Young Wife’s Dilemma – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 Tracey Peters enjoyed aerobics very much as it gave her a sense of fulfillment and kept her physically fit.  Aerobics was a passion to her.  This was her second trip away for a big aerobics convention, away from her loving husband, which she was reluctant to do.  But her husband, Don, knew she loved to take in all the aerobic seminars and new programs available.  And her husband insisted that she get out and go as it’d do her good to be away for a few days.

 On her first day, she met a group of women in a class and they really hit it off.  And they were all located in the same hotel as her.  Before the class session was over, they had all agreed to meet for dinner at the restaurant across the street.

 Being a teaching assistant at an elementary school, Tracey was glad to be away from young children for awhile and to communicate with other women with the same interests.  At the age of 35, Tracey maintained her beautiful 5’2” 115 lb. figure and kept her blonde hair to shoulder length.  She had been married to Don for eight years and they had two wonderful children.  She loved her husband very much and they trusted each other explicitly.  Tracey had no intention of ever cheating on her husband and was very shy when conversing with other men.

 She had a great time at dinner with the women she had met that day.  But when one gal suggested they head over to the nearby bar that had dancing, Tracey was reluctant to join the group.  As all the women were going, Tracey didn’t want to be a prude and agreed to accompany them but told them she would merely join them for a drink.

 Sitting at a large table, the women in the group were always being asked to dance and constantly hit upon, which was to be expected in such a place.  But Tracey did not feel comfortable in dancing with anyone other than her husband.  Thus, she was often sitting at the table alone, turning down many dance offers.

 But she also didn't like being left alone in a this strange place, with strange men approaching her to dance and being rejected by her.  Then, one of the women invited a guy, she had been dancing with, over to their table.  Then his friends stopped over and joined them.  She shivered in apprehension as a large muscular black man sat next to her and began to talk to her.  She had met many blacks over the years and had some black friends, but never had she met a man with such dark features.

Though uncomfortable, Tracey did not want to be rude and chatted with the stranger.  Fortunately, he did not pressure her to dance after she told him she just did not feel comfortable dancing with anyone other than her husband.  She would definitely feel uncomfortable dancing with a stranger, more so one so dark as this fellow.  She wished he would leave the table and ask another woman to dance.  She encouraged him to do so, but he remained seated and chatted with her.

To discourage this stranger, not wanting to give him any ideas, she brought up her husband whenever she could.  When the others were up on the dance floor, leaving Tracey alone with the black man, the stranger ordered another drink for her and himself.  Tracey tried to decline saying she had enough but he insisted and she didn’t want to offend him.  The stranger told the hostess to tell Joe, the bartender, to get whatever Tracey was having had that ‘Terrell’ was having his regular.

The hostess brought the new drinks and Tracey thanked the man for the drink.  Though she did not want to drink too much, this man made her nervous and she took a large gulp of the new vodka tonic to calm her nerves.  Had this man gone to the bar and gotten the drinks, Tracey would not have touched it, having heard so much on how that new date rape drug was slipped into drinks.  But, as this was brought to her by the cocktail hostess, it was safe to consume.

What innocent Tracey didn’t know was that this stranger was a regular to this establishment and his ordering of the drinks was a signal to the bartender.  Joe, the bartender, automatically knew what Terrell was having but it was as signal for the ‘roofie’ he was to slip into the drink for the unsuspecting woman.  It was an easy fifty bucks for slipping it into the drink and the woman would never suspect it was done at the bar.

Several times the table was filled again by her women friends and the men dancing with them.  They kept encouraging Tracey to dance but she told them to go ahead and enjoy themselves.  Tracey kept telling Terrell to dance with the other women, trying desperately to get him away from her.  Nervously, Tracey sipped at the drink quicker than she normally would.

Wanting to get away from this black man, Tracey excused herself to go to the ladies room.  But as she stood, the room began spinning out of control.  Lucky that Terrell was so close for his two large black hands quickly steadied her by the waist.  “Ohhhh, I ….ohhh, the room issss spinningggg ………..!” Tracey moaned.  Holding on to her, Terrell yelled over to a buddy dancing with one of the women Tracey had dinner with “Hey, Joe, Tracey’s not feeling well!  I’ll just walk her back to the hotel to see that she gets there safely!”  The fellow gave a wave and now it was all set up for Terrell, with Tracey’s friend knowing that Tracey had left.

He grabbed Tracey’s purse and draped it on her shoulder, then held her close to his side with an arm around her waist.  Terrell then walked the drugged young wife to the front door.  Passing the bar, he smiled at the bartender and was about to slip him a folded $50 bill.  But, Joe the 65 year old overweight bartender waved him off with “Just call me later, Terrell!”  Terrell smiled and nodded at the old man, who was a part owner of this club.  Dazed and wobbly on her feet, Tracey was basically unaware of what was transpiring.  Otherwise, she surely would not let a strange man escort her back to her hotel, much less a black man.

