Young Wife in Trouble
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Samurai Stud
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Ichiro Higuchi was so glad that he had chosen to complete his education in the United States, rather than staying back in Japan.  Money had been no problem since his father was quite wealthy and owned a large electronics firm.  Now in his upper 30's, Ichiro enjoyed having been given the golden opportunity to take over the American subsidiary that his father had established a few years ago.

It had been what Ichiro had been after for many years, ever since returning home from graduating with a business degree from the college he had attended in the east coast of the U.S.  The American lifestyle off free speech and very liberal thinking was just up his alley.  But most of all, there was one thing that Ichiro especially enjoyed, that was looking at all the sexy American beauties.  In fact upon learning that his father was giving him the opportunity to return to the United States, he had promised himself one thing ……………that he was going to possess as many of those succulent little beauties as possible.

Returning the phone call to his good friend back in Japan, upon hearing it being answered, he responded "Hideki …………how are you?  This is Ichiro!  How are you my good friend?"  Having grown up next door to Hideki, they were like brothers and Hideki had been the only one that Ichiro had confided in as to his lusting desire to bed a lovely white American beauty.  Hideki had also expressed such a desire but with his commitment to work for his father's company in Japan, he lacked the opportunities afforded Ichiro.

Upon begin quizzed by his friend, Ichiro chuckled and advised "Ahhh, Hideki …………I indeed have been very active ………………….and quite successful in acquiring what I desire most!  And you know what pleases me most, don't you, my friend?"  "Yes, yes ……..I have found the secret that allows me the means of acquiring all the lovely American beauties I desire!"  Ichiro chuckled as his friend was in total disbelief and wanting to know all the details of his conquests.  "Well, with the economy rather poor in America and good paying jobs very scarce, I purposely pay them very well and make it impossible for them to ever leave!" he advised.

"It really paid to keep abreast of all the events in the area and also of the personal lives of the beautiful women working for the company!  That was how I made my first conquest!  Hideki, there's nothing like getting a pretty American bitch into bed …………………a happily married woman especially …………… who detests the likes of you …………makes it all the more sweeter!" Ichiro advised.

"Ahhh, my first tender American bitch …………….the beautiful Mrs. Kristin Gerber!  She's been married only a year and her husband was out of a job when the company was bought up!  With the newlyweds buying a new home and her husband without a job, I gave the young beauty a promotion with a big pay raise, one that would definitely help her with the mortgage payment!" Ichiro chuckled.

"Of course, the American beauty would soon find that her job was not due to her production figures but instead only on the figure of her sexy body.  With the loss of her husband's income loss and need to pay the mortgage, keeping her well-paying job was a necessity for the innocent little bitch!  So you can imagine the dilemma the lovely wife was in when I told her that she was to accompany me on the next business trip!" Ichiro told his friend.

Continuing on, Ichiro relayed "You should have seen the look on her beautiful face when I brought her into my office and laid it right on the line, telling her 'Mrs. Gerber …….you know why I promoted you, don't you?  You know what your real job will be on this trip, don't you?  You've got to please me ………… bed …………….if you want to keep your job!'  And then I went on to telling her of the big client we were to be meeting and the big bonus she'd earn by helping to land the contract!"

Until falling into the clutches of the devilish Ichiro Higuchi, Kristin Gerber had been a very happy and faithful young wife.  At 5'3" 114 lb and silky light brown hair, the 23 year-old beauty had all the men's heads turning about whenever she passed on by.  Having spotted the lovely beauty immediately when she came to work in the home office, Ichiro nuts had churned in lustful desire, determined to somehow hook or crook his way into her tight little panties.  So young and innocent, so prim and proper, and that sparkling diamond ring on her finger had Ichiro hot to trot.

Having reviewed the personnel file of the succulent Mrs. Gerber, Ichiro had noted that her husband worked as an engineer with a large electronics firm.  It was sheer luck, good fortune for Ichiro while the opposite for the Gerbers, when it was suddenly announced that the electronics firm had been purchased by a large conglomerate and that the plant in the city would be consolidated with another.  Essentially, the work would be done in another plant and all the workers let go.

Checking out the public records on the young couple's home, Ichiro was delighted in finding that the home mortgage was being held at the same bank where the company's account was held.  With the bank manager anxious to please him in anyway possible, not wanting to lose their biggest corporate account, Ichiro had him agreeing to confidentially report any development on the Gerbers bank account and mortgage.  Then he went about promoting the succulent little beauty, trapping her into the need to keep her well-paying job in order to save her home from foreclosure.

With the economy going into the tank, jobs in the city had suddenly become scarce, and financial hardships fell upon families where one spouse lost his or her job.  With the electronics firm closing, tough times were certainly ahead for all those out of a job.  Then Ichiro had gotten the phone call from the bank manager advising him that the Gerbers had just come into the bank to get an extension on their mortgage payment due to the lack of funds.

