Young Wife’s Dilemma – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'Young Wife's Dilemma  – I’
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    The annual Christmas party, for Griffith Jewelers, was a big bash for all the various Griffith store employees.  This was an event where the spouse or a guest of the employee was invited.  It was to be held at the exclusive country club where Alfonso Griffith was a prominent member.  A membership that he finally managed to obtain due to the success he achieved through the emergence of Griffith Jewelers as the top jewelry store in New Orleans.  Prior to that, the exclusive country club would have nothing to do with an old repulsive-looking black man such as he.

     Being the host of the annual event, Big Al made certain he was the first at the club to greet all his employees and their guests.  As the guests began to arrive, it promised to be a fun and happy event.  A popular band had been hired for dinner and dance music throughout the evening.  When Big Al greeted the lovely Jana Holland, he was surprised that she had come alone.  He had learned earlier that she was engaged to be married and thus was quite surprised at her fiancé not accompanying her.  When he inquired about her fiancé, Jana seemed to become flushed and gave a rather lame excuse why he couldn’t make it.  After Jana moved on to mingle with her friends, Big Al looked over the guest list to find that a Mr. Tom Harper was to be her guest for the evening.  Big Al was now determined to find out exactly why Mr. Harper couldn’t make it and just maybe he could soothe the troubled beauty.

     Jana Holland, a stunning blonde at the age of 25, was engaged to Tom Harper.  Or so she had thought till a couple of days ago when there was a falling out as to their wedding date.  It appeared her fiancé was getting cold feet about the upcoming wedding and wanted to postpone it a bit.  Jana had been at Griffith Jewelers, saving up for the wedding, and was naturally quite upset at the turn of events.  Since that falling out two days ago, she had not spoken to Tom and decided to attend the Christmas party alone.

     Throughout the evening, Big Al kept an eye on the lovely beauty, noticing that she was drinking a bit more than normal at gatherings.  Being a member of the country club, Big Al maintained his status by tipping the waiters very well and of course, all the waiters knew who he was.  Calling a waiter aside, he advised him to be certain that the lovely Ms. Holland’s glass was never empty.

     Already a bit tipsy when the dancing started, Jana shuddered when Big Al asked her to dance with him.  Though she didn’t want to dance with her pudgy old black boss, she knew she didn’t dare offend him by refusing.  Jana expected her boss to make a play for her or to try and feel her up.  She was surprised that for an old man, Big Al was a good dancer, and he remained a perfect gentleman.

     A few times during the evening, Big Al came over to ask her to dance with him.  As she was unescorted, it only seemed natural for the host to ask her rather than a woman with an escort.  As her boss remained a gentleman throughout each dance with her, plus the added drinks that she had consumed, Jana relayed to him what had transpired between her and her fiancé.  But Jana did not observe the smile and gleam in Big Al’s eyes when he heard the news, was not aware of just what kind of danger she was in for with her devious boss.

     Towards the end of the evening, Big Al joined the table where Jana was sitting.  Loudly, so others at the table could hear, Big Al told Jana not to worry about drinking and that he would personally see her home. With others at the table hearing that Big Al would be personally seeing Jana back safely, a few whispers went about but no one would dare interfere at this point.  Jana would be left on her own, in her impaired condition, to fend off any lustful intention that her boss may have.

     On the drive to her home, Jana apologized to her boss for her condition in having consumed so much.  But Big Al reassured her that it was not a problem and that he understood what she was going through, especially with her fiancé wanting to postpone the wedding.  Throughout the drive, Big Al’s eyes kept darting down to his right so he could ogle the lovely white legs of his beautiful employee.  With his left hand, he stroked his throbbing black cock, while picturing those long white legs spread wide for his fat black body.  ‘God’, he was going to fuck this sweet little beauty tonight, one way or the other.

     As the car pulled into Jana’s driveway, Big Al got out and assisted his young employee from the car and up the walkway.  It was only then that Big Al took the first indecent liberty, as his steadying hand on waist slipped down slowly to fondle Jana’s tight little ass.  Jana was stunned, not knowing what to say, reaching back and down to grasp the fondling black hand to bring it up again to her waist and a more proper position.

     Getting to the front door, Jana managed to get the key from her purse but her unsteady condition forced her to allow her boss to open the door for her. Jana grasped the front door and turned to thank her helpful boss, not wanting him to enter, fearful of being alone with this man who had just felt her up.  But when Big Al advised he would appreciate a cup of coffee to keep him awake for his trip home, Jana could not refuse the request.

     Jana shuddered at being alone in her own home with this black man, even though he was her boss.  Big Al had her sit while he went to her kitchen to brew a cup of coffee.  Seeing the light on her answering machine blinking, she hit the ‘play’ button to hear her messages.

