Woeful Wedding Night
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Subdued Stewardess 3'
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Archie looked at his computer email and the time that it had been posted by the sender, chuckling ‘I’s knew ya’d divi up that info I’s wanted on that little friend of yers!  Jist couldn’t bare the thought of yer old Dad seeing a picture of his precious daughter with a black cock stuffed in her mouth, huh!’  Having pictures of the beauty, that he had raped and sodomized as fodder for blackmail, certainly made getting the info needed even though it was obvious that she was scared for her friend.

Pulling up the original blackmailing email he had sent a couple of days ago to the raped beauty, Archie read it over ‘To My Lovely Little Lori: Do you think your Dad would have another heart attack if he saw these pics?’  Scrolling down, the picture of the blonde flight attendant would then get to view the picture of her on her knees with his black cock in her mouth!  Then he had included more with her on the bed, with her legs spread wide with him raping her.

He had also added in the email ‘You've been naughty ………..moving and keeping your new phone number unlisted!  I went over to pay you another visit but you were already gone!  Since its obvious you don't want to see me again, nor have these photos emailed to your father, I'll make you a deal.  You've got three days to email me back!  Saw you at the airport earlier this week, with a beautiful friend of yours!  Saw you two exchanging info!’

‘After you left, I followed your friend out of the airport but some guy picked her up at the curb, leaving me high and dry.  But I did see that shiny diamond on her finger!  And you know how much that turns me on!  Now give me all the info and low down on this pretty little thing: Name; age; phone #; address; when and where's the wedding; and of course, where's the honeymoon going to be!’ Archie had demanded before attaching a couple pictures of the Asian beauty in her navy blue flight uniform.


Opening up the response, Archie chuckled as the read the blonde bitch’s plea ‘Please!  I beg you!  Please don’t hurt her!  She’s such a sweet girl!’  But the paragraph beneath it provided all the details he had demanded of her: ‘Kristi Taniguchi, age 25, flight attendant for Far Eastern Air, resides at 2345 Oakdale Circle in San Francisco.  Wedding date is Saturday September 23rd at St. John’s Church, reception at the Carleton Hotel & Resort, and honeymooning two days later at the Mystic Resort in San Juan!’

And the final paragraph again pleaded ‘Please, again, I beg you not to hurt Kristi!  Please don’t do those degrading and disgusting things to her like you did me!’  Archie laughed out loud “Right, bitch!  Ya don’t want me to rape that purty little but went and gave me all the info I’s wanted anyway!”  Pulling up the picture of the lovely Kristi Taniguchi on his computer screen once again, Archie grasped his swollen crotch and smiled at the beauty, then whipped out his cock to begin shucking at his swollen meat.

Cock at rock hardness as Archie beat at it, he was near cumming as he panted out her “Soon, sweetie …………………ya’s gonna be all mine!  But we’s shouldn’t forgit about that whiteboy I’s seen ya with!  After all, it’s his honeymoon too!  Ya’s and I’s, we’ll put on a real hot show fer the punk, huh?   Giv’em a real thrill, one not many grooms git to enjoy …………………………watching his beautiful little bride git raped by a big black ‘nigger’ cock, heh, heh!  On second thought, how’s about your wedding night?  That’d be even better!”

“Ohhh!  Ohhh!  Ah!  Ah!  Argggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” Archie grunted as his cock belched out a wad of jizz high up into the air, landing perfectly upon the monitor to splatter upon the lovely beauty’s picture.  Grabbing some tissues from the box nearby, Archie covered his bloated cockhead to capture the remainder of his ejaculation.  “Ohhhh, oooooooooooooh!” he panted, reaching over for more tissues to clean up the mess he had made on the computer screen.

For Kristi Taniguchi, she was just thrilled to be a flight attendant for Far Eastern Airlines, loving every moment it took in flying off to a distant country.  Oh, there were some unruly passengers at times but those were minor problems to be expected on the job.  And there had been so many more very pleasant things happening to offset the bad ones, one being the time she had met her loving husband to be on a flight to the Far East.

In meeting the handsome Jack Bolton on that flight, her heart was thumping madly when he walked back to the galley where she was working on the pretense of asking her for a cold drink.  When the other flight attendant departed down the aisle, it was then that Jack stammered nervously a bit and admitted “I …………….I was hoping to talk to you alone for a moment!  I …………….I was wondering …………………would you like to have dinner with me one night?  If you’re free, that is!”

Though the handsome blonde haired fellow seemed tongue-tied in his approach to hit on her, Kristi gave him an ‘A’ for effort.  Smiling up at the taller handsome Jack Bolton, she replied teasingly “Well, I’m not really ‘free’ ……………but I’d love to have dinner with you!  Tonight?  We’re laying-over for the night after this flight lands!”  And with being in the city where Jack Bolton lived, a time was set-up for him to pick her up at the hotel for their first date.

Dinner at a plush restaurant, it seemed as if Kristi and Jack were made for each other as the held hands atop the table while starring into each other’s eyes.  Off on a sightseeing tour of the city lights after dinner, Kristi was quite impressed with the manners of her handsome date and certainly wanted to see him again.  And when he brought her back to the hotel to escort her up to see her safely to her door, Kristi stood on tip-toes as they exchanged a brief kiss before he departed as she entered her hotel room.

From that day on, it was daily emails and phone calls for the love struck couple, going on dates whenever she’d be flying back and laying over in the city.  Putting in for a transfer from her home base in Los Angeles, Kristi was so ecstatic when an opening came available in San Francisco for her to make the transfer and be based right in the same city with Jack.  Now their dating could take on a more serious and frequent nature.

Though Jack had wanted her to move in with him, Kristi thought better of it, especially since she wanted to preserve her virginity till her wedding night.  Thus, after finding an affordable apartment unit near Jack’s, they were dating constantly and exclusively with one another.  After several months, Kristi was taken by surprise while on a date as the handsome Jack Bolton got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.  A quick and loud “Yes!” was followed by the first deep passionate kiss between them as they embraced one another.

Of course, from then on they were totally inseparable, with not a day going by that they weren’t together sometime of the day provided that she was not out on town on a flight.  As for intimacy, kissing and some light petting through their clothing were as far as it got, with Kristi putting a halt to Jack’s desire to go further.  “Wait till the wedding day, honey!  Then I’m all yours for the taking!  And I’m saving something very special for my husband!” Kristi would tell him, hinting as to the treasure she was preserving for his enjoyment.

