Young Wife’s Dilemma – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

    The African Alliance of States had welcomed the support of a NATO air base being established in their territory.  It was believed that such an air base would ease the tension in the region and also stimulate the African economy.  Enough land had been set aside for the air base, schools, and housing for the service personnel and their families.  It was believed that making such an invitation would definitely pump up the African economy, encouraging foreigners to spend money in the local businesses.

    The above reasoning was that of the governments of the various African States.  However, there was a bitter division among the citizens of the countries.  Many despised the foreigners, especially Americans.  The African men were especially vocal in their opposition.  But their vocal opposition quickly disappeared once the families started to arrive.  Talk of military power, foreigners, and the economy were points to bring argument.  But one benefit the African men came to greatly appreciate was the beautiful women that came with the families, beautiful ‘white’ women to be exact.  Previously, the lusting black males had only come upon a white female through the White Slavery connection, if he could afford to pay for such a pleasure, but such women wore well worn before reaching them.  And now their lusts for ‘white’ meat had come to them at no cost.

    The top military brass knew of the white slavery trade in this part of the world.  But they did not want to alarm the incoming officers and military personnel, especially the wives of the servicemen.  White wives in particular!  The brass felt they must warn the incoming servicemen and their wives but not use the extremely blunt wording of ‘white slavery’, as they feared that it would leak out to the leaders of the country they were in.  Such would lead to an international embarrassment.

    Thus, as the military personnel and families arrived, they were given maps of the areas of the city and countryside that had been cleared and approved, for safety of the U.S. personnel and families.  The out of bounds or dangerous areas for white personnel, especially white females, to venture into, were merely marked as areas not inspected as yet and that they needed to be very cautious and preferably not venture in or near those areas.

    To the delight of the African men, the servicemen arriving were in their early to mid-twenties and so were their beautiful wives. The men, of this African State, were as black as the night and would give up their worldly possessions in order to fuck his black manhood into the innocent body of some lovely white wife.

    Naturally, anything banned or placed off limits intrigued everyone prohibited from venturing into the area.  Once the approved areas had been visited, the more intriguing the off limit areas appeared to be.

    While shopping in the approved area, Mrs. Lauren O’brien, carefully checked her map being sure she was in the approved sector.  The beautiful young wife had made the trip over to this country with her husband, Capt. Pat O’brien, who currently was out flying missions in his F-16 and wouldn’t be back for another day.  Seeing that she was at the edge of the non-approved sector, she was curious and peered down the narrow alleyways that were littered with vendors signaling for her to view their merchandise.  She hesitated but thought it would be safe to wander just a little bit into the non-approved sector, so long as she did not lose sight of the boundary line.

    The milk-white body of this beautiful young woman attracted the eyes of all the local Africans, in particular the evil eyes of a Raheem Nimba, a leader in the local white slavery ring in this part of the country.  He knew the disappearance of such a beauty would bring about a heavy crack down on his trade and did not want such a problem.  But if he could get his clutches on such a beautiful woman he could make a small fortune with his clientele in within the city itself.  And thus, he licked his lips and moved about slowly as he followed the unsuspecting white beauty.  His cocked twitched under his white African robe as he stared at the long slender milk-white legs, with sexy high heels, unlike the drab items worn by the local women.

    Lauren was so intrigued with the unusual trinkets and souvenirs and moving slowly about in the many near-connected tents, the young wife was soon at a lost when she looked about for her bearings.  The panicky young wife made a rush to a nearby exit way and everything looked the same, just rows and rows of peddlers and their trinkets.  Lauren tried to ask the peddlers for directions but only received blank stares, unable to comprehend her questions.

    The lusting Raheem Nimba never took his beady eyes off the beautiful white prey, as she tried desperately to make her way out of the maze of stalls and tents. The narrow alleys and bustling crowds merely added to the distressed beauty’s confusion.  The facial expression of this confused woman was quite obvious.

    Then Raheem approached the distressed woman “Are you in need of help, my lady?”   Lauren gave a sigh of relief as she finally heard someone speak English to her.  “Oh, yes …..yes …………..thank you! I seem to have lost my bearings and need to get back to the main street, so I can get to the air base!”

