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Danielle Duped into Doing It!
Danielle Duped into Doing It! - 2
Dark & Dirty Desires

Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 1  (sequel: 'Dark Dilemma 2')
Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 2  (sequels: 'Problem of an Army Officer's Wife' and ' Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 3')
Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 3  (sequel: 'Dark Dilemma 4')
Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 4  (sequel: 'Dark Dilemma 5')
Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 5  (sequel: 'Dark Dilemma 6')
Dark Dilemma of a Soldier's Wife 6
Daughter's Horny Boyfriend  (sequel: 'Hubby Enjoys Watching')
Debauched Young Nurse
Deceived Newlyweds
Deep Dark Secret
Degraded Young Wife
Demented Boss 1
Demented Boss 2
Demented Boss 3  (sequel: 'Waylaid Wife')
Demented Boss 4
Demented Boss 5
Demented Boss 6
Demented Boss 7
Demented Boss 8
Demented Boss 9
Demented Boss 10
Devious Father-in-Law's Desire
Disgruntled Boss's Retaliation 1
Disgruntled Boss's Retaliation 2
Disgruntled Boss's Retaliation 3
Distressed Young Wife
Dream'n of His Daughter-in-Law  (sequel: 'Pimped by Her Father-in-Law')
Drugged Beauty
Elaine's Ebony Emotions
Entertainment for the Jocks  (sequel: 'Tormented Beauty')
Entrapped Asian Beauty 1
Entrapped Asian Beauty 2
Exploited Bridal Guests 1
Exploited Bridal Guests 2
Exploited Bridal Guests 3
Exploited Bridal Guests 4
Far East Exchange

Father of the Bride's Dilemma
Fiance's Father 1  (sequel: 'Shy Wife Indeed')
Fiance's Father 2
Fiance's Father 3
Fiance's Foolish Fling

Flirting with Trouble
Fooling Her Fiance

Foolish Fiance's Fixation
Forced in Foreclosure 1  (sequel: 'Forced 2')
Forced in Foreclosure 2  (sequel: 'Forced 3')
Forced in Foreclosure 3  (sequels: 'Forced in Forclosure 4' & 'Caught Turning Tricks 1')
Forced in Foreclosure 4  (sequel: 'Forced 5')
Forced in Foreclosure 5  (sequel: 'Forced 6')
Forced in Foreclosure 6  (sequel: 'Forced 7')    
Forced in Foreclosure 7
Forced in Foreclosure 8
Former Fiancee's Fury 1
Former Fiancee's Fury 2
Friend's Pretty Mother 1  (sequel: 'Her Friends' Vile Sons')
Friend's Pretty Mother 2  (sequel: 'Friend's Pretty Mother 4')
Friend's Pretty Mother 3
Friend's Pretty Mother 4
Gift for the Bride
Good Friend Indeed
Grand Prize: The Governor's Wife (1)  (sequel: 'Grand Prize 3')
Grand Prize: The Governor's Wife (2)
Grand Prize: The Governor's Wife (3)
Halloween Horror!
  (sequel: 'White Wife Blackmaled')
Hell of a Honeymoon  (sequel: 'Marriage Made in Hell')
Her Friends' Vile Sons
Her Stepson, Her Stud
Her Young Daughter's Boyfriend    (sequel: Keeping Her Secret Sins Secret)
High School Rape Club 1
  (sequel: 'HRSC 2')
High School Rape Club 2  (sequel: 'HRSC 3')
High School Rape Club 3  (sequel: 'HRSC 4')
High School Rape Club 4  (sequel: 'HRSC 5')
High School Rape Club 5  (sequel: 'HRSC 6')
High School Rape Club 6  (sequel: 'HRSC 7')
High School Rape Club 7  (sequel: 'HRSC 8')
High School Rape Club 8  (sequel: 'HRSC 9')
High School Rape Club 9
High School Rape Club 10
High School Rape Club 11
His Boss's Taste for Asian Stew

His Employee's Lovely Wife
Home from the Honeymoon 1
Home from the Honeymoon 2
Home from the Honeymoon 3
Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon Horror 1
Honeymoon Horror 2  (sequels: 'Demented Boss 5' & 'Black Boned Beauty')
Honeymoon Horror 3
Honeymoon Horror 4
Honeymoon Horror 5  (sequel: 'Lusty Father-in-Law 2')
Honeymoon Horror 6  (sequel: 'Home from the Honeymoon 1')
Honeymoon Horror 7
Honeymoon in Hell
Hoodwinked Husband 1
Hoodwinked Husband 2
Horny Groom's Downfall
Hospital Hunting Grounds
Hubby Enjoys Watching 1
Hubby Enjoys Watching 2
Hubby Enjoys Watching 3
Hubby Enjoys Watching 4
Hubby's One Sick Puppy - 1
Hubby's One Sick Puppy - 2
Hubby's One Sick Puppy -3
Hubby's One Sick Puppy - 4
Hungry for Tender Stew Meat

Hunted House Hunter
Illicit Holiday Affairs
Illicit Holiday Affairs 2
Illicit Holiday Affairs 3
Illicit Holiday Affairs 4
Illicit Holiday Affairs 5
Illicit Holiday Affairs 6
Illicit Holiday Affairs 7
Impregnated by the Holy Father - 1
Innocent Bride-To-Be

Innocent Wife Indeed
Innocent Young Wife
Jock Got a Christmas Carol  (sequel: 'Terrified Teacher 9')
Junior College Jock 
Juicy Prize for the Jocks
Keeping Her Secret Sins Secret
Kidnapped in the Country

Lady's Black Luv'n
Landlord's Lust 1
Landlord's Lust 2
Lecherous Old Landlord
Loving Couple's Secret
Lust for Lovely Ladies  (Recruiting a Star Player')
Lust for the Librarian 1  (sequel: 'Wanton Young Wife')
Lust for the Librarian 2
Lust for the Librarian 3
Lust for the Lovely Bride
Lusting for Laura 1
Lusting for Laura 2
Lusting for Teacher 
Lusty Father-in-Law 1
Lusty Father-in-Law 2
Lusty Father-in-Law 3