Wife Under Pressure
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Naïve Newlywed 1
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At dinner that Sunday, Laura nervously swallowed as Andy asked her to follow up with Mr. Grimes if he managed to talk to his friend that might have an opening in the computer programming field for him.  Laura cringed at the mention of her boss's name, as her husband commented on how 'nice' her boss was when he had come up to introduce himself when Andy and picked her up at the train station the other day.

Her thoughts took her back to that Friday afternoon, when Mr. Grimes had come up to introduce himself just when she and her husband had exchanged a passionate kiss upon greeting each other.  She knew that the real reason behind her boss's appearance was to gloat at the fact that was Andy was kissing her passionately, especially since just moments ago her lips were wrapped around his thick black cock as the train was pulling into the station.  Laura had no choice but to force herself to comply with her boss's vile demand that she give her husband a passionate kiss when he greeted her, as he put it to her in 'Giving him a deep passionate kiss!  Let him have an opportunity to get a taste of a 'real' man!'

With Andy out of a job, Laura had done what was necessary to preserve hers, that being to go on the overnight business trip out of town and let her boss possess her body.  So much for the fact that only weeks earlier she had exchanged vows with her loving husband to be true to each other.  Instead of the troublesome fact that she had now betrayed those vows, what bothered Laura most was the unbelievable pleasure she had derived from that night with her black boss.  'God, that myth about black men is certainly true!' she realized.

Laura knew that Mr. Grimes had thrown that bone of a potential job opening out to her unemployed husband, getting Andy to think of him as a great guy.  She didn't dare ask her boss about what he had indicated to Andy, knowing that she'd have to pay dearly for such a favor.  Still, she had to give it some thought, especially seeing how depressed Andy was getting in trying to get employment in such a bad job market.  With all the closings of companies in the computer industry, the job situation for her husband was even that much more difficult.

Getting back to work on Monday, Laura felt a bit embarrassed at the announcement that she had just been promoted to the home office secretarial staff.  She could sense the smirks of the other women in the office as they congratulated her, each knowing just how she had earned her promotion.  Although each one of the women had gotten to their well-paid positions in the same manner, she cringed with shame when she was in a restroom stall and overheard two of her fellow workers while they were fixing their make-up.  The remark of "Can you believe she got back from her honeymoon just a few weeks ago?" made her shudder in disgust.

Each night that week, she lied to Andy when he inquired if Mr. Grimes had mentioned anything about that possible job opening that he had mentioned.  She in fact had gotten a call on her telephone extension on Tuesday from Mr. Grimes saying that his friend had an opening for a computer programmer.  Laura knew how badly Andy needed to get a job but she felt so reluctant to pay the price right there in the office.

Having given in to her boss, while on the business trip, was one thing as none of the other secretaries or office workers were present.  But when Mr. Grimes had chuckled on the phone and advised her that she could get the information from him by merely coming into his office and locking the door behind her.  Laura knew there would be a dear price to pay in getting her husband that job.

That weekend, Andy seemed even more depressed after getting notices from three firms that he had applied with for jobs, thanking him for his application but that the job opening had already been filled.  The unemployment section of the Sunday morning newspaper was quite bare as a reflection of the poor economy and the lack of jobs available.  Even her attempt to take his mind off things by putting on her sexy negligee did nothing as Andy was too depressed to even get a rise out of him.

It was mid-morning on Monday as Mr. Grimes was getting his messages from Laura's desk when she whispered to him "Mr. Grimes, can I see you about that job opening your friend has at his company for a computer programmer!"  Seeing his broad grinning smile, Laura felt a shiver course throughout her entire body.  She cringed when he replied "Sure, Laura, come into my office now and I'll get that information for you!"

As she was about to enter his office just ahead of him, Laura then heard him address the secretary across the way "Mrs. Wells, please hold all my calls for now!"  Her heart sank, knowing that the women out in the office would be whispering and snickering as to what was taking place in the boss's office.  Standing in the middle of Mr. Grimes' large office, she heard the door close shut, then heard the lock being turned.  Closing her eyes, she shivered as she once again felt the large familiar hands upon her shoulders.