Terrell smiled at his prize.  Some white boy’s prized possession had now fallen into the devious hands of Terrell Thompson.  This was Terrell’s ultimate goal of going to the bar, spiking the drink of some beautiful white gal and assisting her back to her room.  This lovely woman had caught his attention from the time she arrived with the group of women.  He had observed her sitting at the table and refusing offers to dance.  Seeing the sparkle of her diamond ring, it was obvious that she was uncomfortable being here and that she came only to accompany the women in the group.  This had Terrell’s cock twitching, wanting to get into the sweet panties of this obviously faithful white wife.

In the short distance to walk to the hotel, Terrell had his hand holding the lovely woman steady, letting his hand move up to allow his thumb to caress the underside of her breast.  Then Tracey gave a soft moan as her nipple was being flicked through her dress and thin bra.  Terrell smiled as he felt the nipple stiffening from his forbidden touch.

Terrell had managed to get the room number from the dazed young wife.  By the time they got off the elevator, Tracey was all but out of it.  The ‘roofie’ had done its job perfectly.  Opening Tracey’s purse, Terrell obtained the room key to allow them to enter the privacy of the lovely wife’s room.  In a moment, Terrell stood smiling at the unconscious young wife, as he began to strip off her clothing.  He lay her down on the sofa, clad in her lacy white undergarments  and heels so he could get the bed prepared for the big event..

First her white heels were removed, then he carried her over to the bed.  He gazed down at the unconscious beauty, clad in only her lacy white bra and panties, then squeezed at this throbbing cock.  Peeling the thin straps off the milk-white shoulders, Terrell pulled the lacy bra down to reveal the pink capped ivory breasts.  Freeing her firm white breasts from the confines of her lacy bra, unclipping her bra, his attention went to her lacy white panties.  The young wife’s last protecting garment was slowly drawn them down over her slim hips and down her trim white legs.  Now the lovely white flawless body lay open of Mrs. Tracey Peters lay on the mattress in its splendor, free of all clothing, in a manner which no man but her husband had observed before.

Quickly stripping off his clothing, Terrell eagerly went to the bed where the drugged young wife lay.  Spreading the beautiful white legs apart, he  began to lick his way up to the precious jewel, hidden in the soft golden fleece between her trim thighs.  Reaching his goal, Terrell buried his face into the soft fleece and rubbing his face into the white boy’s treasure.  His thick wet tongue darted out into the slick groove, in search of the precious jewel.  His tongue found the sensitive little clit and began to lick at it playfully, causing the young wife to hunch up in an uncontrolled response.  Eagerly, he ate all the sweet honey this innocent beauty had to offer.

Kneeling up, Terrell stroked his 12” cock, now throbbing and pulsing like a slithering black snake.  Rubbing his thick cockhead in her moist slit, Terrell couldn't hold back any longer.  He then gave a mighty thrust forward, burying half of his cock into her tight gripping cunt, causing Tracey to groan at the painful entry.  Rearing back till only his cockhead was captured, he slammed forward again with all his might, burying his cock further into the tight confines of the groaning blonde beauty.  But still, several inches remained.  Again he reared back and slammed forward again, now burying his entire black snake, deep into the beauty’s fertile womb.

Then Terrell began to fuck furiously between the trim ivory-white thighs.  Grabbing her by her trim white ankles, he lifted her long white legs up to point towards the ceiling and allowing him even greater access to her womanly depths.  Buried in her to the hilt of his lengthy 12", Terrell wondered if she ever had a cock this deep before.  Surely not from her puny husband, not how tight this little prim and proper bitch was.  Thus, it was quite unlikely any cock had explored this deeply.  Boy, was she tight!  In the earlier conversation with the beauty, he had learned that she had two children but the way her tight pussy gripped him, he was surprised she had any children.

Not often having the opportunity of getting his hands on such an innocent naïve beauty, Terrell hammered away, determined to plant his seed in hopes of fertilizing her womb.  He looked down at her soft white belly slightly puffed from the massive prick in her tight cunt.  Terrell’s cock was withdrawn slowly time after time, till only the tip of his thick cockhead remained, then slammed forward with out mercy.  Suddenly his muscular black body quivered, his snake-like cock twitched and exploded a gooey load deep into her belly.  He had seeded her well, his cum overflowing from her snug hole.

Finally, Terrell lifted his sweaty black body off the petite white body, withdrawing his shrinking black cock with a slight pop from the snug hole.  He gazed down at the beautiful white wife, her golden fleece matted with his gooey paste, her raw slit oozing out his slime. ‘God’, he sure hoped he knocked-up this pretty little thing!  Give her and her punk husband another little one to feed.