And so, the big day was now approaching just short of a year from their engagement day.  Kristi was so excited, making sure that her last flight scheduled before her vacation started would provide her with ample time to take care of the last minute arrangements for the wedding.  An appointment was coming up with the bridal shop for her final fitting of the wedding gown and veil, then it would be just seeing to all the little details.  On that day following her final flight before her vacation was to begin little was Kristi aware of the pair of lusting eyes being glued to her as she made her way to her car in the parking lot

The devious and conniving Archie had earlier been wondering just how to achieve his vile goal of raping the beautiful flight attendant on her wedding night.  With the Carlton Hotel & Resort a real swank place, trying to go in as guest would certainly draw suspicions as he himself realized that his appearance certainly would not be a credible one.  Having gone to the website of the Carlton Resort, Archie had clicked on the employment button, then read what job positions were being advertised.  All that effort had not gone to waist as he spied upon the lovely beauty in her navy blue uniform, thinking 'The next time I sees ya, it'll ya'll be look so innocent and virginal in yer wedding gown!'

‘Accountant – no, valet – hmmm, janitor – maybe, desk clerk – yeahhhh – that’s it!  Learn the system, learn how to make a duplicate of the cardkey they probably use there!  Yeah, I’s better head on over there and apply for a job as desk clerk and if’n I’m not qualified, go for the janitor’s job jist to get my foot in the door and the uniform that’ll git me entrance to that fancy place!’ Archie had surmised.

With two weeks on the job as desk clerk at the Carlton, Archie had learned the part of the system that he needed to know, mainly that of how the cardkey process was done.  He had to smile when he was actually trained on how to make a duplicate cardkey for a guest who had lost the original. And with the hotel’s tradition of providing the bridle couple with a bottle of champagne, that was an added means that might just assist him when the time came.

Not scheduled to work that Saturday, Archie easily got the person scheduled to make the switch since no one really wanted to work the weekends.  Perfect timing as he was scheduled to work till 10 p.m., right around the time when the bride and groom would be escaping out of the reception hall and come to the desk for the key to the honeymoon suite.  And as six o’clock came around, the time for the wedding reception in the hotel’s ballroom, Archie licked his lips as the bridal party arrived in a limo and the bride and groom made their way to the reception.

Eyes glued to the lovely bride in her long white wedding gown, Archie licked his lips and muttered “Damn, she looks so fuck’n innocent!  I’d bet my last buck that the beautiful little bitch is still cherry!”  Panting with lust, his boner pushing against the front desk, Archie swore to himself that ‘It ain’t gonna be fer long, sweetie!  Cause I’s gonna be the one to have the honor of popping that sweet little cherry of yers, then git to taste some sweet cherry juice!  And all while hubby watches while his beautiful bride gits ‘ruined’!’

With no one around, he had the cardkeys made for the honeymoon suite and clipped two of them to the registration card, slipping the third one into his own pocket.  About to be relieved from his shift, Archie then advised his replacement “Oh, I’s got the keycards fer the bride and groom all made and attached to their reservation card!  Ya jist know they’s gonna be in a rush to git it on upstairs once the reception is over, heh, heh!  Man, after seeing that purty little bride, hubby must be awfully anxious to git that dinner reception over with so he can bang the beautiful little bitch!”

But before Archie could make his way over to the elevator, here came the bride and groom in a rush to ‘getting it on’!  ‘Damn!  Fuck’n shit!’ he cussed as the cardkey in his pocket was now rendered useless in getting into the honeymoon suite ahead of them.  ‘Okay, calm on down, Archie!  Think it out some!’ he told himself.  ‘Okay, okay, go with option #2!’ he concluded.  ‘Git on over to room service!’ Archie told himself as he headed off in that direction.

“Hey, Pancho!  Bride and Groom jist headed on up to the honeymoon suite so its time to take the champagne on up to them!  They’re a really nice couple!  Lemme take it up to them - here’s ten bucks for ya, should more than cover the tip ya’d be losing out on!” Archie advised, knowing that the old guy would grab it as a ten buck tip for delivery of a complimentary bottle of champagne was probably double what he’d be getting, plus it’d save him some work in the process.

After a deep passionate kiss with his bride, Jack Bolton was happy to take off the black bow tie and unbutton the top button of his tuxedo shirt.  With Kristi freshening up a bit in the bathroom, he got out of his tuxedo coat and laid it atop the bed when he heard a knock upon the door and the announcement of “Champagne for the bride and groom!  Compliments of the Carlton!”  Going to the door, Jack let in the fellow wearing the familiar jacket of the Carlton staff who was carrying the ice bucket containing the bottle of champagne.

Having turned away a second to get a five dollar bill out of his wallet, Jack then turned to hand the fellow the tip.  But he was suddenly cold cocked by the muscular black bellhop with a fist to the jaw, making it was lights out for the groom in an instant.  Taking the champagne bottle out and hand beneath the thin layer of ice, Archie reached in for the length of rope along with the sealed plastic bag containing to mini camcorders.  Groom tied securely to the chair, camcorders set and rolling, he put a knife to the groom’s throat and tapped his face to awaken him.

Meanwhile, doing the final touches of her makeup and lipstick as she wanted to look the picture perfect bride for the man she had married that afternoon, Kristi brushed back her veil and looked into the mirror for once last time.  As she reached for the doorknob, Kristi thought ‘At last!  Keeping Jack at bay for a year has been so difficult!  Not that he was too aggressive, but because his touches felt so good that I even wet my panties on several occasions before finding the strength to have him stop!  Now I can let him go all the way ……………..let him make me a ‘real woman’ finally!’

Opening the door and stepping out of the bathroom in her elegant white wedding gown, veil and long gloves, Kristi gasped “Oh, my God ……………………….oh, my Goddddddddddddd!”  Frozen to the spot, she observed her husband securely tied to the chair while facing her with a sharp knife being held to his throat.  Kristi trembled upon seeing the smile on the evil black face next to her husband’s as he snickered “My, my, what a beautiful bride ya married, sonny boy!  Yer one hell of a lucky guy, that’s fer sure!”