    Raheem smiled at her  and said “Come this way!”  Then he was leading her through a narrow passage into a quiet street, but even farther away from her destination. "You are a long way from the main street and the air base!" he lied to her.  "I will be happy to take you back there!  You will never find your way on your own!" he added.  Lauren sighed with relief “Oh, thank you!  You are so kind!”

    “I must first drop this off at my home.  It’s only a minute away! Raheem advised as he lifted up a small sack and smiled as he walked through a weave of small tents, followed by the thankful young wife.  Only, the unsuspecting beauty was being led down to her path of destruction, the destruction of her innocence.

    Lauren was surprised at this luxurious mansion that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  And this was the home of her savior.  He invited her in but Lauren was hesitant to enter the home of a perfect stranger, in a foreign country.  “Please, madam!  It will not look good for me to have a foreign woman standing in front of my home for a period of time” Raheem spoke.  Unaware of the local customs, Lauren didn’t want to break any traditions nor offend this man, who had offered to help her.  “Oh, let me introduce myself.  My name is Raheem Nimba and this is my humble home!” he advised as he bowed before this lovely creature.  Lauren introduced herself to Raheem and explained that her husband was a captain in the U.S Air Force, stationed at the nearby air base.

    Entering the luxury home, in this rather poor country, Lauren was impressed.  Raheem asked the servant to prepare drinks for them, speaking in his native tongue.  What Lauren didn’t realize was the servant being instructed to lace the guest drink with a potent sexual stimulant.  A rare stimulant only known in this part of the world, one that caused some drowsiness along with a burning heat in one’s sexual organs, causing a desperate need to extinguish the those fires.

    Lauren sipped at the very pleasant tasting drink, as she made small talk with her host.  Then her glass was refilled before she could refuse.  Upon finishing her new drink, she insisted to her host “Please, Mr. Nimba, I must be on my way!  I really do appreciate you taking the time to show me the way back!”  As she tried to stand upright, the room began to spin madly about her.  Raheem grinned as he caught the staggering beauty, knowing the potent drug was definitely taking effect.  He lifted the American beauty in his arms and exited the room, through the door held open by his smiling servant.

    Another servant held open the door to Raheem’s bedroom, upon which he entered with the drugged young wife in his arms.  He laid her on the middle of his king-sized bed.  He smiled as the young wife pleaded “Oh, please ……..please, what’s happening …..what’s happening to me!”  Poor Lauren tried to get up from the bed but her arms and legs would not obey her mind.  Meanwhile, Raheem opened the beauty’s purse and looked at her passport, seeing she was indeed an American, 26 years of age, and the wife of Capt. Pat O’brien.  ‘Praise Allah!’ Raheem muttered as he had always wanted to sample a beautiful American woman.  And Mrs. Lauren O’brien was far more than he could have dreamt of ever having.

    Lauren stared blankly up at the man who had promised to help her find her way, "Please, please, …………..what’s happening to me ………..please, I must get home!”  Lauren looked up pleadingly, then her body shivered as this African began to take off his robe, he was going to disrobe in front of her.  Trying desperately to get up and away from this evil man, Lauren’s body failed to respond.

    The lovely young wife gasped as the naked black man proudly handled his might black shaft.  Raheem stoked the long black shaft, which he would soon make the little beauty scream with.  He thanked Allah for having the Americans come to his country and for delivering this little morsel to his humble home.  Never had he seen such an innocent and naïve young beauty.  He was immensely going to love degrading this pretty little thing.  And maybe leaving her a little one to remember him by!

    The naked black man slowly approached the bed, then he slowly moved his face down to hers.  His lips almost touched her mouth she turned her face away from him, but he merely waited a few moments, holding her very tightly against his body.  The potent drug was still at work and Raheem enjoyed the feeling of her lovely body breathing heavily. Then he slowly turned her face towards his face again, only this time hers she did not turn to avoid his kiss.  His lips were much thicker than any she had kissed before and now they were brushing lightly against her mouth.  Raheem moved his face back and looked into her eyes for any reaction, then gave the unresisting beauty a deep passionate kiss.

    Slowly Lauren’s pink lips parted under the pressure, as a thick pointed tongue invaded her mouth.  She made a brief attempt to pull her face away but the potent drug prevented any meaningful movement.  Their moist saliva mingled as Raheem explored her soft mouth with his exploring tongue, his right hand moving down to her thigh, feeling the top of her nylons.  Lauren struggled when she felt his hand move slowly upwards.