Laura remained still as she felt the zipper of her orange and white print dress being pulled down.  Then the large hands were pushing the dress over her shoulders and she felt it fall to the carpeted floor at her feet.  Not having worn nylons as her flawless white legs accentuated her beauty, Laura was now clad only in her matching pair of lacy white bra and panties along with her 3" white heels.

She took a deep breath as the clasp of her bra was unfastened and the shoulder straps were being eased off her shoulders.  She gasped as the large course palms of her devious boss cupped her soft tender breasts, feeling them move in circular motions to tease her sensitive pink buds.  She shivered as she felt them begin to harden from the expert teasing, then shuddered as thick thumbs began to flick at the stiffened nipples.

A moment later, Laura felt thumbs in the waistband of her panties to ease them down over her trim hips.  Seconds later, they too were sliding down her legs to fall upon her white heels.  Her body trembled as the large hands were caressing her inner thighs.  "Ohhhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as her boss crudely cupped her mound and pushed his middle finger into her slick gash.

Panting from the brief finger fucking that her boss had given her, she was unaware of him now getting out of his clothing.  A moment later, she was being pulled towards the large sofa located along the inner wall.  Stepping out of her fallen dress, Laura moved towards the sofa with her white panties caught upon her right heel.  Then she gazed upon the thick shaft that she had become accustomed to on that business trip, the instrument that had taken her to such heights never before reached with her loving husband.

With Mr. Grimes sitting upon the couch, Laura was pulled forward so that she was kneeling and straddling his wide hips.  She observed him fisting his thick lengthy manhood with one hand and his other hand on her hip guiding her towards it.  Then she froze in panic, stammering "Mr. Grimes ……………you ……………you don't have a condom on!  Please ………………please …………………you must put a condom one!"

Bubba Grimes just laughed at the young wife's dilemma, knowing his caresses and finger fuck had her creaming already, that she was in dire need of a good solid fuck.  Rubbing his cockhead along her oozing slit, he heard her panting out in her need to be fucked, then advised "I'm gonna have to call in favors in getting your hubby that job!  You're going to have to take me bareback or hubby can kiss that job goodbye!"

With the cockhead centered between her thighs, Laura now felt both of her boss's large hands grasping her trim hips.  "Arugghhhhhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped loudly as the hands on her hips suddenly pulled her down and her boss thrust himself up into her.  Throwing her head back, her eyes rolled back as the sudden and brutal movement had her body impaled upon the thick throbbing shaft.

Then the hands on her hips pushed her up a bit, then pulled her back down upon the upright prong.  Again and again the hands pushed and pulled on her hips till she picked up the rhythm and began to hump herself up and down upon her gloating boss's lengthy black cock.  "Ohhhhhh ….......………ohhhhhhh ……….ohhhhhhhh!" Laura cooed as tingles of pleasure coursed through her body as she fucked herself toward that much wanted orgasm.

All thoughts of the need for a protective condom had left her mind as Laura now only thought of reaching the heights of pleasure like that experienced during her business trip.  Bouncing up and down upon the sofa with her boss's cock slicking in and out of her squeezing cunt, Laura moaned with pleasure "Ohhhh, yesssssss …………….yessssssss …………..ohhhhhhhh ………..so good ……………so goodddddddd!"

Seeing that the lovely young wife was about to climax, Bubba grasped her by the hips and held her steady, preventing her from getting the length of his cock back into her.  The movement had the young beauty panic stricken in her desperation to reach the mind-shattering orgasm that appeared to be so nearby.  She pleaded "No ………...........…..don't stop ………...............…don't stop ………..................please ………..............….please ……........……I need it …….......……so badddddddddd!  Oh, God …………........…..fuck me …………..............…fuck meeeeee!"