“C’mon over here, sweetie!  C’mon closer!” Archie ordered.  But with the petrified beauty frozen to the spot in fear, he then threatened “Either ya come on over here, or I’s gonna slice this punk’s throat wide open!  Ya want that, sweetie?  Ya wanna see me slice him open?”  As the beautiful bride trembled in fear, shaking her head ‘no’, Archie smiled as she slowly approached.  “Yessiree, ya’s married a real beauty, my boy!  C’mon, model that wedding gown fer us, turn around slowly!” he ordered.

After complying to the demand for her to model the wedding gown before her husband and the vile assailant, Kristi trembled in fear, fearing the worst was yet to come.  Then she heard the intruder ask Jack “Hey, buddy boy, did you get to kiss the bride after being pronounced ‘man and wife’?”  After a moment of silence, the intruder pressed the blade closer to Jack’s throat and advised “Ya gonna answer me outta yer mouth or do ya wanna start talking outta the hole I’s gonna cut in yer throat?”

“Yes …………yes, we kissed!” Jack panted out of fear that the black bastard holding the knife at his throat would make good on his threat.  Then he heard the man next ask “Did ya enjoy kissing yer beautiful bride?”  “Yes …………..yes, I did!” he stammered out in response.  “Now, how’s about ya telling yer beautiful bride to c’mon over here to give me a kiss, huh?” he was advised.  Swallowing deeply as he didn’t want to obey this demand, but upon feeling the blade’s pressure increasing Jack stammered out “Kristi, please …………………..please come over here and give him a kiss!”

Kristi certainly did not want to give this horrid man a kiss as she continued to tremble with fear as she stood there.  But with a trickle of blood now visible on Jack’s neck, she had to save her husband’s life and stepped closer toward them.  With the vile man now standing directly above Jack, Kristi realized that she’d have to kiss this man while her husband watched from below.  Tears flowing down her cheeks, her knees now up against her husband’s tied legs, she closed her eyes as she forced herself to lean forward to kiss the man.  But before the kiss commenced, she was advised to “Put yer hands on hubby’s shoulders, sweetie!”

Jack did not want to look up and witness his beautiful wife kissing this horrid bastard, but he couldn’t help himself as he tilted his head back to see the thick wide lips descend down upon Kristi’s pretty pink ones.  Here was his beautiful wife leaning against him, her gloved hands on his shoulders kissing the black bastard.  Then Jack blinked his eyes rapidly as a tear drop had fallen from his wife’s cheek directly into his right eye.  Jack cringed at he heard the gruff bastard then instruct Kristi to “C’mom, sweetie, open those sweet lips fer me!  Gimme some tongue action!”

And now tears were flowing down Jack’s face as he witnessed the two tongues dallying with one another directly above him.  Forced to blink rapidly once again, this time it was due to the commingled saliva falling from his wife’s chin and directly into his left eye.  Next, Jack stared up in awe as the black bastard had forced his thick tongue into Kristi’s mouth and was now Frenching her.  For Jack, even he had not yet been so bold in kissing his bride, only having had the pleasure of feeling the tip of her tongue against the tip of his.

With the French kiss finally over and Kristi panting for breath as she stepped back a few feet, she watched as a chair was being placed right next to the tied husband.  Kristi now thought that she was about to be tied up next to Jack.  In fact, she prayed that would happen next, hoping that the assailant was merely after their valuables.  But there was only one valuable item that this intruder wanted ………………..that of her well-guarded treasure …………………….her precious little ‘cherry’!

Kristi gasped as the intruded now plopped himself down on the chair next to her husband, the knife taken away from Jack’s throat but now the sharp glistening point was directly over the front of his pants, right where his manhood would be.  “Hey, buddy boy!  Hear ya two got married at a Catholic church this afternoon!  Did ya and yer purty bride get down on yer knees for communion in the church?” her husband as asked.  With Jack not answering the question, the knife tip being lowered down to press against his manhood, Kristi then hear her husband blurt out “Yes ………………..yes, we did!”

Jack had not wanted to answer that last question, not with what had happened after the first question of them kissing after being pronounced ‘man and wife’.  And he knew what was about to happen following his answering of the question, Jack thought ‘Oh, God, don’t tell me he’s about to make Kristi do what I’m thinking!  Oh, God, don’t let it happen!’  He had dreamt many times of having his lovely fiancée, now bride, learn to please him with her beautiful sweet lips and mouth.  Jack had figured that it’d take some time, letting Kristi learn to like and enjoy sex first, to then be able to trust and love him enough to take him into her mouth.

But Jack’s horrors were about to be realized when the bastard pressed the tip of the knife down as he asked “Would you like to watch while yer purty bride has communion with me?”  With the sharp tip about to cut through the fabric of his pants and down into the sensitive flesh of his penis, Jack stammered out “Ye ……………ye …………….ye ………………..yes, I want to watch her have communion with you!”  He then heard the loud chuckle as the bastard then advised “Hear that, sweetie?  Yer husband, the man ya went and married this afternoon wants to watch ya have communion with me!”

‘Communion?  With him?  What does he mean by that?’ Kristi innocently wondered.  Then, seeing her tormentor spreading his legs wide apart, Kristi shuddered in horror as she was told “C’mon, sweetie, time fer communion!  Jist like in church this afternoon!  Come and kneel over here, right between my legs!”  Now, putting two and two together, it became quite obvious what his horrid man was referring to as communion with him.  ‘No way, there no way I’m going to do anything as filthy as that!  He can kill me, I don’t care, but I’m certainly not going to do that!’ she concluded.

But then Kristi’s mind snapped back to reality when she heard her husband yell “Oh, God, he’s cutting me!  He’s cutting me!  Please, please honey, please do what he wants!”  Seeing the pain on Jack’s grimacing face, Kristi realized that she couldn’t think of herself at the moment but had to do whatever was in her power to save the man of her life.  Stepping forward, panting with fear, she quickly walked to where she had been instructed.  To block out the horror, the shame of having Jack witness all this, Kristi closed her eyes as she dropped to her knees between the man’s widespread legs.

Wanting to turn away from the scene taking place just a foot to his left, Jack Bolton gritted his teeth in anger but found that he just had to watch as his beautiful sniffling bride began to comply with the new command for her to “C’mon, sweetie, come and git it!  Unzip me, honey!  Reach on in and grab hold of a ‘real man’!”  Seeing his beautiful bride of just hour trembling with fear and tears rolling down her cheeks, Jack felt so guilty in the twitch of excitement that his lurching cock gave as Kristi’s gloved fingers disappeared into the zippered opening.