    Raheem grinned at his captive little beauty.  Leaning forward, his hands were getting the buttons of her dress undone.  Lauren’s dress was soon undone down the front to her waist.  Raheem lowered his face to press his lips near the edge of her white nylon brassiere that was now fully exposed through the gaping opening of her dress.  Lauren trembled, as the exploring black hand was now moving even higher, up her bare thigh to her treasured prize.  With her dress pulled up, what a contrast it made as the black hand caressed her milk-white thigh.  She lay back, unable to move feeling ashamed at having this devious African exploring her body.

    Lauren thought of her loving husband, Pat, who was away in his F-16 with the squadron on a mission.  She had always been faithful to him, her husband being the only man she had made love with.  She knew she had to be faithful to him, she could not let this filthy African have his way with her.  Then a moan emitted from her pink lips, moaning from the unwanted stimulation that stemmed from beneath her skirt, the black fingers teasing at her clenching vagina lips, covered by only her thin lace panties.

    The silky panties were getting moist with all the slick juice from stimulated groove.  She was embarrassed to have this ugly dark African, older than her own father, responsible for her sexual stimulation and her now slick womanhood.  Then she felt him easing the shoulder straps of her bra down, loosening her thin bra to bare one of her perfect ivory breasts capped by a perfect pink nipple. She shivered with pleasure when a pink nipple between was captured and tweaked by her black assailant.  Her nipple responded immediately, becoming hard and firm.  Never had her nipple reacted so quickly from such stimulation when her loving husband touched her.

    Raheem lowered his black face and suck a tender pink nipple into his mouth, causing a loud gasp from the pretty young wife.  He sucked on the tender white flesh until he had the little bitch moaning with the pleasure.  She rubbed her thighs in frustration when she felt the hand move from between her thighs to begin unfastening her garters.  But some sense back to the young wife as she cupped her bra to her bared breast and put the strap back iinto place.  Then she moaned as her nylons were slowly rolled down her long milky-white legs.  Then her trim white heels were slipped off her sexy feet, followed by her nylons.

    Raheem ran his hands up and down her soft milk-white thighs, then he began licking all along her slender white legs, licked her soft pink soles, and sucked each of her tiny toes.  Now the beautiful and faithful Mrs. Lauren O'brien was clad only in her matching lavendar bra an panties.  The young beauty made another attempt to stand on wobblly knees and Raheen took a step back to take in the beautiful sight of this lucious young beauty.

  Unable to stand it any long, Raheem pushed the young wife back onto the bed.  He then grabbed the flimsy material of her lace lavendar panties and tore them apart, as Lauren gave an involuntary gasp at the baring of her precious gem.  Then Raheem licked his way up to the American wife’s soft bush, burying his face in her sweet mound.  His thick tongue found her stiff clitoris and teased it mercilessly, feeling the beauty’s trim thighs clamp tightly around his bobbing head.

    Raheem nodded towards the door "Do you want to leave, Mrs. O’brien?  Want me to take you home now, Mrs. O’brien?"  Lauren was moaning and panting in desperation, desperate to obtain sexual relief, moaning she slowly lay back on the bed. Her milk-white thighs rubbed against each other and Raheem smiled as the ivory gates opened, giving him the freedom to suck at its treasure.  Lauren heard the laugh of triumph, as the thick tongue against licked her slick groove, causing her to arch up in an orgasm never before of this magnitude.

    Lauren shivered as the muscular old man bent over her, pushing her lovely white legs well apart, bending his lower to suck at her swollen cuntlips.  “Oh, Goddddddd ……………….…ohhhhhhh, God …………….…..ohhhhhhhh …………….ohhhh ……….…….pleasssseeeeee!” she moaned at the unbelievable sensations stirring between her loins.

    "How long have you been married, my dear Mrs. O’brien?  Have you cheated on your husband before, Mrs. O’brien?" Raheem taunted the pretty wife, loving her facial expressions that told him she had been indeed true to her husband.  Until now that its.  "Just two years. I’ve always been true to my husband!" came the muttered reply.  In fact Lauren had been a virgin on her wedding day and never experienced any man other than her husband.