Smirking, Bubba advised "But Mrs. Wieland, I don't have a condom on!  I thought you didn't want me to fuck you without one?  If you continue, I'm going to cream in you, sweetie!  You know what's going to happen if I cream in ya, don't ya?"  He deliberately made his cock pulse and expand in her slick hole, then did it again and again within  the now sobbing beauty.

"Oh, please ……………please ………….let me finish!" Laura sobbed in her frustration.  "Please ………..please …………..I need to cum so badly!  Fuck me ………..please ……………cum in me ………………shoot your cum in me ………………I don't care!  Shoot it in me ……………….knock me up ………………..knock me up with your baby!" she pleadingly sobbed.

Pulling hips back down to him as he thrust into the sobbing beauty.  Again and again, faster and faster, they shagged at each other on the sofa.  "Ohhhhhh ……..ohhhhhhhh ……………I ……………I cummmmminggggggg!" came the shuddering moan as the young wife trembled in Bubba's arms with his lengthy cock buried up to the hilt.  Holding her ass tightly to him, he groaned "Awwwww, baby ……………….here it cummmsssss …………….ahhhhhhhhh!"  Spurt after thick spurt of his thick jizz flooded the womb of the young wife who had just completed her honeymoon a month earlier.

Five minutes later, having come back down to earth from the mind-shattering orgasm, a guilty Laura eased herself off the still lengthy but now dwindling cock.  She blinked back the tears of shame as the thick cock exited with a loud 'pop'.  As she swung her leg over the muscular body, she felt a tug as Mr. Grimes pulled the panties off her heel and held it up to his face and smiled.

Properly dressed again, minus for her panties, Laura took a deep breath as she was about to exit the office and into the view of the other secretaries and workers.  She knew she was blushing but tried desperately to give the pretense that she had just taken dictation, rather than having just serviced the boss's big dick.  As she was on early lunch and it was now that time, she exited the door and marked the board that she was on her lunch break, knowing all eyes were upon her even though everyone pretended to be busy with work.

Laura then quickly made it down the hallway to the restroom where she could compose herself and get freshened up.  Entering one of the stalls, she wiped down her matted pussy and tried to rid herself of some of the spunk that filled her twat to the brim.  She decided that she needed to rush downstairs to the nearby drugstore and purchase a potent douche to prevent the unthinkable consequence that now presented itself.

With Laura headed down to the drugstore, Bubba Grimes had just gotten dressed and put his precious souvenir into the top left drawer of his desk before advising Mrs. Wells that he had to meet a client for lunch.  Once the boss was out of the office and out of sight, all the women began to giggle and peered out to make certain that neither Laura or their boss was returning.

Assured that the coast was clear, the women in the office gathered at the door to Mr. Grimes' office and they slowly entered.  Deep breaths were taken to take in the obvious aroma in the air, indicating the aftermath of sex.  Then one gal giggled and pointed to the sofa where a wet spot was evident of where the fuck had taken place.  Another knowing gal then made a beeline to the boss's desk and opened up the top left-hand drawer, then withdrew and held up the lacy white panties for everyone to see, getting a laughte from all the gals after commenting that "I guess our Laura has more skills that taking 'dick-tation'!"

That afternoon, while sitting at her desk, Laura was suddenly slipped a note by her boss who advised "I've set up an appointment at 3 p.m. at this location.  The guy to see is Lucas Barnes who'll be waiting at the hotel bar.  He's in charge of all the hiring for Beta Computing Services and got the job all set aside for your husband!"

"Th ….thank you, Mr. Grimes!  I'll see that Andy is there promptly at 3 p.m.!" Laura advised.  Then she got an unexpected surprise when her boss responded "That appointment's not for your husband!  It's for you to keep!  Wear that nice green dress and white heels that you have, it'll certainly be a big turn for 'ol Lucas!  I'll give you an afternoon assignment so you won't have to take time off from the job, sweetie!  You certainly deserve it!"

That evening at dinner, when her depressed husband inquired if Mr. Grimes had gotten hold of his friend, Laura saw Andy's face lighten up when she advised him of the potential job at Beta Computing Services.  She advised her husband that Mr. Grimes indicated that he 'd be contacted later by a Mr. Lucas Barnes for a formal interview.  However, Laura knew that she would be doing the 'real' interview for her husband's job.