Jack’s eyes widened and his cock swelled with excitement in seeing Kristi’s white gloved had begin to remerge from the opening, pulling with it the thick ebony flesh that continued to be pulled out till a good nine inches hung over her closed fist.  With what was hidden by the gloved fist of his petite wife, Jack surmised ‘My, God ………………it must be over twelve inches long!  And it’s not fully hard yet!’  Then he watched as his proceeded to follow the instructions of “Pump it, baby, pump it!”

Horrified at what she was doing, Kristi stared wide-eyed at the object growing and straightening out in her pumping fist.  The only good aspect of performing this degrading task was that she had a glove on her hand and not having to touch the filthy flesh with her bare hand.  Kristi cringed as a whiff of the stench emanation from the sticky flesh was overwhelming and had her lightheaded.  And then she heard him order “C’mon, sweetie, give it a little kiss!”

The thought of touching the filthy flesh with her bare hand was bad enough, but with her lips!  Stomach churning in revulsion as Kristi just could not bare the thought of performing such a preposterous task, she realized that she just could not perform such a demeaning act.  This was something that she had to refuse, until seconds later Jack was screaming “No, no, don’t cut me ………………don’t cut meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Immediate, Kristi shut her eyes and leaned forward.

It was quite unfortunate timing for Kristi, with her eyes shut and leaning forward to perform the lewd kiss being demanded of her, she was unaware of the pearly drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of the bloated cockhead.  Bending, bending, then contact came as slick oily cream suddenly glossed her pink lips causing her to cringe with disgust.  But before she could end the kiss and pull away, a large hand was clamped at the back of her veiled head to keep her from doing so, and her struggle only served to spread the filthy slime all over her lips.

Though distraught in seeing his beautiful bride struggling to pull her lips away from the humungous black cock, Jack’s cock had a mindset of its own as it throbbed and lurched in his confining pants.  And then came the ultimate demand for Kristi to “Open yer lips fer me, sweetie!  Time fer yer white communion wine!”  Consciously, Jack was mentally telling his wife ‘Don’t do it, honey!  Don’t suck him!’  But deep down, as his cock throbbed, came the vile wish for him to ‘Make her take it!  Make her suck that big black cock!  Force it in between her beautiful lips!  I want to see it!’

It was quite a horrifying yet erotic site for Jack Bolton, watching intently as the pressure of the boney stem finally forced Kristi’s lips and clenched teeth to part.  Slowly, ever so slowly, more and more of the ebony shaft began to disappear into her reluctant mouth.  “Oh, yeahhhhhhhhh!  Oh, baby, what sweet lips ya’ve got!  Yeah, baby, yeah ……….oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..push yer tongue against it ………………….tongue my pisshole!  Ooooooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhh ……………………yeah!  Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

With the sharp knife now embedded in the chair between his legs, less than an inch away from his swollen crotch, Jack looked on as the black intruder had both hands at the back of his wife’s veiled head as the bastard began fucking in and out of her sweet mouth.  One inch, then another, then three full inches had disappeared into his wife’s bloated mouth.  And Jack now had to wonder just how much of the more than twelve inch love muscle would he force down into her gagging throat.

Kristi also had apparently realized what the bastard was intending, that of shoving as much of his manhood down her throat as possible, for she quickly brought up her other gloved hand to grasp the cockstem just above her other hand.  His wife was now holding it like one would at the bottom of a baseball bat, trying to prevent the bastard from shoving the entire length of his foot long dong down her throat.  But soon, her lipstick was being transferred from her lips onto her white glove as she had taken even more of the big fuckstick down into her mouth and throat.

Jack watched intently as Kristi was now gripping the fat fuckstick for dear life to prevent even more of the monstrosity from being forced down into her clogged throat.  But now, the intruder’s thick black fingers were attempting to peel the gloved fingers off his cock.  With his wife no match for the strength of the black bastard, Jack saw one gloved finger, then another being pulled away and soon that freed area was disappearing down between her pink lips.

‘Oh, God ………….oh, God, where’s it all going?’ Jack wondered as a full ten inches of the thick dark meat had disappeared thus far and it appeared that the black bastard was intent on having Kristi’s nose rubbing up against his short kinky curls.  With his wife’s gloved hands now pushing futilely against the muscular black thighs in her attempt to push herself away from the choking monstrosity, Jack observed her eyes begin to roll from the lack of oxygen as the tip of her nose was now just an inch away from the short kinky hairs.

“Gggrlll ……………………..grrgglll …………………….grgrgrrglll!” were the gurgling sounds that now being heard by Jack Bolton as he watched his choking bride fighting for some air to breathe as the thick cudgel was preventing her from doing so.  Her petite body shuddering, with eyes glazed over, Jack prayed that the fucking bastard wouldn’t choke her to death with his cock stuffed all the way down her throat.  With Kristi appearing to have now given up the fight, her resisting arms now having fallen limply to her side, Jack watched the humiliating scene as the bastard rubbed her nose and face in his pubic hair and keeping his lengthy cock fully embedded down her mouth and throat.

With his wife going limp, Jack panted out “She can’t breathe!  You’re going to kill her!  Please, let her get some air!”  “Beg me to fuck her beautiful face so she can breathe then, punk” came the gruff reply.  “Yes, yes ……………………fuck her face …………………..fuck her beautiful face …………………please, I beg youuuuuuu ………………fuck her beautiful face!” Jack pleaded to the vile bastard.  He was relieved as the face fuck commenced with the cock withdrawing ten inches and then seeing his lovely wife convulsed as she breathed in some much needed oxygen.

“Oh, buddy, I’s can keep on fucking her beautiful face like this for another full hour!  Wanna see her choke again?  Wanna see me git it all the way in again and keep it there?” the bastard asked him tauntingly.  All Jack could do was to shake his head ‘No’ as he saw what had happened earlier, fearing that his lovely bride would not survive another such ordeal.  “Is it Communion time, buddy?  Want me to feed yer purty wife fer ya?  Want me to pop my nuts in her sweet mouth?  Decision’s yers, buddy!” he was told.