    Leaning over the drugged young wife, Raheem grasped her petite white hands and brought them to handle his throbbing monstrosity.  "C’mon my little sweet American wife ……..... you want to feel a big African cock, don’t you? Much bigger than the American’s little winnie, huh, Mrs. O’brien?  Oh, what would your American husband say if he could see his faithful wife stroking my long filthy African cock!" he laughed, as he was kept pumping against the soft hands.  The cock began leaking, smearing her manicured fingers with a continual flood of hot sticky juice.  "Take it, my American beauty ……...hold it ……….stroke it ......make it erupt like an oil well!", he groaned at the delight of her soft touch, wanting to degrade this sweet American wife.

    Raheem let her feast her eyes on his massive black snake of a cock, knowing that she would  subconsciously compare his weapon with her puny husband’s.  Lauren could not take her eyes from what really looked like a long black snake, her stroking it made it continue to swell and grow.  Lauren saw the clear thick venom that formed at the mouth of the long black snake and ooze down to soil her hands.  Then the realization struck her, just what that venom could do if injected in her “Oh, please ………...please ……….no ………….please ………..I’m not on the pill ….………………….please, noooooooo ……………you’ll  get me pregnant ………….please …………….need ………….a condom!”

    Laughing, Raheem reached over to the small night-stand and obtained a small packet.  From it Raheem withdrew a rubber, watching the lovely young wife as she stared at his long black snake being covered in a bright red, white and blue condom. Raheem had gotten this colorful rubber years ago and decided to keep it for a special occasion.  And what a special occasion this was, it was only fitting that he honor the request of his guest with the use of her colorful flag.     When he faced her again, Lauren bent her head in shame.  Here she was about to be plundered by a muscular African, who’s long black cock was sheathed in a condom of the American flag, topped with white stars at the head.

    Lauren’s gazed upon the fat sheathed monster that she held in her tiny hands.  Her hands were pushed downward and Lauren watched spellbound as the rubber sheathed cockhead brushed against her sensitive slit, getting her lubricating juice on to and then the blunt head was centering at the entrance to her precious treasure. This had been Raheem’s ultimate goal from the moment he followed this attractive American wife from the road leading into the prohibited area. This was what he planned for the delicate American beauty, to be have the honor of being the first American woman to be fucked by his African cock, something this delicate beauty would never forget.

    Feeling the massive monstrosity in her hands, Lauren caressed the throbbing hunk of meat through the thin rubber sheathing.  Never had she imagined a cock of this size, far larger than her wildest imagination.  She began panting at the thought of just how much cum this monstrosity could produce, enough to seed all the wives on the air base at one time.  Then reality set in.  ‘How in the world could she degrade herself by handling this African’s filthy cock.  God, and he intends to rape me with it!  Oh, God, it’s so big!  He’ll kill me with it!’ fearful thoughts racing through her drug induced mind.

    The frightened young American wife frantically tried to push the monstrous cock away as panic set in.  “Oh, please …………please ……………you’re far too big for me …………please, you’ll tear me ……….pleaseeeeeeeee!  Oh, God ……………'re too biggggggggg!” Lauren sobbed.  All to the delight of this devious white slaver, who began to think of the money he would make with beautiful young white woman.  The locals would pay a fortune to get their grimy hands on a clean white beauty as this Mrs. Lauren O’brien.

    Lauren’s petite hands had been tightly clutching the pulsing snake-like cock, then her hands were forcibly removed from the mighty stem. Then she felt the rotating hips remain above her, finally remaining still as the mighty weapon centered between her open thighs, determined to explore the depths of her womanhood. The probing cockhead began to press forward with the mighty weight behind it, pushing slowly into her tight resisting slit.  “Oh, Goddddddd ………tooooooo………..biggggg!” she screamed as the thick cockhead forced its way in her snug channel.

    Raheem put his thick lips to her soft sweet pink ones, and the drug induced lips opened and her warm pointed tongue sought his.  He sucked avidly at her tongue and the young wife did the same every time his thick tongue explored her tiny mouth.  Slowly, he began to explore another cavity of the innocent young wife, as the great sheathed snake slithered into her warm slick folds.

    The trim white arms of the young drug induced wife slipped up and around the broad black strong shoulders of this devious old man, tightly clutching his body to her.  Had she not have seen the protective condom, she would never have suspected that it existed.  The texture so thin and fine and with her slit so wet and hot, the sheathed cock began to slowly slip in and out the tight groove. Her trim white legs raised up and crossed over the fat quivering black ass. The beautiful young wife of the U.S. Air Force captain now under the evil control of this devious White Slave operator!