     The volume on the answering machine was set up high enough for it to be heard in the kitchen.  Hearing that it was Jana’s fiancé on the answering machine, Big Al listened intently.  Hearing a very apologetic young man, telling Jana that he was sorry for causing the rift between them and that it was his fault totally.  That he had thought long and hard and that the wedding date set earlier was fine with him.  He apologized for not accompanying her to the Christmas party and that he would stop over tomorrow morning to make it up to her.  Hearing this news only served to make Big Al that much more determined to nail this little beauty right here and now.

     Hearing the news, Jana jumped up in happiness.  Going to the kitchen, she gave Big Al a hug “Did you hear that!  Oh, I’m so happy!”  Big Al smiled, the young beauty had come right into his lecherous arms, his pudgy black paws drifting down the grip her tight asscheeks.  Feeling the hands groping at her ass, reality set back into Jana’s alcohol- induced mind.  She began to struggle to get away from the groping hands, putting her onto Big Al’s chest she pushed but to no avail.

     “Please …............……….Al, Mr. Griffith!  Don’t …………............…please, I’m engaged ……................please, I’m getting married soon” Jana pleaded.  She struggled but she was no match for her boss, who was gripping her tightly and pulling her up against him.  “Oh, please .............…pl ….......……pleaseeeeeee!” she stammered, her pleas cut off as her boss’s mouth covered her pink lips and a thick tongue began to explore her mouth.

     Jana shuddered in disgust as her repulsive boss tongued her, not releasing her even as she struck him at the shoulders.  Big Al loved the fight his beautiful employee put up lifted her petite body easily in the air, intent on taking her to her bedroom.  “No …..............…no ………............…put me down” Jana sobbed, still striking at her evil boss as he carried her to her bedroom.

     Big Al just loved the pain, as the young beauty kicked at him with her heels and struck at him with her dainty fists.  Entering the bedroom, Jana was flung down upon her bed.  Jana futilely sobbed, pushing with all her might in her attempt to push her devious boss off her.  She gasped as Big Al’s pudgy hand grasped the V of her blouse and yanked it hard, tearing off the buttons in the process.  Jana sobbed as her the sweaty black paw began to caress her breast and tweak her budding nipple through her thin black bra.  “Oh …................…..pleaseeee!” Jana gasped, as her boss began to feast at the tender breast, something only her fiance had previously been allowed the pleasure of.

     Lifting up a bit, Big Al smiled down at his helpless employee.  “So your sweet fiance is coming back to you, crawling on his knees to marry you, huh? Well, sweetie, let’s see how he’ll love his sweet little bride when he learns how much you love my big black cock!  Gonna fuck you good, honey!  Gonna show you what a real man is like!  Gonna give you and your precious boyfriend a wedding present – a bubbling little black baby!”

     Her mind clouded from the alcohol and now this unwanted stimulation made her body tingle.  She felt the groping hand move down to her skirt, then felt it tear from the brutal yank.  Her hands now imprisoned above her head in one of Big Al’s strong paws, she felt him lift up as his other hand moved to pull at her thin panties, then felt them tear from her hips.

     Jana was forced over onto her stomach and felt her torn blouse stripped from her.  She was now clad only in her black undergarments, having lost her heels while trying to fend off her boss, who’s fat pudgy body now pinned her to the bed.  She felt the heavy body lift off her, then she gasped as she was pulled up into a kneeling position.  “Oh, please, please …...............…………no, please don’t rape me!” she muttered, feeling a thick fleshy instrument probing at her womanhood through her thin panties.  She shook in fright, realizing that her evil boss was about to fuck her, fuck her like a bitch in heat.

     For a moment, her boss stood and laughed as she tried to scramble away.  But a moment later, he was grabbing at her undergarments, tearing them from her body and then he was upon her.  “Ohhhhhh ………...................….pleaseeeeee …...................……noooooooo!” Jana desperately pleaded, feeling the thick probe rubbing at her entrance to her precious jewel.  Her alcohol induced mind cleared quickly with the adrenaline of fear hitting her.  ‘Oh, God, what will Tom think of me if he finds out I was raped by my horrible boss.  Oh, God, he’ll never marry me if he knows I was fucked by a filthy nigger’ her mind reigstered.  “Oh, please, please don’t rape me.  I’m going to get married soon.  Please, I must remain true to Tom” she pleaded.

     “Sweetie, gonna give you something Tom will never be able to give you. Gonna lay a little black baby deep in your little tummy.  Gonna knock you up, you sweet bitch!  Ya gonna tell your sweet Tom or anyone about this, bitch?  Go ahead, then see how everyone looks at you, knowing you got ‘ruined’ by an old nigger like me.  Think Tom’s gonna want to marry you then, bitch?” taunted a laughing Big Al.