Blinking back the tears in his eyes upon seeing his beautiful bride’s arms limp now like that of a rag doll as the bastard fucked the lengthy black prong in and out of her mouth, Jack did in fact believe that the fucker could continue on for another hour without let up.  “Ye …………ye ………….yes, it’s time!” Jack said softly in resignation.  “Time fer what, punk?” he heard the bastard yell out to him.  “Comm …………..communion!  Time for her to have communion!”

As the black intruder continued on face-fucking his beautiful bride, Jack had no alternative but to encourage the bastard for Kristi might soon be lifeless at the end of his big long fuckstick.  “Feed her!  Feed her for me!  Pop your nuts in her mouth!  I want to see it ………………….I want to see it, see you pop your big black nuts in her mouth!” Jack panted out, feeling so ashamed at having said it, but yet he was doing it so that Kristi’s debasing agony would come to and end.

Eyes blurred, unable to put up any resistance as the intruder proceeded to debase her in the most unimaginable humiliation one could contemplate, sounds however were still being processed and registered in her mind.  ‘That …………….that’s Jack’s voice!  No, it can’t be ………….it can’t be, not Jack!’ her horrified mind.  And the horrible things that her husband had just said played back in her mind “Feed her!  Feed her for me!  Pop your nuts in her mouth!  I want to see it ………………….I want to see it, see you pop your big black nuts in her mouth!”

‘Oh, God ………………..oh, God, how could he?  How could he?  How could he want this horrid man to do such a filthy thing ………………………and he wants to watch him do it ………………….watch him ejaculate his filth into my mouth ……………..forcing me to swallow his semen???’ Kristi wondered in absolute horror.  “Cgghhhhhhhhhh …………….cgghh ……………cggghhhhhhh!” she began choking as her violator had gone into overdrive and was now slamming into her face faster and faster.

With half of the long black cock sticking out from beyond his wife’s soft pink lips, and with the black bastard’s body shuddering, Jack realized that Kristi would be getting her communion wine in just a few seconds.  “Oh, baby …………..oh, baby ……….ahhhh …………….ahhhh ……………………argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard the bastard grunt while throwing his head back in ecstasy.  Seeing the whites’ of his eyes as her throat swallowed time and time again, Jack knew that she was getting a good dosage of very rare communion wine.

It seemed a good three full minutes of continuous swallowing on the part of his wife that Jack had to wonder just how much semen she had swallowed.  ‘Damn, she must have swallowed more than a cupful!’ Jack thought as his bride’s unholy communion continued on as the black balls continued churning out more goodies for her to eat.  Finally, some of the glistening black meat began to slip from her pink lips to indicate that the end was near and that she had somehow managed to take the bastard’s entire load.

Now the long drooping black banana shaped cock had exited from his bride’s pink lips, but still a string of the thick goo connected the six inch space from the tip of the cock to her bottom lip.  The erotic sight caused his cock to lurch in response, pushing his bulge up against the confining crotch of his tight pants to tent it up even more.  But what had appeared to be a depleted penis suddenly twitched once again, spurting the last of its thick jizz onto her beautiful face and chin.  And then Jack observed his wife tremble and shudder, her hand coming up to cover her mouth as she quickly began crawling towards the waste basket.

“Urrrrgghhhhhh ………………………..urrrggghhhhhh ………………urrrghhhhhh!” came the sounds of his wife retching her guts out into the trashcan.  Then came the chuckling from the bastard who had put his wife into this condition, laughing at him and taunting “Too much protein, I guess, huh buddy!”  As his beautiful wife continued coughing up her dinner from the reception along with the creamy dessert that she had just been fed, the black bastard had gone to the sink and returned with a glass of water for Kristi to rinse her mouth with.

Having recovered her composure some as she sat on the carpet, Kristi observed the vile intruder sitting next to her tied husband with his hand around his shoulders as if they were long lost buddies.  “Tell me, hubby, did ya git to lift up yer purty bride’s wedding gown to pull down her garter?” she heard the fellow ask.  With Jack not responding, the assailant began reaching over with his free hand to grasp the handled of the sharp knife embedded in the chair between Jack’s legs, then issued an ominous threat “Ya need more encouragement to answer, punk?”

“Yes ……………yes ……………yes, I got to lift up her wedding gown to take off the garter!” Jack frantically replied before the knife could be pulled out of the chair.  Seeing the large black hand release its grip from the knife handle, Jack breathed a sigh of relief.  Feeling a pat on his shoulder, Jack then shuddered up hearing the bastard ask him “How’s about ya’s and I’s git ta see yer beautiful bride take off her real garters and nylons, huh?  Don’t ya think that’d be exciting?  How’s about gitting her to do it, huh?”

Feeling the tight grip upon his shoulder muscle tightening as the bastard squeezed upon it till the pain was unbearable, Jack stammered out “Ohhh, Kristi ……………ow, please ………………..honey please, take your garters and nylons off for him!”  And then the bastard was leaning over to whisper in his ear.  Panting for breath, Jack then relayed the message of “Sit on the edge of the bed, honey!  Show ……………..show him your sexy legs!”

Frightened for the safety of her husband, Kristi got up slowly off the carpet, then resignedly made her way to the side of the bed facing them.  On the edge of the bed, feeling two pair of male eyes focused upon her, Kristi nervously reached down to the bottom of her wedding gown.  Swallowing in nervousness, her body quivering at the feel of cum clogging her throat, she then hiked up the bottom of her gown to reveal her white nylon sheathed legs.  “Hot damn, yer beautiful wife’s sure as hell got some sexy legs!” she heard the intruder comment, before he ordered her to “Start with the heels, sweetie!”

Back of her left heel placed at the front of her right one, Kristi then slipped her nylon covered foot from it, then used the toes of her left foot to push against the back of her right heel.  “Hot damn, yer beautiful bride sure has sexy legs, my man!” she heard him say to her husband before asking her “Do I have to tell ya what’s next, sweetie?”  Reaching up her exposed legs, Kristi then undid the clips of the garter.  Crossing her left leg over her right, she then proceeded to roll the nylon hose down her flawless leg.  That one done, switching leg positions, she then proceeded to bare the soft creamy flesh of her right leg.

Ordered to stand up, Kristi obeyed, letting her go of her bunched up wedding gown to comply with demand.  “Okay, take off the veil!” she was told.  A moment later, she was peeling off her long white gloves, making it rather clear as to what would surely be the next item called for.  And sure enough it came “Yer wedding gown now, sweetie!”  Closing her eyes as she proceeded to reach back and unhook the top and pull down the zipper, Kristi then let the beautiful gown fall from her shoulders to puddle upon the carpet around her legs.