    The way the young wife clung to him with her arms clapped around his neck and the way she heaved her ass off the bed to meet his thrusts told him that she was indeed giving herself to him completely and willingly. Lauren sighed with pleasure when Raheem repeatedly withdrew his snakelike cock to the tip before slowly driving it home to the entrance of her womb. The drugged innocent wife was going crazy with the thick cock in her as she blatantly showed that she wanted his long cock to plunge into her, to fuck her completely. This was the first step of complete domination Raheem was to have over the young American wife.

    “Oh,pleaseeeeeeee ………….ohhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhh ………………I’mm ……goinggg ……………ohhhhh, yessssssss ………I …….I'm cummmminggggggg!” the young wife screamed at the top of her lungs as mind-shattering orgasm shook her petite body.  An orgasm of such force never felt before by this lovely young wife.  Raheem smiled, lifted up a bit so the cameras would clearly show the expression on the beauty’s face.  As the pudgy black body held still, the convulsing white body slowly came back down to earth, with the young beauty in another land from the shattering climax.  The trim white legs slowly relaxing its grip around the black ass and slipped widespread upon the bed.

    Raheem looked down at the sweet little wife of the American pilot.  How he wished her American husband could see his beautiful wife at this very moment, stuffed with his long black cock.  He laughed to himself at the thought of giving the American pilot a gift in return for the delightful use of his precious young wife.  Yes, perhaps he could give the American pilot something in return, like a little black African baby.
    Slowly, Raheem withdrew his long slick sheathed weapon from the depths of the petite beauty, causing her to groan in frustration.  Lauren cried out in despair “Ohhhhhhhhh, …………..nooooooooo!”, as the pleasure giving shaft was withdrawn.  In desperation, Lauren’s trim white legs quickly encircled the fat black ass again, tying her sexy feet and arched up to get more of the sheathed black shaft back into her tormented groove.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhh ……………..yessssssssss!” she screamed as the long sheathed cock began to hump faster into her treasured womanhood.

    Then the humping slowed to long deliberate strokes.  Raheem smiled as he gazed upon the lovely wife, her eyes closed as he slowly fucked into her innocent young body.  Then a slap to her pretty face brought the beauty back to reality.  “Oh, Mrs. O’brien, what would the good captain say if he knew how much his lovely wife loves Raheem’s long black cock!” he taunted.  The frightened and panic registered on Lauren’s beautiful face, all to Raheem’s delight, and more so as the beauty began to cry in the realization of what she had done and due to the long cock in her tight quim.  But her body continued to betray her, as squeezed her feet together to get even more of the sheathed cock into her throbbing pussy.

    She gasped as she watched him manipulating the rubber sheath, trying to roll the protective layer off his long potent cock.  Lauren desperately putting her hands down onto his wrist “Please ………..what ………..what are you doing? Please ………please ……….you ……………you can’t take it off?  Please, no ……no…….nooooooooooo!" she pleaded as the fear brought some reality of the situation back to her.

    "You want Raheem’s long black cock again, Mrs. Obrien?  Want long cock to fuck you again, make pretty lady feel good?  Take rubber off, Mrs. O’brien.  Take rubber off for Raheem.  Raheem make pretty American wife feel good again!" he taunted her, putting her hands onto his throbbing sheathed cock.

    “Oh, no ……………no, you must wear it!  Please ..…… please, …….not on ……pill …….please no ……………….can't have a baby ...……….will get pregnant!” Lauren’s drugged mind still grasping on the reality, as she pleaded in fear. “Don’t ………..pleaseeee……..don’t ………don’t take it off ..……………please!"

    But the drug contained a powerful sexual stimulant.  And Lauren was feeling the hot itchy need between her thighs, as they now rubbed together to ease the itch and frustration.  She desperately needed to put the fire out between her trim thighs.  Against her better judgment, she sobbed and began to roll the thin protective rubber down the long black shaft.  The long black prick was bared in its glory, the slimy rubber lay limp in the soft white hands that were now soiled from the slimy juice.  Then Lauren let the protective rubber slip from her fingers and fall uselessly onto the bed.  She desperately grabbed the thick black cock, holding it tightly as she arched up to place her slick entrance at the mercy of the potent weapon.  In a moment her slick groove was again being filled by the thick black cock, only this time the without the protective condom.