     Tears poured down Jana’s lovely face, realizing that her devil of a boss spoke the truth.  If she reported the rape, all her friends would treat her differently, recalling how she and her other friends had whispered about a girl who had been ‘ruined’ by a nigger.  She knew Tom would not touch with a ten foot pole, much less his own cock, if he learned of this.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……...............………….awwwwwww …...............…….!” she groaned, as she felt the filthy cockhead push into her pussy lips.  “Oh, please!  Please take it out!  Please …................………oh, pleaseeeeeeee …….................……….you’ll get me pregnant!  Please, please …................…………put a condom on!” she sobbed loudly.

    “Bullshit, bitch!  I ain’t putting no fucking condom on.  Gonna give you some raw meat, baby!  Some raw black meat!  Gonna fuck a black bundle of joy in your little white tummy!  Merry Christmas, you little bitch!” he laughed, all the while tormenting the young bride-to-be by purposely twitching his giant cockhead at the entrance to her precious pussy, causing Jana to sob uncontrollably.

    “Please …................…………oh, pleaseeeeeeee ……….................……..please, no, no ……...............……noooooo ............................nooooooooo
……………..arrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed.  A mighty lunge by her devious boss had forced the thick instrument of destruction brutally through her unprepared and dry groove.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …….................…….pleaseeeeeee …….........…… hurtssssssss …....................………….ohhhhhhhhh ………..............…ohhhhhhhh,it hurtssss so baddddd!” Jana sobbed.  All to Big Al’s delight.  Hearing this beautiful white bitch scream and cry, as he brutally raped her, was pure music to his ears.

    “Oh, please …….....................…..please …..............……….please …...................……!” Jana sobbed repeatedly, as Big Al began to fuck her slowly with the first six inches of his thick black cock.  He wanted to degrade her to the utmost, to humiliate her and taunted her as he forced his cock further and further into depths never reached before.  “Ahhhhh, baby, you’re so fucking tight!  Your Tom’s little pecker’s going to drown in your fucking hole after I stretch it out!  Tell your precious Tom that my big black dick reamed a highway for his pencil dick, bitch!” Al taunted.

    It was pure agony for poor Jana.  Her perverted old black boss was intent on debasing her.  Her pillow, soaked with her tears of agony, served to muffle some of her screams and served as something to sink her teeth into as the brutal pain increased tremendously.  She sobbed and cried as her brutal boss continued to torment her physically and mentally, hearing Big Al taunt her “You got a real man in you now, bitch!  Gonna knock you up good, bitch!  Ahhh, your precious white pussy’s so fucking tight on my big black cock!  ‘Ruining’ your precious white cunt, bitch!  No fucking white boy’s gonna want to stick his dick in you now bitch!”

    The bed creaked madly, under the brutal shagging, threatening to collapse from this violent use.  Still, an additional three inches of thick cock had not been put to use as yet.  The sobbing and crying of this beautiful young bitch had Big Al on the verge of cumming.  To Big Al, there was nothing better than having his long black dick in a sexy bitch like this, a sexy white bitch.  It was pure music to his ears, hearing the little bitch scream and cry as he ‘ruined’ her.  He wished her loving white boyfriend could see her now, to have his precious bride-to-be with a black cock stuffed up tight cunt, to see his precious prize ‘ruined’.

    Big Al began to slow his strokes, taking out eight solid inches till only his cockhead remained and then feeding that eight inches back into the now slick tunnel.  Any faster and he’d have popped his load.  He certainly did not want this, not till he got his 12” fully imbedded into the little bitch.  The slow pumping action brought about an unwanted effect on Jana’s violated body.  Jana, sobbing and crying throughout this shameful ordeal, felt her body suddenly betray her.

    Big Al laughed aloud as he felt his lovely victim’s body shudder, quivering in an obviously unwanted orgasm.  He held his cock still, feeling the bitch’s cunt muscles clench and unclench in spasms, for any movement on his part and he’d have popped his load.  He smiled as the beautiful raped bitch began sobbing and crying even louder, ashamed that her body had betrayed her and had climaxed with a black cock fucking her.  “Gonna tell the white punk how you came on my black dick, bitch?” taunted Al, which brought about a louder sob of humiliation.

    As Jana’s body came back down to earth from the unwanted climax, it was then that Big Al’s grip tightened on the trim hips.  Rearing back slowly, priming his mighty cannon, the long cock was withdrawn till only the cockhead remained.  Remaining in that position, Al savored the moment of truth, as he panted in anticipation.  With a mighty heave, Big Al slammed forward with all his might, burying his black cock fully into the sobbing body of his poor victim.