On Wednesday afternoon, Laura nervously made her way into the lobby of the Bedford Hotel and looked for the lounge on the bottom floor.  Opening the large glass door, she observed only one man sitting at the bar, a large black man who was obviously pleased at seeing her enter.  Seeing him grinning with that wide smile, Laura knew that he was indeed Mr. Lucas Barnes whom she was to meet.

After introducing herself and confirming that the man was indeed Lucas Barnes, Laura sat in the barstool next to him and ordered a glass of red wine.  She cringed and shuddered as the large man boldly placed his hand on her thigh and began caressing her through her emerald green dress.  She wished that she dared to push this man's filthy hand from her body and tell him to keep his job.  But she steeled her body and told herself that she had to bear with it and allow this man to paw her for the sake of her husband.

Ten minutes later, Laura found herself hand-in-hand with Mr. Barnes in the elevator as they headed up to his suite.  She felt so tiny standing next to Mr. Barnes, realizing that he must be at least 6'6" in height and weighing in excess of 250 lbs.  She felt so ashamed at what she was doing, allowing yet another man to fondle her body after returning from her honeymoon just over a month ago.  As the elevator came to a stop on the 30th floor, she knew that in a few moments this stranger would be doing more than just fondling her body.

As Mr. Barnes undid his tie and began to undress, Laura wanted to turn and run from the room while she still had the opportunity.  Tears in her eyes, Laura glanced towards the door, then looked back at the big black muscular hulk that was now getting out of his pants.  Now with him taking off his jockey shorts, Laura cringed with fear, realizing that this man was to thickly built and would stretch her even more than ever before.

Then Laura observed Mr. Barnes sitting upon the king-sized bed while stroking his massive hardon, saw him smile and order her "Okay, baby, let's see what I'm getting in return for your hubby's job!  Give me a nice little striptease!"  Watching him stroke his thick cock, Laura reached behind her neck to undo the clasp and began to unzip her green dress.

With her green dress lying in a crumpled heap at her feet, Laura blinked back tears as she reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her lacy white bra.  Seconds later, the bra also lay upon the carpeted floor of the hotel suite.  Thumbs in the waistband of her lacy white panties that too soon lay at her feet.  With one heel in back of the other, she stepped out of her right heel.  Then with her toes against her left heel she then stepped out of that one and slowly made her way to the large bed.

She wondered what to do next but that was quickly dispelled when Mr. Barnes pulled her into a kneeling position and crawled up under her, telling her "Give me a taste of that sweet honeypot of yers!"  In the position that Laura was in, she knew exactly what was being expected of her, especially in seeing his massive hardon jutting up from his loins and waving in front of her face.

Shivering with pleasure as the face nuzzled between her thighs and the withering tongue teasing between her irritated slit, Laura dropped to her left elbow as she grabbed the thick cock in her right fist.  Licking her pink lips, she then opened her mouth wide and dipped her head to engulf the thick oozing cockhead.  Flicking her tongue out, she lapped the thick goo onto her tongue, then ran the slippery substance about her mouth to taste his manliness.

Enjoying the feel of the exploring tongue deep within her, Laura squirmed about and pressed her muff down onto the eager face buried in her crotch.  Meanwhile, she continued to shuck his cock with her fist and fuck her face onto his hot throbbing meat.  "Mmmmmm ……………..mmmmmphhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned around the gagging cock as she squirmed about as the tongue within her threatened to drive her out of her mind.

"Mmmmmmfff ……………….mmmmmmmffffffffffff!" she groaned as her body shook as she nearly lost consciousness from the thrilling pleasure.  Instinctively, Laura continued shucking at the thick throbbing cock faster and faster.  Her mouth sucking harder as her head bobbed faster and faster upon it.  Unthinking as she continued to mouth the throbbing piece of meat, the first blast in her mouth caught her totally off guard.