    “Tell Raheem what the pretty little lady wants!  What does the lovely Mrs. O’brien want from Raheem?  Does Mrs. O’brien want Raheem’s big black cock?  Do Mrs. O’brien want Raheem’s black baby?” he taunted the drugged beauty, as his cockhead throbbed in her warm slick groove. “Oh, nooooo …………… noooooooooo ………noooooo ……can’tttt ……..have …a ……blackkkkkk ……….babbbbyyyyy ……noooooooo!” the drugged Lauren stammered.

    With a laugh of triumph, Raheem drove his long black cock home with a vengeance, down deep into the struggling beauty’s fertile womb.  He smiled as the beautiful young wife began hunching up to his plunging cock and this lovely young white wife about to reach an orgasm she would never forget.  He licked at the inside of her sensitive ear, whispering to her “Do you like being fucked by Raheem’s black cock, Mrs. O’brien?  Mrs. O’brien wants more of Raheem’s long black cock?  Tell Raheem what you want, Mrs. O’brien!”

     Lauren was now desperately clawing at his back, her nails digging his back and pulling him closer, drawing long thin lines of blood.  Raheem enjoyed the innocent wife’s uncontrolled display of lust as he continued to lick and nip at her sensitive ear.  “Tell me what Mrs. O’brien want!” he teased, holding his body steady as the desperate young wife sought more of his lengthy black cock.

    “Want Raheem’s hot sperm in precious little white belly?  Make pretty American wife little baby!” he taunted, giving a twitch of his cock in the snug womb.  “Raheem take out cock!  Pretty missee don’t want Raheem’s black cockie!” he teased, giving another twitch of his lengthy cock.  This twitch disabled the final ounce of reasoning for the innocent beauty, her trim white legs crossed over and squeezed Raheem’s black ass to her body.

    Lauren could no longer control herself  “Ohaagghhhhhhh ………….oh, pleaseeee …..please  fucccckkkkk  ………………..meeeeeeeeee!  "Pleaseeeee ………pleaseeee ……………..yessss ………….yesssssssss ……………pleasssseeeeee ………..ohhhhhhh ………..squirt ….in …..meee ……. givvvvve …..meeee …………Raheem’s …………..babyyyyyyyyyy!”

    "You want Raheem’s hot sperm in you, Mrs. O’brien?  Raheem’s hot black baby sperm? Give Mrs. O’brien little black baby?" he teased, twithing his long cock, knowing full well she didn't but would not have the will power to stop him now.

    "Yessssssssss ……………..pleasssseeeee . . . fuck meeeeeeeeee ……..fuck meeeeeeeeee ………pleassseeeeeeee ……...spermmmmmm  .....spermmmmmmm ….innn ….meeeeeee …….. fuckkkkk …….meeeeee!  Make ………….Raheem ……….blackkkkkk ………babyyyyy!” she writhed and heaved as she pleaded with him.

    Raheem, so much experience with women, was quite surprised with the want display of Lauren’s lustful desires.  The young innocent and respectable American wife would bring him profit with her lovely white body.  Raheem would now give this hot white woman what she was crying out for, a little black African baby in her fertile womb.  With jackhammer-like strokes, Raheem’s long black cock pulsed and climaxed to a massive explosion.  The hot scalding goo erupted from the throbbing black cock, splattering jet after jet of hot potent roe as Raheem proceeded to empty his contracting balls into Lauren’s fertile womb.

    Lauren screamed over and over again as orgasm after orgasm racked her petite little body.  This tiny woman was so innocent an naïve a beauty that Raheem’s long thick cock swelled as never before, erupting his thick hot lava into the American beauty’s precious little cunt.  Never had Lauren ever experienced so hot a roe, and so much of it, nor having it deposited so deep in her fertile womb.  Limp from the unbelievable fuck session, having laid there motionless on the bed for a good fifteen minutes, Lauren felt hands turning her over onto her belly, and then she was being pulled up onto all fours.