    “Arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ………..................……….ohhhh ......................……….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jana screamed from the pain of the brutal lunge, feeling as if she was being torn in two.  “Ohhhh, Goddddddddddd …………..............……!” she sobbed as she felt the invading member explode deep in her womb, feeling the searing hot liquid flood her torn chamber.  She sobbed hearing her pig of a boss grunt out his filth “Ahhhhhhhh, here it is bitch!  Ahhhhhhhh, here’s your fucking Christmas bonus, bitch!  You can collect the main prize in nine months!”

    Moments later, Al lifted himself up and off the sobbing beauty, his cock finally withdrawing with a loud obscene ‘pop’.  He lifted the limp beauty up to get her positioned in the center of the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  Then he pushed her knees up and spread her legs wide.  He smiled at seeing the desired result, that of seeing his thick cum oozing out of he raped slit.  Going to the pocket of his coat, he got his tiny digital camera out.  He smiled as he snapped a couple shots of the beautiful raped bride-to-be, ‘ruined’ on her bed with cum oozing out of her well stretched hole.  These photos would come in handy very shortly.  He’d have this beautiful bitch servicing his perverted lusts right in the jewelry shop, whenever he wanted a quick piece of white ass.

    It was over an hour later before Big Al had sated his lust.  He had rested up till his ole snake of a cock had built up another full load in his black balls.  Then he turned the beautiful young bitch over onto her back.  Crawling between the trim ivory legs, he lifted her by the ankles and placed one on each of his broad shoulders.  Having bent the little beauty in two, he could then have his trusty old snake buried even deeper than before.  He would certainly lay a bastard baby in her precious womb on this night.

    Before leaving, Al gave the lovely bitch a belly full of his tasty dessert.  He just loved seeing the bitch choke on his black cock, especially when she tried to scramble away from his smelly cock, saying she had never done such a filthy thing.  Well, he certainly aimed to be the first to have her taste a real man.  He loved the way her blue eyes bulged when she couldn’t get enough air to breathe.  How she choked and was forced to swallow the copious load that his black balls generated.  He took a couple of photos of this lovely bitch with his black cockhead between her sweet pink lips, tears flowing in her shame.  Then, he watched Jana stumble out of the bed and crawl to the bathroom, trying to cough up the rich protein he had fed her.  He told her she better not think of quitting for he’d then see that her precious Tom, along with her parents, got a set of the photos.

    That next morning, Jana awoke sitting in the shower stall with warm water showering upon her.  She shuddered in recalling the rape and degrading act that he forced her to perform, that of sucking his penis till he ejaculated the filth into her mouth and making her swallow it all.  After throwing up the slimy filth, she had crawled into the shower to wash away the stench and filth from her body.  Then she passed out from the brutal rape.  She now realized it was daylight and that her fiancé would be arriving soon.  She began to pant in desperation, not wanting him to find her in this condition.  That she had been raped and ‘ruined’ by her sadist black boss.  ‘God, I’ve got to douche yet and to strip the bedspread of all evidence’ she thought, as Tom had a key to the house.

    Drying herself, Jana slipped into a robe.  Then she saw the time and panicked, knowing Tom would be coming in just moments.  She saw the bedspread and the blotches of white stain that soiled it.  Stripping off the evidence of her rape, she threw her clothing into the bedspread and rolled it up to stuff in the hamper.  Just as she completed remaking the bed, she heard Tom calling out to her and heard footsteps approaching her bedroom.  She gulped, realizing she had to put on a good front and act as if the rape never took place.  “Hi honey!  I got your message.  I just got out of the shower!” she responded, then turned to see Tom with a bouquet of roses for her.

    Tom put the flowers on the bed and took Jana in his arms, kissing her madly and again apologizing.  As Tom began trying to ease the robe off her shoulders, Jana was trying to discourage him by telling him they had to wait for the wedding.  But the way in which Tom was kissing and fondling her, Jana realized he would not take ‘no’ on this day.  “Oh, Tom, please ………..................……please ……..................………Tom, please!” she pleaded, not wanting him to put his cock into her mushy cunt, not wanting to soil his penis with a nigger’s spunk.  “Tom …...............…….oh, Tom …….............…………put on a condom!” Jana instructed.

    Tom was so happy that his lovely bride-to-be would not deny him today.  That he could make love to her.  He would definitely not have been happy at all if he stuck a finger in his bride-to-be’s precious jewel.  He’d have withdrawn a finger covered in a mess of a nigger’s smelly spunk.  He’d never want to stick his clean cock up that messy hole, not even with a rubber on.

    Later that day, leaning against her lover, Jana wondered just what was in store for her on Monday.  What would she have to do for her perverted boss to prevent the pictures from being sent to Tom.  She shivered at the thought of letting her boss put his pudgy black hands on her again.  But she knew better, knew it was more than his black hands that she would have to worry about.  Then the dreaded thought hit her ‘Oh, God, what if I’m already pregnant?’
End of Story