As Ichiro had hinted on his initial inquiry, though the bank was normally quite lenient on such matters due to the situation at hand, the manager had told the Gerbers that he'd have to review the mortgage and see what could be done.  With Ichiro's rather blunt hints on how he'd like the bank manager to handle the Gerbers' account in particular, Ichiro knew that the lovely beauty would now be susceptible to his vile demands if it meant preventing the foreclosure of her home.

Surprised that the headman had summoned her into his office, Kristin sat nervously in the chair across the desk from Mr. Higuchi.  Nervous as this man was the head of the company, more so as the man unnerved her, especially in the way he looked her up and down each time she passed by.  Had Kristin not been so truly innocent, she would have recognized that it was the look of sheer lust on the face of her evil boss.  After that depressing meeting with the bank manager the day before, Kristin was very concerned on the looming prospect of losing her home.

Seeing the leering face look up at her with a wide sinister smile, Kristin listened in frightening horror as Mr. Higuchi came right out in making it known that he was aware of her husband being out of work.  Having heard some wild ridiculous rumors after a pretty woman manager abruptly quit following a business trip out of town, the gossip was that Mr. Ichiro had tried to put the make on the young married woman.  Stunned as she sat there, her evil boss had said "You have such pretty pink lips, Mrs. Gerber!  I look forward to kissing them on the trip you and I will take next week!"

Though she tried desperately to think up an excuse as to why she couldn't accompany Mr. Higuchi on the upcoming business trip, Kristin found herself in quite a dilemma.  Declining or refusing to make the trip would be the termination of her well paying job, one that Kristin desperately needed to keep to prevent the foreclosure on their year old home.  Married to her only love from high school days, John was quite depressed in the loss of his job and the scarcity of jobs at this time.

John was the only man to make love to her, in fact the only man to even kiss her.  Now her evil boss had made it quite clear that he intended on being the second man to kiss her.  'Oh, God ………………will he want more than just a kiss?  Does he expect to make love to me?  God ……………he's so ugly …………so repulsive!  But I can't afford to lose this job …………….……not without losing the house ………………....everything ……………..…..everything!' Kristin shuddered.

"Damn, it was so fucking fantastic, Hideki!  Cupping those soft white titties in my hands ………………….playing with her pink nipples …………getting them all hard and excited!" Ichiro bragged.  "And when I got her on the bed and went down on her, can you believe that I was the first guy to ever eat her pussy out?  Damn, she was squirming all over the bed, going out of her mind and then she started creaming like crazy in my mouth!" he added.

Indeed, innocent young Kristin Gerber had never before experienced such an animalistic act, nor could she have ever dreamed that a man would do such a perverted act.  With her evil boss's lavicious face pressed up against her sex, tongue rapidly flicking within her, Kristin went out of her mind when it began playing with her ultra-sensitive clit.  Fingers of both hands grasping tightly onto the thick bedspread, Kristin tried to press her body down into the mattress as her boss began eating her out as she moaned "Oooooooohhhh ……………….oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..Goddddddddddddddddd!"

"With the young wife not on the pill, the only way she'd let me fuck her was if I wore a damn condom!  So I told her she'd have to put it on me!  Apparently, the innocent bitch had never put a condom on a cock before, making her husband take care of things, cause she sure struggled to get it on!" Ichiro laughed.  "Once I started boning the little bitch, she got so fucking turned on that she started begging for more!  Heh, heh …………that's when I stopped and made her take the fuck'n rubber off, then had her put me back in bareback!  Sure hope I knocked the little bitch up!" he chuckled.

For the innocent young Kristin, though she certainly did not want to risk getting pregnant by her evil Asian boss, he had taken her to heights never before reached.  And Kristin was soaring even further into outer space when Mr. Higuchi suddenly stopped to pull his pleasure giving shaft out from between her clenching thighs.  Now sex-crazed and in dire need of relief, Kristin found herself rolling the protective condom down and off the menacing yellow cock that threatened to put her in the family way.  Later she would think back in remorse of willingly spreading her legs and guiding the thick cock back into her horny little twat.

Though repulsed by the squat fat body of her evil boss laboring atop of her, Kristin closed her eyes as all else did not matter except for the pleasurable sensations emanating from their union as the thick cock sliced in and out of her juicing slit.  Creaming as never before, Kristin clutched at his flabby body and wrapped her trim white legs around his fat humping butt.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………yes …………………yes ……………………….fuck me …………………………fuck me ………………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she shuddered as a mind-shattering climax shook her petite body, with her fertile womb suddenly awash with the flooding of her boss's hot potent seed.
 Following the fantastic fuck session, Ichiro took great pleasure in making the lovely blonde wife go down on him, especially upon learning that she had never before had a cock in her mouth.  "Shit, Hideki ………………..ain't nothing better than having an American blonde beauty give you head!  God, you should have heard her choking and gagging when I came in her mouth!  Jezzzzzzz, you should have seen her ……………….rushing over to the trashcan, choking and gagging on my hot creamy cum!"