Going to the phone, he dialed the number to the bar “Hey, Joe!  Boy, this sweet chick got some bod.  Tighter than hell.  Hurry up, man, Room 316.  Yeah, guy, I saved her sweet white ass just for you.  Bring your video camera with you.”

Minutes later, old man Joe entered the room.  Smiling at the sight before him, Joe grinned at Terrell “God, what a beauty.  I saw her in the bar with the other women.  Man, she looks so naïve and innocent.  Couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you sit next to her.  Bet her sweet little ass is cherry!”

Turning on the video camera, Terrell started it rolling as the fat old bartender began shucking off his clothes.  Joe was so old and ugly that none of the decent women would pay attention to him.  And here was a sweet little beauty all for his plucking.  This was going to be a heck of a film with this fat old guy mounting this beautiful little bitch.  He knew that old Joe just loved to sock it to a tight little ass.

Joe climbed onto the bed and turned the drugged beauty over, then lifted her up at the hips.  Shuffling forward, wanking his old tool, he placed it right at the entrance to her tight little ass.  Grasping the slim hips firmly, Joe plowed ahead.  Loud muffled groans came from the agonized beauty.  It took Joe five lunges to fit his old but still mighty cock into the tight virgin asshole.  Then Joe began to fuck in and out, feeling as if his cock was being shredded by the tight ass, as he yelled to Terrell “Oh, God, this sweet ass is so fucking tight! Ah, it’s gotta be cherry!”  Just like a horny dog humping a bitch.  Tracey’s virgin ass was suddenly flooded and flushed out with a hot creamy enema.

For the next three hours, poor Tracey was used over and over again till both men were exhausted.  Each man took turns on her petite little body, while the other manned the camcorder.  Terrell especially enjoyed forcing his thick knob into her lovely mouth to leave her with a taste of his nigger cum, pulling out after the first gush to spray streams into Tracey’s beautiful face and hair.  One episode recorded on video was the long black cock fucking between the soft white titties, erupting like a volcano as it shot up to her lovely neck then gush after gush of the hot lava covered the the soft pink capped breasts.

Joe lifted her sexy feet and rubbed his grubby old face in her soft soles, then wrapped her lovely feet around his droopy old cock.  Pumping her tender soles, old man Joe unloaded his creamy load onto her lovely feet.  Old Joe and Terrell finally left, with Tracey’s lovely body covered from head to foot with streaks and globs of white cum.

The next morning, Tracey was horrified to discover the condition she was in.  She only remembered the dinner, then going with the girls to the place with dancing, then ……..that stranger sitting next to her, that black stranger.  Trying to get out of bed, she hurt so badly between her legs.  She had been stretched as never before.  And the pain in her ass made her shudder.  Stumbling to the bathroom, she gasped when she saw her reflection.  She looked like a whore covered in dried white spunk.

Getting to the aerobics seminar late, her friends of the night before inquired as to how she felt.  “Hope that black guy, Terrell, saw you back safely and didn’t make a move on you!  Or, did he?” one of the girls giggled.  Tracey could only blush, ashamed to answer.  She now knew for certain who had taken advantage of her, that she had indeed been ‘ruined’ by a nigger.

At the end of the day, Tracey and about a dozen other advanced aerobic enthusiasts were invited to attend a small class that would later be helpful to them in conducting classes on their own.  The woman conducting the class was well respected in the field and those chosen felt honored to be asked.

With the basic movements completed quickly, new movements and activities were being introduced rapidly due to the time constraints.  The instructor advised that two assistants, would be coming in shortly and assisting them with the new movements.  The side door opened and the instructor introduced the two assistants, two men, one black and one white.  Tracey gasped, for it was the black stranger that had sat next to her the night before.

As she was in the back of the room, Tracey felt trapped, not knowing what to do.  She swallowed hard as she saw the black figure move along the side of the room and was approaching her from the back.  Continuing to follow the instructor’s movements, Tracey gasped when she felt the large hands on her waist.  She couldn’t yell or scream as the large black hands moved up, a finger caressing a hardening pink nipple that was peeking out of her aerobics outfit.  Then the hands were at her waist and slipped to her upper thighs.  Not expecting such male ‘help’ at the aerobics class and with the tightness of her outfit, Tracey did not wear any panties.  She groaned as a thick finger quickly brushed against her quim and delved into her still aching vagina.

With the black hands again on her hips, Tracey shuddered in fear as she heard the whispers in her ear “Remember me, Mrs. Peters?  Aw, baby, you’ve got one tight little pussy!  Gonna be in your hometown next month, Mrs. Peters.  You gonna let me fuck you right in your own home, Mrs. Peters, right in the bed you share with your loving husband.  Or hubby will be getting an exciting video of you, showing his precious wife being ‘ruined’ by a nigger!  Hope you're on the pill, honey!  Cause you sure got pumped full of hot nigger jizz last night!”
End of Story