Instinctively reacting to the sudden gush of hot goo in her mouth, Laura jerked her head back and off the spurting cock.  Staring unbelievably at the quivering cock in her fist, she stared ahead as the cockhead expanded before her eyes.  Unable to think, she merely continued to stare as the purplish black cockhead belched once, then again, saturating her face and hair with the thick sticky goo.  Her head slumped, face dripping with cum, knowing that it was going to be a high price to pay for her husband getting a job.  She just prayed that it wouldn't require her involvement in her husband keeping his job but she knew deep down that it would.

Still on her hands and knees, face dripping with cum, Laura felt the man beneath her scoot out from under her.  She then felt his hands on her hip as he shuffled up behind her.  Next, Laura felt Mr. Barnes fitting himself up against the slit that he had recently been slurping at, pushing his thick cockhead between them.  "Ohhhhh …………………..it ……………….its so bigggggggg!" she moaned as she was being stretched wide.

Feeling the thick cock rub against her sensitive clit, Laura closed her eyes and bit down at her bottom lip and pushed herself back to skewer herself onto the thick prong that promised to bring her so much pleasure.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ………………..oh, God ……………yessssss …………….ohhhh, so biggggggg!" she moaned as the thick piece of meat began to piston in and out of her now slushy cunt.

Thrusting himself into the sexy young wife, Lucas was so glad to have a good friend like Bubba, especially since he had done Bubba a favor earlier.  Now his friend was certainly repaying that favor.  He had looked over the young man's resume and Lucas found Andy Wieland more than qualified for the job but this sweet thing under him certainly did the trick.  As he sliced between the slick tight folds, he taunted the young beauty "Oh, baby, you love a big black cock up that tight little cunt of yours, don't ya?  Yer hubby's certainly got a dedicated wife to look after him!  Does yer hubby knows he's got a whore for a wife?"

"Ohhhh ………..please ………….fuck me ………….fuck me hardddd!  Fuck me with your big black cock ………………treat me like the whore I really am!  Ohhhhhhhh ……………….yes ……………….yesssssssss ……………deeper ……………….deeper …………….fuck me deeper!  Yesssss ……….yes …………good ………so gooddddd!" panted Laura as she pushed back each time Lucas Barnes thrust into her.

Holding and caressing the soft sexy body, Lucas felt her tremble as her body began convulsing uncontrollably, then heard her yell out loudly "Oh, Godddddd ……………I ………………….I'm cumminggggggggg!"  It was too much for Lucas with this beautiful white bitch hollering as he fucked her, causing his throbbing cock to expand to the bursting point.  Grabbing her trim hips, her buried himself up to his balls, felt his balls churn as his cockhead exploded deep in her womb.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………yeah …………………yeahhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he pumped out his sticky load of seed.

Head now bowed and resting on the bed, the cum on her face now oozing into her hair, Laura remained on her hands and knees as the heavy man rested upon her with his twitching cock continuing to fill her womb.  Laura told herself that she had made this sacrifice for the benefit of her depressed husband, to get him a job and take the growing stress off his shoulders.  But she was upset with herself, wondering 'Why did I have to enjoy it so much?'

It must have been a full ten minutes that had lapsed before Laura came out of her fucked out stupor.  The familiar twitch of the still thick meat in her horny cunt sent tremors through her body and up to her brain, causing her to squeeze her muscles around the once again lengthening shaft.  "Ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she tightly squeezed at the cock within her, feeling it throb in response to her squeeze.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …….………….nooooooooo!" she whined as the pleasure giving shaft was slowly pulled out of her clasping pussy.

 "Wha ………..what are you doing?" Laura asked in a panic as she felt the prodding cockhead now pushing up between her buttocks.  Fear set in as Laura tried to crawl forward and away from this deviant man.  But the firm hands upon her hips had been prepared for her attempt to escape, holding her firmly in place as pressure of the thick cockhead was asserted against her tight resisting ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ………….nooooooo ………….God, it hurts …………stop ………..it hurtssssssssss ……..it's too …………too bigggggggg!  Please ……………please ………………..stop please ……………..I've never done this before!" Laura pleaded.  "I'm afraid!  Stop, please ………………….it hurtsssssssss!" she sobbed.  "Noooo ………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as Lucas Barnes brutally thrust himself into her virgin ass.