“Okay, babe …………………next one’s yer choice!” she was told.  Kristi wished that it wasn’t up to her, wanting not to have to make a decision in any way but instead being forced to proceed as ordered.  Unhooking the clasp of her thin bra strap, Kristi then crossed her right arm over her bra covered breasts, then used her left hand to pull the flimsy garment off her shoulders and breasts.  Though now bared, her breasts were now being shielded by her right arm crossed over them.

But that shielding would just be momentary, as both hands would soon be required of her to obey the next order of “Okay, sweetie, time fer ya to show us that sweet little sugar bush ya got hiding under that them der panties of yers!”  Panties eased down her trim hips, then fluttering down her trim thighs, Kristi blushed with shame and humiliation while trying to shield her womanhood from viewing with her right hand and crossing her left arm over her breasts.  Then she was told to “Git the bed ready fer us sweetie while I’s carry hubby over so he can git a real close up view of his beautiful bride on yer wedding night!”

Sniffling back the tears as she proceeded to comply with the order, Kristi had her back turned as she pulled down the covers of the king-sized bed.  Unaware of what was taking place behind her back, Kristi’s husband was having his tuxedo pants unbuckled and pulled down over his thighs along with his jockeys, allowing his rigid penis spring out into the open.  Still excited in seeing his beautiful bride forced to take the big black cock into her mouth and having to swallow the filthy jizz, Kristi’s husband was still sporting quite a rigid hardon.

Ordered to get up onto the middle of the bed, Kristi blinked back the tears, doing so without looking over at her husband to see his shamed face in seeing her disgraceful humiliation.  Arm over her eyes to shut everything out, Kristi heard the loud thump of her husband’s chair being placed down upon the carpeting near the bed, with Jack still tied to it.  ‘Oh, my God!  I’m going to be raped on my wedding night!  And Jack’s going to witness it all ………………….seeing him force his big black penis into me!  Will it hurt a lot?  Will I bleed a lot when he rapes me of my virginity?’ she wondered.

Mattress sagging at the foot of the bed from the weight of her attacker kneeling upon it, Kristi kept her eyes shut tightly and felt the large hand upon her raised knee, pushing her legs wide and obscenely open to his eyes.  Kristi knew that her newlywed husband was seeing this up close and sitting bound just feet away, but little did she know that his penis was fully exposed and displaying its arousal of watching the black intruder get up between her widespread legs.

Steeling herself at feeling the heavy muscular body descend down upon her petite body, Kristi was totally unprepared for what took place next, that of feeling the man’s hot and wide open mouth clamp itself down upon her sex.  Seconds later, as the long thick tongue delved into her slit, she gasped “Nnnnnnnnnn …………………………nnnnnnnnnn …………………………nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..oooooooooohhhhhh ……………………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Grasping the sheets tightly with both hands, Kristi moaned as she struggled, determined not to exhibit any response.

Entire body shuddering, then spasming uncontrollably, she just could not believe the sheer sensations now emanating from between her thighs.  “Ooooooooooo, noooooo …………………………nnnnoooooooooooooooooooo!” she shuddered, toes now curling as she fought the urge to arch up into her assailant’s munching mouth and exploring tongue.  And the sounds emanating from between her thighs sounded so much like that of a thirsty dog lapping water out of a bowl.

Surprised and shivering in response from the unwanted pleasure, Kristi could not believe the exquisite sensations emanating from between her widespread legs and the despicable manner in which she was obtaining this illicit pleasure.  Eyes still closed, lips parting as her head tossed about on the pillow, her long silky black hair whipping from side to side faster and faster as sheer ecstasy overtook her young innocent body.

“Nnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnn …………………….ohhhhhh, God ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhh, God ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhh, Godddd ……………………..argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed out, her hands now clasping at the back of the kinky head of hair, her feet pressing down upon the mattress as she arched up and climaxed as the thick flicked at her ultra sensitive clit.  “Ahhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed out in ecstasy as her mind shot off deep into outer space.

For Jack Bolton, seeing his lovely wife lying limp and widespread upon the king-sized bed in the honeymoon suite, it appeared that she was now oblivious as to what was happening as she was still swooning from the mind-shattering climax that she had just been eaten to.  But now a shudder of fear coursed through his body once again as the black intruder was now standing next to him and shucking at his humungous hardon, whispering tauntingly “Lookie what I’s gonna ‘ruin’ that purty bride of yers with!”

With the knife pulled out of the chair once again, its sharp point grazing menacingly against his sensitive cockhead, Jack trembled in fear.  “Ya ever git it on with that purty little thing, huh?  Ya git in her panties yet?” he was asked.  Feeling the pressure of the knife tip pressing down, Jack stammered out “No ……………no, I haven’t!”  “She cherry?  Yer purty bride still cherry?” he was asked next.  Feeling the sharp knife prodding him to answer, Jack stammered “I ………………I think so!”

Sharp blade now at the underside of his cock, Jack feared he’d be emasculated and prayed such would not happen to him.  “Gonna give ya a special gift fer ya on yer wedding day, sonny boy!  I’s gonna do ya’s a real big favor ……………….I’s gonna help ya bust yer purty bride’s cherry!” he was told.  “Ya like that favor I’s gonna do fer ya, sonny boy, huh?  Tell me, sonny boy!  Tell’s me what ya’s think of my wedding gift?” Jack was asked.  Out of sheer fear, he stammered out “Yes ………………yes, I like it ……………….I like it!  Thank you …………….thank you ………………help me break her cherry!”

Mind slowly coming back down to earth after that mind-shattering climax, the first thing that Kristi recognized was that of her loving husband’s voice.  And it was just so unbelievable to hear her husband tell the muscular black intruder those awful things “Yes ………………yes, I like it ……………….I like it!  Thank you …………….thank you ………………help me break her cherry!”  ‘My, God, how could he?  How could he, no matter what the consequences!’ Kristi had to wonder.

