally coming to an end, Kristi was in the midst of an orgasm as she managed to tell him “I …………I love you too!”  And that also coincided with the hot blast of cum Mr. Grimes was spurting up into her womb.

At lunchtime the next day, after an all night fuck session with her husband’s boss, Kristi sat in a nice summer dress and heels out on the patio with the bastard who was also fully dressed once again.  While the catering service arranged for by her husband’s boss served them an expensive lunch with some white wine, a cleaning crew hired by the bastard was giving house a good cleaning, especially the master bedroom that needed the carpet shampooed.

With Jeff having called in the late afternoon saying that he was beat and not really hungry, there was no need to prepare dinner for them that night, for which Kristi was grateful as she was in no mood to cook anyway.  Once he had gotten home and gave her a hug, Jeff told her that he was going to take a quick dip into the beautiful pool to baptize it.  Passing on Jeff’s request for her don a bathing suit to join him, Kristi passed on it, saying that it was just too cold out with the sun about to go down.

Watching as her husband dived in to baptize their new pool, Kristi didn’t have the heart to tell him that the pool had been baptized earlier that afternoon.  Yes, baptized earlier with her taking a dip in the pool, in which Kristi had done so without wearing her bathing suit.  And she had not gone skinny dipping in the pool alone, nor had it been just for a leisurely swim, not with Mr. Grimes nailing her to the wall at the deep end of the pool.  Biting down at her bottom lip, though knowing the chance was nearly nil, Kristi prayed that all the sticky threads of fuck evidence had all settled down to the bottom of the pool.

A week later, on her second day at the L.A. branch of the agency, the managing director called Kristi into her office to tell her that she had been requested for a weeklong assignment that would start the next afternoon.  “The head man of the company your husband works for, a Mr. Grimes called early this morning and specially requested your services!  Apparently it’s just a photo shoot to have you displaying the company’s new electronic gizmos produced at each foreign subsidiary!  It should be just a few hours each day but you’re booked for the entire day!  At this rate, you’ll be the top model here in L.A. in a couple months!” she was advised.

A typed copy of her agenda was then furnished to her, covering the remainder of the week.  “The top one is for tomorrow, address where you’re to meet with the head of the Mexican subsidiary, a Mr. Juan Gonzales, and the company photographer!  The next is for the day after with a Mr. Kim, the head of the Korean unit and so forth, with several more to be added on at the end of the week!” Kristi was advised.  Looking at the list, there was a third name on it for Friday, that of a Mr. Wang Yu, the headman for the Chinese subsidiary.

Nervous about that upcoming meeting, Kristi was unable to get a good sleep that night, tossing and turning in worry.  With Jeff fast asleep, Kristi slipped out of bed and made her way to his office in the home.  She was in search of the company directory that she had seen him looking at in preparation for the move to the home office.  Finding the directory, she then searched for the subsidiary in Mexico.  As there indeed was a Mr. Juan Gonzales, the head of Mexican subsidiary, Kristi felt some relief in thinking that what had been told to her about the assignment was really exactly as that.  And the same applied to the men from the Korean and Chinese subsidiaries.

That next day, going to the address on the paper given to her, Kristi found that it was the location of a very plush hotel.  Going to the front desk and asking for Mr. Juan Gonzales, the clerk asked her name and then proceeded to call Mr. Gonzales’ room as a security precaution.  Once clearance was obtained, Kristi was given the room number and then she proceeded on up to the room located on the 15th Floor.

Greeted by the burly Mexican, Kristi looked about for the photographer, thinking that he would normally be early and have his equipment set up before her arrival.  “Am I early, or is the photographer late?” she asked.  Seeing the puzzled look on the man’s face, Kristi swallowed nervously and fearing the worst as the smiling Mexican was taking off his coat and unbuttoning his shirt.  “Ah, you are a real prettee one, just as Mr. Grimes promised me for the excellent result of my Mexican unit!  We do not need a photographer, I have everything set up on tripods in the bedroom!” she was told.

‘Oh, my God!  This is not for me to pose with any new electronic developments!  This isn’t a photo shoot at all!’ Kristi came to realize.  Having been hired through her modeling agency, this was merely a clever rouse in having her sent out on supposedly ‘modeling’ assignments.  But instead of actual modeling, she would be serving as a highly paid ‘call girl’, having to prostitute herself to the men selected by her husband’s vile boss.  Kristi blinked back the tears and cringed in despair as the Mexican bastard stepped closer to crudely cup her breasts through her dress, obviously not caring how badly he wrinkled the garment, treating her like a common whore.

End of Story.