What shocked Ichiro's good friend even more was that getting the young wife to submit to Ichiro's lust was not the end of her ordeal.  "And that night, my friend, I had the little bitch earn her promotion by securing the big contract for me!  After dinner that night, the contract was sealed up in the client's room, where I had the pretty blonde wife practice once again on servicing a man with that sweet little mouth of hers!  Damn, it was fantastic …………………..watching a guy's pretty blonde wife going down on a big black cock!" he exclaimed.

On that eventful night, following an exquisite dinner at a plush restaurant, Ichiro had taken great delight as the nervous young beauty was forced to accompany Mr. Jones and him up to the man's hotel suite.  Upon entering the hotel suite, with Mr. Jones sitting himself down upon the sofa, Ichiro then took command of the situation by advising the young wife "You know why you're here, don't you, Mrs. Gerber?  Mr. Jones here needs some incentive to sign that contract!  Why don't you take off that pretty dress and show him the incentive that's waiting for him, Mrs. Gerber?"

Ichiro then went on as to how the scared little beauty modestly tried to cover herself from the eyes taking in her nakedness.  "Show Mr. Jones those nice big titties of yours, Mrs. Gerber!  Yessss ………………show him the beautiful pink nipples!  Now why don't you show Mr. Jones what I taught you earlier today!  Go and kneel down between his legs and unzip him!"  Watching as the young wife complied with his demands, Ichiro then chuckled and advised "Yes, Mrs. Gerber ……………reach in and take out his big black cock!  Then show him that you know just what your beautiful pink lips were meant for!"

"Man, that sweet little thing just don't like the taste of hot cum in her mouth!  I thought she was really going to puke when he came in her mouth!" Ichiro laughed.  "Shit, I wish her damn husband was there to see his pretty wife earning the money needed to keep up with the mortgage!  She sure did a good job on her back to earn that bonus money,  taking that big black right up her tight little twat!  Jezz, like they say about them black guys, he was hung like a horse!" he added.

"I tell you, Hideki, after introducing the innocent Mrs. Gerber to strange cock, that little bitch has really turned into a fucking little nympho!  Now she doesn't even make a fuss when I tell her to pack her bags for a business trip!" Ichiro told his friend.  Then he went into the more recent episodes with the lovely wife, how he banged her standing up and literally nailed the pretty young wife to the motel room wall, as well as screwing her on the desk in the room.

"Sure hope Mrs. Gerber's gone on the pill, cause she's gonna have a problem with her hubby if she gets herself knocked up with a slant-eyed baby ………..even more so if the kid's got black kinky hair!  With me banging her on every trip, plus putting her ass out there to earn her bonus on each deal, she'd better be on the pill!" he chuckled.  "Man, outside of screwing the little bitch, it's just as much fun making her put out for those big black studs in order to seal the contract!  I swear, I think she even gets turned on with me watching her seal the deal, by spreading her sexy white legs for a big black stud!" he added.

With his friend begging for more, Ichiro decided to let him in on the most recent of Mrs. Gerber's exploits.  "I asked a friend who owns a small electronics firm in a nearby town make a call to her husband for an interview and tour of their facilities, having him stay overnight there.  That's when I also had this big Mr. Thomas come into town for the bonus I promised him in renewing the contract with the company!  Can you imagine the thrill of it ……………..making a beautiful young blonde wife entertain a big black buck right in her own home!" he teased.

From there, Ichiro went on to tell his friend just how anxious the big black bull had been to cash in on the bonus promised to him.  With Mrs. Gerber given the day off in order to prepare a nice luncheon at her home, the lovely young wife need not have bothered spending all that time in the kitchen.  Once Greg Thomas met the succulent blonde beauty, he couldn't wait and grabbed the young beauty on the way to dining room.  He ripped off her clothing, then literally nailed her to the wall with his big black stake.

"Damn, Hideki …………………Mr. Thomas is one big black stud!  Two hundred fifty pounds of pure black muscle!  And boy is he well-endowed!  I'd give anything to have that whopper of a cock like that on me!  You should have seen the size of him ……………….I just don't know how the little thing managed to take all of him into her tight little twat!  Then he threw her down onto her marital bed and fucked the living daylights out of her!" Ichiro advised.  Indeed it would have been quite a sight, one that young Mr. Gerber would have frozen right in his footsteps had he walked into the master bedroom at that moment.  With his petite young wife on their marital bed, trim sexy white legs spread wide apart, it would have been some sight to behold with the big black buck putting his thick skewer into her.  "Well, maybe next time, I'll set it up with the pretty young wife taking on several big black studs at a time …………….a real big black gangbang!  When you do come and visit me, you shall sample this sexy little blonde!" Ichiro laughed.

End of Story.