Black Demon Stories
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Manhandled Stewardess  (sequel: 'Set-up Stewardess')
Manipulated Young Wife
March Madness
Marriage Made in Hell  (sequel: 'Lusty Father-in-Law 3')
Melinda's Marital Woes
Mile High Club 1  (sequel: 'Fooling Her Fiance')
Mile High Club 2
Naive Beauty to Porn Star -1
Naive Beauty to Porn Star -2

Naive Navy Wife   (sequel: 'Voyeur Husband')  
Naive Newlywed 1   (sequel: 'Captive Young Wife 1')     
Naive Newlywed 2
Naive Newlywed 3  (sequel: 'Blackmailed Beauty 2')
Naughty Business Trips
Naval Captain's Wife  
Needing a Nurse -1  (sequel: 'Wife Under Pressure')   
Needing a Nurse -2  (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse -3')
Needing a Nurse -3
   (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse -4')
Needing a Nurse -4
Newscaster's Nightmare 1

Newscaster's Nightmare 2
Newscaster's Nightmare 3
Newscaster's Nightmare 4
Nightmare for Nicole
Nurse in Need  (sequel: 'Beauty Bartered and Banged')

Olympic Ordeal 1 - Ice Skating
Olympic Ordeal 2 - Swimming
Olympic Ordeal 3 - Downhill Skiing
Olympic Ordeal 4 - Going for Gold!
Pastor's a Pimp
Pastor's a Pimp 2   (sequel: 'Pimped by her Own Pastor 1') 
Pastor's Pretty Wife  (sequel: 'Pastor's Prostitute Wife 1')
Pastor's Prostitute Wife 1  (sequel: 'Pastor's #2')
Pastor's Prostitute Wife 2
Phony Photo Shoot  (sequel: 'Honeymoon Cruise')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 1  (sequel: 'Picking #2')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 2  (sequel: 'Picking #3')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 3  (sequel: 'Picking #4')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 4  (sequel: 'Picking - finale')
Picking Cherry Blossoms -finale
Pimped by Her Father-in-Law
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1  (sequels: 'Pimped #2' & Naughty Business Trips)
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 2  (sequel: 'Pimped #3')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 3  (sequel: 'Pimped #4')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 4  (sequel: 'Pimped #5')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 5  (sequel: 'Pimped #6')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 6  (sequel: 'Pimped #7' and 'Pop Bannister Pops on the 4th of July!') 
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 7  (sequel: 'Pimped #8')  
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 8  (sequel: 'Pimped #9')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 9   (sequel: 'Pimped #10')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 10
  (sequel: 'Pimped #11')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 11  (sequel: 'Pimped #12')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 12
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 13
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 14
Pop Bannister Pops on the 4th of July!
Pop's Pretty Present
Pregnant by the Plumber

Pretty Mom's Dream Cum True
Pretty Pimped Prosecutor   (sequel: 'Wife, Prosecutor  & Prostitute')  
Pretty Pre-School Teacher
Pretty Wife of a Stupid Cuckold
Preyed Upon at the Pharmacy  
Problem of an Army Officer's Wife
Professor's Pretty Prize
Raped Young Beauty 1
Raped Young Beauty 2  (sequel: 'Friend's Pretty Mother 2')
Raped Young Beauty 3
Raped Young Beauty 4
Raped Young Beauty 5
Ravished Nurse 1
Ravished Nurse 2  (sequel: 'Nurse in Need')
Ravished Nurse 3  (sequel: 'Debaunched Young Nurse')
Ravished Nurse 4
Ravished Nurse 5
Ravished Nurse 6  (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse 1')
Recruiting a Star Player
Revenge by Rape
Roaming Resort Rapists - 1
Roaming Resort Rapists - 2

Roaming Resort Rapists - 3
Roaming Resort Rapists - 4
Sacrificing His Lovely Wife

Scamming Sailors' Pretty Wives
Scoping out the Bridal Shower
Seaman Scores at Sea
Seduced Sailor's Wife  (sequel: 'Seaman Scores at Sea')
Seduced Sales Agent 1
Seduced Sales Agent 2
Seduced Sales Agent 3  (sequel: 'Vengeful Old Man's Victim' - located in Samurai Stud's section)
Seduced Sales Agent 4
Senator's Sweet Wife
Set-up Stewardess
Setting-up Sweet Stephanie
Shagging Son's Sexy Wife
Shy Wife Indeed  (sequel: 'Shagging Son's Sexy Wife')
Sick Scheming Stalker  (sequel to 'Stalker's Paradise series')
Social Worker's Agony
Social Worker's Deep Dark Secret
Social Worker's Seduction  (sequel: 'Social Worker's Deep Dark Secret')
Son's 18th Birthday Present  (sequel: 'Pretty Mom's Dream Cum True')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 1  (sequel: 'Stalked #2')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 2  (sequel: 'Stalked #3')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 3  (sequel: 'Stalked #4')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 4  (sequel: 'Stalked #5')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 5  (sequel: 'Stalked #6')   
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 6  (sequel: 'Stalked #7')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 7  (sequel: 'Stalked #8) 
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 8 (sequel: 'Stalked #9')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 9
  (sequel: 'Stalked #10')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 10
Stalked, Kidnapped & R---d!   

Stalked Stewardess
Stalker's Paradise 1  (sequel: 'Stalker's #2')
Stalker's Paradise 2  (sequel: 'Stalker's #3')
Stalker's Paradise 3  (sequel: 'Stalker's #4')
Stalker's Paradise 4  (sequel: 'Stalker's #5')
Stalker's Paradise 5
Star Player 1  (sequel: 'Confessing her Sins')

Star Player 2  (sequel: 'Manipulated Young Wife')
Star Player 3
Star Player 4  (sequel: 'Lust for Lovely Ladies')
Star Player 5  (sequels: 'Friend's Pretty Mother 1', 'Cunning Car Cleaner 1', & Hubby's One Sick Puppy - 2)
Star Player 6   (sequel: 'A Tormented Wife') 
Star Player 7  (sequel: 'Degraded Young Wife')
Star Player 8  (sequel: 'Son's 18th Birthday Present!')
Stepson's Cumming for Christmas
(sequel: 'Her Stepson, Her Stud')
Student's Dream Cums True
Subdued Stewardess 1
Subdued Stewardess 2  (sequel: 'Manhandled Stewardess')
Subdued Stewardess 3  (sequels: 'Tasty Asian Stew 5' & 'Hungry for Tender Stew Meat')
Sweet Asian Cuisine  1 
Sweet Asian Cuisine 2 (sequel:  Black Bred Asian Beauty
Sweet Revenge 1

Sweet Revenge 2
Sweet Sexy Shopper - Stalked!  (sequel: Stalked, Kidnapped & R---d!')