Black Demon Stories
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Manhandled Stewardess  (sequel: 'Set-up Stewardess')
Manipulated Young Wife
March Madness
Marriage Made in Hell  (sequel: 'Lusty Father-in-Law 3')
Melinda's Marital Woes
Mile High Club 1  (sequel: 'Fooling Her Fiance')
Mile High Club 2
Naive Beauty to Porn Star -1
Naive Beauty to Porn Star -2

Naive Navy Wife   (sequel: 'Voyeur Husband')  
Naive Newlywed 1   (sequel: 'Captive Young Wife 1')     
Naive Newlywed 2
Naive Newlywed 3  (sequel: 'Blackmailed Beauty 2')
Naughty Business Trips
Naval Captain's Wife  
Needing a Nurse -1  (sequel: 'Wife Under Pressure')   
Needing a Nurse -2  (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse -3')
Needing a Nurse -3
   (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse -4')
Needing a Nurse -4
Newscaster's Nightmare 1

Newscaster's Nightmare 2
Newscaster's Nightmare 3
Newscaster's Nightmare 4
Nightmare for Nicole
Nurse in Need  (sequel: 'Beauty Bartered and Banged')
Nurse's Nightmare - 1

Olympic Ordeal 1 - Ice Skating
Olympic Ordeal 2 - Swimming
Olympic Ordeal 3 - Downhill Skiing
Olympic Ordeal 4 - Going for Gold!
Pandemic Prizes - 1
Pandemic Prizes -2
Pandemic Preying Priests - 1
Pandemic Preying Priests - 2
Pandemic's Toll on Teachers - 1
Pastor's a Pimp 2   (sequel: 'Pimped by her Own Pastor 1') 

Pastor's Pretty Wife  (sequel: 'Pastor's Prostitute Wife 1')
Pastor's Prostitute Wife 1  (sequel: 'Pastor's #2')
Pastor's Prostitute Wife 2
Phony Photo Shoot  (sequel: 'Honeymoon Cruise')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 1  (sequel: 'Picking #2')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 2  (sequel: 'Picking #3')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 3  (sequel: 'Picking #4')
Picking Cherry Blossoms 4  (sequel: 'Picking - finale')
Picking Cherry Blossoms -finale
Pimped by Her Father-in-Law
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1  (sequels: 'Pimped #2' & Naughty Business Trips)
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 2  (sequel: 'Pimped #3')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 3  (sequel: 'Pimped #4')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 4  (sequel: 'Pimped #5')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 5  (sequel: 'Pimped #6')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 6  (sequel: 'Pimped #7' and 'Pop Bannister Pops on the 4th of July!') 
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 7  (sequel: 'Pimped #8')  
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 8  (sequel: 'Pimped #9')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 9   (sequel: 'Pimped #10')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 10
  (sequel: 'Pimped #11')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 11  (sequel: 'Pimped #12')
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 12
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 13
Pimped by Her Own Pastor 14
Pimped during the Pandemic -1
Pop Bannister Pops on the 4th of July!
Pop's Pretty Present
Pregnant by the Plumber

Pretty Mom's Dream Cum True
Pretty Pimped Prosecutor   (sequel: 'Wife, Prosecutor  & Prostitute')  
Pretty Pre-School Teacher
Pretty Wife of a Stupid Cuckold
Preyed Upon at the Pharmacy  
Problem of an Army Officer's Wife
Professor's Pretty Prize
Raped Young Beauty 1
Raped Young Beauty 2  (sequel: 'Friend's Pretty Mother 2')
Raped Young Beauty 3
Raped Young Beauty 4
Raped Young Beauty 5
Ravished Nurse 1
Ravished Nurse 2  (sequel: 'Nurse in Need')
Ravished Nurse 3  (sequel: 'Debaunched Young Nurse')
Ravished Nurse 4
Ravished Nurse 5
Ravished Nurse 6  (sequel: 'Needing a Nurse 1')
Recruiting a Star Player
Revenge by Rape
Roaming Resort Rapists - 1
Roaming Resort Rapists - 2

Roaming Resort Rapists - 3
Roaming Resort Rapists - 4
Roaming Resort Rapists - 5
Roaming Resort Rapists - 6
Sacrificing His Lovely Wife

Scamming Sailors' Pretty Wives
Scoping out the Bridal Shower
Seaman Scores at Sea
Seduced Sailor's Wife  (sequel: 'Seaman Scores at Sea')
Seduced Sales Agent 1
Seduced Sales Agent 2
Seduced Sales Agent 3  (sequel: 'Vengeful Old Man's Victim' - located in Samurai Stud's section)
Seduced Sales Agent 4
Senator's Sweet Wife
Set-up Stewardess
Setting-up Sweet Stephanie
Shagging Son's Sexy Wife
Shy Wife Indeed  (sequel: 'Shagging Son's Sexy Wife')
Sick Scheming Stalker  (sequel to 'Stalker's Paradise series')
Social Worker's Agony
Social Worker's Deep Dark Secret
Social Worker's Seduction  (sequel: 'Social Worker's Deep Dark Secret')
Son's 18th Birthday Present  (sequel: 'Pretty Mom's Dream Cum True')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 1  (sequel: 'Stalked #2')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 2  (sequel: 'Stalked #3')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 3  (sequel: 'Stalked #4')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 4  (sequel: 'Stalked #5')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 5  (sequel: 'Stalked #6')   
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 6  (sequel: 'Stalked #7')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 7  (sequel: 'Stalked #8) 
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 8 (sequel: 'Stalked #9')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 9
  (sequel: 'Stalked #10')
Stalked by Sicko Sammy 10
Stalked, Kidnapped & R---d!   

Stalked Stewardess
Stalker's Paradise 1  (sequel: 'Stalker's #2')
Stalker's Paradise 2  (sequel: 'Stalker's #3')
Stalker's Paradise 3  (sequel: 'Stalker's #4')
Stalker's Paradise 4  (sequel: 'Stalker's #5')
Stalker's Paradise 5
Star Player 1  (sequel: 'Confessing her Sins')

Star Player 2  (sequel: 'Manipulated Young Wife')
Star Player 3
Star Player 4  (sequel: 'Lust for Lovely Ladies')
Star Player 5  (sequels: 'Friend's Pretty Mother 1', 'Cunning Car Cleaner 1', & Hubby's One Sick Puppy - 2)
Star Player 6   (sequel: 'A Tormented Wife') 
Star Player 7  (sequel: 'Degraded Young Wife')
Star Player 8  (sequel: 'Son's 18th Birthday Present!')
Stepson's Cumming for Christmas
(sequel: 'Her Stepson, Her Stud')
Student's Dream Cums True
Subdued Stewardess 1
Subdued Stewardess 2  (sequel: 'Manhandled Stewardess')
Subdued Stewardess 3  (sequels: 'Tasty Asian Stew 5' & 'Hungry for Tender Stew Meat')
Sweet Asian Cuisine  1 
Sweet Asian Cuisine 2 (sequel:  Black Bred Asian Beauty
Sweet Revenge 1

Sweet Revenge 2
Sweet Sexy Shopper - Stalked!  (sequel: Stalked, Kidnapped & R---d!')