Unknown to Kristi, her soon-to-be rapist was whispering in her husband’s ear at that moment, telling him “When I’s git up on that der bed, I’s better hear ya cheering me on to pop her precious little cherry!  Yeah, I’s wanna hear ya beg me to rape yer beautiful bride!  Cause if’n I’s don’t hear ya, I’s gonna git off the bed, grab that pathetic pecker of yers and slice it right off with dis here knife!  And once I slice it off, I’s gonna shove it right down yer fuck’n throat!”

Up on the bed, spreading the beauty’s limp legs out wide, Archie got up into the saddle with his big black whopper ready to serve as the bride’s cherry popper.  Archie wanted to laugh as all it took was a turn of his head with a menacing scowl towards the bound punk.  And the bastard was obviously scared shitless from his threats as the punk began babbling “Rape her, I want to see you rape her!  Do it, do it, I want to see you pop her cherry!  Please, put it in her, make her a woman for me ………………..pop her cherry for me!”

His strong hands gripping the bride’s trim waist, looking down at the lovely bride as her eyes were blinking rapidly to signal her return to reality, Archie gloated “Hear that gutless wonder ya jist married fer yer fuck’n husband!  He wants to see me’s rape ya!  Wants to see ya bleed when I’s pop that precious little cherry ya’s been saving all these years fer him!”  Lifting her hips up just a bit, bloated cockhead placed up against her tight little entrance, it was then time to make the young bride a ‘woman’.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………stopppppppp ……………………stoppppppppppppppppppppppp!  Oh, God, stopppppppppppppppp ………………………..it hurts …………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Kristi cried out in pain, her hands up against the muscular black chest of her rapist in a futile attempt to push him off her petite body.  “Oh, God, stoppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” she whimpered out in agony.

Though horrifying for Jack to witness his beautiful bride’s vicious rape, it was quite an erotic sight, and his cock rigidly displayed its excitement.  Never before had he ever experienced such a boner as the one he was now sporting, for now his cock was jutting out at a 45 degree angle.  Watching the thick black cock disappearing up into Kristi’s petite body certainly had the ‘shock and awe’ effect upon Jack, and then came the bloody spear emerging from her raped body to give evidence of the remnants of what had been Kristi’s virginity.

Panting for breath between sobs, the pain was just intolerable for Kristi as her rapist pumped his fuckstick in and out of her ravaged body.  ‘Raped!  Raped on my wedding night!  Raped of my virginity in front of my husband!  And after having refrained from giving in for so long, it had all been for naught!’ Kristi realized.  Through the pain, Kristi felt the man’s hand on her face, turning her head some as he whispered in her ear “Look at the gutless wonder ya married!”

‘Why does he want me to look at Jack?  To humiliate me even more in having my husband see me shamed?’ Kristi wondered as her rapist continued his vile assault upon her innocent body.  She then heard her rapist chuckle in her ear “Look at him!  Look at fuck’n gutless punkass git his jollies in seeing his purty bride git ‘ruined’!”  Hearing that, Kristi now had to see what the vile rapist was saying of the man she loved and had just married earlier that day.

Blinking back the tears in her eyes, Kristi forced her eyes open, nearly gasping at the sight before her.  There bound in the chair was the man she had just exchanged vows with, only he did not look horrified at all but instead had his head tossed back and his mouth partially open as he gasped softly as his rigid penis began spurting out its joy juice, obviously due to her husband having been thrilled in witnessing the savage rape of her body.

Kristi gasped in disbelief as her eyes followed the white liquid shooting a foot up into the air after being fired up from her husband’s manhood.  ‘Some man he is!  Some man that I married!  Taking pleasure in seeing me violated ……………taken by a black rapist, enjoying seeing my virginity taken by this rapist!  My, God, he’s no better than this rapist atop of me, shoving his filthy thing in and out of me!’ Kristi fumed.  At this point, Kristi had to wonder if she could go on loving or even living with this man whom she had just married.

Having just witnessed her husband’s penis ejaculating its semen, Kristi realized that her rapist’s penis would soon be doing the very same thing, only it would be spurting out its thick semen into her body.  ‘Oh, my God, he’s going to do it in me!  I wanted Jack to make me pregnant with his baby on our honeymoon!  I don’t want this man’s baby …………..I don’t want his black baby!  Oh, God ………………..please ……………….please don’t let him shoot his filth in me!  Don’t let him get me pregnant!’ Kristi prayed.

But with her rapist’s muscular body buffeting up against her faster and faster at this point, Kristi knew that her prayers would go unanswered, that this vile rapist would soon be ejaculating his horrid seed into her fertile womb.  Thighs aching so badly, her innards torn asunder by the thick black rape muscle, Kristi could only pray that her agony would soon end.  ‘Please, oh please, let it end ……………let it end!’ she prayed, desperately wanting the violent rape of her body to end, even though knowing that the only way it would end meant her rapist spewing his filth deep in her fertile womb.

“Oh, baby, oh babyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  So tight, so fuck’n tightttttttttttttttttt!”Archie panted out as he continued raping the beautiful young bride.  The taking of her prized virginity with the tight cunny gripping his cock, forcing the white punk groom to watch his bride being raped on their wedding night, it couldn’t be any better for Archie.  Turning to glance over at the bound groom, Archie loudly gloated “Guess I’s went and ‘ruined’ yer beautiful bride good, heh, punk!  Tell’s me what ya’s want me to do next, my boy!”

Still aware of the threat he was under, that of being emasculated by his wife’s rapist should he not comply, Jack stammered out “Shoot it!  Shoot it!  Cum in her, cum in her!  Shoot your hot cum in her!  Knock her up with your little black bastard!”  Then Jack heard the bastard chuckle and ask of him “Ya gonna help yer purty wife take care of my black baby, Jack?”  Bending his head now down in shame, Jack nodded and uttered “Yes!  Yes, I’ll help in feeding and changing him!”

For Kristi, upon hearing her gutless husband encouraging the rapist in impregnating her with his black baby and that he would even help care for the little black bastard, her love for her husband had now turned to that of hatred.  ‘How could he?  How could he?’ her mind kept asking over and over again.  Then, though irrational as it might be, Kristi’s mindset was that of getting back at the man she thought loved her and just married.

‘If I do get pregnant, he better damn well take care of the little bastard!  Or I’ll make it known to his parents, as well as his brothers and sisters, as to him encouraging the vile rapist ‘knock me up’ with his black baby!’ Kristi fumed.  Suddenly, her hips were pulled up higher, then Kristi felt her rapist bury the thick muscle fully into her as his crotch ground against hers.  Then from above, the loud groan “Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was heard, and a second later a hot explosion took place deep in her womb.

