Black Demon Stories

Stories A thru C
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Abducted Flight Attendants 1
Abducted Flight Attendants 2
Abducting the Bride
Air Force Wife in Trouble
Air Force Wife in Trouble 2
Army Bride Assaulted 1
Army Bride Assaulted 2  (sequel: 'Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 1')
Asian Beauty Defiled 1
Asian Beauty Defiled 2  (sequel: 'Asian Beauty's Dark Desires')
Asian Beauty's Dark Desires
Asian Cherry Popper 1
Asian Cherry Popper 2
Asian Cherry Popper 3
Asian Cherry Popper 4  (sequel: 'Picking Cherry Blossoms 1') (Spinoff sequel: 'Vile Vengenance' - located in Samurai Stud Secton)
Asian Delight 1
Asian Delight 2  (sequel: 'Asian Beauty Defiled 1')
A Tormented Wife  (sequel: 'Trick or Treat 1')
Auto Accident Abduction
Banging Beautiful Bonnie  (sequel: 'Bang Beautiful Bonnie 2')
Banging Beautiful Bonnie 2
Beauty Bartered & Banged
Beauty Blackmailed & Boffed  (sequel: 'Innocent Wife Indeed')
Betrayed Bride-To-Be
Big Black Boss 
Bitch of a Mother-in-Law
Bitch of a Mother-in-Law - 2
Black Boss's Big Boner

Black Boned Beauty
Black Bred Asian Beauty
Blackmailed Beauty 1
  (sequel: 'Air Force Wife in Trouble 1')
Blackmailed Beauty 2
Blackmailed Beauty 3
Blackmailed Beauty 4  (sequel: 'Betrayed Bride-To-Be 1')
Blackmailed for Her Bootie  (sequel: 'Horny Groom's Downfall')
Blackmailed Teacher 1
Blackmailed Teacher 2
Bookie Collects on Debts - 1
Bookie Collects on Debts - 2
Bookie Collects on Debts - 3
Bookie Collects on Debts - 4
Bookie Collects on Debts - 5
Bookie Collects on Debts - 6
Boss Ogles the Newlywed

Boss's Pretty Wife
Bubba's Conquests  (sequels: 'Wife's Modeling Assignment' & 'His Employee's Lovely Wife')
Captive Young Wife 1  (sequels: 'Innocent Bride-to-Be', 'Drugged Beauty' & 'Demented Boss 6')
Captive Young Wife 2  (sequels: 'Wife's Uncontrolled Urges - 1 & 2')
Caught Turning Tricks 1  (sequel: 'Caught Turning Tricks 2')
Caught Turning Tricks 2
Caught Turning Tricks 3
Chatroom Caper

Church of Evil 1
Church of Evil 2  (sequel: 'Church of Evil 6')
Church of Evil 3
Church of Evil 4
Church of Evil 5
Church of Evil 6
Church of Evil 7
Church of Evil 8
Church of Evil 9
Church of Evil 10
Church of Evil 11
Church of Evil 12
Classroom Conquest 1

Classroom Conquest 2  (sequel: 'Hoodwinked Husband 2')
Classroom Conquest 3  (sequel: ' Blackmailed Teacher 2')
Classroom Conquest 4
Con's Revenge 1

Con's Revenge 2  (sequel: Pretty Pimped Prosecutor')
Con's Revenge 3
Con's Revenge 4
Con's Revenge 5
Con's Revenge 6
Con's Revenge 7
Con's Revenge 8
Con's Revenge 9
Con's Revenge 10
Con's Revenge 11
Confessing Her Sins  (sequel: 'Elaine's Ebony Emotions')
Construction Crew's Cumming
Convicts Come to the Cabin
Costume Ball Confusion

Couple's Loving Marriage  (sequel: 'Loving Couple's Secret')
Coworker's Beautiful Fiancee
CPA - Cutie's Prized Assets
Cross Country Caper
Cruise Ship Captives  (sequel: 'Cruise Ship - Day 1')
Cruise Ship - Day 1  (sequel: 'White Slavery Shipment 1')
Cunning Car Cleaner 1  (sequel: 'Cunning Car Cleaner 2')
Cunning Car Cleaner 2  (sequel: 'Cunning Car Cleaner 3')
Cunning Car Cleaner 3  (sequel: 'Cunning Car Cleaner 4')
Cunning Car Cleaner 4  (sequel: 'Cunning Car Cleaner 5')
Cunning Car Cleaner 5
Cunning Con's Conquest
Cunning Old Coot  (sequel: Dream'n of His Daughter-in-Law')