    "No ................................what are you doing?" Lauren asked in a panic up feeling the thick bulbhead of Raheem's bloated cock pushing up against the center of the buttocks.  She crawled forward a foot or so, only to be dragged back by the hands clasping onto her trim hips, to be told that "You're gonna git yerself buttfucked, Mrs. O'brien!"  "No ...........................please ...............................not back there!  Please, I don't want that!" she pleaded.  But seconds later, she screamed "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, God!  Oh, God hurts hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" 

    Later, as her body heat calmed and her mind cleared, that agonizing pain in her ass subsiding, Lauren began to sob in humiliation and guilt.  She had not only enjoyed the multiple orgasms reached in fucking with this deviously smirking African, but she had gotten off when he fingered her cunny while sodomizing her.  Perhaps it was this awareness of pleasure that made her feel guilty.  More so, it was because she had always been true to her loving husband and now had cheated on him for the first time ever.  She had been ‘ruined’, letting a dirty black African shoot his hot slimy seed deep into her fertile womb.  She would never feel clean again!  Lauren shuddered at the thought of being impregnated by the potent African cum, as she looked down to see a river of the filth continuing to flow from her well stretched hole.

    In her drugged state, she watched as Raheem picked up her lacy panties and stuffed the silky garment into his pocket.  "You won't need this Mrs. O’brien!" Raheem spoke, as he tied her rather limp arms and legs to the bed.  "You can shout as much as you like Mrs. O’brien, no one can hear you.  If they do, you’ll have a long line of men standing in line to sample their first pretty white woman!” Raheem told her as he moved towards the door.  Lauren was afraid to scream for help, knowing what Raheem said was true.  Her screams for help would only bring more African men to leer at her precarious position and very probably rape her also.

    Twenty minutes later, Lauren heard the footsteps approaching the door.  Then the door was being opened “I’m back with my friend, Mimba” Raheem smiled.  Lauren gasped and pleaded “Noooooooo ………..noooooooooo  ...don’ttttttttt ……….letttttttttt ……himmmmm ….!” as she stammered as she observed the most hideous black man ever.  This ‘Mimba’ was so hideous to even the local residents cringed but Raheem had befriended him and the giant served well as a bodyguard and enforcer.

    Raheem was going to let this 300 lb. 6’8” giant, who could not speak but merely grunt out his satisfaction on seeing Lauren’s beauty.  Raheem knew this African giant would forever be in his debt but Raheem also had other plans.  Such would be to video tape the beautiful prim and proper, Mrs. Lauren O’brien, fucked within an inch of her life by this slobbering black brute.  Such a film would bring in a ton of money, not only from the lecherous African men but from the service personnel on the base.  In fact his best customers were many of the officers on the base.

    Lauren began to sob in fear as the giant slobbering idiot walked slowly towards the bed, all the while trying to shuck off his clothing at the same time.  When the giant’s pants dropped to the floor, Lauren gasped as she observed the weapon he possessed.  She looked toward the camera pleading with Raheem “Pleaseeeeee …….. pleaseeeeeee ...........................don’ttttttt …............................…..letttt him ………….raprreeee ………….meeeeee ..................………pleasseeeeeee!  It's toooooo ............................................…biggggggg!”  That ‘bigggg’ thing obviously referred to Mimba’s penis, which looked more like a baseball bat.  Raheem was amazed also at the slobbering brute’s attributes, the biggest cock he ever saw for it was at least 15” long and 6” around. He wondered if this little beauty could take such a mighty cock.  If not, she’d certainly die trying!

    "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ................................................stop ................................stopppppppppppppp're tearing meeeee!  Oh, God ...................................oh, God hurtsssssssssss hurtssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Lauren screeched out in sheer agony as the big brute continued shoving himself deeper and deper up into her far to tight slit.  But to Lauren's dismay, could only heard Raheem laughing at her plight as the bastard encouraged his giant friend "Ruin the purty American bitch!  Show this American what we think of them coming over here uninvited!  We shall send her back to her American flyboy with her cunt filled with hot African seed and she will never again be satisfied with his pathetic little cock!"    

    It was dark, in the early evening that the lovely Mrs. O’brien was able to make it back to the safety of the air base.  Escorted by a female servant, employed by the devious white-slaver, or the lovely American wife would not have been able to walk steadily nor find her way.  Escorted home with a belly full of hot African seed.  Soon, the lovely Mrs. O’brien would pay even more dearly for straying into the restricted area, for Raheem had many plans for this beautiful white woman.  Even many of the top brass on the air base would pay much American dollars to sample her pretty charms.
End of Story