It was as if hot liquid acid had suddenly flooded her womb, burning her raw tissue in its wake, and Kristi cried “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”  She felt the heavy body atop of her begin to convulse uncontrollably, with the raping penis now behaving like an unmanned fire hose, continuing to shoot out his vile seed in her fertile womb.  Kristi’s entire cunny was now ablaze with the how acid roe, filling her to the brim, making her realize that it would be a miracle to escape impregnation from this rape.

A bit later, with the heavy body of her rapist lifting off her, Kristi lay splayed limply upon the bed.  She turned to look at her bound husband in disgust, gazing upon his head hung low in shame with his shriveled penis also hanging limply between his legs, and the evidence of his despicable pleasure lying puddled upon the chair as well as upon the edge of the bedsheets.  Fuming, Kristi couldn’t help but think ‘I hope you enjoyed yourself!  From the looks of things, it appears that you certainly did, you bastard!’

An hour later, after the black bastard had opened the bottle of champagne and poured two glasses full, Jack watched as his wife reached up for the glass being handed to her.  And then she as sipping from it without being told to, leaning back to rest her head upon the rapist’s muscular chest as he sat on the bed next to her, his large arm draped over her left shoulder with his hand cupping her breast and fingers teasing Kristi’s stiff bud.  Jack could sense that his wife’s eyes staring at him were of contempt and disgust.

Jack swallowed in horror as Kristi held the glass of champagne up to her lips with her left hand, but it was her right hand that grabbed his attention as her manicured fingers were now grasping at the flaccid by still very thick cock muscle.  ‘She’s playing with it!  Squeezing and stroking it with her fist!’ Jack realized in horror, seeing half of it wrapped in her hand while the other half drooped over her closed fist.  And he saw the results of his wife’s efforts literally rising up to the occasion.

To his dismay, Jack saw the contempt in his wife’s eyes as she stared at him while telling the man who had raped her “I gave a vow to love and obey earlier today, so I aim to fulfill that vow!  And I wanted to please my husband so much on our wedding night!  Seeing how my husband enjoyed watching you rape me, hearing how he wanted you to ‘knock me up’ with your black baby and saying how he’d even take care of the baby, I want to make sure that the ‘man’ I married gets his wish!”

Jack watched as Kristi lay back flat on the bed, pulling that long hard love muscle and encouraging the muscular black bastard to mount her once again.  “Oooooooooooooooh ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..please …………………please be gentle this time!” he heard her ask of her black lover as he entered her once again.  “Ohhhhhh, yes …………………..ooooooooh, so good ………………………oh, yessssssssssssssss!  So longggggg, so thicckkkkk, so biggggggggggggg!  God, yesssss ……………fuck me …………………fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Jack heard his wife screech as her trim arms legs wrapped themselves around her black lover.

With his lovely and once innocent young wife now copulate willingly with the black bastard who had raped her of her virginity, Jack had to wonder what lay ahead from them as husband and wife.  What was so agonizing was the rigid boner that he was now sporting once again as he watched the long black cock disappear far up into Kristi’s petite and sexy body.  He swallowed in horror upon hearing his wife’s soft and sexy voice pant out “Oooh, so good …………………shoot it ………………shoot it in me!  Cummmmm …………….cum in me ……………………‘knock me up’ with your black bastard!”

As the rising sun awoke the lovers as they lay in one another’s arms, Jack watched at his beautiful bride embraced the black bastard and observed the thick black cock immediately rise up to the occasion.  Moments later, the king-sized bed of the honeymoon suite was once again serving its purpose, only the black bastard was where he should be at this moment, making passionate love to his beautiful wife.  When it was over and the black bastard departed the honeymoon suite, Jack observed his lovely wife in a deep sleep as a dollop of thick spunk oozed out of her well fucked slit.

Late that afternoon, trying desperately to make amends to his beautiful bride, Jack felt reprieve at last as she finally permitted him to touch her and make love to her.  But this being the very first time for Jack, he had also entered the marriage a virgin, things went terribly wrong when began to speed up the fuck.  A miscue on the backstroke had him slipping fully out of her slick gash.  So excited and being so near to cumming due to his inexperience, Jack frantically tried to find the opening and get himself back in.  But it was just too little too late as he began ejaculating upon his disappointed wife’s belly.

In the bathroom to take a shower while his wife called room service to bring up their dinner, Jack was toweling himself dry when the doorbell rang.  Trying to rush out to get the door and take care of tipping the bellhop, just as he opened the bathroom door Jack heard Kristi call out “I’ll get it!  I’ll take care of tipping him, honey!  ”  Bathroom door left partially open as he began dressing, Jack then realized that the bellhop had wheeled in the cart but he had not seen nor heard him leave as yet.

Hearing some noise coming from around the corner, Jack quietly slipped out of the bathroom and peered around the corner.  The dinner cart there next to the table, his heart sank in seeing a another hotel uniform worn by its employees lying on the carpet.  The bellhop, a tall and well-built young man was up on the bed naked, spearing Kristi with lengthy black cock.  “Ooooooh, yesssssssssss!  I’m sorry I couldn’t find any money to tip you with but I hope this makes up for it!” Jack heard his wife say.  'Why didn't she ask me?  I had money in my pants pocket!' he fumed.

Looking at the dinner cart, Jack’s stomach was growling as he was totally famished.  Though he was tempted to make a plate for himself, Jack thought otherwise, figuring ‘She’ll really get pissed at me for not waiting for her and making eat dinner alone on our first day after getting married!  I guess I’ll just have to settle for a late dinner!  I sure hope the food doesn’t get cold!’  Watching the couple go at it on the king-sized bed, Jack wished ‘Jeez, if I only had a cock like that!’

Forty-five minutes later, Jack was getting rather upset with his wife as he was so damned hungry at that moment, desperately wanted something to eat and drink.  With the fuck session have ended a bit ago, he peered around the corner once again in hopes that Kristi would ready to have dinner him.  ‘Oh, shit!’ he cussed, wondering ‘Is she still going to be hungry for dinner?’ as he watched his beautiful wife leaning over the prone bellhop and deep throating him as he arched and grunted out while ejaculating his hot semen into her sucking mouth.

End of Story.