Lucas was beside himself in learning that he was the one having the honor of claiming her sweet virgin white ass.  With the lovely wife on all fours, he mounted her like a bitch in heat, thrusting hard as he wanted to hear her scream again in pain.   As he began to shag her soft tender ass, Lucas felt her begin to respond as she now began to hump her ass back into his thrusts.  Reaching forward with his right hand, he dipped his middle finger into her mushy slit, rubbing at the sensitive clit.

Then Lucas heard the lovely young wife beg "Oh, you big black stud ………..shag me ……………..fuck my ass ………slam your big black cock in me!  Ahh …….ahhh ….ahhhh ………..oh, God ……………..finger me!  Oh, God ………………I …………I'm going to ……………cummmmmmmmm!"  As the young beauty quivered in his arms, Lucas exploded in her ass, giving her a hot creamy enema.

Shortly after Mr. Barnes pulled out of her ravaged rectum, from far away she heard him tell her that her husband had the job and for him to report in at 8 a.m. Monday morning.  On all fours, she merely stared down at the bed in exhaustion, then saw Mr. Barnes business card floating down before her, feeling him pat her ass and tell her what a fine piece of ass she was.  Then Mr. Barnes was kneeling before her and she was grabbed by the hair, her head pulled to his crotch, heard him say "Clean me up, bitch!"  She felt so depraved and her stomach churned knowing that he wanted her to put his cock into her mouth after having just reamed out her cherry ass with it.  But after on a second of hesitation, she opened her lips to admit his filthy cock into her mouth.

A half-hour later, Laura found herself all alone in the hotel suite as Mr. Barnes had gone back to the office in time for the closing of the business day.  Laura couldn't believe that through out the entire time, the lusting man had used her mouth, cunt and ass while she had remained in just one position.  Crawling off the bed, she grimaced as she took her first step, shuddering with pain from her torn asshole.

Slowly, Laura made her way to gather her purse and clothing, then she staggered to the bathroom.  From her purse she retrieved the bottle of douche that she had brought along as a precaution, then got it ready to cleanse her flooded womb of the sticky seed.  Looking up into the reflection of the bathroom mirror, she groaned in shame at the sight of the dried white splotches on her face and in her hair.

It took nearly an hour of cleansing her body, inside and out, along with brushing all the dried white flakes from her hair.  Realizing that she was running late, Laura called her husband at home to tell him she gotten tied up shopping and would be picking dinner up on her way home.  After such an exhausting afternoon, she was not in the mood to do any cooking.

Over dinner, Laura gave Andy the card Mr. Barnes had left for her before he departed from the hotel suite.  She gave her husband the good news, telling him "I happened to meet Mr. Barnes at the office this afternoon.  He was quite impressed with your resume and says for you to be at this office at 8 a.m. Monday morning.  He told me you've already got the job!"

"Really?  He was that impressed with my resume that an interview isn't needed!  Wow, fantastic!" she heard her husband exclaim.  Laura merely nodded her head in response, knowing her husband would not want to have heard exactly what Mr. Barnes had said when he had given her the card.  She knew Andy would not have been thrilled to know that when Mr. Barnes had tossed the card down onto the bed, he had patted her ass and commented "Oh, sweetie, you're a fantastic piece of ass!  You sure earned your husband getting the job, Mrs. Wieland!"

At 8 a.m. Monday morning, Andy Wieland was seated across the desk from Mr. Lucas Barnes.  Andy smiled when Mr. Barnes advised "You've got a very beautiful and dedicated wife, Mr. Wieland!  I happened to meet her last week and she was quite convincing that you deserved this job!  You're a real lucky man to have such a lovely wife devoted to you!"  Little did Andy realize just how his lovely wife had convinced this man to give him the job.

End of Story.